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Beauty Institute

     School Catalog
          Table of Contents
Academic Progress....................8
Admissions & Enrollment...........5
Appeal Procedure.....................11
Beauty Make-Up Course...........19
Course Costs.............................5
Cosmetology Course.................15
Class Calender.........................21
Crime Awareness.....................13
Disciplinary Policies.................12
Dress Code..............................22
Esthetician Course...................16
Esthetician/Nail Course............17
Employment Assistance............14
Excused Absences......................8
General Cost of Attendance........6
Graduation Requirements.........11
Handicap Policy.........................6
History & Ownership.................3
Instructor Course....................20
Job Demand..............................3
Leave of Absence.....................10
Licensed Instructors..................4
Location & Facilities..................3
OSHA....................................14    Nail Technology Course........................18
New Mexico Licensure...............6          Non-Credit Courses................................6
Privacy File Access..................10        Probation & Unsatisfactory Progress......11
Re-Entry Students................... 9        Reference Materials...............................21
Refresher Course.....................21       Refund Policy............................7 & 8
Transfer Students...............9             Reimbursement for Veterans.................6
Voter Regristration...........13
Welcome To Callas Beauty Institute!
I would like to congratulate you on your decision to become a beauty professional. You
are not simply a student, but a future colleague. Our school was designed with you in
mind down to the smallest details. We are thrilled to say we offer the finest in beauty
school education and it is our goal to offer you a complete educational experience that
prepares you for an exciting career in the beauty industry.

                                          History & Ownership
 Callas Beauty Institute LLC was formed in 2006 by Billy L. Callas. The corporate administration has
 supervisory responsibilities for 905 36th Place SE, Suite C, & 1001 Golf Course Rd., Suite 104, Rio
 Rancho, NM 87124. The telephone number is 505-896-3154. Callas Beauty Institute is licensed by the
 New Mexico State Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists, P.O. Box 25101, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504.
Their telephone number is 505-476-4690. Applicable licenses and certifications may be reviewed at each
campus during regular business hours. The campus director or registrar may be contacted during normal
business hours to schedule an appointment to review these documents and/or to obtain further consumer
                          information regarding the institution and enrollment.

                                    Job Demand In Cosmetology
  According to the U.S Department of Labor and the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition,
  barbers, cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers held about 825,000 jobs in 2006. Of
 these, barbers,& cosmetologists held 677,000 jobs, manicurists 78,000, skin care specialists 38,000, and
             shampooers 29,000. Theatrical & performance makeup artists held 2,100 jobs.
  Most of these workers are employed in beauty salons, or barber shops, nails salons, day and resort spas,
and nursing and other residential care facilities, and 46% are self employed. Personal appearance workers
  will grow by 14 percent from 2006-2016, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This
  growth primarily will be a result of an increasing population and from the growing demand for personal
 appearance services, particularly skin care services. Employment for hairdressers, should increase by 12
percent. Continued growth in the number of nail salons will increase the demand for manicurists and the
                                     job market will grow by 28 percent.
  The expected salary for barbers, cosmetologists, and related fields is between 25,000 to 50,000 a year.
An entry level worker who stays in the profession, stands to earn a considerably higher wage. As with any
           profession, continued education and job experience determines the salary and wages.

                                        Location & Facilities
  Our campus is located at 905 36th place S.E., Suite C, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. This location is 1250
  sq. Ft., and offers our skin care programs. It is a new building with a reception area, classroom, clinic
  rooms, and break area. We will be moving this location in the fall next to our main campus. Our
  cosmetology campus is located at 1001 Golf Course Rd. Suite 104, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. This
 location is state-of-the-art and custom built for our cosmetology and manicuring courses. It is 3600 sq.
  Ft. And offers a full clinic floor, classrooms, student break room, library, dispensary, offices and
       reception area. For more information on our locations, please see the administrative office.

                                 Licensed Instructors

Billy L. Callas, Cosmetology & Nail Technology Instructor
Born in Aberdeen, Washington, Billy has traveled extensively before making New Mexico her
home. She holds licenses in both Nail Technology & Cosmetology in New Mexico & Arizona. She
has worked in some of the finest resort spas in Scottsdale, Arizona & participated in the Nail
Olympics. This spa experience is crucial to the school and to the students education. It brings
added knowledge of the latest techniques and services found in many salons today.

Clytie Mae LeDoux, Cosmetology Instructor
Born & raised in Columbia, South Carolina. Clytie moved to Louisana before settling in New
Mexico. She brings more than 20 years experience and knowledge to Callas Beauty. She is
devoted to her freshman cosmetology students and prepares them in the basic skills necessary to
perform services on the public. She provides the strong foundation for her students to build on
and grow in the beauty profession.

