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									Bribie Island Orchid Society      Bulletin April 2010
                  PO Box 127 Bribie Island Q 4507
                  Patron:         Carryn Sullivan
                  President:      Judith Carleton              3410 0789
                  Secretary:      Lynnette Hauck               3410 1919
                  Treasurer:      Ian McLaren                  3408 9698
                  Editor:         John Stokes                  3408 9228


Committee Meeting
This is held on the first Tuesday of the month (May 4th) at the Bribie Island Bowls Club on Welsby
Parade, Bongaree. The meeting commences at 1 pm. Just a reminder - any financial member may
attend the Committee Meetings.
Cultural Meeting
Held on the fourth Tuesday of the month (April 27th) at the Ningi Community Hall on Bribie Island
Rd. The meeting begins at 1.30 pm.
New Growers Meeting
Held on the last Saturday of the month (April 24th) at the Church of Christ Hall on the cnr of Foley
Street & Fifth Ave. The meeting begins at 1.30pm.

                                 MARCH CULTURAL MEETING

Hot again! But Mel was able to complete his presentation on the Werribee Conference which was
very informative and showed us some of those cool-growing orchids, such as Masdevallia’s, which
you rarely see in our part of the world.
The discussion centred on preparations for the Easter Show which has now been and gone.
Our home is awaiting the next step in the process which is the levelling of the site which should
happen soon.
Cattleya’s were in short supply on the benches but there was a good offering of other genera with
dendrobiums predominating as you would expect
at this time of year.
Merv and Val’s Sharry Baby attracted the Judges
Choice with a very good display of well-formed
On the other hand Jim Porter’s Bowringiana won
Popular Choice with its eye-catching flowers.

                                  Onc. Sharry
                                                 MARCH BENCHING RESULTS
                                              JANUARY BENCHING RESULTS
                               1st (Plant Name)                   1st            2nd            3rd
Cattleya                       .
Miniature/compact              Ctna. Brandi ‘OC’                  D&M Neldner

Novelty                        C. Netrasiri ‘Starbright’          B&M Elliott    B&M Elliot     M&V Anderson

Cluster                        C. Fitz Eugene Dixon               D&M Neldner    J&J Stokes     B&M Elliot

Spatulata and Intermediate     Den. Jaydee Jim                    M&V Anderson   D&M Neldner

Any Other                      Den. Elegant Midnight              D&M Neldner    D&M Neldner    J&J Stokes

Over 60mm                      V. Kultana Gold                    J&B Hopgood    B&M Elliot

Under 60mm                     Ascda. Yip Sum Wah                 B&M Elliot     B&M Elliot

Other                          Rhv. Colmarie                      I&F McLaren    J&J Stokes

Species                        Dor. Pulcherrima ‘Alba’            M&F Wheeler    T&G Davis      M&F Wheeler

Any Other                      Paph. Red Glory x Henryanum        J&J Stokes

Species                        Paph. primulinum                   J&J Stokes
Species                        Dor. Pulcherrima ‘Alba’            M&F Wheeler    T&G Davis      M&F Wheeler
Oncidium Alliance
Oncidium Species               Onc. ornithorhynchum               B&M Elliot

Oncidium Any other             Onc. Sharry Baby                   M&V Anderson   M&F Wheeler    B&M Elliot

Alliance Any Other             Mtssa. Aztec x Milt. Castanea      J&B Hopgood

Hybrid                         Mtssa. Purple King                 J&B Hopgood
Species                        Psh. cochleata                     J&B Hopgood    D&M Neldner    D&M Neldner

Aust Natives
Species                        Den. Biggibum ‘Alba’               D&M Neldner    I&F McLaren

Native Hybrid—any other        Den. superbiens                    I&F McLaren    I&F McLaren

Terrestial Hybrid or Species   Spa. plicata                       D&M Neldner    D&M Neldner

Cattleya any type              C. Glenn Maidment                  I&C Macqueen   I&C Macqueen

Hybrid any other               Lyc. Wyong                         I&C Macqueen   I&C Macqueen   I&C Macqueen

Species                        C. bowringiana var. Black Prince   J&J Porter     I&C Macqueen

Native                         Dock. wassellii                    I&C Macqueen
Anthurium                      Unnamed                            D&M Neldner    D&M Neldner    D&M Neldner

Tillandsia                     Fuego                              M&V Anderson   M&V Anderson   D&M Neldner

