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									                                 What’s Up Phlock
                                              The Arizona Parrot Head Club Newsletter
                  Volume 11, Number 4                                       October-November-December, 2005

               Gone To The Dogs

                                                                  The Board of Directors of both Parrot Heads in Paradise,
                                                                  Inc. (PHIP) and the Paradise Charitable Foundation, Inc.
                                                                  (PCF) have created a fund in response to Hurricane

                                                                  The Parrot Heads In Need (PHIN) Fund was set up to
                                                                  assist those members of chartered Parrot Head Clubs
                                                                  who lost it all in the recent devastation caused by
                                                                  Hurricane Katrina. All contributions are tax deductible.
                                                                  All donations will be used to assist members of Parrot
                   Yep, it’s a motley crew!                       head Clubs who lost it all.

                                                                  To donate by mail, make check payable to Paradise
The Arizona Parrot Heads descended upon Phoenix                   Charitable Foundation, make in the memo field "PHIN
Greyhound Park for our annual evening of betting,                 Fund" and mail a check to:
drinking, socializing and telling lies. Most importantly,
we were also there to raise money for Adopt A                     PHIN FUND
Greyhound.                                                        c/oParadise Charitable Foundation
                                                                  828 Wackeman Court
The evening answered the question, “Which Parrot Head             Westerville, OH 43081
is least likely to follow directions?” You may be
frightened to know it’s one of our engineering types,             Checks are preferred (saves processing fees) but you
Sam “Rocket Man” Rainwater. He got reprimanded for                can donate by Credit Card with the PayPal Link found at
taking pictures in the forbidden flash zone and for               http://www.paradisefoundation.org/phinfund.cfm.
starting the “Fins Up” action during our photo shoot on
the track. We had a race dedicated to us and posed
with the winning dog – yeah, we were pretty cool! Or, at
least we thought we were.
                                                                        In this issue:
We also learned that the retired dogs have no clue as to                Gone To The Dogs                   1
which dog is going to run. Jeff Brown learned that                      PHIN Fund                          1
                                                                        Headbeak Speaks                    2
lesson for all of us. Guess those dogs are retired for a                Q2 Club Financials                 2
reason!                                                                 Bowling Phools                     3
                                                                        Volunteers Needed                  3
The total donated from the evening was $571.50 which                    Parrot Grande                      3-5
                                                                        Riddles in the Sand                6
was matched by Paula and Marcus Masiulewicz and                         Birthdays                          7
Paula’s employer for a great total of $1,714.50!                        Calendar                           7
                                                                        New Members                        8
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who donated and                  Photo Credits                      8
                                                                        Club Contacts                      8
especially to Paula and Marcus (he ate the cheap kibble
there for a while to cover his part of the donation).

We’ll see you all next year as you’re not going to want to
miss this fun!

                   What’s Up Phlock                                                         October-November-December, 2005

                 The HEADBEAK Speaks                                                        Financial Report
                                 Pete Ferralli                                      By Dianne Deimeke, Club Beancounter
   As a Parrothead club member we are deep in our                               Halfway into 2005, the club is in great financial shape.
   devotion in helping our community and assisting those                        Dues and merchandise revenues continue to roll in and
   that need a helping hand and we like the music of Jimmy                      as of this writing we have 99 new members. We have
   Buffett. The statement of “We party with a purpose” is                       great new tie-dye red, white, and blue club shirts for
   more than just a statement to many of us. Those of you                       sale, so remember to contact Bob Martin for all of your
   that are deeply involved in many of our club activities                      Parrot Wear needs!
   know full well that we take this logo to heart and try our
   best to help those in need. I have friends, colleagues                                   Arizona Parrot Head Club
   and family members that say that I am crazy for some of
   the antics that we do at our events. The Sag Harbor                                        Statement of Activities
   Hooter Girls, “The Soggy Bottom Pirates”, the “Flamingo                           For the Six Months Ended June 30, 2005
   Queens and Pimp Daddy”, Gumbo Sluts”, “The Goat
   God”, Captain Fin Head” and many of the other bizarre                        Club Support and Revenues
   skits that we perform and the costumes we wear in the                        Dues-Renewals                          $ 2,260
   pursuit of having phun, elevating the excitement level of                    Dues-New Members                         1,720
   the event and raising money for our charities. An event
                                                                                Merchandise Sales                        1,398
   that we attended in July of this year in Galveston, Texas
   was one event that will remain with me forever, and                          Interest                                     5
   solidifies why we, and I personally, “do what we do”.                        Total Revenues                                       $ 5,383

