140                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B   I   T   O    R    S

             1                                                               makes your eyelashes water and tear proof, as well
                                                                             as sun and cosmetics resistant.
                                                                                                                                                 effective multifunctional device with a full range of
                                                                                                                                                 Skintonic functions.
                                                                             The company’s training centre also offers training                  Ultra BF36 — liposuction effect with no surgery! A
  1-touch, Company                                              13F08        in the above described ‘single eyelash extension                    new-generation ultrasonic body treatment system.
                                                                             technique’ and provides all the necessary supplies.
           142403, Sovetskoy Konstitutsii Str. 3 (PNF 1),                                                                                        YRERION Technology (France) – L600, L900 pro-
           Noginsk, Moscow region, Russia                                                                                                        fessional last generation systems. Through SPL-
           Tel.: (495) 518-64-13, 778-33-90                                  ACADEMY                                     13C04, 13C06,           technologies L600 and L900 systems guarantee
           Fax: (495) 663-94-41                                              OF SCIENTIFIC BEAUTY                        13D04, 13D06            100% effective results lasting up to three months.
           E-mail:                                                                                                               The L900 HR SR patented system from the Yperion
                                                           107031, Petrovsky Lane 5, bldg. 1, Moscow,                    Tech company combines the most efficient techno-
                                                                                   Russia                                                        logical achievements of the last years and is con-
  1 touch is the only Russian company offering a com-                              Tel./fax: (495) 735-48-28                                     sidered an optimal professional solution. Available
  prehensive range of products designed to ensure the                              E-mail:                                      are 16 photoepilation and 12 photorejuvenation
  client’s and the personnel’s safety in the salon business.                                                            programmes.
  The company’s business activity is split into several
  directions. We offer the following products to beauty                      Academy of Scientific Beauty is the largest supplier                SPORTARREDO (Italy) offers professional solaria
  and wellness enterprises:                                                  of professional cosmetics and cutting-edge beauty                   featuring high profitability, durability, energy-effi-
  – disposable products – garments, dresses, sheets,                         care equipment in Russia and the CIS. In 15 years of                cient technologies, a guaranteed safety system
  towels, sets for specific treatments;                                      work on the beauty market the company has made                      (exclusive cobalt filters) to ensure a quality golden-
  – disinfectants for surfaces, medical supplies and                         partnership with more than 4000 beauty businesses.                  bronze tan. It includes an independent lamp cooling
  tools, hand sanitizers;                                                    Put at our clients’ service is a complete array of                  system, and an audio system to play your favourite
  – tool sterilization equipment.                                            professional equipment and expendables ranging                      music.
                                                                             from depilatory supplies up to state-of-the-art laser
                                                                             equipment.                                                          MY SUN (Sportarredo, Italy) natural cosmetics for
           A                                                                 The Academy’s philosophy is based on a business
                                                                             partnership. The company does not simply provide
                                                                                                                                                 both indoor and outdoor tanning.

                                                                             outfitting services for salons, clinics, SPA- and                   INNOXA (France) offers natural eyeskin care prod-
  AASHA                                                         14B03        fitness centres, but does its utmost to ensure its cli-             ucts and a multivitamin-based nail care line.
                                                                             ent’s business prosperity. Our partnership package
           107553, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Str. 24,                          offer includes: development of turn-key business                    PERRON RIGOT (France) is a professional depila-
           bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia                                           concepts, training services for specialists, guest                  tion line featuring cutting-edge technologies and
           Tel./fax: (495) 926-78-11                                         seminars, training programmes abroad, consulta-                     unique products formulated with the best natural
           E-mail:                                               tions on business organization, equipment upgrad-                   ingredients.
                                                         ing schemes, warranty and after-sales servicing,
                                                                             customized promotion programs for beauty salons,                    JEAN KLEBERT by BALDAN (Italy) is the major
  The AASHA Company presents Ayurvedic cosmetics                             informational and marketing support.                                specialist in outfitting the largest SPA-centres
  produced with exclusively natural ingredients grown                                                                                            worldwide. Cutting-edge technologies (RF lifting,
  in environmentally safe regions of India on the                            ACADEMIE SCIENTIFIQUE de BEAUTE (France) has                        cavitation ultrasound systems) work in synergy
  basis of spring water and medicinal oils by ancient                        performed professional research in the field of                     with the best natural-based products (cosmetics
  ayurvedic formulas and recipes handed down from                            cosmetology since 1926. Available is a wide range                   formulated with rice extracts, alpha hydroxy acids,
  one generation to another.                                                 of treatment programmes. Hypoallergenic products.                   DMAE, as well as a luxury line of products with the
  The company’s product range includes natural-                              New technologies of encapsulation of active ingredi-                oyster extract экстрактом oligoelements). Available
  based oils for individual and professional use, facial                     ents. Instantaneous visible results right after the first           is a wide range of beauty care programs. A unique
  and body powders, strong balms, as well as face,                           administration. Over 20 novelties annually. Special                 commercial offer of the most advanced technologi-
  body and hair care products.                                               programs for partner salons.                                        cal equipment.
  Representing the company’s special pride is a col-
  lection of natural-based therapeutic hair colours                          VIVAX (Russia) is a line of NANO-based cosmetics                    GREAT LENGTHS (Italy) – an innovative hair exten-
  formulated with sterilized henna. It is the unique                         with preset characteristics.                                        sion technique. The Great Lengths line is presented
  collection currently available on the Russian market                       VIVAX Biologic – a highly professional series of                    in all reputable salons worldwide. Premium-quality
  which encompasses over 10 shades of natural                                cutting-edge anti-age products.                                     hair, exclusive hair treatment products. An easy
  herbal dyes free from ammonia and peroxides.                               VIVAX Dent – nanostructured dental products for                     application technique, the maximum wearing period
  All the products are manufactured in India and certi-                      therapeutic and prophylaxis treatment.                              till the next correction treatment, possibility of
  fied in Russia.                                                            VIVAX Sport – nanostructured products for fast                      frequent colouring and daily hair wash. The AIR
                                                                             overall recovery after intense exercise and rehabili-               PRESSURE system represents a new dimension in
                                                                             tation after injuries.                                              hair extensions making it possible to attach 6–10
  ABALICO                                                       12E07                                                                            strands simultaneously in 10 seconds and do a
                                                                             SORISA (Spain) offers comprehensive equipment                       completely automated styling with no manual work
           Komissar Smirnov Str. 4, bldg. 2,                                 solutions for beauty salons providing face and body                 required!
           room 400, St. Petersburg, Russia                                  care. Turn-key outfitting solutions, staff training.
           Tel: (812) 542-54-04, 333-08-52/53, (903) 171-                    Available is a full range of face care equipment
           09-73                                                             including presstherapy, vacuum and ultrasound                       ADONIA ORGANICS                                        14C28
           E-mail:                                           treatment, miostimulation and IR therapy, including
                                                    compound systems.                                                        191025, Mayakovsky Str. 3-б, bldg. А, Business
                                                                                                                                                      Centre ‘Alia Tempora’, room 704, St. Petersburg
  The German company Abalico specializes in the                              PALOMAR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) is a                                  Tel.: 8-800-555-55-62, (812) 313-20-00
  manufacture of professional nail supplies, creating                        worldwide leader in the field of laser technologies.                     Fax: (812) 640-20-18
  today’s most advanced technologies in the fields of                        StarLux®500 is the most effective pain-free laser                        E-mail:
  nail sculpture, manicure and pedicure treatment, and                       system in the world offering solution to almost                
  natural nail care.                                                         all problems known in the aesthetic medicine.
  ‘Always the Best’ – delicate care, unique nail sculp-                      Possibilities of the StarLux®500 system are literary                An on-line shop of natural cosmetics formulated on
  ture gels containing no acids, a full range of prod-                       infinite, application options being easily adjusted via             the basis of essential oils and vegetal stem cells.
  ucts for the preservation of the nails’ natural beauty.                    various nozzles.                                                    These innovative products designed for individual
  The Abalico Training Centre provides the following                                                                                             use prove efficient in solving such problems as cel-
  qualifications: manicure technician, pedicure techni-                      DERMOTONIA (France) – a unique breakthrough                         lulite, wrinkles, acne, eyelash loss and others.
  cian, nail sculpture technician (the gel technology).                      technique of therapeutic cosmetic vacuum massage.                   Nowadays even Hollywood celebrities such
  Navalash by abalico – an innovative single eyelash                         Efficiency, safety and competence have been proven                  as Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Jennifer Love
  extension technique.                                                       through multiple research studies. SKINTONIC – sil-                 Hewitt, Ann Hathaway use ADONIA ORGANICS
  The main distinctive feature is its unique patented                        houette sculpturing, scar and striae treatment, anti-               cosmetics. ADONIA ORGANICS products were
  glue formula, the only one, available today on the                         stress therapy, post surgery and injury rehabilitation.             also included in gift sets for the Red Carpet
  international market, which proves entirely safe                           Functionality and super lightness of the replaceable                stars at the OSKAR-2009 and MTV Movie
  and harmless for the eyes. The glue unique formula                         pieces, an anti-clip system. Le Dermo V4 is a cost-                 Awards 2009 ceremonies.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T     A    L     O    G     U     E

AdvancedLine                                            ZOOM         FACIAL TREATMENTS, BODY LINE, MEN SPECIFIC                           Our equipment offer:
                                                                     TREATMENTS, SPA PRODUCTS, MAKE UP PASSION                            – spa capsules,
     119034, Zubovsky Blvd.22/39, Moscow, Russia                     RANGE, BIO TREATMENT PRODUCTS AND MAKE                               – bath and wellness complexes,
     Tel.: (499) 502-92-29. Fax: (499) 246-20-39                     UP, SUN CARE RANGE.                                                  – vacuum massage and press therapy equipment,
     E-mail:                                    REPRESENTATIVE IN MOSCOW:                                            – wellness equipment,                                             ESTMASTER Klimaskina, 26 10100 MOSCOW -                              – a phototherapy system,
                                                                     RUSSIA                                                               – a multi-purpose erbium laser system,
AdvancedLine comprises a range of six products.                      Tel.: +7 495 205 8288                                                – RF face and body lift system,
AdvancedLash – a preparation to stimulate eye-                       Fax: +7 495 205 9866                                                 – hydromassage bath tubs, shower cabins.
lash and eyebrow growth. AdvancedEyes – gel                                                                    Professional cosmetics.
to treat swollenness and dark circles around the                                                                                          Cosmeceutical lines: Oxygen Botanicals ТM
eye zone. AdvancedLip – a lip augmentation gel.                                                                                           (Canada); NEWERA (Italy); SOSKIN (France);
AdvancedSkin Instant wrinkle eraser – anti-wrinkle                   AITERA, Agency of Information Technologies 14G37                     HELIONATURE (France); TOM ROBINN (France).
serum. AdvancedSkin Intensive facelift – an inten-                                                                                        Our training and methodological centre offers: semi-
sive face lift serum. AdvancedSkin Anti-aging com-                        115280, Avtozavodskaya Str. 25, bldg ‘Sofia’,                   nars and workshops for specialists
plex – a rejuvenation cmplex.                                             Moscow, Russia
AdvancedLine preparations are based on the prin-                          Tel.: (495) 223-35-57
ciple of an intensive nutrition of skin, as well as                       E-mail:                                       ALFA jewelry company                                    14D08
eyelash and brow follicles with vitamins and micro-             
elements. The products feature not only an instant                                            Transportny Lane 1, Odintsovo, Moscow region,
lifting and smoothing effect, but provide a long-                                                                                               Russia
lasting result. Suitable for all skin types. All products            Thematic data bases covering a variety of industry                         Tel.: (495) 510-83-04. Fax: (495) 393-70-28
are hypoallergenic.                                                  branches. Personalized data bases according to                             E-mail:
                                                                     your request.                                                    
                                                                     The ‘Exhibitions. Catalogue of Invitation Tickets’
AFFINA.RU                                     12B32, 13D07           edition contains valid invitation cards to the current               ALPHA, a wholesale jewelry company, offers a vast
                                                                     exhibitions held in Moscow and throughout Russia.                    selection of jewelry at manufacturer’s prices.
     117218, Kedrov Str. 14, bldg. 1, room 205,                      Periodicity - 2 issues per year.
     Moscow, Russia                                                  The ‘ExpoCentres. Encyclopedia of Exhibitions’ edi-
     Tel./fax: (495) 735-48-92/93                                    tion provides lists of exhibitions held in Russia and                ALGANIKA                                                 13E19
     E-mail:                                       abroad, including analytical and statistical data from                                                   the organizers, detailed information on the exposi-                        190005, Sedmaya Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. 26,
                                                                     tion complexes and exhibition services.                                    St. Petersburg, Russia
Therapeutic cosmetology.                                             Polygraph and souvenir products.                                           Tel.: (812) 715-40-04, 715-04-86
AFFINA-LIFT, BIO-TACHES, PAPULEX, FADIAMONE                                                                                                     Fax: (812) 316-45-01
(France):                                                                                                                                       E-mail:
– treatment of pigmentation lesions;                                 Alex Beauty Concept                            12C08, 12C10      
– facial oval correction;
– a new anti-acne treatment technique;                                    121170, Kutuzovskiy Ave 41, Moscow, Russia                      We offer professional SPA-products by ALGANIKA
– post-peel rehabilitation;                                               Tel.: (495) 974-71-20/21/22                                     for anti-cellulite and cosmetic treatments, as well as
– pre surgery correction treatment;                                       Fax: (495) 974-71-23                                            for slimming and massage procedures:
– new anti-age therapy schemes.                                           E-mail:                                     A wide range of wrap compositions from live and
NEOSELEN 3 + 6+ bioSe + А С Е.                                                                                chopped algae, mineral clay and shungit wraps;
Aesthetic Cosmetology                                                                                                                     heating and cooling mud wraps and paraphango
HyA 1.8-2 MDa Biorevitalization;                                     The Alex Beauty Concept company, a German manu-                      treatments.
Embryo Extracts + Se + DMAE;                                         facturer of manicure, pedicure and nail sculpture                    Alginate gel masks for face and body treatment.
OXIPROLAN – stimulation of exhaust collagen res-                     products, offers supplies for professional manicure,                 Cosmetic salts and scrubs with algae extracts.
titution. (France)                                                   as well as nail treatment and disinfection products,                 Algae oils, extracts and tonics.
Luxury treatments:                                                   professional tools and devices, nail extension gels                  Massage creams and gels.
CLITIA. ChronoBiology-based treatment;                               and acrylics, nail design products. Alex Beauty                      The company holds monthly workshops for beauti-
NEXUS (USA). Professional VIP- hair care and hair                    Concept stands for supreme quality of products. Our                  cians in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
coloring treatments.                                                 training centres provide training with the German                    Also provided by the company is aromatization of
NAPURA (Italy). Innovative trychology programmes.                    certificates of Nail Master and Pedicure Master                      swimming pool premises, fitness studios, beauty
                                                                     awarded.                                                             salons, cosmetic, manicure and pedicure studios,
                                                                                                                                          wellness and SPA-centres.
А.Н.С – Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics                   13F46                                                                             Moscow branch: Tel.: (495) 726-45-20, 773-30-99.
                                                                     Alfa BC                                        13A13, 13C17
     630049, Galushchak Str. 5, room 201,
     Novosibirsk, Russia                                                  142784, BP ‘Rumyantsevo’, bldg. 2, room 412В,                   ALINA ZANSKAR                                            13E15
     Tel.: (383) 216-11-80, (913) 912-56-42                               Rumyantsevo, Moscow region, Russia
     Tel./fax: (383) 216-17-73                                            Tel.: (495) 228-32-93                                                 109012, Kitaygorodsky passage 2, bldg. 1,
     E-mail:,                          Fax: (495) 229-45-33                                                  Moscow, Russia                                                       E-mail:                                                Tel.: (495) 698-47-68. Fax: (495) 698-47-69
                                                                ,                                     E-mail: info@alinazanskar
A.H.C – Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics is a rap-                                                                                       
idly developing South Korean cosmeceutic brand.                      Alfa BC LLC presents on the Russian market health
Available is a wide range of professional face and                   care products including massage equipment for                        ALINA ZANSKAR – professional cosmetics brand.
body care cosmeceuticals. Each product contains: a                   retail use, offices and beauty salons from a well-                   Oceania – sea alga and algae-based preparations.
sedative complex, a restorative asiatide complex and                 known German brand Casada, as well as Australian-                    Natural – exotic spa-treatments with the extracts of
a unique composition of essential oils. The treat-                   made natural-based cosmetics under the brand                         medicinal herbs.
ment assortment comprises: ‘Golden Armoring’,                        name of Y-Not Natural.                                               ANNE SEMONIN (France) – an exquisite face and
‘Ultra Lifting’, ‘Away with a Double Chin’, ‘Anti-stress                                                                                  body care line. Available are professional and retail
Therapy’, ‘Flat Belly’, ‘Light Legs’ and many others.                                                                                     lines. Treatments are selected individually.
Regional dealers are welcome as partners.                            Alfa SPA                                                13C07        The company offers a new chocolate line designed
                                                                                                                                          to address cellulite and excess weight problems,
                                                                          109240, Moskvoretskaya Emb. 2а, bldg. 1,                        as well as for rejuvenation and face and body lift
AINHOA                                                  13E08             Moscow, Russia                                                  treatments.
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 775-26-50. Fax: (495) 937-88-95
     BARCELONA, 8320, EL MASNOU,                                          E-mail:
     C/ Industria, 12; Pol. Ind. La Bobila                                                                       ALLABELLA                                               12C16
     Tel.: (34) 935,404,872. Fax: (34) 935,403,996                                      The company acts as an exclusive distributer of                            127055, Tikhvinskaya Str. 9а, Moscow, Russia                                         beauty care equipment in Russia and the CIS.                               Tel./fax: (495) 785-25-52

142                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           E-mail:                                         Ego Italy products the ideal partner for hairstylists                nails and fake eyelashes.
                                                   who want to create and define an infinity of styles                  Amarylis stands for beneficial prices and pay-
                                                                             from the most classic to the most trendy.                            ment terms, offers marketing support. The Amarylis
  ALLABELLA is the first nail sculpture school in                            Alter Ego Italy: “made in Italy” technology designed                 Training Centre provides training for nail techni-
  Russia and the first company to bring the nail                             to add value to stylists all over the world.                         cians. Amarylis is an ideal partner to make your
  service to the professional level. Training centre                                                                                              business thrive in all regions throughout Russia.
  AllaBella employs the most advanced training pro-
  grammes in nail sculpture and design, manicure                             ALTHEA-GROUP                                            14C31
  and pedicure.
  Graduates from the AllaBella Training Centre are                                 12 rue Chaptal F-92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET                        ANDIS                                                  12F07
  among the winners and prize holders of the most                                  Tel.: + 33 (0)6 09 92 47 80
  prestigious contests.                                                            Fax: + 33 (0)1 46 37 60 58                                          109028, Yauzsky Blvd. 14/8, Moscow, Russia
  The AllaBella Company acts as the exclusive dis-                                 E-mail:                                     Tel.: (495) 917-72-51
  tributor of the Estelina’s professional product line                    ,                              Fax: (495) 917-99-50
  on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and                                                                                                 E-mail:
  Kazakhstan. The company is the only Russian owner                          Althea-Group is a 20 years old family owned com-                ,
  of an in-house line for the production of professional                     pany that introduces two brands: IROISIE (organic
  American-made nail sculpture and design supplies.                          skincare brand for retail and spa certified by Ecocert               The Andis Company founded in 1922 in the USA, is
                                                                             ) that associates the best ingredients from the sea                  a worldwide renowned manufacturer of professional
                                                                             and the botanicals and ATELIER FLOU, a perfume                       hair cutting machines, trimmers, hair drying and
  ALLIANCE                                            12B21, 12E02           brand elaborated in the highest standards of French                  styling equipment, appropriate for both beginners
                                                                             perfumery tradition.                                                 and experienced technicians.
           170027, Lokomotivniy side-street 2, Tver, Russia                                                                                       The English company of Denman is the world’s
           Tel.: (4822) 41-16-08, (495) 969-27-48                                                                                                 leading manufacturer of professional hair combs
           Fax: (4822) 72-02-81                                              AMA DORIS                                               13G44        and brushes. For over 70 years hair brushes of this
           E-mail:                                                                                                          brand have been used by all prominent hairstylists.
                                                         121248, Kutuzovskiy Ave. 13, room 3, Moscow,                   MEHAZ – hand-crafted German-made manicure and
                                                                                   Russia                                                         pedicure tools (Zolinger).
  The Alliance Trade Company is engaged mainly in                                  Tel.: (495) 741-25-61                                          State-of-the-art technologies, ergonomic design
  the manufacturing and promoting of professional                                  Tel./fax: (499) 243-17-51                                      solutions, supreme quality are the major distin-
  tools and accessories for manicure and pedicure                                  E-mail:                                   guishing features of these worldwide renowned
  technicians, beauticians and hair stylists, as well as                                                                 brands.
  expendables for beauty salons under the company’s
  proprietary trade marks of Yoko, Erika and Ellis-                          The Ama Doris Company was established in 1999 in
  Cosmetic. Our company pays extra attention to the                          Switzerland, among its founders are doctors, chem-                   ANGELOHAIR                                            12D18
  quality of manufactured goods, the product range                           ists-biocosmeticians and traditional cosmetologists.
  being regularly updated and enhanced. We maintain                          All the products, developed and manufactured in                           Novoryazanskaya Str. 2/7, Moscow, Russia
  active cooperation with the regions of Russia and                          Switzerland, are created with the use of exclusively                      Tel.: (495) 506-00-52. Fax: (495) 608-80-84
  the CIS.                                                                   premium quality vegetal ingredients. Our products                         E-mail:
                                                                             feature cutting-edge phyto biocosmeceutical tech-               
                                                                             nologies. All our products meet international stan-
  ALPIKA NPO                                                                 dards in cosmetics manufacturing including Swiss,                    The Angelohair Company presents a unique band
  (Research and Production Association)                     13C33a           EU, USA and Asia regulations. All the products are                   hair extension technology ExpressHair and a collec-
                                                                             dermatologically tested revealing no allergic reac-                  tion of high quality hand-crafted hair dressing items
           355006, Karl Marx Ave. 72/1, Stavropol, Russia                    tions in thousands of probands.                                      including fake braids, chignon pony tails, wonder
           Tel./fax: (8652) 263-855                                                                                                               locks. Available are three options of ExpressHair
           Tel.: (8652) 264-855. Fax: (8652) 271-271                                                                                              bands and wigs manufactured from Slavic, South-
           E-mail:                                            AMALINE                                                 13E42        Russian and European hair. The AngeloHair pro-
                                                                                                                           prietary technology guarantees the premium qual-
                                                                                   127030, Novoslobodskaya Str. 31, bldg. 4, room 5,              ity of hair processing and articles produced. The
  Since 1991 the company has been engaged in the                                   Moscow, Russia                                                 Angelohair studio holds training master classes.
  manufacture of liposomal cosmetics for professional                              Tel.: (495) 988-52-11. Tel./fax: (495) 988-52-11
  and retail use. The production is based on the com-                              E-mail:
  pany’s proprietary research in the field of nanotech-                                                                  ANNA BEAUTY COSMETICS                        12E12, 13F28
  nologies. The company owns 11 invention patents
  and over 25 awards for the production of high-qual-                        The AMALINE ltd. Company is the holder and the                            123557, Presnensky Val Str. 24, Moscow, Russia
  ity innovative cosmetics. Located throughout Russia                        exclusive distributor of the Amaline brand on the                         Tel.: (495) 609-37-39
  and the CIS are the company’s 24 branches. Our                             territory of Russia and abroad. Amaline is the first                      Fax: (495) 253-20-82
  product range numbers over 170 items including                             comprehensive Russian-made line of injection prep-                        E-mail:
  apparative treatment supplies, face and body care                          arations formulated with recombinant biosynthetic
  products, eye area cosmetics, hair, hand and foot                          hyaluronic acid and the BDDE ether binding hyal-                     The company presents professional cosmetic prod-
  care products. The company holds how-to work-                              uronic acid molecules into a 3Dimentional structure.                 ucts by ERIKA DAMIANI (Italy). Available is a new
  shops with a further award of a certificate, master                        The product line meets all the needs of the modern                   thermal line, SPA programmes and a vast selection
  classes and organizes consultation days.                                   cosmetologist doctor and comprises the following                     of massage products. We also offer alginate face
                                                                             preparations:                                                        and body care masks under the brand name of FAIR
                                                                             – for mesotherapy,                                                   GEL (India). A wide range of depilation products by
  Alter Ego Italy                                               12B18        – biorevitalization,                                                 DEPILFLAX (Spain). Manicure and pedicure sup-
                                                                             – contour plastics.                                                  plies, makeup cosmetics Sabrina (Spain).
           Via del Pal 7/d 35018                                                                                                                  The company offers a basic and an advanced train-
           San Martino di Lupari (PD) ITALY                                                                                                       ing course in ‘Nurse Cosmetology’, with a state-type
           Tel.: 0039 049 9988800 – 0039 049 5952089                         Amarylis                                                14B14        diploma and a qualification certificate awarded.
           Fax: 0039 049 9988809 – 0039 049 5952140                                                                                               Seminars on massage techniques by Pasquale
           E-mail:                                                125481, Fomichyovoy Str. 5, bldg. 2, Moscow,                   Cauche (France) and Pilar Correcer (Spain).
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 492-20-00, 492-02-00, 492-01-95
  Alter Ego Italy is professional hair care products,                              Fax: (495) 492-01-59                                           ANNA LOTAN                                             13F18
  exclusively for professional use.
  Distributed by the industrial group, Pettenon                              Amarylis acts as an exclusive distributor for the                         117186, Nagorny Blvd. 22, Moscow, Russia
  Cosmetici, leader in the marketing and manufactur-                         cosmetics brands of MAVALA (Switzerland), KISS                            Tel.: (495) 662-48-42
  ing of pr ofessional hair products, its “made in Italy”                    (USA), SOLOMEYA (UK). We offer professional hand                          Fax: (499) 789-16-60; (499) 122-13-47
  quality is its guarantee.                                                  and nail care products: manicure and pedicure sup-                        E-mail:
  Quality, reliability, innovation and style make Alter                      plies, accessories, nail sculpture supplies, artificial         

144                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  The PROFCOSM Company acts as an official                                   the most exacting clients. We offer all the neces-                   A&F PRO Zdoroviye is a positive life-asserting
  Russian representative of the cosmetics brands                             sary expendables for beauticians, hairdressers, nail                 magazine addressed to those who want to preserve
  ANNA LOTAN (Israel); Depil OK (Spain); VEA (Italy).                        technicians, permanent makeup technicians and                        health and beauty!
  ANNA LOTAN – Israeli-made professional cosme-                              art tattoo artists, as well as eyelash extension and
  ceutical products by ANNA LOTAN are successfully                           perming supplies. Also on offer is face and body
  employed by beauticians and cosmetologists to per-                         care cosmetology equipment. The company’s other                      ARKADIA, Laboratory of cosmetics                      13A10
  form quality care for problem facial skin, acne and                        line of business activity encompasses the organiza-
  post acne treatment, couperose, seborrhea, as well                         tion of how-to seminars for aesthetic beauticians,                        199155, Morskaya Emb. 31, St. Petersburg, Russia
  as for the treatment of hyper pigmentation lesions                         as well as training services for beauty technicians.                      Tel.: (812) 449-04-35
  and age-related skin changes.                                                                                                                        Fax: (812) 449-04-36
  Depil`OK – a full range of high quality professional                                                                                                 E-mail:
  products for wax depilation and paraffin therapy                           Aptechny Biznes (Drugstore Business)                    14G42   
  VEA – a unique therapeutic and prophylaxis treat-                                127422, Timiryazevskaya Str.1, bldg.3, Moscow,                 Luxury skincare products for professional and indi-
  ment cosmetics line developed on the basis of pure                               Russia                                                         vidual use.
  oil vitamin Е ( -tocopherol acetate), when used in                               Tel./fax: (495) 234-07-34                                      Unique vehicles based on membrane lipids, impact
  large concentrations proves efficient in treating                                E-mail:;                   on the cell level, high concentrations of active
  various dermatological and mucus conditions like                                                                                                ingredients. Chemical peels based on АНА-acids
  dermatitis, hyperkeratosis, xerosis, eczema, dry and                       Magazine ‘Aptechny Biznes’ (Drugstore Business)                      and placenta bio concentrate, a lifting programme,
  itchy skin, cheilitis, stomatitis, aphtosis and others.                    deals with pharmacy management, marketing and                        creams for the treatment of wrinkles and hyperki-
                                                                             business planning issues. The periodical also cov-                   netic lines, caolin-based masks, a line of cosmetics
                                                                             ers the issues related to sales technologies, service                for young skin, a line of eyeskin products, a line of
  Anna Slavutina, designer jewelry                              12C30        standards, personnel management, a drugstore                         anti-couperose products. Seasonal novelties: a line
                                                                             assortment, and training materials. For pharmacy                     of products for oily and combined skin under the
           Tel.: (495) 506-22-25, 507-05-41                                  managers and accountants the PHARMINFORM                             brand name of Oily, an innovation in the field of
           Fax: ( 495) 629-87-85                                             system provides statutory papers and consultations                   neurocosmetics – Sensoria serum.
           E-mail:                                         available on a CD.
                                                                                                                                                  AROGA/SOLANA                                          13D26
  Anna Slavutina represents proprietary handcrafted                          ARCOS                                                   12B04
  jewelry for ‘haut couture’ connoisseurs. The brand                                                                                                   119049, Koroviy Val Str. 7, bldg. 1, room 11-А,
  presents premium class jewelry items featuring                                   123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse Str. 22,                              Moscow, Russia
  a unique blend of meticulously selected compo-                                   Moscow, Russia                                                      Tel.: (495) 980-71-93, 980-71-94
  nents from all over the world. The company fulfils                               Tel.: (495) 941-52-10, 645-07-69                                    Fax: (495) 980-71-95
  individual orders to the customer’s specifications.                              Fax: (495) 941-08-22                                                E-mail:,
  Cooperation with the finest boutiques, best beauty                               E-mail:                               ,, www.bodysculptor.
  salons and atelier characterizes the class of the                      ,                              ru
  produce and ambitiousness of the Anna Slavutina
  Company. Apart from the catalogue items, you are                           ARCOS LLC is an official representative of the                       The AROGA Company, founded in 1993 and known
  always welcome to place an individual order for a                          German company ARCOS in Russia and the CIS.                          till 2006 under the name of SOLANA, is the largest
  tailor-made jewelry piece as a gift or an evening                          The company presents a professional hair extension                   supplier of tan industry products. The company
  dress ornament.                                                            technique by HAIR TALK from a globally renowned                      offers solaria from the world’s leading manufac-
                                                                             German company ARCOS offering polymer hair                           turers such as Alisun (Netherlands), MegaSun
                                                                             extension including band and cold techniques.                        (Germany), Ultra Tan (Sweden), Ergoline (Germany),
  ANTARES                                                       13C26        We offer a 30-minute hair extension treatment                        tanning cosmetics by Devoted Creations, Australian
                                                                             requiring no special equipment: extension strands                    Gold (USA), as well as professional maintenance
           105077, Odinnadtsataya Parkovaya Str. 24,                         with a polymer applied to them are ready for use.                    services and workshops. The company has branch-
           Moscow, Russia                                                    Available is Slavic hair evenly weighted along the                   es in all the major cities of Russia, an extensive
           Tel./fax: (495) 461-16-10, 965-61-66, 965-61-74                   entire length, plus a 5cm- allowance for a cut. One                  network of regional representatives covering more
           E-mail:                                           set of 40 strands – one client – one year of wearing                 than 40 cities.
 ,,                         (5-6 correction treatments). Correction is required
                                                         every 3 months, no chemicals, quick, simple and
                                                                             painfree treatments (the same strands are not                        AROMAJAZZ                                             13C33
  On-line store for beauticians -                         trimmed but replaced closer to the hair roots and are
  ru,                                                                        attached with the fresh polymer).                                         140180, Myasishcheva Str. 16a, Zhukovskiy,
  for private consumers -                                       The strands are attached to the hair so tightly so that                   Moscow region, Russia
  ANTARES has been acting as a supplier of cosmetics                         you should never be afraid of losing them, can be                         Tel.: (495) 778-66-82, (901) 524-15-28,
  to SPA-salons and Thalassotherapy centres since                            removed only with a special solution.                                     (901) 534-32-11
  2003. SPA-DELIGHT professional anti-age cosmet-                            A genuine German quality of hair extension!                               Fax: (496) 482-37-11
  ics and body modeling products on the basis of                             The polymer is attested with an international patent.                     E-mail:; aromajazz@
  chocolate, wine, yogurt, coffee and sea elements;                          Quality guarantee - 6 months.                                   
  THALASPA (France) Thalasso- and balneotherapy                              Sales of supplies, training services.                           
  products; AROMA-SPA (Thailand) aromatherapy,
  massage oils and hair care SPA-treatments; ban-                                                                                                 Aroma Jazz presents a range of over 200 products
  dage wraps with highly active concentrates, wax                            Arguments and the Facts                                 14G39        comprising 45 kinds of oils for face, body and decol-
  depilation and paraffin therapy supplies (Italy).                                                                                               lete treatment; solid massage oils, nail and hair care
  The best price offers for trade organizations and                                107996, Elektrozavodskaya Str. 27, bldg.4,                     oils, as well as a variety of other face, body and hair
  distributors.                                                                    Moscow, Russia                                                 care products.
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 735-44-47                                          The company also offers an entirely new product
                                                                                   E-mail:                                      which represents an utterly new dimension of
  ANTURAZH                                                      13B09                                                         professional cosmetics in the field of pedicure treat-
                                                                                                                                                  ment - KART (Israel). The preparation offers a com-
           1812 Goda Str. 9, room 66, Moscow, Russia                         Brands represented: newspapers: Argumenty I                          prehensive approach to the solution of problems of
           Tel.: (499) 148-89-85, (926) 535-35-45,                           Fakty, Health, A&F in the Country House; magazines:                  feet, diabetic feet and hands.
           (916) 713-81-20                                                   A&F about Health, A&F about Cuisine,                                 KART preparations are easy to use, highly effica-
           E-mail:                                           A&F PRO Zdoroviye (about Health) is a magazine                       cious and cost-effective.
                                                about how to take care of yourself, which is fun and
  The Anturazh Company is engaged in the complex                             A&F PRO Zdoroviye is a periodical promoting the                      Aroma-Phyts                                           13C27
  outfitting of beauty and Spa centres with equipment                        idea that health and beauty are two equal facets of a
  and expendables. High professional skills and a                            diamond the name to which is the woman.                                   117218, Krzhizhanovskiy Str. 23, bldg. 5, room 24,
  creative approach enable us to exceed the needs of                         A&F PRO Zdoroviye is an adviser!                                          Moscow, Russia

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

     Tel.: (495) 510-80-22, (499) 724-12-21                          metic products, among which are eau de colognes,                     makeup artists, beauticians, nail sculpture and
     Fax: (499) 724-21-12                                            nail polish removers, lotions; perfumes, EDT and                     design technicians. The assortment is formed in
     E-mail:,                      perfumed water, etc.).                                               consideration of beauty industry specialists. Annual,                                For more information on the company browse our                       product range enhancements. A clear pricing policy.
                                                                     website                                            Special retail terms.
PHYT‘S offers a wide gamut of 100 % natural BIO                                                                                           Contract manufacturing of Private Label brushes.
preparations approved by COSMEBIO. All the plants
used in the cosmetics are grown on ecologically                      ART COIFFURE                                            12A17
clean plantations under the close supervision of                                                                                          Artech S.r.l.                                           13D03
ECOCERT. PHYT’S professional products prove to                            109202, Orekhovo-Zuyevsky Passage 18/8,
be absolutely safe by being manufactured in indi-                         Moscow, Russia                                                        Via Lombardia, 118 Lissone (MB)
vidual ampoules to provide hygienic and highly                            Tel.: (499) 171-87-81. Fax: (499) 171-87-90                           Tel.: 0039 039 460872. Fax: 0039 039 464132
convenient personal care! The products contain no                         E-mail:                                           E-mail:
genetically modified plant ingredients, no conserv-                                                       
ing agents or dyes.
                                                                     The Art Coiffure magazine is a specialized quar-                     Artech provides contract innovative solutions which
                                                                     terly periodical addressed to hairstylists, providing                combine the manufacturing of custom-made design
AROMASHKA Trade House                                   ZOOM         a most extensive coverage of miscellaneous aspects                   furniture with the development of interior design
                                                                     of the modern hairdressing art, salon business and                   projects for Spa and Beauty Centers, Wellness
     129110, Gilyarovsky Str. 39, room 506,                          current fashion trends. The magazine is available                    and Fitness Centers, Perfumery and Cosmetics
     Moscow, Russia                                                  through subscription, at beauty salons, specialized                  Companies, Retailers, Hotels and Resorts,
     Tel./fax: (495) 681-39-64                                       stores and educational institutions for hairstylists,                Restaurants, Theatres and Auditoriums and public
     E-mail:                                       as well as at tradeshows.                                            spaces at large. Creativity, quality, innovation, and                                                Subscription index in the integrated catalogue                       state-of-the-art technology are our guidelines: a
                                                                     Pressa Rossii – 45043, in the Rospechat’ catalogue                   complete turn-key service, highly qualified skills and
We offer all the necessary supplies for professional                 ‘Gazety i Zhurnaly’ – 82399.                                         customised products to meet specific requirements
aromatherapy. Available are ingredients for the                                                                                           are our best assets.
preparation of natural cosmetic products at home
and in salon conditions.                                             Art-line NV                                             13B12
Manufacture and sale of essential and vegetal (basic)                                                                                     ARTIST COSMETIC CO.,LTD                                  14E47
oils, cosmetic ingredients, fragranced waters, avail-                     127055, Novoslobodskaya Str. 62, bldg. 20,
able both wholesale and retail.                                           Moscow, Russia                                                        NO.29, LANE 252, SAN JUN ST, SHU LIN CITY,
Free professional consultations by specialists in                         Tel.: (499) 973-31-01, 978-26-91                                      TAIPEI HSIEN, TAIWAN. 238
aromatherapy and natural cosmetics.                                       Fax: (499) 978-36-43                                                  Tel.: 886-2-26886915. Fax: 886-2-26883571
Staff training.                                                           E-mail:                                          E-mail:
                                                                                                                                          Established in 1966, we are the one of leading hair
AROMASTYLE                                              13A01        The Art-Line NV Company manufactures designer                        product manufactory in Taiwan, provides a wide
                                                                     medical wear. The company’s priority task is to pro-                 range of high quality products exclusively dedicated
     192148, Zheleznodorozhniy passage 40, bldg. 25,                 vide an individual approach to every client. A regu-                 to saloon.
     room 421, St. Petersburg, Russia                                larly updated collection currently comprises over                    Specialized in Private Label products of hair color
     Tel./ fax: (812) 560-43-91, 568-14-65                           100 items in 60 colours and shades. The ArtLine                      ,hair perm, hair
     E-mail:                                      brand is more than simply comfortable garments - it                  straightening and, hair treatment , all our products                                               is mood expressed in colour. Available are dispos-                   are formulated with bio
                                                                     able clothes, hosiery, medical footwear, souvenirs.                  and plant extracts, last innovations brand are consti-
Since 1999 the Aroma-Style Company engages in                        Our store is open seven days a week.                                 tuted by “ the KINKI
the wholesale trading of high quality essential oils,                                                                                     line” , “ the KLEO line”, “ the MAIA line”. we will
essential oil compositions, cosmetic and massage                                                                                          continue to support
oils and flower waters.                                              Art materials                                           12F44        highest quality products for all our customers.
Also on offer are professional alginate masks
for face and body care by ALGOMASK (France,                               610004, Rosa Luxemburg Str. 23, Kirov, Russia
Bretagne), available are over 35 items. Novelties:                        Tel./fax: (8332) 40-07-92                                       ASTARTE                                                 13C41
an Argana oil-based mask ‘Zhenskoye Schastye’                             E-mail:
(Woman’s Happiness), a mask with caviar proteins,                                                                  107023, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya Str. 40,
apple extract, a Bora-Bora scrub. Also available is a                                                                                           room 117, Moscow, Russia
unique line of chocolate-based products ChocoLady                         119526, Vernadsky Ave. 105, Moscow, Russia                            Tel.: (495) 768-47-35. Fax: (495) 781-63-98
which numbers over 10 items including peels,                              Tel.: (495) 785-94-12                                                 E-mail:
creams, masks, wraps.                                                     Fax: (495) 434-02-33                                                  Россия, 196084, Санкт-Петербург,
Novelty 2009: a premium-quality anti-age line of                          E-mail:                                        Московский пр., д. 103, корп. 3
lamellar-based cosmetics Woman’s Bliss formulated                                                                                               Теl.: (812) 373-30-88
to address age-related skin changes.                                      198095, Shvetsov Str. 12/2, St. Petersburg, Russia                    Fax: (812) 718-54-80
                                                                          Tel./fax: (812) 320-15-31                                             E-mail:
AROMAT                                                      РП
                                                                          630501, GNU (State Research Establishment) the                  Astarte Ltd presents on the Russian market premi-
     420022, Fatkullin Str. 7, Kazan, Tatarstan                           Siberian Department of Science Research Institute               um-quality professional cosmeceuticals:
     Tel.: (843) 278-98-90, 293-54-06                                     for Forages affiliated with the Russian Agriculture             - ELDAN cosmetics (Switzerland/Italy), featuring
     Fax: (843) 293-54-16                                                 Academy, room 249, Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsky                     over 150
     E-mail:                                       region, Russia                                                  modern pluripotential preparations covering all                                                     Tel./fax: (383) 348-68-20                                       domains of professional aesthetic face and body
                                                                          E-mail:                                care. Available are over 30 programs. The products
The Aromat Open Joint-Stock Company is a leading                                                                                          are presented in both salon and individual packag-
Russian manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetic                            09110, Skvirskoye Shosse 31, Belaya Tserkov,                    ing;
products.                                                                 Kievsky region, Ukraine                                         - Charmelle elite fashion jewellery;
Highly qualified personnel, the best raw materials,                       Tel.: +7 (38-050) 260-19-02                                     - Luxurious French-made makeup cosmetics by
state-of-the-art technologies and equipment make                          Fax: +7 (38-044) 361-59-95                                      ‘Astarte. Paris’.
it possible to produce up to 47mln vials annually.                        E-mail:,                                Held on a regular basis are presentations, master
The Aromat factory engages in the following                                                              classes and workshops for both specialists and
domains:                                                                                                                                  trainees.
– contract manufacturing of perfumery and cosmet-                    Manufacture of professional cosmetic brushes                         Regular assortment updating. Direct supplies.
ics;                                                                 under the brand name of M-Art. Our product range,                    Affordable prices. A flexible discount system.
– manufacture of proprietary perfumery and cos-                      comprising over 100 items, includes: brushes for                     Delivery services.

146                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U    T         E   X   H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  ASTORIYA COSMETIK                                             12B09        ATELIER DE PRODUCTIONS                                                PLATINUM Collection presents exquisite stylish nail
                                                                             AROMATIQUES / A.P.A.                                     14C33        varnishes, as well as nail care products and makeup
           105066, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str. 35, bldg.                                                                                         cosmetics.
           64, Moscow, Russia                                                      ZA LA FESTRE SUD - ROUTE DE GRASSE – 06530
           Tel./fax: (495) 983-33-55                                               ST CEZAIRE SUR SIAGNE - FRANCE
           E-mail: info@                                           Tel.: + Fax: +                 Australian Cosmetics                                 13A09
                                                                                                                             109316, Ostapovskiy passage 3, bldg. 6/7, room
  ASTORIYA COSMETIK LLC acts as the exclusive                                                                                                           106, Moscow, Russia
  representative of professional hair care cosmetics                         Atelier de Productions Aromatiques (A.P.A.), located                       Tel./fax: (495) 665-61-09
  under the brand names of Hair Company (Italy),                             near Grasse, is a specialist creator and manufacturer                      E-mail:
  Periche Profesional (Spain), Screen Professional                           of compounds for the perfume industry.                           
  (Italy), electro-operated equipment by Akka (Italy)                        A.P.A. is a team of experienced professionals spe-
  and Ollin Hair Cosmetik (Russia). The company’s                            cializing in fragrances for different application as                  The company acts as the exclusive distributor for
  official distributors operate throughout Russia.                           perfumes, cosmetics (skin care, soaps, shampoos),                     Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals (Australia). The brand
  Professional service, pricing policy and the prod-                         house products (airfreshner, candles….), household                    offers a line of cosmeceuticals for individual use
  ucts’ high quality enable our company to succeed                           and technical detergents.                                             positioned between traditional face and body care
  on Russia’s professional market.                                           80% of our production is exported out of the                          and salon treatment.
                                                                             European Union.

  ASTORN                                                        12F32                                                                              Australian Gold Europe/ Armas Europe                 13F38
                                                                             Atmosphere of Beauty, magazine                           14G26
           111024, Dushinskaya Str. 7, Moscow, Russia                                                                                                   P.O. Box 30, NL-1723 ZG Noord Scharwoude,
           Tel.: (495) 785-03-69. Fax: (495) 362-80-92                             123995, Ulitsa 1905 Goda Str. 7, bldg.1, Moscow,                     The Netherlands
                                                            Russia                                                               Tel. : 0031(0)226 343500
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 781-47-33. Fax: (495) 781-47-37                          Fax.: 0031 (0)226 344043
  The Astorn Company, founded in 1997, is one of the                               E-mail:,                           E-mail:
  leading suppliers on the Russian market of haberdash-                                                                 
  ery goods from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic
  and Korea. The company has an extensive network                            The ‘Atmosphere of Beauty and Health: professional                    Stimulating Success in Tanning Business. Australian
  of representatives, with the wholesale trade being the                     advice’ edition is devoted to the cosmetic industry                   Gold® is the #1 indoor tanning lotion in USA and
  company’s priority line of business activity.                              and aesthetic medicine.                                               Europe and a leading brand in Russia. Armas
  Always available is a vast and regularly updated                           Aesthetic medicine professionals, among which are                     is the only authorised European distributor for
  assortment of manicure and pedicure supplies,                              distinguished surgeons, renowned dermatocosmetolo-                    the Australian Gold® brands, including Swedish
  makeup products, as well as an extensive selection                         gists and large distributors of professional cosmetics,               Beauty® and Cheers. As a market leader with a
  of hair combs and brushes; mirrors and much more.                          in a simple comprehensible language tell their readers                selective network we stand for top quality indoor
  Invariably best prices and quality!                                        – as the end consumers of professional aesthetic ser-                 and outdoor tanning lotions, dedicated promotional
                                                                             vices - about the most interesting cosmetic novelties                 support, excellent service and training that will bring
                                                                             and most effective beauty treatments.                                 your tanning business and sales to the next level.
  ASTRAEA                                                       13C13

           125171, Pyatiy Voykovskiy passage 28, floor 6,                    ATTIRANCE                                                14B04        AVS-Medservice                                        13E17
           Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (495) 925-51-62. Fax: (499) 150-52-63                             125167, Leningradsky Ave. 37, bldg. 6,                               115582, Kashirskoye Shosse 122, Moscow, Russia
           E-mail:                            room 1066, Moscow, Russia                                            Тел./факс: (495) 988-91-99
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 950-22-00. Fax: (495) 950-22-05                          E-mail:
  LIPOCEUTICAL (new!) – a wide range of profession-                                E-mail:                                  
  al nano preparations by MEDIDERMA/SESDERMA/                            
  SESVALIA/DIETSES – surface and medium chemi-                                                                                                     The company provides direct supplies of high-qual-
  cal peels (38 varieties); chemical peel additives;                         The ATTIRANCE Company is one of the leading                           ity professional equipment and furniture for health-
  dermatological preparations for pre- and post- peel                        manufacturers of natural hand-crafted cosmetics in                    care centres, SPA studios and beauty salons from
  treatment.                                                                 Europe. Our product range comprises a vast selec-                     European and Asian manufacturers. Our cosmetolo-
  KEENWELL – professional face and body care                                 tion of fragranced soap, toning balls, bath milks and                 gy equipment range includes thermolifting systems,
  preparations.                                                              salts, bath foam, essential and massage oils, scrubs,                 cavitation and roll-vacuum massage devices. Also
  INSTITUTE BCN – non-injection mesotherapy equip-                           body yogurts, scented waters, shampoos and liquid                     available are classical ultrasound and microcurrent
  ment and preparations (electroporation).                                   soap. All the products are hand crafted from natural                  therapy equipment, as well as photo depilation and
  ALTAMARINE – algae and mud wraps                                           ingredients by highly skilled technicians. We never                   rejuvenation systems (IPL, ELOS), etc. We develop
  ZIMBERLAND – professional hair treatments                                  stop in our search for new products. The company                      and implement comprehensive ‘turn-key’outfitting
                                                                             keeps developing new hand and foot care creams,                       solutions for medical centres, provide training ser-
                                                                             body lotions, scented candles and much more.                          vices for technical and medical personnel, as well as
  AstrumFarm                                                    13G16        Provided to our partners is assistance in launching                   warranty services.
                                                                             their specialty shops under the franchising system,
           123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse 32а, Moscow,                        offering our original products or simply marketing
           Russia                                                            natural cosmetic products in your home regions.                       AXEL SRL                                             12C05
           Tel.: (495) 926-08-32. Fax: (495) 915-75-68                       Partners are welcome!
           E-mail:                                      For more information welcome to check out our                              VIA C. COLOMBO 8
                                                  website:                                                 Tel.: +39 0331 1770554
                                                                                                                                                        Fax: +39 0331 1770181
  The AstrumFarm Company acts as the exclusive                                                                                                          E-mail:
  distributor of hair and scalp treatment prepara-                           AURELIA                                                  12E01   
  tions by REGENE ‘DERBE S.R.L.’ (Italy), DELTA BKB
  ‘DELTA BKB laboratory cosmetici’ (Italy) in Russia,                              Tel./fax: (495) 504-14-39
  the Baltics and the CIS.                                                         E-mail:                                    AYNA                                                 13G72
  The preparations prove effective for the treatment                     
  of all types of alopecia in both men and women,                                                                                                       191119, Ligovskiy Lane 56г, room 306,
  completely eliminating dandruff and seborrhea                              The AURELIA Company presents on the Russian                                St. Petersburg, Russia
  symptoms.                                                                  market the brands of AURELIA and PLATINUM                                  Tel.: (812) 915-34-18. Tel./fax: (812) 764-43-35
  AstrumFarm also acts as an exclusive distributor of                        Collection.                                                                E-mail:
  the children’s cosmetics line SERES BABY ‘DERBE                            AURELIA offers high-quality nail varnishes reflecting all        
  S.R.L.’ (Italy) formulated with natural vegetal ingre-                     most up-to-date fashion trends and meeting require-
  dients, and a line of anti-louse products by DERBE                         ments of the cosmetics market, as well as nail care                   AYNA. Depilation and bikini design PHYTORESIN. Several
  S.R.L. (Italy).                                                            products featuring innovative ingredient compositions.                sorts of phyto resin for manual application and heatable.