Joy Dillender, Cosmetology Instructor
Joy obtained her cosmetology &cosmetology instructor licenses in El Paso, Texas. She was the
CEO of the cosmetology school corporation. She also managed and was the educational director
for Aladdin & Vogue Corporate Cosmetology schools. Joy is our esthetician instructor at our skin
care campus. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of cosmetology and brings a passion for
teaching to our school.

Denise Sosa, Cosmetology Instructor
Denise was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised on a farm. She is one of twelve children. She
moved to Albuquerque in 1979 and raised a family. She received her cosmetology & Instructor
licenses in New Mexico. She has taught all aspects of cosmetology including advanced training in
skin care & professional make-up. She genuinely loves to teach & share her skills with her

                            Admissions & Enrollment Procedures
In order to enroll in any course of study, a potential student shall complete an enrollment agreement,
provide proof of high school education, GED, or a high school transcript stating the completion of the
 tenth grade. The student must also be at least 16 years of age. Students for the instructor course
    must be at least 17 years of age and proof of completion the the twelfth grade or equivalent.

As class size is limited, it is recommended that the student complete his/her enrollment process as soon
 as possible to ensure a place. Callas Beauty accepts 35 cosmetology students for a day program, 35
 cosmetology students for an evening program, 6 nail technology students per day or evening session
 and 8 esthetician students per day or evening session for a total of 98 student capacity. In order to
 complete the enrollment process, the student must complete all signed agreements and supporting
  documents. Callas Beauty will not discriminate in its employment, admission, instruction, or
 graduation policies on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, religion, financial status, sexual
                                       orientation, or ethnic origin.

                  Course Costs, Payment Terms, and Tuition Financing

Charges for each course offered at Callas Beauty include the tuition fees and the required materials &
  kit. The kit includes the necessary tools for the applicants program, uniform, and textbooks. The
state of New Mexico requires that we charge the applicable tax rate. AS required by New Mexico law
                         tuition will be paid in full at 50% of the clocked hours.

  Each course has been scheduled for completion in a budgeted time frame. It is not realistic for
students to expect to receive and education for free. CBI has reserved facilities, equipment, products,
 and licensed instructors for their education. If any student does not graduate within the contracted
  time , additional training will be billed at the rate of $10.00 per hour plus the applicable sales tax.
This must be paid in advance until graduation. CBI, at its sole discretion may prevent a student from
                      attending class until the unpaid debt reflects a zero balance.

  Callas Beauty offers students financial assistance through private lending institutions. Sallie Mae
  offers educational loans to qualifying students. CBI is authorized to help you with the application
process or you may contact Sallie Mae directly at 1-888-2-SALLIE or CBI accepts
  cash and credit cards and payment arrangements that are approved by the director of operations.
 Callas Beauty is VA approved for veterans and eligible persons. See the next section in this catalog
for information. Callas Beauty For more information on tuition financing and a list of agencies, please
                                    contact the administrative office.

                              New Mexico Licensure Requirements
The New Mexico State Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists requires that all persons who desire to become
a cosmetologist, esthetician or manicurist must submit proof that they are at least 17 years of age; have
  an education equivalent to the completion of the second year of an approved high school, instructor
 course is a four year equivalent, have completed the required clock hours in an approved school for the
applicable course; have paid the required fees; and have passed the examination conducted by the Board
                             to determine his/her fitness to receive a license.

                                   General Cost of Attendance

  The basic cost of tuition and fees does not include monthly cost of room & board, personal expenses,
transportation, childcare, etc. While attending Callas Beauty, students should expect to incur additional
  expenses for housing and living costs. The course does include include a kit, textbooks, educational
                            supplements, and all materials while in attendance.

                       Reimbursement for Veterans & Eligible Persons

  Benefit availability and assistance rates vary depending on each individual’s military history and the
  education program being pursued. Only the Department of Veteran’s Affairs can determine VA
applicant’s eligibility. For information or for resolution of specific payment problems, the veteran should
            call Department of Veteran’s Affairs nationwide toll-free number (888) 442-4551.

                                           Handicap Policy

 Callas Beauty does not discriminate against handicapped persons. Please be aware that the licensing
 requirements may restrict some applicants. The administrative office is able to answer any question
           about licensing requirements and other physical demands of the beauty industry.

                                 Non-Credit & Remedial Courses

 We do not offer remedial courses, but do offer a certificate of completion for our Beauty Makeup
Artistry program. We will be developing additional certificate courses in the future. With a certificate
                  only course a student will not receive any type of state licensure.