Ferns                          Adiantum Maidenhair                D&M Neldner

Foliage other                  Aglaonema                          M&V Anderson   D&M Neldner

Popular Vote Orchid– C. bowringiana (J&J Porter)
Popular Vote Foliage– Aglaonema (M&V Anderson)
Judges Choice– Onc. Sharry Baby (M&V Anderson)
Novice – I&C Macqueen (Lyc. Wyong)
Judges– T. Davis, M. Wheeler, J. Hopgood, J. Stokes
Scribe-B. Hopgood
                                  DATES   TO   REMEMBER

                                      Local Calendar
10-11 April    EDOS Show. Set up 9th.
17 April       Proposed bus trip to Wondai
22-24 April    Pine Rivers Show
23-24 April    Sunshine Coast Show. BIOS displays. Labels from Mel by previous Tues-
24 April       BIOS New Growers Meeting 1.30pm
27 April       BIOS Cultural Meeting 1.30pm
30 April       Bunnings sausage sizzle
1st May        BIOS stall at Church of Christ Fete (flowering plants for sale to John
1-2 May        Gympie Show
7-8 May        Noosa Show
8-9 May        Pumicestone Show

15-16 May      Aranbeem Open Days Sat 9.00—4.00 Sun 9.00—1.00

29 May         Bus Trip to Frizzo’s

12-14 June     Caloundra Golden Orchidfest and STOCQ Meeting (Bus Trip planned)

9-11 July      Caboolture Show –set up 8th
7-8 August     Maroochydore Show. Set up 6th.

National/International Shows.
Queen’s birthday weekend 12-14 June, 2010 is the STOCQ “Golden Orchidfest’ hosted by Sun-
shine Coast, OS Caloundra Inc. at the Lake Kawana Community Centre.
11-13 June, Townsville Tropical Queensland Council Conference and Show
15-22 July, 3rd Singapore Garden Festival and Singapore Orchid Show.
25-29 August 2010, 6th Australasian Native Orchid conference and Show to be held at Newcastle
Panther’s Club. (the Editor has details for anyone interested).
6-13 Sept 2010, 6th NZ International Orchid Extravaganza in Palmerston North (registration now
6 Nov 2010-25 Apr 2011, (Indoor Floriculture Competition 6-28 Nov) Taipei Intl Gardening and
Horticulture Expo. Group packages being arranged by Travel Masters at Nerang. More details from
14-23 Nov 2011, 20th World Orchid Conference, Singapore.
10-16 Sept 2012, 19th AOC Conference and Show, Perth (more info at website
www.waorchids.iinet.net.au/19th_AOC_Conference.htm - note underscores before and after AOC)
                                         EASTER SHOW

Your Committee would like to thank all the many members who contributed their time and exper-
tise to the running of the Easter Show and helped to make it yet another very successful event for
the Society. Without such a fine group effort an event such as this just wouldn’t be possible. The
coordinators deserve a special vote of thanks but we won’t embarrass them by naming them here.

Dendrobiums were to the fore on the benches as you would expect at this time but Graham
McKay’s colourful display of Phallies also added to the overall impact giving our visitors something
special to observe and appreciate.

Also deserving of special mention were the Foliage and Floral Art sections which were particularly
well supported at this show.

The Champion Orchid was a spectacular Cycnoches hybrid from Barry Kable but it was nice to see
our own members taking out Champion Species (Ailsa Heggie), Champion Specimen (Ailsa again),
Champion Foliage (Judy Carleton), and Champion Floral Art (June Payne). Congratulations to all.

The new additions (to the standard format) of White Elephant Stall and Musical Accompaniment
(thanks to Les Skipper) were both well-received and the vendors added to the overall friendly at-
mosphere. Hopefully the vendors found participation worthwhile and will return for our next show.
They certainly make the show that much more attractive to visitors.

Lynn and Malcolm seemed genuinely surprised when they were presented with their richly deserved
life memberships.So now all those involved can rest up and recover in time for our next spectacular
in October.

