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					   Clever Minds,
   inviting inventory
    these selections suit the buyer on a mission for the truly unique.

   E Each spring the annual
     International Contemporary
     Furniture Fair® (ICFF) in New
     York City could just as easily
                                        THE IDEAS

     go by the name “International
     Creative FanFare” judging by
     the products and materials
     displayed by exhibiting de-
     signers, artists, and suppliers
     from all over the globe.
         This year, of the 597
     booths featuring furniture,
     lighting, textiles, accessories,
     and wall coverings, nearly 45
     percent were first-time exhibi-
     tors. True to the international
     description, nearly 50 percent
     hailed from other countries.
     With an eight-percent jump
     in attendance over last year’s
     statistics, the event continues
     to attract more specifiers, ar-
                                                                                       .MGX BY MATERIALISE
     chitects, and retailers.
                                                                                       Software provider and champion
         As an added bonus, Metro-                                                     of both rapid prototyping and
     polis magazine, which spon-                                                       manufacturing techniques, Mate-
     sors ICFF, presented a day-                                                       rialise has produced an intriguing
     long conference on design                                                         series by employing its own Mag-
     entrepreneurs. The program                                                        ics software. Among the products
     not only analyzed the past                                                        are (left) the Palea.MGX pendant
     half century of individualists,                                                   – available in Indian Red, Terra
     but also demonstrated how                                                         Cotta, Champagne, Mustard Green,
     tomorrow’s talent is being                                                        and Grass Green epoxy – by Dan
                                                                                       Yeffet of Jelly Lab Studio, and the
     encouraged. Judging from the
                                                                                       Ratio.MGX floor lamp (above) that
     mind-boggling array of wares
                                                                                       Naomi Kaempfer fashioned from
     on display, the 2006 edition
                                                                                       black-and-white nylon.
     of ICFF showcased plenty of                                                          The software allows consumers
     vision and resourcefulness.               to have a voice in the design process since the manufacturer can easily re-
     Take a tour of the ingenious              scale, remodel, and change the color of a product through computerized
     offerings.                                fabricating techniques.

                                           The organic shape of Cloud, a free-form pendant from Japanese architect
                                           Toyo Ito, is achieved with five sheets of thin white acrylic that are laser-cut and
                                           layered. Offered in 21- and 32-inch circumferences, the small and large models
                                           are illuminated by either a 40- or 60-watt incandescent globe bulb and can be
                                           used side-by-side at various heights for a surrealistic cloud formation.
                                                Goccia, a hand-blown droplet of opaque white glass, is from the imagination
                                           of Italian architect Andrea Branzi. Available in two sizes, the pendant is
                                           lamped with a single 150-watt, medium-based bulb.
                                                The Lisca pendant, by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, may be speci-
                                           fied in white or five other colors. It is characterized by a combination of internal
                                           and wing-like external diffusers/reflectors that snap on or off for a new look. It
                                           is lamped with a T5 linear fluorescent.
                                                Rotaliana is distributed in the U.S. through North American Light Spectrum
                                           (800) 713-2182

                                                                                Framed! The San Marco desk lamp, by
                                                                                Quim Larrea and Gonzalo Milá, is il-
                                                                                luminated by two T2 fluorescent tubes
                                                                                housed in the top of the four-sided
                                                                                frame. Specify the Gun Metal (shown) or
                                                                                Matte Aluminum finish and the 15-, 19-,
                                                                                or 22¾-inch width.
                                                                                    B.Lux is distributed in North America
                                                                                by Global Lighting.
                                                                                (914) 591-4095

            FIRE FARM
            With the ability to customize
            fixtures in porcelain, mesh,
            fabric, paper, and metal,
            this company introduced
            its Tokyo pendants,
            sconces, and table lamps
            with blue or pink plastic
            diffusers. A white painted-
            metal frame imparts an
            Asian or even retro pattern.
                 Change the appearance
            of a plain Jane flush-mount in
            minutes with the White silk broad-
            cloth and organza Cascade retrofit
            shade. It comes complete with an
            adapter kit to fit most existing
            ceiling fixtures and can be lamped
            up to 100 watts.
            (563) 245-3515

            HERMAN MILLER
            Presented in its own booth, the
            Leaf™ LED table lamp is the re-
            sult of a three-year collaboration
            between Herman Miller and San
            Francisco-based designer Yves
            Béhar. It has a thin profile derived
            from a lower blade that extends
            and swivels 180 degrees, while
            supporting a matching upper arm
            that can be closed for subtle ambi-
            ent light or raised vertically for
            wall illumination.
                 Leaf consumes nine watts
            and contains a patent-
            pending, heat-distri-
            bution system within
            the blade. A printed
            circuit board allows
            the user to manipulate
            light intensity and
            warm-to-cool light col-
            or temperature from
            separate controls on
            the base. Choose from
            Red, White, Nickel,
            and Black finishes or
            a Polished Aluminum
            option for a slight up-
            (888) 443-4357