148                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  Post depilation skin care products: hair growth                            of creating high quality and at the same time cost-                  A women’s magazine about a healthy and beauti-
  inhibitors, anti-inflammatory gel.                                         efficient make-up cosmetics featuring various fash-                  ful life. The magazine represents a specific guide
  Instruction video- and DVD-manuals, bikini design                          ion styles ranging from classical to vanguard trends.                through the market of beauty services, addressing
  stencils.                                                                  The manufactured goods meet international quality                    a broad audience of female readers. Available on a
  Beauty care equipment. Myostimulation                                      standards and enjoy the ISO 9002:2000 standard                       monthly basis are more than 1 500 advertisements,
  (MIORITM-040-16),         microcurrent   therapy                           certificates.                                                        as well as feature stories, specialists’ comments,
  (ELFOR-К), iontophresis, ionic mesotherapy, gal-                           Our product range encompasses an extensive color                     helpful hints and suggestions.
  vanic cleansing, BAROLASER lymphatic drainage, a                           selection of cosmetics including lip sticks, lip gloss,
  three-section thermal blanket.                                             eye shadows, as well as cosmetic sets and eye lin-
                                                                             ers, powder, both compact and loose, nail polishes                   BEAUTY SOLUTIONS                                      12D01
                                                                             and much more.
           B                                                                                                                                           125319, Chasovaya Str. 5а, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                                                                       Tel./fax: (495) 585-11-60
                                                                             BAUER MEDIA                                             14A47             E-mail:
  BALANCE Cosmetic Group                                        13D22                                                                        ,
                                                                                   127015, Vyatskaya Str. 49, bldg. 2, Moscow,
           119415, Vernadsky Ave. 37, bldg. 2, room 215,                           Russia                                                         The BEAUTY SOLUTIONS Company represents a
           Moscow, Russia                                                          Tel.: (495) 974-73-83. Fax: (495) 974-79-00                    group of nail business professionals. We cooperate
           Tel./fax: (495) 938-93-75, 938-93-93                                    E-mail: Prokopieva@                              with leading American nail trade marks, such as
           E-mail:                                                                              NUBAR and PRECISION, offering a range of new-
                                                                                                                   generation nail care products. We offer a compre-
                                                                             Bauer Media Group is an international media hold-                    hensive selection of premium- and economy class
  JANSSEN COSMECEUTICAL (Germany) – the leader                               ing, one of the leaders among Europe’s largest                       professional nail and skin care products. All polishes
  of the Russian professional cosmetics market. The                          publishing companies.                                                and other supplies under these brands contain no
  most ample selection of face and body care prod-                           Bauer Media in Russia:                                               Toluene, formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate or paraben
  ucts, SPA- and Wellness- therapy preparations.                             – covers a readership of 30mln people every month.                   preservatives. Among our clients are professional
  How-to seminars, advanced training programs,                               – rates among the three largest publishing houses                    stores, beauty salons and training centres through-
  beauty salon and SPA equipment.                                            according to the questionnaire data.                                 out Russia.
  SOTHYS (France) – one of the leading brands in the                         – rates #1 in the overall circulation of non-commer-
  field of professional premium class cosmetics. A full                      cial editions.
  range of face and body care supplies, a luxurious                          – owns the most extensive dealer network enabling                    BEAUTYWORLD-PROFI                                      13F24
  SPA-collection. Training.                                                  over 250 direct communications with the client.
  RENEVE (Monaco) – a cosmeceutical brand of active                          Bauer Media brands: Stars’ Secrets, ‘Woman’s                              125319, Usiyevich Str. 8а, Moscow, Russia
  therapy. Last-generation high-efficiency products                          Planet’, ‘All for the Woman’, ‘Easy. Tasty.’, ‘People’s                   Tel.: (495) 661-49-60, 661-70-76
  and programs designed to address any facial and                            advice’, BRAVO, ‘Oracle’, 777 and over 40 other                           Fax: (499) 155-76-04
  body skin problems.                                                        mass publications.                                                        Самара, тел.: (846) 277-06-08
  LA BIOSTHETIQUE (France) –a luxe class brand                                                                                                         E-mail:
  offering an exclusive hair coloring and styling con-                                                                                       
  cept, as well as hair and scalp treatment, innovative                      Beauty Art School Sim Sensitive, Market                 12B22
  face and body skin preparations.                                                                                                                The BEAUTYWORLD-PROFI Company presents on
                                                                                   105066, Baumanskaya Str. 6, Moscow, Russia                     the Russian market beauty care equipment, cosmet-
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 755-94-08. Fax: (499) 504-42-64                    ic products, solarium lamps from leading European
  Baltic Group                                                  14F02                                                    and US manufacturers.
                                                                                                                                                  CosmeStar: RF systems, ultrasound and photothera-
           199106, Nalichnaya Str. 6, room 58,                               Miscellaneous instruction courses, seminars, panel                   py equipment for cellulite treatment, body sculpture,
           St. Petersburg, Russia                                            discussions, trainings make the Beauty Art School                    face and body lifting treatments, PPL depilation
           Tel.: (812) 320-76-77. Fax: (812) 320-76-78                       Sim Sensitive particularly popular among profes-                     systems (Switzerland and USA).
           E-mail:                               sionals. Proprietary schooling programs and semi-                    BOTYCOS – anti-age cosmetics formulated on the
                                                 nars make BAS classes attention-grabbing and                         basis of highly active components ensuring a visible
                                                                             memorable for the audience. Of particular interest                   result, as well as a prophylaxis effect on the still
  We supply raw materials to manufacturers of cos-                           are master classes ‘Vecherniye Prichoski’ (Evening                   young skin.
  metics, perfumery, household chemicals and phar-                           Hair Styles), ‘Prichoski’ (Hairdos), ‘Koloristika’                   Jamaica Touch – professional instant tan cosmetics
  maceuticals. The company acts as the exclusive                             (Color styling) where trainees have an opportu-                      from Germany, 10 years on the Russian market. This
  distributor for: PQ Silicas UK (silicon dioxides for                       nity to practice today’s exclusive techniques and                    year novelty: tanning and moisturizing products on
  tooth pastes, scrubs, soap; anti-caking agents, des-                       approaches. Not to be overlooked is our unique                       the basis of hyaluron acid.
  iccants); Worlee Cosmetics (vegetable oils, essen-                         course ‘Seminars on scalp problems’ which enjoys                     Available all brands of professional solarium lamps .
  tial oils, active ingredients (squalan), nano-emul-                        great popularity not only with professional hairstyl-
  sions, plasticizers), we also distribute for: Symrise                      ists but also with practicing doctors.
  (Germany) – cosmetic raw materials, scents, syn-                                                                                                BECKER-MANICURE                                        14E11
  thetic aroma chemicals); Henry Lamotte (fat oils),
  Sensient Inc. (dyes); R.C. Treatt (UK)– essential oils,                    BEAUTY & CARE                                           13G58             Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str.22, D-42655 Solingen/
  synthetic aroma chemicals), TINCI (China) – non-                                                                                                     Germany
  aggressive surfactants, high efficiency preserva-                                115088, Yuzhnoportovaya Str. 32, bldg. 11,                          Tel.: +49-212/223340. Fax: +49-212/2233421
  tives, solution stabilizers, anti-dandruff agents, hair                          Moscow, Russia                                                      E-mail:
  styling products, cationic conditioners, silicones,                              Tel.: (499) 408-05-42/39. Tel./fax: (495) 632-01-22       
  emulators, natural methylglycoside derivatives.                                                                  Beauty salon instruments, devises, cosmetic acces-
                                                                                                                                                  sories, manicure & pedicure, nail care products, first
                                                                             Manufacture of disposable linen: sheets, tissues,                    class shaving items & shaving cosmetic
  BARIS KOSMETIK                                                14C05        towels, single-use robes, pelerines, peignoirs, bikini
                                                                             slips, slippers. Wholesale and retail sales of dispos-
           142105, p. o. box 26,                                             able expendables for beauty salons and hairdressing                  Beijing KIERS Science & Technology Co.,Ltd 14C34
           Business Centre ‘AEROBUS’, Moscow, Russia                         studios: foil, collars, cotton pads, caps, masks,
           Tel.: (495) 778-50-13, 778-72-61, 778-50-13,                      gloves, etc.                                                              3F, Bldg 1,No 10 Jia, Ruisai Science&Technology
           972-45-04                                                                                                                                   Zone,BDA,China
           Fax: (495) 661-31-36                                                                                                                        Tel.: 86-10-67872445. Fax: 86-10-67869445
           E-mail:,                    Beauty & Health, magazine                  14G35                          E-mail:
 ,, www.mmadonna.                                                                                    
           ru                                                                      123007, Khoroshevskoye Shosse Str. 32а,
                                                                                   Moscow, Russia                                                 Beijing KIERS Science & Technology Co., Ltd was
  The BARIS KOSMETIK LLC manufactures make-up                                      Tel.: (495) 980-5360. Fax: (495) 980 5361                      found in 1999, is a professional manufacturer
  cosmetics and nail varnishes.                                                    E-mail:                                          for beauty, health care and medical equipments.
  The company’s concept is based on the principle                                                                           For many years development and growth , KIERS

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T     A    L     O    G     U     E

already built up its own professional R&D center,                    The company has its branches in numerous cities                      and home fragrances (aromacology). Hair removal
products cover technologies of RF, Laser, ultra-                     throughout Russia. New regional dealers are still                    and cavitation equipment. Innovative cosmetics and
sound, vacuum, micro-current, and mechanical                         welcome.                                                             technologies for home treatment. Special anti-aging
rolling massages.                                                                                                                         treatments with ultimate technologies.
KIERS sell products worldwide and win very good
market reputation with its excellent quality and ser-                BEZA Familia                                            13C23
vices. Besides, we are also open to discuss custom                                                                                        BIOKOLOR MAKE-UP s.r.l.                                  14E12
solutions for ODM agreements, to provide whole                            Sporto str. 8 – 77, Vilnius, Lithuania
solutions for distributors, beauty salons.                                Tel.: +370 5 2732799. Fax: +370 5 2700090                             VIA CANONICA 79/A LOC. GEROMINA
                                                                          E-mail:                                                 Tel.: +39 0363 590011. Fax: +39 0363 590212
BELGATES, Foreign Enterprise                            14B33
                                                                     Health and beauty news from Japan represents                         BIOKOLOR MAKE-UP is a dynamic contract manu-
     225320, Melezh Str. 5/1, room 504, Minsk,                       Lithuanian company – BEZA. Patented shape cor-                       facturer of make-up and skin-care products. The
     Byelorussia                                                     recting underwear – covered in the applications of                   company manufactures the finished product, takes
     Tel./ fax: (375-17) 288-37-24                                   roses which consist of natural metals and minerals                   care of the packaging and guarantees tailor-made
     E-mail:                                        reduce body size by 6cm in a few weeks. Lifting                      full service, besides offering bulk supplies. Quality                                              brush – made by titane and tourmaline rejuvenate                     matched only by our creativity, originality and close
                                                                     face in 10 years. Antiaging body Detox SPA device-                   attention to market and consumer trends. Biokolor
                                                                     cleans the body with negative ion electrolysis ther-                 Make-Up is always ready to respond to the most
BELKOSMEX                                               14B06        apy, which helps remove toxins not only from a few                   innovative and specific market demands through
                                                                     body parts, but from each cell in our body.                          new certifications guaranteeing top quality prod-
     220072, Pavel Brovka Str.19, Minsk, Byelorussia                                                                                      ucts and services: Ecocert & FDA certification, ISO
     Tel.: +375-17-284-04-05. Fax: +375-17-284-11-44                                                                                      9001:2008; medical device (ISO 1348:2004).
     E-mail:                                       BIELITA                                                 14A08
                                                                          220089, Dekabristov Str. 29а, Minsk,                            Biologique Concept                                      13D08
A successful Belarusian Company Belkosmex pres-                           Republic of Belarus
ents a collection of sophisticated face, body and                         Tel.: (8-10-375-17) 222-79-99                                         121069, Skatertny lane 8, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
hair care cosmetics featuring a refined combination                       Fax: (8-10-375-17) 222-93-68                                          Tel.: (495) 690-36-77
of nature gifts, state-of-the-art technologies and our                    E-mail:                                      Tel./fax: (495) 690-11-17
specialists’ know-how. Our product range comprises                                                                       E-mail:
over 160 original items. The products are marketed                                                                                    
throughout CIS, Middle Asia, Caucasian and Baltic                    Brands represented: BIELITA, VITEX. Belarusian
countries, as well as in Serbia, Canada, and the USA.                companies BIELITA and VITEX are among the                            Biologique Concept acts as an official distribu-
The company provides customs clearing services, a                    acknowledged leaders in the field of manufacturing                   tor of exclusive French-made line of professional
full package of accompanying documents, how-to                       cosmetics and hair care preparations including a                     cosmetics by Biologique Recherche, a universally
seminars, selection of an optimum product range for                  vast range of professional supplies for hairstyling                  recognized brand which explains the success of
various markets and a discount system.                               and cosmetic salons.                                                 elite beauty salons L’Ambassade de la Beaute – The
                                                                     Today BIELITA and VITEX produce over 500 items of                    Embassy of Beauty.
                                                                     miscellaneous cosmetic products.                                     BR stands for a meticulously elaborated and
Belle Craft Manufacturing Co., Limited                 14A07b        Cosmetic preparations under the trade marks of                       balanced line which was created by professional
                                                                     Bielita and Vitex enjoy great popularity among                       cosmetologists as an alternative to plastic sur-
     21/F, New World Tower1, 18 Queen’s Road Central,                consumers in Russia, Armenia, the Baltic countries,                  gery thus allowing to solve any cosmetic skin
     HK                                                              Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, the Check Republic,                    lesions. The line numbers over 100 highly active
     Tel.: 8620-38888026. Fax: 8620-38888076                         Canada, the USA and other countries of far and near                  face, body and hair care preparations featuring
     E-mail:                             abroad.                                                              maximum concentrations of active ingredients                                                                                                                   (40-70%): extracts of rare plants, algae, plankton,
                                                                                                                                          silk cocoons, vitamins, fruit acids and other high-
Belle Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been devot-                   BIOBEAUTY                                      13A25, ZOOM           performance components.
ing herself to producting high-quality cosmetic                                                                                           Not to be overlooked are mesotherapeutic coctails
packaging. She has a large scope of products which                        141006, Sharapovskiy Lane 2, Mytitshi,                          by BR (face&body), as well as a unique Remodeling
contain not only glass perfume bottles, lotion bottles                    Moscow region, Russia                                           Face system having no counterparts in the world.
and cosmetic jars, but also various components like                       Tel.: (495) 686-15-67                                           The system is designed to reinforce and prolong the
surlyn caps, plastic caps, metal jackets, atomizers                       E-mail:                                       action of cosmetic preparations, affecting deeper
and so on.                                                                                                                                skin layers. A 10 treatment course by RF allows
Quality, innovation and service are our philosophy.                  Biobeauty is the largest exclusive distributor of pow-               to achieve superb results comparable to those
                                                                     der cosmetics under the brand names of Biobeauty,                    obtained through a contour plastics surgery.
                                                                     Sekret Krasoty (Beauty Secret) and Tekhnologii                       At the tradeshow the company is to present 11 new
Belli Capelli                                           12D09        Omolozheniya (Rejuvenation Technologies).                            products by Biologique Recherche.
                                                                     These unique cosmetic products are formulated
     Vtoroy Verkhniy Mikhaylovsky Lane 1, Moscow,                    exclusively with minerals of volcanic origin and
     Russia                                                          herbs containing no synthetic components.                            BIOMEDICINA                                             13G12
     Tel.: (495) 646-64-96, 926-09-92                                The product range includes deep cleansing prod-
     Fax: (495) 633-02-27, 958-1874                                  ucts, masks, shampoo masks, hair colours, spa                              Bolshaya Maryinskaya Str. 2, Moscow, Russia
     E-mail:                                    compositions for wrap treatments etc.                                      Tel.: (495) 609-64-91. Fax: (495) 602-39-85                                             Our products command a ready market, the demand                            E-mail:
                                                                     for them incessantly growing every year both with                
Belli Capelli stands for:                                            ordinary consumers and professional beauticians.
- a company engaged in the processing and market-                                                                                         The BIOMEDITSINA International Society represents
ing of natural hair, guaranteeing the best price-and-                                                                                     on the Russian market LEOREX™ (Israel), an original
quality correlation.                                                 Biocharme srl – srl                           13C20        cosmetic brand featuring essentially new, not yet
- a manufacturer of hair extension equipment, imple-                                                                                      replicated, cosmetic care treatments which received
ments and accessories.                                                    Via Bacchelli, 20 – 46045                                       a highly positive response with specialists.
- a training centre providing qualifications in hair                      Marengo di Marmirolo (MN) - Italy                               The main distinction of the LEOREX brand from
extension techniques (the Italian apparative and the                      Tel.: +39 0376 294000. Fax: +39 0376 294002                     other cosmetic trade marks is that the products are
cold glue system).                                                        E-mail:                                     formulated on the basis of the self organized matrix
Belli Capelli is the first company that specializes                                        of silex nanoparticles (SiO2 - 10 9). The LEOREX
exclusively in the Russian hair coming in two lines –                                                                                     remarkable action mechanism is explained by the
the Slavic hair line ‘Lux hair’ and the South Russian                Cosmetics and technologies for wellness centers                      silex nanoparticle properties yielding tremendous
hair line ‘Сlassic hair. The hair extensions are avail-              and spas. Massage candles, revolutionary wellbeing                   results in the correction of age-related skin changes
able on keratin capsules, in tresses or in plain locks.              therapy (Welltherapy Massage). Scented candles                       and anti-acne treatment.

150                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  BIONAVTIKA                                                     F&B              Tel.: 82-41-583-2002. Fax: 82-2-583-3434                        products. The season 2005-2006 represented a nour-
                                                                                                                       ishing cucumber mask for dry dehydrated and weak
           109004, Bolshoy Drovyanoy Lane 8/1,                                                                                                    nails; moisturizing strengthening nail gel; nail varnish
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         super dryer, Complex 7 – one of the best products in
           Tel.: (495) 915-79-98. Fax: (495) 984-74-00                       BODYLINE                                                13A16        its group in terms of the strength of impact on the nail
           E-mail:                                                                                                              plate. The season 2006–2007 was marked by four
                                                       121353, Skolkovskoye Shosse 31, bldg. 2,                        more novelties: a nail conditioner; a cuticle conditioner;
                                                                                  Moscow, Russia                                                  a cuticle remover; and a ‘bite if you like’ preparation to
  BIONAVTIKA is a young company, founded with the                                 Tel./fax: (495) 980-61-53                                       help you break the annoying nail biting habit, as well
  purpose of distributing in Russia natural-based prod-                           E-mail:                                        as a strengthener ‘ultra plus’, a therapeutic preparation
  ucts accredited with the BIO certificate (ECOCERT,                                                                         formulated to fortify weak nails and boost their natural
  France). We present leaders of the French market,                                                                                               growth function.
  among which are FLORAME (1; 2), САTTIER (1),                               Our products are developed by the LACOTE s.r.l.                      A new launch of the season 2007–2008: a triple action
  ECODOO (4). Our products are addressed to those                            research laboratory on the basis of sea algae and                    Reanim+ Complex, a repair preparation designed for
  who care about their health and preservation of                            natural ingredients formulated as a highly effica-                   post- nail extension treatment. The Reanim+ Complex
  natural beauty; who are aware of the fact that they                        cious complex for anti-cellulite treatment.                          consisting of 3 mutually complementary preparations
  are also part of the BIO world (the word BIO comes                         The professional lines of the GUAM and SAMAR                         was formulated to provide a comprehensive restoration
  from the Latin word denoting ‘Life’). Our offer is for                     brands comprise face, body and hair care products.                   treatment stimulating the rehabilitation of the natural
  those who find it crucial to combine impeccable                            Held on a regular basis are how-to, educational                      nail and cuticle growth function in the damaged and
  quality, efficiency and pleasure from the use of the                       and regional guest seminars for beauticians and                      fragile nail plate after removing artificial nails or nail
  products with high level of production and consum-                         massage specialists with a further award of the                      extensions. The action of the complex is based on the
  mation aesthetics                                                          certificate.                                                         principles of intensive moisturizing, profound rehabili-
                                                                                                                                                  tation, regeneration and thickening of the natural nail
                                                                                                                                                  horn tissue, as well as a powerful vitaminization of the
  BIO SCULPTURE RUSSIA                                          12E08        BOHEMA                                                  12D32        nail bed and cuticle.
                                                                                                                                                  Novelties 2009/2010 are presented by several prod-
           171545, Varshavskoye Shosse 129, bldg. 2,                              118434, Profsoyuznaya Str. 20, room 4, Moscow,                  ucts among which are: ‘STIMULATOR OF THE
           room 509, Moscow, Russia                                               Russia                                                          ACCELERATED GROWTH OF RETARDED NAILS’ – its
           Tel.: (495) 315-15-65, (499) 271-88-60,                                Tel.: (927) 814-17-42                                           scientifically developed and well-balanced formula
           (962) 949-22-22                                                        E-mail:                                      ensures a fast and deep penetration of the prepara-
           Fax: (495) 315-16-83                                                                                            tion into the nail tissue, moisturizing and promoting
           E-mail:,                                                                                                       an accelerated growth of strong and healthy nails;
                                            Bohema is the first line on the Russian market to                    ‘BRITTLE NAIL REGENERATOR’ – regenerates and
                                               present formaldehyde- and toluene-free nail care                     repairs the horn tissue of the brittle nail, restruc-
                                                                             products offering you the most tender care for your                  tures ridged and brittle nails while moisturizing and
  Bio Sculpture Russia represents the Bio Sculpture                          nails while featuring the supreme quality competi-                   strengthening the nail plate; ‘POLISH REMOVING
  brand in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Armenia and                         tive with that of the most expensive and prestigious                 AND NAIL STRENGTHENING COMPLEX’ – an ace-
  Kazakhstan, and holds the exclusive rights for the                         brands renowned both in Russia and abroad.                           tone-free product featuring a precise combination
  distribution of the unique Bio Sculpture Gel and                           Bohema products are designed to be used both in                      of components and oils which enables not only to
  training in the following programmes:                                      professional salons and at home.                                     remove the nail varnish but also moisturize the nail
  Advanced training for practicing technicians in the                        Bohema helped many women to restore their nails                      cuticle. The complex promotes an intensive growth
  Bio Sculpture Gel system;                                                  and enjoy real results.                                              of healthy and strong nails. The complex is avail-
  Basic training for technicians who have done a basic                       Our web-site:                                              able in 75ml and 30ml vials; Acetone-free ‘POLISH
  or a complete manicure course;                                                                                                                  REMOVING TISSUES’ provide a fast, easy and a
  Advanced training for the tutoring staff;                                                                                                       convenient way of removing nail polish from all the
  Advanced training seminars for the technicians                             BOLEAR MEDICA Co.                                        F&B         ten nails with the use of only one tissue. The product
  already experienced in working with the Bio                                                                                                     doesn’t lead to almost any whiteness or yellowness,
  Sculpture Gel.                                                                  115201, Kashirsky passage 13, Moscow, Russia                    no dry nail sensations.
                                                                                  Tel./fax: (495) 787-92-68                                       Umnoye Maslo (‘Smart Oil’) – a line of preparations
                                                                                  E-mail:                                          formulated with unique natural oils derived from
  Biosthetique Studio                                           12C01                                                      rare plants grown exclusively in natural geographical
                                                                                                                                                  locations specific for this or that particular species,
           119415, Vernadskiy Ave. 37, bldg. 2, room 132,                    The BOLEAR MEDICA Company is a leading Russian                       as well as their organic derivatives. A gentle impact
           Moscow, Russia                                                    distributor of health and beauty care products. We                   of the oils onto the nail horn tissue and the cuticle
           Tel.: (495) 938-93-73. Tel./fax: (495) 938-93-63                  offer: a mineral-based odorant DeoIce, cosmetic                      together with a powerful therapeutic and invigorat-
           E-mail:                                    and therapeutic plasters Extraplast and Luxplast,                    ing effect is to retrieve the nails’ natural and healthy
                                              medical wear Viva, aerosol products Alpina Plast,                    looks. The product proves especially effective when
                                                                             sports fixing bandages STIL, thermoactive hot-water                  used in a complex with the ‘Smart Enamel’ products.
  The Biosthetique Studio Company presents pro-                              bottles BodiHeat.                                                    Top quality, moderate prices, effective therapeutic
  fessional premium-quality French-made cosmetics                            Beauty salons, pharmacy shops and wholesale com-                     impact made products by Frenchi Products, Inc.
  by LA BIOSTHETIQUE which has been retaining                                panies are welcome as partners.                                      (USA) a real hit on Russia’s and CIS’s cosmetics
  unyielding positions on the western market for 40                                                                                               markets, making them at the same time vulnerable
  years by now. The brand introduces an exclusive                                                                                                 to rough and disreputable imitating and copying.
  concept for the creation of the perfect beauty com-                        Bomis-Trade                                             14B18
  prising hair colouring and perming products, hair
  and scalp care products, styling cosmetics; hair and                            105064, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya Str. 22, bldg.                Bomtech Electronics Co., Ltd                          14E29
  scalp care products, face and body care prepara-                                1, Moscow, Russia
  tions, as well as an extensive palette of luxurious                             Tel.: (499) 256-85-60. Fax: (499) 259-26-00                          3F, Yeon-san Bldg., 1547-15, Seocho-dong,
  makeup cosmetics. Unique salon treatment tech-                                  E-mail:,                           Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea.
  niques, training.                                                                                                            Tel.: 82-2-523-8295. Fax: 82-2-523-8297
  Beauty salons and regional representatives are wel-                                                                                        
  come as partners.                                                          Bomis-Trade has been operating on the nail market
  The company provides marketing and advertising                             for over 10 years! Bomis-Trade LLC acts as an
  support, trade equipment. We also hold professional                        official exclusive representative of the FRENCHI                     BONOXA                                               13G05a
  seminars with an international diploma awarded.                            PRODUCTS, Inc. (USA) in Russia.
  A system of cumulative and wholesale discounts.                            Smart Enamel is the best known and currently the                          119313, Leninsky Ave. 88, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
                                                                             only collection on the Russian cosmetics market                           Tel.: (985) 763-84-20. Fax: (499) 131-11-64
                                                                             embracing the most complete range of nail and                             E-mail:
  BNX KOREA CO., LTD                                            14E33        cuticle care items. Smart Enamel is the symbol of               ,
                                                                             healthy and beautiful nails.
           6F CHEONGBONG BLDG, ORYONG-DONG,                                  FRENCHI PRODUCTS, Inc. is a lways abreast with the                   TheBONOXA company is an exclusive importer and
           CHEONAN-CITY, CHUNGNAM, KOREA                                     time and keeps enhancing its collections with new                    supplier of cosmetic and hygiene supplies by European

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

brands. EROL Energy (Switzerland) – a trade mark of                  Business Factory Consulting Group                       13B29        ment of our team for the formulation, the marketing
cosmetics especially designed for medical clinics and                                                                                     and design make the excellence of made in France
beauty salons, offering also post-treatment skin care                     Sadovo-Samotyochnaya Str. 13, room 44,                          EVOLUDERM products.
cosmetic preparations, as well as hair and scalp care                     Moscow, Russia                                                  The trademark EVOLUDERM is distributed in more
products. SixtuMed (Germany) – a line of specialized                      Tel.: (495) 798 93 03                                           than 1000 retail outlets such as hypermarket, super-
skincare hygienic preparations for people suffering                       E-mail:                                        market, discount shops and para-pharmacies all
from diabetes, the products are available exclusively                                                          over the world EEC, North Africa, West Africa, Near
through pharmacy stores.                                                                                                                  & Middle East, Asia, East Countries
                                                                     Business Factory Consulting Group provides assis-
                                                                     tance in setting up your own beauty business,
Borisova O.N. 13G36                                                  launching a SPA centre, a clinic or a fitness studio, a              CAFLON Ltd.                                              13F25
                                                                     drugstore or other business in the field of public ser-
     105062, ul. Pokrovka, 33/22, bldg. 2, apartment 14              vices. We offer both regular and extra-mural training                      125239, Koptevskaya Str. 67, bldg. 1, room 206,
     Moscow, Russia                                                  for beginners in the salon and Spa businesses, as                          Moscow, Russia
     Tel./fax: (495) 917-0294                                        well as courses for managers and administrators.                           Tel.: (495) 729-75-34. Fax: (495) 663-30-69
     E-mail:                                          Welcome to our IKS discussion club (an on-line club                        E-mail:
                                                                     of beauty salons).                                               
Piercing tools and accessories. Earring and ear                      Business Factory is a union of independent consul-
piercing guns from Studex.                                           tants providing a comprehensive expert assistance                    Caflon Ltd. (England) is one of the best-known
Downtown located office in Moscow.                                   throughout the entire beauty business development                    manufacturers of unique ear piercing equipment.
Discounts for wholesale customers.                                   cycle, whether in the launching phase of elaborat-                   The company’s official representative in Russia is
                                                                     ing a business plan and design engineering, or the                   Caflon Ltd. Caflon offers hypoallergic medical needle
                                                                     creation of management systems and advertising                       earrings; a piercing gun allowing to perform instant
BOTANIKA                                                    РП       support. Our skills and expertise will help the begin-               bloodless piercing for fast healing of the puncture
                                                                     ners get assimilated in the business environment                     spot; as well as disinfectants and curatives, as well
     115201, Vtoroy Kotlyakovsky Side-Street 1, room                 and avoid mistakes during the initial period, which                  as an extensive collection of jewellery.
     220, Moscow, Russia                                             will translate into future success and prosperity of                 Caflon – your professional choice!
     Tel./Fax: (495) 651-63-34                                       your salon business.
     E-mail:                                                                                                                Calutte                                                     З/У
                                                                     Butik2.0, social shopping network                       14G43
Botanika LLC is one of the largest companies in the                                                                                             Tsvi Berger Str 9, Petah Tikva, Israel
field of aromatherapy. The company specializes in                         Potapovsky Lane 8/12, Moscow, Russia                                  Tel.: +972544931519, +972772013753
manufacturing 100% natural essential and vegetal                          Tel.: (495) 627-56-20. Fax: (495) 627-53-27                           Fax: +972773452120
cold-pressed fat oils offering a product range of over                    E-mail:                                                  E-mail:,,
350 items. The company’s own in-house production                                                               
facilities enable it to fulfill the orders within short                                                                               
periods of time.                                                     Butik 2.0 is a social shopping network. It is a com-
We offer beneficial cooperation terms to you!                        mon practice that we need independent advice on a                    The international company Calutte presents new
                                                                     new dress, haircut, or our looks in general. We unite                trends and preparation technologies for classic,
                                                                     people who are ready to share their experience, give                 European, hardware and SPA manicure and foot
BRELIL PROFESSIONAL                                     12B28        advice and help make the right choice.                               care. The products, developed in compliance with
                                                                     True shopaholics are our target audience. According                  weather conditions of various countries, as well
     109029, Nizhegorodskaya Str. 32, bldg. 15, room                 to the survey conducted by Gallup our site is fre-                   as individual nail and skin particularities, meet the
     707, Moscow, Russia                                             quented by a female audience in the age category                     highest quality standards, cause no allergic reac-
     Tel./fax: (495) 287-40-28 (multi-line)                          from 18 to 34, leading an active life style and enjoy-               tions. The products have been attested with both
     E-mail:                            ing an income above average. Monthly Reach is                        Russian and Israeli cetificates.
     197701, Kropotkina Str. 11, bldg. А,                            387.0 thousand hits throughout Russia, and 185.1
     St. Petersburg, Russia                                          thousand in Moscow по Москве.
     Tel.: (812) 498-16-28                                                                                                                CAMPO RESEARCH USA INC                                   14F08
                                                                          C                                                                     LEVEL 31, 6 BATTERY ROAD, SINGAPORE 049909
                                                                                                                                                Tel.: (+65) 63833203. Fax: (+65) 63834034
Brelil Professional stands for one of the most inno-                                                                                            E-mail:
vative Italian brands of professional cosmetics. The                 C&B Products Inc.                                       14A37    
brand’s success lies in the fact that the company’s
technologists managed to offer not just hair care                         Rm. 301 Youngbin Plaza, 1562-4 Jungsan-Dong,                    Campo Research manufactures Cosmetic Natural
and hair colouring products, but a meticulously                           Ilsandong-Gu, Koyang-Si, Kyungki-Do, Korea                      Active Ingredients under CAMPO brand@
elaborated and verified technology of stable and safe                     Tel.: 82-31-976-9880                                            which are handled directly for distribution to the
coloring. Colour stability is one of the most signifi-                    Fax: 82-31-976-9881                                             Cosmetic Skin care and Hair care industries manu-
cant indicators of the quality of both the colour itself        ,                     facturers and cosmetic houses by agents and by
and the colouring formula in general.                                                                                                     Campo associates in Europe, Asia, North and South
                                                                     C2J/EVOLUDERM                                           14B32        Campo undertakes worldwide Research &
BRIGHT VISION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.                      14E43                                                                             Development for new natural ingredients discovery
                                                                          99/101 RUE DE LA BONGARDE                                       programs on custom basis for new therapeutic
     NO.52, FONG CHANG ST., NANTUEN CHIU,                                 Tel.: 33 1 47 90 78 78. Fax: 33 1 47 90 47 36                   cosmetic and topical actives from natural sources.
     TAICHUNG 40877, TAIWAN                                               E-mail:
     Tel.: (886) 4-23801768. Fax: (886) 4-23801770              
     E-mail:                                                                                                    CASMARA COSMETICS SA                                     13E12                                           C2J is a French company which develops, manu-
                                                                     factures and distributes exclusively its own brand                         C/ CUENCA 87, 46970 Alaqu s – Valencia – SPAIN
We are a full service manufacturer of quality packag-                EVOLUDERM. A brand name, immediately seen,                                 Tel.: + 34 961 501 999. Fax: + 34 961 509 613
ing for cosmetics.                                                   acknowledged, and very attractive for everybody.                           E-mail:
We produce bottles, lipsticks, mascara, lip gloss,                   Year after year we reinforced foundation of our main             
eyeliner, compacts containers, etc in many different                 activity: The manufacture of good quality personal
types of plastic such as SAN, PP, PET, PETG, etc.                    care products.                                                       Casmara Cosmetics is a dermocosmetic labora-
Our service includes product developing, mold                        Innovating permanently to answer the growing                         tory for the research and development of upmarket
building, printing options, special finishes, custom                 demands of consumers:                                                cosmeceuticals.
molds & product filling.                                             New smells, new shapes, new packaging, respect of                    We are market pioneers: producing cosmetics of
For a comprehensive list of our products, please                     the environment….                                                    such a high quality and performance. The secret
access to our website                          Our high demand on the raw materials, the involve-                   is formulation. An accurate concentration of every

152                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  active ingredient and the high-tech research carried                       natural eyelashes much longer, thicker and denser!                   CHARM CLEO COSMETIC                                   13A15
  out by our chemical & pharmaceutical engineers.                            (USA)
  The star product: our masks, unique in the market.                         – Silly Stuff, hair crystals, Swarovski crystals                          350059, Onezhskaya Str. 35, Krasnodar, Russia
  Our catalogue offers a full range of cosmetic solu-                        (Netherlands); the crystals are easily attached to the                    Tel.: (861) 231-36-54. Tel./fax: (861) 231-38-00
  tions in facial and body product lines.                                    hair with no use of glue, wax or heat (Netherlands);                      E-mail:
  Quality is our aim.                                                        – All Season Nails, nail sculpture accessories, as              
  Casmara does care for your beauty and well-being…                          well as nail, hand and foot care products (USA);
  for you…                                                                   – Cina, nail design crystals (USA).                                  CHARM CLEO COSMETIC Research and Production
                                                                                                                                                  Laboratory engages in the development of cosmetic
                                                                                                                                                  formulas and manufactures high quality cosmetics
  CATALYSIS-LQ                                                   F&B         Center of Aromatherapy IRIS                             13B23        for retail and professional use. The products are
                                                                                                                                                  produced on the basis of biologically active natural
           107076, Preobrazhenskaya Str. 5/7, Moscow,                             117420, Novocheryomushkinskaya Str. 60, bldg. 2,                components and new effective kinds of raw materi-
           Russia                                                                 Moscow, Russia                                                  als. Our exclusive cosmetic products are protected
           Tel.: (495) 749-57-26. Tel./fax: (495) 964-47-00                       Tel./fax: (495) 331-64-66                                       by patents and enjoy several awards. Our enterprise
           E-mail:                                          E-mail:                                     is attested in compliance with the ISO 9001 stan-
                                                                               dards as meeting the cosmetics development and
                                                                                                                                                  production requirements.
  High efficiency of the Catalysis, S.L. products                            The IRIS aromatherapy center is an expert in the
  (Spain) is achieved through the use of a unique                            field of professional aromatherapy and the founder
  technique of the molecular activation of original                          of the professional aromatherapy domain in Russia                    CHARMDISTRIBUTION                                     12C19
  components and natural ecologically-sound high-                            and the CIS. We dispose of research-and-production
  activity raw materials.                                                    facilities, training and methodological, as well as                       107113, Malenkovskaya Str. 32, bldg. 2а,
  This year Catalysis, S.L. presents on the Russian                          practice basis for professional aromatherapy.                             Moscow, Russia
  market a new line of molecular active dermacos-                            Our centre creates complex technologies and                               Tel./fax: (495) 748-63-60
  metics designed to address all major aesthetic skin                        training programmes for specialists of rehabilita-                        E-mail:
  lesions: anti-pigmentation products, anti scar and                         tion and aesthetic medicine. We engage in the                   
  striae preparations, anti-acne treatments and elite                        manufacture of aromatherapy preparations to
  anti-age treatments.                                                       be used in cosmetology and medicine. Available                       CHARMDISTRIBUTION LLC is a multi-brand com-
                                                                             are about 400 items of essential and basic oils,                     pany and acts as a distributor of professional
                                                                             therapeutic and cosmetic formulas for face, body,                    US-made hair, face and body care cosmetics under
  CATTIER LABORATORY                                            14C29        hair and nail treatment.                                             the brands of SexyHair and Nioxin, as well as profes-
                                                                                                                                                  sional Japanese-made scissors Takai, Fanout on the
           31 AVENUE DE LA SIBELLE                                                                                                                territory of Russia, CIS and the Baltics.
           Tel.: 00 33 1 53 62 23 34. Fax: 00 33 1 53 62 20 34               CERIOTTI SRL                                            12C11        We offer new technologies. The company also holds
           E-mail:                                                                                             seminars and master classes for professionals.
                                              VIA MOSCOVA 21 20017 RHO (MI) ITALY
                                                                                  Tel.: 0039/0293561413. Fax: 0039/0293561646
  Since its creation, the CATTIER Laboratory of Natural                           E-mail:                                        CHEMRUS                                                    РП
  Cosmetology has placed its considerable know-how                      
  and expertise in service of beauty and well-being.                                                                                                   193079, Novosyolov Str. 8, St. Petrsburg, Russia
  Environmentally friendly and wishing to share with                         Ceriotti is one of the worlwide leading company                           Tel./fax: (812) 441-36-47
  consumers the multiple benefits of Nature, without                         in the fieldwork of electrical items and furniture                        E-mail:,
  harming it, Cattier laboratory has designed a range                        for hairdressers. Ceriotti provides the professional            
  of Organic Beauty, Hygiene and Care products that                          operator of hair with the widest range of products
  are natural, gentle, pleasant and effective.                               for his work: Hair and Handryers, Climazones,                        The CHEMRUS Company is a Russian manufacturer
                                                                             Steamers, Sterilizers, Working and Washing                           of cosmetics and household chemicals. The com-
                                                                             units, Chairs and Receprion furnitures. The whole                    pany creates high-performance products formulated
  CAZCARRA IMAGE GROUP                                          13E10        Ceriotti’s collection is manufactured in Italy, exclu-               with natural ingredients on the basis of state-of-the-
                                                                             sively using Italian or at least European compo-                     art production technologies. The company enjoys 17
           FRANCESC TEIXID 26, 08918 , BADALONA, SPAIN                       nents, which makes of its range one the highest                      years of operating experience on the Russian market
           Tel.: 0034 93 511 81 43. Fax: 0034 93 303 48 61                   for quality and reliability on nowadays world                        and is well-known as a manufacturer of high quality
           E-mail:                                market. Besides, the continuous efforts aiming at                    products. Currently our product range contains over
                                                   innovations and research, marked its unmistakable                    150 items, among which is an aromatic cosmetic
                                                                             profile, which has been enriching more and more                      line ‘Spa Travel’, a line of children’s cosmetics under
  The best biggest academy of Spain and wide range                           over the years, allowing to reach today’s presence                   the Smeshariki brand, the nail care series by Dr.
  of profesional make-up products. Our product lines                         on all of the 5 continents’ markets.                                 Nail, FEDORA, Chisty Dom (Clean Home) and a line
  are Ten Image ( Make-up line ), Fashion Nails ( Nials                                                                                           of cleaning products and detergents ‘Ulitka’ (Snail).
  line ), FX make-up secrets ( Make up line for special
  effects) and Permanent Image ( Micropigmentation,                          CHANTE BEAUTY                                           14B06
  Tattoo, piercing)                                                                                                                               Clarena Polska Sp. z o.o. sp. Komandytowa             14B15
                                                                                  115088, Ugreshskaya Str. 2, bldg. 32, Moscow,
                                                                                  Russia                                                               50-361 Wroclaw, Kleczkowska st. 45
  CBS                                                           12D06             Tel.: (495) 781-68-13, 781-68-14                                     Tel.: (+4871) 328 07 11 ext. 137
                                                                                  Fax: (495) 781-68-18, 781-68-19                                      Fax: (+4871) 723 49 84
           115114, Letnikovskaya Str. 6а, Moscow, Russia                          E-mail:                                               E-mail:
           Tel./fax: (495) 790-70-71                                                                                  
                                                  The Chante Beauty Company is one of the leading                      Clarena Polska operates on professional cosmetic
                                                                             Russian manufacturers of cosmetics and household                     market over 10 years. We offer 4 leading on polish
  The CBS Company presents on the Russian market                             chemicals. The company’s multiple brands including                   market brands:
  worldwide renowned and popular brands such as:                             ‘Znakhar’, ‘Narodniye Retsepty’, ‘Strana Skazok’,                    RUBICA – modern devices for beauty treatments
  – JESSICA, a line of therapeutic natural nail care                         ‘Kaltsedent’, Biodom and Aime enjoy great popular-                   like e.g. face lifting, ultra sonic, mesotherapy,
  products, the JESSICA manicure system (USA);                               ity and command a ready market with the Russian                      microgermabrasion, RF
  – CUCCIO, a professional manicure and pedicure                             consumer.                                                            CLARENA – high quality professional cosmetics
  Spa line. The products’ advantages are high con-                           A proficient pricing policy and a systematic approach                CLARENA SPA – modern solutions for SPA
  centrations of active ingredients containing natural                       to the work with each partner maintain the compa-                    MARIPOSA NAIL – exclusive nail styling
  aromatic oils and plant extracts (USA);                                    ny’s sales records up. We offer the most beneficial                  We are producer and distributor operating on
  – Xtended Beauty, a line of eyelash extension sup-                         terms for all marketing channels.                                    European markets. We treat our customers individu-
  plies (USA);                                                               By creating products which meet consumer needs                       ally offering them not only products but also market-
  – RevitaLash, a therapeutic eyelash treatment prod-                        we create an environment to enable our partners’                     ing support, trainings, and “know-how”.
  uct, the innovative cosmetic development makes                             businesses grow and thrive.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

CLOVERMED                                               13A04        The GM System LL Company acts as the exclusive                       BOTH IN BULK AND READY IN CUSTOMER’S
                                                                     distributor of professional cosmetics under the                      PACKAGING.
     121099, Novy Arbat Str. 34, bldg. 1, Moscow,                    German brand of CNC and a representative of the                       IN 2002 THE PRODUCTION PLANT OBTAINED THE
     Russia                                                          French company of Beauty Med. CNC offers highly                      UNI EN ISO 9001-VISION 2000 CERTIFICATION.
     Tel.: (495) 787-17-72. Fax: (495) 605-76-65                     efficacious cosmeceutical preparations, therapeutic
     E-mail:                                       lines for the problem skin treatment, anti-age and                                                moisturizing series; as well as whitening and regen-                 Constanta Med                                  12B03, 13F14
                                                                     eration systems.
Mentor (USA) – Hyalite dermal filler.                                New launches: hydrogel technologies, nanocosmet-                           140180, Latskov Str. 1, Zhukovskiy,
New Youth (USA) – 70% (рH 0,6) glycolic peel caus-                   ics, preparations with phytoestrogens etc. Beauty                          Moscow region, Russia
ing no allergic reactions or irritations.                            Med: face and body care SPA treatments including                           Tel.: (495) 223-26-27, 556-69-10
Jalupro-Proglyme (Italy) – biorevitalization prod-                   algae and plastifying wraps, anti-cellulite and other                      Fax: (495) 223-26-27
ucts. A technique of natural skin lesions correction                 programmes.                                                                E-mail:
based on aminoacid substitution therapy.                                                                                              
SCI WEGHEN (Switzerland) –5-10% retinoic acid
masks.                                                               CNI CORPORATION                                         12C04        Constanta Med has been for over 18 years providing
Cosmedix (USA) – techniques developed on the                                                                                              its services in comprehensive outfitting of beauty
basis of chirally correct ingredients – a new dimen-                      350020, Odesskaya Str. 41, Krasnodar, Russia                    and health establishments in Russia and the CIS.
sion in surface and medium peels.                                         Tel.: (861) 215-65-00, 215-65-01, 215-65-02                     Currently the company’s product range comprises:
LENDAN (Spain) – a face and body care cosmetics line.                     E-mail:                                             • hairdressing furniture and accessories;
NeoStrata (USA) – a series of skincare products with                                                                  • beauty care equipment;
alpha-oxyacids and polyoxyacids proving efficient in                                                                                      • apparative cosmetology;
combating visible signs of skin ageing, also used for                Brands represented: CNI-NSP                                          • intelligent cosmetology (systems of liquid gas
the treatment of various dermatological conditions.                  The CNI Corporation is the largest nail service                      skin treatment, photopneumatic depilation and skin
                                                                     enterprise.                                                          rejuvenation systems).
                                                                     CNI-NSP - the first Russian company for the produc-                  Constanta Med offers supplies from renowned
CLR Chemisches Laboratorium                                          tion of premium quality nail care supplies.                          European and world manufacturers.
Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH                                   14D20        - training centres for nail technicians in Russia and
     Bennigsenstrasse 25, 12159 Berlin / Germany                     - specialized nail salons in Russia and abroad (the                  COSMACTIVE                                              13D30
     Tel.: +49 (0)30 85 10 26 0. Fax: +49 (0)30 85 10                nail salon situated in Krasnodar is the largest one
     26 85                                                           available in Russia).                                                      119048, Usachyov Str. 1, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia                                      - specialty nail stores in Russia and abroad.                              Tel.: (495) 542-99-99; 937-30-13                                              - in-house production of furniture for beauty salons                       Fax: (495) 542-99-94
                                                                     and nail studios.                                                          E-mail:,
CLR is an independent German company founded                         - research and production laboratory engaged in                  
1926 in Berlin which develops innovative and effi-                   the development of new nail care techniques and                  
cient cosmetic concepts for high-quality actives for                 technologies.
skin and hair care.                                                  - branches in Russia and abroad.                                     Cosmactive LLC acts as an official representative
Our main activities are Research & Development,                                                                                           of professional cosmetics brand as follows: RVB
production and sales of biologically active cosmetic                                                                                      (Italy), COSMACTIVE, HANORAH (Italy), MARBERT
ingredients with a distribution to more than 90 coun-                Comair Germany GmbH                                     14E13        (Germany).
tries worldwide.                                                                                                                          Cosmactive cooperates with large regional dealers,
                                                                          Karstr.70 41069 Munchengladbach                                 beauty salons, SPA centres and Beauty Institutes
                                                                          Tel.: 49 2161 4952314. Fax: 49 2161 832176                      in Moscow. Held on a weekly basis are free work-
CLUBSANTE                                               13F12             E-mail:                               shops, with a qualification certificate awarded on
                                                                                                          accomplishing the course.
     115191, Vtoraya Roshchinskaya Str. 4, room 225,                                                                                      Regional representatives and beauty salons are
     Moscow, Russia                                                  Comair Germany GmbH is one of largest suppliers                      welcome as partners. Provided are favourable coop-
     Tel.: (495) 411-90-71. Fax: (495) 649-34-32                     of hairdressing articles in the world, with a product                eration terms, a flexible discount system, a powerful
     E-mail:                                     range of over 10.000 different articles.                             advertising support through professional periodicals                                                From hairbrushes to electric shavers to the equip-                   and via mass media, as well as a full range of free
                                                                     ment for a complete salon - we can supply you with                   promotion materials (testers, posters, probe items,
The Taste and Health Club Company has operated                       a full range of quality hairdressing accessories and                 CDs, booklets, methodological manuals). Also orga-
on the Russian market for over 8 years. The com-                     equipment. Our excellent solutions and product                       nized are guest seminars in Moscow and regions.
pany specializes mainly in medical equipment, such                   ideas are based on the real needs of hairdressers.
as Korean-made lymphordainage systems Mark,                          We incorporate the latest innovations and technol-
Doctor Life, Limphatron and Japanese-made foot                       ogy. Not only do we include the latest developments,                 CosmEl                                                  13B14
acupuncture massage systems by Marutaka. This                        we also help to shape them. The aim of our company
cost-efficient and high-quality equipment for both                   has always been customer satisfaction. Our compre-                         119047, Rossolimo Str. 17, Moscow, Russia
home and professional use has gained a well-earned                   hensive service, our ability to deliver quickly, and                       Tel.: (495) 971-10-43. Fax: (495) 245-20-75
reputation among Russian customers.                                  a range of articles which is unsurpassed, make us                          E-mail:
The company acts as the exclusive dealer of all                      a competent and reliable partner for all aspects of              
the above stated systems on the territory of the                     hairdressing.
Russia and provides delivery services throughout                                                                                          Brands represented: RENEW (professional line), Vita
the country.                                                                                                                              Activa (retail line).
We also engage in outfitting hospitals, clinics,                     CONFALONIERI MATITE SRL                                 14E14        Cosmetics by Renew and Vita Activa serve as a
and beauty salons with professional therapeutic                                                                                           bright example of unique high-performance natural
and rehabilitation equipment. Wholesale and retail                        VIA AL PIANO – ZONA INDUSTRIALE – 23020                         cosmetics formulated in compliance with the clas-
offers.                                                                   GORDONA (SONDRIO) ITALY                                         sic cosmetology principles with the use of modern
Regional dealers from Russia and CIS are welcome.                         Tel.: +39 0343 42011                                            biotechnology products.
                                                                          Fax: +39 0343 42000                                             The two brands have been developed by the
                                                                          E-mail:                      O.S.A.Cosmetics Laboratory (Israel) and are manu-
CNC (Creative Nature Cosmetics),                                                                   factured exclusively at the company’s own plant in
Beauty Med                                             13E38a                                                                             Israel. All the products are certified.
                                                                     CONFALONIERI MATITE SRL OPERATES IN ITALY                            Competitive advantages:
     109028, Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky Lane 3а, bldg. 1,               PRODUCING MAKE-UP UNDER     PRIVATE LABEL:                           - guaranteed durable treatment results;
     Moscow, Russia                                                  COSMETIC PENCILS, LIPSTICKS, LIPGLOSS,                               - a variety of treatment programs designed to
     Tel.: (495) 935-85-63, 8-926-914-94-03                          MASCARA, LIQUID CONCEALERS, FOUNDATION,                              address a most diversified range of cosmetic prob-
     Fax: (495) 980-71-99                                            CREAMY PERFUME, MELTED EARTH AND CREAMY                              lems;
     E-mail:                                  EYESHADOW.                                                           - therapeutically oriented cosmetics;,                  ALL THE ABOVE LISTED ITEMS CAN BE BOUGHT                             - natural ingredient composition;