                                 Zel. onusta        Champion Foliage
              Cyc. Jumbo                            (Ludisia discolor)
              Dragon x
              barthiorum   Space does not permit Floral Art winners to be included
                           here but they can can be seen under Show and Tell         Den. Masako Taki

                                        JUDY’S JOTTINGS

Oh my aching legs and sore feet! Guess I’m not alone with this problem but what a great feeling!!
We’ve just hosted one terrific Easter Orchid Show. To think once again we’ve had a record number
of visitors through the door.
Our Show Organiser, Mel, and I, extend our thanks to each and everyone of you who helped make
this show run so smoothly.
Wish you could have seen our Secretary, Lynn Hauck’s, face when I announced “Life Membership”
was awarded to her and Malcolm. This is a much deserved award. We all know just how much Lynn
has done since joining this society, especially in her role as Secretary. Many may not know that
Malcolm always helps on the Plant Sales table at our shows, whilst on the home front there’s his
timely advice and unfailing support of Lynn in all the Society’s endeavours.
A big thanks to those who turned up on Sunday morning to finish the clean-up of the student audi-
Excitement is still running high with the progress of our home. We had a lot of rain after the tree
stump was removed but just before our show dirt was dumped and land was levelled. The concrete
slab may already have been laid by the time you receive this bulletin.
Hope you all had an enjoyable and restful couple of days for the last of the Easter break.
                                                              Easter Show Results
Class                                                 Place         Grower          Plant Name

Champion of Show                                                    B&A Kable       Cyc. Jumbo Dragon x barthiorum

Reserve Champion                                                    A. Sales        Den. Masako Taki

Champion Species                                                    A. Heggie       Zel. onusta

Champion Specimen                                                   A. Heggie       Zel. onusta

Champion Foliage                                                    K&J Carleton

Champion Floral Art                                                 I&J Payne


1.01 Exhibition predominately Lavender/Purple/Mauve   First         W&J Corney      Blc. Black Beauty

                                                      Second        W&J Corney      Blc. Black Beauty

1.02 Exhibition Any Other Colour                      First         J. Salway       Bc. Island Charm x C. Lyn Spencer

                                                      Second        B&M Elliot      Blc. California Girl x Orchid Library

                                                      Third         N. Douglas      Blc. Glenn Maidment

1.03 Miniature—Compact                                First         R&J Hopkins     Pot. Dal’s Emperor

                                                      Second        R&J Hopkins     Pot. Dal’s Emperor

                                                      Third         R&J Hopkins     Pot. Little Toshie

1.04 Novelty                                          First         R. Haylock      Lc. Burgundy Delight

                                                      Second        J&J McKinnon    Blc. Copper Queen

                                                      Third         R&J Hopkins     Blc. Rustic Spots

1.05 Cluster                                          First         R&J Hopkins     C. Portia

                                                      Second        R&J Hopkins     Lc. Little Susie

                                                      Third         J&J McKinnon    Slc. Kavar Starbright x Lc. Scarlet Imp

1.06 Species                                          First         J&J McKinnon    B. perrinii

                                                      Second        M&L Hauck       L. anceps

                                                      Third         W&J Corney      C. bowringiniana x sib


2.01 Phalaenanthe Lavender/Purple                     First         N. Douglas      Den. Dal’s Pennies

                                                      Second        R&E Hemming     Den. Dal’s Pixie x Violet Kemp

                                                      Third         A. Sales        Den. (Autumn Show x phalaenopsis) x

2.02 Phalaenanthe—any other type                      First         A. Sales        Den. Nopporn Pink

                                                      Second        A.Sales         Den. Burana Stripe

                                                      Third         N. Douglas      Den. Dal’s Delux x (Dal’s Queen x Autumn Show)

2.03 Spatulata type                                   First         A. Sales        Den. Masako Taki

                                                      Second        A. Sales        Den. Chanel

                                                      Third         J&B Hopgood     Den. Pauline

2.04 Any other type                                   First         E. Stewart      Den. Chao Praya ‘Smile’ x Den. biggibum

                                                      Second        E. Stewart      Den. Fantasy Land

                                                      Third         T&B Pritchard   Den. Fantasy Land ‘Princess’

