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D27L Wallmounts


									                  Live Date:
                  June 2004

                  Bay Count:
                  4 – 5 Bays

                  Kit #:
                  LT3504 – 4 Bay Kit
                  LT3505 – 5 Bay Kit

                  Contact Information:
                  Fastforms at (888) 466-5663


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D27L Wallmounts                             Signing and In-Store Environments
              Product Cards                                                          Product Cards, cont.
              4.625" x 7.5"                                                          4.625" x 7.5"

SKU/Finish/Description                               Qty.   Item #     SKU/Finish/Description                                Qty.    Item #
116-815/Chrome-Brass Vanity Light/5Lt Bar             1     LT707.24   182-587/Chrome-Brass Wall Light/1Lt Switch             1      LT707.26
135-038/Chrome Vanity Light/2Lt Halogen               1     LT706.44   184-873/Chrome-Brass Wall Light/3Lt Bar                1      LT707.27
136-654/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Halogen               1     LT706.45   184-887/Chrome-Brass Wall Light/4Lt Bar                1      LT707.28
143-553/Chrome-Brass Vanity Light/3Lt Bar             1     LT707.25   184-923/Chrome Wall Light/1Lt Switch                   1      LT707.04
154-603/Vintage Stone Vanity Light/1Lt Sconce         1     LT706.25   184-937/Chrome Wall Light/3Lt Arm–Glass                1      LT707.05
155-922/White Wall Light/1Lt Cylinder                 1     LT706.30   185-056/Bronze Wall Light/1Lt Mission                  1      LT706.33
156-718/Polished Brass Vanity Light/3Lt Towel Bar     1     LT707.16   185-068/Chrome Wall Light/4Lt Arm–Glass                1      LT707.06
156-959/Polished Brass Vanity Light/4Lt Towel Bar     1     LT707.17   204-144/Rustic Stone Wall Light/Hamilton               1      LT706.32
158-582/Brushed Nickel Wall Light/Wall Swing Arm      1     LT706.15   227-273/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Victorian              1      LT707.01
158-713/Vintage Brass Wall Light/Wall Swing           1     LT706.16   230-464/Weathrd Patina Wall Lt/Pleat Alabast Sconce    1      LT706.13
159-052/Bronze Vanity Light/3Lt Pottery               1     LT706.40   232-963/Polished Brass Vanity Light/4Lt Crystal        1      LT707.18
159-441/Bronze Vanity Light/1Lt Pottery               1     LT706.41   233-013/Polished Brass Vanity Light/1Lt Crystal        1      LT707.19
159-517/Brushed Nick Vanity Lt/4Lt Square Back-Arm    1     LT706.65   233-196/Polished Brass Vanity Light/3Lt Crystal        1      LT707.20
159-570/Brushed Nick Vanity Lt/3Lt Square Back-Arm    1     LT706.66   233-918/Chrome Wall Light/2Lt Halophane                1      LT706.83
159-655/Brushed Nick Vanity Lt                        1     LT706.67   235-718/Rust Wall Light/1Lt Pottry B.                  1      LT706.14
159-889/Alabaster Glass Wall Light/Alabaster–Caps     1     LT706.17   254-361/Venetian Bronze Vanity Light/3Lt Victorian     1      LT707.02
167-742/Weathered Bronze Wall Light/1Lt Sconce        1     LT706.31   255-358/Chrome Vanity Light/2Lt Restoration            1      LT706.84

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D27L Wallmounts                                                                                                Signing and In-Store Environments
              Product Cards, cont.                                                     Product Cards, cont.
              4.625" x 7.5"                                                            4.625" x 7.5"