154                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  - high concentrations of active components;                                Eastern Asia.                                                        featuring supreme US-made quality at reasonable
  - affordable treatment costs.                                              Also available are Japanese-made scissors by a                       prices.
                                                                             well-known brand Akashi distinguished for its mod-                   We also distribute cosmetics under the brands of
                                                                             erate prices and supreme quality, as well as a new                   KIKI and EL CORAZON.
  COSMETICS & MEDICINE, Publishing House                        13A32        Italian brand of hair brushes and hair colouring                     CREOM Cosmeceuticals Laboratory
                                                                             brushes by Riff. All the novelties are to be found at                105187, Okruzhnoy Lane 30а, Moscow, Russia
           117342, Butlerov Str. 17б, room 341, Moscow,                      our website.                                                         Tel.: (495) 974-62-82
           Russia                                                                                                                                 E-mail:,
           Tel./fax: (495) 777-54-67                                                                                                    
           E-mail:                                         Creative Media                                          14G34        CREOM immunocosmetics is an innovative system
                                                                                                                        developed on the basis of comprehensive Swiss
                                                                                  129226, Dokukin Str. 16, bldg.3, Moscow, Russia                 skincare technologies featuring an entirely and
  The COSMETICS & MEDICINE publishing house,                                      Tel.: (495) 988-91-30. Fax: (495) 988-91-31                     fundamentally new approach different from that of
  founded in 1997, publishes specialized vocational                                                                   traditional cosmetic products. Natural components,
  literature on cosmetology, organizes professional                                                                                               including a biologically active complex ‘Bioacticum’
  events for beauty specialists.                                             Media Group ‘Creative Media’, founded by Irina                       with salmon milt DNA and Х-proteins offerin g a
  Our periodicals:                                                           Silayeva in March, 2006, currently publishes the                     huge potential in immunology, stimulate the func-
  - Cosmetics&Medicine– research and practice, as                            following periodicals: ‘Lichny Byudjet’ (Personal                    tions of the skin immune system encouraging the
  well as analytical publications on experimental and                        Bedget) (55 000 copies, including a St. Petersburg                   cellular activity.
  practical cosmetology.                                                     edition ‘Lichny Byudjet. St. Petersburg’ (15 000                     BIOSUR – French-made Bio organic cosmetics
  - Hardware cosmetology and physiotherapy –                                 copies), ‘Lichny Byudjet. Ural’ (10 000 copies),                     and personal care products for the entire family.
  applied information for beauticians and aesthetic                          ‘Zhenskiye Sekrety’ (Women’s Secrets) (120 000                       The products provide gentle care for all skin types
  surgeons.                                                                  copies), ‘Pokhudey!’ (Slim) (178 500 copies),                        offering an especially caring treatment to the sensi-
  - Peels – peeling techniques
       ..                                                                    ‘Prigotov’ (Cook)( 50 000 copies).                                   tive skin.
  - SOFW-Journal (a Russian version) – raw materials                         Creative Media also includes the following web proj-
  and technologies for the production of cosmetics                           ects:,, www.
  and household chemicals.                                          ‘Financial Consultations Centre
                                                                             affiliated with the ‘Lichny Byudjet’ magazine and
                                                                             the Media Business School.
                                                                                                                      DAKOTA                                                14A03
  COSMO SERVICE snc                                             12C07
                                                                                                                            109316, Volgogradsky Ave. 28, bldg. 2, Moscow,
           S.S 18 KM 443 + 290, 89851 VENA DI IONADI (VV)                                                        Russia
           Tel.: +39 0963 26 58 14                                                                                          Tel.: (495) 987-46-50. Fax: (495) 987-46-51
           Fax: +39 0963 26 39 36                                                                                                                      E-mail:
           E-mail: MARKETING@COSMOSERVICEGROUP.IT                                                                                            
           WWW.COSMOSERVICEGROUP.IT                                          CREDO-CAPITAL PRODUCTION                                14C03
                                                                                                                                                  The Dakota LLC Company, acting as an official dis-
  COSMO SERVICE deals with professional hair cos-                                 4000, Maria Louisa Blvd. 64, room 5, Plovdiv,                   tributor for the French company Jean
  metics by providing the market with a                                           Bulgaria                                                        Jacques Vivier, has been operating on the Russian
  Wide range of colouring, restoring, styling and                                 Tel.: (359) 32-620-524. Fax: (359) 32-620-516                   perfumery market for over 15 years.
  restyling products made in Italy.                                               E-mail:                                  The company engages in wholesale merchandizing
  Our target is to create top quality products for the                                                             of mass- and mid-market French-made perfumes
  particular needs of today’s society, by                                                                                                         and EDT, offering a vast selection of toilet waters
  Helping hairdressers look after the beauty and well-                       CREDO-CAPITAL is one of the most successful and                      and perfumes by Karl Antony, Max Deville, Cindy
  being of women’s and men’s hair.                                           rapidly developing companies engaged in the manu-                    C. and others.
  COSMO SERVICE is founded on two main priciples                             facture and promotion of cosmetic and hygiene
  YOU & US                                                                   products. We never stop in our search of perfection
  Let’s built it together!                                                   creating new products featuring top quality and cut-                 DALILA STYLE                                          12A20
                                                                             ting-edge technologies. We do our utmost to make
                                                                             our produce of maximum appeal to our partners in                          109012, Bolshoy Cherkassky lane 2/10, entrance 1,
  Coswel International Co., Ltd                                 14E40        19 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle                      room 425, Moscow, Russia
                                                                             East and the CIS.                                                         Tel.: (495) 778-03-60, 500-92-26, 628-80-55
           1600-6, Hyunchion-Ri, Toonne-Myun, Hyeogsung-                     The company presents the following trade marks:                           Tel./fax: (495) 628-80-55
           kun, Kangwon-Do, Korea                                            Fantasy Flirt (hair colors, hair care products, body                      E-mail:
           Tel.: 82-33-344-6511. Fax: 82-33-344-6512                         care cosmetics, sanitary pads and tampons, cotton               
                                                  pads and swabs, wet wipes);
                                                                             Normal Clinique (sanitary pads, cotton pads and                      We are engaged in marketing hair extension supplies
                                                                             swabs);                                                              from So.Cap.Original (Italy) and Rueber (Spain). The
  CREATIV                                                       12B15        Lilit Baby (baby care cosmetic and hygiene products                  company provides training in all hair extension tech-
                                                                             );                                                                   niques and offers hair extension services.
           398046, Merkulov Str. 29а, Lipetsk, Russia                        men Agressia (cosmetics for men).                                    Also on offer is a wide range of ready products from
           Tel./fax: (4742) 24-00-88, 24-01-27, 24-01-28                                                                                          human and artificial hair - wigs, chignons, clip-in
           E-mail:                                                                                                            strands. Also available is a comprehensive range of
                                                    CREDO-P                                                 14C18        hair extension supplies.
                                                                                                                                                  Most beneficial terms for wholesalers!
  CREATIV LLC is an official Russian representative of                            Novoostapovskaya Str. 5, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia
  the Italian industrial holding manufacturing profes-                            Tel./fax: (495) 287-85-43
  sional electric hairdressing equipment under the                                E-mail:                                        DANCE LEGEND                                          12C06
  brand name of Exclusive.                                              
  For hair stylists –to work with a hair dryer or hair                                                                                                 107076, Bogorodsky Val Str. 3, Moscow, Russia
  straightener by Exclusive is comfortable and pres-                         The Credo-P Company has been for over 14                                  Tel./fax: (495) 964-98-63
  tigious.                                                                   years operating on the Russian cosmetics market.                          E-mail:
  For distributors – a warehouse of spare parts, ser-                        Currently we present a number of exclusive cos-                 
  vice centres in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh,                          metic lines, as follows:
  Lipetsk and 64 other cities throughout Russia.                             Chatte Noire (Russia) – a line of make-up cosmet-                    We offer DANCE LEGEND professional nail polishes.
  High quality and new models are among major                                ics featuring the most advanced ingredients and                      Our exclusive lines: Confetti, ТОР for dark-cloured
  strong points of this Italian brand. Our prices are an                     technologies;                                                        varnishes, Shining Gold and Shining Silver, multi-
  assurance for your prosperity.                                             Ottie (S. Korea) – skincare and make-up cosmet-                      STAR; a range of enamels featuring a selection of
  Presented this year is a new brand Riff offering                           ics formulated with natural vegetal extracts and                     90 colours; Siyayushaya Raduga (Shining rainbow)
  high quality state-of-the-art electric equipment at                        medicinal herbs;                                                     holographic varnishes, a series of pedicure var-
  reasonable prices manufactured at works in South-                          Lori Anne (USA) – a line of make-up cosmetics                        nishes with tea tree oil. Nail-art supplies: varnishes,

156                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  nail art glitters, gel and acryl pigments.                                 equipment for permanent make-up, anti-allergenic                     DEKOR PLUS is a rapidly developing company,
  The OLBO nail products company offers its services                         pigments, produced from 100% mineral ingredi-                        being one of the leaders in the field of make-up
  to beauty salons and nail studios as a contract man-                       ents, a line of pre- and post- treatment creams for                  cosmetics, engaged in the distribution of the whole
  ufacturer of Private Label professional varnishes.                         permanent makeup procedures, spare parts and                         range of mass-market make-up products on the
  The minimum order quantity is 100 vials, a colour                          expendables for pigmentation, make-up cosmetics                      basis of exclusive deals with the manufacturing
  range of 400 shades. All the products are certified.                       and a system of anti-ageing creams.                                  companies at the prices untypically low for the
                                                                             De La Cos provides training in professional perma-                   Russian perfumery and cosmetics market.
                                                                             nent make-up design by the Ri-soft®lining system                     Currently the DEKOR PLUS Company acts as a Russian
  DARSONVAL.RU                                                  13G64        and holds how-to master classes for cosmetologists                   representative of such renowned trade marks as:
                                                                             in using the Dead Sea cosmetics.                                     – Line Marvel (France),
           123103, Parshin Str. 16, room 229, Moscow,                                                                                             – Stefani corsotti (Italy),
           Russia                                                                                                                                 – Viva (Luxembourg),
           Tel.: (495) 514-75-62. Fax: (499) 728-62-46                       De Laurier                                              14A02        – Marya K (PRC).
                                                         140180, Dzerzhinsky Str. 7, Zhukovsky, Moscow
                                                                                   region, Russia                                                 DELITA                                                 14F20
  DARSONVAL.RU (SMP LLC) develops and manufac-                                     Tel./fax: (495) 981-03-60
  turers cosmetology equipment, among which is the                                 E-mail:                                           83054, Poligraficheskaya Str. 14, Donetsk, Ukrain
  DARSONVAL DE-212CARAT system (professional                                                                                 Tel./fax: (38-062) 305-76-97
  portable Darsonval system for hospitals, salons                                                                                                      E-mail:
  and individual use). DARSONVAL DE-212CARAT is                              Our company offers wholesale supplies of natural                ,
  used to treat acne conditions, hair loss, cellulite,                       hand-crafted products with an aromatherapy effect:
  lines, ostheohondrosis, varicose veins lesions etc.                        soap blocks and bars, bath bombs, excellent scrubs                   Delita LLC is one of the leading manufacturers
  Wholesale and retail offers.                                               and lotions, shower gels, etc.                                       of wet wipes and wet toilet tissue in the Ukraine.
                                                                             The goods on offer are manufactured in Belgium and                   Currently the company presents the following trade
                                                                             feature supreme quality. The minimum order quan-                     marks: ‘Nezabudki’ (Forget-me-nots), ‘Ladushki’
  DAT KON                                                   12C03a           tity is in the sum of 10 thousand rubles. Delivery                   and ‘Floriya’.
                                                                             within Moscow.                                                       The products are produced from high quality soft
           119602, Akademik Anokhin Str. 38, bldg. 1,                                                                                             spanlace and airlaid fabric saturated with natural
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         vegetal extracts.
           Tel./fax: (495) 315-29-57                                         Deadiva S.r.l.                                                       The company also offers Private Label services.
                                                                                   Via Montegolico, 164 21017 S.Macario di Samarate
  Pedicure and manicure supplies, hair combs and                                   (VA)                                                           DELTA PARFUM                                          14D16
  brushes, hair colouring brushes, hair rollers, spong-                            Tel.: 0039 0331 234343. Fax: 0039 0331 234705
  es, bathing supplies.                                                            E-mail:                                             Zavodskaya Str. 9, Pushkino, Moscow region,
                                                                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 993-37-30, 8 (477) 361-52-42
  DE KLIE                                                       13C08        Deadiva offers a wide range of high-quality and high-                     Tel./fax: (477) 361-52-41
                                                                             functionality products for a professional hair style.                     E-mail:
           121170, Ulitsa 1812 Goda Str. 7, Moscow, Russia                   The irons, hairdryers and hair straighteners are                
           Tel./fax: (499) 148-42-55                                         made in Italy with the best materials and with a
           E-mail:                                            special care for assembly and for details.                           The Delta Parfum Company has been for 15 years
                                                      Deadiva’s products are functional and essential,                     specializing in wholesale supplies of mass- and
                                                                             that’s why they are extremely simple to use; their                   mid-market perfumery products. Our assortment
  The De Klie Company manufactures and markets                               ergonomic shapes ensure a great comfort to profes-                   comprises over 300 items of exclusive perfumes,
  professional makeup, holding a leading position on                         sional and not professional users.                                   including more than 100 varieties of perfumery gift
  the Russian market. De Klie collections are devel-                         Deadiva is the perfect solution for a professional                   sets. Deliveries are provided to any region of Russia,
  oped with the assistance of leading Russian makeup                         result, even at home.                                                with sampling and related promo materials attached.
  artists. De Klie products are successfully used on                                                                                              We welcome long-term cooperation and are eager to
  TV, in film shooting, for training makeup artists,                                                                                              become your reliable partner.
  stylists and hair designers. The De Klie training                          DEKA                                                    13F26
  centre provides qualifications in professional make-
  up design. Training is conducted with the use of De                              Vereyskaya Str. 17, Business Centre ‘Vereyskaya                DEN’O (private entrepreneur Brining Y.A.)             14C10
  Klie cosmetics.                                                                  Plaza- 2’, room 202, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 229-40-43                                               119270, Luzhnetskaya Emb. 2/4, bldg. 46,
                                                                                   E-mail:                                               room 15, Moscow, Russia
  De La Cos, Group of the companies                             13F36                                                        Tel.: (985) 366-39-11. Tel./fax: (495) 514-01-65
           ALARA cosmetics company                                           The DEKA Company presents laser systems, as well                
           420133, Chistopolskaya Str. 81, room 16, Kazan,                   as laser technologies and techniques such as: laser
           Russia                                                            lipolisis (liposuction), laser hyperhidrosis and lipo-               The DEN’O Company presents on the Russian
           Tel./fax: (843) 527-62-44                                         ma treatment, ablative rejuvenation and scar tissue                  market silver jewelry from the best Israeli manu-
           E-mail:                                          elimination, non-ablative rejuvenation, laser depila-                facturers (according to the ratings run by the Israeli
                                                    tion, laser abolition of vascular lesions, treatment of              Association of Jewelry Manufacturers). The prod-
           MT-Centre, centre of medical technologies                         psoriasis, photo techniques, laser tattoo removal,                   ucts feature supreme quality semiprecious insets.
           107370, Otkrytoye Shosse 14, room 3/2, Moscow,                    laser systems for stomatology, gynecology, proctol-                  Garnets, natural turquoise, black onyx and river
           Russia                                                            ogy, otology, and dermatology. DEKA presents the                     pearls make an advantageous complement to the
           Tel.: (495) 797-74-85                                             following laser systems: СO2, neodimium, alexan-                     hand-crafted silver framing. Each jewelry piece
           Tel./fax: (495) 603-16-08                                         drite, erbic, diode, color-based, excimer system,                    features a blend of state-of-the-art technologies and
           E-mail:                                         Q-Switch. The product range includes both separate                   traditional handcraft techniques.
                                                   laser appliances and platforms featuring combina-                    Jewelry items by DEN’O will favourably distinguish
                                                                             tions of various laser and photo systems.                            your company and make it stand out among mul-
  The De La Cos Group of Companies presents on the                                                                                                tiple traditional jewelry businesses in Russia.
  Russian market professional cosmetics by the Israeli
  company of Minus 417® offering a wide range of                             DEKOR PLUS                                              14A12
  high quality face and body care products formulated                                                                                             Dermaglin                                             14A20
  on the basis of the Vitamin Mineral Complex, which                               129164, Yaroslavskaya Str. 8, bldg. 4, room 303,
  contains over 40 kinds of natural Dead Sea minerals                              Moscow, Russia                                                      Ul.Lukasiewicza 24 , Plock 09-400
  necessary to maintain normal skin functioning +                                  Tel.: (926) 616-29-75                                               Tel.: + 48 24 3649833. Fax: + 48 24 3649833
  vitamins А, В, D, E, F, H. Also available are products                           E-mail:                                            E-mail:
  by the German company RISO: third-generation                                                                     

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T     A    L     O    G     U     E

Dermaglin deals with taking of and processing of                          E-mail:                                          - up-to-date tendencies in the world of wellness,
kalambrian clay. Because of its great value, it is                                                                 beauty and youth preservation.
known for a thousands years as a wonderful raw                                                                                            - a personal adviser on the most trendy, exotic and
material in cosmetic salons, SPA and Wellness.Clay                   The company acts as an exclusive supplier of cos-                    unexplored itineraries, wellness and therapeutic
base and pure herbal abstracts are the most impor-                   metic and food Argana oil, volcanic clay Ghassoul,                   tours.
tant ingredients of Dermaglin cosmetics. All of the                  Moroccan black soap, as well as natural oriental care                - a reliable source of practical information on the
products are pure natural and odour less.                            cosmetic products.                                                   best cosmetic and medicinal preparations.
Products 100% natural                                                                                                                     - a guide in the world of wellness, SPA and Thalassic
All masks have been tested dermatologically                                                                                               treatments, unique technologies, treatments, tech-
Non-perfumed.                                                        DIBI / GTS GROUP S.p.A / GTS DISTRIBUTION                13E18       niques and clinics.
                                                                                                                                          - up-to-date information on the world’s trends and
                                                                          4, Masterkova str., Moscow 115280, RUSSIA.                      best purchases.
DERMIKA                                                 13F30             Tel.: (495) 748 6385. Fax: (495) 748 6385
                                                                          E-mail: info@gtsrussiaru
     Al. Jerozolimskie 195 B, 02-222 Warsaw, Poland,            ,                             Dombeetchim                                              14F26
     Tel.: 0048 22 340 30 -21/-12                                    GTS Group is the Italian leading company in the                            109548, Shosseynaya Str. 2d, Moscow, Russia
     Fax: 0048 22 340 30 68                                          professional beauty sector, manufacturing and dis-                         Tel.: (495) 354-75-37. Fax: (495) 354-92-51
     E-mail:,                   tributing cosmetic products, equipment and ser-                            E-mail:                                                  vices. Our portfolio is extremely wide, ranging from             
                                                                     technological brands (Dibi), to Spa lines (Thalmer,
DERMIKA manufactures exclusive cosmetics for                         Contessa Mathelda), Holistic lines (Olos) and men’s                  The Dombeetchim Ltd is a Russian manufacturer
facial and body care. DERMIKA preparations are                       line (Spazio Uomo). GTS Group added value is the                     specializing in the development and production of
based on the state-of-the-art discoveries of world-                  METHODOLOGY, that means the combination of                           exclusive cosmetics and household chemicals. In 20
wide cosmetology as well as on proven, safe                          our lines with our own equipment following specific                  years the company has demonstrated a stable perfor-
and effective natural ingredients from all over the                  guidelines for obtaining the optimal result.                         mance on the Russian market. Our enterprise’s prior-
world. All products are dermatologically tested, their                                                                                    ity goal is to ensure the top quality of the produce,
effectiveness & safety is proven. The above is also                                                                                       update and enhance the product range in compliance
evidenced by over 70 prestigious consumer awards                     Digidon                                                14B12a        with the current trends on the market of cosmetic
including SUPERBRAND award. The products com-                                                                                             and household chemistry products in order to satisfy
ply with the requirements of the EU, WHO and are                          125171, Vtoroy Novopodmoskovny Lane 5,                          cunsumer demand in effective detergents.
certified by GOST. For detailed information please                        Moscow, Russia
visit our website:                                        Tel.: (495) 228-77-67. Fax: (495)627-52-70
                                                                          E-mail:                                           DOMIKS                                                  14B37
Design Soap                                             14B35                                                                                   129226, Dokukin Str. 10, bldg. 34, Moscow, Russia
                                                                     The Digidon company, founded in 1998, engag-                               Tel./fax: (495) 545-31-88
     115470, Andropov Ave. 17/1, Moscow, Russia                      es in marketing Belarusian cosmetics and acts as                           E-mail:
     Tel./fax: (495) 504 57-81                                       an official representative of the following brands:              
     E-mail:                                      Exclusivecosmetic, Floralis, Bielita, Vitex, Belorek,                                               Belgates, Romax-cosmetic, Stilmark, Laboratoriya                     Manufacture of cosmetics, household chemicals,
                                                                     Kachestva (Laboratory of Quality), Formula Nezhnosti                 contract manufacturing services.
Design Soap manufactures hand-crafted soap, natu-                    (Tenderness Formula), Fabrika Krasoty (Beauty
ral-based cosmetics, bases for glycerin soap, as well                Factory), BelorDesign, Relouis Bel, Dillis-Cosmetic.
as concentrations for cosmetics production. Today                    The warehouse and the office are located at the                      Dongyang gaoyuan glitter material CO., LTD              14C36
we are glad to offer over 150 kinds of hand-made                     same address. Free delivery throughout Moscow.
soap, dry shampoo, masks, balsams, gels, creams,                     Partners are welcome.                                                      Jiangbei area,dongyang city,Zhejiang province
milks, massage oils and bars, dry foams, bath bombs                                                                                             ,China
and much more. All the products are manufactured by                                                                                             Tel.: 86-579-86358735. Fax: 86-579-86622282
hand from supreme quality vegetal ingredients.                       Dikson Studio                                           12B06              E-mail:
                                                                          119415, Vernadskiy Ave. 37, bldg. 2, room 131,
DEVAL Laboratory                                        13E07             Moscow, Russia                                                  GAOYUAN GLITTER MATERIAL CO,.LTD. is a profes-
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 938-94-97. Tel./fax: (495) 938-94-96                sional modern glitter manufacturer and have strong
     119017, Bolshoy Tolmachyovskiy Lane 5,                               E-mail:                                  ability in researching and developing.
     room 1108, Moscow, Russia                                                                              Our company has a long history and the product
     Tel.: (495) 980-83-07, (499) 788-91-65, 788-99-88                                                                                    quality is reliable.
     Fax: (499) 788-97-20                                            DIKSON STUDIO presents professional Italian brand                    On the purpose of “Honest and credit are the base
     E-mail:                                       DIKSON offering a wide range of state-of-the-art                     ,customer is first”                                                dyes, ampouled treatments, as well as outstanding
                                                                     styling and hair care products.
The company acts as an official representative of                    We also hold how-to seminars with a diploma                          DORCO RUS                                                14F30
the French Laboratories ABR Development, JALDES,                     awarded.
IDENOV, PRO-HEALTH in Russia:                                        Beauty salons, regional representatives and profes-                        125167, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. 26, bldg. 2,
Medical aesthetics. Contour plastics. Peels.                         sional stores are welcome as partners.                                     Moscow, Russia
Dermatology.                                                         The company provides a system of cumulative and                            Tel.: (910) 464-74-65
A new filler with calcium phosphate micro particles                  wholesale discounts, salon and marketing support.                          E-mail:
and hyaluronic acid.                                                                                                                  
The Atl an TCP preparation by ABR Development.
A new line of dermatological peels formulated with                   Doctor Travel                                           14G44        DORCO rates among the world’s leading manufac-
fruit acids by DENOV.                                                                                                                     turers of shaving accessories. The South-Korean
The JALDES Laboratories (France). A line of high-                         121170, Kutuzovsky Lane8, Moscow, Russia                        Corporation DORCO is one of the biggest Asian
efficiency natural products for external use and food                     Tel./fax: (495)223-86-54                                        manufacturers of blades, razors, kitchen and pen
additives. Skin, hair and nail care products.                                                               knives.
The PRO-HEALTH Laboratory (France). Unique                                                                                                Due to a vast selection of razors and blades ready
embryonic phytoembryonic extracts.                                   DOCTOR TRAVEL is the only magazine interpreting                      to meet the needs of any potential customer, Dorco
                                                                     modern person’s success as a journey for health,                     products enjoy great popularity all over the world.
                                                                     beauty and harmony of soul and body!                                 The DORCO Corporation, founded in 1955, has been
DIAR ARGANA                                             13E46        Doctor Travel:                                                       manufacturing shaving supplies for over 40 years by
                                                                     - Most urgent articles on the psychology of a mod-                   now. Currently the DORCO products are exported to
     Petrovka Str. 20/1, entrance 5, Moscow, Russia                  ern man pursuing a healthy mode of life and as a                     50 countries worlwide.
     Tel.: (495) 625-35-24. Fax: (495) 625-35-74                     result - success.                                                    Our products represent an exclusive offer on the

158                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  market of shaving systems and disposable razors in                         tives and branch offices in five countries on three                  unique professional equipment including systems
  terms of the best price and quality correlation.                           continents. Its world-wide computer controlled                       of biomechanical stimulation of facial, neck, scalp
                                                                             deadline planning ensures deadlines are met for all                  and decollete muscles, micro dermabrasion and
                                                                             customer’s orders                                                    magnithotherapy systems Sharm-4Л and Sharm-1Т
  Dve Linii (Two lines),                                                     We invite you to take a look on our web-site: www.                   design for mechanical facial dermatoning treat-
  CEO Production and Trade Company                               F&B                                                           ments. The company provides training in innovative
                                                                                                                                                  apparative massage techniques, as well as holds
           659322, Sotsialisticheskaya Str 1, Biysk,                                                                                              free seminars. Partners are welcome. We offer our
           Altaysky Kray, Russia                                             EFa Packaging Industrial Co.,LTD                        14D50        partners reliable and beneficial cooperation.
           Tel.: (3854) 305-877, 303-206
           Fax: (3854) 303-202                                                    3B, Jinyuan Industrial Area, Western Side
           E-mail:,                          of ChaoShan Road,Shantou,Guangdong,China.                       ELIF COSMETICS                                        14D36
                                                         Tel.: 0086-754-88201883. Fax: 0086-754-
                                                                                  88209878                                                             KEMALPASA CAD. NO: 72 PINARBASI, IZMIR,
  The company specializes in the development and                                  E-mail:                                                TURKEY
  implementation of cosmetic products featuring an                                                                            Tel.: + 90 232 478 55 40. Fax: + 90 232 478 03 47
  optimal combination of yielding aesthetic benefits                                                                                                   E-mail:
  and therapeutic-prophylaxis properties aimed not                           EFA Packaging is a professional manufacturer in                 
  at concealing the flaws but at their total and                             plastic & aluminum packaging for beauty prod-
  radical elimination and prevention. The company                            ucts. Our company was founded in 1980, and                           Wet Towel Wipes(Spiderman, Barbie, Winx, Sponge
  manufactures such well-known preparations as                               has remained privately held since its origin. Our                    Bob), Wet Wipes, Cotton Swabs, Liquid Soap,
  ‘Antisedin’, Superchistotyelo’, ‘Mozolin®’, as well as                     Extensive product range includes casings for lip-                    Hair Gel, Intimate Gel, Window Cleaner, Vaseline,
  gels ‘Venoton®’ and ‘Venokrepin®’. Also available is                       sticks, foundation sticks, compacts and mascara                      Make up Removal Wipes, Intimate Wipes, Nail
  a cosmetic line ‘SILAPANT®’ formulated on the basis                        containers.                                                          Polish Removal Wipes, Acetone, Mosquito Avoider
  of panthohematogene, a cosmetic line with Altay                                                                                                 Wipes, Furniture Wipes, Auto Wipes, Computer
  honey ‘Medovy Spas®. The development of new                                                                                                     Wipes, Disinfectant Wipes, Pet Wipes, Cologne, Air
  preparations combines three invariable components                          EKOMIR EXPORTS                                          13D28        Freshener, Baby Shampoo.
  which are uptodateness, quality and efficiency.
                                                                                  123298, Berzarin Str. 16, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                  Tel.: (495) 988-21-70, 988-21-80                                                                         12F24, 13A19,
  DYNASTY, Trade House                                          14E03             Fax: (495) 626-12-23                                            ELLE INTERNATIONAL                  13G46, 14A01,14A45
           119121, Savvinskaya Emb. 3, Moscow, Russia                                                                           Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (499) 248-35-90. Fax: (499) 248-26-27                                                                                                 Tel.: (499) 186-44-02
           E-mail:                                         Ekomir Exports acts as the exclusive distributor
                                                   of US-made cosmetology laser systems FRAXEL                          Hand-sharpened professional manicure and pedi-
                                                                             in Russia. FRAXEL stands for cutting-edge tech-                      cure tools, massager-brushes for beauty salons, nail
  Unique jewelry offers on the Russian market. A                             nologies of fractional photo thermolisis which has                   design sets including a nail printing device and disks
  perfect addition to any business.                                          received recognition with both clinicists and their                  with patterns, metal disks with over 100 patterns,
  Jewelry chains in a variety of sizes. Ready items in 5                     patients. The FRAXEL family of laser systems                         head massager. Wholesale and retail offers.
  minutes. No license required.                                              includes reliable and safe appliances enabling
                                                                             cosmetologists to perform effective rejuvenation
                                                                             treatments, scar and stria correction, post-acne                     ELOSCLUB                                              13C11
           E                                                                 treatments, treatment of hyperpigmentation lesions
                                                                             including also cure-resistant cases.                                      107078, Novaya Basmannaya Str. 14, bldg. 4,
                                                                                                                                                       Moscow, Russia
  E.G. COSMETICS LABS LTD                                       14F32                                                                                  Tel.: (495) 262-29-25, 262-53-43
                                                                             EL CORAZON                                              12D13             Fax: (495) 262-37-75
           19 HAHADAS ST., OR AQIVA 30600, ISRAEL                                                                                                      E-mail:,
           Tel.: 972-4-6267778. Fax: 972-4-6267779                                125130, Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyanskikh Str.           , www.
           E-mail:                                       7, bldg. 7, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                  Tel.: (499) 722-99-83. Fax: (499) 150-16-49                     Syneron Medical, Ltd. (Israel) holds leading posi-
  Since 1979, our company has been producing a                                    E-mail:                                    tions on the global market of hardware cosmetol-
  broad range of natural based beauty products with                                                                     ogy thanks to its unique patented EloS technology.
  main focus on Dead Sea and herbal personal care                                                                                                 EloS features a unique combination of electric
  cosmetics. Today, E.G. COSMETICS is known as                               The El Corazon Company represents make-up cos-                       and optic energies, providing a selective impact
  a cradle of several best-selling natural cosmetics                         metics under the trade marks of El Corazon® and                      on the target cells. The system enjoys the follow-
  brands and one of the leading private label provid-                        Jordana. El Corazon® products are developed on                       ing properties: contact cooling, automated moni-
  ers in Israel. Among our dedicated customers, there                        the basis of the latest scientific achievements fol-                 toring, maximum efficiency and safety, a high
  are major stores, beauty salons and worldwide-                             lowing the up-to-the-minute tendencies in the field                  level of treatment comfort. A family of last-
  operating MLM companies.                                                   of make-up design. The professional quality of El                    generation systems including E-light, E-laser, Vela,
  Comprehensive private label service we offer                               Corazon® products has already received a highly                      E-style, E-max employ the EloS technology and
  includes creative formulation ideas based on most                          positive evaluation from manicure technicians and                    are designed to be used for depilation, treatment
  advanced cosmetic technologies, exclusive pack-                            makeup artists in beauty salons. A unique colour                     of various skin defects, rejuvenation and body
  aging design and more than proficient customer                             palette (only nail varnishes come in a variety of over               sculpturing treatments. From the conclusion done
  service.                                                                   500 shades) is to meet the needs of the most exact-                  by leading dermatologists Syneron equipment yields
                                                                             ing customer. Jordana offers US-made makeup cos-                     impeccable and stable results, which could not
                                                                             metics, exclusively for the CIS countries. Supreme                   be achieved on the systems of the previous gen-
  Eduard Mathai GmbH                                            14D28        quality and reasonable prices.                                       eration using photo, electro and laser technologies.
                                                                                                                                                  Joint possibilities yield advantages!
           Sydney Garden 9, EXPO Park-30539 Hanover-
           Germany                                                           ELERON company                                          13G32
           Tel.: +49 (511) 866 999-20. Fax: +49 (511) 866                                                                                         ELSO KIMYA                                            14E23
           999-67                                                                 107114, Stromynskiy Lane 7/23, room 9,
           E-mail:                                     Moscow, Russia                                                       YENIBOSNA DOGU SANAYI SITESI 11. BLOK
                                                          Tel./fax: (499) 268-15-09                                            NO :12 ISTANBUL TURKEY
                                                                                  E-mail:                                    Tel.: +90 212 6536468. Fax: +90 212 6521189
  Mathai GmbH is a global supplier of professional                                                                       E-mail:
  hair color charts and POS materials like displays and                                                                                      
  shelfing systems. Our company has at its disposal                          The ELERON LLC is a Russian manufacturing com-
  not only a multi-lingual sales team in our German                          pany specializing in the sphere of apparative cos-                   Established in 1949, Elso Kimya is a leading fra-
  headquarters, but also international representa-                           metology and massage treatments, presents its                        grance compounding company servicing the inter-

160                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T    I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T       E   X    H   I   B    I    T    O    R   S

  national market by exporting to numerous coun-                              ESSENCES & PARFUMS is evolving and producing                          designing and much more.
  tries. Our fragrances are utilized in every industry,                       aromatic compounds ( Fragrances ) to be used                          ESTETICA is the founder and the oldest member of
  especially in fine fragrances, cosmetics, personal                          in different applications such as Eaux de Toilette,                   AIPP (the International Association of Professional
  care and household products. Our production is                              Cosmetics, Shampoos, Shower Gels, Airfreshners                        Press).
  done in our ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 accredited                               etc.                                                                  The magazine is issued quarterly with a total page
  manufacturing facility. With our undisputed client                          Our manufacturing process is fully automated                          number of 240 p.
  satisfaction principle, Elso Kimya strives to ensure                        thanks to a modernized robot and our company is
  that all clients’ needs are met.                                            active on the Russian market since 1997, where we
                                                                              are supplying most of the major local producers.                      ESTETISTA, Make-up & style Studio                   12A22
                                                                              Our marketing policy based on an excellent service
  EMANSI Laboratory, Company                                         РП       together with a great support to our                                       191124, Tverskaya Str. 23–25, St. Petersburg,
                                                                              customers and partners permitted us to develop                             Russia
           Pervy Kotlyakovsky Lane 3, Moscow, Russia                          very quickly on this important and fast moving                             Tel.: (812) 577-35-26. Fax: (812) 577-35-23
           Tel.: (495) 797-88-30. Fax: (495) 797-88-39                        market.                                                                    E-mail:

  EMANSI Laboratory ZAO enjoys an over 17-year-                               EsteMed                                                13G04          The ESTETISTA Studio LLC is one of the leading
  long experience on the Russian market, having                                                                                                     professional make-up and styling schools. The stu-
  gained a solid reputation of a leading company                                    125212, Admiral Makarov Str. 8, Moscow, Russia                  dio offers qualifications in make-up styling, beauty
  engaged in the development and implementation of                                  Tel.: (495) 514-63-46, 287-40-67/68                             making and image making. The studio also acts
  state-of-the-art formulas, breakthrough technolo-                                 Fax: (495) 974-85-91                                            as an exclusive official distributor of the profes-
  gies of cosmetics production, both under the propri-                              E-mail:                                         sional make-up brand of EVA GARDEN by Paolo
  etary trade mark of EMANSI and under the contract                                                                         Guatelli (Italy) throughout Russia. European quality
  manufacturing terms for the following companies:                                                                                                  equipment of the make-up stylist’s working place,
  ZAO ‘Apteki 36,6’ (Pharmacy shops 36,6), the                                The EsteMed Company acts as an exclusive distribu-                    professional kit cases, tester-stands, presentations,
  ‘Monet’ salon chain, ZAO ‘ILLE DE BOTE and others.                          tor for the brands as follows:                                        trainings, schooling, consultations for make-up styl-
                                                                              Mene & Moy System (USA) – all kinds of glycolic                       ists and beauty salon managers.
  Empire of Beauty and Health, magazine                         13A42         Yellow Peel (retinoic acid surface peel with a
                                                                              medium peel effect); pre- and post-peel treatments.                   ESTETPRODUCT                                        13G07
           109652, Lyublinskaya Str. 165/2, Moscow, Russia                    Skin Renu (USA) – an intensive face and body care
           Tel.: (495) 345-1031. Fax: (495) 347-2339                          treatment.                                                                 121069, Povarskaya Str. 32-36, Moscow, Russia
           E-mail:                                     Officina Pelle (Italy) – facial and body skin rehabilita-                  Tel.: (495) 589-48-85. Fax: (495) 691-65-68
                                               tion course after all kinds of peeling and depilation                      E-mail:
                                                                              treatments, as well as surgeries.                                
  Empire of Beauty and Health is the first and the only                       Mesodermal (USA) – improved formulas of ready
  publishing project in Russia, bridging the consumer                         mesotherapy cocktails.                                                The ESTETPRODUCT Company exclusively repre-
  demand and a corresponding service company.                                                                                                       sents NOVACUTIS and RIPAR COVER CAMOUFLAGE
    The Clients’ version is addressed to experienced                                                                                                professional products for plastic surgeons and
  consumers of beauty services.                                               Estet Company                                               З/У       cosmetologists.
  The ‘Business Guide’ is aimed at the professional                                                                                                 NOVACUTIS is a cosmeceutical line providing solu-
  readership: owners, directors and managers of                                     03110, Pirogovsky Str. 19, bldg. 7/14, Kiev,                    tions for specific aesthetic problems. The post-
  beauty enterprises. The periodical provides informa-                              Ukraine                                                         manipulation line is designed for application after
  tion on statutory issues, market reviews and analyti-                             Tel./fax: (+38 044) 594-96-96, 594-96-97                        peeling treatments, surgeries and injection proce-
  cal articles, as well as preparations and equipment,                              E-mail:,                                     dures.
  and state-of-the-art beauty business management                         ,                            GLYCOCUTIS offers professional superficial and
  schemes.                                                                                                                                          medium peels based on 70% glycolic acid (рН 1.0,
                                                                              An operator of exhibition-educational and publish-                    рН 2.0, рН 3.2) with buffer additives.
                                                                              ing industries, organizer of training programmes                      RIPAR COVER CAMOUFLAGE is professional medi-
  ERILEM                                                        ZOOM          for beauty industry specialists. Tradeshow projects:                  cated makeup for patients suffering from various
                                                                              Estet Beauty Expo, an International Perfumery and                     skin lesions.
           142103, Roshchinskaya Str. 15а, Podolsk,                           Cosmetics Exhibition ‘InterCHARM-Ukraine’.
           Moscow region, Russia                                              Magazines:
           Tel.: (495) 979-94-33. Fax: (4967) 69-00-57                        ‘Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Ukraine’ – cosmetology                     ETI S.p.A.                                          12B14
           E-mail:                                          for beauty salons and clinics
                                                     ‘KOSMETIK International Journal’ – cosmetology,                            Via Della Scienza, 49 – 25039 Travagliato (BS)
                                                                              applied aesthetics;                                                        ITALY
  ERILEM Ltd. acts as a commercial representative                             ‘Hand & Nails + Nail Service’ – nail industry;                             Tel.: +39 030 6863964. Fax: +39 030 6863944
  of the ‘Triniti M’ NPK (Research and Production                             ‘Your Hair’ – a special periodical for hairstylists and                    E-mail:
  Factory) (Novosibirsk), and presents its brand                              their clients;                                                   
  ‘Venets Sibiri’ (Syberia’s Crown) which includes:                           ‘YOU Professional ‘- an international fashion journal
   SAHARA;                                                                    for hairstylists;                                                     We are leaders in the production of professional hairdry-
   ERILEM (Aurum, Argentum, Platinum);                                        ‘Cosmetics Market TODAY’.                                             ers.
  GRIBNAYA KOLLEKTSIYA (Mushroom Collection)                                                                                                        75% of our components are produced internally,
  comprising ‘Krasota’ (Beauty), ‘Dolgoletiye’ (Long                                                                                                including the motor which is entirely produced by
  Life), ‘Svezhest’ (Freshness), ‘Zdoroviye’ (Health);                        ESTETICA RUSSIA, journal                            12A19a            us. This is a guarantee of the typical high quality of
  KOSMICHESKOYE ZDOROVIYE (Cosmic Health).                                                                                                          products “Made in Italy”.
  The Triniti-M Research and Production Factory is                                  129085, Zvyozdny Blvd. 21, bldg. 3, 5th floor,                  Our main aim is to continue improving the technol-
  a developer and manufacturer of unique cosmetic                                   room 604, Moscow, Russia                                        ogy and performance of our hairdryers, so that we
  lines, having no counterparts in the world. The for-                              Tel.: (495) 615 5047. Fax: (495) 615 6210                       can offer an excellent product and give complete
  mulations feature fly agarics extracts, cultivated                                E-mail:                                            satisfaction to our customers.
  nourishing media, ocean salts, extracts of plants
  grown in extreme conditions, vegetal lipids, silver                         ESTETICA RUSSIA is the Russian version of the
  citrate.                                                                    internationally renowned and most authoritative                       ETRE BELLE                                          13C15
                                                                              edition dealing with latter-day hairstyling trends,
                                                                              published in 10 languages in 67 countries world-                           121170, Kutuzovskiy Ave. 41, Moscow, Russia
  ESSENCES & PARFUMS                                            14B25         wide, by 18 international editorial boards all over the                    Tel./fax: (495) 755-59-09/10
                                                                              world. Every issue contains reporting on champion-                         E-mail:
  P.A. La SARREE 06620 Le BAR sur LOUP / FRANCE                               ships, contests, shows; as well as seasonal collec-              
  Tel.: 33 ( 0 ) 4 93 09 15 58                                                tions developed by the world’s leading companies
  Fax: 33 ( 0 ) 4 93 09 11 19                                                 and implemented by the world’s master celebri-                        ETRE-BELLE (Germany), a professional cosmetic
  E-mail:                                       ties; state-of-the-art trends in beauty salon interior                line, face and body care Spa treatments.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

Holiday Depilatori (Italy)- a range of over 35 kinds of              dures. Specialized technicians carry out a thorough                  to enable customers to personalize their own packs.
depilation waxes, a wide selection of care products                  inspection. Euro So Cap has held a distinguished                     Our main aim is to provide customers with their
for pre- and post-depilatory treatment.                              presence in the Hair Extension field for over 40                     requested quantities in the shortest time possi- Schrammek – a new word in                           years. Euro So Cap relies on a staff of over 100                     ble, with very low minimum quantities available at
cosmetology. The GREEN PEEL complex formu-                           workers and on a logistic structure of more than                     competitive prices and offering very high quality.
lated with vegetable ingredients features powerful                   5,000 square maters.                                                 Research, design and development of new products has
exfoliating properties for deep skin cleansing. The                                                                                       been Eurovetrocap’s core business for 25 years with
effect is achieved exclusively through a combina-                                                                                         its primary task to introduce new standard ranges to
tion of vegetal components, with no use of acids or                  Euromedservice                                          12F30        reflect the ever changing fashion trends in the market.
synthetic abrasives.                                                                                                                      In short, we provide our customers with the best
                                                                          111141, Kuskovskaya Str. 20а, room А604,                        “packaging solutions”, always keeping in mind that
                                                                          Moscow, Russia                                                  “your success is our success”.
EUGENE PERMA PARIS (Beauty House)                          З/У            Tel./fax: (495) 661-70-11
     109012, Il’inka Str. 4, entrance 19, room 322,                                                               EVA-NAIL                                                 12F14
     Moscow, Russia
     Tel./fax: (495) 626-89-14                                       The Euromedservice Company, founded in 2007,                               Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Str. 5/7,
     E-mail:                                  engages mainly in the manufacturing of beauty                              Moscow, Russia                                             salon equipment, minor medical equipment and                               Tel.: (495) 916-76-59, 585-47-43
                                                                     beauty care devices. Our major products are: desk-                         Fax: (495) 916-76-59
The Beauty House Company presents on the Russian                     top vacuum cleaners for manicure and nail extension                        E-mail:
market EUGENE PERMA PARIS products for beauty                        procedures, tool sterilizers, Darsonval appliances,              
salons.                                                              manicure and pedicure devices, paraffin tubs, multi-
EUGENE PERMA has devoted its passion to beauty                       functional systems, expendables (tissues, non-                       The Eva-nail Company engages in marketing nail
and hair care.                                                       woven materials, etc.). All the products are certified               extension and nail design supplies and equipment.
Professional expertise and supreme quality of the                    and enjoy registration credential issued by the RF                   Available is an extensive range of design supplies,
produce, acknowledged and proven during the                          Health Ministry. Beneficial terms for dealers.                       as well as a vast selection of nail sculpture products
company’s century-long existence, enabled EUGENE                                                                                          under the trade mark of EVA-NAIL. Affiliated with the
PERMA to occupy leading positions among the                                                                                               company is a training centre EVA-NAIL ART offering
world’s most prominent manufacturers.                                EUROPA hair STUDIO                                      12C17        training in all nail sculpture and design technique.
All the products are manufactured at the company’s
own plant in Reims, France.                                               121552, Yartsevskaya Str. 22, bldg. 2, Moscow,
French chick, creativity and liberty!                                     Russia                                                          EVELINE COSMETICS                                       14A22
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 661-28-38 (multi-line), 514-45-50
                                                                          Fax: (499) 726-39-16                                                  Zytnia 19, 05-506 Lesznowola, Poland
Euro Asia Packaging (GuangDong) Co., Ltd                14D19             E-mail:                                            Tel.: (+48) 22 757 78 37
                                                                                                                     Fax: (+48) 22 757 79 92
     No.12th Kang Tai Road National Health Technology                                                                                           E-mail:
     Park of Zhong Shan Torch Development Zone,                      Europa Studio, founded in 1999, is the first training            
     Zhong shan, Canton ,P.R. China Zip code:528437                  center for hair extension and afro braiding in Russia.           
     Tel.: +86 760 85288385                                          Since 2002 Europa Studio has been engaged in the
     Fax: +86 760 88789266                                           manufacturing and marketing of professional hair                     Eveline Cosmetics is one of the biggest and fast-
     E-mail:                                      extension equipment and supplies. The studio also                    est developing cosmetics producers in Poland.This                                              houses a specialty shop offering the widest selec-                   brand is more than 26 years old and is sold in over
                                                                     tion of natural hair available in Russia. The latest                 45 countries worldwide.Eveline offers effective care
Euro Asia Packaging (Guangdong) Co., Ltd (EAP) is                    Europa Studio launch is a collection of selected                     for a demanding skin, and works on fundamental
a company dedicated in aerosol can manufacturer.                     premium quality Slavic hair - Golden Hair. Every                     values:Quality and Innovativeness. Eveline has won
EAP becomes the biggest aluminum aerosol can                         Thursday the Studio holds free presentation work-                    the «Oskar Kosmetyki» for the past several years in
manufacturer in China, equipped with eight advanced                  shops. The company’s branches are to be found in                     a row, which is the highest award for best cosmetics
automatic production lines, providing various kinds                  all major cities of Russia.                                          in Europe.
of aluminum cans with diameter 22mm to 66mm,
height 58mm to 280mm.There are eight lines in
the secondary factory, which can be equipped with                    Europrofcosmetic                                        12F10        EXCLUSIVE-K                                             13G05
twelve automatic aluminum can production lines and
also has been put into production at July 2008. And,                      190103, Derptskiy Lane 3, St. Petersburg, Russia                      119034, Kropotkinsky Lane 4, room 110,
we introduce an advanced 9 color offset printing                          Tel.: (812) 327-55-60. Fax: (812) 327-55-67                           Moscow, Russia
machine from Italy and started operations at April                        E-mail:                                            Tel./fax: (499) 255-85-88
2009. This line is equipped with the most advanced              ,                              E-mail:
9 color offset printing machine in the world, which                                                                                   
can meet customer’s special printing requirements.                   Since 2004 the company has acted as the main
In china, EAP becomes the first aluminum can man-                    Russian representative of hairdressing scissors                      EXCLUSIVE-K LTD presents a new line of cosmet-
ufacturer, which have 9 color offset technology. And                 under the brand name of Suntachi.                                    ics with the Dead Sea salts and minerals under
production capacity will reach 250 million per year.                 Suntachi scissors feature a blend of Korean dili-                    the brand name of RIVAGE. RIVAGE products are
EAP adopts strict quality control system, such                       gence and precision with genuine Japanese steel.                     formulated to cleanse, stimulate, nourish and mois-
as the ISO9001:2000 Pharmaceutical Packaging,                        Each tool is hand crafted. Premium quality Japanese-                 turize the skin. Apart from their unique properties
Dangerous Chemical Packaging Certificate,                            made steel together with manual work and a wide                      to maintain beauty, the preparations contain active
EAP -----your sincere cooperator!                                    selection of products by SUNTACHI enable us to                       ingredients contributing to the prevention of skin
                                                                     offer you scissors in a variety of price categories                  diseases such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and der-
                                                                     featuring diverse characteristics and properties.                    matitis. The cosmetic line presents a comprehensive
Euro So Cap Srl - Luciano Di Biase                      12B16                                                                             range of face, body and hair care products. Training
                                                                                                                                          for specialists is provided.
     Via San Francesco A Patria -Zona Ind. Asi -80014                EUROVETROCAP SRL                                        14F03
     Tel.: +39 (0)81 819 63 62                                            VIA MARIO PAGANO 59 20090                                       Experimental and clinical
     Fax: +39 (0) 81 819 63 75                                            TREZZANO S/NAVIGLIO MI ITALY                                    dermatocosmetology, magazine                            13A51
     E-mail:                                      Tel.: 39/02484431. Fax: 39/0248401820                                                    E-mail:                                 119992, Trubetskaya Str. 8, bldg. 1, Moscow,
Euro So Cap is the leader in the field of 100% natural                                                                                          Tel.: (499) 766-07-57. Tel./fax: (499) 248-51-26
Remy Hair manufacturing. Before importing it from                    EUROVETROCAP is a leading company in the field of                          E-mail:,
India                                                                cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging offering a wide            
Undergoes a series of strict quality control proce-                  variety of standard products and decoration facilities           