                             Refund Policy & Withdraw Policy

  Applicants not accepted at Callas Beauty Institute shall be refunded all monies paid to the school
within 5 business days. A student (or in the event of a minor, the minors parents or legal guardian)
   wishes to cancel the agreement, they must do so in writing within three business days of the
 signing of the contract. The “formal cancellation date” will be determined by which ever is earlier;
  the postmark on the letter requesting cancellation, the date said notification is hand delivered to
   the administrative offices in person, the last date of attendance if the student’s enrollment
agreement is terminated by the school, 30 school days after the last day of physical attendance or
  the scheduled return date from an approved Leave of Absence. This policy applies whether or no
the student has already begun training. If a student cancels the enrollment agreement more than 3
 business days after signing the contract prior to starting classes, a full refund of all monies, minus
 the registration fee, will be refunded to the student. For students who enroll and begin classes but
   withdraw prior to course completion (after three business days of signing the contract), the
  following schedule of tuition earned by the school applies, along with the non-refundable kit cost
  and any unpaid materials used. Any absent days will be counted as actual time and be calculated
  accordingly. The absent hours will be added to clocked hours to calculate the refund percentage.
       For VA students a pro rata refund of tuition will be calculated and paid within 40 days.

        Percent of Scheduled Time Enrolled To Total Course:               School Will Retain:
                         0.01% to 04.9%                                              20%
                           5% to 9.9%                                                30%
                          10% to 14.9%                                               40%
                          15% to 24.9%                                               45%
                          25% to 49.9%                                               70%
                          50% and over                                            100%

 All monies due the applicant or student or student shall be made in the form of a check within 40
  business days from the administrative offices. In the case of disabling illness of injury, or other
documented mitigating circumstances, a fair refund settlement will be made. If permanently closed
or no longer offering instruction after a student has enrolled, Callas Beauty Institute will provide a
  pro rata refund of tuition to the student and a release of the hours earned. It the course is
  canceled prior to students first day of class, CBI will provide a full refund of monies given or
                                    financed through Sallie Mae.

                                  Refund Policy Continued

  Students who voluntarily withdraw or terminate prior to course completion may be charged
$100.00 withdrawal fee at CBI’s discretion. This refund policy applies to tuition and fees charged in
  the enrollment agreement. Other miscellaneous charges the student may have incurred at the
  school; such as, extra kit materials, books, products, unreturned school property, etc. will be
 charged separately at the time of withdrawal. Returned funds will be reduced from the payments
  received on the behalf of the student before applying the institutional refund policy to determine
  whether the student is owed a refund or if there is a balance owed to Callas Beauty Institute. To
 obtain an applicable refund, a withdrawing student must contact the administrative office, attend
  an exit interview, and complete all required paperwork. If the student is due a refund, CBI will
                     issue a check within 30 days of the actual cancellation date.

                                       Excused Absences

 The state of New Mexico allows students to have excused absences each month not to exceed 10%
 of the scheduled hours. Callas Beauty will allow 14 hours each month with proper documentation
  to justify the absence. Examples are: medical or legal issues, death in the family, jury duty, and
documented employment difficulties. Absences on Fridays and Saturdays will not be excused unless
seven days prior notice or proper documentation. Absences without documentation will require the
  student to make up the lost time. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the CBI
                                       administrative office.

                           Academic Progress Evaluations,
                   Satisfactory Progress Policy & Attendance Policy

To determine academic progress, students are evaluated monthly in writing. This evaluation will be
  presented to the student and they will be advised of their progress. Students are required to
  maintain a minimum 75% in theory or written tests, practical assignments, and attendance.
 Practical skills are evaluated after the completion of each task assignment. Students of CBI must
 maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 75% or better in all three catagories.
 Students meeting these requirements for both academics and attendance during the monthly
evaluation period are considered to be making satisfactory progress. The grade scale is as follows:

                     Excellent= 4 or 91-100% Above Average = 3 or 81-90%
                   Satisfactory = 2 or 75-80% Unsatisfactory = 1 or Below 75%

                                    Transfer Students
  Students wishing to transfer from another school are always welcome at Callas Beauty Institute.
The student will be given a written and practical evaluation to determine what level of training the
  student will be placed. Students must comply with the class level assigned as determined by this
  CBI will recognize and give the student credit for any hours earned at the previous institution
       provided that it is recognized by the New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.
All transfer students must follow the new student admissions process. Not all transfer students are
  guaranteed entrance into Callas Beauty Institute. If approved for enrollment, tuition will be
  charged at the applicable hourly training rate plus any registration fees. A contract must be
  All course applicants, except for the refresher course, are required to purchase the required
 textbooks, uniform, and kit if applicable. Contact the administrative office for current pricing or
                                          further information.
 Any student transferring from one campus of Callas Beauty Institute to another will be charged a
$50.00 transfer fee. All contracts will remain unchanged. All transfer and re-entry students must
              be registered with the New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.
  If a student transfers from another school and has hours recognized by the State Board of New
Mexico, those hours can be transferred to Callas Beauty. The potential student needs to present an
approved transcript displaying the breakdown of the hours earned. Callas Beauty will apply to the
           State Board office and request the hours to be applied to the desired program.

