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                                By: Kiel Hovland and John Pattie
 Guess What?

  An outdoor basketball
    court is located behind
                                Wellness Center News
    the WC
                                Fall has announced its arrival!     fields at 12:00. You can also      to make you SWEAT!           New
  Basketballs and a soccer    The air is crisp and refreshing,    take advantage of the scenery      Classes this season are, Begin-
    ball is located in the      an array of colors fill the land-   the Federal Center offers and      ning Swing Dance which will
    cabinet by the front        scape,    and the leaves crunch     walk or run the Federal Center     be offered every Wednesday
    entrance                    beneath our feet as we stroll       campus. When you return to         from 5-6 PM in the aerobics
                                the Federal Center...               the Wellness Center after your     studio. Swing Dancing is a great
  Loaner towels are avail-                                        outdoor workout, you can take      way to get into shape and is a an
    able if you forget yours    Because it is beautiful outside     a warm shower. You will be         alternative to traditional fitness
                                and temperatures are mild, it is                                       classes. Step Aerobics with
  Hair ties are also avail-   a wonderful season to enjoy                                            NEW instructor Brooke Miller-
    able at the front desk      fitness activities outdoors. The                                       Levy begin October 7th.
                                Wellness Center is a great                                             Brooke will offer step aerobics
  The lost and found is
    located in the cabinet by
                                meeting place for you to start                                         every Wednesday from 12:35 to
                                your outdoor activities. Supe-                                         1:30. We are very excited to
    the front entrance
                                rior Cycling, is just minutes                                          have you here Brooke. Ski
  Bicycles for members to     away into the foothills; running                                       Conditioning class will start in
    use are located in the      the famous steps at Red Rocks                                          October and will resume
    shed outside.               Amphitheater, which Wellness                                           through the Fall and Winter.
                                committee member, Colin Bos-                                           And the best part about our
                                worth does every Tuesday and                                           new classes is they are FREE
                                calls it , “Terrible Tuesdays.”
                                Hiking the foothills is also lo-                                       with membership!
                                                                    refreshed and ready for the rest
                                cated just down the street; and     of your day! For more infor-       Also, check out the Wellness
                                Wellness Center member John         mation on enjoying these out-      Centers new website. Google
                                Pattie was kind enough to share     door activities, talk to Kiel at   Denver Federal Executive
                                his 25 years of experience with                                        Board and see the link to the
                                trail running. Please read his      the front desk.                    Wellness Center where you can
                                article on page 4. And Soccer       If you prefer to keep your         view a complete class schedule
                                enthusiasts meet every              workouts indoors, new Well-        and much more!
                                Wednesday on the Softball           ness Center classes are waiting

                                Wellness Center Locker Rentals
                                Did you know the Wellness           who prepay for a year              renting a locker for FY10.
                                Center rents lockers?        The    membership. Those mem-
                                Wellness Center Committee           bers who would like to rent        In addition, the Wellness Com-
                                works hard to brainstorm ideas      a locker must prepay $3            mittee meets every quarter and
                                to make the Wellness center         each month for the fiscal          members are welcome to at-
                                unique and they have made                                              tend. We would like to hear
                                                                    year.”                             your input, as you may have an
                                locker rentals possible for mem-
                                bers. The locker rental policy      The Wellness Center has over       idea to make the WC unique.
                                reads, “A limited number of         400 members using the facility
                                small lockers are available         and we do not have enough
                                for rent only for members           lockers for everyone to rent, so
                                                                    act now if you are interested in
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                          Trail Running on Green Mountain
                          If you would like a new fitness      which is the gift to trail run-     top of the hill. Conserve your
                          activity to keep your workouts       ning. You will begin to instinc-    energy on the uphill so you can
                          fresh, trail running may be for      tively know where that line is      take advantage of the downhill.
                          you. Awsome trail running is         as you become more comfort-
                          just minutes away from the Fed                                           In the down hills, lengthen your
                                                               able.                               stride, keep your weight slightly
                          Center at Green Mountain.            Also, do not expect to run the      forward and arms wide, find
                          Before running the trails on         same pace as on the roads.          your line, and relax into it.
                          Green Mountain, please read          The terrain alone will be more      Take quick steps, never landing
                          the following tips to make your      challenging, in addition to the     fully on each foot.
                          run more enjoyable. The key          rocks and other objects on the
                          is to keep your eyes on the                                              For further tips and great detail
                                                               trail.                              on trail running on nearby foot-
                          trail and focus on where
                          you are going to take your           It is important to slow your        hills, I hope you enjoy experi-
                          next step. It can be tempting        pace and develop a tempo            enced trail runner, John Patties
                          to look at the nature around         within the trail. Sometimes         article on page 4.
                          you.     If you want to look         that may mean walking the hills
                          around, remember to walk or          and running the downhill and
 Please read more trail
                          stop, but avoid looking up           flats.
 running on page 4.                                                                                              Source: active.com and John Pattie
                          while running.                       Hills can be a challenge. Take
                          Look ahead about three feet on       short quick steps or power
                          the trail and then find a line or    walk when running up hills, if
                          a spot where you are going to        needed. It is just like changing
                          step for the next four to six        gears on your bike when you
                          strides. This keeps you fo-          ride up hills. Use your gears,
                          cused and in the moment              shorten your strides and you
                                                               will soon find yourself on the