162                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R      S

  Experimental and clinical dermatocosmetology,                              on the Russian market our company presenting                         properties of natural vegetable ingredients. The high
  published since 2003, is a research and practice                           two great products: American nail laquers Color                      efficiency of our products has been confirmed by a
  periodical intended for specialists engaged in the                         Club, huge brand of nail laquers and items for nail                  number of applicative researches, permanent coop-
  field of dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic                            art;an incredible variety of colors and a great qual-                eration with outstanding dermatologists and many
  medicine. A distinguishing feature of our magazine                         ity. Also a worldwide exclusive, Bibo, the new line                  precious awards.
  is that it is created in assistance with scientists and                    of facial cosmetics unidose. Presented in ampouls
  specialists who develop and test new technologies                          sold separatly, this amazing product is an absolute
  in the specified spheres, and also supervise the                           revolution in the world of cosmetics.                                FERROSAN International A/S                            13C37
  employment of only approved techniques and equip-
  ment in medical practice. Subscription index in the                                                                                                  109147, Marksistskaya Str. 16, Moscow, Russia
  ROSPECHAT catalogue - 82021, POCHTA ROSSII                                 Factory of ACTIVE COSMETICS                             13D08             Tel.: (495) 737-36-95
  - 73187, PRESSA ROSSII – 12148.                                                                                                            
                                                                                  127299, Klara Tsetkin Str. 4, Moscow, Russia
                                                                                  Tel./fax: (499) 159-31-45                                       The Dutch company Ferrosan A/S, founded at
  EXPO-PRESTIGE                                                 13B11             E-mail:                                       the turn of the last century, has been traditionally
                                                                                                                      engaged in the development of therapeutic prepara-
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         tions and biologically active suppliments aimed to
           Tel.: (925) 542-76-61, (985) 765-19-04                            The Factory of ACTIVE COSMETICS engages in the                       preserve your health, beauty and youth.
           E-mail:                                         development and manufacture of unique innovative
                                                                             and highly efficient cosmetic preparations and bio-
  Our company acts as an official distributor for the                        logically active food supplements. The major part of                 FFLEUR                                                14C43
  STUDEX company:                                                            the assortment is constituted by skin and hair care
  - professional ear piercing tools - a piercing gun and                     preparations.                                                             129226, Selskokhozyaistvennaya Str. 11, bldg. 3,
  a full range of medical earring needles;                                   The company also provides a comprehensive pack-                           Moscow, Russia
  - healing gels and lotions;                                                age of private label services, encompassing an                            Tel./fax: (495) 721-24-32
  - piercing accessories – clips and a full assortment                       entire production cycle including the concept devel-                      E-mail:
  of bars for all kinds of piercing;                                         opment and the manufacture of the ready product.                
  - a wide selection of piercing jewelry;
  - wholesale and retail supplies.                                                                                                                The FFLEUR registered trade mark is an assur-
  - training in piercing and cryomassage techniques                          FARMACEUTICI Dott. CICCARELLI S.p.A.                    14C11        ance of the products’ high quality. All the products
  (with the use of nitrogen);                                                                                                                     have been certified in Russia and comply with
  - eyelash extension accessories.                                                Via Clemente Prudenzio, 13 – 20138 Milan - ITALY                international quality standards. The cosmetics are
  – eyebrow and eyelash colours.                                                  Tel.: +39-02-58072258. Fax: +39-02-58012594                     manufactured on the basis of the most cutting-edge
                                                                                  E-mail:                         technologies featuring the latest cosmetics market
  Export Magazine (MTE Edizioni srl)                            14G36        Farmaceutici dott. Ciccarelli is a company that has a                With the ingredient compositions and formula-
                                                                             strong and long tradition in the Italian market (since               tions being developed in the USA, and packaging
           Via R. Gessi 28 20146 Milano Italy                                1821). It has been the first company to introduce                    manufactured in Thailand, the brand is able to offer
           Tel.: + 39 02 4239443. Fax: + 39 02 4123405                       in the market a tooth paste in 1905 and still now it                 premium-quality products to a broad consumer
           E-mail:                                   is among leaders. Pasta del Capitano is one of the                   audience.
 ,                                  most famous and prestigious brands in Italy and it
                                                                             includes a complete line of products for oral care.
  EXPORT MAGAZINE is an international trade publi-                           Made in Italy, long tradition and top quality are our                Festiva                                               14D03
  cation for the beauty industry.                                            strong competitive advantages. Just try our product
  It is addressed to importers, exporters,                                   and you will agree with it!                                               125195, Leningradskoye Shosse 57, bldg. 17,
  distributors,manufacturers, brand names, duty free                                                                                                   Moscow, Russia
  buyers, chains and purchasing groups in 121 coun-                                                                                                    Tel./fax: (495) 921-46-29
  tries.                                                                     FARMASI Cosmetics (VIVA-M)                              14C24             E-mail:
  It is published in two editions:                                                                                                           
  * EXPORT MAGAZINE PERFUMERY EDITION – 4                                         630047, Padunskaya Str. 3, Novosibirsk, Russia
  issues per year for selected perfumery and                                      Tel.: (383) 291-70-87. Fax: (383) 227-34-55                     Manufacture and marketing of a proprietary perfum-
  cosmetic products                                                               E-mail:,               ery collection and gift sets.
  * EXPORT MAGAZINE MULTISECTOR EDITION – 5                             ,
  issues per year for toiletries, nails, natural
  products, gifts, accessories, equipment and furni-                         The company acts as an exclusive distributor of the                  FIABILA                                               14E06
  ture for hairdressers and aestheticians,                                   Farmasi brand by TANALIZE COSMETICS (Istanbul,
  raw materials and packaging.                                               Turkey) making its first appearance on the Russian                        ZI DE MAINGOURNOIS 28130 MAINTENON
  It is also available on and                         market                                                                    FRANCE
  distributed at major international exhibitions.                            The products of the presented lines contain exclu-                        Tel.: 33 (0)2 37 18 25 00
  Please visit our                                              sively natural ingredients. Our exclusively developed                     Fax: 33 (0)2 37 27 63 97
                                                                             anti-age and moisturizing complexes take gentle                           E-mail:
                                                                             care of your skin and protect it throughout the day.
           F                                                                 High quality, distinguished design solutions, a rich
                                                                             palette of products make Farmasi cosmetics stand
                                                                                                                                                  FIABILA is a global leading manufacturer of thixo-
                                                                                                                                                  tropic bases, color solutions, colored nail polish
                                                                             out among other mass-market products.                                and nail care in bulk, with 6 factories in 5 countries:
  FABY LINE s.r.l.                                              12E10        Trade chains and regional distributors are welcome                   France, India, Japan, Mexico, USA.
                                                                             as partners. The merchandise is certified.                           32 years of expertise conveys our know-how to
           Via Meucci (int.Chatillon) 13100 Vercelli (Vc) Italy                                                                                   the utmost advanced, patented nail polish formulas
           Tel.: 0039 0161 215 333                                                                                                                strictly complying with EEC, FDA and Japanese
           Fax: 0039 0161 250523                                             Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory                    14A18        regulations.
           E-mail:                                                                                                               Our knowledge of the international market and its
                                                         30-443 Krakow, ul.Jugowicka 10c                                 specific requirements together with in-house filling
                                                                                  Tel.: 048-012-252-70-75. Fax: 048-012-252-70-01                 allows us to offer a tailor-made service to our cus-
  Faby Line is a firm founded in 1979, specialized in                                                        tomers in all sectors of the cosmetic distribution all
  the cosmetic business, giving particular importance                                                                     around the world.
  to the distribution of American products in Italy and
  across Europe. The Chairman, Mr. Piermario Viale,                          FARMONA Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was cre-
  an expert in international planning of the most well                       ated in 1997. Within 10 years it has won the                         FIJIE                                                 13D09
  known American multinationals, as given to Italy                           recognition of customers who value innovations and
  and Europe the oppotunity to spred on their market                         quality of natural BIOcosmetics.                                          119034, Ostozhenka Str. 7, Moscow, Russia
  big brands in the field of nails, hair and cosmetic                        Our company combines the latest achievements of                           Tel.: (495) 695-25-32
  products. With this event we are going to introduce                        cosmetology and the nourishing                                            Tel./fax: (495) 695-25-34

164                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           E-mail:                                 sive outfitting solutions for beauty salons, manicure                favourable partnership terms. The product range
                                                       and pedicure studios, massage and cosmetology                        includes preparations developed to address any hair
                                                                             areas, including VIP and SPA zones, as well as mini                  and scalp, as well as eyelash and nail conditions.
  We exclusively distribute professional cosmetics,                          salons for home. Among our partners are well-                        Also available is equipment from a leading Israeli
  developed and manufactured in-house, featuring                             known Italian, German and American manufacturers:                    company Curelight used to treat various skin condi-
  innovative anti-age technologies. RENOPHASE gly-                           VEZZOSI, CASTING, AGV, CML, ARTECNO, NUOVA                           tions including psoriasis, vitiligo, acne etc; equip-
  colic peels (France) formulated with phytoestrogens                        DONATELLA, GHARIENI, PHILIP B. Our warehouse                         ment for RW lifting treatments from the Italian
  and the DHEA vegetal precursor (17 programs),                              stores are sufficient to launch a beauty salon within                manufacturer Blue Moon.
  BIO peels with free glycolic acid. Red peels for                           a-two-days’ period of time. Available are equipment
  phototherapy treatments. ATACHE anti-age and                               rental possibilities for the delivery time.
  anti-stress therapy (Spain). Paramedical aesthetics                                                                                             Formula of beauty – Diona                             13G02
  programmes from MAURANE (France), exclusive
  massage techniques.                                                        FLORESSENCE                                             14G06             105120, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Str. 5/7,
  MAJA herbal peels (Australia).                                                                                                                       bldg. 12, floor 4, room 512, Moscow, Russia
  CELL FUSION (South Korea) nanotechnologies, cell                                125040, Skakovaya Str. 17, room 1206, Moscow,                        Tel.: (926) 827-89-56, (916) 694-54-21
  therapy.                                                                        Russia                                                               Fax: (495) 916-75-41
  DERMACODE (USA) regulatory peptides.                                            Tel.: (495) 945-22-54. Fax: (495) 945-54-84                          E-mail:
  Training. An extensive cooperation experience with                              E-mail:                               
  regional representatives.                                             
  We offer a reliable and mutually advantageous                                                                                                   The Formula of Beauty Company engages in outfit-
  partnership.                                                               FLORESSENCE (France) and the ORGASYNTH group                         ting beauty salons with cosmetology equipment. An
                                                                             engage in developing, manufacturing and market-                      extensive selection of the most demanded equip-
                                                                             ing fragrance compositions and scents to be used                     ment ranging from high-tech photo systems and RF
  FIONA – SIMPA                                                 14B05        in a variety of products such as perfumes, toilet                    appliances to classical models for trainee beauti-
                                                                             waters, cosmetics, shampoos and soaps, household                     cians provides vast opportunities for the company’s
           119607, Akademik Chelomey Str. 8, bldg. 3,                        chemicals. FLORESSENCE products enjoy great                          clientele. A favorable quality-and-price ratio makes
           Moscow, Russia                                                    popularity in numerous countries on five continents                  our products highly competitive on the Russian
           Tel.: (495) 229-49-77                                             including Russia, Byelorussia and the CIS countries.                 beauty market. Our company also deals with per-
           E-mail:                                             In October, 1998 the company’s production facilities                 manent make-up equipment offering a variety of
                                                       were attested with the ISO 9002 certificate, in 2004                 appliances and expendable materials including pig-
                                                                             the company passed the ISO 9001 certification, and                   ments, anesthetic preparations, spare parts for
  The FIONA-SIMPA Company, founded in 1999, has                              in 2008 the Floressence company received the ISO                     equipment, etc.
  been for 10 years one of the largest manufacturers of                      9001: 2000 certificate.
  hair care cosmetics. The company pursues the policy                        Joint Russian and French enterprise FLORUSIN
  of producing supreme-quality products at competitive                       is currently the key supplier on the Russian mar-                    FORMULA PROFI                                         12E29
  prices. The company uses raw materials from the                            ket of original products manufactured by the
  world’s leading companies manufacturing cosmetic                           FLORESSENCE Company                                                       127018, Skladochnaya Str. 1, bldg. 5, Moscow,
  raw materials, such as BASF, Lowenstein and others.                        Available from Florusin’s warehouse in Moscow                             Russia
  The manufacture is equipped with state-of-the-art                          are over 2000 items of scents and perfume com-                            Tel./fax: (495) 971-39-74
  production lines in compliance with the current stan-                      positions by FLORESSENCE featuring a variety of                           E-mail:
  dards. Quality management is another priority of great                     fragrance trends.                                               
  significance. Top product quality and attractive pack-
  aging are among the factors to encourage continuous                                                                                             Formula Profi stands for:
  consumer demand, and contribute to the company’s                           FLORMAR COSMETICS                                       14D18        a break-through in nail technologies!
  high ratings on the cosmetic market.                                                                                                            Perfect nails in a twice as short time!
                                                                                  G.O.S.B. IHSAN DEDE CAD.NO:133 41480                            Sparing nail extension technique!
                                                                                  GEBZE-KOCAELI-TURKEY                                            Complicated designs fast and easy!
  FITOCOSMETIC                                                  14B42             Tel.: +90 262 751 03 33. Fax: +90 262 751 02 91                 Training in 2 days!
                                                                                  E-mail:, info@flormar.
           111033, Zolotorozhsky Val Str. 11, bldg. 7,                            com
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                Frais Monde/Ismeg srl                                 14C09
           Tel./fax: (495) 664-26-17, 664-26-18
           E-mail:                                             FlorMar, established in 1972 has left 37 years of                         Localita’ Passovecchio Crotone, Kr 88900 Italy
                                                success behind and is constantly improving its stan-                      Tel.: 39 0962 930530
                                                                             dards in the Turkish cosmetics industry. With prod-                       Fax: 39 02 700526259
  The Fitocosmetic Company is one of the leading                             ucts ranging from nail enamel to lip gloss, eye shad-                     E-mail:
  manufacturers of natural cosmetic products. For                            ow to foundation, FlorMar has unquestionably been               
  over 7 years we have been manufacturing and                                the favourite cosmetics brand of Turkish women. In
  suppying natural cosmetics based on minerals and                           light of its success in Turkey, FlorMar has expanded                 Ismeg srl is a Manufacture Company and the unmis-
  pounded herbs. Our assortment is represented by                            its sales worldwide by starting export sales in 1998                 takable mark of Italian style is a part of the success
  the following product lines: hair colors (henna,                           and has since then become the favourite in over 60                   achieved by Ismeg cosmetic solution.
  basma, shading henna, bleachers), cosmetic and                             countries such as Ukraine, Iran, Romania, Bulgaria,                  The firm was set up and is now headquartered in
  therapeutic clays and clay-based masks, tooth pow-                         Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal, Italy, Saudi                 the south of Italy, in the heart of Mediterranean and
  der, natural vegetal-based masks, depilation prod-                         Arabia, UAE, Oman, Venezuella etc.                                   thanks to the use of a rich and beneficial thermal
  ucts. The Fitocosmetic brand features an optimal                                                                                                sulphur spring owned by the family and located in the
  price and quality correlation, bright and informative                                                                                           town of Repole its continues to innovate production
  design solutions, the stringiest quality control and                       FOLTENE PHARMA                                          13G02        keeping the tradition of high-quality, natural formulas.
  an individual approach to each client!                                                                                                          With its four generations of pharmacists, Ismeg rep-
                                                                                  119002, Kaloshin Lane 3, bldg. 3, room 595,                     resents the continuity of a long, typically italian fam-
                                                                                  Moscow, Russia                                                  ily tradition, actually it is considered the first com-
  FLORENS                                                       13D24             Tel.: (495) 411-94-82. Fax: (499) 795-93-75                     pany in Italy that produce Natural Cosmetics and
                                                                                  E-mail:                                         thermal cosmetics under the brand Frais Monde.
           129272, Trifonovskaya Str. 47, room 611,                     ,
           Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (495) 684-92-58, 684-92-59,                                 Clinical Trychology Institute, as the exclusive rep-                 France Cosmetics                                      14A36
           8-926-237-9-237                                                   resentative of the largest Italian Concern Foltene
           Fax: (495) 684-05-46                                              Pharma specializing in therapeutic hair and scalp                         29, rue Bleue 75009 – Paris France
           E-mail:,                         care preparations, offers unique products on the                          Tel.: 33) 1 48 01 90 80. Fax: (33) 1 48 01 90 89
                                                     markets of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. Our                           E-mail: lrc
                                                                             produce is successfully marketed in 35 countries
  Since 1994 our company has accumulated a                                   worldwide. Receiving direct supplies from Italy                      France Cosmetics creates and manufactures per-
  15-year-long experience in the field of comprehen-                         without any mediators enables us to offer our clients                fumes and cosmetic products since 1973.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

Since 35 years, we have developped our know-how                      plies and services for fitting out beauty care and                   GEKA BRUSH GMBH                                          14E28
and our creativity to offer high quality products at                 spa enterprises:
the best price.                                                      professional equipment for ultrasonic and microcur-                        Waizendorf 3, 91572 Bechhofen, Germany
We manufacture under our own brands and also                         rent therapy, electromiostimulation, depilation and                        Tel.: +49 (0) 9822 87 01. Fax: +49 (0) 9822 87 119
private labels                                                       coagulation treatments;                                                    E-mail:
Our products are made in France and are respectful                   portable devices for electromiostimulation, darson-              
of strict safety regulations, in accordance with the                 valisation and vacuum massage treatment;
European and the French legislation.                                 spare parts, supplies and accessories;                               The German-based manufacturer GEKA BRUSH
                                                                     a line of face and body care cosmetic products for                   GMBH specialises in the development and produc-
                                                                     intensive therapy with active oxygen;                                tion of mascara brushes, applicators and complete
     G                                                               ionized cosmetics formulated on the basis of an
                                                                     active peptide complex for ultrasonic and electro-
                                                                                                                                          delivery systems for liquid colour cosmetics. The
                                                                                                                                          company has expanded upon its operations, diver-
                                                                     therapy treatment;                                                   sifying into plastic processing, moulding, assembly
G. D. ENTERPRISES                                       12E20        professional consultations and training;                             and decoration. GEKA provides complete cosmetics
                                                                                                                                          packaging for leading cosmetic houses around the
     99-5, ONSU-DONG, KURO-KU, SEOUL, KOREA                                                                                               world.
     Tel.: +82) 2 896-6772. Fax: +82) 2 804-2759                     GAMMA COSMETICS                                         14А24
                                                                          142105, Pervy Delovoy Passage 9, Podolsk,                       GELTEK-MEDICA                                           13G08
G.D. Enterprises was established in 1987 to manu-                         Moscow region, Russia
facture useful, high-quality care items.                                  Tel./fax: (495) 580- 57-34                                            117246, Nauchny Passage 10, room 309, Moscow,
With its accumulated expertise in the field, it exports                   E-mail:                                   Russia
mainly to Japan, Germany, Russia, France, the UK                                                                 Tel./fax: (499) 128-48-38, (495) 334-43-23, 232-
and the U.S.A.                                                                                                                                  01-69
To anticipate market trends, it continuously puts out                GAMMA COSMETICS LLC, founded in 2000, is part                              E-mail:
innovative items for women, including Laser Nail                     of the Yedinaya Evropa (United Europe) Holding and               
Files, Heated Eyelash Curlers, Foot Grooming Files.                  is currently the largest cosmetics manufacturer in
Its “3-steps Grooming Files” is a professional set                   Russia and the CIS. The investments made into the                    Development, manufacture and marketing of
that safely removes calluses and rough skin the                      production complex since 2006, totaled up to over                    preparations for apparative cosmetology includ-
feet. It features an ergonomic design and durable                    US $12mln. State-of-the-art technological equip-                     ing ultrasonic treatments, microcurrent therapy,
construction.                                                        ment and production facilities make it possible to                   electrostimulation, lymphatic drainage and massage
Also, Heated Eyelash Curlers are great for women                     produce up to 3,000,000 pieces of produce monthly.                   methods, as well as home treatments. Our Geltek
who want to make their eyes look beautiful, the                      The company’s quality management system is certi-                    gels and lotions contain such efficient ingredients
easies way to get longer-lasting curly eyelashes                     fied in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard-                  as hyaluronic acid, dihydroquercetin phospholipide
fast, these battery operated devices warm up the                     ization regulations.                                                 complex, herbal extracts, vitamins A, Е, C, elastin,
lashes and set them for the whole day. Safety is                                                                                          collagen hydrolyzate, Siberian mud lake salts, etc.
guaranteed.                                                                                                                               All the preparations are divided into 4 groups: for
                                                                     GARMONIA                                                     РП      dry and oily skin treatment, anti-age and body care.

GALATEA, PEK                                   12F22, 13C28               195027, Sverdlovskaya Emb. 38, bldg. И,
                                                                          St. Petersburg, Russia                                          German Federal Ministry
     123182, Aviatsionnaya Str. 68, bldg. 3,                              Tel.: (812) 226-49-36. Fax: (812) 226-99-24                     of Economics and Technology                              14E26
     Moscow, Russia                                                       E-mail:,
     Tel.: (495) 510-07-56                                                                                               53123, Bonn, Germany
     198188, Stachek Str. 72 – 144, St. Petersburg,                                                                                             Tel.: +49/228/615-0. Fax: +49/228/615-4436
     Russia                                                          Contract manufacture of cosmetic products. Formula                         Internet:
     Tel./fax: (812) 784-62-79                                       development. Brand creation.                                               Official Presentation of the Federal Republic
     E-mail:                                   A scientific approach to the development of new                            of Germany,                         products and high-tech in-house production facili-                         Sponsored by: Federal Ministry of Economics
                                                                     ties for the manufacture of health care products                           and Technology
SHINE&FINE glitter tattoo, PERFECT SILK LASHES                       enable us to produce unique state-of-the-art and                                    53123 Bonn
and eyelash perming.                                                 highly competitive cosmetic compositions.                                           Germany
Permanent makeup equipment and pigments                              Contract manufacturing of such well-known brands                                    Tel.: +49/228/615-0
(GOLDENEYE, Germany).                                                as Beautyssima, ‘Krasnoye Vino’ (Red Wine) and                                      Fax: +49/228/615-4436
Manicure and pedicure supplies and tools, nail                       others.                                                                   
sculpture gels and acrylics (NAILITE, USA).                          Proprietary scientific developments enable us to                           In cooperation with: Association of the German
Professional face and body care cosmetics                            create unique skincare products.                                           Trade Fair Industries (AUMA)
(BELLITAS, UK; INTEGRA, Spain).                                                                                                                          Littenstr. 9
Ampoules, collagen sheets, plasticizing masks,                                                                                                           10179 Berlin
SPA-cosmetics (BIOMATRIX, France).                                   GEBA                                                    13F31
Hardware cosmetics. Depilation waxes. Body pierc-                                                                                                      Germany
ing.                                                                      191119, Marat Str. 70, Russian branch of Dr.Spiller                          Tel.: +49/30/240000
TRAINING courses: micropigmentation, eyelash                              Biocosmetic GMbH, St. Petersburg, Russia                                     Fax: +49/30/24000320
extension and perming.                                                    Tel.: (812) 712-58-15, (901) 309-00-09                             
WORKSHOPS on cosmetics and nail extension                                 Fax: (812) 315-63-61                                                         e-mail:
techniques.                                                               E-mail:                                                 Supported by: German Cosmetic, Toiletry,
                                                                                                                     Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW)
                                                                                                                                                       Mainzer Landstr. 55
GALATEYA NPF                                            13F27        Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic (Germany), presented in                                   60329 Frankfurt am Main
                                                                     55 countries worldwide, has successfully operated                                 Germany
     121170, Pobeda Square 2, bldg. 2, p.o. box 67,                  on the world’s professional cosmetics market for                                  Tel.: +49/69/25561323
     Moscow, Russia                                                  50 years.                                                                         Fax: +49/69/237631
     Tel./fax: (499) 148-93-96, (495) 680-19-25                      Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic laboratory enjoys know-how                      
     E-mail:                                         in the field of emulsion structures. The company’s                                e-mail:                                              line of natural cosmetics is formulated to be free of                      Organized by: Koelnmesse International GmbH
                                                                     preservatives.                                                                    Messeplatz 1
Cutting-edge developments and manufacturing                          Alain Ganancia (Spain) introduces a unique ‘trans-                                50679 Koln
solutions in the fields of medicine and cosmetol-                    dermal shower’ technology developed to provide                                    Germany
ogy.                                                                 an instant saturation of epidermis with hydrophilic                               Tel.: +49/221/821-0
Galatea NPF (Research and Production Factory),                       ingredients.                                                                      Fax: +49/221/821-2092
a leading domestic manufacturer of medical and                       Professional trainings. A discount system.                              
cosmetology equipment, offers the following sup-                     Advantageous terms for dealers.                                                   e-mail:

166                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           German Group                                                      GROMIN                                                  14E02             E-mail:
           Participation: BECKER-MANICURE SOLINGEN,                                                                                          
           CLR Chem. Lab. Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH, Comair                           220073, Olshevsky Lane 7, room 304, Minsk,
           Germany GmbH, GEKA BRUSH GmbH, Hairforce                               Republic of Belarus                                             The Hair Fashion Company engages in selling
           Germany GmbH, Jojo-Haircosmetics GmbH,                                 Tel./fax: +375-17-204-73-17, 211-50-39                          natural hair, ensuring the best price-and-quality ratio
           Hermann Koch GmbH, Louvrette Design &                                  E-mail:                                       available on the market. We also supply hair exten-
           Packaging GmbH, Eduard Mathai GmbH, Nutra                                                                       sion tools, accessories and concomitant goods.
           Luxe M.D. GmbH, Polystone Chemical GmbH,                                                                                               The company also provides schooling in most
           Reviderm AG, Vita-Cos-Med Klett-Loch GmbH,                        The Belarusian group of production companies                         advanced hair extension techniques. The com-
           WETTPEX HYGIENICAL PRODUCTS                                       including PLASTIKA and GROMIN is currently the                       pany’s hair extension studio offers Evro So Cap,
                                                                             largest manufacturer of high quality plastic pack-                   ExtendMagic, Hair Talk, Ring Star, Spanish Rueber,
                                                                             aging for cosmetic products. Our product range                       the English technology.
                                                                             includes 30 to 800 ml bottles, 5 to 500 ml jars                      Our company has its branches in a number of cities
  GINKO                                                         12B11        for cosmetic and medical purposes. High qual-                        throughout Russia. New regional dealers are still
                                                                             ity imported materials, many years of experience,                    welcome.
           125009, Leontyevskiy Lane 7, room 11, Moscow,                     highly qualified personnel, and unrestricted pos-
           Russia                                                            sibilities in terms of package development – from
           Tel.: (495) 690-16-87. Fax: (495) 695-74-59                       standard items to exclusive articles – ready to serve                Hairdresser Stylist Visagiste, magazine               12A29
           E-mail:                                             you today and tomorrow.
                                                                                                                                 125040, ‘Panorama’ LLC, p.o. box1, Moscow,
  Our company acts as the general distributor for the                        GM Pack                                                                   Tel./fax: (499) 257-79-57
  Tokosha Co.,Ltd. (Japan), a worldwide renowned                                                                                                       E-mail:
  manufacturer of professional hairdressing scissors                              127543, Byelozyorskaya Str. 3б, Moscow, Russia             
  under the trade mark of Joewell. Available is a                                 Tel.: (495) 517-21-88. Fax: (495) 787-59-58
  wide range professional scissors by Ginko, Kedake                               E-mail:                                         The ‘Hairdresser Stylist Visagiste’ magazine is the
  and Junior – professional-quality tools for future                                                                         first Russian professional periodical addressed to
  professionals. Hair combs, brushes and other                                                                                                    stylists, tutors and trainees of hairstyling schools,
  hair accessories by Y.S. PARK (Japan). Marna                               Original bath and shower cosmetics including                         colleges and advanced training courses.
  Cosmetics Ltd. acts as an exclusive distributor in                         scented bath oils in a variety of shapes (balls,                     The magazine contains educational articles on the
  Russia, as well as in CIS and European countries                           stars, hearts and figures), salts, soap, brushes and                 theory and practice of hairdressing art, makeup,
  for the Japanese manufacturer of ecological hair                           sponges from natural materials, facial masks, toy                    nail art, commercial haircuts, various stylings, tools
  care products by Elence 2001.                                              gels, PVC gels.                                                      and accessories, as well as basics of coloristics,
  Available are hair dryers, curling irons and other                                                                                              techniques of working with dyes and colors, dying
  supplies, as well as accessories and furniture for                                                                                              and coloring systems. The magazine also includes
  hair salons.                                                               GUTTO COSMETICS                                         14F18        interviews with prominent stylists, contests and
                                                                                                                                                  prizes for subscribers.
                                                                                  COBANCESME MH.KUYUMCUKENT NO:1 KAT:5                            The magazine is issued under the auspices of the
                                                                                  OFFICE:5 YENIBOSNA/ISTANBUL/TURKEY                              first All-Russian open hairstylists’ club ‘Hair Club’.
  Global Printing Systems                                       14F14             Tel.: 90(212)6031513-6031514
                                                                                  Fax: 90(212)6031508
           127550, Pryanishnikov Str. 23А, Moscow, Russia                         E-mail:                               HAIRFORCE GERMANY GMBH                                14D30
           Tel.: (495) 662-7004. Fax: (495)662-7006                     
           E-mail:                                                                                                            Germany, 41069, Munchengladbach, Hehner Strasse,
                                              Natural      skin    care    cream      producing                         77
                                                                             specialist,unwanted                                                       Tel.: +49-21,61-82 I2O 90. Fax: +49-216I-82 12O
  Marketing and maintenance servicing of pack-                               Facial and bodily hair reduction cream(ANT EGG                            910
  aging and industrial labeling equipment: band-                             OIL CREAM),Anti ageing BLUE ANEMONE&PEARL                                 e-mail:
  ing machines Sollas (Netherlands), ink jet                                 CREAM, Anti acne with healing effect SNAIL CREAM,               
  and laser codemarkers Domino (UK), modu-                                   Faial masks of different kinds, Sun protection
  lar labeling equipment Collamat (Switzerland),                             creams and sprays, all natural multi purpose body                    We supply all professional hairdresser items to
  printer labeling systems Ventus (Finland), car-                            and face creams such as orange, camomile, black                      wholesaler worldwide. Hairdresser equipment, fur-
  toning systems Langenpac (Netherlands), fill-                              grape seed ,apricot, pomegranate, honey wheat oil,                   niture, hair clipper, hair dryer, combs, brushes,
  ing and packaging equipment UVA-packaging                                  strawberry, Almond oil, chocolate creams and local                   scissors, hair dresser capes, accessories, chmical
  (Netherlands). Always available are authentic                              slimming cream like apple&Chrome and Cabbage                         and cosmetice items.
  expendables.                                                               creams

                                                                                                                                                  HAIR'S how, magazine                                 12A21a

  GOLDEN GALA                                                   14A10
                                                                                  H                                                                    107258, Pervaya Bukhvostova Str. 12/11,
                                                                                                                                                       bldg. 17, Moscow, Russia
           Chetvyortaya Ulitsa Maryinoy Roshchi Str. 12, bldg.               HAIR EXCLUSIVE                                          12A12             Tel.: (495)223-62-19. Fax: (495)962-10-13
           2, room 8, Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                   E-mail:
           Tel./fax: (495) 600-66-72                                              109457, Zhigulyovskaya Str. 3, bldg. 3, Moscow,            
           E-mail:                                             Russia
                                                       Tel.: (925) 517-44-97. Fax: (495) 709-84-44                     HAIR'S How is a unique professional monthly peri-
                                                                                  E-mail:                                     odical in Russia published in a circulation of 135
  Golden Gala stands for a rapidly evolving pre-                                                                  000 copies.
  mium class jewelry brand. The major part of                                                                                                     HAIR'S How is a journal dealing with hairstyles and
  the work while manufacturing items from metal,                             The ‘Hair exclusive’ salon offers a wide selection                   style and addressed to stylists and makeup artists,
  leather and natural stones is performed by hand.                           of natural hair at reasonable prices. Available in                   beauticians and manicure technicians, as well as
  Our collections are created on the basis of the                            the assortment range is Slavic and European hair                     their clients. HAIR'S How presents the best works
  latest fashion trends. When working on each                                in a variety of natural shades, all kinds of tressed                 by the world’s most prominent stylists, features
  collection our designers take into consideration                           hair, European and Slavic hair on capsules, as well                  exclusive shots by Russian photographers, voca-
  tastes and wishes of the most sophisticated                                as hair extension equipment and all the necessary                    tional information on state-of-the-art technologies
  clients while trying to bring out the unique proper-                       allied goods.                                                        and most demanded beauty salon services, as well
  ties of the materials our jewelry items are made                                                                                                as interviews with beauty business leaders.
  of. Collections are updated seasonally. Moreover,                                                                                               HAIR'S How is the only professional magazine, the
  every fortnight we please our clients with parties                         HAIR FASHION                                            12A15        marketing policy of which envisages direct free
  of exclusive novelties. We hope that cooperation                                                                                                distribution to beauty salons, hairstyling studios,
  with our company will bring joy and pleasure to                                 109004, Bolshoy Fakelny Lane 1, Moscow, Russia                  training and beauty centres, encompassing 6500
  your clients!                                                                   Tel./fax: (495) 645-35-16                                       addressees all in all.

168                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E    X   H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  HAIRSHOP                                                      12D22        of experience in producing glass packaging. We                       leading European manufacturers, tanning equipment
                                                                             specialize in production of high-quality uncoloured                  and indoor tanning cosmetics. We provide delivery
           125315, Liza Chaikina Str. 5/23, Moscow, Russia                   glass and coloured in mass glass containers from                     throughout Russia and the near abroad.
           Tel.: (495) 22-985-22, (495) 735-40-27                            capacity 5 ml to 500 ml. Among our products you                      An individual approach, support of our commercial
           Fax: (495) 735-40-27                                              will find packaging for:                                             and marketing department, a sustained amount of
           E-mail:                                          EDT and perfumes,                                                    goods at the warehouse are among the key factors
                                                    nail polishes,                                                       contributing to the stability of the company and its
                                                                             skin care cosmetics,                                                 regional representatives.
  HAIRSHOP is a leading company engaged in manu-                             roll-on cosmetic products,
  facturing and selling natural and synthetic hair offer-                    other products (alcohol, foodstuffs, ect.).
  ing the best price-and-quality equation available on                       Our offer also includes caps and closures adapted to                 HOBBY COSMETICS                                       14C37
  the market. The company also supplies hair exten-                          our standard products.
  sion tools and accessories. HAIRSHOP also runs the                                                                                                   INONU MAH.ULUSU CADDESI NO:135 KAYISDAGI
  Russian Championship in Braiding. The HAIRSHOP                                                                                                       ISTANBUL TURKEY
  School of Braiding provides training in all braiding                       HERB-PHARMA AG                                          13F16             Tel.: +90 216 576 90 90
  and hair extension techniques.                                                                                                                       Fax: +90 216 576 66 13 / 575 88 68
                                                                                   Kirchgasse 3, Z rich 8001, Switzerland                              E-mail:
  Hallmark Int’l Co., Ltd.                                  14D52a       ,
                                                                                                                                                  As Turkey’s most prominent producer of per-
           2F. No. 7, Lane 21, Fu Yun St., Hsin-Dan City,                    HERB-PHARMA AG is a manufacturer of finished                         sonel care products,we are renowned for
           Taipei                                                            cosmetic products, food supplements and medical                      supplyıng affordable and genuine high quality
           Hsan, Taiwan                                                      devices. The main concept of the newest product                      products,which are all produced with state-of-
           Tel.: 886-2-29142023. Fax: 886-2-29134690                         line – FYTOFONTANA COSMECEUTICALS is that                            the-art techno-logy under the supervision of
           E-mail:                                  the products are a REPLACEMENT OF ESTHETIC                           our extensively experienced quality control and
                                               SURGERY and an ALTERNATIVE TO BOTULOTOXIN                            assurance manage-ment.In terms of technology
                                                                             INJECTIONS. Looking for distributors worldwide.                      and production capacity our new production facil-
  Hallmark Int’l Co., Ltd., is a professional exhibition                                                                                          ity(70.000 m2) is the
  company represented many international shows in                                                                                                 biggest of its kind in Turkey,the Middle East,the
  Taiwan. Organized country pavilion and being good                          HIDEN PIK                                               14C26        Balkans and probably amongst the top 10 in Eu-
  bridge between the organizer and exhibitors are                                                                                                 rope.Almost 40 years of experienceand know-how
  service target.                                                                  115201, Pervy Varshavsky Lane 1а, room 208,                    today reinforces our leadership in Turkey and
                                                                                   Moscow, Russia                                                 forever-expanding success in many countries
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 785-94-13. Fax: (495) 721-37-76                    around the Wold.At present,our export sales opera-
  HANWOONG COATECH CO., LTD                                     14F35              E-mail:                                    tions cover more than 50 countries (including
                                                                                                                         Europe) through our well-organized network of
           Daeger B/D 3F, 188, GwangJang-Dong,                                                                                                    highly qualified exclusive distributers.
           GwangJin-Gu, Seoul, Korea                                         HIDEN PIK LLC represents on the Russian market
           Tel.: 82-2-457-9447. Fax: 82-2-454-9447                           the trade marks of Brilard and ‘Pervaya Liniya’.
                                               Brilard – professional oral care products: tooth                     HOLINKA                                                    РП
                                                                             pastes, mouth cavity rinsers, mouth sprays, chil-
                                                                             dren’s toothpastes.                                                       141008, Kolpakov Str. 38, bldg. 1, room 51,
  HAPPY LIFE                                                    13E06        Первая линия – a line of wet wipes produced from                          Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russia
                                                                             French- and Israeli-made high quality materials.                          Tel.: (495) 507-49-65, 507-21-88
           Dmitrovskoye Shosse 81, room 510, Moscow,                         Our cooperation will contribute to your success and                       Fax: (495) 510-12-19
           Russia                                                            prosperity!                                                               E-mail:
           Tel.: (495) 739-80-37. Tel./fax: (495) 745-22-76                                                                                  
                                                 Histomer – Valetudo S.r.l.                              13D20        ZAO ‘Sukhaya Kosmetika’ (Dry Cosmetics) is a
                                                                                                                                                  manufacturer of mineral-salt-based cosmetic prepa-
  HAPPY LIFE engages in marketing solaria, lamps,                                  Via Ghiaie, 6 – 24030 Presezzo - Italy                         rations. The HOLINKA brand represents ecologically
  cosmetics and accessories. The company acts as an                                Tel.: +39 035 461634. Fax: +39 035 461070                      safe DRY cosmetics for face, body and hair care,
  official dealer for Australian Gold.                                             E-mail:                             developed on the basis of researches conducted by
                                                                                                                        the scientists of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.
                                                                                                                                                  Our cosmetics are designed to provide an effective
  Heinz Plastics Polska Sp. z o.o.                              14E18        Valetudo S.r.l. is a leading company specialized in                  and gentle cleansing of the skin normalizing the
                                                                             the manufacturing complete ranges of cosmetic                        functioning of sebaceous and sweat glands, thus
           ul. Wł. Jagiełły 40, 13-200 Działdowo, Poland                     products for face and body care treatments formu-                    stimulating the process of toxin and dross with-
           Tel.: 0048 23 697 6528. Fax: 0048 23 697 5252                     lated in the basis of the most advanced technological                drawal, nourish the skin with vitamins and microele-
           E-mail:                                  developments, under the brand name “HISTOMER”.                       ments. Each product represents a unique composi-
                                           Our professional preparation are designed for use in                 tion of DRY natural substances: vulcanized mineral
                                                                             beauty salon, clinics of aesthetic dermatology,                      ZEOLITE, slit from salty Altay lakes and medicinal
  Heinz Plastics Polska Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of                          To complete we have a complete ranges for home                       herbs from the Altay Mountains.
  the Heinz Group, has been operating on the Polish                          use.
  market since 1998. We produce and offer high-                              Our treatments : Wrinkle – Lightening – Oily skin
  quality plastic packaging for cosmetic industry and                        – Sensitive skin – Hydrating – Vitamine ‘C’ -                        Holy Land Cosmetics                                   13E02
  high-quality surlyn caps for parfum packaging. For                         Mature skin – Eye contour – Cellulite treatment –
  the production of bottles, caps and roll-on bottles                        SPA – Body massage, Thalasso Therapy, etc. .                              121309, Bolshaya Filyovskaya Str. 16, Moscow,
  we use three manufacturing processes: injection                            Samples and training support are provided to our                          Russia
  moulding, injection blow moulding and extrusion                            clients.                                                                  Tel./fax: (495) 995-25-09
  blow moulding.                                                                                                                                       E-mail:
                                                                             Hitek-group                            12B20, 13C16,13D16
  HEINZ GLAS DZIAŁDOWO Ltd.                                     14E18                                                                             The OPTIMED Aesthetic Medicine Corporation Ltd.
                                                                                   107076, Elektrozavodskaya Str. 29, room 300,                   acts as a representative of the Holy Land Cosmetics
           ul. Wł. Jagiełły 40, 13-200 Działdowo                                   Moscow, Russia                                                 company in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics.
           Tel.: +48 23 697 01 00                                                  Tel./fax: (495) 995-99-59                                      In the years of its manufacturing activity HOLY
           Fax: +48 23 697 01 64                                                   E-mail:                                    LAND Cosmetics has created a wide range of skin
           E-mail:                                                                               care lines. The company’s product range numbers
                                                                                                                              23 lines of cosmetic preparations comprising over
                                                                             Hitek-Group is a leading Russian trader of equip-                    350 items.
  Heinz Glas Działdowo Ltd. has more than sixty years                        ment for beauty salons, tools and accessories from                   Preparation formulas and treatment procedures

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

have been developed in compliance with certain                       HYMN Mc                                                 13F44        Industriya Krasoty                                      12A18
principles designed to address the most complicat-
ed problems at the level of pathogenetic processes,                       115114, Derbenyovskaya Emb. 11а, room 404,                            115114, Derbenyovskaya Str. 20, bldg. 10,
and eliminate the cause of aesthetic defects.                             Moscow, Russia                                                        Moscow, Russia
Problem skin treatment and protection, dry and                            Tel.: (495) 913-67-79; (906) 748-32-14                                Tel.: (863) 261-85-81. Tel./fax: (495) 642-63-18
fading skin care and regeneration, effective anti-age                     Fax: (495) 913-67-81                                                  E-mail:
treatment, rehabilitation after chemical peel treat-                      E-mail:,                       
ments and plastic surgeries – here is just a brief              ,
list of domains where preparations by HOLY LAND                                                                                           The Industria Krasoty Company acts as an official
Cosmetics prove successful.                                          HYMN MC (S. Korea) manufactures beauty care                          distributor in Russia for the renowned French brand
OPTIMED AMC LLC has a proprietary system                             equipment:                                                           of Make-up Atelier Paris, providing supplies of cos-
of basic and advanced training for employees.                        BODY ACTION – innovative tone vibroplatform,                         metic products, accessories, as well as makeup and
Only on being awarded with a special certificate                     RF-SOYA – high frequency hyperthermic system                         body-art brushes.
a specialist is entitled to work with HOLY LAND                      (RF lifting)                                                         The Industria Krasoty School of Professional
preparations.                                                        SKIN-SOYA – multi application beauty system                          Makeup offers training for makeup artists to be
                                                                     accommodating functions of ultrasound peeling,                       employed in beauty salons, in the sphere of show
                                                                     phonophoresis and iontophoresis treatment.                           business and film making, on television and on fash-
HOMECARE CO., LTD                                       14A33        End-mol WaterJet SOYA – decompression therapy                        ion shows. Training is conducted in accordance with
                                                                     and liquid gas peeling,                                              the programme of the International Makeup Centre
     #902, 303 Dong, IT Tower ,Techno Park,                          JunoLux – an IPL impulse light system.                               ‘Make-up Atelier Paris’.
     Samjung Dong O-Jung Gu, Bucheon City, Korea.                    All our products feature premium quality and reli-                   A network of regional representatives is currently
     Tel.: 82-32-624-1118. Fax: 82-32-624-1121                       ability. High-efficiency performance and a wide                      being under construction.                                               range of functional properties of the equipment
                                                                     ensure its high competitiveness and profitability.
                                                                     The company welcomes regional dealers and dis-                       Influx Industry Inc                                      14E45
HOROSHEE MYLO                                           14A04        tributors. We are always glad to provide consultation
                                                                     assistance in any questions of concern. We wish you                        Yongshi Road, Eastern Industrial Park, Shiwan,
     105275, Prospekt Budyonnogo Ave. 27,                            success and see you soon!                                                  Boluo, Huizhou, Gongdong, China
     Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                             Tel.: +86 752 6113851. Fax: +86 752 6113849
     Tel.: (903) 586-37-52                                                                                                                      E-mail:
     Tel./fax: (495) 741-20-32
                                                                          I                                                                                                                                                                                 Influx Industry Inc manufacture and exporter in the
                                                                     IGRO                                                    13B13        Health & Beauty industry at both professional and
The “Horoshee mylo” Company, founded in 2008,                                                                                             retail level. Influx strive for a reputation of excel-
engages in the wholesale trading of hand-crafted                          109518, Lyublinskaya Str. 1, room 315, Moscow,                  lence built on a foundation of quality, innovative
natural cosmetics.                                                        Russia                                                          products at competitive prices and a high level
Currently we present the products of Riga Soap                            Tel.: (499) 177-03-55, (495) 988-58-59, 502-67-46               of friendly, professional service.Private label is
Brewery Company ‘Cita lieta’ (natural soap, balls,                        Fax: (499) 173-05-14                                            another arm of our business. Influx has a selec-
bath salts, oils, body scrubs). The quality of the                        E-mail:                                      tion of packaging solutions to choose from and
products presented by HOROSHEE MYLO LLC has                                                                      our in-house graphic design team is on hand to
been of particular significance which we are proud                                                                                        help out innovative product & packaging ideas.
of. Try our products and make sure they entirely cor-                The company acts as an official representative of the                Influx Industry Inc research and development team
respond to the company’s name!                                       Spanish brand Depilflax offering professional wax                    is consistently working on strategies...
                                                                     depilation and paraffin therapy products. Depilflax
                                                                     waxes have earned a solid reputation with the
HOSAN TECH                                              14A23        Russian consumers thanks to their high quality and                   INFOMEDMARKET                                           13C35
                                                                     an extensive product range.
     102-1213 Bucheon Technopark III, 36-1 Samjung-                  Comair – a wide selection of German-made hair-                             109651, Donetskaya Str. 2-86, Moscow, Russia
     Dong,Ojung-Gu, Bucheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea                   dressing supplies including collars, vinyl gloves,                         Tel.: 8 (030) 112-50-60. Tel./fax: (495) 349-74-14
     421-741                                                         disposable peignoirs and aprons, etc.                                      E-mail:,
     Tel.: 82-32-624-2272. Fax: 82-32-624-2273                       Also available is a wide range of self-manufactured                                                              disposable products for beauticians and hair stylists.
                                                                     Throw-away towels, peignoirs, sheets, tissues etc.                   Facial and body treatment equipment.
                                                                     Refectocil, Berriwell, Igora Bonachrom – eyebrow                     – BIOTEC ITALIA (Italiy): RF, ultrasound cavitation,
Huangshan Watts Electrical Co.,Ltd.                     14A50        and eyelash colours, a vast selection of accessories                 impulse light, micro dermabrasion, biostimulation,
                                                                     for beauticians.                                                     lymphatic drainage, press therapy, cellulite treat-
     Dengta,Qimen,Huangshan City,Anhui,China                         Instant tan cosmetics from popular brands such as                    ment – REFORM, COAX CFR, BIOCELL, FUSION.
     Tel.: 0086-559-4503902. Fax: 0086-559-4503869                   CaliforniaTan, Emerald Bay, Soleo, TannyMax, SuperTan.               – PhotoNova (Sweden): fractional laser, impulse
     E-mail:                                        A line of pedicure cosmetics by Camillen60.                          light - PLS3, PhotoMatrix, ILS. /                      Pedicure files.                                                      – Aesthetic Technologies (USA): microdermabrasion
                                                                                                                                          Parisian Peel Prestige, Duette and Esprit.
Our company is a main leader in producing personal                                                                                        – Cobble San Francisco (USA): LED photo rejuvena-
care products ,Which have 9 years experiences spe-                   INCC GROUP                                              14C27        tion, microcurrents, Marvel-6 HF currents, Marvel-
cialized in personal care appliances which qualified                                                                                      Mini photo rejuvenation at home.
for GS/CE/ETL approvals.                                                  85 Avenue de Saint Cloud                                        – HonKon (China): RF, laser, impulse light - GD,
                                                                          78000 VERSAILLES – FRANCE                                       M40e, GE, M400e, M800e, My Box, M407, MV11.
                                                                          Tel.: 00 33 (0) 139 670 671
HYDRA SAS                                               14B27             Fax: 00 33 (0) 139 670 672
                                                                          E-mail:                               INNOFARM LABORATORY                                     13A20
     5, Route Nationale – 68690 MOOSCH - France                 
     Tel.: +33 389 38 16 20. Fax: +33 389 38 16 28                                                                                              111524, Elektrodnaya Str. 9б, room 201,
     E-mail:                                         Created in 1990, INCC GROUP has been developing                            Moscow, Russia                                                    through the years a Worldwide reputation in the distri-                    Tel./fax: (495) 7454090
                                                                     bution of perfume brands through selective networks.                       E-mail:,
The HYDRA company manufacture since 1939 in                          Brands: AXIS modern, contemporary, un-conven-                    
France first quality hygienic cotton products :                      tional, a sense of detail…                                                 www.cо
make-up pads, buds, nursing pads… Highly rigor-                      solid into liquid
ous in its choice of raw materials and respectful of                 YUJIN: a modern look of fragrance, pure, genuine,                    The INNOFARM LABORATORY presents its innova-
the environment, HYDRA also offers items made                        different                                                            tive development in the field of therapeutic cosme-
from organic or fair-trade cotton, Ecocert or Max                    HOOPS: a modern concept for young people with                        tology, which is a line of MEDICAL COLLAGENE
Havelaar certified.                                                  very attractive and funny colors                                     3D designed on the basis of activated three-spiral