                                   Re-Entry Students
Students who previously attended Callas Beauty Institute but have not completed their
   program of study and wish to re-enroll in any program must request permission in
  writing to the campus administration. The Director of Operations will then make a
   decision and report back to the student within a reasonable amount of time. Upon
approval, the student must follow the same procedure as a transfer student. Please see
 transfer student policies in this catalog. Any previous balances must be paid in full or
   other arrangements made and approved by the Director of Operations. A new
   contract must be signed at the time of re-entry with the tuition rates reflecting the
  current price. If a student withdraws or drops from the course a second time, no re-
                                    entry will be allowed.
                                Leave of Absence
If a situation occurs while attending Callas Beauty Institute that you must miss more
than 7 consecutive class days, you may submit a leave of absence request in writing to
  the campus administration. It will be approved or denied within 5 business days.
 Upon approval, the leave of absence will extend the original contract end date by the
 number of days missed. If you return before your official return date, then the date
 will be adjusted to reflect the actual date returned. You must return by your official
  return date or you will be dropped from the enrollment. A second leave of absence
  request may be filed, but you must do so before your first date of return expires.
  Legal or medical documentation may be required at the campus administrations
 discretion. The number of leave of absence days shall not exceed 180 days in any 12
  month period. The student will return to school with the same attendance and
                   academic average as prior to the leave of absence.

                        File Access & Privacy Policy
  Callas Beauty Institute follows strict guidelines, as required by law, to ensure a
student’s privacy. Limited access is allowed to their files and school information. The
         following describes who is authorized to view a student’s personal file:
           •Student (or parent or guardian if the student is a dependant minor).
   •A third party, only if written consent from the student or guardian has been given
                                for the release of records.
       •CBI permits access to student and other school records as required for any
    process initiated by the institution or by NACCAS in response to a directive of the
  Arrangements must be scheduled in advance to access records and the Director of
  Operations must be present while the records are being reviewed. CBI will issue
   copies of the student’s file at no charge. Cumulative education records are
maintained for a minimum of five years after graduation or termination. All files and
 educational records are property of Callas Beauty Institute. Under no circumstance
  will they be removed from the school premises. CBI does not possess a personal
  information directory for the students or staff. The school must make its student
files available to accrediting, regulatory, and other governing agency representatives
         who have the legal right to examine such files for compliance reviews.
          Probation & Re-Establishment of Satisfactory Progress                                     Pg. 11
Probation is designed to correct student behavior. It is the responsibility of the school to identify problem behavior
in an individual student and take corrective remedies for the betterment of the student and student body at large.
 The main focus is not to punish but rather to enable the student to enhance their skills and achieve their goals. A
student may be placed on probation for academic failure, disciplinary reasons, and poor attendance. See
                                                                      for probation resulting from poor academic
                                            performance or attendance.

 A student will be placed on a two-week probation for poor academic performance or failing to maintain a 75%
 attendance record. This notice of probation shall be in writing, and will specify both the problem(s), and the
 expected corrective measure(s). Failure to meet these requirements shall result in a three day suspension. The
student will need to state in writing their reasons for returning to school and the corrective measures they will take
        to succeed in their desired program. Failure to do so will result in termination of their enrollment.

 At the discretion of the administration, a student will be placed on probation, suspension, or terminated from their
 enrollment for breaking the school’s standards of conduct and for failure to maintain the required satisfactory score
in any area of there course of study. If a student is terminated from a course, a pro rata refund will be calculated in
                                   accordance with school’s published refund policy.
                                              Appeal Procedure
 If Callas Beauty Institute determines a student as making unsatisfactory progress, the student is
entitled to appeal the decision by submitting a written appeal notice to CBI’s administrative office.
 Appeal documents will be reviewed and a decision made within a reasonable amount of time. The
                appeal and decision documents will be retained in the student’s file.
                                        Graduation Requirements
Students of Callas Beauty Institute must meet the following requirements before they are eligible to
  graduate and their hours released to the New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologist. If
requirements are not met by the end of the contracted course hours, all applicable overtime charges
                                              will apply.
                • Completion of all clock hours as required by state law through the
                        New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.
  • Completion of all written and practical assignments, including the final written and practical
                 examination. A passing score of 75% or better must be achieved.
       • Full payment of all tuition and fees. A zero dollar ledger balance must be reflected.

