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					Frieda Cason
Title 1


Marzano Instructional Methods: 1.Identifying similarities and differences, 2.summarizing and note taking,
3.reinforcing effort 5.providing recognition, 6. homework and practice, 7.nonlinguistic representation, 8. cooperative
learning; structured small groups, 9. setting goals; objectives and providing feedback; cues, questions, and graphic
organizers; generate and test hypotheses

SOL’s: Objectives: SOL’S:                Monday:
Objective: SOL’S: 2.5, 2.8f,             Input/Modeling: (SOAR to                 Tuesday:
2.6b,c                                   Success) TTW read Tree of                Input/Modeling: TTW re read
Objective: 2.5 Meaning Clues.            Birds                                    Tree of Birds. TSW use Story
2.8f Characters, Setting                  Before: TTW ask the students to         Map poster to summarize story.
2.6 b,c Contractions,                    preview and make predictions             TSW discuss the author’s
abbreviations, possessives               about the story. TTW write the           purpose.
**Review 2.a-c consonant                 predictions on a graphic                 G.P.: TSW review setting in the
blends, digraphs, vowel patterns         organizer. TSW discuss the               story using a graphic organizer;
                                         genre. . TSW discuss the main            TTW and TSW discuss what
                                         idea                                     clues help identify where the
SOL’s: Objectives: SOL’s 3.4d,           G.P.: During: TTW give                   story takes place. TSW review
3.5d , 3.3                               students vocabulary words to             writing a summary.
Objective: 3.4d Context Clues,           look and listen for in the story.        I.P: TSW complete major events
Compare/Contrast Settings,               TSW use the words as context             cloze sentences: TSW review
Characters                               clues to make a prediction about         homophones and fluency check.
3.3 Long Vowels, Digraphs,               the story. TSW will look for             TSW review main idea and
diphthongs                               words to identify the flow or            supporting details.
TTW assess fluency and                   sequence of events of the story.
comprehension of fiction and             TSW use supporting details to
non-fiction passages. TTW plan           tell more about the main idea.           Closure/ Evaluation: TTW and
instruction based on students’           TSW use words to check their             TSW focus and review the main
area of weakness.                        understanding; discuss meaning.          idea in the story. TSW review
                                         TTW model reciprocal teaching:           vocabulary words. TTW check
 Word Wall Words:                        Summarize Question, Predict and          for understanding.
 Words with /ir,er,ist/ story            Clarify. TTW model and
 order , flow chart/                     summarize the story. TSW                 D/I Activities:
 Story words:                            discuss how clarifying helped
 Words with / ew, oo, ou/                                                         Group A: Possessive activities
                                         understand the story.
 words identify Possessive
 Nouns                                   I.P: After: TTW complete a               Group B ir/er/ ist word list practice
 Story words:                            Semantic Map graphic organizer
                                         in his/her folder. TSW discuss
Anchor Questions: Who are the            which strategy used and how
Characters? What happened in             using the strategies help                Review test taking
the story? Why did it happen?            understand the story.                    strategies.
How was it solved? What was              Highlight /homophones / words
the author’s purpose?                    in story
                                                                                  Fundations: Review word
Set: TTW display words and                                                        phrases.
pictures clues in reading                Fundations: Review word
comprehension passages and               phrases.
cloze sentences. TTW say the                                                        Assessment
words. TSW repeat or echo read           Closure/ Evaluation: TTW and               Fluency/comprehension x
the words and sentences. TSW             TSW focus and review the main              Independent practice x
identify special sounds and make         idea in the story. TSW review
predictions                              vocabulary words. TTW check
                                         for understanding.
TTW review strategies for making
predictions.                             D/I Activities:
Frieda Cason
Title 1

TSW focus on special sounds.                   Group A Think Dots
                                               Group B Cloze Sentence practice

                                               Skill graphic sources

                                                 Fluency/comprehension x
                                                 Independent practice x