170                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H     I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  native collagen, in assistance with the scientists                         accessories for beauty salons (Germany)                                ries. Assured stable quality and moderate pricing are
  of Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.                                 - My Style – permanent makeup systems and                              our fundamental principles. The product range num-
  Sechenov.                                                                  expendables (Germany)                                                  bers over 1500 items and is continually extended
  The cosmeceutical products on offer, produced                              - SUDA–FOOT – cosmetics and equipment for pedi-                        with novelties which invariably become bestsellers.
  through an exclusive technology, have no counter-                          cure studios (Germany)                                                 Experienced instructors of the IRIS`K Professional
  parts, either in Russia or abroad.                                         - Ergoline –equipment and cosmetics for tanning                        training Centre qualify highly skilled specialists in
  All MEDICAL COLLAGENE 3D preparations are                                  studios (Germany)                                                      nail sculpture, nail art, eyelash extension and perm-
  hypoallergenic, clinically and dermatologically test-                      - Bernard Cassiere – professional cosmetics (France)                   ing. For technicians’ advanced training there held
  ed, registered and certified.                                              - CORPORA – instant tanning equipment and                              are free seminars in various subjects. The training
  The preparations have passed approbation to be                             expendables (Spain)                                                    centre awards its graduates with international-type
  used in manual and apparative techniques (ultra-                           - Hialurox – a state-of-the-art rejuvenation technique                 certificates. Professionalism is a guarantee of a
  sound and microcurrent).                                                   with hyaluronic acid (Spain)                                           successful career.
  The company exclusively presents EMALAN hydro-                             ICG furniture and equipment for beauty salons, hair-
  gel designed to ensure moisturized healing of skin                         styling studios and SPA centres.
  infringements of any genesis including those after                                                                                                Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products
  laser manipulations, cleansing treatments, superfi-                                                                                               Exporters’ Association                              14G27
  cial peelings and microdermabrasion procedures.                            International Medical Leech Centre                        14B40
                                                                                                                                                         Dis Ticaret Kompleksi A Blok Sanayi Cad.
                                                                                   140140, Oktyabrskaya Str. 40, village Udelnaya,                       Cobancesme Yenibosna Bahcelievler - ISTANBUL
  INTERHAIR                                                     12C27              Ramensky district, Moscow region, Russia                              Tel.: +90 212 454 00 00. Fax: +90 212 454 00 98
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 501-92-84, 744-26-49                                      E-mail:
           Olimpiysky Ave. 16, bldg. 2, entrance 5, 2nd floor,                     Fax: (495) 501-34-54, 744-26-50                             
           Moscow, Russia                                                          E-mail:,
           Tel.: (495) 971-52-25, 978-77-45                                                                                   Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products
           Fax: (495) 977-01-05                                                                                                                     Exporters’ Association enrolled also by the Turkish
           E-mail:                                         The Dr. Nikonov line of natural cosmetics comprises                    cosmetics sector representatives, plays a very
                                                   over 50 items of face, body and hair care products                     important role in exports as it represents around
                                                                             with a bio-energetic effect. Our products are suitable                 7,300 exporters. If you wish to learn more about the
  The company offers high-quality natural Slavic                             for all skin and hair types, and appropriate for people                Turkish Cosmetics Industry, to evaluate the potential
  and European hair extensions. Band extensions.                             of all ages, for everyone who wants to prolong his                     cooperation opportunities and are looking for reli-
  Available are natural hair strands for self application                    youth, preserve beauty, health, and vital energy                       able and professional business partners please visit
  making it possible to extend the length or add more                        as long as possible. Biologically active substances           Re-touch your beauty…
  volume to your own hair. The product range includes                        derived from hirudo medicinalis are combined with
  chignons, wigs and hair piece, Swarovski hair crys-                        vitamins А, Е, С and F, extracts of pot marigold,
  tals, as well as hair extension equipment, tools and                       ginseng, camomile, mint, parsley, nettle, cornflower,                  ITALCOSMETICI S.R.L.                                 14E10
  expendables. The company provides training in hair                         lime blossom, birch leaves, horse chestnut, oat,
  extension techniques, holds master classes, offers                         laminaria, jojoba wax, as well as olive, sunflower                          VIA VIGANO’ DE VIZZI, 62
  hair extension services, Italian-made hair care prod-                      and sea buckthorn oils, avocado oil, shea butter tree,                      Tel.: +39 02 66010400
  ucts. All the products are certified.                                      peach and grape seed and wheat proteins.                                    Fax: +39 02 6127942
                                                                             All the products are certified and meet the require-                        E-mail: SUPPORT@ITALCOSMETICI.COM
                                                                             ments of the EU legislation.                                                WWW.ITALCOSMETICI.COM
  INTERMED                                                      13C39
                                                                                                                                                    Established in 1980, Italcosmetici s.R.L. is a pri-
           111033, Zolotorozhskiy Val Str. 32, bldg. 4, room                 INTERTON                                                  14E20        vate label contract manufacturer of make-up and
           107, Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                      skin-care products, working exclusively for third
           Tel./fax: (495) 665-64-23                                               02-486 WARSAW, AL. JEROZOLIMSKIE 202,                            parties. We export all over the world and can supply
           E-mail:                                         POLAND                                                           products in different formulas: bulk, semi-finished
                                                       Tel.: +48 22 874 02 15. Fax: +48 22 874 02 15                    and full-service. All our products, made to our own
                                                                                   E-mail:                             formulations, comply with high quality standards,
  Intermed is the exclusive representative of the                                                               with the eec directive and with the regulations in
  professional cosmetics brand Yellow Rose (Greece)                                                                force for the U.S. and japanese markets.
  in Russia.                                                             
  The Yellow Rose brand stands for a 40-year long                        
  experience in developing skincare cosmetics offer-
  ing a wide range of face and body care programmes                          INTERTON is a polish manufacturer of colour cos-
  formulated with 23-carate gold, silk proteins, oli-                        metics and plastic packaging designed for colour
  gopeptides, hyaluronic acid, Kombuchka, caviar                             cosmetics.                                                             JAPANESE COSMETICS                                  14B22
  extracts, sea DNA, red grapes. Our AHA serum                               The products range is the same both for cosmetics
  and gel peels with ceramides and the secret of the                         and packaging: lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows,                         123060, Marshal Rybalko Str. 3, Moscow, Russia
  medical leech provide beauty care specialists with a                       mascaras, blushers, powders. Both finished prod-                            Tel.: (499) 194-38-41, 408-49-73
  powerful arsenal in creating non-standard efficient                        ucts and packaging are manufactured according to                            E-mail:
  solutions to many aesthetic problems at reasonable                         ISO and GMP rules, from the highest quality raw                   
  pricing.                                                                   materials imported from Western Europe.
  Yellow Rose products feature high efficacy, good                           Our goal is to provide highest quality products at the                 The Satori Trade House Ltd. represents on the
  tolerance and safety.                                                      most competitive price.                                                Russian market the following Japanese brands:
                                                                                                                                                    SANA, DIME, MEISHOKU, B&C, JUNLOVE, O:HE,
                                                                                                                                                    NARIS, KRACIE, Cosmetex Roland, COW BRAND,
  International Cosmetic Group                        12E21, 13C18           IRIS`K Professional, L.L.С.                     12E19, 12E28           LION, KOBAYASHI, Nissan and others. Our product
                                                                                                                                                    range comprises hair care products (shampoos,
           191002, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str. 14/1,                                 119331, Vernadsky Ave. 25/1, Moscow, Russia                      balsams); face and body care cosmetics (foams,
           St. Petersburg, Russia                                                  Tel.: (495)783-96-84, (903) 226-77-88                            lotions, creams, essences, foundations, etc.); mas-
           Tel./fax: (812) 337-52-57                                               Fax: (499) 783-87-14                                             sage and anti-cellulite products; liquid and solid
           E-mail:                                             E-mail:                                           soaps; therapeutic tooth pastes; hygiene products
                                                                                                    and a vast selection of household chemicals includ-
                                                                                                                                                    ing detergents, bleaches, air fresheners, etc.
  The International Cosmetic Group provides com-                             IRIS`K Professional offers a most extensive selec-
  prehensive outfitting solutions for beauty salons,                         tion of supplies, tools and equipment for manicure,
  tanning studios, medical and SPA-centres in Russia                         pedicure, nail sculpture and design, eyelash exten-                    JEAN`S Etude 12A14
  and the Ukraine:                                                           sion, as well as for SPA-treatments, paraffin therapy
  - ICG equipment for photo- and vacuum therapy                              and bioepilation. The products are manufactured                             Magnitogorskaya Str. 51, Business Centre ‘Croll’,
  treatments (France)                                                        at the largest works of France, the USA, China and                          room 202, St. Petersburg, Russia
  - IONTO-COMED – professional equipment and                                 Korea in cooperation with leading beauty laborato-                          Tel.: (812) 441-36-04, 441-33-53

172                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           Tel./fax: (812) 441-36-04                                         JOJO HAIRCOSMETICS GMBH                                 14E15             30-48
           E-mail:                                                                                                                   E-mail:
                                                                                   Zu den neuen Wiesen 7                                     
  JEAN`S offers a comprehensive collection of Make-                                35644 Hohenahr-Erda / Germany
  up Styling products!                                                             Tel.: +49(0)6446-88968-0. Fax: +49(0)6446-88968-               K.M.Cosmetic is a wholesale company engaged
  Available is a vast selection of natural and artificial                          29                                                             in marketing imported and domestic cosmetics
  brushes, brush sets of 5 up to 25 pieces, containers,                            E-mail:                             on the territory of Russia. The company houses
  bags and cases!                                                                                              a department dealing with retail outlets, stores
  Also on offer is a range of cover-up products includ-                                                                                           and store chains in Moscow and Moscow region.
  ing dry and grease powders, lip sticks, blushers and                       JOJO Haircosmetics is a dynamic, future oriented                     The company’s priority line of business activity is
  eye shadows.                                                               cosmetic manufacturer. Founded                                       the distribution of products from leading Polish,
  Representing the brand’s special pride is a collec-                        1983 by Joschi Pozsar. The company produces                          Ukrainean and Belarusian cosmetics manufacturers,
  tion of 216 eye shadow tints! A variety of textures                        color, styling, haircare- and perm                                   as well as production and sale of gift packaging for
  and a selection of beyond-the-ordinary shades have                         products exclusively for the hairdresser. Our prod-                  cosmetics (cosmetics bags).
  something to offer to everybody.                                           ucts are tested for quality and
  You are also welcome to compile a case of your own                         application suitability and undergo a practice test at
  articles to your taste.                                                    experienced hairdressers before                                      KAJ Sp. z o.o.                                         14F11
                                                                             they are brought on the market.
                                                                                                                                                       GRUNWALDZKA STR, NO 44,
  JessNail                                                      12E04                                                                                  DZIALDOWO 13-200, POLAND
                                                                             JUGAVI S.L.                                             13F09             Tel.: +48 23 697 53 00. Fax: +48 23 697 62 83
           620075, Pushkin Str. 7 л -101, Yekaterinburg,                                                                                               E-mail:
           Russia                                                                  HONORIO PALLAS 22                                         
           Tel.: (343) 377-19-09, (902) 875-25-23, (904)                           Tel.: 34 96 292 03 76. Fax: 34 96 292 00 22
           543-03-71                                                               E-mail:                                    We specialize in the production of high quality plas-
           Fax: (343) 377-19-08                                                                                           tic packaging for cosmetic, toiletry
           E-mail:,                                                                                         and pharmaceutical industries. Using injection blow
 ,                                We are manufacturers of toiletbags and cosmetics                     and injection blow molding we manufacture caps,
                                                                             suitcases. We have a waid range of cosmetics sets                    closures, bottles, roll-on bottles. Company is certi-
  The JessNail Company presents on the Russian                               always under lincese of brands known.                                fied according to ISO 9001:2000.
  beauty market a wide range of professional nail                            Also cosmetics such us eyebrow, eye liner, eyes                      We are able to provide a total product solution, from
  sculpture and design products, as well as hair and                         shadow, blush, make up, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss                initial concept and design of packaging, production
  eyelash extension supplies.                                                and nail polish.                                                     tools and its decoration and delivery. KAJ offers dif-
  From the very moment of its foundation the com-                                                                                                 ferent printing processes:
  pany has been pursuing the policy of the most car-                                                                                              silk-screen, tampoo printing, hot stamping.
  ing treatment of every customer. Due to an expert                          Juwelina                                                13G40
  commercial organization, a wide product range, a
  flexible price policy, as well as regular participation                          117042, Yuzhnobutovskaya Str. 45, room 2,                      KANAR-SITY                                            14D34
  in specialized trade fairs the company has become                                Moscow, Russia
  one of the most prominent players on the market.                                 Tel./fax: (495) 730-21-95                                           109029, Skotoprogonnaya Str. 35, room 21,
  Today the company offers a variety of order alter-                               E-mail:                                               Moscow, Russia
  natives. You are welcome to place your order per                                                                             Tel./fax: (495) 967-32-64
  internet, fax or telephone. The ordered product will                                                                                                 E-mail:
  delivered to any location throughout Russia via the                        Implements for hardware manicure, pedicure and                  
  transport company preferred by the client.                                 nail extension correction, a vast selection of micro
  We are looking forward to your calls. JessNail is                          engines, ultrasound cleaning machines, pincers,                      Manufacture and marketing of high quality make-up
  ready to provide you with any information on your                          protection glasses, bleachers, drilling machines,                    cosmetics and accessories.
  request!                                                                   polishing disks, personal hygiene supplies and
                                                                             synthetic stones.
                                                                                                                                                  KART Cosmetics Company                                13F32
  Jin Corporation                                               14A35

           E- mail:
                                                                                   K                                                                   Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str. 1-3, bldg. ‘Н’,
                                                                                                                                                       St. Petersburg, Russia
                                                                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 972-73-75, (812) 318-56-32, (812) 318-
                                                                             K.Art                                                   14A09             56-33
  Joanna Cosmetics Laboratory                                   14A15                                                                                  E-mail:;
                                                                                   143405, Ilyinskoye Shosse 4, Krasnogorsk,                 
           Ul.Generala J. Zajączka 11 nr C2, 01-510                                Moscow region, Russia
           Warszawa, Poland                                                        Tel.: (495) 922-47-01. Fax: (495) 412-95-39                    The KART Cosmetics are well known among der-
           Tel.: (48) 331 92 10. Fax: (48) 331 92 28                               E-mail:,                        matocosmetologists and nail technicians.       High
           E-mail:;                                                                               concentrations of active ingredients guarantee out-
                                                                                                                 standing results and the quality of the treatment in
                                                      The K.Art Company, operating on the Russian mar-                     both professional salon procedures and individual
                                                                             ket since September, 2004, exclusively represents 6                  home applications. The company presents four
  JOANNA Cosmetic Laboratory was founded over 25                             brands specializing in the manufacture of cosmetic                   face and body treatment lines, four foot care lines
  years ago. We are experts in the field of cosmetics                        accessories and tools, as well as textile supplies,                  designed to address various foot problems. Held
  for hair and body. We offer modern, high-quality                           sleeping masks and home slippers.                                    on a regular basis are seminars and master classes.
  cosmetics given in attractive packages and sold at                         Daydream – sleeping masks (Germany).
  affordable prices. Our offer is designed for both indi-                    VIA – professional hair brushes (UK).
  vidual clients and professional hairdressing salons.                       Sam – clippers, spatulas and scissors (France).                      KatLin Trend                                          13E03
  The company specializes in the production of:                              RUBIS – manicure tools featuring Swiss precision
  Hair: shampoos, conditioners and masks; colorants                          (Switzerland).                                                            109012, Varvarka Str. 14, room 114, Moscow,
  and lighteners; styling; depilatory                                        eMM&Di – clippers and pincers (Italy).                                    Russia
  Body: shower gels, peelings, soaps, creams                                 Siebi’s – home slippers and cosmetic bags                                 Tel.: (903) 239-73-99, (495) 698-47-32, 698-47-66
                                                                             (Germany).                                                                Tel./fax: (495) 698-37-97
  JOOSAN CO., LTD                                               14E36                                                                        
                                                                             K.M. Cosmetic Ltd                                       14C39
           1505 Byucksan Digital vally 5th 60-73 Gasan-Dong,                                                                                      KatLin Trend Ltd acts as an exclusive representative
           Geumcheon-gu, Seoul Korea                                               115478, Kashirskoye Shosse 24, bldg. 11,                       of the KatLin cosmetics brand by a leading Israeli
           Tel.: 82-2-2082-5347. Fax: 82-2-2082-5349                               Moscow, Russia                                                 company O.S.A Cosmetics Laboratory. The KatLin
                                                     Tel.: (495) 324-93-34, 781-42-34. Fax: (495) 324-              brand stands for the premium class natural-based

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

cosmetics. The cosmetics of this trade mark are pro-                 work, i.e. state-of-the-art premium-quality supplies                 durable result is guaranteed.
duced from natural raw materials from the world’s                    including gel and acrylic powders, nail varnishes and                The Sw-D Radiofrequenza system is a machine
leading manufacturers, among which are Alban                         tips, brushes and files and much more, the latest                    designed for professional salon use, based on the
Muller International and Gatteforse (France), Nikkol                 and current nail extension and design techniques.                    principle of heat generation on the dermal level
(Japan), Pentapharm Ltd. (Switzerland), Lipotec                      Our unique supreme-quality materials will enhance                    through the radio frequency impact. The system
(Spain).                                                             the service level in your beauty salon and will prove                is employed to smooth out and improve the skin
Through a combination of active natural components                   totally competitive in a professional store. And our                 texture, enhancing its resilience qualities, proves
and modern biotechnology products the company                        schooling programs developed on the basis of the                     especially effective in treating minor wrinkles in the
managed to create high performance hypoallergic                      line’s technologies will allow to achieve an entirely                facial and neck zones.
preparations providing not only a cosmetic but a                     new level in training nail specialists.
pronounced therapeutic effect. Product formulations
contain algae, vegetal extracts, and natural pearls.                                                                                      Koch Hermann GmbH                                       14D24
Meticulously elaborated and well balanced prepara-                   Kiwha Corp                                              14A21
tion lines demonstrate distinguished results in solv-                                                                                           Fabrikweg 3, 96450 Coburg, GERMANY
ing multiple aesthetic skin problems, yielding a fast                     513-14 Sicox Tower #706, Sangdaewon-Dong,                             Tel.: +49-9561-240-0. Fax: +49-9561-10 80 7
and long-lasting effect.                                                  Jungwon-Ku, Sungnam city, Kyunggi-Do, Korea                           E-mail:
KATLIN is a collection of sophisticated cosmetic                          Tel.: 82-31-777-9662~3. Fax: 82-31-777-9664                 
preparations for true professionals!                            
                                                                                                                                          We produce bottles, caps, jars, lip care-sticks, deo-
                                                                                                                                          sticks, roll-on´s and dispenser.
КаТri-N                                                     РП       KLAPP Cosmetics, GmbH                                   13C09

     140100, Karl Marx Str. 5, Ramenskoye,                                125315, Chasovaya Str. 23а, Moscow, Russia                      KOKO GmbH & Co.KG (Germany),
     Moscow region, Russia                                                Tel./fax: (495) 933-36-53                                       Exclusive licensed sales representative
     Tel/fax: (495) 223-64-31                                             E-mail:,                in Russia & CIS countries – S. Yu. Lobanov              13D13
     E-mail:                                                                                                                                                                 107014, Bolshaya Ostroumovskaya Str.10, bldg.2,
                                                                     For almost 30 years already the German company                             room1, Moscow, Russia
КаТрi-N LLC, founded in 2001, acts as a contract                     KLAPP COSMETICS has maintained the leader posi-                            Tel.: (495) 964-95-02, 964-95-08, 507-91-58
manufacturer of cosmetic products including inno-                    tions on the market of professional cosmetol-                              E-mail:
vative developments with the use of nanotechnolo-                    ogy, SPA and WELLNESS industry. The company’s                    
gies.                                                                success rests on the principles formulated by its
Our products are available at pharmacy stores 36,6                   founder and owner Gerhard Klapp.                                     Nanobiology for the skin
under the trade marks of MedResponce and Natura,                     As a result of its intense scientific research the                   KOKO dermaviduals® dermatological cosmetics for-
as well as at chain drug stores under the brand name                 company launched a new generation of skincare                        mulated on the basis of the revolutionary
of Nuance, also available at different chain stores                  and therapeutic cosmetics such as ORIGANIC®                          corneotherapy concept aimed primarily to activate
under other trade marks.                                             HIGH TECH CARE formulated with a high-tech                           regenerative processes and restore the skin barrier
Our contract manufacturing services allow to reduce                  ingredient PTSP and Stri-PeXan PHYTO STEM CELL                       systems.
time consumption and financial expenses involved                     TECHNOLOGY on the basis of the apple phyto stem                      KOKO offers a special treatment programme for dry
at the initial stage of mass production and get better               cells.                                                               and sensitive skin, and a rehabilitation programme
adjusted to the market changes.                                      As a proof of its international recognition the KLAPP                to be administered after plastic surgery, peeling and
                                                                     COSMETICS Company has been twice honored with                        photorejuvenation treatments;
                                                                     prestigious BEAUTY FORUM AWARD in the nomina-                        Available is a preventive therapy programme for the
KEUNE HAIRCOSMETICS                                     12B17        tion ‘Professional Cosmetics’.                                       treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and cheilitis
     117647, Akademik Kapitsa Str. 32а, Moscow,                                                                                           КОКО’ know-how - derma membrane structures
     Russia                                                          Kleos – The city of beauty                              14G41        DMS®, identical in their composition and properties
     Tel.: (495) 420-02-00. Tel./fax: (495) 420-85-00                                                                                     to epidermal lipids.
     E-mail:                                               117420, Profsoyuznaya Str. 57, room 901,                        Dermaviduals®-modular, a unique individual formu-                                                         Moscow, Russia                                                  lation system, makes it possible to formulate various
                                                                          Tel./fax: (495) 785 95 74                                       combinations of active ingredients thus creating ex
The Keune Haircosmetics Company has been for                                                                    tempore personalized products tailored to the spe-
over 85 years retaining the position of the world’s                                                                 cific needs of the patient’s skin.
leading manufacturer of professional hair care cos-                                                                                       Dermaviduals®-anti-age – an innovative line of
metics. Our products are marketed in 70 countries                    How many times did you have to browse the web                        active concentrates.
worldwide and have been for more than 9 years suc-                   in search of a clinic that provides this or that treat-              Dermaviduals®-deco - makeup cosmetics for every-
cessfully operating on the Russian market. Among                     ment? You must also remember how you wrecked                         day use on sensitive skin or for the correction of
professionals the Keune brand stands for supreme                     your brain trying to guess what a certain treatment                  cosmetic blemishes in cases of couperose, rosacea,
quality and revolutionary technologies featuring a                   the name of which you came across in the pricelist,                  and pigmentation defects of various genesis.
comprehensive range of hair care products includ-                    is about. Now all this information is available in our               KOKO formulations are free from emulators, fra-
ing a variety of dyes Tinta and Semi, dyed hair care                 City of Beauty! Our directory is equipped with a                     grances and preservatives.
systems, therapeutic and care lines Care Line and                    fast and convenient search system: you specify a
Care Line Man, a comprehensive SPA series of                         metro station and a required service and the system
professional hair care preparations So Pure Natural                  provides you with a list of companies meeting the                    KOMET COSMETICS LTD.                                    14D32
Balance and an innovative Blend line will make it                    given specifications. Kleos will always give you what
possible to offer your salon’s clients an exclusive                  you need!                                                                  BAYRAKTAR BULV. GARIP SOK.NO:38 Y.DUDULLU
service package distinguishing your beauty salon                                                                                                UMRANIYE , ISTANBUL , TURKEY
among others.                                                                                                                                   Tel.: +90 216 3139015. Fax: +90 216 3133820
                                                                     Kleraderm                                               13F34              E-mail:
Kinetics                                                12E11             GALANDESTETIC
                                                                          Kostyansky Lane 7/13, room 18, Moscow, Russia                   Komet Cosmetics Ltd. , one of the most rooted
     105118, Desyataya Ulitsa Sokolinoy Gory Str. 28,                     Tel.: (916) 493-82-34; (916) 672-42-43                          companies in cosmetics market, produces all kinds
     app. 37, Moscow, Russia                                              Tel./fax: (495) 608 28 87, (495)608 30 11                       of color cosmetics products with long years of expe-
     Tel.: (916) 630-94-80                                                E-mail:                                       rience and accumulation in their own facilities, and
     E-mail:                                                                          presents to the liking of consumers in domestic and                                                                                                                 foreign markets. Some of the products that Komet
                                                                     The GALANDESTETIC Company presents an inno-                          family put on the market with striking colors and
Kinetics is an US-made line of professional nail                     vative new-generation system MEDICELL offering                       attractive packaging are nail polish, eye shadow,
sculpture products. Available within the line assort-                a new non-invasion liposuction technique which                       blusher, compact powder, cream compact, ball
ment are all the necessary supplies for an ideal                     makes it possible to get rid of local fat deposits                   blushers, terracotta eye shadow-terracotta blush-
manicure treatment and the technician’s successful                   in 2-3 sessions and tackle the cellulite problem. A                  terracotta powder, foundation, mascara, eyeliner,

174                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T    O    R   S

  glitter eyeliner, dipliner lip gloss, lip pulp, lipstick,                  KorolevFarm                                                  РП       (held in cooperation with the PH ‘Contrast Media’),
  liquid eyeshadow, stick concealer and liquid con-                                                                                                an annual International Congress on Aesthetic
  cealer.                                                                         Central post office, 82, Korolyov,                       Medicine named after E. Laputin (a joined con-
                                                                                  Moscow region, Russia                                            gress of the Russian Aesthetic Association and
                                                                                  Tel.: (495) 516-57-58, 516-83-62,                                Ki); as well as provides schooling and advanced
  KONSTANTA Company Group                                       12B05             Fax: (495) 223-27-42                                             training for professional beauticians.
           109428, Ryazanskiy Ave. 24/2, Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (495) 651-63-47, 651-63-48. Fax: (495) 651-                 The company was established in 1991 and since                         KOSMETIKA FITOLON                                    13G66
           63-49                                                             2000 has been engaged exclusively in the contract
           E-mail:                                     manufacturing sphere, which enables it to ensure                           Ligovsky Passage 52, St. Petersburg, Russia
                                                the absolute safety of the client’s intellectual prop-                     Tel.: (812) 957-34-90
                                                                             erty and to devote equal attention to all clients                          Tel./fax: (812) 274-34-11
  KONSTANTA Company Group, with its branches                                 regardless of their order volumes. The company’s                           E-mail:
  located in Russia’s 13 largest cities, presents on                         main activity domains are: manufacture of cosmet-                
  the Russian market its proprietary brand of profes-                        ics, biologically active food supplements, food pack-
  sional hair care cosmetics Constant Delight (Italy),                       ages, production of extracts and co-packing.                          Professional algae-based cosmetics by Algavita are
  as well as hairdressing electro-operated equipment                                                                                               designed for Spa centres, phlebology and cosmetol-
  and accessories by Hair’on (Italy), professional hair                                                                                            ogy studios and beauty salons. All the products are
  cosmetics by Shot (Italy) and a line of instant tan                                                         14B01         certified for professional use and have also passed
  cosmetics by Constant Delight Solies. KONSTANTA                                                                                                  state attestation, copyright protected. Exclusive
  Company Group keeps forerunner positions in work-                               129594, Chetvyortaya Ulitsa Maryinoy Rotshi 12,                  offers of whole laminaria layers available in one
  ing with beauty salons and hair styling studios in                              room 10, Moscow, Russia                                          piece, having passed special cleaning process-
  Russia. Taking into account that our branches are                               Tel./fax: (495) 600-67-76                                        ing and ready to be used in wrapping treatments.
  located all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok                                  E-mail:                                         Training is conducted by professional cosmetolo-
  and the time difference, we are open for you around                   ,,                   gists, which are the company’s employees. The
  the clock!                                                                                                                                       product range includes peels, wrapping powders,
                                                                    Ltd, founded in 2005, engages                          algal thalli, anti-cellulite gels, creams, masks includ-
                                                                             mainly in the manufacturing and wholesaling of gift                   ing alginate, additional supplies.
  KOPAS COSMETICS                                               14D09        packages and cosmetics by MiniLady developed
                                                                             specially for girls.
           MASLAK MAHALLESI, SUMER sk. No.4, SISLI,                          Currently the product range includes a vast selection                 KOSMOTEROS GROUP, international
           ISTANBUL / TURKEY                                                 of cosmetic bags and paper bags both as gift items                    cosmetic and pharmaceutical holding                  13B19
           Tel.: 0 90 0212 285 22 90 (10 LINE)                               and for everyday household purposes.
           Fax: 0 90 0212 276 11 10                                          The company’s other line of activity is the devel-                         125124, Raskova Str. 24, bldg. 4, Moscow, Russia
           E-mail:                                     opment and manufacture of children’s and teen-                             Tel.: (495) 225-26-10, 612-46-82
                                                   ager cosmetic products under the brand name of                             E-mail:
  Kopas Cosmetics is one of the biggest cosmetics                            The company’s assortment is regularly updated and
  and personal care manufacturers in Turkey, with                            enhanced to meet all our consumers’ needs.                            The international cosmetic and pharmaceutical
  export operations to more than 40 countries. Our                                                                                                 holding KOSMOTEROS GROUP is currently a lead-
  products are of superior quality and people at                                                                                                   ing Russian manufacturer of professional cosmet-
  Alix Avien truly care about high quality of these                          KOSMETIC CENTR                                          14D12         ic preparations. The KOSMOTEROS Professional
  products.                                                                                                                                        line presents hyaluronic acid-based programs
  Alix Avien – quality make-up brand manufac-                                     125130, Staropetrovsky Passage 7а, bldg. 7, room                 for aesthetic medicine and classical cosmetology
  tures and succesfully exports by Kopas to many                                  2, Moscow, Russia                                                treatments. Our preparations for chemical peels
  European and Asian countries. Alix Avien also                                   Tel./fax: (495) 980-11-60                                        and hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy and
  carries the hair dye brands Diva and Eco Kit, a                                 E-mail:                                            biorevitalization treatments enjoy well-deserved
  series of perfumes, EDTs for men and women and                                                                             popularity.
  SESU depilatory.                                                                                                                                 KOSMOTEROS GROUP also acts as an exclusive
  Alix Avien also has Dalin Baby Care line which is                          DIZAO, the world’s leader on the market of innova-                    distributor of professional hair care line ELGON
  the market leader in the baby care sector in Turkey.                       tive patented cosmetic preparations, presents its                     professional (Italy). Elgon offers luxury-class cos-
                                                                             new 2009 launch: an exclusive ‘MESO SERIYA’ line                      metics featuring innovative technologies, effective
                                                                             significantly enhances skin rejuvenation results,                     treatment, safety and originality.
  Kora, Laboratory                                              13D38        ensuring a sumptuous treatment and luxurious sen-                     Beauty specialists are welcome to attend our how-to
                                                                             sations; ‘BOTO 8 signs’ is designed to address the 8                  seminars, embracing all the domains of aesthetic
           107150, Marshal Rokossovskiy Blvd. 16,                            symptoms of age-related skin changes. The elastic                     medicine, cosmetology and hairstyling.
           Moscow, Russia                                                    BOTO mask tissue by ‘BOTO 8 signs’ tightly adheres
           Tel.: (495) 641-28-08. Fax: (495) 641-28-09                       to the skin without hindering movements. European
           E-mail:                                               looking design solutions of DIZAO products prove                      Krasiviy business, magazine                          13B27
                                                        to be attractive to the consumer, arousing trust
                                                                             to the quality of the product, and according to the                        121609, Osenny Blvd. 21, 2nd floor, Moscow,
  The Kora laboratory presents:                                              consumers’ response rate among the best in the                             Russia
  Kora – therapeutic and prophylactic natural-based                          corresponding market segment.                                              Tel.: (495) 775-92-55. Fax: (495) 412-09-18
  cosmetics featuring several comprehensive lines                                                                                                       E-mail:
  formulated to address major beauty care problems.                                                                                           
  New Line – a collection of professional prepara-                           KOSMETIK international                                  13A45
  tions designed to run cosmetic treatments in beauty                                                                                              Krasiviy business, the first Russian magazine on
  salons, supplement with a wide selection of prod-                               109316, Ostapovsky Lane 3, bldg.27, Moscow,                      marketing and management in the beauty industry,
  ucts for home use.                                                              Russia                                                           is a specialized periodical untended for top and
  Sante – a line of face, body and hair care cosmet-                              Tel.:+7 (495) 937-13-18/19/21/22                                 middle executives – owners, managers and admin-
  ics. The preparations of this series are formulated                   ,                                        istrators of hairdressing, cosmetic and wellness
  with the emu’s grease known for its rich therapeutic                  ,,                       businesses. Krasiviy business provides assistance
  properties.                                                                                                                                      in assessing equipment and products, informa-
                                                                             KOSMETIK international publishes journals deal-                       tion on relevant scientific developments, train-
                                                                             ing with cosmetology and aesthetic medicine                           ing institutions, unconventional and thriving salons
  Korea Cosmetic Industry Cooperative                           14F29        - KOSMETIK international, Aesthetic Medicine                          businesses, publishes articles by leading market
                                                                             Bulletin; organizes annual exhibitions for beau-                      experts, psychologists, offers instruction materials
           822, KFSB b/d, Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu,                       ty industry professionals - KOSMETIK EXPO                             on accounting, analyses statutory acts.
           Seoul, Korea                                                      (Moscow), KOSMETIK EXPO Povolzhiye (Kazan),                           The magazine is issued 6 times a year. We write
           Tel.: 82-2-761-0220. Fax: 82-2-769-1760                           KOSMETIK EXPO Urals (Yekaterinburg), exhibi-                          about how to achieve success in the ‘Beauty
                                                   tions for nail business specialists - NAILEXPO                        Business’.

176                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T    I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T       E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  KRASNAYA LINIA Ltd.                                                РП             Tel.: (861) 299-04-92. Fax: (861) 299-04-93                   domain we combine a deep knowledge of Growing
                                                                                    E-mail:,                      - Distillating – Analysing Essential Oils. Our per-
           143005, Vokzalnaya Str. 53, Odintsovo,                                                                        fumer is able to create attractive blends without any
           Moscow region, Russia                                                                                                                  synthetics.
           Tel.: (495) 981-92-00. Fax: (495) 591-01-55                        KVAD-PRO LLC is a production enterprise spe-                        Our team of biologists are able to demonstrate the
           E-mail:                                      cializing in aerosol products presented in a wide                   skin benefits provided by Individual Essential Oils or
                                                     range of items. We provide private label services in                Natural Blends.
                                                                              producing hair styling sprays and mousses, glitter
  KRASNAYA LINIA Ltd. is one of the largest manu-                             hair sprays, odorants; insecticides, repellents, air
  facturers of perfumery and cosmetics in Russia.                             fresheners, glass cleaners, anti-static sprays and                  LADYVON                                                14F31
  The company is represented in the following prod-                           much more.
  uct groups: skincare products, haircare products,                                                                                                    156-13 Sangdo-Dong, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul, Korea
  hair dyes, children’s cosmetics, shaving and after-                                                                                                  Tel.: 82-2-823-3211. Fax: 82-2-826-3211
  shave products, oral and dental care supplies, etc.                         K-WON CO., LTD                                         14F37   
  KRASNAYA LINIA rates among the best brands on
  the Russian market in the following categories:                                   538-1, Gajwa3-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon City, KOREA
  personal hygiene, liquid soap, shower gels and body                               Tel.: 82-32-579-3605                                          LANECHE                                              13F17a
  care products. Our popular brands: Krasnaya Linia,                                Fax: 82-32-579-3606
  Osobaya Seriya (Special Line), Babushkina Apteka                                                                           115114, Derbenyovskaya Emb.1/2, Moscow, Russia
  (Granny’s Pharmacy), Viking, Fara, Shrek.                                                                                                            Tel.: (495) 961-20-51. Fax: (495) 961-20-52

  KRYOLAN                                                       12A16
                                                                                    L                                                             Professional face and body care cosmetics
                                                                                                                                                  DANCOHR (Netherlands), available in the following
           127422, Kostyakov Str. 9, Moscow, Russia                           La Sultane de Saba                                     13F10        lines: LANECHE, HENRIETTE FAROCHE, COURTIN.
           Tel./fax: (495) 984-66-15, 976-37-48, 976-74-75                                                                                        Also available are cosmetic products for SPA
           E-mail:                                                  125057, Leningradskiy Ave. 77/2, bldg. 4,                     salons under the brand name of MAYSTAR (Spain),
                                                            Moscow, Russia                                                bio depilation supplies by WORLDEPIL (Spain) и
                                                                                    Tel.: (499) 158-11-42, 158-13-44                              HAIRAWAY (Belgium), eyelash and eyebrow colors
  KRYOLAN CITY is the FIRST Russian center for                                      Fax: (499) 158-23-81                                          by REFECTOCIL (Austria), as well as cost-effec-
  professional makeup design.                                                       E-mail:                               tive hairdressing and cosmetic tools by Satellite
  The Kryolan Company (Germany) is the world’s                                                                    Industries (Pakistan). A full range of expendables
  leading manufacturer of professional cosmetics and                                                                                              for beauticians and harstylists.
  makeup supplies for the use in beauty salons, on TV                         La Sultane de Saba’s concept of beauty rests on pre-
  and podium, in film-making, for body- and face-art.                         cious ancient beauty rituals of the oriental woman.
  The products are also appropriate for individual                            Through authentic original products and treatments                  LANIX                                                 14A42
  daily use.                                                                  featuring a variety of fragrances the brand aims at
  The Kryolan City centre also represents the world’s                         introducing you into the world of travels enabling                       125438, Likhoborskaya Emb. 18, bldg.1, Moscow,
  leading brands of hair care and styling products,                           you to open up new vistas for your body and soul to                      Russia
  hairdressing tools and accessories, manicure and                            retrieve the sources of repose and recreation.                           Tel.: (495) 788-15-92, 788-15-93
  nail design supplies, as well as concomitant supplies                       Inspired by the beauty rituals of the mysterious                         Fax: (499) 153-76-41, 154-23-21
  for multi-disciplined technicians.                                          lands of Orient and Asia La Sultane de Saba offers                       E-mail:
  ARTE-Grim LLC acts as the exclusive distributor for                         several product lines standing for unique and magic            ,
  KRYOLAN in Russia.                                                          authenticity. Enjoy unforgettable enchanting fra-
                                                                              grances!                                                            Cosmetics from South Korea.
                                                                              La Sultane de Saba face and body care lines are                     1. Atopalm – effective curative preparations for
  K-System                                                      12B24         presented at SPA-centres practicing Hamam treat-                    problem skin.
                                                                              ments (Turkish baths).                                              2. MLE Gowoonsesang – anti-ageing system for
           192102, Bukharestskaya Str. 6, bldg. А, room 6-Н,                                                                                      sensitive skin care.
           St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                                                                 3. Osec Hwangto (translated from Korean as ‘Korean
           Tel.: (812) 924-26-46, (916) 064-99-94                             LABHEALTH                                              13A05        penticolor’) contains clay elements of five colours.
           Fax: (812) 575-31-43                                                                                                                   Osec Hwangto stands for cleansing, nourishment,
           E-mail:                                                   141004, Silikatnaya Str. 19, p.o. box 5, Mytishchi,           moisture.
                                                             Moscow region, Russia                                         4. Medikare –single-use facial tissue masks avail-
                                                                                    Tel.: (495) 585-84-97                                         able in a variety of options.
  The company was founded in 1968 in Turin, Italy. The                    
  years of intensive work and research has resulted in
  the company’s prosperity having earned the consum-                          LABHEALTH is the first comprehensive line of prepa-                 LASERS MEDICA                                         13B08
  ers’ respect not only in Italy but also far beyond its                      rations for all kinds of disinfection in a beauty salon.
  borders. Our products’ distinguished quality marked                         The product range includes antiseptic soaps, gels,                       115230, Varshavskoye Shosse 46, room 612,
  by the ‘Made in Italy’ sign has been confirmed by                           sprays, special-purpose disinfectants for working                        Moscow, Russia
  multiple awards at international tradeshows.                                surfaces of solarium systems. Also available is a                        Tel.: (925) 542-18-44, 542-18-22
                                                                              unique preparation for general disinfection, suitable                    Tel./fax: (495) 967-78-71
                                                                              for various surface types and all kinds of fitness                       E-mail:, daler7@gmail.
  Kulikov’s sharpening studio                                   12F12         equipment, beauty care devices, cosmetology sys-                         com,
                                                                              tems and other equipment employed in beauty and                
           127051, Tsvetnoy Blvd. 26, room 5, Moscow,                         wellness enterprises.
           Russia                                                             We are experts in the sphere of disinfection.                       LASERS MEDICA is the exclusive representative of
           Tel.: (926) 210-53-59                                                                                                                  Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH (Germany). We
           E-mail:                                                                                                           offer premium quality lasers for aesthetic medicine.
 ,                                     Laboratoire Rosier – Davenne                           14B36        A 2-year warranty.
                                                                                                                                                  Laser polishing.
  Sale and professional sharpening of manicure and                                  789 Avenue Sainte Catherine                                   Fractional thermolysis.
  hairdressing tools. Wholesale offers of manicure                                  84140 Montfavet – Avignon, France                             Laser lipolysis.
  implements. Training of technicians in professional                               Tel.: + 33 4 90 22 22 22. Fax: + 33 4 90 22 22 24             Treatment of pigmental lesions.
  tool sharpening.                                                                  E-mail:                               Laser depilation.
                                                                                               Treatment of red and blue vascular lesions
                                                                                                                                                  Scar correction.
  KVAD-PRO                                                           РП       Founded in 1994 Laboratoire Davenne offers a                        Removal of benign and neoplasm formations.
                                                                              wide range of natural and pure essential oils We                    Photo depilation.
           353235, Shosseynaya Str. 336, village Affipsky,                    are located in Avignon since 3 years and becomed                    Photorejuvenation.
           Seversky region, Krasnodarsky Kray, Russia                         Laboratoire Rosier-Davenne.In a 5 hectares organic                  Anti-acne therapy.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

Tatto removal.                                                            Tel.: 82-32-671-2102. Fax: 82-32-671-2104                       and concomitant goods under the VORTEX brand;
Permanent makeup removal and correction treat-                                                                bath and sauna supplies, bathroom goods, sponges
ment                                                                                                                                      and body brushes under the trade mark ‘Banniye
High frequency radiowave face and body remodeling                                                                                         Shtuchki’ (Bath Stuff).
Anti-cellulite therapy, shock-wave body sculpture                    LifeStyle                                               13B05        The company also offers wholesale supplies. The
technique                                                                                                                                 company’s product range is constantly enhanced,
                                                                          105264, Sedmaya Parkovaya Str. 27, Moscow,                      the product quality being under the stringiest con-
                                                                          Russia                                                          trol. We are easy and convenient to work with.
LENPLASTPOLIMER                                         14G24             Tel.: (499) 367-03-49. Tel./fax: (499)367-11-26
     198216, Novatorov Blvd. 32, bldg. А,                                                                    Lirene, Under Twenty
     St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                                                               (Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories S.A.)               14B11
     Tel./fax: (812) 574-31-48                                       ‘Intensive SPA’ – professional Israeli-made cosmet-
     E-mail:                                         ics on the basis of the Dead Sea minerals, herbal                          05-500 Piaseczno, Armii Krajowej Str 12
                                                                     extracts, natural oils and vitamins and 100% sea-                          Tel.: +48 22 717 11 11. Fax: +48 22 757 06 12
The company manufactures and markets tooth                           derived components. Available are over 30 face                             E-mail:
brushes under the brand name of Max.                                 and body care treatments; a line of hair and scalp               ;
Also provided by the company are Private label                       care products, as well as a special line of hand and
services. Provided optionally under the customer’s                   foot care preparations. Also on offer is an exclusive                The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories were estab-
request is blister packaging of any products.                        men’s line.                                                          lished in 1983. Today, it is a thriving and excellently
                                                                                                                                          managed company with 400 employees and annual
                                                                                                                                          turnover close to 40 mln EUR. Company’s product
LEOVIT nutrio                                              F&B       LIFETOGETHER CO., LTD                                   14E31        portfolio includes above 300 retail and professional
                                                                                                                                          products and its brands are ones of the most valu-
     127410, Pomorskaya Str. 33, Moscow, Russia                           Yaksa-dong, 40-2 Chuncheon-city, Gangwon-do                     able and best-known Polish brands. It manufactures
     Tel.: (495) 663-35-96. Fax: (499) 903-70-75                          Korea                                                           over 1,5 million units of products monthly and
     E-mail:                                               Tel.: 82-1577-4590. Fax: 82-33-243-4780                         exports to 26 countries worldwide. “We want our                                                                                 cosmetics to make women more beautiful and keep
                                                                                                                                          them looking young longer, so that they find it easier
LEOVIT nutrio Ltd. is one of the leading companies                                                                                        to achieve their practical goals” - Dr. Irena Eris.
in Russia in the field of dietary and parapharmaceuti-               Lili Beauty Inc                                         12E24
cal products.
Major brands: a comprehensive nutrition program                           USA, 91202, Hollywood, Hillcrest 1432                           LMS Distribution L.L.C                                   ZOOM
for slimming – ‘Khudeem za Nedelyu’ (Lose Weight                          Tel.: 818-242-6600. Fax: 208-730-6862
in One Week); a line of nutricosmetics ‘BiOrganic                         E-mail:                                           115054, Zhukov Lane 8, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
Pharmalaboratories’; therapeutic-prophylaxis kissel                                                                 Tel.: (495) 580-39-17. Fax: (495) 580-39-18
drinks ‘Retsept Zdoroviya’ (Health Recipe).                                                                                                     E-mail:
All the products, manufactured by unique recipes                     We created the Lili Polish Collection with one very              
from natural ingredients, have been clinically tested,               simple goal in mind: to give our loyal customers
their efficacy confirmed.                                            vibrant, beautiful and long-lasting colors that they                 The LMS Distribution company acts as an exclusive
                                                                     couldn’t find anywhere else. Seeing that there was                   distributor for the Italian companies of Bottega di
                                                                     demand for nail lacquers that were as brilliant on the               Lungavita and Sian Gest, well-known on the markets
Les Douceurs de Mathilde                                14B29        nail as they appeared in the bottle, we were deter-                  of Europe and the USA. LMS Distribution presents
                                                                     mined to develop a quality product that we could                     a number of exclusive trade marks on the Russian
     BP 8 – 64480 USTARITZ                                           share with the World.                                                market: Bioclarine, Dermoclarine, Vita Age In, Acqua
     Tel.: +33 6 45 79 83 01. Fax: +33 5 59 52 31 35                                                                                      offering face and body care products. Sol Leon –
     E-mail:                                                                                                     suncare cosmetics including tanning and after-care                                            Lini Cosmetic Shenzhen Co., Ltd                         14C49        products. Experimenta –body and hair care prod-
                                                                                                                                          ucts. Sian Gest – toilet soap sets.
Natural and organic French cosmetics. Cosmetic                            5/F, A Building, Taiming Industrial Area, No.75,
range with donkey›s milk, and a cherry scent. We                          Road Youlian, Longhua, Shenzhen, China
produce on our own farmlands, in an ecological                            Tel.: 86-755-29828395. Fax: 86-755-29678580                     LogicaPress                                             12A31
complex, raw materials useful for our cosmetics.                          E-mail:
                                                                                                                       109029, Nizhegorodskaya Str. 32/15, room 021,
                                                                                                                                                Moscow, Russia
L`etincelle, Alfa G Sierra company group                13B02        Shenzhen Lini Cosmetic Co., Ltd. is a joint venture                        Tel.: (495) 937-79-86. Fax: (495) 937-79-87
                                                                     company that has been established for nearly ten                 
     123103, Parshin Str. 16, room 311, Moscow,                      years. Our company specialized in manufacturing                  
     Russia                                                          cosmetic brushes, cosmetic bags and other acces-
     Tel.: (499) 728-61-37, (499) 728-61-73                          sories using advanced equipment. Top-level staff                     NAILSPA is a periodical, the major task of which is
     Fax: (499) 728-63-19                                            are engaged in designing, producing and selling                      an efficient and timely provision of the most urgent,
     E-mail:                                      our many products. These products are high quality                   interesting and versatile information addressed to                                               and reasonably priced, and are maily exported to                     all those engaged in the professional nail business
                                                                     Europe, America and South-east Asia, where they                      in Russia. New editorial technologies of profes-
The company presents the La Sincere cosmetics                        have earned an excellent reputation.                                 sional press publication will enable to publish the
brand, the only available in Russia professional                     Shenzhen Lini Cosmetic Co., Ltd can also make                        magazine with a periodicity of 10 issues a year in a
Japanese-made line of natural gel-based skincare                     products according to the clients’ designs and                       considerable circulation and distribute it among the
products. Available are over 25 professional face                    specifications.                                                      focus groups throughout Russia, CIS and abroad.
and body care treatments. The cosmetic products                      You are most welcome to browse our website or visit                  A branched thematic network enables to ensure
are hypoallergenic, free from oils, fragrances, color-               our company in person.                                               a most comprehensive coverage of events and
ing agents and surfactants. The brand offers unique                                                                                       professional issues, while advertisers are provided
placenta-based preparations, as well as products                                                                                          with an opportunity to have the maximum effective
formulated with platinum and gold colloids featuring                 Linkgroup, Trade Company                                14B39        presentation of their products.
perfect compatibility with hardware cosmetology
techniques. An innovative launch - Japanese pla-                          123181, Marshal Katukov Str. 21, bldg. 1,
centa and gel-based glycolic peels Seko (5-70%).                          Moscow, Russia                                                  LORELEYA                                       12B08, 13C03
                                                                          Tel./fax: (495) 721-91-27
                                                                          E-mail:                                             105483, Nikitinskaya Str. 4а, room 15, 16,
LIEN KOREA                                              14A19                                                         Moscow, Russia
                                                                                                                                                140108, Guryev Str. 12а, Ramenskoye,
     96-3, Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si,                     The Linkgroup Company acts as an importer of                               Moscow region, Russia
     Gyeonggi-do, KOREA                                              carpeting, including entrance door mats, household                         Tel.: (495) 580-77-00, 780-65-19, 739-29-19,