2.05 Intermediate type                                First         A. Sales        Den. Ly’s Pride x Mt Kelly Beauty

                                                      Second        N. Frizzo       Den. Burana Pearl

                                                      Third         N. Douglas      Den. Siam’s Gift

3.01 Ascocenda or Vanda over 60mm                First    M&F Wheeler     V. Darres Golden Heritage

                                                 Second   J&B Hopgood     V. Kultana Gold x Ascda. Sunstate’s

                                                 Third    N. Douglas      Ascda. Princess Mikasa

3.02 Ascocenda or Vanda under 60mm               First    R&J Hopkins     Ascda. Yip Sum Wah

                                                 Second   F&M Lenz        Ascda. Varut Gold

                                                 Third    T&B Pritchard   Ascda. Yeo Geck Bee

3.03 Vandaceous any other                        First    M&F Wheeler     Ascda. Fortune East x Vasco. Thai Frost

3.04 Vandaceous-species                          First    R&J Hopkins     Aer. lawrenciae

                                                 Second   M&F Wheeler     Trgl. brachiata

                                                 Third    B&M Elliot      Aer. lawrenciae

3.05 Vandaceous species                          First    M&V Anderson    V. tricolour var. suavis

                                                 Second   M&F Wheeler     Ren. coccinea

                                                 Third    T&J Heitman     V. tricolor

3.05 Phalaenopsis-exhibition white               First    G. McKay        Phal. Sogo Yukidian

                                                 Second   G. McKay        Phal. I-Hsin Floral

3.06 Phalaenopsis-Exhibition pink                First    G. McKay        Dtps. Sinica Sunday x Sogo Minho Valentine

                                                 Second   G. McKay        Dtps. Sunrise Beauty Girl

                                                 Third    G. McKay        Dtps. Ho’s Sweet Valentine

                                                 First    G. McKay        Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl
3.07 Phalaenopsis -Exhibition any other colour
                                                 Second   G. McKay        Dtps. Chain Xen Mannon

                                                 Third    G. McKay        Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl

3.08 Phalaenopsis– Novelty                       First    G. McKay        Phal. Tying Shin Golden City

                                                 Second   G. McKay        Phal. I-Hsin Peacock

                                                 Third    G. McKay        Phal. I-Hsin Beauty

3.09 Phalaenopsis species                        First    M&F Wheeler     Dtps. pulcherrima

                                                 Second   M&F Wheeler     Dtps. pulcherrima

                                                 Third    M&F Wheeler     Dtps. pulcherrima


4.02 Primary Hybrid                              First    J&J Stokes      Phrag. x sedenii

                                                 Second   I&F McLaren     Phrag. calurum

                                                 Third    N. Douglas      Paph. Limelight

4.03 Species                                     First    J&J Stokes      Paph. primulinum

4.04 Any other type                              Second   J&J Stokes      Paph. Red Glory x henryanum


5.01 Any type                                    First    M&F Wheeler     Onc. Liz

                                                 Second   R&J Hopkins     Onc. Florida

                                                 Third    M&V Anderson    Onc. Sharry Baby

5.02 Intergeneric Hybrid                         First    A. Heggie       Hwra. Mary Eliza

                                                 Second   A. Sales        Milt. Penny Micklow

                                                 Third    J&B Hopgood     Mtssa. Aztec x Milt. Castanea
                                                        First    A. Heggie        Zel. onusta
5.03 Oncidium Species
                                                        Second   M&F Wheeler      Zel. onusta

Australian Native
6.01 Any Species                                        First    E. Stewart       Den. biggibum

                                                        Second   M&F Wheeler      Den. biggibum

                                                        Third    J. Salway        Den. biggibum

6.02 Native Hybrid                                      First    I&F McLaren      Den. x superbiens

                                                        Second   I&F McLaren      Den. x superbiens

6.03 Terrestrial Species                                First    D&M Neldner      Spa. plicata

                                                        Second   D&M Neldner      Spa. plicata

Miscellaneous Orchids

7.01 Any other Genera Species                           First    J. Livock        Echn. galeandrae

                                                        Second   B&A Kable        Bulb. echinochilum

                                                        Third    J&B Hopgood      Prosthecea cochleata

7.02 Any other Intergeneric Hybrid                      First    B&A Kable        Cyc. Jumbo Dragon x

                                                        Second   N. Douglas       Milt. Earl Dunn

                                                        Third    M&F Wheeler      Bulb. Wilmar Galaxy Star


9.01 Bromeliad                                          First    B&A Kable

                                                        Second   B&A Kable

                                                        Third    T&B Pritchard

9.02 Fern                                               First    B&M Elliot       .

                                                        Second   N. Frizzo        .

                                                        Third    J&J McKinnon     .