SKU/Finish/Description                                 Qty.   Item #     SKU/Finish/Description                                Qty.   Item #
255-716/Polished Brass Wall Light/1Lt Wall              1     LT706.21   361-080/Satin Nickel Wall Light/Square Wall            1     LT706.43
255-751/Brushed Nickel Wall Light/1Lt Wall              1     LT706.22   361-634/Antique Brass Wall Light/1Lt Tulip             1     LT706.06
255-782/Weathered Iron Wall Light/Adjustable Sconce     1     LT706.23   361-651/Polished Brass Wall Light/1Lt Tulip            1     LT706.07
255-805/Red Wood & Brush Nick Wall Lt/Mahog Wall        1     LT706.01   361-665/Antique Brass Wall Light/2Lt Tulip             1     LT706.08
255-818/Brush Brnze Wall Lt/Adjustable Swing Arm        1     LT706.02   361-679/Polished Brass Wall Light/2Lt Tulip            1     LT706.09
255-862/Silver Wall Light/Wall Swing Arm                1     LT706.03   369-692/Polished Brass Wall Light/1Lt Halophane        1     LT707.07
255-947/Antique Bronze Wall Light/Wall Swing Arm        1     LT707.29   375-179/Brushed Nick Vanity Light/1Lt New Wave         1     LT706.68
255-963/Cream Crackle Wall Light/2Lt Wall               1     LT706.39   375-195/Brushed Nick Vanity Light/3Lt New Wave         1     LT706.69
277-876/Frosted Glass Wall Light/Square Glass           1     LT706.24   394-514/Chrome–Porce Vanity Lt/1Lt Porce–Chrome        1     LT706.49
278-785/Frosted Glass–Silv Wall Lt/Halogen–Rd Glass     1     LT706.42   394-537/Chrome–Porce Vanity Lt/2Lt Porce–Chrome        1     LT706.50
279-775/Blue Glass–Silver Wall Light/Glass Sconce       1     LT706.19   394-542/Chrome–Porce Vanity Lt/3Lt Porce–Chrome        1      LT706.51
288-984/Aged Crackle Vanity Light/Del Rey 3 Light       1     LT706.46   394-547/Brushed Nick Vanity Light/1Lt Flair            1     LT706.70
320-067/Rust Wall Light/Monterrey 1-Light               1     LT706.04   394-551/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/3Lt Flair          1     LT706.71
325-044/Ancient Stone Vanity Light/3Lt Ancient Stone    1     LT706.47   394-576/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/4Lt Flair          1     LT706.72
325-740/Ancient Stone Vanity Light/2Lt Ancient Stone    1     LT706.48   420-316/Polished Brass Wall Lt/Touch Wall Swing Arm    1     LT706.18
334-772/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Porcelain/Chrome        1     LT707.03   435-679/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Towel Bar              1     LT706.86
359-595/Frosted Glass–Silver Wall Light/Glass Sconce    1     LT706.20   436-264/Chrome Vanity Light/4Lt Towel Bar              1     LT706.87

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D27L Wallmounts                                                                                                 Signing and In-Store Environments
              Product Cards, cont.                                                     Product Cards, cont.
              4.625" x 7.5"                                                            4.625" x 7.5"