178                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T    I   O    N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           783-33-00                                                          from natural components harmless to human health.                   nail sculpture techniques (acrylic, gel), as well as
           Tel./fax: (495) 780-68-06                                          The company’s priority focuses on providing the                     medicated hand and nail care products, manicure
           E-mail:                                        customer with a most miscellaneous assortment of                    and pedicure SPA-lines.
                                                     hair care products ready to meet the needs of the                   The MADELON Company Training Centre qualifies
                                                                              most demanding consumer.                                            its students as:
  The Loreleya Company is a leading Russian man-                                                                                                  - All-round nail technicians proficient in all the
  ufacturer of disposable expendables for beauty                                                                                                  techniques;
  salons, saunas, swimming pools, fitness centres,                            LUNEL COSMETICS                                        13F07        - Manicurists and pedicurists;
  medical establishments and СПА-centres. Also pre-                                                                                               - MADELON Company instructors entitled to pro-
  sented by our company is an extensive cosmetic                                   Pol. Ind. Atalayas –C/Rublo, 65 – 03114 Alicante               vide tuition services in MADELON regional Training
  line of hair, face and body care products under the                              (Spain)                                                        Centres.
  proprietary brand of SALON LO, a line of wax depila-                             Tel.: +34 965 661514                                           Madelon welcomes new regional representatives.
  tion and paraffin therapy products DEPILFLAX, as                                 Fax: +34 965 669161
  well as a wide range of miscellaneous accessories                                E-mail:
  and tools for hairstylists, manicure technicians and                                                            MADISON                                              12B12a
  beauticians. Available is a possibility of manufactur-
  ing items in a variety of models, original shapes                           High quality hair cosmetics for hairdressers and                         390006, Yesenin Str. 9, room 59, Ryazan, Russia
  featuring miscellaneous colour solutions with the                           beauty professionals including colour, waving, treat-                    Tel./fax: (4912) 24-67-38, 24-67-39, 24-67-23
  client’s logo, commercial and contact information.                          ment, care and styling. We also offer private label                      E-mail:
                                                                              We would like to contact with companies inter-
  LOREN                                                              РП       ested in distributing our brand in free regions of the              Manufacture and sale of beauty salon equipment.
                                                                              Russian Federation. We also look for distributors for               Available is the TAN-ELITE suntan system (instant tan-
           129223, Prospekt Mira Ave. 119, bldg. 68, room                     neighbouring countries (CIS countries).                             ning booth), as well as the beauty salon management
           211, Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                    software ‘Uspeshny Ziryulnik’ (Successful Barber).
           Tel.: (495) 799-03-21. Fax: (495) 580-39-83                                                                                            Moscow branch: Tikhoretsky Blvd.1, bldg.5, room
           E-mail:                                  LUXE                                                   12A13        24, (behind SC ‘Moscow’, metro station ‘Lyublino’)
                                                                                                                   Tel. (495) 730-29-13, cell number (926) 330-01-36,
                                                                                   115516, Promyshlennaya Str. 11, bldg. 3, room        
                                                                                   401, Moscow, Russia                                            St. Petersburg branch: Shestaya Sovetskaya Str.
  Louvrette design & packaging +                                                   Tel.: (495) 748-86-67. Fax: (499) 782-94-97                    22/22, bldg.А, (a 10-minute walk from metro station
  Wicklein Kunststoffveredelung                                 14F17              E-mail:                                          ‘Ploshchad Vosstaniya’)
                                                                                                                            Tel. (812) 448-08-74, 271-44-09, сот. (911) 702-
           Osemundstr. 14 - 16, D-58566 Kierspe                                                                                                   77-81
           Tel.: +49 2359 9097 0                                              The company offers the most promising state-of-
           Fax: +49 2359 9097 61                                              the-art products from the world’s leading manu-
           E-mail:                                          facturers.                                                          Magic Sun – MBS                                       13C01
                                                    Our company’s stores cater for both specilasts
                                                                              who can find professional tools to their needs and                       107370, Otkrytoye Shosse Str. 48А, Moscow,
  Plastic (bottles, jars) – Plastic (caps, cappers,                           ordinary customers who care about their beauty                           Russia
  closures, covers, overcaps, stoppers) – Plastics                            and health.                                                              Tel./fax: (495) 777-10-36
  (boxes, cases, containers for make-up) – Anodizing                          We want to make sure that the equipment pur-                             E-mail:
  – Galvanization – Laser engraving – Lacquering                              chased at our stores serves our clients long and               
  – Metallization – Silk screening – Tampo printing –                         true.
  Testers - Extrusion                                                         We are doing our utmost to provide our clients with                 The Magic Sun Company specializes in outfit-
                                                                              the most comprehensive assortment possible offer-                   ting beauty salons, Spa-centres and fitness clubs.
                                                                              ing the best price and quality correlation.                         The company’s product range comprises approxi-
  LOWENSTEIN, JOS. H. & SONS, INC.                              14G05                                                                             mately 5000 items from well-known manufacturers,
                                                                                                                                                  including solaria, lamps, indoor and outdoor tan-
           420 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA                          LUXURY GLASS                                           13G34        ning cosmetics, instant tan systems, spa capsules,
           Tel.: 1 (718) 388-5410. Fax: 1 (718) 387-3806                                                                                          hydromassage bath tubs and pools, spa cosmetics,
           E-mail:                                            Vtoroy Silikatny Lane 9, bldg. 3, Moscow, Russia               products for hardware cosmetology treatments, pro-
                                                     Tel.: (495) 969-00-85, 778-09-82                               fessional salon cosmetics, hairdressing equipment,
                                                                                   E-mail:                                      tools, accessories and many more.
  Founded in 1897, Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc.,                      
  the New York based manufacturer of quality raw
  materials (including dyestuffs, surfactants and sta-                        We offer designer costume jewelry from Murano                       MAGIC-CENTER                                           12F18
  bilizers) is pleased to offer technical support for all                     glass and natural stones. All items have been
  types of hair colors. The Lowenstein range of colors                        sketched by PJ Murano factory and realized by                            127540, Dubninskaya Str. 13, bldg. 7а,
  and chemicals include:                                                      the best Italian and Russian artists. Our assort-                        Moscow, Russia
  Rodol: high purity oxidation dye intermediates –                            ment includes: beads and necklaces, pendants and                         Tel.: (495) 481-20-11 (training centre),
  Lowacryl: basic dyes – Lowadene: disperse dyes                              bracelets, earrings and trinkets. We cooperate with                      8-910-437-81-22 (store)
  – Lowasol: semi-permanent dyes – Lowenol:                                   beauty salons under the security scheme. All the                         Fax: (495) 481-10-30
  vegetable-based surfactants specially formulated                            produce is certified.                                                    E-mail:
  for all hair color systems (permanent, semi-perma-                                                                                         
  nent and temporary). Local stocks and technically
  trained agents represent the Lowenstein product line
  throughout the world.
                                                                                   M                                                              The MAGIC Training Centre provides qualifications
                                                                                                                                                  in nail services. Tuition is conducted in small groups
                                                                                                                                                  with the materials and models provided by the
                                                                              MADELON                                                12D12        centre. On accomplishing the course graduates are
  LUCKY STAR                                                    14A48                                                                             awarded with an international certificate. Graduates
                                                                                   107113, Sokolnicheskiy Val Str. 8, Moscow, Russia              are offered a permanent discount on the purchased
           111141, Plekhanov Str. 15, Moscow, Russia                               Tel.: (495) 603-30-06. Fax: (495) 603-30-07                    goods.
           Tel./fax: (495) 627-76-05                                               E-mail:                                        Magic-Center also acts as an exclusive representa-
           E-mail:                                                                                     tive of the following trade marks: Justnail, Nails,
                                                                                                                                                  Pure Color and Edinburgh Realism.
  Chinese factory GUANGZHOU DUOMEILAI                                         A member of the European Union of Nail Industry
  COSMETICS CO., LTD specializes in manufacturing                             Manufacturers, the MADELON Company is the sole
  cosmetic products: shampoos, conditioners and                               manufacturer in the nail service domain to receive                  MAHAON                                   Заочное участие
  hair balms.                                                                 the Century International Gold Quality Era Award
  The produce features high quality and original                              in 2008. The company offers the widest range of                          350018, Sormovskaya Str. 3, Krasnodar, Russia
  design solutions. The products are manufactured                             nail sculpture equipment, tools and materials for all                    Tel.: (495) 795-47-42. Fax: (861) 231-19-98

180                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

           E-mail:                                           MARINA-SK, Company                                      13B04        ity characteristics, which ensures the products’
                                                                                                                          high efficiency, safety and treatment comfort.
                                                                                  117437, Akademik Volgin Str. 25, bldg. 1,                       Innosearch, Spain.
  Since 1995 the Mahaon company has been manu-                                    Moscow, Russia                                                  A line of ENERPEEL® peels – a NEW STANDARD OF
  facturing a full range of hair and eyelash color-                               Tel./fax: (495) 336-92-34                                       CHEMICAL PEELS
  ing supplies. The company offers a professional                                 E-mail:                                     Deep and even penetration ensures a more pro-
  line comprising more than 30 hair care products                                                                      nounced clinical effect achieved within a reduced
  designed for professional use in beauty salons, as                                                                                              exposition time, with a lower pain sensitivity factor
  well as bikini design pigments and cosmeceuticals.                         The Marina –SK Company exclusively distributes for                   and a shorter rehabilitation treatment.
  The company provides OEM services, mass private                            the Israeli company of Viora. The company presents                   N.B. The only ТСА peel in Russia registered as a
  label manufacturing, experimental test lots, formula                       on the Russian market the Pristine machine (dia-                     medical product. General Topics, Italy.
  development services, filling of cosmetic products.                        mond peeling) – an innovative device of non-crystal                  FILLAST – an innovative non-invasive revitaliza-
                                                                             microdermabrasion. The Pristine system uses natu-                    tion technique promoting the improvement of the
                                                                             ral laser-faceted diamonds to perform facial and                     skin condition through the action of hyaluronic acid
  Majesty Dispensing System Co., Ltd                        14C36a           body skin exfoliation combined with a purifying                      impacting all metabolism phases. General Topics,
                                                                             impact of a vacuum environment. The Infusion                         Italy.
           Yanjiang 2nd Rd. East, Zhongshan Port Avenue,                     system of non-injection mesotherapy treatment                        NIMUE – a new generation of dermato-cosmetic
           Zhongshan, Guangdong, PR China (528437)                           allows transdermal introduction of mesotherapy                       preparations featuring pharmaceutical properties
           Tel.: (86-760) 8531-0888, 2389-8002                               products (electroporation) preserving intercellular                  to provide an active skin care able to influence the
           Fax: (86-760) 2389-8594                                           membranes intact.                                                    skin structure and regulate its biological functions.
           E-mail:                                                                                                  Nimue Skin Technology, SAR.
                                                                                                                    DECLARE – the first cosmetic brand formulated for
                                                                             MARTIN’EX                                   13C02, 13D02             sensitive skin care, includes a wide selection of face
  Majesty Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd. has become                                                                                                 and body care products, as well as a specially devel-
  China’s largest aerosol valve manufacturer soon                                 127473, Krasnoproletarskaya Str. 16, bldg. 11,                  oped professional line. Troll Cosmetics, Switzerland.
  after its establishment in 2001 from the merger of                              Moscow, Russia                                                  EXTREME CAVIAR – an elite hair care line. The
  two aerosol valve manufacturers. In addition to vari-                           Tel./fax: (495) 741-70-87                                       preparation formulas have been developed to feature
  ous aerosol valves, Majesty can also provide liquid/                            E-mail:                                         high concentrations of black caviar extracts on the
  lotion dispensing pumps, mist sprayers and related                                                                     basis of cutting-edge technologies. Miriamquevedo,
  products.                                                                                                                                       Spain
  Majesty will strive to meet or exceed customer                             MARTIN’EX beauty laboratory, operating on the mar-                   AWT, MASTERPULS MP200 – a shock therapy sys-
  expectations in terms of delivery, service,                                ket for over 10 years, offers a wide range of supplies               tem for non-invasive cellulite treatement and phys-
  quality and competitive price and to create the most                       to assure a successful running of your beauty cen-                   iotherapy of locomotor disorders. Storz Medical,
  effective supply chain possible in                                         tre. The product range includes mesotherapy prepa-                   Geramny
  working with its customers and suppliers.                                  rations, cosmeceuticals, peels, contour plastics                     FELC – a last-generation system for low frequency
                                                                             and apparative cosmetology supplies. MARTIN’EX                       electrosurgery in dermatocosmetology. Mediter,
                                                                             stands for innovative ideas in the field of aesthetic                Italy.
  Marc Kolor Sp. z o.o.                                         14B13        medicine being an exclusive supplier of the best                     The Maruga Cosmetics Comapy acts as an official
                                                                             preparations and equipment for aesthetic medicine.                   partner of the German company Merz Pharma.
           Ul. Opata Hackiego 14c, PL 81-213 Gdynia                          High quality service, an instruction and methodology                 BELOTERO – a thrio of dermatologic fillers on the
           Tel.: +48 58 782 64 44                                            centre, a branched distributor network throughout                    basis of stabilized hyaluronic acid developed under
           Fax: +48 58 782 64 45                                             Russia, the CIS and near abroad. Our pricing policy                  the CPM technology (cohesive polydensed matrix).
           E-mail:                                    is to be of a pleasant surprise to you!
                                                                                                                                                  Massage. Body Aesthetics                              13A47
  Marc Kolor is a hair color charts producer. Our prod-                      MARTINES IMAGE                                          13D14
  ucts help hair colour brands to stand out in shops                                                                                                   127055, Pervaya Brestskaya Str. 15, Moscow,
  and at hairdressing salons.                                                     115093, Lyusinovskaya Str. 53, Moscow, Russia                        Russia
  We create and develop also other promotional mate-                              Tel.: (495) 223-55-15. Fax: (495) 237-63-17                          Tel./ fax: (495) 926-29-83
  rials for the hair color industry all around the world.                         E-mail:                                             E-mail:,
  We provide a professional service and technical                                                                   
  support on all project stages. Our aim is to set
  new trends in the sector of the hair colour promo-                         The Martines Image Company engages in promoting                      ‘Massage. Body Aesthetics’ is a research and prac-
  tional materials. We put ever more emphasis on                             the most cutting-edge cosmetology and aesthetic                      tice methodological journal, representing a unique
  the product quality and support before and after                           medicine achievements onto the Russian market.                       periodical addressed to the specialists in the sphere
  the delivery.                                                              Ericson Laboratoire (France), Amenity (Japan), La                    of massage and body aesthetics. The journal serves
                                                                             Mente (Japan), Esthetic Skin Care ES 301 (Japan),                    both as a tutorial manual and a guide through a vast
                                                                             Beauty Image (Spain), O.T.I. (Spain), Methode                        market of massage products and services (special-
  MARILYN CENTER                                                13B06        Brigitte Kettner (Germany), YOU Nails (Switzerland),                 purpose furniture, appliances, equipment, cosmetic
                                                                             Framesi (Italy).                                                     products).
           109147, Marxistskaya Str. 3, room 519,                                                                                                 The journal is issued quarterly in a circulation of
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         10000 copies.
           Tel./fax: (495) 911-93-46                                         MARUGA COSMETICS                                        13C05
                                                   117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, bldg. 1,                    MASTERITSA JSC                                        13G26
                                                                                  block 7, Moscow, Russia
  The MARILYN Centre: PERMANENT MAKE-UP                                           Tel./fax: (495) 933-41-70                                            190020, Kurlyandskaya Str. 35, St. Petersburg,
  SALON SCHOOL. Training services with a certificate                              E-mail:                                             Russia
  of the Marilyn centre awarded.                                                                                                Tel.: (812) 575-42-70, 251-99-64. Fax: (812) 251-
  Certification and advanced training services for                                                                                                     99-67
  practicing technicians with the training conducted                         MARUGA COSMETICS exclusively represents:                                  E-mail:
  on professional equipment. Always on offer is a vast                       VISCODERM – the first preparation for the adapted               
  selection of appliances and expendables.                                   multistage skin biorevitalization treatment based on
  TATTOO SALON MARILYN: all kinds of tattoos,                                non-modified hyaluronic acid. Gеlfipharma, Italy.                    The company engages in manufacturing medical,
  piercing. Equipment, training. A rich collection                            IBSA pharmaceuticals, Italy.                                        cosmetology, hygienic and household products
  of piercing jewelry. Disposable supplies for                               CRM – a full range of new injection preparations for                 from non-woven fabric. We offer high quality medi-
  hairstylists, beauticians, manicure and tattoo                             contour plastics formulated with hyaluronic acid of                  cal supplies for all kinds of surgeries, as well as an
  technicians, tattoo art, massage (towels, sheets,                          non-animal origin, based on CRM 3-D web technol-                     assortment of disposable expendables for hairdress-
  tissues, peignoirs, collars, caps, slippers, gloves                        ogy. BioPolymer, Germany                                             ing and beauty care businesses. A collection of our
  etc.). Salon FEMINA. Professional cosmetics by                             INNO-TDS – a line of mesotherapy preparations                        tissues, sheets, etc. is also to come in handy to
  Dr.Irena Eris.                                                             designed to address various aesthetic problems                       make the work of our clients much more comfort-
  Seminars for cosmetologists.                                               featuring an optimal for the skin рН and osmolar-                    able. Also available is a wide selection of depilation

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

and tanning cosmetics. More information is avail-                         Fax: (499) 238-66-70                                            ESSIE (USA) – the leader of the American market of
able on our website.                                                      E-mail:,                  nail supplies, KEYANO AROMATICS (USA) – aroma
                                                                                                                 SPA-treatments, JAMU (USA) – natural-based
                                                                                                                                          Balinese cosmetics for tropical SPA-ceremonies.
MASTOK                                                  14C17        DCL – 40% glycolic peels containing willowherb                       The MagaSpa International School of Stone Therapy
                                                                     (epilobium) and 70% of vitamin С, skin care prod-                    and Exotic Massage Techniques offers training in
     115114, Paveletskaya Emb. 2, bldg. 7, Moscow,                   ucts with DMAE, phytoestrogens and hyaluronic                        more than 30 massage systems and techniques
     Russia                                                          acid.                                                                from around the world.
     Tel./fax: (495) 258-54-37, 258-54-38                            EXFOLDERM – 50% and 70% glycolic peels, post-                        Our specialists had their trainee practice in the best
     E-mail:                                           peel treatments.                                                     SPA and massage centres of Europe and America.                                                   CELLBIANCA – 30% and 50% Japanese peels, post-
                                                                     peel and anti-ageing treatments.
MASTOK LLC – one of the largest Russian manu-                        SIMILDIET – mesotherapy preparations.                                MELIS                                                   13G30
facturers of nail care products. For over 11 years                   CORECO – high-tech Japanese anti-age cosmetics
nail polish removers ‘LASKA’ and ‘MECHTA” have                       featuring cutting-edge inventions in the field of skin                     191002, Dostoevskiy Str. 9, St. Petersburg, Russia
been bestsellers on the Russian market. In 2005 the                  physiology.                                                                Tel.: (812) 713-22-14. Fax: (812) 572-74-68
company launched the production of a new nail pol-                   DACOS –multi-purpose Swiss-made cellular cos-                              E-mail:
ish remover and nail varnish solvant under the brand                 metics.                                                          
name of ‘Lafitel’. As a concomitant item to the main                 JANSON BECKETT – anti-aging preparations with
product range the company also offers cotton balls                   peptides, DMAE, collagen and elastin.                                Melis LLC presents:
for makeup removal under the trade mark ‘MECHTA’.                                                                                         NEW!!! Biorevitalization injection preparations SKIN
The company also manufactures seasonal goods                                                                                              B; SKIN R face and body lift preparations formulated
including a line of insect and tick repellents for both              MEDISANA AG                                                F&B       with hyaluronic acid and aminoacids.
children and adults ‘MOSKILL’ (creams, lotions,                                                                                           NEW!!! NARL 517 system – a revolutionary tech-
plates). The company enjoys ample experience and                          Germany, 40724, Hilden, Itterpark, 7-9                          nique of safe slimming.
disposes of production facilities for the manufacture                     Tel.: +49 (0) 163 807 1112                                      TRAINEES ARE WELCOME.
of Private Label goods.                                                   Fax: +49 (0) 2103 2007 626
                                                                                                                MESOPHARM                                               13G10
MASURA                                                  12C18
                                                                     The German Company MEDISANA has been retain-                               105120, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Str. 5/7,
     109029, Tallalikhin Str. 1/3, office ‘MASURA’,                  ing the position of a leading manufacturer of health                       bldg. 9, room 208, Moscow, Russia
     Moscow, Russia                                                  and beauty care products for 27 years. Our goal is                         Tel.: (495) 916-75-27
     Tel.: (495) 632-64-23. Tel./fax: (495) 626-42-02                to provide the consumer with top quality and easy-                         E-mail:
     E-mail:                                          to-use supplies.                                                                                                    The company’s assortment encompasses a vast
                                                                     range of individual-use products, among which                        Expendables and preparations for professional cos-
The MASURA Company presents high quality pro-                        are state-of-the-art automatic tonometry systems                     metology. Training programmes in the field of pro-
fessional nail care supplies under the trade marks                   equipped with color codes and voice outputs, ther-                   fessional cosmetology.
of MASURA® and dodo®. MASURA owns a wide                             mometers, ultrasound air fresheners, IR massagers,
network of regional trade offices. MASURA region-                    professional manicure and pedicure appliances, etc.
al training centres provide training in exclusive                    Our miscellaneous devices have won multiple inter-                   MERCOM                                                  12E25
Japanese manicure and pedicure techniques, as                        national prizes and unanimous consumer recogni-
well as aroma and SPA treatments, nail biogel                        tion in more than 35 worldwide. For the first time                         105275, Budyonnogo Ave. 31, Moscow, Russia
strengthening techniques, nail extension and design,                 this year the company’s complete product range is                          Tel.: (495) 365-47-81. Fax: (495) 365-43-03
manicure and pedicure techniques.                                    to presented in Russia.                                                    E-mail:

MAX-PHARMA                                              13G06        MEDLINE                                                 13F42        The Mercom Company acts as an official dis-
                                                                                                                                          tributor for the well-known German brand of MERTZ
     107031, Nizhniy Kiselniy Lane 5/23, bldg. 1,                         Tretiy Obydenskiy Lane 2, Moscow, Russia                        offering manicure and pedicure supplies, cosmetic
     Moscow, Russia                                                       Tel.: (916) 409-19-83                                           tools, manicure sets and hairdressing scissors. Our
     Tel.: (495) 928-19-96. Tel./fax: (495) 928-22-88                     E-mail:,                    products perfectly suit both professional and retail
     E-mail:                              ,                              use. Gross and minor wholesale supplies from a                                                                                                                    warehouse in Moscow. A wide range of products,
                                                                     Exclusive supplies of equipment for non-injection                    high quality, moderate prices and a discount system.
The company offers disinfectants for tools, surfaces,                mesotherpay, ultrasound liposuction treatment,                       Shipments are provided to any regions, friendly-
skin antiseptics, disinfection and sterilization equip-              laser depilation, LED (effective anti-wrinkle treat-                 based partnership with all the clients.
ment, gloves, disposable linen, masks, tissues,                      ment) and RF devices (facial and body lifting), frac-
slippers, bath bags, cotton wool disks and Q-Tips,                   tional laser, laser depilation and tattoo removal. Also
UV lamps, sterilizers.                                               available is press therapy equipment (body model-                    MERILIN                                                 14C05
                                                                     ing, immune system stimulation), vacuum-roller
                                                                     massagers Body optimizer LPG (anti-cellulite treat-                        Russia, Moscow, 142105, 26,
MAYSTAR S.L.                                            13F11        ment), electrostimulation systems. Expendables.                            business Centre ‘Aerobus’
                                                                     The equipment is provided in a set with instructional                      Tel.: (495) 778-89-50, 778-72-61, 978-88-94,
     SOL PONENT, 12-14 43830 TORREDEMBARRA                           videos in Russian. New 2009 models. Direct sup-                            972-55-89, 778-50-13
     Tel.: +34 977 13 00 57                                          plies from leading manufacturers in China. An                              Fax: (495) 661-31-36
     Fax: +34 977 64 19 62                                           in-house service centre. Profitable purchase terms.                        E-mail:, Aleksandra@
     E-mail:                                         Installment payment schemes.                                                                                                                                                        ,, www.mmadonna.
COSMETICS AND DEPILATORY PRODUCTS                                    MegaSPA                                        12D11, 13D36
MANUFACTURERS. PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS                                                                                                     MERILIN – a brand of makeup cosmetics.
MANUFACTURERS.                                                            117997, Architect Vlasov Str. 3, Moscow, Russia                 The company’s concept rests on the principle of
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 737-75-05. Fax: (495) 737-75-02                     creating high quality and at the same time moder-
                                                                          E-mail:                                          ately priced makeup cosmetics representing miscel-
MEDEXFOL                                                13F19                                                     laneous fashion trends ranging from classical up to
                                                                                                                                          most vanguard styles.
     119180, Krymskaya Emb. 10, motor ship ‘Valeriy                  The company acts as the exclusive distributor for the                The manufacture complies with international qual-
     Bryusov’, room 105–107, Moscow, Russia                          professional cosmetic brands as follows: YON-KA                      ity standards and attested with an ISO 9002:2000
     Tel.: (495) 517-00-55, 517-60-77, 505-00-55,                    (PARIS) – professional elite cosmetics, EVE TAYLOR                   certificate.
     (499) 230-06-65                                                 (LONDON) – a professional aromatherapeutic line,                     Our product range comprises an extensive colour

182                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  palette of cosmetic products including lip stick, lip                      Оценить качество выпускаемой нами продукции                          through the employment of state-of-the-art scien-
  gloss, eye shadows, as well as cosmetic sets and                           и обсудить партнерство вы можете на нашем                            tific developments, the stringiest quality control and
  liners, compact and loose powder, nail varnishes                           стенд.                                                               meticulously proportioned combinations of natural
  and much more.                                                                                                                                  components.
                                                                                                                                                  Mirra products are certified in compliance with
                                                                             MINJIN CO.,LTD                                          14F33        the international quality assurance system ISO
  MERRYLIGHT WIGS CO., LTD                                      14A52                                                                             9001:2000.
                                                                                  361-1, Maetan-Dong, Yeongtong-Gu, Suwon,
           Shanghenglang ind Area. Longhua Town, Baoan                            Korea.
           Districtm Shenzhen City, CHINA                                         Tel.: 82-31-211-0192. Fax: 82-31-211-0199                       MITRA                                                 14E02
           Tel.: 86-755-28179608 28179780 28179757                      
           Fax: 86-755-28179547                                                                                                                        220140, Matusevich Str.35, room 3,
           E-mail:;                                                                                                          Minsk, Republic of Belarus
                                                MIR BLESKA                                              12F04             Tel./fax: (+375 17) 201-48-50, 201-48-52
                                                                                  Lenin Str. 5, CC ‘Stolitsa’, ground floor,                 
  Merrylight wigs co.,ltd is a leading comprehensive                              Yekaterinburg, Russia
  manufacturer with over 10 years› experience. Our                                Vainer Str. 10, CC ‘Uspensky’, 2nd floor,                       Manufacture of high-quality plastic packaging for
  main products include ladies› wigs, instant weave,                              Yekaterinburg, Russia                                           perfumery and cosmetics, as well as chemical,
  hairpieces and extensions made of synthetic fiber.                              Belinsky Str. 32, warehouse store,                              pharmaceutical and medical industries. Our assort-
  We also develope a range of extensions and wigs                                 Yekaterinburg, Russia                                           ment includes 4 to 1150 ml vials and bottles, as well
  made of 100% human hair. Our products are                                       Tel.: (343) 372-58-58                                           as a wide range of packaging for makeup products,
  exported all over the world and our design team                                 E-mail:                                      medical supplies.
  continually develops new styles to stay abreast of                                                                    Provided by the company is a full range of produc-
  the wig industry. In addition, we can also reproduce                                                                                            tion services including the development of the
  any style from either a sample or a photograph. High                       Wholesale and retail offers of hair and eyelash                      design concept, tailor-made moulding and finishing.
  output volume, top quality, timely delivery and your                       extension supplies and nail sculpture products.                      Extensive professional experience in developing
  satisfaction are guaranteed.                                               Design. Equipment. Delivery throughout Russia.                       exclusive customized projects.
                                                                             – hair in tresses– from 1750 rubles/60 cm 100 g).                    Turn-key packaging solutions encompassing a full
                                                                             – hair on capsules (2500 rubles/100 pieces).                         range of services from the concept elaboration up to
  METZGER                                                       12E18        Exceptionally welcoming prices!                                      the manufacture of the ready product.
                                                                                                                                                  Quality control at all the stages throughout the entire
           105318, Semyonovskaya Square 7, room 410,                                                                                              production cycle.
           Moscow, Russia                                                    MIRAN                                                   14F04
           Tel.: (495) 637-91-31. Fax: (495) 366-46-09
           E-mail:                                                220079, Kalvariyskaya Str. 25, 513 , Minsk,                     MITRA GROUP                                           13A02
                                                          Republic of Belarus
                                                                                  Tel.: (375-17) 306-42-88, 207-26-34                                  127006, Dolgorukovskaya Str. 36, bldg. 3,
  The METZGER Company made its appearance on                                      Fax: (375-17) 210-23-88                                              Moscow, Russia
  the market in 2002 and presents supplies dealing                                E-mail:                                      Tel.: (495) 663-15-00. Fax: (499) 978-77-25
  with the nail industry domain of the beauty market,                                                                       E-mail:
  i.e. manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, hairdressing                                                                                         
  and piercing tools. The company focuses mainly                             The MIRAN Company is a manufacturer of plastic
  on wholesale and retail trading of METZGER tools.                          packaging for cosmetics. Our product range com-                      Mitra Group acts as the exclusive Russian repre-
  The company is developing rapidly, has multiple                            prises:                                                              sentative of: Supre (USA), Sunmaxx (Germany)
  awards and rarely skips any tradeshows. This young                         Vials, jars, tubes;                                                  – indoor tanning cosmetics; Eva Professional
  but steadily thriving company offers high-quality                          Caps for laminated and extrusion tubes (ø 30, 35,                    (Spain) – hair care, styling and coloring products,
  tools produced from stainless instrumental steel                           40, 50, including flip-top models).                                  hair and scalp treatment; That’so (Italy) – instant
  complying with the international quality standards.                        Development of exclusive package solutions to the                    tan, face and body care cosmetics. The company
  The company’s major goal is to meet the highest                            client’s specifications:                                             is also an official partner of Ergoline (Germany) –
  market standards, never ceasing to enhance the                             Development of the package design concept;                           solaria; JK-Light (Germany), Sylvania (Germany)
  quality. A rare combination of quality and conve-                          Manufacture of press moulds;                                         – UV lamps, Hempz (USA) – face and body care
  nience enables the company to maintain leading                             Finishing of the ready product (various decoration                   cosmetics.
  position on the market. Thanks to young amiable and                        options).                                                            High-level servicing, workshops, delivery of goods
  energetic staff the company never fails to achieve                         Our representative office in Moscow: Tel.: (495)                     throughout Russia.
  the set goals. Director of METZGER LLC, Shekhria                           232-9351
  Dzhavad Rakhman, affirms that the company’s
  genuine success lies in satisfying the demand of                                                                                                MODUM                                                 14D05
  both professional and regular users in quality tools,                      Miro brush co.                                          14A27
  with a grateful response coming from professional                                                                                                    141570, industrial zone VNIIFTRI, village
  technicians being the company’s supreme award.                                  294-1 gokwong-dong,ohjung-gu,bu cheon-                               Mendeleyevo, Solnechnogorsky district, Moscow,
  Never stopping in its creativity search, the com-                               city,korea                                                           Region, Russia
  pany’s managing personnel always looks for new                                  Теl.: 82-32-675-0376. Fax: 82-32-675-3980                            Tel.: (495) 744-81-90, 744-81-91
  ways to enhance the product range by creating                                                                          Fax: (495) 744-81-92
  new and upgrading the already existing models.                                                                                                       E-mail:
  Via the company’s multiple branches throughout                                                                                             
  Russia products of the METZGER brand found their                           MIRRA-M                                                 14E07
  grateful consumers.                                                                                                                             The Modum Ltd Company acts as an official rep-
                                                                                  105082, Perevedenovsky Lane 6, bldg. 2,                         resentative of the Belarusian company ‘Modum
                                                                                  Moscow, Russia                                                  – Nasha Kosmetika’ in Russia. Modum is one
  Milovarov Companiya                                           14A07             Tel.: (495) 784-75-40. Fax: (495) 784-75-30                     of the leading manufacturing companies in the
                                                                                  E-mail:                                           Republic of Belarus. The supreme quality of
           129626, Perviy Rizhskiy Lane 2г, Moscow, Russia                                                                  our cosmetics is achieved through the use of
           Tel.: (985) 649-72-73                                                                                                                  high-quality raw materials from the worldwide
           E-mail:                                         For over 13 years the MIRRA Company has been                         renowned suppliers, state-of-the-art high-tech
                                                   engaged in the manufacture of innovative cosmetic                    equipment, as well as due to our highly quali-
                                                                             products for retail and professional use, as well as                 fied personnel. Before getting onto the shop
  Натуральная косметика ручной работы,                                       cosmeceuticals and various-purpose therapeutic                       shelves, all the products are subject to a series
  выпускаемая под торговой маркой «Мыловаров»,                               products.                                                            of medical and laboratory tests, proving their
  включает в себя: мыло, соли, скрабы, кремы,                                The efficacy and complete safety of our cosmet-                      high therapeutic efficiency, as well as perfect
  масла и многое другое. Мы находимся в Москве                               ics, attested by numerous certificates and awarded                   consumer qualities and absolute safety for the
  и сотрудничаем с партнерами по всей России.                                by multiple medals and premiums, is achieved                         consumer’s health.

184                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  Moscovskaya cosmetics (Fleur de France)                       ZOOM         block. Two ultrasound modes: a unique, not yet                       MWV (WestvacoEastPrint LLC)                            14F06
                                                                             replicated system of ‘cold’ ultrasound, and a mode
           107076, Stromynsky Lane 6, Moscow, Russia                         of ‘hot’ ultrasound known as cavitation. The system                       1/5 Logisticheskaya Street, Mkrn. Severny,
           Tel./fax: (499) 268-38-00                                         is supplied in a set with additional nozzles: RF Pixel                    Domodedovo, 142001, Moscow Region, Russia
           E-mail:                                            for fractional RF ablation, Uniform – unipolar adjust-                    Tel.: (495) 926-78-88. Fax: (495) 926-78-89
                                                ment with a massage applicator.                                 
                                                                             HARMONY XL – multi purpose module platform fea-
  ‘Moscovskaya cosmetics’ is a rapidly emerging                              turing laser, photo and LED-technologies. 17 types                   MWV is a global leading primary and secondary
  company engaged in the development and manu-                               of nozzles. The system is developed to address a                     packaging solutions provider. MWV works for all
  facture of modern hair coloring and care products.                         vast spectrum of problems in the field of aesthetic                  luxury and consumer goods industries such as the
  The company owns in-house production facilities                            medicine.                                                            personal & beauty care segment.
  outfitted with specialized Italian-made equipment                          SOPRANO XL – a diode laser system for pain                           Due to its folding carton production facility in Russia
  operating on French raw materials. Our stylish and                         free, comfortable and fast depilation treatment. The                 (Domodedovo), MWV is able to meet the require-
  up-to-date products are gaining rapid popularity                           golden standard of laser depilation.                                 ments for the local Russian market: standard fold-
  with the consumer, while ensuring high marginal                            Also available is a series of Spa Line equipment for                 ing cartons made from paperboard with advanced
  profit for the merchandiser.                                               medium salons and fitness centres.                                   printing enhancements. MWV offers structural and
  Since September 2007 ‘Fleur de France’ in coop-                            Customer support systems Lovely I and Lovely II.                     graphics design and an on site native speaking team.
  eration with ‘Moscovskaya cosmetics’ has been                                                                                                   In primary packaging MWV offers products that
  pursuing the policy of an active trade expansion via                                                                                            meet the high demands of today’s brand owners:
  collaboration with wholesale customers.                                    MURASHKA ANTISTRESS, Alfa Marketing                     12B22        Aria® & Prelude™ Airless – now with new aestheti-
                                                                                                                                                  cal options, Clikit™IP - high-end customized resin
                                                                                  105066, Baumanskaya Str. 6, Moscow, Russia                      injected fragrance pump, etc.
  Mozart Art House, The group of companies                      12D04             Tel.: (495) 755-94-08. Fax: (499) 504-42-64
           344082, Budyonnovsky Ave. 51,                                                                                                                                                З/У
           Rostov-on-Don, Russia                                             Alfa Marketing LLC presents a unique line of prod-
           344082, Pushkinskaya Str. 29, Rostov-on-Don,                      ucts under the brand of ‘MURASHKA’:                                       119602, Michurinsky Ave, Olympic village 8-169,
           Russia                                                            - capillary head and body massagers MURASHKA                              Moscow, Russia
           Tel./fax: (863) 206-15-15                                         ANTISTRESS.                                                               Tel./fax: (495) 772-56-80
           E-mail:                                     - MURASHKA ‘Mini-Iron’.                                                   E-mail:
                                               - MURASHKA ‘Volumizer’.                                         
                                                                             - MURASHKA thermospray.
  The Austrian Brand ‘Mozart Art House’ presents                             - MURASHKA ‘Antibak’.                                                A strictly specialized project on beauty technologies
  unique nail technologies implemented in the inno-                          - spiky balls and a massage ring MURASHKA Su Jok                     and related issues.
  vative nail sculpture technique by ‘Mozart House’                          and other curious and useful things.                                 * over 50 topical materials every month.
  which encompasses gel and acrylic systems, plus                            These simple but nevertheless amazing appliances                     * news, articles, specialists’ consultations, a dietary
  supplementary nail sculpture supplies and acces-                           are not to leave indifferent even the most sophisti-                 catalogue, forum.
  sories. Also provided by the Company Group is an                           cated customers.                                                     * among the project’s partners are the largest
  unprecedented method of launching and promoting                                                                                                 beauty industry companies.
  a prosperous business project in the field of the
  beauty industry and a package of services aimed to                         MUSTELA                                                 ZOOM
  support beauty enterprises.                                                                                                           , an on-line magazine for women                  З/У
                                                                                  Fuchik Str. 34, p.o. box 180, Kazan,
                                                                                  Republic of Tatarstan                                                119602, Michurinsky Ave, Olympic village 8-169,
  MS WESTFALIA                                                  13A08             Tel/Fax: (843) 268-06-16, 275-94-95                                  Moscow, Russia
                                                                                  E-mail:,                                Tel./fax: (495) 772-56-80
           123100, Mantulinskaya Str. 7, Moscow, Russia                                                                          E-mail:
           Tel.: (495) 648-99-96. Fax: (495) 648-99-95                                                                                       
           E-mail:                                              Mustela LLC (Kazan), a manufacturer of mink oil
                                                        cosmetics recommended by the Russian Federation                      * the largest contents generator among women’s
                                                                             Ministry of Health and the Russian Pediatricians                     periodicals, offering more than 200
  MS Westfalia GmbH is a manufacturer of a wide                              Union for the prevention and treatment of atopic                     proprietary materials on a monthly basis covering
  range of beauty care equipment:                                            dermatitis.                                                          most versatile female topics.
  Spa equipment – hydromassage and medical bath                              The leader in the filed of product quality at a number               * myJane is a source of information for the entire
  tubs, spa coaches,                                                         of ‘Buy Russian Products’ trade fairs 1997–2005.                     Runet.
  Spa capsules,                                                              Gold winning participant of the program ‘100 Best                    * a hit leader among women’s periodicals operating
  Body sculpture systems,                                                    Russian Products’ 1998–2005.                                         on a free traffic basis.
  Physiotherapy equipment,                                                   Winner:                                                              * over a million subscribers and addressees.
  Beauty care systems for individual use,                                    Of the gold medal from the ‘Industry Promotion                       * one of the largest women’s forums uniting 50
  and much more.                                                             Association’ (France, 2002);                                         thousand participants sharing over 3mln messages.
  MS Westfalia GmbH offers high quality equipment                            Of the gold medal ‘For high quality. New millennium’
  featuring a wide scope of functional options and                           within the international project ‘Golden Galaxy’
  optimal techno-economic data.                                              2002,                                                      ,
                                                                             Of the Gold Quality Label at the All-Russia Contest                  a social networking site for women                        З/У
                                                                             ‘The Best for Children’ (The State Duma of the RF,
  MT-CoMed                                                      13E38        2003);                                                                    119602, Michurinsky Ave, Olympic village 8-169,
                                                                             Of the gold medal ‘Child’s cream Mustela, based                           Moscow, Russia
           115280, Leninskaya Sloboda Str. 26, 23-24,                        on milk oil’(Washington, the American-Russian                             Tel./fax: (495) 772-56-80
           Moscow, Russia                                                    Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2005);                        
           Tel.: (985) 227-09-59. Tel./fax: (495) 982-50-60                  Awardee of the EXPO-2006 plaque and certificate of              
           E-mail:                                          the program ‘Partnership for the sake of progress’
 ,,                               (Berlin, Moscow, Monaco, Sofia, Prague, Rome,                        * the first specialized RuNet social network for
                                                 Paris, London – 2006);                                               women, launched in August, 2008.
                                                                             The golden medal at the InterCHARM tradeshow for                     * the network is intended for those wishing to try
  MT-CoMed acts as the exclusive distributor for the                         efficiency and scientific approach in the production                 their pen in the art of women’s journalism, as well
  Israeli company of ALMALASERS in Russia. The                               of cosmetic products (Moscow, 2007).                                 as for visitors ready to join in the discussions on the
  company offers unique innovative technologies of                           Since 1993 the company has been engaged in the                       presented topics.
  laser, photo, radio frequency and ultrasonic radia-                        development, studies and manufacture of natural-                     * the contents created by the visitors; articles, blogs,
  tion.                                                                      based mink oil cosmetics – invaluable cosmetic                       thematic communities, photo albums.
  ACCENT XL system, available in two options: as a                           product known for its curative properties completely                 * format - classic Web 2.0.
  RW appliance based on mono- and bipolar radia-                             restoring health and the functional activity of skin                 * hundreds of authors and tens of thousands of
  tion and a system combined with an ultrasound                              cells.                                                               visitors.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

Myloff                                                  14G21        State-of-the-art trends and cutting-edge technolo-                   Nailure, magazine                                       12A25
     111250 Krasnokazarmennaya Str. 15, Moscow,                      The Academy of the Nail Art ‘Nail Labo’ presents:                          109316, Oostapovsky Lane 3, bldg. 8, room А308,
     Russia                                                          hypoallergic system of acrylics by Nail de Dance                           Moscow, Russia
     Tel./fax: (495) 743-26-13                                       (Japan), a unique line of gels by Amore Ultima                             Tel.: (495) 775-80-38. Tel./fax: (495) 651-81-05
     E-mail:                                        (Canada), a collection of more than 240 nail polishes                      E-mail:                                                   and a series of exclusive nail care preparations by              
                                                                     Duri Cosmetics (USA), Silipos (USA) offers ideal
Myloff LLC is a Russian manufacturer of natural                      hand and foot care products.                                         NAILURE is a professional magazine addressed to
handcrafted cosmetic soap.                                           We provide professional training services, modern                    manicure and pedicure technicians, nail art design-
We try to improve the quality of our products on a                   techniques and proprietary nail care programmes.                     ers, as well as salon managers, manufacturers and
daily basis, employing but natural vegetal ingredi-                                                                                       distributors.
ents: essential and vegetal oils, herbal extracts, plant                                                                                  Every two months our magazine features lead-
particles, flower petals, clay and other components.                 NAILS, magazine                                         12A27        ing nail care specialists who inform you on new
Partners are welcome. The company also offers                                                                                             technologies, present their workshops, share their
Private Label services and production of souvenir                         123154, Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya Str.23                     beauty management know-hows, and answer your
items with the client’s logo.                                             bldg.1, Moscow, Russia                                          questions related to professional nail service issues.
                                                                          Tel./fax: (495) 589-15-28                                       We keep you abreast of the latest nail industry news.
                                                                          E-mail:                                      Our goal is to promote our readers’ professional
                                                                                                                growth, to help them achieve success and prosperity
     N                                                               NAILS is a Russian periodical intended for nail
                                                                                                                                          in business.

                                                                     industry professionals, pursuing the purpose of
N.B.R. Co., Ltd                                         13D32        providing a comprehensive trustworthy coverage                       NANIWA                                                  13G24
                                                                     of state-of-the-art development tendencies of the
     109012, Varvarka Str. 14, Moscow, Russia                        modern professional market. Among other subjects                           115093, Tretiy Pavlovskiy Lane 3, office centre
     Tel.: (495) 698-46-94, 698-46-52, 698-39-03,                    the magazine focuses on: implementation of new                             ‘Estate’, room 15, Moscow, Russia
     (985) 928-04-63                                                 brands and technologies, beneficial deals, reviews of                      Tel.: (495) 926-72-79
     Fax: (495) 956-16-43                                            championship and contest results, the best master-                         Tel./fax: (495) 926-72-78
     E-mail:                                     classes. Particular attention is paid to the most                          E-mail:,                          urgent and fashionable nail-art trends.                          ,
                                                                     Periodicity – 6 issues a year.
The Japanese company N.B.R. Co., Ltd. is a repre-                                                                                         NANIWA professional cosmetics developed by
sentative of the Japanese concern of Oohiro manu-                                                                                         Japanese scientists with regard to the Russian
facturing professional hairdressing and cosmetology                  NAILSHOP                            12C20, 13G01a, 14D13             conditions. For the first time on the Russian market
equipment: powered hairdressing and beauty care                                                                                           – a comprehensive face, d collet and hand care
chairs, infra-red and ultrasonic devices designed to                      117452, Vnutrenniy Passage 8, bldg. 14,                         system by Naniwa developed on the basis of cutting-
accelerate hairdressing processes.                                        Moscow, Russia                                                  edge Japanese technologies.
The company also acts as a representative of the                          Tel.: (495) 225-96-62, 225-96-82, 225-96-92                     State-of-the-art Japanese technologies and ancient
Institutes of Nabocul and Wave, leading manufac-                          E-mail:                                    recipes of the Tibetan medicine are the basis for the
turers of professional cosmetics in Japan, produc-                                                                                        KITAO cosmetics. Also available are Japanese-made
ing unique cellular preparations providing 100%                      The Nailshop Company acts as the exclusive dis-                      concomitant goods among which are massage under-
successful restoration of the hair structure, as                     tributor for the following trade marks: Andrea, INM,                 wear, sponges, microfiber and rice paper tissues.
well as face and body care formulations featuring                    Be Natural on the territory of Russia.
pharmacological methods of extracting active ingre-                  Andrea is the world’s leading company among
dients and exclusive techniques of their effective                   manufacturers of eyelash extensions products. The                    Nano Professional                                       12C12
introduction.                                                        product range presented by the company is the
                                                                     most comprehensive one available on the Russian                            117437, Miklukho-Maklai Str. 18/1, Moscow,
                                                                     market.                                                                    Russia
NAIL CREATION Professional                              12E09        - over 50 kinds of human hair eyelashes in a variety                       Tel.: (495) 424-46-88. Fax: (495) 424-12-64
                                                                     of shapes                                                                  E-mail:
     121433, Malaya Filyovskaya Str. 4, bldg. 2,                     - 6 types of eyelash bundles                                     
     Moscow, Russia                                                  - patented non-nodular bundles
     Tel.: (499) 144-06-69. Fax: (499) 144-06-59                     - 5 kinds of glue for the application of extensions,                 Nano Professional is a young, modern and rapidly
     E-mail:                                    eyelash bundles and body decorations                                 developing group of companies presenting on                                              INM offers a full range of products covering all nail               the Russian market European-quality products.
                                                                     service domains:                                                     Nano Professional stands for:
The Nail Creation Company is the exclusive Russian                   The NOP odorless acrylic system – an advanced                        1. nail sculpture gels and bio gels, nail care
representative of Nail Creation Professional                         last-generation product                                              cosmetics and varnishes, files, brushes, tips, nail
(Netherlands).                                                       The traditional OTD acrylic system – the winner of                   polish removers, etc;
Various acrylic systems                                              numerous Nail Cup contests                                           2. ‘Manicure Academy’ Training Center offering
Gel systems allowing options for 3-, 2- and 1-phase                  A ground-breaking one-stage acrylic gel system                       courses, seminars, master classes in manicure,
techniques                                                           Integrity featuring a combination of gel and acryl                   pedicure, as well as nail sculpture an design tech-
Soak Off bio-gels.                                                   properties                                                           niques.
Camouflage gels                                                      Manicure supplies and products for acryl and gel                     3. a specialty store for nail and beauty technicians;
Hand and foot care spa products                                      design techniques, nail design and extension acces-                  4. a chain of manicure studios
Professional manicure supplies                                       sories                                                               5. manufacture of professional equipment and
Nail design supplies and nail jewelry items                          The internationally renowned company INM, found-                     futniture.
Professional tools and devices                                       ed in 1979, is currently among the 5 TOP nail
Direct shipments from Holland. All the products are                  companies in South America. The products are
certified.                                                           manufactured exclusively in the USA.                                 National Beauty Company                                 13C30
A training center for re-qualification of operating                  Be Natural – cosmetics for traditional, apparative
technicians.                                                         and SPA pedicure. The products have been devel-                            107078, Novoryazanskaya Str. 16/11, entrance 1,
                                                                     oped in assistance with experienced podologists                            room 401, Moscow, Russia
                                                                     and professional technicians. BeNatural products                           Tel.: (499) 265-62-36, 265-62-26, 265-62-80
NAIL LABO, Nail Art Academy                             12E30        received top ratings in the reputable US periodicals                       Fax: (499) 265-62-53
                                                                     of Nail and Nailpro in 2005-2007. The company                              E-mail:,
     Pravda Str. 2а, Moscow, Russia                                  provides training in exclusive manicure, pedicure,               ,,
     Tel.:(495) 656-05-82, 614-32-54                                 acryl, gel and eyelash extension techniques. The                 
     Tel./fax:(495) 656-05-70                                        company is the holder of the international diplo-
     E-mail:                                      ma. Also available are marketing programmes for                      The National Beauty Company offers specialized                                                 regional partners.                                                   furniture for beauty salons and spa enterprises from

186                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  leading Spanish, Italian and Chinese manufacturers.                        NEGOCIANT, Trade Company                                ZOOM         New Cid Cosmetics Limited                              14F22
  The company also acts as the exclusive distributor
  for the professional trade marks of Phyto Sintesi                                109117, Volgogradsky Ave. 93, bldg. 2,                              2 Lacemaker Court, London Rd., Old Amersham
  (Italy) and Okinawa (Spain). The lines include a full                            Moscow, Russia                                                      HP7OHS United Kingdom
  range of professional face and body care cosmetics,                              Tel.: (495) 355-65-54                                               Tel.: +44 (0) 121 634 6619
  as well as products for spa-treatments. We provide                               Fax: (495) 355-06-41                                                E-mail:
  assistance in fitting out beauty salons with cosme-                              E-mail:                         
  tology equipment and conceptual development of
  studios for spa treatments and rituals. The company                        Brands represented: Paves, Oliver.                                   new cid cosmetics stands out in a saturated beauty
  holds free workshops and offers training in massage                        Hair combs, brushes, massage units from high qual-                   industry by its clever and innovative take on essen-
  techniques. Partners are welcome                                           ity Check-made plastics.                                             tial make up products. Not only do we listen to the
                                                                             Crystal nail files by SW, Bohemia, Polly, as well as                 feedback and input of the over 200 makeup artists
                                                                             a selection of Check-made hand-crafted items and                     working in the trenches in our new cid makeover
  NATRIA                                                        ZOOM         exclusive products.                                                  Photographic Studios throughout the UK, but more
                                                                             Private Label services.                                              importantly we take this one step further by incorpo-
           127015, Novodmitrovskaya Str. 5, room 2015,                                                                                            rating the feedback and insights from thousands of
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         women -- 42,000 last year alone to be exact.
           Tel.: (495) 995-96-76                                             NeoEsthetic                                             13D18        new cid excels at taking the make-up concerns
           E-mail:                                                                                                       of real women voiced over and over again in the
                                                    107370, Otkrytoye Shosse Str.14, Moscow, Russia                Studios -- and creating simple and fun solutions.
                                                                                   Tel.: (495) 380-11-24                                          new cid remains true to its original goal to simplify
  Equipment for hair and skin diagnostics.                                         Fax: (495) 380-11-29                                           make-up application with easy-to-use products and
  The equipment comprises a full range of possibilities                            E-mail:                                     flattering, wearable shades as opposed to a whole
  for the diagnosis of facial skin and hair condition                                                                 spectrum of fashion-led shades that are alienating,
  including a polarized magnifying lens for the exami-                                                                                            unsuitable and overwhelming to most woman.
  nation of deep skin layers, wrinkle analysis equip-                        We have all you might need for a thriving business!
  ment; a data unit for the determination of the skin’s                      HISTOMER cosmeceuticals: salon lines and retail
  elasticity properties; classification of skin types                        series.                                                              New Ideas in Cosmetics (NICos)                        13A32
  through the amount of sebum; definition of the skin                        Beautycare equipment: multipurpose systems,
  humidity. High-definition and high-precision cam-                          peels, massagers etc.                                                     117342, Butlerova Str. 17б, room 318,
  eras make it possible to obtain an accurate image.                         Salon furniture: chairs, coaches, SPA-complexes,                          Moscow, Russia
  Cameras come in a set with replaceable lenses                              trolleys, etc.                                                            Tel.: (495) 334-92-67, (985)110-72-94
  providing 10, 60, 200, 1000–fold image expansion                           Disposable expendables: a selection of various                            Fax: (495) 334-86-90
  and software. Available are software and equipment                         items ranging from sheets to sponges.                                     E-mail:
  branding services.                                                         Depilation supplies: ARCO Cosmetici, Debyline, wax              
  Stylish and compact looks enable to make an effi-                          heaters. Design, assortment, quality!
  cient use of our equipment serving as a powerful                           Over 650 salons throughout Russia are                                New Ideas in Cosmetics (NICos) LLC acts as an
  marketing tool.                                                            NEOESTETIC’s permanent clients.                                      exclusive distributor for leading manufacturing com-
                                                                             At your disposal – a training centre, warranty ser-                  panies specializing in the field of dermatology and
                                                                             vices, FREE DELIVERY within Moscow.                                  plastic surgery equipment:
  NATURA HOUSE S.R.L.                                           14B10                                                                             Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH (Germany),
                                                                                                                                                  GFMesstechnik GmbH (Germany), WheelsBridge
           VIA F.COPPI, 5 – 10094 ORBASSANO (TORINO)                         NET LINE XXI vek                                        13E34        AB (Sweden).
           ITALY                                                                                                                                  Our equipment is employed in scientific research,
           Tel.: +39 011 9033111. Fax: + 39 011 9033122                            119333, Leninsky Ave. 60/2, Moscow, Russia                     plastic surgery, also finds use with practicing der-
           E-mail:                                          Tel.: (499) 137-56-10, 137-76-90                               matocosmetologists, as well as in selecting and
                                                            Fax: (499) 137-75-80                                           promoting cosmetic products.
                                                                                   E-mail:;                                       The company provides a full range of services
  NATURA HOUSE since 1970 is a leading Italian com-                                                                   including: consultations, selection and delivery of
  pany in the production of natural skin care products                                                                    equipment, training, warranty and after-sale servic-
  and natural food supplements. NH production is                                                                                                  ing.
  very well appreciated in more then 50 countries both                       The Net Line XXI vek Company exclusively repre-
  with Natura House logo and Private Label. Many                             sents in Russia:
  production: skin care, body care, hair care, baby                          - Professional equipment, furniture, tools and                       NEW LINE COSMETOLOGY                                  13C45
  products, oral care, foot care, slimming products.                         expendables for classical and hardware pedicure
  On each product is mentioned the % of the natural                          and podology from Hellmut Ruck (Germany);                                 125040, Skakovaya Str. 9, room 404, 405,
  ingredients used so that consumer can better check                         A professional cosmetics line for medical, appara-                        Moscow, Russia
  the naturalness of the product.                                            tive and Spa pedicure from Hellmut Ruck GmbH                              Tel.: (495) 945-34-10. Fax: (495) 945-26-68
                                                                             (Germany);                                                                E-mail:,
                                                                             Professional salon cosmetics by Rosa Graf                       ,
  NAUTILUS MARKETING                                            13A28        (Germany);
                                                                             An extensive selection of state-of-the-art equipment                 The international company NEW LINE
           192284, Dimitrov Str. 3, bldg. 4, St. Petersburg,                 and furniture for beauty care and Spa salons from                    COSMETOLOGY was created for the purpose of
           Russia                                                            leading German manufacturers;                                        selecting and promoting onto the Russian and
           Tel.: (812) 772-30-77, (901) 300-61-73                            The Net Line XXI Vek School for Pedicure offers:                     Ukrainean markets the latest products and tech-
           109462, Volzhsky Blvd. 114а, bldg. 4, Moscow,                     - a 6-day course in hardware and medical pedicure;                   nologies in the field of modern cosmetology and
           Russia                                                            - topical seminars and how-to workshops on appli-                    aesthetic medicine. The company holds exclusive
           Tel.: (495) 783-81-17                                             cation of Peclavus professional products in medical,                 rights for the distribution of products presented in
           E-mail:                                        hardware, classical and Spa- pedicure techniques;                    its catalogues. Radiesse™ - a US-made injection
                                                 -advanced staff training in orthonyxy, ortheses, nail                implant for soft tissue augmentation based on cal-
                                                                             sculpture and prosthesis, minor orthopedy.                           cium hydroxylapatite. The product proves to be safe,
  The Medical Piercing School and Sales Centres:                             •a 2-day course in ‘Minor Orthodedy. Technologies                    durable (lasts 15 to 20 months), biocompatible, and
  training with state-type certificates awarded, an                          of producing various types of individual correctors                  requires no allergy testing.
  exclusive collection of fashion jewelry.                                   and orthoses on the basis of Peclavus Ortonix                        Italian-made Mesotherapy products VIT:JAL
  Tricology: a state training programme for physi-                           2-component silicone mass’;                                          Revitalizing Mix, Revital Tonic, Revital Celluform,
  cians.                                                                     •a 2-day course on ‘Golgstadtspange – a universal                    IDEBae, NUCLEONIX DNA.
  Professional hair treatment at a beauty salon.                             technique for the correction of ingrown nails’;                      SkinFill® preparations based on hyaluronic acid
  Training of hairdressers and administrators.                               •a 2-day course on ‘Modern foot reflexology mas-                     (Italy).
  Training of beauty business managers.                                      sage techniques in podology’;                                        StylАge® – a line of injection fillers based on hyal-
  Training of administrators.                                                •a 2-day course on ‘Hardware and tool techniques                     uronic acid. Our company holds exclusive rights for
  Complications-free permanent makeup: training,                             in treating callosities, cracks, hyperkeratosis, thick-              the distribution of this product in Ukraine.
  equipment, pigments.                                                       ened, deformed and mycotically affected nails’.                      Neuronox® – a high purity complex of botulotoxin