9.03 Anthurium                                          First    L. Bates

                                                        Second   M&F Wheeler

                                                        Third    D&M Neldner

9.04 Any Foliage under 250mm                            First    K&J Carleton

                                                        Second   R&E Hemming
                                                        Third    A&S Maller
9.05 Any Foliage over 250mm                             First    T&B Pritchard

                                                        Second   J. Day

                                                        Third    M&F Wheeler

Floral Art-Open

11.01 An Easter Arrangement-”He is Risen”-any flowers   First    I&J Payne

                                                        Second   V. Cameron

                                                        Third    L. Loader

11.02 A Foliage Arrangement in Autumn Tones             First    I&J Payne

                                                        Second   L. Loader

                                                        Third    V. Cameron


13.01 Cattleya                                          First    I & C Macqueen   C. Bactia

                                                        Second   P. Shaw          Blc. Glenn Maidment

                                                        Third    P. Shaw          Ctna. Unknown

13.02 Dendrobium                                        First    P. Shaw          Den. White Fairy

                                                        Second   P. Shaw          Den. Dal’s Memory x Burana Stripe
                                                        Third    P.Shaw           Den. Dal’s Pennies x Dal’s Pennies

13.03 Any Other Genus                                   First    P. Shaw          V. Mokara Chiti

                                                        Second   G&J Watson       Bc. Hippodamia

                                                        Third    G&J Watson       Onc. Unknown

13.04 Species incl Australian Natives                   First    I&C Macqueen     Lockhartia lunifera
                                          PLANNED BUS TRIPS

Planned Bus Trips.....
Saturday 17th April 2010 - Starting time 7am.
We still need more numbers........
We will be travelling to The Wondai Garden Expo and Orchid Show (two different venues within a 2
minute walk) in Wondai, with a lunch venue to be determined there.
Note: This is a 3 hour trip each way passing through some picturesque landscape along the way.
The cost of $40 covers the cost of the Air-Conditioned Coach plus entry to both shows and morn-
ing tea(Not lunch). Food venues are available at the Garden Expo to purchase lunch. Also, while in
Wondai we may even be able to take in a visit to a winery or two for a few sample tastes.
Pick-ups commence at 7am at Woorim with all the regular pick-ups following.
We anticipate returning to Bribie at about 5.30 pm

Saturday 29th May 2010 - Starting time 12.30 pm
This is a New Growers' Afternoon and All are welcome. We are going to Frizzo's at The Glass House
Mountains (They have many greenhouses and many years of experience).
The bus will cost $20 with normal pick-up points from Eighth Avenue Woorim commencing
12.30pm and we will be arriving back at Bribie at about 5 pm. Afternoon tea will be provided.

Saturday 12th June 2010 - Starting time 8am
This trip takes us to The Caloundra Orchid Society Golden Orchid Fest at Lake Kawana Community
Centre where it promises to be a huge show.
The cost of $33 covers the coach, entrance to the Fest and Morning Tea. A light lunch will be avail-
able to purchase at the Venue at a cost of about $5 or the majority may choose to go to the RSL at
a cost of about $ 8. Pick-ups commence at 8am at Woorim with all the regular pick-ups following.
We anticipate returning to Bribie at about 4.30pm.

Saturday 19th June 2010 - Starting at 9am.
We are going to the Theatre, Savoyards, at Iona Performing Arts Centre to see " 42nd Street"
'Celebrating The Dream' This is the story of hard work, being in the right place at the right time,
talent and love!
Forty-Second Street is a celebration of Broadway and the people involved in shows. It focuses on
aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer,and takes us along her journey. Musical hits include You're Get-
ting To Be a Habit with Me, Dames, I Know Now, We're in the Money, Lullaby of Broadway, Shuffle
off to Buffalo and 42nd Street. Every audience enjoys watching the under-dog succeed.
This excursion will cost $55 which includes the coach travel and your ticket to the show.
We do need to know numbers as soon as possible so please don't delay in contacting us
as we have to confirm seat registrations for the show.
We intend to go to Wynnum West Plaza before the show where we can purchase lunch.

*******We need your support and attendance to make these trips successful . So please
ask your friends, family and neighbours, but do come along and enjoy the experience.
For information and bookings phone Diann or Allan Sirett on 34081130.
                                           SHOW     AND      TELL

                                         Yours truly with Champion Orchid at the recent
                                         Philippines Orchid Show (Grammatophyllum
                                         Multiflorum which is native to the Philippines)

New STOCQ Annual trophies for Best
Awarded Species, Best Awarded Hybrid
and Best Cultural Award

            Winner of Floral Art at Easter Show


QOS have moved the venue for their meetings. In future meetings will be held at the Ithaca Bowls
Club. 22 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill (next to Broncos Leagues Club).

