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phoenix convenTion cenTer
EXpo hours:
TuEsDAy, FEBruAry 16 | 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
wEDNEsDAy, FEBruAry 17 | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
ThursDAy, FEBruAry 18 | 9:00 AM - NOON

                                              Phoenix, Arizona
                                                   FEBruAry 16-17-18, 2010
                                                   dealer program
Tapping inTo
The neW emerging
markeTing mix
Many traditional marketing medias no longer reach our target consumer.
Today’s and certainly tomorrow’s shoppers are looking to new technologies
to gather information on products and where to buy. The internet, satellite
TV, cellular communications and social community sites and blogs are the
new gathering places and information super highway.
                                                                                           Where To sTay
Do you know how each works...its place and importance in society and how
it can impact you in your marketplace? Well, you should because it is here                 The Wyndham hoTel
and the future.                                                                            Located in the city’s vibrant core,
                                                                                           the best of phoenix is just
AND you’ll hAVE your EyEs opENED To opporTuNiTy.
                                                                                           outside. The Wyndham hotel
AGENDA | Tuesday, February 16, 2010
                                                                                           has just completed a major
7:30-8:00 Am | CoFFEE, juiCE, soDA, wATEr – rEGisTrATioN siGN-iN
                                                                                           renovation. All rooms offer
8:00 Am | GENErAl sEssioN opEN
                                                                                           upgraded SERTA plush-top
    ThE FuTurE oF CoNsumEr CommuNiCATioNs: An eye-opening, visual and audio
    presentation of today’s emerging technologies for marketers. Forrester Research,       mattresses, triple sheet
    a leading interactive marketing firm will set the stage and share an overview of the
                                                                                           luxury linens and FREE high-
    trends in consumer communications technologies.
                                                                                           speed internet access. Features
10:00-11:30 Am | BrEAkouTs
                                                                                           two restaurants, a fitness center,
    oNE: wom... “worD oF mouTh” mArkETiNG sTrATEGiEs
    A recommendation from a trusted friend or recognized influential is the number         heated outdoor pool and
    one driver of purchases and product trial. Learn how to harness the power of
    Word-of-Mouth Marketing for your store. We’ll share the exciting test results          executive business center.
    we’ve had at Purina Mills with WOM Marketing and how to make it work for you.

    Two: VirTuAl CommuNiTiEs & CommuNiCATioNs
    Today’s social networking sites are exploding...MySpace, Facebook, You Tube,
    Twitter, Flickr are but a few. To reach today’s and tomorrow’s customers, you must
    understand how to navigate and control the message on today’s social networks.
    They cannot be ignored and overlooked...just ask your kids. You’ll learn about each,
    and how you can play and win there.

11:30 Am | luNCh – CoNFErENCE luNChEoN “iN A VirTuAl worlD”
                                                                                           Special EXPO room rate is
12:30-2:00 pm | BrEAkouTs rEpEAT
                                                                                           $189.00. Cut off date for room
2:00-3:00 pm | GENErAl sEssioN ClosE
                                                                                           reservations is January 21, 2010.
    DiGiTAl sTrATEGiEs: In the current
                                                                                           Call (800) 996-3426 or direct at
    economy when both retailers
    and consumers are tightening                                                           (602) 333-5000. Mention Retail
    their belts, it’s more important
    than ever to understand how                                                            Solutions EXPO.    Hurry, room
    to balance online and offline
    marketing channels.                                                                    blocks are limited!
    * conference session topics subject to change.
February 16-17-18, 2010
Phoenix Convention Center
rEGisTrATioN DEADliNE | jANuAry 29, 2010

please compleTe The folloWing:
Contact Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Dealer Name:____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Dealer Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________
City:__________________________________________ State:________________________________ Zip:___________________________
Phone:____________________________ Fax:_____________________________ E-mail:________________________________________

CANCEllATioN poliCy:

All cancellations must be in writing. No refunds will be made after January 29, 2010.
Cancellations prior to January 29, 2010 will be a 100% refund. It is your responsibility to make and cancel hotel room reservations.