   A small contingent of Arizona Parrotheads traveled to an
   event called “Riddles in the Sand”, sponsored by the
   Galveston PHC. At this event we met a young man, 19                          Activities Expense                         535
   years of age, in a wheel chair. Franklin was his name.                       Merchandise Costs                        1,158
   He suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and has about 2                           Donations-club funds                       125
   years to live. This young man loves Buffett, knows all                       PHIP Dues                                  259
   the words of the songs and was a “true Parrothead” and                       Newsletter & Office Expense              1,587
   inspiration to the meaning of life. When we were asked                       Postage & Mailing                           44
   to perform our ‘Hooter Girl” routine to help to raise                        Total Expenses                                       $ 3,708
   money for this young man and his family, we were
   honored by the request. Yes, we were crazy, and a bit
   over the top, but, when I realized that our participation                    NET CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                         $    1,675
   helped to raise a few dollars to send Franklin and his
   family to Disney World, a trip that may be his last. I was
   proud of what we did. We also gave him the thrill of his                       Elections – Nominations Are Open!
   life and probably some of the other Parrothead club
   members at the event. We really partied for a Purpose.                       Nominations for AZPHC office terms for 2006 are now
                                                                                officially being accepted. This year’s Election Chair is
   So remember it’s not what you do and how you do it, it’s                     Patti Kochanek. All offices are open for a one year term
   the results that count. Sometimes it takes some crazy                        that will start on January 1, 2006.
   people to get the job done, but in the end it is the results
   that are important.                                                          If you would like to run for an office, or nominate
                                                                                someone else, you can either email Patti at
                                                                                phnzzup@yahoo.com or snail mail her at:
                                                                                3617 W. Park Central Ave.
                                                                                Orange, California 92868
                                                                                Nominations must be received by Patti by midnight on
                                                                                October 15, 2005 to be valid.
                                                                                We will also be presenting By-Law changes for your
                                                                                approval this year.
The Sag Harbor Hooter Girls “Precious”, Peaches”, “Pumpkin” & “Pebbles”

            What’s Up Phlock                                                 October-November-December, 2005

                 Bowling Phools                                               Parrot Grande – 2005
Forty-seven naturally gifted athletes descended upon the          Our annual collection of “Overheard and Seen at Parrot
bowling alley on September 13th for some heated                   Grande” is a little slim this year. Perhaps there was
competition. However, it was some bowling alley away              more alcohol involved? Nah, couldn’t be! Just more
from where the Arizona Parrot Heads were gathered,                people having fun and forgetting to tell the tales.
that’s for darn sure!
                                                                  Here’s what was reported:
For all the trash talking that went on before the bowling
started, one would have expected a lot of honest to               So this is your couch? You brought your couch down
goodness good bowlers. Not so. Not even close to the              here?!
                                                                  Nancy looked like a deer in headlights when you did that
There were lots of gutter balls and even more violations          suck and blow with her.
of bowling etiquette as granny shots were taken, people
got snuck up on as they were on their approach and                Did Tom make it past 9pm?
there was even some spanking with an Adirondack chair             Overheard by the lovely but innocent girl working at the
slat.                                                             Oasis snack bar on the golf course as the Flamingo
Some of the Award Winners (1st – 3rd: we’re not sure,             Queens rode by, "You bitches want to eat here or what?"
sorry!):                                                          The poor snack girl didn't know what to think.
Lowest Score: Wastnawa                                            Overheard by Sharon Weber to Steve Weber---" I can't
Most Gutter Balls: Annette Maynard (maybe she should              suck and blow at the same time!"
stick to poker)
Best Bowling Shirt: Jeff Brown (an actually very cool             Ouch.
shirt unlike that awful parrot thing he loves so dearly)
                                                                  Tina, leaning over the table in the auction room and
Looking for a Few Good Men – and Women!                           saying "F#&* me! F#&* me!"

AZPHC is need of a few people to volunteer to take over           And now, a pictorial presentation to represent the event.
some duties that the 2005 BOD members are currently
handling. Here’s where we’ll need some help, a little
about the jobs and the person currently doing them if
you want to ask questions about them.