Wednesday:                                     Thursday:                                     Friday: DI Technology Day
Input/Modeling: TTW read the                   Input/Modeling: TTW read                      Input/Model: TTW provide
story What’s for Lunch. TTW                    Little Round Friut. TSW                       interactive websites to reinforce
ask the students to make                       identify if their predictions                 phonics, reading skills and
predictions about the story. TTW               were correct about the story.                 sadlier-oxford long vowel sounds.
write the predictions on a graphic             G.P.: TTW give students
organizer.                                     vocabulary words to retell the                G.P: TSW complete reading and
G.P.: TTW give students                        beginning, middle and end of the              phonics activities on the
vocabulary words to look and                   story. TSW make a connection                  following websites:
listen for in the story. TSW use               about how the story relates to                gamequarium, sadlier-oxford,
the words to make a prediction                 their life or another book.                   internet4classroom, BookPals,
about the story. TSW identify                                                                and United Streaming.
characters, setting, problems and              I.P: TTW and TSW create a
                                               secret word sort. TSW sort word               I.P.: TSW use technology to
solutions.                                                                                   participate in a variety of
I.P: TTW complete prediction                                                                 interactive website activities that
activity. TSW identify words                   Closure/ Evaluation: TTW and                  focus on phonics and reading
with the /oo/ sounds.                          TSW focus and review the main                 skills.
                                               idea in the story. TSW review
Closure/ Evaluation: TTW and                   vocabulary words. TTW check                   Closure/ Evaluation: TTW
TSW focus and review the main                  for understanding.                            check for understanding and
idea in the story. TSW review                                                                review all objectives taught in the
vocabulary words. TTW check                                                                  lesson. T questioning, T
                                               D/I Activities:                               observation, S written
for understanding.                             Group A: Sort words with ou, oo,              assignment, quiz, comprehension
D/I Activities: Whole group                    ew ending.                                    test, student response, student
will complete Secret words with                                                              demonstration
magnetic letters.                              Group B: Work with partners to
Group A: sort long ou, oo, ew                  review prediction cards.
Group B: possessive swat
                                               Fundations: Review word
Fundations: Review word
phrases.                                                                                      Assessment
                                                                                              Fluency/comprehension x
  Assessment                                                                                  Independent practice x
  Fluency/comprehension x                        Assessment
  Independent practice x                         Fluency/comprehension x
                                                 Independent practice x
Skill graphic sources

               Students to review and reinforce skills                                             Skills

* Reinforce and review skills for the students that did not master     Review vowel patterns, consonant blends, digraphs and
SOL:                                                                   vocabulary words.
Frieda Cason
Title 1

          Intensive (2nd grade)( M-T)/ Washington (W-F)    9:15-9:55

                   Boston (M-T) /Taylor (W-F)             10:05-10:45

               Griffin//Davis (M-T) Saunders (W-F)        10:50-11:30

          Intensive (3rd Grade)(M-T) Maskelony (W-F)      11:30-12:10

                       Planning/Intensive                 12:10-12:40

                             Lunch                        12:40-1:15

                   Bright (M-T) Grimes (W-F)               1:20-2:00

                  Kline (M-T) Beiderman (W-F)              2:05-2:45

                            Strategic                      2:45-3:15

                     Teacher/Student consult               3:15-3:45

                           Dismissal                         3:45
Frieda Cason
Title 1

   /ew/            /oo/             /ou/
    blew          balloon           group
    flew           cool             soup
   grew            pool           through
    new            room            troupe
   newt           school
   screw           stool
    stew            tool

  Words ending with the /ist/ suffix meaning: “ A
Frieda Cason
Title 1

    person, one who does an action”                   (artist)

                       somebody or something opposing or in
                               conflict with another

                      the scientific study of ancient cultures
                     through the examination of their material
                      remains such as buildings, graves, tools,
                      and other artifacts usually dug up from
                                     the ground

                       somebody who creates art, especially
                              paintings or sculptures

                                  pilot of a balloon

                      the science that deals with all forms of
                         life, including their classification,
                      physiology, chemistry, and interactions

                           A person who creates cartoons.

                     A person who applies cosmetics, or the art
                          or profession of using cosmetics

                     somebody who rides a bicycle, motorcycle,
                                or other such vehicle

                     somebody trained and licensed to practice
                      general dentistry or a specialty such as
                           orthodontics or dental surgery

                         A person who studies a branch of
                       medicine that deals with the skin and
                             diseases affecting the skin

  ornithologist       A person who studies a branch of zoology
                       that deals with the scientific study of
Frieda Cason
Title 1


                   somebody who has scientific training or
                        works in one of the sciences

                        a singer, especially of music

                   A person who studies a branch of biology
                     that involves the scientific study of
                     animals and all aspects of animal life

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