   Name (as printed on badge)                                                                                    3
                                                                                                                 o EXpo & Conference                               3
                                                                                                                                                                   o EXpo only
   Name 1                                                                                                        o $125                                            o $30
   Name 2                                                                                                        o $125                                            o $30
   Name 3                                                                                                        o $125                                            o $30
   Name 4                                                                                                        o $125                                            o $30
   TOTAL:                                                                                                        o $                                               o $

make all checks payable To:
Land O’Lakes Purina Feed                                                                                       o Check Enclosed
Attn: Jane Smedra - EXPO                                                                                       $_______________________________
P.O. Box 66812                                                                                                    (Checks must accompany this form)

St. Louis, MO 63166                                                                                            o Draft My Account (Customer #)
Phone: (636) 742-6224 • Fax: (651) 234-8475                                                                    ________________________________

_____________________________________________________                                                          ________________________________
Signature                                                                                                      Date

some of The over 100 exhibiTing companies plus feed:
Action Company            Cashel Company                        ECI Advantage                  Land O’Lakes Ag                     Olds Garden Seed                    Retail Development Showcase      Triple Creek
Activant Solutions        Central Garden Group                  Equibrand                        Business Placement                Orgill, Inc.                        Rocky Brands                     Tru-Test
Advanced Bedding          Central Life Sciences                 Eqyss Grooming Products        Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products   Outback Trading Company             Rubbermaid Commercial Products   Universal Cooperatives -
 Management (ABM)         Central Life Sciences/Farnam          Exclusive/Red Flannel          Land O’Lakes Cattle                 Painted Sky Designs                 Safari Ltd.                        Animal Health
Ag2Ag                     Central Pet                           Fabrimetrics, Inc.             Lehman Feeders                      Parker McCrory/Conair Corporation   Schleich North America           Urine Off by Bio-Pro Research
Agri-Sales Associates     Chambers Belts                        Feedealer.com                  LifeTime Gate                       Pfizer                              Schuld/Bushnell                  W. Silver, Inc.
American West             Checkerboard Store                    Forage First                   Mazuri                              Platform                            Show Feeds                       Walls Industries
America’s Country Store   Chem Tech, Ltd.                       GameGuard                      Merial Ltd.                         Powder River                        Silver Stag                      Weaver Leather
Andis Company             CMC Steel - Southern Post             Global Distribution Services   Midwest Air Technologies            Premier Services Program            Silverado Business Systems       West & Company Jewelry
Animal Health             Cowboy Hardware                       Gold Crest Distributing        Miracle Corp.                       Priefert Ranch Equipment            Sioux Steel Company              Wild Ride Beef Jerky
Atwood Hat Company        Cowboy Living                         Hamilton Animal Products       Motomco                             Purina Mills Aqua                   Smoky Mountain                   Winfield Solutions
Banixx Wound Hoof Care    Cowgirl Justice                       HealthyCoat                    National Security Sales             Purina Mills Cattle                 Summit Flexible Products         Wrangler
Behlen Country            Cowgirl Tuff Company                  Heritage Trading Co.           Neogen Corporation                  Purina Mills Family Livestock       Tarter Gate                      Yeoman & Company
Better Animals Program    Cut Heal Animal Care Products, Inc.   Hutchison Western              Nikon                               Purina Mills Horse                  Texas AFI                        2009 Exhibitor List
Bradfield Organics        Dare Products, Inc.                   Intervet Inc.                  Northwest Food                      Purina Mills Swine                  The Gilmour Group
Breyer Animal Creations   Davis Wire Corp.                      Jones Seed Company               Products Transportation           Purina Mills Wild Bird              The Original Muck Boot Co.
Bridon Cordage/           Del Oeste’ Sales                      JT International               Novartis Animal Health              Purina Mills Wildlife               The Retail Computer Group
 Universal Cooperatives   Double H Boots                        Justin Workwear                Nutri Source                        R.B. Rubber Products                Tingley Boots & Rain Suits
BWI Companies             DRI Duck Traders                      Key Industries                 Nuzzle                              Radio Systems Corp.                 TLC Premium Bedding
Cactus Ropes/Pro Equine   Earth Carpet                          Kinetic Technologies           Oklahoma Steel & Wire Co.           Red River Clothing                  Trenditions
Who should aTTend
Anyone who wants to be around tomorrow,
or who wants to be a viable retailer in their market.

WhaT you’ll geT
An understanding of today’s emerging Marketing Mix.

Details on how to harness the power of Word-Of-Mouth Advertising –
the most powerful and effective form of marketing.

How to use the internet and digital strategies to cultivate current & future customers.


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