Scrapbook: Collect the pics, create the pages, write up
the captions and bring the books to events. Holding
scrapbooking parties helps keep things current. Dianne

Website: Keep pages updated, load pictures, program
for event registrations. Existing html knowledge would
be great here. Doug Murray                                                     The balconies were awesome!

Mini-Mart: Research, negotiate pricing and buy the stuff
we sell (T-shirts, etc.). Keep the inventory and sales
history and bring stock to meetings and events. Bob

You don’t have to be a BOD member and any of these
duties can be shared so if you have a buddy you want to
work with, cool. Many hands make light work and all
that jazz.

Please contact a current BOD member if you’re                                Oh, no! A Land Shark got Nancy!
interested in helping out. Thanks.

           What’s Up Phlock                                          October-November-December, 2005

                                                                          Here’s a happy group!
   You’ll never see Parrot Heads this orderly again!

                                                                    How many of these did Trish have?
        Made from salvaged pirate ship wood.
   (Not really, but it wouldn’t have been surprising!)

                                                                  Um, OK, whatever, please don’t explain.

   Didn’t everyone get Pooh Bear PJ’s at check in?

Looking at this was a little hard on the eyes on Saturday          Please don’t explain this one, either!
            AM. The things grown men do…                                      I ain’t never!

        What’s Up Phlock                                             October-November-December, 2005

                                                              Jerry makes for a sad looking Flamingo Queen.

                                                           The new kids were probably saying, “Did you think they
                                                                       were going to be this crazy?”

                 Thar be pirates!
                                                                              Dancing phun.

                                                                             Pete filibustering.
Funny, it’s usually The Goat who passes out on the
        couch! Er, sleeps, not passes out.

             What’s Up Phlock                                                           October-November-December, 2005

           Riddles in the Sand 2005                                        Friday evening is the costume party…or so we thought…we
                                                                           were the only ones in costume! Riddles theme this year
                         Kathy Ferralli                                    was “Don’t Stop the Carnival”…so it was decided early on
On a hot Thursday morning at the end of July, the traveling                in the planning stages, that we would go as “Carmen
Goodwill Ambassadors of the Arizona Parrot Head Club                       Miranda”…not just us girls, but also the boys! So there
once again embarked on another adventure to Galveston                      were 6 outfits to design and make! Yikes! I must admit they
Bay for Riddles in the Sand! We knew we would have a                       came out fabulous! We all looked fabulous and when we
good time, after all, we had a great time last year and they               made our fashionably late “grand” entrance, those Texas
asked us to come back! This year they not only requested                   pholks just stopped dancing and parted the dance floor!
that the “Flamingo Queens” return, but to also bring along                 They were awe struck…even the band, Hanna’s Reef,
the “Sag Harbor Hooter Girls” to sell “jello shots” at                     made comments about “Arizona has arrived”! Everyone
registration on Friday afternoon. So we did.                               wanted their picture taken with us…you would have thought
                                                                           that we were celebrities! We had a great time as always
We boarded our flight and were settled in and the singing                  with our Texas phriends in Galveston Bay. Our new best
starts! We were being serenaded by someone with                            friend Tommy La Croy and his cousin Barbara showed up
headsets on and he is just bobbing away, singing so the                    about midnite to continue the party into the wee hours of
entire plane could hear him…”you da one…you da one                         the morning at Chick-a-Sheit and Pam’s condo. All I can
baby, you da one”! I won’t name names…you just had to                      say is “Galveston Bay is a whole other world”!
be there! We finally arrive safe and sound in Houston,
gather up all the luggage, head on over to the car rental
counter to pick up our mini-van and wondering if all this
luggage is going to fit in the van with six people? Well with
a little work we were packed and I mean packed into the
mini van for our 45 minute drive to Galveston Bay. Our first
stop in Galveston is for lunch at Bistro LaCroy, after all we
had to see Tommy LaCroy, our new best friend that we met
last year! He was so excited to see us! The first thing he
asked about was the “concert light”. We had a delightful
lunch with Tommy and the food was outstanding.
After lunch we head to our hotel to check in and some of                           They ain’t never seen the likes of this in Texas!
the Galveston pholks are waiting for us with cold beers! Ya                Saturday morning found us rolling out of bed early for the
gotta luv that Texas hospitality! We finally get the luggage               “mud slides & donut” breakfast. We (Carmen Miranda’s)
out of the mini van and into our little condo that has 2                   were asked to lead the conga line along with Snake &
bedrooms and a walk in closet with bunk beds!                              Gypsy on their “jet ski” to the pool for the pool party! So we
Change of plans…the pre party that we thought started at 9                 did, but it was way to early for me, I just wanted to sleep. It
pm is now starting at 6 pm…holy cow…we got to get                          was getting hot & humid, so we hit the pool for awhile, then
movin’. The boys head to Wal-Mart for staples…beer, diet                   off to go shopping on the Strand in downtown Galveston,
coke, munches, & jello. The gals do the unpacking and                      had lunch again at Bistro LaCroy, then back to the condo to
packing for the evening. The pre party this year is at                     rest up a bit before the festivities begin Saturday nite.
Boudereaux on the Bayou Bar. A great outdoor bar on the                    Saturday nite finds us back in the ballroom listening to the
water with a ton of mosquitoes, but the drinks are                         music of Latitudes, a great husband & wife duo from South
reasonable, the sunset was beautiful, and we were with our                 Carolina. They wrote a song about Riddles in the Sand to
Galveston friends having a great time listening to the music               the tune of Toby Keith’s “I love this bar”. The Hooter girls
of Andy & the Dreamsicles. A couple of the Galveston Gals                  were mentioned in this song, along with Carmen Miranda
were formally initiated into the “BB Club”                                 and “those pholks from Arizona”! How cool is that?