188                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  type A. Our company holds exclusive rights for the                               E-mail:
  distribution of this product in Ukraine.                               ,,                                Ningbo Osaki Biotech Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong
                                                                         ,,                    businesspeople single-ventured enterprise, which
                                                                                                                        is located in Beilun Modernization Agriculture
  NickOl                                                        13E04                                                                             Comprehensive Development Zone, Ningbo City,
                                                                             The Nike-Med Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine offers:                    Zhejiang, with the logistics transportation quite con-
           Bolshaya Filyovskaya Str. 16, Moscow, Russia                      Lantox® – botulinum toxin type A.                                    venient, which is closely next to the Beilun Port that
           Tel.: (495) 780-29-32, 649-90-86                                  R-fine® – non-connected hyaluronic acid used in                      is honored as the “Crown” of China Port. The Overall
           E-mail:                                            mesolift treatments on the face, decollete, neck                     floor area is 15,500m2, and the building area is
                                                                             and arms.                                                            21,000m2, we have built the production line that is
  The NickOl centre is the exclusive representa-                             Bellcontour® – monophase hyaluronic acid for the                     complying with the GMP Demands and the inspecting
  tive of the CHRISTINA Company (Israel), Mei-Cha                            correction of minor lines, lip and soft tissue aug-                  center with State Laboratory License Qualification..
  International (USA) and 3D-Beauty International                            mentation, as well as facial outline sculpture.                           Our company mainly engages in the planting,
  (USA).                                                                     Varioderm® – hyaluronic acid-based preparations                      developing, producing, and selling of the natural
  Professional cosmetics by CHRISTINA is a guaran-                           for cheekbone and cheek augmentation, and lip                        plants, and the extracting product of the natural
  tee of a successful solution to many of the aesthetic                      contour correction.                                                  plants is widely used for functional food, drink,
  skin problems.                                                             Auriga® creams – treatment of keloid scars.                          health-products, cosmetics, and medicines, etc.
  The world’s leading scientists, natural components,                        Magic Lift – atraumatic monofibrous colourfree sur-
  state-of-the-art techniques, meticulous testing of the                     gery suture for cosmetic implant treatments.
  ingredients and the ready products have ensure its                         Eurosilicone – reconstructive and aesthetic surgery                  Ningbo yizhou daily necessities co., ltd             14C47a
  reputation among cosmetologists all over the world.                        prostheses.
  Mei-Cha International offers the best assortment                           The clinic offers training for dermatocosmetologists                      Fangqiao industry zone, yangming steet, yuyao city,
  of permanent make-up supplies which includes                               and surgeons.                                                             Zhejiang province, China
  digital equipment and disposable accessories, a                                                                                                      Tel.: 0086-138-5821-2997. Fax: 0086-574-6247-
  wide selection of pigments, as well as a full range of                                                                                               8074
  theory and practice products.                                              Ningbo Huihe Cosmetics Packaging Co.,Ltd                14B54             E-mail:
  3D-Lashes Perfect Bonding System features a single                                                                                         
  eyelash extension technique ensuring a long lasting                              Shuijia Industrial Zone, Hengjie Town, Yinzhou
  treatment effect, flexible sun-, water- and tear-proof                           District, Ningbo, China                                        Ningbo Yizhou Daily Necessities Co., Ltd which was
  eyelashes, a unique glue formula and 15 kinds of                                 Tel.: 86-574-88178667 / 88178669                               established in 1990 and has 350 staffs. The com-
  eyelashes.                                                                       Fax: 86-574-88426677                                           pany was approved by ISO 9001 Quality System,
                                                                                   E-mail:                                      the main products include: Trigger Sprayer, Crimp
                                                                                                                        pump, Screw Microsprayer, Oxidation Aluminum
  NIKA NAGEL                                                    12D07                                                                             and plastic Lotion Pump etc. and the products are
                                                                             Ningbo Huihe Cosmetics Packaging Co., Ltd. is                        exported not only to Domestic Market but also to
           300027, Metallurgov Str. 46а, Tula, Russia                        located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province known as                   Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Middle-East region
           Tel.: (4872) 45-79-61, 40-29-83, 45-13-81,                        Eastern Venice. We are the superior manufacturer                     because of their excellent quality & beautiful design.
           (903) 658-48-17                                                   and exporter in                                                      Our company has strong technology power such
           Tel./fax: (4872) 45-79-61                                         color make-up packaging. The products that we                        as molding development, meanwhile, it has auto-
           E-mail:                                       manufactured (e.g.: aluminum lipstick tube, mas-                     injection production line. Its annual output is more
                                                  cara tube, eye-liner tube, lip gloss cap, etc.) are in               than 200 million pieces. In order to make sure
                                                                             first-class quality, attractive designs, bright colors,              high-good quality, all products must be checked
  We present a series of Nika Nagel professional nail                        various styles, and have good reputation among                       through advanced products-checking equipment
  sculpture materials from the best German manufac-                          customers both at home and abroad. We will serve                     prior to shipment, and the quality has already
  turer. Available is a new line of Fantom gels for nail                     you wholeheartedly whenever. With your warmly                        be matched national and international advanced
  extension and natural nail therapeutic treatments.                         support, Huihe will create new brilliance in the                     level, compared to the same industry. The sprayer
  The gels are easily removed with a special gel                             future.                                                              pumps are in possession of excellence of light-
  removal liquid. Our Tutorial Center provides basic                                                                                              pressure, fine-mist and no drop etc., as spraying.
  and advanced training in: artificial nail sculpturing;                                                                                          Our company treats «Quality Best,Customer First»
  strengthening of natural nails, nail-art techniques                        NINGBO BEILUN BOLAN INDUSTRY                                         «Respecting Contract, Keeping Credit» as our
  (plane and volumetric, gel and acryl). Delivery                            & TRADE CO., LTD.                                       14G16        theme. We are awaiting to serving for you and it
  of supplies and training are provided in any city                                                                                               will be pleased to cooperated with you to create
  throughout Russia. Special terms for our regional                                NO.68 CHENGWAN NEW VILLAGE, DAQI, BEILUN,                      Prosperous furture.
  representatives!                                                                 NINGBO, ZHEJIANG, CHINA.
                                                                                   Tel.: 0086-574-86142445, 0086-13858248883
                                                                                   Fax: 0086-574-86140720                                         NOADADA                                               13G20
  NIKA TRADE                                                    13F20              E-mail:
                                                                                                                        125040, Tretiya Ulitsa Yamskogo Polya 2
           197183, Savushkin Str. 15, room 85,                                                                                                         (‘TechnoParkNauka’), bldg. 26, room 313,
           St. Petersburg, Russia                                            Ningbo Beilun Bolan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a                       Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (921) 746-76-40. Fax: (812) 430-56-09                       family factory started its business from mold build-                      Tel.: (926) 602-27-05, (910) 433-43-47,
           E-mail:,                   ing for various sprayer parts.                                            (903) 016-08-78, (926) 560-28-13, (903) 722-
                                                  It is now specialized in designing and producing                          22-23
                                                                             various plastic packaging for cosmetic, medicine,                         E-mail:
  The Nika Trade Company acts as an official Russian                         perfume and hygiene industry. It produces trigger               
  distributor of cosmetology equipment by Medilab                            sprayer, liquid dispenser, mini sprayer, mist sprayer,
  (Germany) and Medicamat (France). We represent                             pump sprayer, bottle closure, lotion pump, PET                       The Japanese-made nanocosmetics line under the
  most state-of-the-art technologies unique in their                         bottles, acrylic bottles, bottle cap, etc.                           brand name of Noadada represents a series of
  efficiency.                                                                Over ten-year›s mold building experience enhanced                    basic cosmetic products providing an astounding
  For our customers who choose to buy Beautytek                              our quality control ability and products develop abil-               rejuvenation effect. The products of this series are
  (Premium, Avita, Light) and Water Beam systems                             ity in this area.                                                    created on the basis of ET-KYOTO SOLUTION, a pat-
  the company holds free training courses on how to                          It’s customers are now from Europe, America, Asia,                   ented preparation formula developed by scientists of
  operate the equipment, as well as provides warranty                        Australia and Africa,.                                               Kyoto University to protect the cell membranes and
  and after-sale servicing.                                                                                                                       stimulate the functions of thr skin cells. ET- Kyoto
  Also available from Nika Trade are cosmetic prod-                                                                                               Solution is superior to all the known counterparts
  ucts by Opsiderm (Italy) and Dermaceutic (France).                         NINGBO OSAKI BIOTECH CO., LTD                           14C45        used in medicine and cosmetology.
                                                                                                                                                  Restoring the self-repair mechanism of the skin
                                                                                   NO,521 YUANBAO SHAN ROAD BEILUN NINGBO                         cells, the preparations boost cellular self-regulatory
  NIKE-MED, clinic of Aesthetic Medicine                        13F04              Tel.: 0574-86119926                                            functions, promote the normalization of metabolic
                                                                                   Fax: 0574-86119677                                             processes regressing aging processes. The prod-
           Vernadskogo Ave. 8а, Moscow, Russia                                     E-mail:                                      ucts are addressed to those who seek a genuine
           Tel.: (903) 711-14-16                                                                                    rejuvenation solution.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A     T   A     L     O    G     U     E

Novaya Apteka,                                                       the advanced products for the concerned con-                         OLEUM NOBILIS                                            13E11
(International Centre for Financial                                  sumer with immediate and long term benefits and
and Economic Development (ICFED)                        14G38        improvements.                                                              199004, Sredniy Prospekt Ave 11,
                                                                     MICRO- encapsulated Skin Care, ALL Natural Skin                            St. Petersburg, Russia
     Vtoraya Khutorskaya Str. 38А, bldg. 26                          Care, CERTIFIED Organic Skin Care                                          Tel.: (812) 309-27-89
     (metro station ‘Dmitrovskaya’), Moscow, Russia                  MEN’S Skin Care , CELLULITE Treatment Systems,                             E-mail:
     Tel.: (495) 937-90-83 (multi-line)                              EYELASH Conditioners, LIP Care,                                  
     Fax: (495) 937- 9085                                            HAIR Care, all made in Germany
     E-mail:                                                                                                               Aromatherapy is part of nature in our modern urbane                                                                                                                        world. It is fragrance and remedy in one vial.
                                                                                                                                          The company manufactures and markets premium-
For more than a decade by now ‘Novaya Apteka’ has
been enjoying the reputation of the most authori-
                                                                          O                                                               quality essential and vegetal oils, as well as dis-
                                                                                                                                          tributes aromacosmetics and therapeutic products
tative statutory-reference periodical in its field,                                                                                       from Europe. Available is cold pressed hemp oil
focused on the urgent issues in the functioning of                      OBERON                                               13F23        and hemp-based cosmetic products. All the prod-
pharmaceutical enterprises.                                                                                                               ucts enjoy Russian and European certificates. The
The magazine consists of 3 parts: Effective                               111024, Shosse Entuziastov Str. 23,                             company holds seminars and organizes aromatours.
Management, Pharmacy Assortment, Statutory                                Moscow, Russia                                                  Russian and CIS distributors are welcome.
Documentation.                                                            Tel./fax: (495) 545-53-70
According to the latest survey conducted by the                           E-mail:
‘Comcon Pharma’ Company, the magazine rates #1                                                                 OPHTHALMIX                                              13G01
among all pharmaceutical periodicals in terms of
both audience coverage and other indexes reflecting                  The OBERON Joint-Stock Company, a Research-                                123056, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Str. 32, bldg. 3,
the contents quality, significance and usability of the              and-Production enterprise, is the manufacturer of                          Moscow, Russia
presented information to the audience.                               the LIKOBERON cosmetic series.                                             Tel.: (495) 785-26-70. Fax: (495) 785-26-74
                                                                     the first domestic hydrogel applicator masks                               E-mail:
                                                                     Athena (Аfinа) formulated to address the specific                
NovoNexus                                               13A14        needs of the skin after the administration of certain
                                                                     cosmetic procedures involving integument inter-                      OPHTHALMIX acts as an exclusive distributor for
     125190, Leningradsky Ave. 80, bldg. 17, room 13,                ruption. The masks aim to moisturize and nourish                     the American corporation Obagi Medical Products
     Moscow, Russia                                                  the skin and are issued with various ingredient                      (OMP). ОМР specializes in the manufacture of pat-
     Tel./fax: (495) 787-32-50                                       compositions;                                                        ented formulations of skincare systems. Nu-Derm,
     E-mail:                                    serums on the basis of low molecular hyaluronic                      Obagi-C Rx System, Professional-C Serum,                                               acid formulated to slow down aging processes and                     ELASTIderm, CLENZIderm, Decolletage system
                                                                     help restore the structure of withering skin;                        comprise preparations which prove effective in
The NovoNexus Company has operated on the                            a new universal cosmetic product under the brand                     eliminating hyperpigmentation lesions and deal with
market of aesthetic medicine since 2004. The com-                    of Kozhnaya Bronya (“Skin Armour”) formulated                        the consequences of the damage from photo treat-
pany’s major activity spheres are development and                    to reduce swollenness and stimulate regenerative                     ments, reduce age-related lines stimulating the
manufacture of innovative beauty and health care                     processes after aggressive treatments: chemical and                  reproduction of healthy cells, cure acne and rosacea
products.                                                            physical peelings, dermabrasion and mesotherapy                      conditions.
Contouring plastics – REPLERI fillers (5 kinds) on                   treatments, contouring plastics, ear piercing, per-
the basis of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid.                  manent make-up, etc.
Maximum stability, high efficiency (the result lasting                                                                                    OPTION                                                  12D14
up to 1.5 years) and availability for both the doctor
and the patient.                                                     Octopus                                                  ZOOM              125252, Kuusinen Str. 19а, room 206,
Epidermal growth factor –GeneTime spray for the                                                                                                 Moscow, Russia
stimulation of healing processes in damaged skin                          141300, Shlyakov Str. 2А, Sergiyev Posad,                             Vtoraya Krasnoarmeyskaya Str. 11,
and mucus tissue. Treatment of burns and trophic                          Moscow region, Russia                                                 St. Petersburg, Russia
ulcers, a post-treatment after cosmetic and plastic                       Tel.: (495) 903-85-68, (499) 409-53-77                                Tel.: (495) 940-61-73, (812) 929-00-68, 929-02-40
surgery procedures. Prevents scar formation.                              Fax: (495) 903-85-67                                                  E-mail:,
Professional cosmetics based on the human-like                            E-mail:                                          (Moscow),
collagen. An exclusive line of high-efficiency cos-                                                                (St. Petersburg)
metics developed in Switzerland.
Use what really works!                                               The company manufactures nail varnishes, nail                        The company offers:
                                                                     care products, lip gloss, lip and eye liners, compact                Professional pedicure, manicure and nail sculpturing
                                                                     powder, compact eye shadows, mascara under pro-                      equipment.
Nozomi Direct                                              F&B       prietary trade marks, as well as provides services as                - drills, cutters, grinders and polishers in a variety of
                                                                     a contract manufacturer of private label cosmetics.                  sizes, shapes and materials;
     121351, Kutsyubinsky Str. 4, Moscow, Russia                     State-of-the-art production facilities                               - tool cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment;
     Tel.: (495) 739-47-78. Fax: (495) 739-47-79                     Guaranteed control of the raw material quality                       - manicure desk-top vacuum cleaners, vacuum
     E-mail:                                           Development of formulations, colour and design                       cleaner foot rests for pedicure, manicure tables                                                solutions                                                            equipped with a vacuum cleaner;
                                                                     Certification of ready products                                      - UV lamps and paraffin therapy tubs;
The company acts as an official Russian distributor                                                                                       - manicure and pedicure tools
for the KWC brand offering Japanese-made biologi-                                                                                         - professional hand and foot care cosmetics under
cally active supplements.                                            ODYSSEY NAIL Systems                                    12F36        the brand name of Camillen 60 (Germany)
                                                                                                                                          - powder gel, NOBILITY biogel, gels, acrylics, var-
                                                                          236039, Maly Pereulok side-street 3, Moscow,                    nish gels, brushes, files, forms, tips.
Nutra Luxe MD                                           14D22             Russia                                                          - maintenance support and warranty service avail-
                                                                          Tel.: (4012) 999-669. Fax: (4012) 656-734                       able at our service centre;
     Bahnhofstrasse 15, 83410 Laufen, Germany                             E-mail:                                    - a cumulative discount system;
     Tel.: +49 8682 955900                                                                                   - training programmes in apparative technologies
     Fax: +49 8682 955980                                                                                                                 and nail sculpturing techniques.
     E-mail:                                  Odyssey Nail Systems is the N1 brand designed                                             by the world’s absolute champion Treng Nguyen
                                                                     as a unique American tuition program for training                    ORGANIC TAI                                              ZOOM
Nutra Luxe MD is a Research and Development                          students, technicians and instructors.
oriented company that puts innovation and most                       Training is conducted with the use of ONS supplies.                        105264, Devyataya Parkovaya Str. 37,
quality first. They have the best, and healthiest                    Classes are run by international instructors, prize                        Moscow, Russia
TRUE ALL NATURAL products that do not con-                           awardees and winners of Russian and international                          Tel./fax: (495) 722-16-24
tain harmful parabens or preservatives, cream                        contests, members of the Russian nail team and                             E-mail:
fillers or thickeners. Their goal is to produce                      members of the ONS international team.                           

190                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I    T    O    R   S

                                                                             then rapidly specialised in hair colouring. The know-                  pany, established in 1993, specialized in the produc-
  NEW! Natural SPA-cosmetics ORGANIC TAI from                                how developed through years of experience in the                       tion of hygienic feminine tampons, sanitary napkins
  Thailand. 100% natural soap in individual packag-                          professional market was transferred to private label                   and adult diapers. The company exports the produc-
  ing. Aromatherapy. Supreme-quality essential oils.                         manufacturing, which marked a new milestone in                         tion to more than 10 European and Latin American
  Also available is fragrance-free soap for the most                         the history of the company. Today, its mission is to                   countries. On the Bulgarian market Palomita JSC
  gentle and sensitive skin care. Exclusively natural                        fully understand customers and market’s needs thus                     has 10 offices and over 40 vehicles with full channel
  vegetal components. A low temperature soap brew-                           creating personalized products. In 2006 the compa-                     distribution for our production as well as for import-
  ing technique. High efficiency of ingredients. An                          ny acquired two well-known Italian brands, “Libera                     ed products from the sanitary-hygiene industry –
  original individual packaging accentuates products’                        e Bella” and “Piega Viva” to widen its mass market                     cotton buds, wet wipes, baby diapers. We rely on the
  naturalness. You have a unique opportunity to expe-                        segment.                                                               good work team with high qualified staff. Naturally
  rience authentic Thai SPA at home or simply enjoy                                                                                                 our mission statement is high quality, competitive
  your regular washing treatment!                                                                                                                   prices and consumer satisfaction.
  ORJIN HYGIENE                                                                                                                                     PARADE of STARS                                     14D06
  & HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS LTD.                                   14G17        Packaging R&D, magazine (Ogien)                              З/У
                                                                                                                                                         105264, Pyataya Parkovaya Str. 46, room 207,
           Zafer Mah. Yildirim Beyazit Cad. Gumus Sk. No.2,                        129366 , Yaroslavskaya Str.10, bldg. 4, room 437,                     Moscow, Russia
           Kat:4, Yenibosna, 34197, Istanbul - TURKEY                              Moscow, Russia                                                        Tel.: (499) 238-31-20. Fax: (499) 238-79-11
           Tel.: +90 212 552 37 37. Fax: +90 212 552 13 11                         Tel.: (915) 146-69-47, (916) 674-31-38                                E-mail:
           E-mail:                                        Tel./fax: (495) 617-64-62                                   
                                                                                                                        The company’s priority line of activity is the creation
  Orjin Ltd. has been manufacturing Hygienic & Health                                                                                               of perfume collections to address the needs of the
  Care Products as one of the most distinguished                             Packaging R&D is a Russian popular scientific                          Russian consumer. While developing our products
  manufacturer companies in Turkey for 19 years.                             periodical intended for the world’s largest package                    we follow the principle of the optimal price and
  Today, Orjin Ltd. is manufacturing the below prod-                         providers operating on the Russian market, and                         quality equation, keeping a close eye on the latter-
  ucts and selling them mainly in Turkey and abroad                          package consuming companies interested in the                          day trends in global perfumery and package design
  such as “European countries, Middle East, Northern                         development and optimization of packaging solu-                        industries. Annually the company’s creative team
  Africa and CIS countries”.                                                 tions for their produce.                                               launches about 50-100 novelties, as well as keeps
  Pain & Rheumatism Cream,                                                                                                                          developing and enhancing the most promising
  Hair Care,                                                                                                                                        fragrance lines.
  Genital Care,                                                              PACOPLAST                                               14E02          The products’ quality is confirmed by the Russian
  Hand & Face and Body Hygienic Foam,                                                                                                               quality certificates.
  Hand & Foot Care and Fungus Spray,                                               220073, Olshevsky Lane 7, room 304,
  Surface Cleaning Disinfectant,                                                   Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  International Prizes                                                             Tel./fax: + 375 17-204-73 17, 211-50-39                          PARADOX                                             12E32
   “The Best Foam Soap of the year 2008”                                           E-mail:
    “The Best Quality Hygienic Products and Pain                                                                                  109147, Marxistskaya Str. 34, bldg. 4, Moscow,
  Cream in Europe”                                                                                                                                       Russia
  Essential Certificates                                                     The largest leading company group including                                 Tel.: (495) 778-56-87
  ISO 9001-2008                                                              GROMIN and PAKOPLAST companies specializes                                  Tel./fax: (495) 911-61-11, 781-43-43
  TS NE – 1040                                                               in the manufacture of high-quality plastic packaging                        E-mail:
  Cosmetic Products and Manufacturers Declaration                            for cosmetics. The product range includes 30 - 800                
  Certificate                                                                ml vials and 5 - 500 ml jars. Imported materials
  Dermatological Allergy and Irritation Tests Certificate                    and many-year experience of our highly qualified                       The Paradox Company brings to your attention
  Disinfectant Effectiveness Report                                          specialists provide infinite possibilities in producing                professional powered tools for hardware manicure,
                                                                             packaging ranging from standard to exclusive items                     pedicure and artificial nail correction, manufac-
                                                                             for today and future.                                                  tured by the worldwide known company XENOX
  Orkide Cosmetics                                              14C22                                                                               (Germany), and the most powerful MICROSPEED
                                                                                                                                                    appliance with the vacuum cleaner functions. Also
           Hakim sok. Hudaverdi han 38/B 80370 Kasimpasa                     PAKT Beauty alliance                                    13B10          on offer are Korean-made appliances by STRONG,
           Istanbul Turkey                                                                                                                          MARATHON and ESCORT. Available on a perma-
           Tel.: +90 212 253 30 44(pbx)                                            111024, Shosse Entuziastov Str. 19, bldg.1, room                 nent basis is a wide range of replaceable nozzles
           Fax: +90 212 235 39 30                                                  318, Moscow, Russia                                              (diamond, ceramic, abrasive) designed to meet the
           E-mail:                                      Tel.: (495) 660-79-07. Fax: (495) 685-93-73                      requirements of the most highly qualified techni-
                                                  E-mail:                                       cians.
  Has been working since 1973, located in Tuzla,                                                                         We are glad to offer you UV-lamps, desktop vacuum
  Istanbul. The firm produces aerosol and colored                                                                                                   cleaners, manicure tables, magnifying lamps, dis-
  cosmetics products. The marketing and sales activi-                        PAKT Beauty alliance acts as the exclusive distribu-                   infectants and sterilizers, spa and paraffin therapy
  ties are run by the firm                                                   tor for the German cosmetic brand DR.GRANDEL.                          supplies, as well as professional foot care products
  Orkide Cosmetics San. A. . The firm services to                            DR.GRANDEL enjoys a 60-year-long production                            by Fusspunk. Our prices will be of a pleasant sur-
  its customers without giving any concession from                           experience and supplies high quality products to 40                    prise to you.
  quality together with The suitable price policy. Being                     countries worldwide. The brand offers 16 cosmetic
  in the institutionalization studies,                                       lines comprising over 120 products and 20 treat-
  One of the main targets of the firm taking into con-                       ment programmes.                                                       Parfum Eternel Art Studio                           14D14
  sideration of customer satisfaction,                                       Scientific approach, state-of-the-art production
  is to reach a wider customer group both on the                             technologies, high efficiency and safety distinguish                        123056, Gruzinskiy Side-Str. 3, room 234,
  domestic and foreign markets.                                              DR.GRANDEL cosmetics among its counterparts.                                Moscow, Russia
                                                                             Professional cosmetic products by DR.GRANDEL                                Tel.: (495) 933-46-64. Fax: (495) 510-64-25
                                                                             rate as premium class cosmetics in the mid-price                            E-mail:
  OYSTER COSMETICS S.P.A.                                       12C09        category.                                                         

           VIA BARZIZZA 37/A –                                                                                                                      Design services, manufacturing of perfumery,
           46043 CASTIGLIONE D/STIVIERE (MN)                                 PALOMITA JSC                                            14B17          wholesale offers – a regional dealer network. A
           Tel.: +39 0376 636290. Fax: +39 0376 631911                                                                                              comprehensive perfume design procedure encom-
           E-mail:                                         Sofia 1729, Mladost 1A, 1 Anna Ahmatova str.                     passing the development of a creative concept
                                                   Tel.: 00359 2 976 79 10. Fax: 00359 2 976 79 17                  to the production of the ready product of various
                                                                                   E-mail:                                    trends and price levels with regard to the client’s
  Oyster Cosmetics manufactures hair and skin care                                                                        trade style, distribution options (wholesale market-
  cosmetics. Established in 1983, the company first                                                                                                 ing, chain stores, supermarket, niche products)
  started out with professional haircare products and                        Palomita JSC is a Bulgarian trade-production com-                      and other factors influencing the implementation

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

of the idea into reality. We offer exclusively original              The world’s leading stylists choose cosmetics of this                PHYTOCOSMA INTERNATIONAL                                14A38
design solutions and items, imported ingredients,                    brand. PAUL MITCHELL products contain only eco-
high quality fragrances – of both traditional fashion                logically sound vegetal components grown on the                            18 RUE DES FRERES LUMIERE F-69680 CHASSIEU
trends and custom-made.                                              company’s own farm in Hawaii. The most renowned                            Tel.: 00 33 4 72 04 48 04
                                                                     Hollywood stars, popular actors, distinguished                             Fax: 00 33 4 72 04 37 66
                                                                     sportsmen, as well as politicians of the world’s larg-                     E-mail:
Parfums premium international                           14A34        est states entrust their images to the professionals             
                                                                     of the PAUL MITCHELL team. PAUL MITCHELL
     199 avenue Jean Lolive_ 93500                                   products are available exclusively in beauty salons.                 Phytocosma is a French OEM manufacturer spe-
     PANTIN_ FRANCE                                                                                                                       cialized for several years in the formulation (more
     Tel. (code):+33157428110                                                                                                             than 400 formulas), manufacturing and packing of
     Fax (code):+33157428149                                         PERSPECTIVA                                             13C40        your tailor made products. We developed a wide                                                                                                            range of face & body care products are also very                                                   150035, Chkalov Str. 2, room 119, Yaroslavl,                    specialized in ampoules. Our R&D dept can develop
                                                                          Russia                                                          the formulation according to the specific requests
Parfums premium international(PPI) established in                         Tel.: (4852) 30-15-09. Fax: (4852) 79-57-25                     of your brand, and keeps on innovating. We can
paris, works out,produces and offers unique per-                          E-mail:,                     produce batches from 50 to 500 kg and deliver you
fume to our customers all over the world.                                                                         bulk, semi
To adept uor perfume to the demands of the market,
PPI collaborate closely with the customers, gives them               PERSPECTIVA LLC was founded in 2007 as an
the creativeness, the analysis of the market tendencies              importer of South Korean wellness goods featuring
as well as a range of product that is particulary diverse            principles of oriental medicine backed up by innova-                 Pinkpac Co.,Ltd                                         14D48
in terms of desing, fragrance families and prices.                   tive technologies. The two years of operating on the
Thanks to efficient structure of our company and                     Russian market gave birth to the idea of supplying                         5F-3 No.8 Zihciang S.Rd. Chu Pei 302 Taiwan
a large network of competent suppliers, PPI has a                    the Russian consumer with the products of three                            Tel.: +886 3 6587846
possibility to offer you the best from competetive                   categories:                                                                Fax: +886 3 6587847
prices to a high level of aesthetic quality and service.             – beauty products;                                                         E-mail:
With ambition and potential to follow the develop-                   – wellness products;                                             
ment of the dynamic market, PPI, propose you                         – products designed to ameliorate the indoor micro-
to become uor partner in the infinite world of the                   climate while producing the ealing heat of long-wave                 Pinkpac was established in 1977, specialize in
perfume.                                                             IR radiation.                                                        manufacturing of nail polish container. In addition
                                                                     Safety, efficiency, convenience, simplicity of use,                  to various style of containers, we offer wide range
                                                                     high eco indexes and the security level of the                       of different texture finish on cap, printing on cap
Paris Elysees                                          14D05a        offered equipment found appreciation with many                       and glass, color coating on glasses. These various
                                                                     customers.                                                           options will upgrade and individualize your prod-
     08034 – BARCELONA SPAIN CARRER SOR                                                                                                   uct in the competitive market, which you can all
     EULALIA D ANZIZU 44 1/1                                                                                                              do with one contact with competitive pricing and
     Tel.: +33 494439284. Fax: +33 494439284                         Pharmaceutical reporter, newspaper                          З/У      responsible attitude. Mutual assistance and trust is
     E-mail:                                                                                                       what we seek with our customers in maintaining the
     WWW.PARIS-ELYSEES.COM                                                117420, Profsoyuznaya Str. 57, Moscow, Russia                   long business relationship we have formed with so
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 334-24-29, 334-29-82                                many. Please email or check website for more info
Pioneer of the mass-market perfume industry, Paris                        Fax: (495)334-22-55                                   
Elysees is worldwide known for its best sellers                           E-mail:
Dollar, Cosa Nostra, Number One, King and Vodkas.               
Its portfolio of products has been widely increased
over the past ten years, with already success prod-                  A specialized information-analytical newspaper                       Piramal Glass Ltd.                                       14F10
ucts as Black Caviar, Sexy Woman, Amour Toujours.                    addressed to the specialists in the fields of pharma-
Paris Elysees is now offering new range of more                      ceutics and medicine. The Pharmaceutical reporter,                         Tel.: 91 22 30466986
than 50 products, best sellers to be, with innovative                published since 1994, covers all major aspects of                          E-mail:
concepts, attractive prices and new contemporary                     the pharmaceutical market: research, manufacture,                
fragrances, with its high famous quality standard,                   pharmacy chains, medical provision of hospitals.
incomparable to any other brand.                                     The newspaper is available through subscription                      Providing turnkey solutions for glass packaging
                                                                     (under the subscription index 32229 in the Rospechat                 in India and now around the globe, Piramal Glass
                                                                     catalogue) and also distributed via direct mailing                   Limited caters to almost 90% of the leading phar-
PATRISIA NAIL                                           12D16        throughout Russia. Pharmaceutical reporter is a full-                maceutical, cosmetic and perfume brands in India.
                                                                     color edition, issued weekly in a circulation of 16200               It is the first Indian multinational in this category
     Novorozhskaya Str. 38, room 1, Moscow, Russia                   copies. Certified by the National Circulation Service.               with manufacturing facilities in India, Sri Lanka and
     Tel.: (495) 678-49-89, 678-50-97                                                                                                     USA, with marketing offices in Mumbai, New York,
     Tel./fax: (495) 678-52-08                                                                                                            London, Paris, Sao Paulo and Colombo.
     E-mail:                                  PHITOGEN                                                13C19
                                                                          115054, Dubininskaya Str. 35, room 803,                         PLANET NAILS                                            12D10
The Patrisa Nail Company, acting as the exclusive                         Moscow, Russia
distributor for the German company Euro Nail,                             Tel./fax: (495) 237-70-12, 235-30-66, 235-73-98                       125212, Admiral Makarov Str. 8, Moscow, Russia
offers professional manicure, pedicure, nail sculp-                       E-mail:                                                Tel.: (495) 787-20-67
ture and design supplies. The company is continu-               ,,                                   Tel./fax: (495) 797-89-71
ally enhancing the product range creating new lines                                                              E-mail:
of nail sculpturing preparations, as well as hand and                                                                                 
foot care products.                                                  PHITOGEN LLC presents aesthetic medicine and
The company’s training centre provides qualifica-                    cosmetology products:                                                The Planet Nails Company is the exclusive distribu-
tions in nail services.                                              - Ial-System and Ial-System ACP® - hyaluronic acid                   tor for the German company Planet Nails, and an
                                                                     preparations for biorevitalization injections.                       official representative of the Promed and Sixtus
                                                                     - Sweet Skin System – chemical peels based on                        brands in Russia.
Paul Mitchell                                           12B01        glycolic acid and chytosan.                                          Planet Nails offers a wide range of supplies and
                                                                     - Proantox® – medium level ТСА gel peel.                             equipment for manicure and pedicure, gel and acryl
     129085, Godovikov Str. 9, Moscow, Russia                        - Sculptura® – two-stage chemical peels based on a                   nail extensions, paraffin therapy and depilation
     Tel.: (495) 721-24-80. Tel./fax: (495) 721-24-81                complex of      hydroxiacids.                                        treatments.
     E-mail:                                   - Neova®Therapy – a line of therapeutic cosmeceu-                    Top quality service is a sound basis to build a mutu-                                            ticals enhanced with copper peptides.                                ally advantageous relationship with the client. All
                                                                     - Complex Cu3® - intensive tissue repair cream                       products meet the highest quality standards and
PAUL MITCHELL is an elite professional hair cos-                     based on copper peptides.                                            are certain to satisfy the needs of the most exacting
metics brand.                                                        - Tricomin - Preparations to stimulate hair growth                   technician and his customer.

192                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  PLASTEK                                                       13C32        territory of the Russian Federation.                                 ProfBeautyMarket,
                                                                             Organization of trade and economy missions, semi-                    professional cosmetics stores                        13D42a
           St. Petersburg                                                    nars, conferences and presentations.
           197198, Zverinskaya Str. 33, St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                                         127006, Dolgorukovskaya Str.38, bldg.1,
           Tel.: (812) 600-15-77                                                                                                                       Moscow, Russia
           Fax: (812) 600-15-77 доб. 136                                     Polystone Chemical GmbH                                 14F19             Tel.: (499) 973-50-51. Fax: (499)973-50-50
           E-mail:                                                                                                              E-mail:
           Moscow                                                                  In den Krummen ckern 6
           127018, Skladochnaya Str. 1, bldg. 18, Moscow,                          Tel.: +49 (0)6842 960018/20                                    Our professional cosmetics stores offer a wide
           Russia                                                                  Fax: +49 – (0)6842 960019                                      selection of hair, body and face care cosmetics,
           Tel./fax: (495) 926-27-98                                               E-mail:                           manicure and pedicure supplies, tools and acces-
           Training centre: (495) 647-10-68                                                                    sories. Moscow outlets: Dolgorukovskaya Str. 38,
           E-mail:                                                                                                            tel. 499 9735050; Krasnaya Presnya Str. 36, tel.
           Kiev                                                              Polystone Chemical is specialized on the produc-                     499 2550852; Novy Arbat Str. 19, tel. 495 9332769;
           01034, Malopodvalnaya Str. 12/10, room 27, Kiev,                  tion of UV gels and permanent make-up colors. As                     Kaluzhskaya Ploshchad square1, bldg. 7, tel.
           Ukrain                                                            Germany production Company we guarantee highest                      4992303636; Pokrovka Str. 31, tel. 495 6268032;
           Tel.: (044) 234-30-20, 278-32-65, 278-32-76,                      quality, according to the European Cosmetic Law.
           235-56-75                                                         Polystone also offers individual filling and labeling.
           E-mail:                                   Our Staff will work with you to provide the product                  PROFIT                                                 12F26
           Novosibirsk                                                       and service that you need to meet your Company’s
           630099, Vokzalnaya Magistral Str. 18, Novosibirsk,                needs.                                                                    105037, Tretiya Parkovaya Str. 39, bldg. 1,
           Russia                                                                                                                                      Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (383) 222-69-45, 222-23-56 292-28-03,                                                                                                 Tel./fax: (499) 748-22-01
           292-28-04                                                         POTAPOV M.V.                                         13A11a               E-mail:
           Yekaterinburg                                                           105122, Shchyolkovskoye Shosse 2а,                             Suntachi – professional supreme quality hairdress-
           Ulitsa Vosmogo Marta 194, bldg. Ж, room 2,                              room 1421-1425, Moscow, Russia                                 ing tools from the South Korean company A-TECH
           Yekaterinburg, Russia                                                   Tel.: (495) 729-57-92                                          INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. For several decades the
           Tel.: (343) 278-99-35, 278-99-36/37/38                                  E-mail:                                      company has been satisfying the needs of the most
           E-mail:                                                                                                             prominent hairstylists. Suntachi’s formula of suc-
                                             Cosmetic bags by FOG FLOWER are a true jewel                         cess lies in authentic Japanese steel Hitachi pow-
                                                                             for fashion lovers. In a vast selection of models                    ered by the many years’ experience of highly skilled
  Plastek – comprehensive outfitting services for                            presented in a diversity of colours and shapes any                   specialists and project designers featuring the most
  beauty salons.                                                             woman is to find one to her taste, the one to suit just              up-to-the-minute design solutions. In addition to a
  The company is an exclusive representative of lead-                        her - in style, social status and character. It may be               vast selection of professional hairdressing scissors
  ing European brands of professional cosmetics,                             either a small cosmetics bag to fit into a handbag or                the company produces high quality powered tools
  equipment and accessories.                                                 a spacey travel case.                                                and accessories which enjoy great popularity with
  Available are professional foot care products by                           FOG FLOWER offers men an easy choice of a gift                       hairstylists all over the world.
  Gehwol, hair care cosmetics by Teotema and label.m,                        which is to please any woman.                                        PROFIT LLC acts as an exclusive representative of
  professional face and body care cosmetics by M120                          Remember that small women’s pleasures can yield                      the Suntachi brand in Russia.
  and Plastek Club, nail varnishes by TL Design.                             a huge return.
  The company also cooperates with the Toni&Guy
  Academy of Hairstyling Art.                                                                                                                     Promos
  The company’s training centre provides advanced                            Pro – fi - ART                                          13A12
  training for technicians of all qualifications.                                                                                                      Via Camperio 1 20123 Milano Italy
                                                                                   107564, Krasnobogatyrskaya Str. 6, Moscow,                          Tel.: +39 02 85155881
                                                                                   Russia                                                              Fax: +39 02 85155227
  PLAZAN                                                        13E40              Tel./fax: (495) 661-40-87                                           E-mail:
           125040, Leningradsky Ave. 14, bldg. 1,                        
           Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                         Promos is a Special Agency of the Milan Chamber
           Tel.: (495) 614-59-34. Fax: (495) 612-63-02                       Comprehensive equipment solutions for beauty and                     of Commerce for the development of international
           E-mail:                                           wellness enterprises. Solaria, lamps, indoor tanning                 activities. Its mission is to promote the entrepre-
                                                      cosmetics, IR saunas, as well as hairdressing, cos-                  neurial system and the pre-eminent areas of Milan
                                                                             metology and SPA equipment.                                          and its province worldwide.
  PLAZAN, a leading manufacturer of placentary                                                                                                    Its main objective is to support the economic
  based cosmetics, presents:                                                                                                                      competitiveness of the Milan business in the global
  – unique active components derived from placenta;                          Pro Zdorovie,                                                        market, providing services to small and medium
  – an exclusive line of collagen and gel placentary                         Publishing house Novyie Izvestia                        14G48        enterprises through associations and consortia.
  masks;                                                                                                                                          In Russia and the CIS Promos has been operating
  –a range of over 60 placentary cosmetic products                                 107076, Elektrozavodskaya Str. 33, Moscow,                     for years with representation offices in Moscow and
  for face and body care;                                                          Russia                                                         in other regions in close cooperation with Russian
  – a professional line of placentary cosmetics.                                   Tel.: (495) 783-06-36                                          organizations.
  We offer exclusive top-quality placentary prepara-                               Fax: (495) 783-06-38
  tions.                                                                           E-mail:
                                                                                   www.                                                Professional-М/DANNE Montague-King                    13E05

  Poland, Trade and Investment Promotion                                     An illustrated monthly periodical published in a                          190031, Sennaya Square 13, St. Petersburg, Russia
  Department affiliated with the Embassy                                     circulation of 90thousand copies.                                         Tel.: (812) 310-53-45. Fax: (812) 310-30-92
  of the Republic of Poland in Russia                           14A11        The magazine deals with the new techniques in                             E-mail:
                                                                             the diagnosis and treatment of disease, relation-               
           123557, Klimashkin Str. 4, Moscow, Russia                         ship psychology, tackles the problems concerning
           Tel.: (495) 231-16-11. Fax: (495) 231-16-15                       children’s health and breeding, healthy nutrition,                   Professional-М acts as the exclusive distributor of
           E-mail:                                       modern cosmetology, fitness, etc.                                    dermabrasion cosmeuceticals by Danne Montague-
                                            Distributed through a branched network of free                       King (USA) and preparations for microcrystallic
                                                                             and paid realization, which makes it possible to                     and dermoelectroporation (isodermia) treatments
  The department provides assistance to companies in                         consume the whole circulation – a network of                         by Mattioli Engineering Spa (Italy) in Russia and
  setting business contacts;                                                 newspaper stands and vending machines, medical                       the CIS.
  information on Polish companies, their production                          centres, dentist clinics, beauty centres, pharmacy                   Available are preparations of the Danne line formu-
  activities, product assortments and export-import                          chains ‘Farmir’, ‘А5’, ‘Samson-Farma’, ‘03’, ‘Apteka-                lated with enzymes. We offer a series of professional
  potential.                                                                 Holding’, ‘Moya Lyubimaya Apteka’ (My favourite                      products designed to address various skin lesion
  Participation in exhibitions and trade shows on the                        pharmacy) and others.                                                such as acne, post acne problems, dry skin, age-

               O   F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

related skin changes, hyperpigmentation, vascular                         Tel.: (495) 623-36-22. Fax: (495) 623-30-33                     REVADA Co. LLC offers a wide range of raw mate-
malfunctions, cellulite, local adiposity. Available are                   E-mail:                                  rial ingredients from the company’s warehouses in
also preparations for pre- plastic surgery and post                                                           Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk.
surgery treatment, rehabilitation treatment after                                                                                         Our product range comprises: surface active
laser smoothing, microdermabrasion and peels.                        Raw materials & Packaging Magazine is the prin-                      substances, emulsifiers, silicones, conserva-
                                                                     cipal and the most comprehensive source of sci-                      tives, conditioning additives, natural oils and
                                                                     entific-technical and practical information on the                   emollients, waxes and vitamins, UV filters, titan
PROTON M                                                13G60        cosmetics industry and manufacture of household                      dioxide, abrasives, dullers, rheology modifiers,
                                                                     chemicals. It covers the entire production cycle from                fragrances, vegetal extracts and natural active
     125480, Geroyev Panfilovtsev Str. 16, bldg. 1,                  raw materials up to the packaging stage.                             ingredients, amino acids, fat spirits, fat acids and
     Moscow, Russia                                                  Every issue is compiled of two major parts. The first                glycerin.
     Tel.: (495) 518-49-74. Tel./fax: (901) 538-38-49                one contains scientific and technical information                    Our technical specialists provide our clients with
     E-mail:                                       and articles by leading national and foreign experts                 comprehensive assistance in developing and                                                 and companies covering a variety of most urgent                      enhancing new product lines.
                                                                     industry issues.
Manufacture and marketing of Flash-epilators, coag-                  The commercial part contains offers from raw mate-
ulators, epilator-coagulators ‘Shmel-1000’.                          rial manufacturers and suppliers, companies offer-                   REVECEN                                                  13F46
Production and sale of ‘Yantarnaya’ (Amber) depilation               ing production equipment and packaging, contract
wax.                                                                 manufacturers.                                                             630049, Galushchak Str. 5, room 201,
                                                                     The magazine is distributed throughout Russia and                          Novosibirsk, Russia
                                                                     CIS via direct mailing to managers and leading spe-                        Tel.: (383) 216-11-80, (913) 912-56-42
PSI Co.,Ltd.                                            14E38        cialists of the industry. The magazine is published                        Tel./fax: (383) 216-17-73
                                                                     monthly in a circulation of 3 200 copies.                                  E-mail:,
     PSI B/D, 122-171, Maehyang-dong, Paldal-gu,                                                                                      
     Suwon-city, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA                                                                                                   
     Tel.: 82-31-255-8658(310). Fax: 82-31-255-8659                  Relouis Bel                                             14C25                                                                                                                     REVECEN is a popular brand of professional
                                                                          220002, Masherov Ave. 25-422, Minsk,                            makeup cosmetics from S. Korea. We offer an
                                                                          Republic of Belarus                                             optimal price and quality correlation. Available
     Q                                                                    Tel.: +375 17 3347562, +375 17 2931957
                                                                          Fax: +375 17 2893282
                                                                                                                                          is a vast selection of remarkable products for-
                                                                                                                                          mulated on the basis of ecologically safe ingre-
                                                                          E-mail:                                      dients, and featuring the latest innovations and
Quality Life General, Inc.                              13G50                                                     fashion trends, which makes our brand appreci-
                                                                                                                                          ated among both professionals makeup artists
     115088, Novoostapovskaya Str. 5, bldg. 1,                       Relouis Bel is a joint Belarusian – Italian enterprise,              and beginning technicians. Regional dealers are
     Moscow, Russia                                                  the largest Belarusian manufacturer of makeup                        welcome as partners.
     Tel.: (495) 675-91-06/07. Tel./fax: (495) 675-91-17             cosmetics under the brand name of RELOUIS. The
     E-mail: promo2@ru21                                             cosmetics are produced from ecologically safe                                                   cosmetic materials from leading Italian manufac-                     REVIDERM AG                                              14E17
                                                                     turers. Our company’s makeup cosmetics fea-
QLG dermatology laboratory engages in developing                     ture a perfect combination of advanced European                            Linienstr. 1, 82041 Oberhaching, Germany
medicated therapeutic cosmetics in cooperation                       technologies, constant multi-stage quality control                         Tel.: +49 89 545840-0
with leading laboratories of France, Switzerland,                    throughout the entire production cycle and current                         Fax: +49 89 545840-33
Iceland and Russia. We create unique programmes                      fashion trends, thus having gained a reputation                            E-mail:
of intensive, corrective and maintaining professional                of a makeup brand to offer an optimum price                      
salon treatment, as well as a retail line of cosmetic                and quality correlation. Distinguished cosmetic
products for home use. All QLG cosmetics are                         manufacturers, among which are well renowned                         REVIDERM skintelligence
produced from natural components, which explains                     companies of ‘Concern Kalina’ OAO, SP ‘Bielita’                      THE ART OF AGE-LESS BEAUTY
its gentle and non-aggressive influence on the skin.                 and ‘Modum – our cosmetics’, place with us                           REVIDERM is the market leader worldwide for
                                                                     orders for the development of their proprietary                      skin-care concepts. REVIDERM›s product portfolio
                                                                     brands, which is another proof of the company’s                      comprises:
QUIZ Cosmetics – BIM PPH                                14A14        recognition as a serious and experienced player on                   REVIDERM skintelligence - regenerative skin care
                                                                     the cosmetics market.                                                treatments for mature skin
     Parkowa 2 Str. Osowiec, 96-321 Zabia Wola / near                                                                                     cellucur cosmeceuticals - treatments for problem
     Warsaw, POLAND                                                                                                                       skin.
     Tel.: +48 46 857 89 14 / 15                                     Remedium Group                                          14G40        REVIDERM Skin Peeler Series - Microdermabrasion
     Fax: +48 46 857 89 14 / 15 (int 108)                                                                                                 and Ultrasound for professionals.
     E-mail:                                             105082, Bakuninskaya Str. 71, bldg. 10,                         SkinAlyzer med7 - the latest in innovative skin                                                          Moscow, Russia                                                  analysis systems
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 780-34-25. Fax: (495) 780-34-26                     The professional make-up line HORST KIRCHBERGER
The BIM Enterprise since 1983 – manufacturer of                           E-mail:
the QUIZ Cosmetics offer very wide range of colour              
& care cosmetics and packaging.                                                                                                           RevOlline                                                    РП
Good quality of products and professional service is                 The Remedium Group Company presents a full range
guaranteed by 9001:2000 ISO Certificate.                             of professional services in the field of medicine and                      107564, Krasnobogatyrskaya Str. 2, bldg. 75,
We export our cosmetics to the 25 countries.                         pharmaceutics. Over the years the company focused                          room 5, Moscow, Russia
Our Firm carries also on service activity in the                     mainly on the following domains - publication of                           Tel.: (985) 766-69-15
range of:                                                            specialized periodicals (the ‘Remedium’ Magazine,                          Fax: (495) 781-56-24
PRIVATE LABEL                                                        ‘Rossiyskiye Apteki’ (Russian Pharmacies),                                 E-mail:
sale of cosmetic masses                                              ‘Meditsinskiy Sovet’ (Medical Advice), reference                 
confectioning of products                                            literature, electronic data bases, organization of
We have the experience and know-how to turn your                     specialized events, hire of medical representatives,                 As a production company, apart from manufactur-
ideas into products.                                                 advertising and PR support.                                          ing a brand of our own, we focus on a continuous
                                                                                                                                          modernization of our manufacturing facilities to
                                                                                                                                          achieve a qualitatively new and more advanced
     R                                                               REVADA                                                  14E08        level. We have good reason to believe that a
                                                                                                                                          make-up brand with a name meant to be a motto
                                                                          115093, Perviy Pavlovskiy Lane 3, Moscow, Russia                – RevOlline – “Revolutionary Line” – gaining
Raw Materials & Packaging                               14G04             Tel.: (495) 933-71-57                                           ground on the market with revolutionary success
                                                                          Fax: (495) 933-85-86                                            is bound to be the best. Our tenet is high quality,
     101000, Bolshaya Lubyanka Str. 24/15, bldg. 1,                       E-mail:                                    reasonable pricing, and an individual approach to
     Moscow, Russia                                                                                          each client.