                          The Best Cardio Machine in the Gym
                          Have you ever wondered what          needed to determine how hard        very effective for a great work-
                          the most effective piece of          a workout its users really get      out if used correctly.
                          cardio equipment is at the           because users seem to be able
                                                               to move effortlessly. But for       In conclusion, people are al-
                          Wellness Center.                                                         ways searching for the best
                                                               the most part the elliptical was
                          Competing for the best ma-                                               exercise. The best answer is
                          chine is the Stationary bike,        the best all around choice.         whatever you enjoy doing that
                          Stair Climber, Rowing Machine,       The rowing machine and the          gets your body moving is the
                          Treadmill, and Elliptical Ma-        treadmill tied for second place     best exercise for you. In addi-
                          chine.                               followed by the Stair Climber       tion, the best cardio machine at
                                                               and Stationary Bike.                the Wellness Center the ex-
                          The winner, by a solid margin,                                           perts agreed, is the one that
                          is the elliptical trainer. Accord-   Whatever machine might be-
                          ing to 10 fitness experts, the       come the next big thing, the        gets you moving each day…
                          elliptical is a lower impact         experts cautioned that no one
“The best cardio ma-      workout than the others. The         of them is right for everyone.      Source: New York Times
chine is the one that     elliptical offers a high energy      Instead, gym goers should ro-
get you moving each       workout that is fun.                 tate among machines at least
day.”                                                          once a week. Cross-training as
                          Used correctly, an elliptical        this is called, addresses a vari-
                          trainer works the muscles of         ety of muscles and will help to
                          the central core as well as the
                          lower body, although some            avoid injuries from overuse.
                          experts think more research is       It is important to note that all
                                                               of the machines competing are
By: Kiel Hovland and John Pattie                                                                                            Page 3

Nutrient Dense Foods
Nutrient –dense foods are          sumers identify nutrient-rich           cellent score. And there are
those that contain a large num-    foods. The NRR identifies the           some scores in the strato-
ber of nutrients (vitamins, min-   nutrient-to-calorie ratio of            sphere because of all the nutri-
erals, antioxidants, etc.) Have    foods. The score ranges from            ents are packed in with very
you ever been curious how          2 to 1,000. In the lower end            few calories—specifically in
many nutrients are in the foods    there is soda, crackers and             fruits and vegetables.
you eat?                           fried chicken. And the higher
                                   end are foods such as broccoli,
There is now a scoring system      liver and spinach. Anything
called the Naturally Nutrient                                              Below is how the following
                                   over 100 has a good score.              foods scored:
Rich (NNR) score to help con-      Anything over 250 has an ex-