Callas Beauty Institute will issue a diploma for the applicable course upon completion of the course
  of study and all stated graduation requirements have been fulfilled. The new graduate is then
  eligible to apply to the State Board and pay the appropriate fees for their State Licensing
examination as required by law. Students who complete their program will have their picture placed
along with other student alumni. Please see the administration office for the scheduled graduation
 dates. Upon successfully passing the state exam and receiving a valid license, the graduate is then
                     eligible to work for compensation in his or her chosen field.
                                    Externship Program of New Mexico
Callas Beauty Institute is proud to offer and recommend the externship program to it’s students. It is CBI’s policy that all
 externiship applicants must have a minimum of 89% in the following areas; written, practical, and attendance. If a
 student does not have a 89% average in any of those areas they are not eligible to apply until all averages are at 89% or
above. While a student is on externship and their average falls below 89% in any other these areas, they will be given 14
 days to return to compliance or they will be dropped from the program. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of the
 externship program. CBI believes it only enhances the students experiences and further prepares them for employment.
                                  VA students cannot participate in the extern program.
           The following State Board of New Mexico rules and guidelines apply:
                           • Students must apply for a duplicate permit at the cost of $15.00.
                              • A minimum of 50% of the course hours must be completed.
           • Students must have completed all tests, and have passed a mid term written and practical exam.
                               • Students cannot complete any service in the sponsor salon.
                                 • Students cannot apply any chemicals, such as relaxers,
                               colors, acrylic nail products or permanent waving solutions.
                             • Students must have a verifiable sponsoring salon and licensee.
 Furthermore, a CBI representative may call on the sponsoring salon to send a written evaluation of the student. The
 representative may also evaluate the student at the sponsoring salon in person without notification. All the necessary
                             forms and paperwork are available in the administrative office.
In accordance with our mission statement, Callas Beauty Institute offers students a 100% open door policy and encourages
 students to report directly to the administrative office any grievance or complaint in writing. CBI will make every effort
  to address and resolve every complaint or grievance unless the charge is determined to be without merit. Grievance
  procedures are included in the new student orientation so that students are clearly aware of the steps to follow in case a
  complaint or concern arises. Copies of all grievances and their outcomes will be retained in a separate file in he
  administrative offices so that CBI may monitor the frequency and patterns of the complaints. The information will be
 used to evaluate institutional effectiveness and to help evaluate and modify if necessary, any current rules or regulations.
                      Contact the administrative office for assistance and to obtain a grievance form.
                                               Disciplinary Policies
Students of Callas Beauty Institute must understand that any violation against the rules of conduct, general policies, or the
                        enrollment contract could result in any of the following disciplinary actions.
                        †                                  The student will receive a verbal warning.
   †                     The student will receive a written statement explaining the unacceptable behavior and the
                                       consequences if the behavior is not corrected.
  †             A student may receive notice that they are being placed on probation for a specified time period for any
  violation of the Rules of Conduct. If the situation is not corrected, they will be placed on a three day suspension.
                     Continued violations of the Rules of Conduct will result in termination of training.
           †                          Enrollment may be terminated at the discretion of the administrative office
  for any reason deemed necessary to maintain a positive learning environment for all students. Students may appeal any
                               negative decision. Please see the               in this catalog.
                        Crime Awareness & Drug Free Workplace
  Callas Beauty Institute maintains a zero tolerance on any form of sexual harrassment and drug or
      alcohol abuse by any of our students or employees. If a student seeks help please contact:
          -The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Referral Hotline 800-662-HELP
   -D.O.E. Regional Centers For Drug Free Schools and Communities (SW Region) 405-325-1454
                       -National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline 800-622-HELP
             -National Institute on Drug Abuse In The Workplace Hotline 800-843-4971
  -Network of Colleges and Universities Committed To The Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Penalties to be imposed upon students and employees for drug abuse violations occurring in the
                                 workplace include but are not limited to:
                         A) Notification of the abuse to proper law enforcement.
 B) A suspension from enrollment or employment during which time the individual must consider the
 responsibilities of his/her enrollment/employment, become free from any dependencies and prove it,
                  and clearly certify that he/she will no longer abuse alcohol or drugs.
  C) Expulsion or termination will be considered based upon the circumstances surrounding the
  • Any action taken by Callas Beauty Institute against violation of the Drug Free Workplace will
occur immediately upon the administrative offices obtaining such information. The school will notify
    and report to the Department of Education and the New Mexico Board of Barbers and
  Cosmetologists within 30 days of any employee or student being involved in any criminal drug
                                       statute violation/conviction.