For sale a potting bench which may interest your members or visitors to the show.
It measures 7 metres long x 770mm wide and is made from galvanized steel and galvanized mesh
with an inverted tray for soil. It comes with 4 brackets which enable it to be attached to a solid wall
(house etc). It would be easy enough to put legs on also. We are asking $150.00, we are at Bonga-
ree and our phone No. is (07) 34101057.

                                                  ON   THE   GRAPEVINE

April birthdays revealed to the editor are: Daphne Lloyd, Fay Wheeler and Marg McMurdo. Happy
Birthday one and all.
                                                NEW GROWERS

It was Hi-tec at the New Growers meeting on 27th March. Our Secretary, Lynn Hauck, explained
how important it is to have all show plants correctly numbered so that prizes are awarded to the
right growers.
An audio-visual presentation showing Graham McKay and his interesting propagation of Phalaenop-
sis orchids was screened.
We were also shown a number of poisonous plants it was wise to keep out of our gardens.
The usual strong support for raffle prizes preceded a delightful afternoon tea.
Experienced Growers winners were J&J Mckinnon (1), M&V Anderson (2), and D&M Neldner (3).
Foliage places were J&J McKinnon (1), M&V Anderson (2), and D&M Neldner (3).
No Learners plants were benched.

                                              ORCHIDFEST GUEST SPEAKERS

Saturday         Wayne Harris       Native Species of SE   Sunday 10:30am   Murray Shergold   Orchid Tours
11:00am                             Qld

Saturday 12:00   David Dowd         Orchids of Indonesia   Sunday 11:30pm   John Woolf        The Oncidium
noon                                                                                          Alliance

Saturday         Gary Yong Gee      Cattleya Alliance      Sunday 12:30pm   Ray Clements      Australian Native
1:00pm                              Species                                                   Hybrids

Saturday         Fred & Ros Xerri   Vandas                 Sunday 1:30pm    Dennis Diehm      Cattleyas

Saturday         Nicky Zurcher      Paphiopedilum          Monday           Steve Flood       Bromeliads
3:00pm                                                     10:00am

Sunday 9:30pm    Wolfgang Strube    Fertilizers & Chemi-   Monday           Gary Yong Gee     Cattleya Alliance
                                    cals                   11:00am                            Species

                                         COMEDY CORNER

1. Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.
2. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor..
3. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
4. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?
5. The main reason that santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
6. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, "where's the self- help section?" she said if
she told me, it would defeat the purpose.
7. What if there were no hypothetical questions?
8. If a deaf child signs swear words, does his mother wash his hands with soap?
9. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situa-
                         NEWS    AND   VIEWS

Did you know that Sarah Knight was given a subscription to the RHS magazine
The Orchid Review a while ago and after she (and I!) have read them they are put in our library?
These magazines are high quality productions and I find them very interesting to read. So folks
why not see Sarah about a loan.

Ever heard of Zeolite? I hadn’t but someone had put a bag for sale on our White Elephant stall so I
bought it to check it out. Turns out it sounds it functions a bit like Diatomite. To quote Wikipedia:
“Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents.
In agriculture, clinoptilolite (a naturally occurring zeolite) is used as a soil treatment. It provides a
source of slowly released potassium. If previously loaded with ammonium, the zeolite can serve a
similar function in the slow release of nitrogen. Zeolites can also act as water moderators, in which
they will adsorb up to 55% of their weight in water and slowly release it under plant demand. This
property can prevent root rot and moderate drought cycles.”
I’m going to try potting in it so I’ll tell you the result in due course.

Message from Ro - “We had a very successful Craft Stall at this Easter Show. Thanks to all the
people who made and donated goods to stock this stall-their help is so much appreciated. Special
thanks to Jan Swaffield and Marg McMurdo for coming and selling all this lovely craft. We've al-
ready started making and collecting for the October Show and are looking for new ideas. Thanks
again to all who contributed.”

New Members—A big BIOS welcome to new members Susan and Darren Wool from Deception
Bay (Pot 48) and Owen Crothers from Banksia Beach (Pot 47).

That’s all, folks.
(Note-Bulletins can be viewed in colour on our website)
Contact Editor John ( phone 3408 9228 email stokes@sillyfrog.com) for more information on any of
above items.
DISCLAIMER While the Executive Committee and the editor of the BIOS Newsletter endeavour to
ensure the accuracy of the content of this Newsletter, neither the editor nor the Executive Commit-
tee and members of BIOS can assume any responsibility or liability for the views expressed or in-
formation included in this Newsletter.
Return Address
Bribie Island Orchid Society
P.O. Box 127
Bribie Island QLD 4507

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