SKU/Finish/Description                                 Qty.   Item #     SKU/Finish/Description                               Qty.    Item #
436-327/Chrome Vanity Light/1Lt Restoration             1     LT706.88   492-742/Polished Brass Wall Light/Halophane Sconce    1      LT706.27
436-788/Polished Chrome Vanity Light/2Lt Restoration    1     LT706.89   494-767/Polished Brass Vanity Light/1Lt Rib Glass     1      LT707.08
436-879/Polished Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Restoration    1     LT706.90   494-772/Polished Brass Vanity Light/3Lt Rib Glass     1      LT707.09
449-420/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/1Lt Acorn           1     LT706.26   494-779/Polished Brass Vanity Light/4Lt Rib Glass     1      LT707.10
459-920/Alabaster Wall Light/Glass E-Star Sconce        1     LT706.34   546-870/White Wall Light/3Lt Raceway                  1      LT706.56
460-081/White Wall Light/Ceramic E-Star                 1     LT706.35   546-934/White Wall Light/4Lt Raceway                  1      LT706.57
460-226/Alabaster Wall Light/Elliptical E-Star          1     LT706.36   546-935/White Wall Light/6Lt Raceway                  1      LT706.58
469-231/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/1Lt Alabaster       1     LT706.73   561-748/Polished Brass Wall Light/Scalloped Glass     1      LT706.28
469-258/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/2Lt Alabaster       1     LT706.74   574-957/Black Patina Wall Light/Sanoma Sconce         1      LT706.38
469-486/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/3Lt Alabaster       1     LT706.75   581-267/White Wall Light/1Lt Channel Glass            1      LT706.52
469-528/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/4Lt Alabaster       1     LT706.76   586-099/Chrome Wall Light/1Lt Pull Switch             1      LT706.53
469-790/Rust Wall Light/Monterrey 2-Light               1     LT706.05   586-102/White Vanity Light/2Lt Channel Glass          1      LT706.54
477-102/White Wall Light/Ceramic Sconce                 1     LT706.37   586-285/White Vanity Light/4Lt Channel                1      LT706.55
487-110/Chrome Vanity Light/2Lt Spyder Arm              1     LT706.91   586-307/Polished Brass Wall Light/Tulip               1      LT706.10
487-176/Chrome Vanity Light/1Lt Spyder Arm              1     LT706.92   623-578/White Wall Light/1Lt Switch                   1      LT706.11
487-209/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Spyder Arm              1     LT706.93   630-013/Chrome Wall Light/4Lt Mirror                  1      LT706.59
487-221/Chrome Vanity Light/4Lt Spyder Arm              1     LT706.94   630-058/Chrome Wall Light/6Lt Mirror                  1      LT706.60

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D27L Wallmounts                                                                                                 Signing and In-Store Environments
             Product Cards, cont.                                                  Product Cards, cont.
             4.625" x 7.5"                                                         4.625" x 7.5"

SKU/Finish/Description                             Qty.   Item #     SKU/Finish/Description                              Qty.     Item #
630-223/Chrome Wall Light/8Lt Mirror                1     LT706.61   756-552/Polished Brass Vanity Light/1Lt Alabaster     1      LT707.21
630-240/Oak Wall Light/3Lt Oak                      1     LT706.62   756-568/Polished Brass Vanity Light/2Lt Alabaster     1      LT707.22
630-271/Oak Wall Light/4Lt Oak                      1     LT706.63   756-580/Polished Brass Vanity Light/3Lt Alabaster     1      LT707.23
630-299/Oak Wall Light/6Lt Oak                      1     LT706.64   756-613/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/3Lt Arm           1      LT706.78
644-193/Polished Brass Wall Light/3Lt Raceway       1     LT707.12   756-617/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/2Lt Arm           1      LT706.79
644-212/Chrome Wall Light/3Lt Raceway               1     LT706.95   756-634/Brushed Nickel Vanity Light/1Lt Arm           1      LT706.80
644-243/Polished Brass Wall Light/4Lt Raceway       1     LT707.13   760-866/Pearl Nickel Vanity Light/3Lt Pearl           1      LT706.81
644-257/Chrome Wall Light/4Lt Raceway               1     LT706.96   760-876/Pearl Nickel Vanity Light                     1      LT706.82
644-274/Polished Brass Wall Light/6Lt Raceway       1     LT707.14   828-734/Polished Brass Wall Light/2Lt Halophane       1      LT707.11
644-291/Chrome Wall Light/6Lt Raceway               1     LT706.97
644-369/Polished Brass Wall Light/8Lt Raceway       1     LT707.15
644-372/Chrome Wall Light/8Lt Raceway               1     LT706.98
685-305/Chrome Vanity Light/3Lt Spyder Arm          1     LT706.99
685-495/Chrome Wall Light/1Lt Halophane             1     LT706.85
692-320/Chrome Wall Light/Tulip                     1     LT706.12
739-831/Faux Alabaster Wall Light/Faux Alabaster    1     LT706.29
753-228/Pewter Vanity Light/3-Arm Spyder            1     LT706.77

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D27L Wallmounts                                                                                             Signing and In-Store Environments

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