                                         WOKA LAMPS VIENNA®
                                         Exhibiting under the Austrian Trade Commission umbrella, this company repro-
                                         duces lighting of the early 20th century, from Bauhaus to French Art Deco.
                                            The Luna spherical pendant (Model #9748) was originally designed by Josef
                                                         Hoffmann for the Wiener Werstaette in 1912. Composed of silk and
                                                          crystal, it is offered in a brass- or nickel-plated finish and lamped
                                                          with four 60-watt bulbs.
                                                            Below, the Karussell (Model #9747) has a silk diffuser that is ac-
                                                         cented with crystals.

       With an eye toward aesthetics
       as well as energy efficiency,
       the L’ale pendant – by William
       Pedersen of Kohn Pedersen
       Fox – provides indirect and di-
       rect light from two CFLs. The
       shell is 48 inches long and the
       center width is 11 inches, ta-
       pering to five at the tips. The
       power and support i-cable sys-
       tem come in standard lengths.
       The body colors are Arctic
       White, Pearl, Titanium, and
       Matte Slate, but customization
       is available.
            As a complement to the
       award-winning Aliante series,
       the 27"-high exterior demi-
       sconce is created from .062"-
       thick steel using automotive
       stamping techniques. It can be
       ordered in Silver and Bronze
       powdercoated finishes and is
       lamped with a 42-watt CFL.
       (610) 282-7472

           AVRAM RUSU
           “Light transforms space and
           is the single greatest deter-
           minant of how a space feels,”
           says Romanian-born architect
           Andreea Avram Rusu, whose
           Float series takes lighting
           to its barest essentials. Ex-
           pressed as three- to seven-
           lamp wall-mounted or sus-
           pended fixtures or a simple,
           single-bulb table model, the
           group can be specified with
                                               FIRE & WATER
           clear, etched, or flashed opal
                                               Architect David Bergman, a leader in energy-efficient and
           glass and with either clear or
                                               innovative lighting, presented Flipster VIVID, created from
           reflector bulbs.
                                               40-percent recycled PETG that contains no VOCs. Order Lime
           (917) 549-6056
                                               Green, Citrus Orange, and Rich Sky Blue, or White. The family
                                               includes a pendant and sconce, plus a table and floor lamp,
                                               which are all equipped with 26-watt, four-pin CFLs and are
                                               Energy Star®-rated.
                                               (212) 475-3106
  The Light Bag brings a tongue-in-chic smile to function.
  Measuring 20" wide x 8" high, the body is made of purple
  glass that can be specified in one of four patterns. The
  dark brown leather and silver hardware accents add real-
       The Virtual chandelier employs a mirrored box with
  an image of a classic chandelier that is visible only when
  its interior is lit. It can also be ordered as a sconce or wall
  +39-022049791 fax

                  The first lighting
                  contribution from
                  designer Ximo Roca,
                  the Luck pendant
                  is an elongated bell
                  that can be specified
                  in White (shown),
                  Nickel, or Chrome
                  finishes. It is lamped
                  with a 60-watt halogen
                  and features a twist-
                  and-lock shade. Sec-
                  ondary accessories,
                  such as a glass globe
                  and flat metal disk,
                  attach to the bell to
                  offer additional options.
                       From fellow Spanish manufacturer Blauet, the
                  Como table lamp is dominated by white blown glass
                  sitting in a Chrome base. Designed by Teruel & Paré, it
                  is produced in two sizes.
                       Estiluz exhibited under the Trade Commission of
                  Spain banner.
                  (201) 641-1997

            THE MATERIALS

                                                                                             Borrowing from
                                                                                             the edgy medium
                                                                                             of body art, this
                                                                                             manufacturer of
                                                                                             contract textiles
                                                                                             introduces six
                                                                                             patterns in the
                                                                                             Tattoo collection.
                                                                                             A mix of cotton,
                                                                                             wool, polyester,
                                                                                             nylon, and rayon,
                                                                                             the textiles range
                                                                                             from tribal to
                                                                                             pop culture
                                                                                             themes. Soleil is
                                                    Ornato (bottom left) is a Trevira CS-brand drapery textile
                                               achieved by laser-cutting. The flower motif repeats in a spo-
                                               radic arrangement and creates a shadow display when light
                                               spills through the cutouts.
                                               (800) 727-6770

