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					                          COLERAIN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION
                                     August 2009
               CTBA GOLF OUTING                           enjoy some good food. This is a recipe for a salad
On Thursday, May 28 the Colerain Township                 served by Joann Brandt at our picnic.
Business Association sponsored a golf tournament
at Pebble Creek. The Colerain Community                               Fresh Corn & Tomato Salad
Association assisted as we do every year. We fill         3 Tblsp. White wine vinegar
gift bags for the golfers, put signs on the golf carts,   2 tsp. kosher salt
help with registration, and have members in               freshly ground pepper
charge of the closest to pin on hole 13.                  ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
Thanks to the following CCA members and
friends for their help: Millie & Charles Stone, Dee       6 ears fresh corn, husked (about 4 cups)
& Cliff Niehaus, Dick Reckner, Rich Meister, Tom          2 cups red grape tomatoes, halved
Stenger, Ralph Dillman, Tom Gilbert, Diana Lynn           1 bunch scallions thinly sliced (white & green)
Rielage and Jo Ann Wieghaus. A big thanks to              8 oz. fresh mozzarella, cut into small cubes
Ken Lohr for his organization of the workers.             1 ½ cups fresh basil leaves
                                                          Whisk the vinegar, salt, and pepper in a small
                MULCH PROJECT                             bowl, for dressing. Shear off the corn kernels. (if it
On June 13th Bob Boliske organized the CCA                is tender corn, she does not cook it)
mulch project at I-275 & Colerain Avenue. We              Toss in the tomatoes, scallions, and mozzarella.
last mulched the gardens in 2006. Bob measured            Pour the dressing over the salad and toss.
the area and ordered the mulch and worked on a            Cover and let set for 15 minutes or up to 2 hours.
schedule of workers with Ken Lohr. Among the              Before serving tear the basil over the salad and
CCA members who worked on the project were                stir.
Bob Boliske, Ken Lohr, Merle Scherzinger and
Tom Stenger. They also called in the assistance of                   MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY
other residents in Colerain Township. A big               One of our members is partially retiring from
thanks to Mike Fritz, Steve Hatke, Pam & George           service in the CCA. Phyllis Hatfield has been a
Isfort, David Foglesong, John Archibald, Dave             member since 1998. She became the membership
Robbe, Jerry Schmidt, Chris Osterhues and Kirk            secretary in charge of collecting our $5 and giving
Fischesser. Also a big thanks to Jim Pascal of Mt.        out our yellow shirts! She was instrumental on the
Airy Mulch on West Farm Acres Drive for the               original garden at I-275 and Colerain Avenue in
excellent service provided on the mulching project.       1999. She was also one of the designers of the
                                                          garden on Stehlin’s Hill. Phyllis is a Master
                MEMORIAL TREES                            Gardener. Therefore, we go to her with our
Last fall the CCA planted two Cleveland Select            questions on plants, mulch etc. We gave Phyllis a
Pear Trees in honor of Captain Robin Broxterman           plaque and a plant for her garden at the picnic.
and firefighter Brian Schira, who were killed in          She said she will think of the CCA whenever she
the line of duty on April 4, 2008. You can see the        looks at them. She also says “Thanks for the good
trees on either side of the flagpole on Colerain          memories.”
                                                                        TASTE OF COLERAIN
                    CCA PICNIC                            Well this year we had extremely hot weather for
We had great attendance at our picnic on June             the “Taste.” Our two co-chairs again this year
18th at Colerain Park. The weather looked a little        were Ralph Dillman and Martin Heineke. It seems
threatening, but it ended up to be a nice evening.        like once our customers have had a cheesecake on
It is always nice to get together with friends and        a stick they return the next year. This year we did
                                   August 2009
raise the price to $3.00. Our net profit this year    very busy since we have had so much rain this
was $825.00. Thanks to the following CCA              summer.
members who worked at the booth: Ralph                …… Jennifer Hoehn our contact from the
Dillman, Marti Heineke, Lois & Bill Walsh, Millie     Rumpke Landfill Center for seeing that our trash
& Charles Stone, Sharon McEnaney, Jo Ann              bags are picked up after the Saturday clean ups.
Wieghaus, Betty Ellis, Kathie Smith, Pam &            ……Liz Lierer for working on the Stehlin’s Hill
George Isfort, Tom Gilbert, Joann Brandt, Gail        gardens trying to keep ahead of the weeds.
LaWarre, Rochelle Hugley and Marie Dillman.           ……Liz Lierer, Ann Scherzinger, Sharon
Good job Ralph and Martin!                            McEnaney, Ken Lohr, Jo Ann Wieghaus and Tom
                                                      Gilbert for their work in the gardens. Bob Schulte
                    FIRE EXPO                         for trimming the Barberry bushes on Stehlin’s
The Fire Expo will be held on Sunday, October 4       Hill.
at Northgate Mall. We will be selling sausages        ……To all the CCA members who come every
(donated by Stehlin’s Meat Market), chips and         month to pick up trash.
drinks. The Fire Expo will be from noon to 3:00       ….To the Colerain Township Business Association
p.m. Ken Lohr and Jo Ann Wieghaus will be co-         for their $300 contribution to the CCA. We help
chairs and they will probably be calling some of      with the CTBA Golf Outing and they always
you if they haven’t already!!                         support us with a donation.
                                                      …. To Bob Boliske for organizing the watering
            FALL GET TOGETHER                         crew on Stehlin’s Hill, and for putting the hoses
We are planning a dinner get-together for the         out in the spring and for draining them and
CCA members on Thursday, November 19 at 6:30          putting them away for winter.
at the Red Lobster Restaurant. We will order off      …..Carol Meibers, Ann Scherzinger, Bob Boliske
the menu and get separate checks. We will have a      and Jo Ann Wieghaus our watering crew on
short business meeting and election of officers.      Stehlin’s Hill.
More info will be forthcoming! Mark the date on       …..To Stehlin’s Meats for allowing us to use their
you calendar.                                         water in the summer to water the gardens.
                                                      …..To David Seymore, the manager at Wal Mart
              CLEAN UP GUIDELINES                     at Ronald Reagan, for giving us a $50 gift card to
Clean up is usually scheduled for the First           purchase items for our summer picnic
Saturday of each month. At 8:00 a.m. You will find
the dates at the end of the newsletter.                              CLEAN UP DATES
On December 5th we will start picking up at 10:00
a.m. for the winter months unless the following       Saturday, September 12 (the 2nd Saturday because
conditions exist:                                     of Labor Day).
● Snow on the ground.                                 Saturday, October 3
●Temperature and wind chill below 32 degrees.         Saturday, November 7
● Steady rain or icy conditions (does not cancel if   Saturday, December 5 – Starting at 10:00 a.m.
there is a slight drizzle).
● A cancellation automatically moves the clean up              OTHER IMPORTANT DATES
to the second Saturday. If there is bad weather on    Sunday, October 4 – Fire Expo
the second Saturday it cancels until next month.      Saturday, October 24, Make a Difference Day-
                                                      (Special Arrangements will be made)
         THANK YOU! THANK YOU!                        Thursday, November 19- Fall Get Together
…….Mike Brinck for keeping the grass mowed
around the gardens on Colerain. Mike has been