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									                         Advanced Google

              Presented by Christine Hunnefeld, Technology Librarian
                       Belmont Public Library, January 2006

What is Google?                           What isn’t Google?
  • A powerful full-text search engine        • A collection of all the sites on the
  • A play on the word googol                   Internet
  • A publicly owned company                  • A replacement for a library
  • Pop-up free                               • A directory (although it contains a
  • A site that has launched a vocabulary       directory)
      all it’s own                            • An archive of all the websites that ever
                                                there were
General Tips
   • Be specific and precise
           • Torino 2006 Olympics instead of Olympics

   • Enter words as they would likely to appear on a web page
        • Hawaii luxury hotel instead of really nice place to stay in Hawaii

   • Search for phrases by putting “quotes around keywords” in a series
        • “Samuel Alito” or “Cambridge Plating Company”

   • Focus search by adding more terms
        • Hawaii vacation golf instead of just Hawaii or Hawaii vacation

   • Google automatically looks for all the search terms you enter on one page

   • Very common words are ignored such as; where, the, how. You can force them to
     be included by putting a plus sign in front of the word that was ignored
        • +where +is Belize

   • Google uses automatic stemming; it will search for different forms of a word,
     such as plural or singular. Putting a + in front of word will stop it from doing that

• To exclude words use the – sign before the word
     • virus –computer

• Use OR (capitalized) to search for equivalent or synonymous terms or for
  singulars or plurals not found through Google’s stemming
     • parent OR guardian; parent OR parents OR parenting

• Use ~ to automatically search for synonyms
    • ~food (will find recipes, nutrition, cooking, restaurant)

• You can use an asterisk as a wildcard in find a missing word in a phrase or to find
  words within 1, 2, or 3 words of each other, represented by the number of
     • "nuclear proliferation * * * Iran"

• Ordering of and repetition of keywords may change results, put the most
  important words first

• site: limits to a type of domain
      • fundraising, to find references about fundraising on non-profit

• site: limits to pages within the specified URL
      • membership, to find membership information on the Museum
          of Science website

• related: finds similar web pages,
     •, to find websites like the Museum of Science’s

• intitle: limits search to a web page title,
     • intitle:financial planning to find websites with financial planning in the title

• link: finds sits that link to a particular URL
     • to see who is linking to your website or to help evaluate a
         website or find similar resources

• info: Cached page, similar sites, sites that link to it, all the web pages on the site
  and web pages that reference the URL

• To get the most commonly viewed page for your search terms, click I’m Feeling
Advanced Search

Includes a search form to help you specify
   • what search terms should be on each page
   • if search terms should appear as a phrase
   • synonyms for your search terms
   • terms you want to exclude

Other options available are the ability to
   • increase the number of results per page
   • limit by language
   • include or exclude file formats
   • limit results by when the page was updated
   • limit by where the terms appear
   • include or exclude results by site or domain

Google Tricks
  • Enter a stock ticker symbol to get information; enter stocks: followed by ticker
     symbols separated by commas, to bring up comparative pages of stock
        • stocks:tjx, ge
  • Enter weather and the town/city and state to get a forecast,
        • weather Belmont ma
  • Enter an airport code and the word airport to get current airport conditions
        • bos airport
  • Enter a number to track a package, find a patent, locate the city for an area code,
     look up a VIN for vehicle history, or find a product from it’s UPC code
  • Enter a zip code to see a map of that area
        • 02478

Locate with Google
  • Type in a name and location to find a business or residential listing, ex.
     phonebook: kashish Belmont ma (To remove your own name, go to:
   • Type in a phone number for reverse lookup, ex. phonebook: 617-489-2000
   • Type in a street address with city and state to get a map, 336 Concord Ave,
     Belmont, MA
   • From Google maps you can get driving directions, see satellite photos, and use
     the local search to find nearby businesses

Google Glossary
  • Go to:
  • Google automatically spell-checks – look for the Did you mean feature
  • Enter define before a word or phrase to get a definition, ex. define comity

Calculate with Google -
  • Basic math: add (+), subtract (-), multiply(*), divide(/); for instance to multiply,
     put the multiplication symbol between 2 numbers and click search.
         • 289*450
  • Unit conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius, miles to kilometers, and more
         • 17 F in C; 10 kilometers in miles; Cups in pint
  • Advanced functions: algebra, trigonometry, square roots

Google News -
  • Google News clusters stories, making it easy to follow a thread
  • Sign up for email delivery to follow news stories and/or new information on web
     pages at:

Special Interest Searches
Higher education organizations get free site search to allow users to search within
websites for course catalogs, events, financial aid, etc.

Limits search to US government websites and defaults to pages ending in .gov and .mil

Operating Systems:
Search for pages and products related to specific systems

Search over 880 million images to locate pictures and graphics. Use advanced searching
to limit file type and size.

$ Use for smart shopping search for an item
$ Images of most products appear alongside URL
$ Limit to a price range, view in list or grid format, sort results by store, and search by

Google Directory:
. Contains a smaller collection of pre-selected URLs arranged into categories with
popular subcategories in bold
. Related categories allow cross-referencing
. Pages are arranged by rank, evaluated in their usefulness by other web users
. Allows searching within a category

Google Tools:
• Google Toolbar:
Free download; works with MS IE - search without visiting site
• Translator - Go to:
Use as a translation tool for web pages or pieces of text


Blachman, Nancy. How to do everything with Google
Belmont - 025.04 BLA

Calishan, Tara and Rael Dornfest. Google Hacks:100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools
Belmont/New Books 004.6 CAL

Milstein, Sara and Rael Dornfest. Google: The Missing Manual
Belmont – On order

Poremsky, Diane. Google and Other Search Engines
Belmont - 025.04 POR

Sherman, Chris. Google Power: Unleash the Full Potential of Google
Belmont/New Books - 025.04 SHE


Google Help - - Official Google help

Google Guide - - From the author of How to do everything with
Google, featuring tips and tutorials.

Googling to the Max - -
Handouts from the UC Berkley Library workshop

Search Engine Showdown - - A librarian reviews Google and
other search engines.


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