Programming in Perl Tutorial Introduction by mui27967


									  Programming in Perl
  Tutorial Introduction

 Peter Verhás
January 2002.
                       What is this?

• Easy to learn tutorial
• Fast introduction to get the feeling
  of the language
                       What this is not?

•   Reference manual
•   Training manual: you have to practice
•   A book on Perl
•   This is not a FAQ

• Some features are missing, purposefully
    – Reason: I do not know Perl good enough

• perl01intro
   – A short introduction to the language
• perl02var
   – Variables and expression of the language
• perl03if
   – Conditional, loop constructs and subroutines
• perl04pvars
   – Predefined variables
• perl05file
   – File and directory handling
• perl06regexp
   – Regular expression handling and pattern match operators
• perl07ref
   – Reference variables and object oriented programming in Perl
                     Not presented

• Perl built in functions
• Available Perl modules
• Perl forms
Thank you for your kind attention
and I hope that you will enjoy the
 presentations and learn from it.

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