Friday morning found us making “suck & blow jello shots”                   Sunday morning finds us packing up for a trip back to
for the Hooter girls to sell at registration later in the day, and         Phoenix, but first we must go to the Sunday party at the
just sitting around telling lies again. Registration starts at 2           Gravity Bar in Galveston with the Bad Monkeys from Dallas
pm and the Hooter Girls are ready with the “suck & blows”.                 Texas. It was good to spend our last hours in Galveston
After a demonstration by “Peaches & Pebbles” (Doug &                       with our Texas phriends listening to the music, dancing a
Pete) narrated by Sandi on the “proper” way to indulge in a                few last dances, and talking about when we will meet again.
“suck & blow” pholks were standing in line waiting to                      Some pholks we will see at Meeting of the Minds and some
purchase a “suck & blow” from the Hooter Girls. Peaches,                   at Phins to the West 2006, and we will be back at Riddles in
Pebbles, Precious and Pumpkin did their job well selling the               the Sand 2006! If you are looking for a fun party with some
“suck & blow” jello Shots for charity. They raised a little                great pholks, great music, and wonderful Texas
over $250 for the Galveston Bay Charity! And they have                     hospitality…Riddles in the Sand 2006 is the place to be!
been asked to return again next year!!!

           What’s Up Phlock                                              October-November-December, 2005