Common Naturally Nutrient Rich (NNR) Scores
NNR Score = 100-250                NNR Score = 500-1,000                   Mackerel, bluefish, lean ham,        “Nutrient-dense
(Fruit)                            (Vegetables)                            beef sirloin, snapper, canned
                                                                                                                foods are those
Raspberries, blackberries, wa-     Green peppers, sweet pota-              tuna
termelon, peaches, nectarines,     toes, iceberg lettuce, V8 juice,                                             that contain a
pineapples, plums, avocados,       cauliflower                             NNR Score = 1,000
                                                                                                                large number of
blueberries                                                                (Meat and Fish)                      nutrients”
                                   NNR Score = 1,000                       Oysters, clams, beef liver,
NNR Score = 250                    (Vegetables)                            chicken liver
Cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi,    Red Peppers, carrots, pumpkin
grapefruit, orange, mango,         spinach, romaine lettuce, mus-          NNR Score = 100-250
apricots, tangerines,              tard greens, broccoli,                  (Dairy)
                                                                           Milk, low fat yogurt, whole
                                   NNR Score = 100-250                     milk, cottage cheese, mozza-
                                   (Meat and Fish)                         rella, reduced-fat cheddar


MONDAYS: Yoga 9:00AM to 10:00AM ($8)              Fit Ball 12:00 to 12:45

Tuesdays: Yoga 11:35 to 12:35 ($3)                Sit-B-Fit 3:00 to 3:40

Wednesdays: Pilates 11:30 to 12:30 ($13)          NEW!-Step Aerobics 12:40 to 1:30                   Swing Dance 5:00PM to 6:00PM

Thursdays: Ski Conditioning 12:00 to 1:00         Self Defense 5:15 to 6:15
                RUNNING THE FOOTHILLS – John Pattie

                I’ve been running the trails west of Lakewood and Morrison, around 5 days a week, for about 25
                years now and many of my observations, injuries, and close calls, have taught me some lessons that I
                would like to share with Wellness Center members. I’ll try not to dwell on anything that’s just com-
                mon sense.

                Consider that when you have nothing with you but shorts, t-shirt and shoes, and you’re miles from
                help- you need to lower your risks of injury as much as possible. It’s against my philosophy to carry
                one, but a cell phone might fall into the common sense category.

                The Rattlesnake List:

                When I saw my first one on the trail, I decided to start a list of every encounter. After 25 years the
                number is now at 36. Here are some rough stats: The most dense population of these intimidating
                little creatures seems to be in Green Mountain Park. They like to hang out in the grass or under the
                scrub oak, and usually seen along the trail edge. A few times I’ve seen them sunning themselves right
                on the trail surface, but not often. The Prairie Rattlesnake is almost impossible to pick out in the
                grass because their camouflage is perfect – a dark brownish, olive drab color with tan X’s down their
                back. As a matter of fact, I’ve hardly ever spotted one before I heard it rattle. That means they knew
                I was there before I knew they were – they must detect the impact of my stumbling along or my la-
                bored gasps for breath.

                The largest I’ve seen was about 2 inches in diameter – just one, on Dinosaur Ridge. But mostly they
                mature to about the 1 to 1-1/2 inch diam. range. I understand that these sizes are quite venomous.
                I’ve seen a few bull snakes, which get much larger and are distinctly different looking – with vivid yel-
                lowish and dark brown markings and an oval shaped head. The Prairie rattler has a wide triangular
                head and narrow neck (neck?)

                It’s unlikely a rattlesnake bite would be life threatening, but when I saw some pictures of bite wounds
                on the internet, I decided to become A LOT more cautious. They don’t seem to be aggressive, but
                they don’t try to escape quickly either and usually coil up into striking position. In other words- they
                mean business. I’ve never had one strike at me (and now I’m knocking on wood). Once I almost
                stepped on one and catapulted myself 30 feet through the air, off my big toe, to miss it. Here are
                some tips:

                    They start to appear around mid spring and are on the surface until early fall. Avoid the narrow
                secondary trails with thick vegetation along the edges during this time of the year.
                 Their rattling sounds almost like hissing and increases in volume as they get more irritated (as
                you get closer). If you hear this, move away from the sound - but don’t step off the trail. There may
                be others nearby. I’ve seen them in pairs and even 3 in close proximity once. ( I shortened my run
                that day )
                 Listening to music might impair your ability to hear their warning, but music is important too. I
                like to listen to birds, wind in the trees, etc.
                 If you need to step aside to let someone pass, look carefully where you step off the trail and
                avoid thick grass.
                 Keep scanning the trail and edges as you run.
                   Warn other trail users of any snake sighting.
                   Assume any snake you see is a rattler.
                  If you’re worried about the trail, make some noise with your feet to warn the snake of your
                approach so the snake will give YOU a warning.
                And while running try not to make any high pitched squeaking sounds like a young prairie dog.