Callas Beauty Institute does not provide, recommend, or endorse any housing situations for students
and does not provide institutional housing. However, if an applicant needs assistance in finding local
 housing, CBI, through it’s administrative office will refer the applicant to an appropriate agency.
Meadowlark Apartments are in walking distance to the main CBI campus. There contact number is

                                       Voter Registration
  Students may register to vote at the following locations •County Voters Registrars Office
 •Secretary of State Office •County and Municipal Courthouses •Libraries, Post Offices, and High

 The United States Department of Labor of Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires
Callas Beauty Institute to advise it’s students and staff of the chemicals used in cosmetology and related
 training. During the student’s training, they will learn the importance of safety in the workplace and
how to use and follow the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). During each unit of study, students are
made aware of the various chemicals used and the safe practices that apply. This is done with the Milady
 textbooks and DVDs. In addition, a complete file containing the MSDS information for the chemicals
                      used at the school are available in the administrative office.

                                      Employment Assistance
 Callas Beauty Institute offers it’s graduates lifetime placement assistance. Although we cannot
 guarantee a position upon graduation, we do offer assistance through CBI’s vast network of salon
contacts. CBI also offers a career area dedicated to employment leads for students to review. This area
will be updated frequently by new career and job information. There will also be listings for employment
 in job related fields that students may apply for prior to graduation. Also, as part of our core
curriculum, we train students on how to write a resume’, complete an employment application, and how
 to prepare for an effective job interview. A great deal of emphasis is placed upon employment in both
    the Milady Textbook and Workbook. CBI is proud of its students and will assist them in finding.

 Cosmetology Course Outline


                                Theory-Classroom Instruction (75 Hours)
 Orientation, Career Information, State Laws and Regulations, Professional Image, First Aid, Chemistry,
                            Electricity, Job Seeking and Professional Ethics.
                         Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology (75 Hours)
 Health, Public Sanitation, Methods, Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, Bacterial Growth, Biology,
                 Infections, Infection Control, Products, Tools, Equipment use and Safety.
                           Shampoo, Rinses, and Scalp Treatments (75 Hours)
    Principles and Techniques of Treatments and Disorders of the Hair, Scalp and Related Chemistry.
                                   Chemical Rearranging (200 Hours)
            Principles and Techniques of Sectioning, Wrapping, Processing, Curling, and Relaxing.
                                         Hairstyling (150 Hours)
Principles and Techniques of Wet Styling, Blow Drying, Waving, Finger Waving, Hair Pressing, and Wigs.
                                Hair Coloring and Bleaching (125 Hours)
Principles and Techniques of Temporary, Semi-Permanent, Permanent Colors, Bleaching, Tinting, Toning,
                                    Special Effects, and Problems.
                                         Haircutting (200 Hours)
Principles and Techniques of Sectioning, Removing Length or Bulk with a Razor, Scissors, Clippers, Shears.
                                            Facials (175 Hours)
 Principles and Techniques of Skin Chemical Procedures, Massage, Facials, Cosmetics, Artificial Eyelashes,
                           Removal, Lash & Brow Tinting, and Light Therapy.
                        Manicuring, Pedicuring and Nail Extensions (175 Hours)
      Principles and Techniques of Massage, manicuring, pedicuring, and advanced nail techniques.
                              Salon Business and Retail Sales (50 Hours)
Operations, Policies, Practices, Compensation, Packages, Payroll Deductions, Telephone Use, Advertising,
         Communications, Public Relations, Insurance, Salon Safety, Resume and Interviewing.
                                       Miscellaneous (300 Hours)
                     To be applied by the Instructor to strengthen student performance.
 Esthetician Course Outline



                          Theory-Classroom Instruction (75 Hours)
Orientation, Career Information, State Laws and Regulations, Professional Image, First Aid, Chemistry,
                           Electricity, Job Seeking, and Professional Ethics.
                  Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology (75 Hours)
 Related Theory and Safety, Preparation, Materials and Implements, Public Sanitation, Methods of
Sanitation and Sterilization, Chemical Agents, Types of Classifications of Bacteria, Bacteria Growth and
                                       Facials (350 Hours)
 Related Theory, Anatomy, Physiology, Preparation, Procedures, and Practice, Products, Materials and
Implements, Theory of Massage, Facial Treatments, Make-Up Application, Use of Electrical Appliances
 and Currents, Specialized Machines for Treatments, Artificial Eyelashes, Removal of Unwanted Hair,
Eyelash and Brow Tinting, Light Therapy, Client Consultation and Recommendations, and Client Record
                                         Keeping and Safety.
                          Salon Business & Retail Sales (50 Hours)
      Related Theory, Opening a Salon and Business Plan, Written Agreements, Regulations and
      Laws, Insurance, Resume and Interviewing, Salon Operations, Policies, Practices, Personnel,
                                    Compensation, and Payroll.
                                   Miscellaneous (50 Hours)
      To be applied by the Instructor to strengthen student performance in the curriculum, Field
                                     Trips and Related Training.