        Growing Older But Not Up…                                           Calendar of Events
October 2: Shelley Schroff
October 4: Parri Longworth                                    October 15, 2005 – Happy Hour at O’Brien’s
October 5: Jim Hill, Tony Edgcomb
October 6: Sandy Biggers                                      The action will start around 6PM at our favorite
October 7: Steve Davis, Connie Bohnenkamp                     neighborhood bar. O’Brien’s is located at 7829 N 35th
October 8: Ed Kochanek                                        Ave., Phoenix (SE corner of 35th Ave. and Northern)
October 9: Dennis Klus                                        602-841-3980
October 11: Cathy Brown
October 14: Woody Joyner, Andrea Cantwell                     October 21-23, 2005 – Jello Shot Express to Vegas
October 16: Patrick Stone
October 17: John Milner                                       Jimmy’s playing in Vegas and we’re booking the party
October 19: George Pabst                                      bus for the weekend. If you’re interested, please contact
October 20: Karen Davis                                       Kathy Ferralli, ferralli@cox.net or 480-961-8868.
October 22: Maria Dillon, Robbie Larson                       This is a great trip – always lots of fun!
October 27: Jeanne Wolfe
November 1: Doug Hanesford                                    November 3 – 6, 2005 – MOTM – Conky Tonkin’ in
November 2: Rick Dudley, Diane Venrick                        Key West
November 3: Brenna Lopez, Steve Coombs, Sharon                Registration is closed. Plan on attending next year!
November 4: Tom Connors                                       November 5, 2005 – Alzheimer’s Memory Walk
November 5: Tom Vitolo
November 7: Becky Nisbet                                      We may be doing a donation only – details TBA.
November 8: Mary Harrigan, Mark Butler
November 9: Patti Edwards                                     November 5, 2005 – Feeding the Needy
November 11: Brad Holmes                                      Details TBA.
November 12: Lynne Osorio
November 13: Judy Flynn                                       November 11, 2005 – Happy Hour at Greasewood
November 15: Paul Wallander
November 16: Carrie Grant, Victor Sisneros                    Bring your jacket and your matches as we play with fire
November 18: Karin Petrassi, Janice Parsons, Jennifer         in the great outdoors. We’ll start gathering some time
Butler                                                        after 5PM (if you get there first, save us the tables
November 19: Jean Estrada                                     between the stage and the woodpile!). Greasewood is
November 20: Nikki Lee                                        at 27500 N Alma School Rd., Scottsdale (Take Pima
November 25: Rick Alston                                      north to Happy Valley then go east. Turn north at the 4-
November 26: Sarah Edwards                                    way stop that is Alma School. It’s on the right across
December 2: Ginna Roviello                                    from the Four Seasons) 480-585-7277
December 3: Anne Erwin, Newman Crane, Sue Rohn
December 6: Donna Miller                                      December 10, 2005 – Club Holiday Party
December 8: Mark Solper
December 9: Sarah Tyler                                       We’ll be at the Bauman Party Palace. Only problem is,
December 10: Dan Baldwin                                      we don’t know for sure where that’s going to be! As we
December 11: Stan Rylands, Ricky Ray, Paul Aguirre            get closer to the date, we’ll see if the Queen and the
December 12: Kathy O’Malley                                   Goat have moved yet and give you the relevant details.
December 14: Dennis Sugden, Chuck Crance                      For now, just mark your calendar.
December 15: Kathy Ferralli
December 16: Bob Schleicher
December 19: Elaine Genenbacher
December 20: Russ Althof, Tamyra Althof                       We’re always adding new events so check out
December 21: Beth Rylands                                     www.parrotheads.org and our hotline at
December 24: Chuck Erwin                                      480.895.370
December 25: Jimmy Buffett
December 28: Sherwin Kaufman
December 29: Tom Davis, Greg Pierce
December 31: Keith Richard

            What’s Up Phlock                                                 January-February-March, 2005

       New AZPHC Members                        Contact Us:
                                                                           AZPHC Board
     Welcome to our Parrot Head Phamily!        President:
                                                Pete Ferralli              480.961.8868     headbeak@cox.net
 Cindy Kenney, Michael Kenney, Joy McGhee,      Vice-President:
                                                Doug Murray                623.825.8625     az-parrothead@cox.net
 Patty Azar, Michael Coontz, Erin Roach, Les    Regional Vice-President:
 Roach, Jennifer Butler, Mark Butler, Connie    Lou Eagley                                  lushesprecious@cox.net
 Hillyer, Dianne Venrick, Steve Venrick and     Secretary:
 Sharon Weber.                                  Roger Shive                480.699.1749     parrotpen@parrotheads.org
                                                Dianne Deimeke                              beancntr@parrotheads.org
                                                Members at Large:
 Photos for the newsletter and website this     Tina Davis                                  margarita@parrotheads.org
                                                Kathy Ferralli             480.961.8868     ferralli@cox.net
 quarter courtesy of Kimberly Paternoster,      Bob Martin                                  parrot@parrotheads.org
 Paula Masiulewicz, Steve Cantwell, Sandi       Kathy Pfister                               wino@parrotheads.org
 Murray, Doug Murray, Sam Rainwater, Tammy
 Bauman, Craig Broadhurst and one stolen                                   Other Contacts
 from Crime Dog’s blog.                         Social Committee:
                                                Tina Davis                                  margarita@parrotheads.org
                                                Membership Committee:
                                                Kathy Ferralli &                            membrshp@parrotheads.org
                                                Sandi Murray
                                                Charity Committee:
                                                Rick Metivier                               forgumbo@cox.net
                                                Kathy Pfister                               wino@parrotheads.org

Arizona Parrot Head Club
PO Box 16093
Phoenix AZ 85011-6093

    The Arizona Parrot Head Club is a
    Non-Profit Corporation for people
    interested in Jimmy Buffett’s music and
    tropical spirit. The Club’s purpose is to
    assist in community outreach programs
    and to provide members with a means
    of social interaction.


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