                                                       PRECIOUS PIECES
                                                       This U.S. distributor of Washi handmade parchment
                                                       from Japan provides 20 patterns in small and large
                                                       sheets (some measuring 30' x 100' that can take up
                                                       to two years to make). Ideal for contemporary and
                                                                                    Asian-fusion projects,
                                                                                    the parchment is avail-
                                                                                    able in several textures
                                                                                    and translucencies, such
                                                                                    as Ami, shown in a pen-
                                                                                    dant. A mélange of
                                                                                    papers is exhibited in
                                                                                    the table lamp.
                                                                                    (212) 598-5903

                                               VICKI SATHER DESIGNS
                                               When Edmonton, Alberta-based
                                               Vicki Sather, a former milliner,
                                               couldn’t find the perfect prints for
                                               her home, she decided to make
                                               them. Using a photo-printing pro-
                                               cess that depicts intense realism,
                                               she transfers images of flowers
                                               onto peau de soie fabric or paper to
                                               adorn lamp shades and bases, pillows, wall
                                               art, cube seats, and wallpaper. Partnering with photographers
                                               Doug Nicholson, Simon White, Rob Buttery, and graphic design-
                                               er Andrea Dixon, Sather has expanded the image collection
                                               of florals to include butterflies, dogs, and other objects.
                                                    The medium drum pendant with the Mum shade is offered
                                               in a monochromatic color scheme. The Orchid extra-large
                                               drum pendant has watercolor appeal. All of the products are
                                               made in Canada.
         FORMFOLLOWS                           (780) 985-0977
         Created by Matthew          
         Ridsdale, the Exhibit
         A floor lamp comes
         with 36 hand-fin-
         ished tubes and
         domed caps (plus
         spares) on a stainless
         steel rotating frame.
         The tubes can be
         filled with a myriad
         of tiny objects to
         change the color
         and intensity of the
         supplied globe bulb.
         A companion table
         lamp with 25 tubes
         may also be ordered.

                                                       This design partnership of Dan Gottlieb
                                                       and Penny Herscovitch works with archi-
                                                       tects and clients to translate patterns, im-
                                                       ages, and text into custom-made panels
                                                       of glass embedded with controlled air-
                                                       bubble designs. The Bubble Glass panels
                                                       and lights can also be heat-formed into
                                                       three-dimensional shapes.
                                                           Using another of the company’s
                                                       media, Flexicomb lights are made from
                                                       a translucent honeycomb of thousands
                                               of drinking straws to produce tactile, flexible
                                               illumination. The material is offered in the tear-
                                               drop pendant (shown), a small column, and 4'-
                                               high version.
                                               (323) 383-6777

    Designer Suppapong
    Sonsang has teamed up
    with Microtek Products
    Co. to present a light-
    ing line that interprets
    the intricately woven
    handicrafts of his
    native Thailand into
    colorful plastic. The
    Stemcell concept is
    accomplished several
    ways: a do-it-yourself
    kit that is shipped in a
    long strip that the cus-
    tomer can roll, twist,
    loop, and connect into a pendant; an assembled
    multi-light chandelier composed of egg-shaped
    shades; and a tabletop version – called the Rose
    – that comes in two sizes: 14½ and 12 inches in di-

          The brainchild of New York City industrial designer Mark
          McKenna, the Designer Emulation Kit (DEK) pays homage
          to iconic lamps and their creators in under four inches. The
          user pops the cutout pieces from a printed circuit board, as-
          sembles the elements, and attaches them to a 9-volt battery,
          which illuminates the LED light source.
               Shown are the DEK1, a tribute to Ingo Mauer’s Lucellino
          (McKenna worked for Mauer for several years, including as
          showroom manager for the designer’s NYC store), and DEK
          2, reminiscent of Achille Castiglioni’s Arco.

                                                                  “Mom always said not to play with electricity near water,
                                                                  but I couldn’t resist the allure,” says designer Scott
                                                                  Franklin of what appears to be an ingenious science
                                                                  project. The WET lamp employs the electrical conduc-
                                                                  tion property of water to illuminate a bulb submerged
                                                                  within the blown-glass bowl. A current-carrying, silver
                                                                  rod slides into the water through a silicone gasket to
                                                                  turn on the lamp, which becomes progressively brighter
                                                                  as the rod is inserted deeper. Low-voltage current makes
                                                                  the lamp safe.
                                                                       Another playful concept from this southern Califor-
                                                                  nia design firm is the Topo table with removable serving
                                                                  (626) 616-0796


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