    Esthetician & Nail Technology Course Outline



                                       Theory (75 Hours)
 Orientation, Career Information, State Laws and Regulations, Professional Image, First Aid,
                   Chemistry, Electricity, Job Seeking and Professional Ethics.

                    Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology (75 Hours)
 Health, Public Sanitation, Methods, Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, Bacterial Growth,
       Biology, Infections, Infection Control, Products, Tools, Equipment Use and Safety.

                  Manicuring, Pedicuring, and Nail Extensions (175 Hours)
  Principles and Techniques of Massage, Manicuring, Pedicuring, and Advanced Nail Techniques.

                                        Facials (175 Hours)
 Principles and Techniques of Skin Chemical Procedures, Theory of Massage, Facial Treatments,
  Cosmetic Application, Artificial Eyelashes, Hair Removal, Lash/Brow Tinting, Light Therapy.

                         Salon Business and Retail Sales (50 Hours)
  Fundamentals of Business Management, Salon Ownership, Business Plan, Written Agreements,
Licensing Requirements and Regulations, Laws, Salon Operations, Policies, Practices, Compensation
   Packages, Payroll Deductions, Telephone Use, Advertising, Sales, Communications, Public
               Relations, Insurance, Salon Safety, Resume, and Interviewing Skills.
                                  Miscellaneous (50 Hours)
         To be applied by the Instructor to strengthen student performance. Field Trips
                             and Related Training.         Pg. 17
    Nail Technology Course Outline



                                        Theory (75 Hours)
 Orientation, Career Information, State Laws and Regulations, Professional Image, First Aid,
                  Chemistry, Electricity, Job Seeking and Professional Ethics.

                     Sterilization, Sanitation, and Bacteriology (25 Hours)
 Health, Public Sanitation, Methods, Chemical Agents, Types, Classifications, Bacterial Growth,
       Biology, Infections, Infection Control, Products, Tools, Equipment Use and Safety.

                    Manicuring, Pedicuring, and Nail Extensions (175 Hours)
                       Principles and Techniques of Massage, Manicuring, Pedicuring, and
                                     Advanced Nail Techniques.

                           Salon Business and Retail Sales (50 Hours)
       Business Management, Salon Ownership, Business Plan, Written Agreements, Licensing
      Requirements and Regulations, Laws, Salon Operations, Policies, Practices, Compensation
        Packages, Payroll Deductions, Telephone Use, Advertising, Sales, Communications,
            Public Relations, Insurance, Salon Safety, Resume Writing, and Interviewing.

                                    Miscellaneous (25 Hours)
             To be assigned by the Instructor to strengthen student performance. Field Trips
                                        And Related Training.
 Beauty Make-Up Artistry Course Outline

 This course provides the essential techniques of beauty & corrective make-up application for
 fashion, print, film, and television for those individuals who seek employment as a beauty
make-up artist. A certificate of completion is presented to the student upon the completion of
 the four-week course. The course is presented through well-organized lesson plans, lectures,
demonstrations, guest speakers and clinical practice. Students are required to bring a model on
 their last day of class for their final practical examination. The total cost of the program
                includes a textbook, materials, and a professional make-up kit.

 Orientation, Career Information, Color Theory, Professional Image, First Aid, Cosmetic
       Chemistry, Job Seeking and Professional Ethics of the Beauty Related Industry.

                                 Sanitation & Maintenance
 Health and Public Sanitation, Methods of Sanitation, Maintenance of Implements, Sanitation
                        of Brushes & Tools, and Product Knowledge.

                                    Make-Up Application
 Cosmetic Fundamentals and Theory, Tools of the Trade, Facial Analysis and Characteristics,
Base Matching and Application Techniques, Corrective and Camouflage Theory, Brow Shaping
with Pencil & Powder, Cheek Color Theory and Application, Lip Color Application & Correcting
   Problematic Lip Shapes, Highlighting and Contouring Techniques, Product Blending
 Techniques, Natural Beauty Make-Up, Fashion & Glamour Make-Up, Bridal Make-Up, False
Eye Lash Application (strips, individuals, and lower lashes), Eye Lash Extensions and, Make-Up
                         for Photography, Film, Television, and Print.

