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_20010 02-05 Escalade Mesh

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					 2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade Stainless Steel Mesh
     Please read and understand all instructions before starting.

1.      Remove Factory grill from vehicle. Carefully remove the factory
2.      Mask off all chrome and painted surfaces to prevent scratches.
3.      Cut out the gray center section of the grill, approximately 1/16” inside
        the chrome trim. See photo 1.
4.      Sand the cut edge smooth back to the chrome trim.
5.      Insert the new grill into the stock grill shell from the backside and center
        it in the opening. The two notches in the upper corners will tuck into the
        corners of the grill shell underneath the chrome trim.
6.      Push the grill all the way forward flush to the chrome edge and drill four
        1/8” holes through the holes in the bottom mounting tabs and through
        the plastic grill shell. Attach the grill using the four pan-head Phillips
        screws and four flat-nuts supplied. The heads of the screws should be on
        the underside of the grill shell.
7.      Drill through the plastic grill shell where the upper mounting tabs meet
        the plastic and secure the grill using the two Allen head machine screws
        and nylon lock-nuts. See photo 2.
8.      Clean all of the old adhesive off of the backside of the emblem and affix
        the emblem onto the stainless steel mesh grill using the supplied double-
        sided tape.**
9.      Reinstall the grill shell onto the vehicle using factory hardware.

                    Photo 1                                              Photo 2
**NOTE-- 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner is excellent for removing the factory