DFEB Wellness   Enough on snakes. I’m freaking myself out and want to go running in a few minutes.
Earth, Wind and Fire

If you’re like me and run no matter what the conditions……

      When conditions are muddy try the trail loop within Red Rocks Park. Dinosaur Ridge is good too, but since they closed Alameda over the
            hogback you have to access it via some muddy trail sections, either from the Rooney Road trailhead or the trailhead near the I-70
            Morrison Exit.
      In icy conditions, I’ve found it less hazardous to run uphill on ice than downhill, so do your uphill running on north slopes and downhill on
            south slopes. A good example- Run up the north facing switchbacks of the Morrison Slide trail loop and down the south facing
            switchbacks, which will be sunny and less icy.
      Dinosaur Ridge is dicey when it’s icy.
      High winds come from the west to north pretty often. The south slopes of Green Mountain below the top ridge are protected in most
            places. My favorite in high winds is the bowl below, and switchbacks on the south face of Morrison Slide. And Apex Gulch is well
            protected too.
      Green Mountain and Morrison Slide are the most exposed areas for lightning. Apex Gulch is a more protected deep canyon trail if you must
            go out.
      The earlier in the day, the better.
      Don’t run a trail where you can’t see approaching weather – especially if you are hearing thunder.
      I use the metro area radar map on the channel 4 website to see what direction the storms are moving and what areas they are approaching.
            But I’ve also seen storms develop from innocent clouds right overhead, and within minutes.
      My rule is: if I hear distant thunder, I look for lighting. If I see lightning, I head back to the trailhead, unless I’m sure its coming from a forma-
            tion that has already passed. And of course there are times when I just don’t go out. So far I have not experienced a close call with
            lightning, (again – the wood)
      Don’t assume all storms come from the southwest to northwest – they can approach from just about any direction. If you smell stock-
            yards, they are coming from the east.

Beast in the Garden

I have never seen a mountain lion while running, but there have been warning signs posted at Green Mountain and they offer the standard advice
for a lion encounter, which goes something like…
 Use a jacket or clothing to make yourself look as large as possible.
   Make noise.
   Try not to make eye contact with the lion.
   Back away slowly, don’t turn and run
   Find a rock or stick if possible to use as a weapon
 If attacked, fight back, don’t play dead
Warn others of your encounter

I’ve seen even more impressive warning signs of lions; such as, the head of a young deer lying on the trail, lion tracks in the snow on Dinosaur
Ridge, and a pile of (hopefully) deer entrails on Green Mountain. Those are the kinds of signs that cause one to constantly look over their shoul-
der while running. One night I was driving on Alameda over the hogback, when it was open to traffic, and as I approached the switchback at the
top, a large mountain lion bounded out of the scrub oak in front of my truck and ran right up the access trail, with the wood railing, that I had
been on just the afternoon before. It had probably been paying a visit to the cattle at Rooney Ranch or the deer herd on Green Mountain.
That’s close enough!

And don’t forget the human hazards, like mountain bikers that think they’re in the Olympics, and thieves. My truck was broken in to at the Apex
trailhead. The only thing in there was my gym bag with some maybe not so recently washed workout clothes. I can’t believe they took THAT.

   Try to park in higher visibility areas if possible.
If some questionable people are parked or hanging around the trailhead, go running somewhere else.

The tip I’ve saved for the last is the one I always forget and has caused me the most injuries- including cut knees and hands, bruises, and some
stitches. I’ve become lazy in my older age and about every month or so I trip over a small rock or root and go sprawling for a face plant.

So- pick your feet up!

Happy, and safe, trails to you!   Questions? Give a call     (303) 445-3273

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