                                       Salon Business
   Advertising & Self Promotion, Resume & Interviewing. Public Relations, Compensation.

    Instructor Course Outline

 Duration and Requirements:

                                           Theory (75 Hours)
 Orientation, State Laws and Regulations, Employment, Compensation, Professional Ethics and Image,
 Communications, First Aid, Chemistry, Electricity, Job Seeking, Principles of Teaching, Teacher Maturity,
                          Student Learning Principles, and Academic Advising.

                     Course Development and Lesson Planning (100 Hours)
Planning, Analysis, Implementation, Benefits, Outline, Examples of Lesson Plans, Components of Lesson Plans,
                        Principles of Preparing Lesson Plans, Practical Course Review.
                                   Teaching Methods (100 Hours)
 Preparation, Presentation, Application, Testing, Lecture and Workbooks, Demonstrations and Return
                Demonstrations, Discussion, Question and Answer, Projects and Field Trips.
                                      Teaching Aids (50 Hours)
     Films and Video, Charts, Mannequins, Reference Materials, Chalkboards, and Overhead Projectors.
                   Theory Teaching and Classroom Management (200 Hours)
 Independent Classroom Instructing, Records and Reports, Safety Measures, Classroom Maintenance, Class
           Supervision and Control, Classroom Problems and Solutions, and Academic Advising.
                            Testing and Student Evaluation (50 Hours)
 Measurement of Student Ability and Achievement, Diagnosis of Student Weaknesses, Motivation of Study,
       Oral and Written Testing, Development and Use of Testing and Measurement Instruments.
                                Laboratory Supervision (300 Hours)
 Independent Clinic Supervision, Client Communications and Reception Desk, Inventory Control, Dispensary,
               Supervision of Clinic Sanitation and Client Safety, and Technical Skills Ability.
                                     Miscellaneous (125 Hours)
                 Business Management. To be applied by an Instructor to strengthen ability.

                Refresher Course For Licensed Professionals
 Callas Beauty Institute recognizes that due to a variety of circumstances, individuals
 who are licensed or have completed the required course hours but have not completed
  the state examination may need to attend a refresher course. This program allows a
    person to regain the speed and skills necessary for cosmetology, esthetics or
     manicuring and to fulfill requirements to be eligible for the state licensing
examination. The duration of the program is 250 clock hours. Licensees may attend a
 full-time day program or a part-time night or day schedule. Students may be required
 to purchase the necessary kit to complete the program. For more information on the
         policies, requirements, and kit cost, please see the administrative office.

                                   Class Calendar
 Callas Beauty Institute offers classes Tuesday through Saturday, either a full-time or
part-time schedule. Students may begin their desired course weekly, unless scheduling
    conflicts with a holiday. To obtain the exact dates, see the administrative office.
 CBI observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence
  Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Callas Beauty Institute
schedules a one week break, approximately every three months that corresponds with
 the public school system’s winter, spring, and summer breaks. The yearly calendar is
  posted in the student break area. Additional days off are published well in advance.
  Students may call the administrative offices, or local radio stations to acquire
                  information regarding school closures due to weather.

                           Reference Materials, & Textbooks
Callas Beauty Institute follows the curriculum published in the                    for
 all course programs. CBI also has a extensive library available to all the students,
 containing various references; such as, periodicals, books, DVD’s, and a student
computer featuring the Milady online program, which corresponds with each student’s
                                 course and textbook.

 Students enrolled at Callas Beauty Institute are required to follow a dress code and
 to wear a school uniform. As a student entering into the beauty industry,it is your
responsibility to project a high level of professional image. The following garment is
        given upon the first day of class, along with the required textbooks.
                           Cosmetologists: Turquoise Smock
                            Estheticians: White Lab Smock
                            Nail Technician: White Smock
                             Make-up Artists: Black Apron
                           Student Instructors: Black Apron
                                    Dress Code
All students must follow a dress code. We understand in our industry students need
 to express their own individual style. Therefore, students are allowed to wear their
  own style of clothing or shoes. The students must remain professional and neat in
                 appearance while attending Callas Beauty Institute.
The following is acceptable. Dress pants or jeans or skirts that meet the knee area or
 longer. A professional shirt or blouse and shoes that completely cover the toe area.
 The clothing must not have writing or logos, unless they can be completely covered
by the smock, lab coat or apron. If you need further assistance concerning the dress
             code requirements, please contact the administrative office.


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