194                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  RE-X PRODUCTS CO., LTD.                                       14G22        sional nail art products supplier based in GuangZhou                 home market in France, but also throughout Europe
                                                                             China.We have various nail art products such as nail                 and now since 2004 in the USA as well.
           227 Pracharat 1 Rd., Bangsue,                                     tips, acrylic powder, brush, paint, nail art flower,                 Having on focus to carry high-tech, natural or
           Bangkok Thailand 10800                                            UV lamp, paraffin wax, UV gel, nail file & block, nail               specialty products, Rossow Cosmetiques offer solu-
           Tel.: 66 2 912 5601. Fax: 66 2 912 5602                           jewelry & decoration, manicure machine, mineral                      tions from which the formulators can find inspiration
           E-mail:                                   sea salt & lotion, nail lacquer, nail art table,3D nail              for their tomorrow’s products.
                                              sticker, manicure air brush, stencils etc.                           Based on teamwork and competence, Rossow
                                                                                                                                                  Cosmetiques have commitment to values including
  Re-X Products is an experienced cosmetics manu-                                                                                                 ethics and respect for confidentiality on which their
  facturer in Thailand, who provides customers all                           RISFORT / CRIS COSMETICS, S.L.                          13E16        customers can rely for their ongoing and future
  around the world with reliable products manufac-                                                                                                developments.
  tured under high standard and technology certified                               c/ Atom, 23 Pol. Ind. La Post 08850 Gava
  by GMP to assure products quality.                                               Barcelona – Spain
  Not only finished products, Re-X Products also pro-                              Tel.: (34) 93 662 77 65. Fax: (34) 93 662 59 32                RUBINO COSMETICS                                       ZOOM
  vides OEM service with all facilities in one stop, for                           E mail:
  example, plastic molding, product designing, prod-                                                                          VIA BERTACCIOLA 41 – 20030 –
  uct formulating, shipping documents and services.                                                                                                    Bovisio Masciago - Milan
                                                                             CRIS COSMETICS, S.L is a Spanish company spe-                             Tel.: +39 0362 1796986. Fax: +39 02 40042641
                                                                             cialized in manufacturing treatment and care hair                         E-mail:
  RHANA                                                         13C24        products. RISFORT brand is introduced in Spain                  
                                                                             since 1946. Our company is located in Barcelona,
           Corporation RHANA:                                                Spain. Our factory of 3.000m2 with newest technol-                   After many years of researches and studies, Rubino
           RHANA distribution department                                     ogy assures the highest quality. We have a wide                      Cosmetics developed a complete concept, intended
           Tel.: (495) 254-21-26                                             range of professional products for salons. RISFORT                   to expressive and physiological wrinkles prevention
           Clinic’s departments                                              Products: Dye colour. Oxidant. Bleaching powder.                     and care and designated to woman and man who
           Michurinsky Ave. 6 (FGPU OBP (United Hospital                     Shampoos. Treatments. Bioplacenta. Hair repair.                      always search for perfection in cosmetics that they
           and Policlinics) affiliated with the Department                   Serum. Masks. Hair Spray. Products for Men and                       use. Rubino Cosmetics bases its cosmetic philoso-
           of FR President’s Affaires)                                       Skincare Line.                                                       phy on the continuous research of effective quality
           Tel.: (495) 724-73-72, (499) 143-84-91                                                                                                 and real efficacy. In fact, all products are different
           Zhukovka-2 (FGUP ‘Rublyovo-Uspensky LOK                                                                                                from others present on the market because of their
           (Wellness and Therapeutic Complex) affiliated                     RMS, Inc.                                               13E09        main property: the highest active principles pres-
           with the Department of FR President’s Affaires),                                                                                       ence which forms every single formula.
           Moscow region, Russia                                                   115114, Shlyuzovaya Emb. 6, bldg. 4, Moscow,
           Tel.: (495) 971-55-51, 635-50-38                                        Russia
           Zoologicheskaya Str. 22, Moscow, Russia                                 Tel.: (495) 959-73-72, 724-37-36                               RUNAIL                                                12E03
           Tel.: (499) 252-59-33, 252-41-11                                        Fax: (495) 238-15-28
           RHANA boutique of elite cosmetics                                       E-mail:,                             394030, Kukolkin Str. 32 , Voronezh, Russia
           Kutuzovsky Ave. 27/1, Moscow, Russia                                                                                Tel./fax: (4732) 61-01-01 (multi-line)
           Tel.: (495) 782-39-55, (499) 766-10-03                                                                                                      E-mail:
                                                       The company engages in the manufacturing of                     
                                                                             exclusive top-class hydrotherapeutic systems,
  The RHANA Corporation officially represents a chain                        among which are Jumbo-sized and other types                          Spektr Ltd presents supreme quality professional
  of RHANA clinics, a specialty boutique of Japanese-                        of hydromassage bath tubs, shower systems and                        nail extension and sculpturing supplies for Runail
  made cosmetics and acts as an exclusive distributor                        complexes for modern spa-centres, sanatoria, fit-                    professional acryl and gel systems supplemented by
  in Russia and CIS of the Japanese-made injection                           ness clubs, rehabilitation centres, etc. also available              a range of concomitant goods. The products feature
  preparation under the brand name of Laennec,                               is a wide selection of tables for spa treatments.                    the company’s proprietary technologies developed
  a medicinal product formulated with the human                              Direct supplies from the USA, sales via distributors,                on the basis of studies on advantages and draw-
  placenta hydrolysate (Pharmaceutical Registration                          technical support.                                                   backs of the leading manufacturers of acrylic and gel
  Certificate 013851/01-2008 awarded by the RF                                                                                                    systems, and related goods.
  Health Ministry), Japanese-made cosmeceutical                                                                                                   The company welcomes extension of its distributor
  lines from the worldwide renowned leader in the                            ROSSLYN MEDICAL                                         13E36        network throughout Russia and the CIS.
  field of placenta preparations - Japan Bioproducts
  Co., Ltd. Also available are new-generation BAS                                  123610, Krasnopresnenskaya Emb. 12,
  specially developed to provide a comprehensive                                   International Trade Centre, entrance 3, room 1708,             RUTEX, Company                                        14E09
  approach to health and youth preservation, and                                   Moscow, Russia
  serve as a quality supplement to the company’s                                   Tel.: (495) 258-15-09. Fax: (495) 258-24-38                         125438, Avtomotornaya Str. 2, NAMI (Scientific
  cosmeceutic lines to ensure the maximum results.                                 E-mail:                                     Research Automobile and Engine Institute),
  GHC Placental Cosmetic – a line of professional                                                                      engineering dep, 7th floor, Moscow, Russia
  preparations with human placenta hydrolysate fea-                                                                                                    Tel.: (495) 153-82-43, 154-13-21
  turing detected growth factors preserved in an                             ROSSLYN MEDICAL (UK) exclusively represents the                           Fax: (495) 742-08-44
  active state; a line of products with animal placenta                      Aluma (Lumenis, Israel) system for non-invasive                           E-mail:,
  extracts for individual use.                                               line and skin lift treatments, featuring a combination          
  Bb LABORATORIES – placenta-hyaluronic phytoes-                             of bipolar radio frequencies and vacuum functions.
  trogen complex:                                                            Quantum and Lumenis One (Lumenis USA/Israel)                         Exclusive distribution in Russia and the CIS coun-
  • Placenta Laboratories – anti-age treatment based                         systems represent the golden standards in laser                      tries of products from the world’s leading manu-
  on animal placenta hydrolysate, hyaluronate, col-                          and photo technologies employed in cosmetology.                      facturers:
  lagen and elastin.                                                         AirGent (PerfAction Israel) is the world’s unique                    – LUTEX (PRC) – a wide selection of hand-crafted
  • Extra-X – a line of products with patented Bb                            system of low-invasive lifting technique combined                    glycerin soap, bath salts, exquisite gift sets suitable
  revive® phytoestrogen biocomplexes.                                        with pressure injection of medicinal substances.                     for all occasions.
  • Green Tea Polyphenols – a complex with green tea                         Instant and durable results right after the first run.               – FUN&COOL (PRC) – shower and bath jelly gels
  polyphenols and medicinal herbs.                                                                                                                in an original toy-shaped package, refined gift sets.

                                                                             ROSSOW COSMETIQUES                                      14B34
  RHX Super Nail Co.,Ltd                                        14B43                                                                             RYOR COSMETIC                                         13A30
                                                                                   92, avenue du General de Gaulle,
           Rm 28.A MeiBoCheng GuangYuanXi Rd.                                      92635 Gennevilliers Cedex, FRANCE                                   308000, Nekrasov Str. 17А, Belgorod, Russia
           Guang Zhou China.                                                       Tel.: 0033 1 41 21 87 87. Fax: 0033 1 41 21 87 97                   Tel.: (960) 676-15-09
           Tel.: +86 20 62151300. Fax: +86 20 62151300                             E-mail:                                       E-mail:
                                                                             For the past years, Rossow Cosmetiques’ activities                   Natural vegetal-based cosmetics under the Czech
  RHX Super Nail Co.,Ltd is one of the lagest profes-                        have steadily being developing not only in their                     brand RYOR are nowadays an everlasting star on

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

today’s European market. In the production of its                    ering the fields of Cosmetology, Style, Health                       For over 50 years our company has provided con-
cosmetics the company employs state-of-the-art                       and Plastics. Offered in every issue is informa-                     sumers and businesses with high quality effective
ingredients such as caviar and algae extract, plank-                 tion on beauty services, recommendations, salon                      sanitation and health solutions influencing the gen-
ton, which ensure humidity retention, stimulating                    treatment programs, novelty reviews, hairstyling                     eral market tendencies and walking ahead of time.
skin nutrition and regeneration processes. Our                       trends, nail-art, makeup etc, as well as offers of                   The SARAYA product concept rests on the principle
products are created on the basis of the company’s                   beauty salons and clinics. The magazine also con-                    of ‘Harmony with Nature’. Environmentalism has
proprietary formulations elaborated in the course of                 tains sections covering issues related to woman’s                    been our mandate since the beginning. We use
its many-year experience in the field dermatology.                   health, children’s breeding and psychology. The                      only ecologically safe technologies and eco-friedly
The company’s collection comprises all the neces-                    magazine is issued in a circulation of 57000                         components. Invariably foolowing the latest inter-
sary cosmetic products meeting all existing face                     copies.                                                              national producton and safety standards, SARAYA
care requirements regarding also unfavorable envi-                   SALON PROFI, 2 issues a year, an illustrated refer-                  offers but reliable and proven quality.
ronmental factors affecting the skin condition, such                 ence periodical. Available in each issue are more
as: air pollution, stress, allergens, solar radiation                than 200 offers from companies, master classes,
etc. The RYOR Company also produces preparations                     presentations, price lists, contact information etc.                 SAVONRY                                                 14A44
designed for professional use at beauty salons. Your
clients, even the most demanding ones, have an                                                                                                  193230, Dalnevostochny Lane 42, p.o. 230,
opportunity to choose from a wide range of face and                  Samaya, magazine                                        14G45     41, St. Petersburg, Russia
body care treatments and anti-cellulite programs.                                                                                               Tel.: (812) 448-99-15, 922-67-44. Fax: (812) 448-
                                                                          107082, Bakuninskaya Str. 71, bldg.10,                                99-14
                                                                          Moscow, Russia                                                        E-mail:
     S                                                                    Tel.: (495) 775-14-35/36. Fax: (495) 775-14-34

                                                                                                                   Savonry Ltd engages in the manufacture and mar-
S.I.P.R.E.S. srl                                       14B10a                                                                             keting of natural bath and shower cosmetics. All
                                                                     ‘Samaya’ is a source of handy information and fresh                  the products are hand-made and contain exclusively
     Via del Santo, 219 – 35010 Limena Padova (Italy)                ideas for a young modern business woman who                          natural vegetal components: essential and vegetal
     Tel.: +390498840124. Fax: +390498840364                         cares about herself and her family.                                  oils, herbal and fruit extracts, plant particles and
     E-mail:                      Every issue contains information on the latest                       flower petals, etc. Our product range comprises over                                                  fashion trends, beauty issues, relations in the family               70 sorts of natural-based soap, 20 kinds of fizzy
                                                                     and among friends, children’s education, and topics                  bath balls, sea salt, bath milk, salt and sugar scrubs,
S.I.P.R.E.S. is part of Pavanello Medical Group and                  related to a cozy home and a successful career.                      bath foam, massage bars.
is leader in the Italian market for the production of                Our magazine will help you stay successful and                       Savonry – bliss for body and soul.
cosmetics and health care products. S.I.P.R.E.S.                     happy, feel self-assured, and live a bright and event-
has inside a department that follows “Research                       ful life.
and Development” where are designed , tested new                     The magazine has been issued monthly since 2005                      SBK COSMETIC COMPANY                                    14G14
innovative cosmetics formulations and developed                      in two formats in a circulation of 360 copies.
their realisation , production in Industrial way. This                                                                                          NO.90 EAST ZHONGSHAN ROAD, NANJING,CHINA
dept. is composed of a chemicals, medicals biolo-                                                                                               Tel.: 0086 25 8452 3391. Fax: 0086 25 8452 0791
gists staff and professionals figures with technical                 SamRost                                                 14C41              E-mail:
and scientific knowledge able to warranty both a                                                                                                WWW.SBK.COM.CN
high quality standard of final product and a know-                        443063, A. Matrosov Str. 21, room 181,
how for the customer at 360 degree. S.I.P.R.E.S.                          Samara, Russia                                                  SBK COSMETIC COMPANY belongs to SPEC-CHEM
presents in this event its brands: REIVOLL that                           Tel.: (846) 979-86-50                                           IND. Group. The products have been sold in most of
includes visage, eyes, body and hand creams, and                          Tel./fax: (846) 279-28-48, 279-28-27                            Chain-Stores in China. The product main function
KESYR home fragrance: ethnic and love collection.                         E-mail:                                          is for whitening, anti-aging. One of the ingredient
                                                                                                                   in the products is Poria Cocos which has also been
                                                                                                                                          used by Estee Lauder.
SALON COSMETICS                                         13C25        Since 2002 the company has been the owner of the                     SBK means Special Beauty Care.
                                                                     trade mark of GRENDY, currently producing and                        If you would like to know more about it, please check
     119121, Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square 23/25,                       successfully marketing aerosol products such as air                  the website: WWW.SBK.COM.SN
     room 120, Moscow, Russia                                        fresheners (both economy and premium class), hair
     Tel.: (499) 252-72-74. Fax: (499) 252-72-84                     sprays and mousses, furniture polishes, dichlophos,
     E-mail:                                       as well as high quality sanitary wet wipes. The                      SCARLET LINE                                            14B08                                                RENDY product range is constantly updated and
                                                                     expanded.                                                                  117198, Miklukho-Maklay Str. 6, bldg. RUDN
Salon Cosmetics, a leading Russian manufactur-                       The company is in a permanent active search of new                         (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia), to the
er of ‘Premium’ professional cosmetics, enjoys a                     partners throughout Russia. We offer a high qual-                          left from the main entrance, floor 1, Moscow,
15-year-long experience in this field and presents its               ity delivery system; also available are special price                      Russia.
innovative face and body care developments under                     offers and modern payment schemes.                                         Tel.: (495) 984-78-05. Fax: (495) 987-46-95
the brand name of ‘Premium’.                                                                                                                    E-mail:
A vast range of cosmetic products, having already                                                                                     
earned trust and love of beauticians, makes it pos-                  SANGRA HAIR INTERNATIONAL                               13F13
sible to tailor an individual treatment programme for                                                                                     SCARLET LINE is a leading Russian manufacturer
every skin type. The products having proven their                         BARCELONA, Pasaje, L´HOSPITALET DE                              and supplier of metal and plastic haberdashery items
efficiency are manufactured from the best raw mate-                       LLOBREGAT, 08908, Montserrat Isern 2 - 4                        and various accessories under proprietary trade
rials with the employment of the most advanced                            Tel.: (34) 932.231.515. Fax: (34) 932.230.343                   marks of Scarlet Line and Messer & Nagel. The
technologies.                                                                                      company owns a widespread dealer network, enjoy-
The company’s Training Centre for beauticians                                                                 ing a 12-year-long experience of operating on the
offers an informative theoretic course combined                                                                                           haberdashery market. We offer a full package of
with how-to workshops.                                               Hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces and accessories.                   services for our clients. Available from a warehouse
                                                                     All kind of application systems for our 100% human                   in Moscow are over 2000 items of our products.
                                                                     hair extensions. Two different types of hair and three
Salon of Вeauty, magazine                               13A49        different qualities of wigs.
                                                                                                                                          Sea of SPA                                              13G18
     107031, Neglinnaya Str. 18/1, bldg. 2, Moscow,
     Russia                                                          SARAYA Co., Ltd.                                        13C43              195213, Latyshskikh Strelkov Str. 23,
     Tel.: (495) 625-3034, 625-3096                                                                                                             St. Petersburg, Russia
     Fax: (495) 625-3097                                                  2-2-8 Yuzato, Higashisumiyoshi-ku,                                    Tel.: (961) 803-97-54. Tel./fax: (812) 640-44-89
     E-mail:                                        Osaka 546-0013 Japan                                                  E-mail:                                                 Tel.: +81-6-67-03-65-56. Fax: +81-6-67-03-44-66
                                                                          E-mail:                                        The Sea of SPA Company presents a line of Israeli-
An illustrated А5-format women’s magazine, cov-                                                           made cosmetics with the Dead Sea minerals.

196                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N        A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  Available are lines for professional and individual                        of 100% top properties of the natural active ingredi-                decoration. To support our clients in their worldwide
  use: Black Pearl with sea pearls, Alternative Plus                         ents and maximum hygiene.                                            development, we offer a large geographical cover-
  with a vitamin complex, Bio Marine with sea algae,                                                                                              age with 12 plants, among which one is in Russia
  men’s line Metro Sexual with biomimmetic protein,                                                                                               providing a full glass and decor offer. Besides, our
  a therapeutic hair care line Professional with yogurt                      SENTOSA FACTORING                                       14G15        subsidiary VG Emballage brings a global answer to
  and a wide range of vitamin-mineral cream, body                                                                                                 your packaging needs (glass packaging and acces-
  creams and shower gels.                                                         127550, Pryanishnikov Str.19, bldg. 1, Moscow,                  sories).
  The produce is available from a warehouse in the RF.                            Russia
  Staff training in beauty care techniques.                                       Tel.: (495) 741-48-87
                                                                                  E-mail:                                      Shanghai Jia Tian
                                                                                                                      Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd                     14B52
  Season of beauty                                              14G46
                                                                             KND colloidal metal concentrations represent the                          No.3058 Tingfeng Rd., Zhujing Town, Jinshan
           197198, Zverinskaya Str. 33А, St. Petersburg,                     last generation of pure aqueous solutions of noble                        District, Shanghai, China
           Russia                                                            metals – Ag(0), Au(0), Pt(0) and Cu, Fe and Zn                            Tel.: 021-57335522. Fax: 021-57336655
           Tel./fax: (812) 600-1578                                          amino acid complexes. The main advantage of KND                           E-mail:
           E-mail:                                       products lies in their highly resistant chemical and            
                                                   physical properties when mixed together with other
                                                                             formula components and their highly efficacious                      Shanghai Jiatian Pharmaceutical packaging Co.,ltd
  Season of Beauty, a nationwide salon periodical,                           performance in small concentrations. The products                    was founded in May 1990. We are the leading
  published once in two months in a circulation of                           feature an exceptionally long-lasting and gentle                     producer of aluminum collapsible tubes in China
  54 000 copies, in the А-4 format with a minimum                            influence on the skin. A unique patented synthesis                   for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food
  total page number of 124 pages. The magazine, first                        technique. A warranty storage life of KND products                   industries.We are located in Shanghai of China.
  issued in 2002, is distributed in 75 cities throughout                     - 3 years.                                                           With a total investment of RMB 180 million, we can
  Russia.                                                                                                                                         manufacture 260 millions collapsible tubes and 30
  Season of Beauty gets its readers up to speed on                                                                                                millions rigid-wall cans per year. There are seven
  the new launches in the wellness and beauty sphere,                        SESTRY GRIM                                             12F01        product lines from Hinterkopf, German and WESCO,
  promoting the products and services available on                                                                                                PSG group, German in our factory.Four tube lines
  the professional beauty and wellness market.                                    Vavilov Str. 66, CC ‘Triumphalny’, 1st floor,                   for pharmaceutical industry can manufacture 180
  Our readership audience.                                                        Moscow, Russia                                                  million tubes
  48% - beauticians, hairstylists, makeup artists,                                Tel.: (901) 509-10-08                                           per year. Two tube lines for cosmetic and chemical
  manicure and pedicure technicians.                                              E-mail:                                    industry can manufacture 76 million
  26%- regular clients of beauty salons and SPA-                                                                      tubes per year. One line for Aerosol Can manufac-
  centres.                                                                                                                                        ture 30 million Aerosol Can. We can
  26%- owners and managers of beauty salons, SPA                             SESTRY GRIM acts as an exclusive distributor for                     manufacture 280 manufacture for aluminum tube
  centres and clinics of aesthetic and plastic surgery.                      the English company Make-Up International on the                     in China.
                                                                             territory of Russia. The company manufactures pro-                   We have the Chinese GMP and US FDA certification
                                                                             fessional cosmetics under the brand name of FACE                     for pharmaceutical packaging.
  SENKON LOGISTICS CO.                                          14D44        TO FACE designed by a prominent English makeup                       We also pass the ISO 9000:2000 for quality system.
                                                                             artist Walter Schneiderman, an Oskar nominee and
           119180, Bolshaya Yakimanka Str.31, room 405,                      awardee of the BAFTA prize of the British Cinema
           Moscow, Russia                                                    Academy. FACE TO FACE – professional cosmetics                       SHARLYN                                               12C22
           Tel.: (499) 238-67-13. Fax: (499) 238-70-13                       used in cinema making, on stage, television, show
           E-mail:                                        business and beauty industry. FACE TO FACE – we                           141407, Molodyozhnaya Str. 1, Khimki, Moscow
                                              are favoured by stars!                                                    region, Russia
                                                                                                                                                       Tel.: (495) 570-92-44. Tel./fax: (495) 793-89-63
  SENKON LOGISTICS Ltd Company represents exclu-                                                                                                       E-mail:
  sive luxury class Japanese-made cosmetics manu-                            SEVERINA                                                14A43   
  factured exclusively in Japan. We pride ourselves
  on having cooperated for many years with exclusive                              115088, Vtoraya Ulitsa Mashinostroyeniya Str. 17,               The SHARLYN brand stands for cutting-edge sys-
  Japanese brands and having proven to our perma-                                 Moscow, Russia                                                  tems of acrylic and gel nail sculpturing.
  nent clients that we present supreme-quality cos-                               Tel.: (495) 675-05-44. Fax: (495) 600-83-77                     SHARLYN products meet the highest European qual-
  metics which do work and do provide visible results.                            E-mail:                                   ity standards and provide a professional approach to
  We cooperate with leading commercial centres of                                                                    multiple nail service tasks.
  Moscow, among which are the Central Department                                                                                                  Our Training Centre welcomes both experienced
  Store (TsUM), Trade House ‘Vesna’, Petrovsky                               SEVERINA is a trade and production company,                          trainees and beginners.
  Passage, Trade House’ Dream House’, Trade House                            engaging mainly in the manufacturing of nail polish
  ‘Lux’ and others, and intend to expand our business                        removers, as well as degreasers for natural nails and
  cooperation further. Cosmetic products presented                           dissolvers for the removal of artificial nails.                      ShBS & K                                               12F01
  by our company feature the latest developments                             SEVERINA stands for high quality cosmetics meet-
  of Japanese scientists and cosmetologists. The                             ing the stringiest European standards, the products                       050040, Baykadamov Str 32-12, Almaty,
  products are formulated predominantly with natural                         have been subject to tests and probed by manicure                         Kazakhstan
  ingredients, including vegetal and marine compo-                           technicians.                                                              Tel.: +7 (727) 376-55-22. Fax: +7 (727) 376-54 14
  nents, on the basis of nano technologies, which                            The products meet all the state-controlled require-                       E-mail:
  explains high technological and performance char-                          ments; having been certified and registered in com-             
  acteristics of our cosmetics.                                              pliance with the Uniscan system the products have
                                                                             original scan codes.                                                 Production and wholesale distributor company
                                                                                                                                                  ShBS & К exclusively offers the latest high-tech
  SENSALIA S.L.                                                 13F17                                                                             launches in the field of body care cosmetics from
                                                                             SGD S.A                                                 14C35        Korea at wholesale prices from the manufacturer,
           PASEO DEL CALLAO S/N- PLANTA BAJA DE LA                                                                                                as well as its own franchise ‘Krasota bez Riska by
           EUM                                                                    Immeuble le Linea 1 rue du General Leclerc 92800                ShBS’ (Beauty with no Risk by ShBS). The world’s
           08301 MATARO – SPAIN                                                   Puteaux                                                         unique genuine dry manicure and pedicure sticks
           Tel.: +34 93 755 55 34. Fax: +34 93 755 25 61                          Tel.: 8 10 33 1 40 90 36 00, (495) 912-08-25                    right from their South Korean inventor. Also avail-
           E-mail:                                               Fax: 8 10 33 1 40 90 36 21                                      able are innovative 100% natural mesh sponges,
                                                        E-mail:                             songes, bath mitts with an exfoliating SPA-peel
                                                                                                                        effect, hair care and protection caps, the best tooth
  Sensalia offers two complete lines of cloth mask                                                                                                pastes with silver, anti-smoker tooth paste for
  facial treatments and eye pads, facialderm and iroha                       SGD is the world leader in the production of glass                   those willing to get rid of this habit. Pocket tooth
  nature, developped for the modern woman / man                              bottles for the fragrance and cosmetics industries.                  brushes, eye pads, pillow pads, as well as absolute
  willing to have a professional result at home their                        We are widely recognized for our technical know-                     novelties – eco-green goods. ShBS offers only
  presentation in one use sachet gives the guarantee                         how and strong innovation abilities in particular for                exclusive products!

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

SHIM›S                                                  14A29        discount systems and provide delivery throughout                     The Skin Light group acts as an exclusive represen-
                                                                     Moscow and to regions.                                               tative of leading cosmetics brands in Russia. Among
     690, Hwasan-ri,Idong-myun,Cheoin-gu,                                                                                                 them are:
     Kyunggi-do,KOREA(449-832)                                                                                                            Garraud Paris – professional beauty salon cosmet-
     Tel.: 82-31-336-2210. Fax: 82-31-337-2155                       SIMPLE LINE                                             12F28        ics, retail lines for home care, medicated makeup                                                                                                                products.
                                                                          101000, Myasnitskaya Str. 42, room 62,                          Pandhy’s – sugar-based depilation paste for pain-
                                                                          Moscow, Russia                                                  less hair removal, causes no irritation or allergic
SHINWOO UNION CO.,LTD.                                  14D38             Tel.: (495) 662-21-70. Fax: (495) 623-61-03                     reactions.
                                                                          E-mail:                                         Sugaring School – training in sugar depilation tech-
     95 Gung0dong, Kuro-gu, Seoul, Korea                                                                           niques for beauty salon technicians.
     Tel.: 82-2-2683-9215. Fax: 82-2-2683-0367                                                                                            Only Yours – tropical peels, medicated cosmetics                                               The Simple Line Company acts as an official                          for acne and couperose treatment; an intensive
                                                                     Russian dealer of the Diy Nail Magic nail design                     rejuvenation program.
                                                                     kit. The woman’s hands are her presentation                          Skin Light professional – algae-based face and body
SHOKONAT                                                    РП       card! And having a stylish design on the nails                       care programs, body wraps and masks, muds, col-
                                                                     is another advantage to be distinguished from a                      lagen sheets.
     630087, Karl Marx Str. 30, room 417,                            crowd. The Technician’s hand cannot be substi-
     Novosibirsk, Russia                                             tuted with anything. It is indisputable. But nail
     Tel.: (383) 354-12-29, 346-45-22. Fax: (383) 346-               design artists are scarce, their services are far                    SL Trading Company                                      12C02
     54-11                                                           from being cheap, and still many women want to
     E-mail:                                        have beautifully designed nails. Many companies                            101000, Pokrovsky Blvd. 4/17, bldg. 1,                                                 undertook miscellaneous attempts to facilitate the                         room 4, Moscow, Russia
                                                                     nail design procedure including various stickers,                          Tel.: (495) 937-70-50, 937-70-52 (multi-line)
Manufacture of chocolate cosmetics, scented choc-                    stencils etc. There is also an amazing electronic                          Fax: (495) 937-70-51
olate oils, alginate masks, 8 kinds of chocolate                     printer! The only inconvenience is its price. Unlike                       E-mail:
wraps produced from authentic bitter chocolate.                      its incredibly priced counterparts Diy nail magic is             
                                                                     very affordable and easy to use. It is an indispens-
                                                                     able assistant to any professional and a thing that                  LCN – a trade mark belonging to Europe’s largest
SIBIAR                                                      РП       will make every woman feel herself a designer.                       manufacturer of professional nail supplies including
                                                                     Apart from the kits available on a permanent                         materials, equipment and accessories for nail sculp-
     630071, Stantsionnaya Str. 78, Novosibirsk, Russia              basis are supplementary nail varnishes and sets                      turing, manicure and pedicure treatments, WAX-
     Tel.: (383) 341-08-76. Fax: (383) 341-08-44                     of pattern disks.                                                    depilation, art and permanent makeup designs.
     E-mail:                                                                                                           Also available are eyelash extension supplies                                                                                                                        byEverlash, eyebrow and eyelash colours by Profi
                                                                     SIM SENSITIVE, Alfa Marketing                           12B22        Line, eyelash perming products by WimpernWelle.
Manufacture of aerosole cosmetic products, house-                                                                                         Training and consultations.
hold and car cosmetics. Contract manufacturing                            105066, Baumanskaya Str. 6, Moscow, Russia
services.                                                                 Tel.: (495) 755-94-08. Fax: (499) 504-42-64
                                                                                                                SMART BUY                                      13C21, 13D12

Sidu Corporation                                       14A07a        The Alfa Marketing LLC Company represents a                                129281, Olonetsky passage 4/2, Moscow, Russia
                                                                     well-known Scandinavian brand SIM SENSITIVE                                Tel.: (495) 921-21-48
     7F, Litai Building, Lianfeng Industrial Park,                   for professionals. Offered in the provided cosmet-                         Fax: (495) 921-21-63
     Lishui,Foshan                                                   ics range is a revolutionary hair coloring product                         E-mail:
     Tel.: 8620-81428508/86757-85607979                              SensiDO. These new-generation hair colors have                   
     Fax: 8620-81428509                                              been developed especially for professional techni-
     E-mail:                                             cians. The color palette encompasses a range of                      The Smart Buy company offers cosmetology equip-                                                    70 shades, 22 blond ones thereof, which are free                     ment, as well as furniture and cosmetic prod-
                                                                     from yellow and green nuances, as well as abso-                      ucts for beauty salons and Spa studios. Smart
Sidu, specializing in producing artificial nails, nail-              lutely ground-breaking colors of metal and cha-                      Buy acts as an exclusive representative of such
decorations and the necessary tools, has been                        meleon shades. The colors enjoy more resistance                      renowned brands as: Depileve (Spain), Rica (Italy),
Established for many years; As one of the leading                    and stay longer on the hair. Also available are the                  Anesi (Spain), Anesi Parafango (Spain), Algologie
manufactures in China, our products have Been well                   most state-of-the-art care preparations, coloring                    (France), Sea Bronze (Spain),Tan Symphony (USA),
sold worldwide and obtained very good reputation                     supplies, as well as hair curling and straightening                  Credo (Germany), Belfeet (Spain), Hair Med (Italy),
because of the good quality, the Best service and                    products. Representing the brand’s particular pride                  Naturica (Italy).
the competitive price. Meanwhile, we have got the                    is the SYSTEM 4 line of therapeutic preparations
international certification of SGS,CE and so on.                     for hair and scalp treatment. The efficacy and the
We have successfully made it popular in overseas’                    exclusiveness of the line’s products have been                       SM MICHEL                                                14F16
countries, such as European countries, America,                      confirmed by numerous Russian consumers, the
Japan and Korea etc.                                                 Russian State Medical University and Burdenko                              125459, Turistskaya Str. 1, Moscow, Russia
                                                                     Central Military Clinical Hospital, as well as by lead-                    Tel./fax: (495) 949-95-09, 949-88-39, 948-60-60
                                                                     ing trichology specialists.                                                E-mail:
SILVER STAR                                             12C24                                                                         ,

     125167, Viktorenko Str. 16, Moscow, Russia                      SkinCure, Inc                                           14E34        The SM Michel Company specializes in the devel-
     Tel./fax.: (495) 645-44-40                                                                                                           opment and production of makeup cosmetics,
     E-mail:                                           B101, Jeju Bio Industry Center, 66, Jejudaehakno,               skin and hair care products, cosmeceuticals,                                                    Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province ,               foaming products, salon and SPA cosmetics, as
                                                                          Korea                                                           well as indoor tanning cosmetics and perfumery
Silver Star features the first Russian line of hand-                      Tel.: 82-31-719-1618. Fax: 82-31-719-5202                       products.
sharpened manicure tools. We also manufac-                                                                Our offer: concept elaboration; package and label
ture cosmetological and hairdressing tools. The                                                                                           design services, POS-materials; formula develop-
excellent hand sharpening and high-quality alloy                                                                                          ment on the basis of the company’s in-house labo-
steel enable us to meet the highest professional                     SKIN LIGHT group                                        13E20        ratory; purchase of raw materials from the world’s
demands.                                                                                                                                  leading raw suppliers; selection and purchase of
The company presents its new line of tools from                           119034, Maly Levshinsky Lane 14/9, Moscow,                      allied materials; manufacture of the product mass
Japanese steel SPECIAL. The tools stay sharp even                         Russia                                                          with further automated filling; a scrupulous quality
longer now and are able to endure any sterilization!                      Tel.: (495) 637-46-86, 637-11-27                                control of the finished product. The company also
Our company operates in all types of commodity                            Fax: (495) 637-11-78                                            disposes of screen printing, tampoprinting and hot
markets: gross and minor wholesales, retail outlets.                      E-mail:                                       stamping equipment, as well as of in-house tube
We cater for our clients! We offer affordable prices,                                                           production facilities.

198                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B   I   T   O    R    S

  SOFIA                                                         12F08             Tel./fax: (495) 786-97-89                                      (France), Santa Maria Novella (Italy), elite acces-
                                                                                  E-mail:,                  sories by Martinato Mariella (italy), non-orthodox
           Sushyovskiy Val Str. 5, Moscow, Russia                       ,                                  pincers by Panama (Italy), makeup biocosmetics by
           Tel.: (926) 294-26-18, (926) 294-26-19                                                                                                Couleur Caramel (France), cosmetics by Erborian
           Fax: (499) 907-21-31                                              Super Tan is a distinguished American brand for                     (Korea).
           E-mail:,                  instant tan cosmetics known throughout Europe                       HEALTH PRODUCTS:
                                                  and Asia. Solby’s distributor in Russia is the SOLBY                Natural slimming tea TIBETIAN TEA (Arava LTD,
                                                                             Company. A combination of attractive pricing, high                  Israel).
  SOFIA – TOOLS, DESIGN, SHARPENING SERVICES.                                quality components, high efficiency tan activators,
  Sofia offers high quality sharpened manicure and                           as well as an individual approach to each client
  pedicure tools. The company owns an in-house                               makes Super Tan stand out among other similar                       SOLINGER                                               12B07
  workshop providing sharpening and repair services                          brands. A powerful advertising support and constant
  of any cutting tools. Available is a wide range of                         assortment enhancements add to the promotion of                          125212, Admiral Makarov Str. 8, Moscow, Russia
  design options: pigmentation, micro mica, dust,                            Super Tan cosmetics among Russian consumers.                             Tel./fax: (495) 785-71-95
  sand, Swarovski crystals. The product range is                                                                                                      E-mail:
  regularly undated.                                                                                                                        
  All design materials are manufactured in Germany,                          SOLING COMPANY                      12B23, 13E32, 14C16
  the Check Republic and Korea.                                                                                                                  The Solinger Company leads the sales of profes-
  Also available are gels and acrylics by Beauty Art                              109044, Vorontsovsky Lane 2, room 207,                         sional beauty salon equipment and tools. Available
  and Lina (wholesale offers from 180 rubles p. item),                            Moscow, Russia                                                 in our assortment are over 10000 items from the
  colour gels, polishes, tips, brushes and files.                                 Tel.: (495) 925-33-13. Fax: (495) 911-39-83                    world’s leading manufacturers Jaguar, Hairway,
  We offer moderate prices and an individual approach.                            E-mail:                                  Moser, Parlux, Ga.Ma, Oster, Babyliss Pro, Coif*in
  Provided is delivery throughout Moscow and to                                                                    and others.
  regions.                                                                                                                                       Solinger acts as the exclusive representative of
  The company operates both with gross and minor                             The Soling Company has been successfully oper-                      the Jaguar and Hairway brands in Russia. We offer
  wholesale purchases, in cash and by written order.                         ating on the beauty market since 1998, offering                     the most comprehensive selection of professional
                                                                             knowledgeable solutions for beauty business pro-                    scissors by Jaguar (over 5 classes), ‘hot scissors’
                                                                             fessionals, turn-key solutions of state-of-the-art                  Jaguar TC 400, a designer scissors line DESIGN
  SolarysCosmoTrade                                             13C36        beauty salon concepts, exclusive European-made                      EDITION, hair trimmers, hair dryers, straighteners
                                                                             cosmetics and niche perfumery.                                      and concomitant goods. We offer our outfitting
           129343, Serebryakov Lane 14, bldg. 6, room 102,                   BRANDS REPRESENTED                                                  services for beauty salons, as well as massage,
           Moscow, Russia                                                    AESTHETIC MEDICINE:                                                 cosmetology and manicure studios.
           Tel.: (495) 507-92-39. Fax: (495) 961-00-28                       Hyaluronic acid-based preparations for injection
           E-mail:                                           contour plastics treatments by AMALIAN (Sweden)
                                                 and STYLAGE (France), ТСА and AHA-peels by STEP                     SORENTO                                                13B20
                                                                             PEEL and GLY KO LINE (Belgium), dermarollers by
  The Solarys Cosmo Trade Company is a leading                               DERMAROLL (Germany).                                                     119435, Savvinskaya Emb. 19, bldg. 1б,
  specialist in the field of cosmetology, SPA, Thalasso                      HARDWARE COSMETOLOGY:                                                    Moscow, Russia
  and Wellness technologies.                                                 Laser and IPL-systems by ELLIPSE (Denmark),                              Tel./fax: (495) 778-27-32
  Representing leading European manufacturers of                             cell electrotherapy systems by BIOGENIE                                  E-mail:
  cosmetology, pedicure and hydromassage equip-                              INTERNATIONAL (France), multipurpose beauty                    
  ment, as well as solaria in Russia and the CIS                             systems BRERA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES (Italy),
  countries, we offer our clients an international-level                     oxymesotherapy and microdermabrasion equip-                         The ARAVIA SPA-depilation system offers you a pos-
  service in creating beauty salons, SPA centres and                         ment, RF lifting and miostimulation devices by                      sibility to enjoy amazing results and an exceptionally
  tanning studios.                                                           MAYA BEAUTY ENGINEERING (Italy), high preci-                        comfortable treatment. The depilation paste consists
  For a sustained period of time by now we have been                         sion equipment for permanent makeup design by                       of exclusively natural ingredients, i.e. sugar and
  employing the know-how of our foreign partners in                          MEDIUM-TECH (Germany), liposuction equipment                        water. Possible is removal of hair of any length and
  concept designing, consulting and implementing                             by LICA (Italy), vibroliposuction system VIBROLIPO                  type. SPA-depilation treatment is completely pain
  projects of any scale. Our clients are welcome to                          (Belgium), physio-, ultrasound and vacuum therapy                   free. The removal of the hair is performed following
  receive the whole range of necessary equipment                             equipment by TILAUSPIISTE (Finland), training sys-                  its natural growth lines, as a result – no torn-off
  backed up by professional technical support.                               tem PROELLIXE VIBRATION (Italy), high frequency                     or in-grown hairs, no irritation or redness, and a
                                                                             coagulator MN-63B (N. Korea), electro depilation                    durable effect.
                                                                             needles by BALLET (England), ultrasonic sterilizers
  SOLIDEA/CALZIFICIO PINELLI S.R.L.                             13C22        by MEDICAL TREX (Italy), medical and cosmetology
                                                                             furniture by ROGNONI (Italy).                                       SOVER-M                                                 12E16
           VIA GERMANIA 11 – 46042 – CASTEL GOFFREDO                         PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS:
           MANTOVA - ITALY                                                   Innovative Thalassic cosmetics by BIOSTASE                               119021, Bolshoy Chudov Lane 8, bldg. 1,
           Tel.: 0039 0376 788411. Fax: 0039 0376 770921                     (France), professional luxury-class cosmetics by                         Moscow, Russia
           E-mail:                                          BIOGENIE (France) and IMAGINE (Maya Beauty                               Tel.: (499) 246-20-05, 246-07-67
                                                    Engineering, Italy), instant lift express masks ICE                      Fax: (499) 245-73-87
                                                                             MASK (Switzerland), footcare foam F3 (Bernard                            E-mail:,
  Calzificio Pinelli, a first-rate industrial business, was                  Biscontini, Belgium), thermoactive slimming mud
  founded in 1976. Design and manufacture of inno-                           foam by TREXY (Italy), third-millennium hairdress-                  The Closed Joint-Stock Company Sover-M offers
  vative and superior quality articles have been made                        ing supplies GREEN LIGHT (Italy), professional                      sunglasses and spectacle frames from leading
  possible by investments in leading-edge equipment                          makeup cosmetics by PARIS-BERLIN (France), por-                     European manufacturers available from a warehouse
  and by precise and attentive knowledge of the                              table studios and accessories for makeup stylists                   in Moscow.
  product and its raw materials. Solidea, the Calzificio                     and artists by CANTONI (Italy), a vast selection
  Pinelli’s trademark, offers high quality hosiery for                       of body art colors by FARDEL (Belgium), makeup
  prevention and treatment of venous insufficiency,                          brushes by JEAN SCHRAMM VP (Germany).                               SPA Consultant                                         13B25
  cellulite and all the problems they cause, both in                         NICHE PERFUMERY:
  terms of health and of appearance. Solidea stock-                          M.Micallef (France), Lorenzo Villoresi (Italy), Frapin                   129090, Meshchanskaya Str. 2, Moscow, Russia
  ings and tights have consequently been designed                            (France), Robert Piguet (France), LINARI EDP,                            Tel.: (495) 799-00-74, 234-44-55 (multi-line)
  and produced to offer graduated compression health                         LINARI room fragrances (Germany), Profumo di                             Fax: (495) 688-22-56
  and well-being to legs and at the same time to exalt                       Firenze Odori (Italy), BOIS 1920 (Italy), Parfum                         E-mail:
  feminine elegance and charm due to the exceptional                         d’Empire (France), Les Parfums de Rosine (France),             
  silkiness and transparency.                                                La Maison de la Vanille (France), Nobile 1942 (Italy),
                                                                             Teo Cabanel (France), Eau d›Italie (Italy), Laura                   The SPA Consultant company act as the exclusive
                                                                             Tonatto (Italy), DelRae (USA), Fragonard (France),                  distributor of natural SPA cosmetics from Thailand
  SOLBY                                                         13A07        Profumi di Pantelleria (Italy), Hubert Maes Creation                under the brands of SRANROM and SenSpa intro-
                                                                             (France), IneKe (USA), JOVOY (France), Christiano                   ducing you into the Thai philosophy of professional
           125363, Shosseynaya Str. 1в, Moscow, Russia                       Fissore (Italy), Gianni Campagna (Italy), Dominico                  salon treatments.
           Tel.: (495) 410-27-79                                             Caraceni (Italy), Washington Tremlett (UK), DORIN                   Exclusive formulas and only natural ingredients:

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

massage oils and creams; salt, sugar and cream                       St.-Petersburg Exemplary printing house                 14G10        semi-precious stones including rare and exclusive
scrubs; bath milks; herbal and algae wraps; anti-                                                                                         species.
cellulite creams and oils with chili red pepper; herbal                   197374, Mebelnaya Str. 3, bldg. А,
face and body care compresses; lotions and sprays                         St. Petersburg, Russia
with herbal and flower extracts; hand and foot care                       Tel.: (812) 324-64-44. Fax: (812) 327-44-46                     STORMOFF                                                 13E44
Spa programs; hair and scalp care lines. The cos-                         E-mail:
metic products stand out not only for their ingredient                                                                125040, M. Raskova Str. 11а, Moscow, Russia
compositions, formulas, and fragrances but are also                  Manufacture of high-tech packaging, commercial                             Tel.: (495) 780-07-98. Fax: (495) 956-05-57
unique in terms of treatment diversity which is to be                and POS-materials from sheet carton, laminated                             E-mail:,
another advantage for your salon to amaze even the                   carton and plastic. Design and engineering services,             ,
most picky customers!                                                offset and stencil printing, matting, lamination, hot
                                                                     pressing, transfer technologies.                                     Comprehensive equipment of beauty salons, aes-
                                                                                                                                          thetic clinics, SPA centres, rehabilitation and well-
SPAgiria                                                13A06                                                                             ness centres. Available is wide selection of state-of-
                                                                     STALEKS                                                 12F16        the-art high-tech quality equipment.
     119017, Malaya Ordynka Str. 19, Moscow, Russia                                                                                       The company acts as the exclusive distributor for:
     Tel.: (495) 988-37-88. Fax: (495) 953-01-40                          61157, Krivomazov Str. 10, app. 102, Kharkov,                   Teсnology (Italy) – face care and body modeling
     E-mail:,                          Ukraine                                                         systems, Vital O2 (Canada) – oxygen mesotherapy                                                      Tel.: +38-057-715-17-30, +38-067-250-25-52                      and microdermabrasion system, ASCLEPION Laser
                                                                          Fax: +38-057-759-08-28                                          Technologies (Germany) – multipurpose system
SPAgiria has been operating on Russia’s and CIS                           E-mail:                                     Raylife for the correction of face and body aesthetic
markets of professional beauty industry since 2003.                                                           lesions; NeoQi (Estonia) – SPA capsules, as well
Currently the company acts as the exclusive dis-                                                                                          as German-made hydro- and thalasso- therapy
tributor for the following luxury-class brands:                      The Staleks Company has been over 15 years spe-                      systems.
– SELVERT THERMAL (Switzerland) – a professional                     cializing in the manufacturing of manicure tools. Our
cosmetics brand;                                                     products command a ready market with both profes-
– ALQVIMIA (Spain) – a professional aromathera-                      sionals and ordinary consumers. Owing to the use                     Story of Love Cosmetics Co.,Ltd                        14C34a
peutic brand;                                                        of cutting-edge technologies and high professional
– MESOESTETIC (Spain) – professional medical and                     skills of the company’s personnel Staleks occupied                         Chengxi Special Industrial Zone,Yiwu,P.R.C.
aesthetic cosmetology;                                               a sound leader position on the national market of                          Tel.: 0086-579-85136318. Fax: 0086-579-
– STAS DOYER SPA-equipment (France);                                 manicure tools.                                                            85876049
– ICOONE (Italy) – innovative cosmetology equip-                     The tools are manufactured from stainless medical                          E-mail:
ment.                                                                steel, with cutting blades being hand-sharpened.                 
                                                                     All Staleks products are attested with sanitary and
                                                                     hygiene certificates of the Health Ministries of                     Founded in 1998, we are specialized in produc-
SPEC-CHEM IND.                                          14G14        Russia and the Ukraine                                               tion, R&D and sales of various kinds of
                                                                                                                                          Perfumes, we offer OEM&ODM services for different
     NO.90 EAST ZHONGSHAN ROAD, NANJING,CHINA                                                                                             countries and areas.
     Tel.: 0086 25 8452 3390. Fax: 0086 25 8452 0790                 STARAYA KREPOST,                                                     We have obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate, and we
     E-mail:                                      ExpoMediaGroup                         Фойе павильон №3              are applying GMP at present,                                                                                                                  We have our own brand “Story of Love” and “Euro
                                                                          125124, Tretiya Ulitsa Yamskogo Polya 2, bldg. 26,              Star”, besides we also have own bottle design
Spec-Chem is in cosmetic for over 10 years with                           Business Centre ‘Technopark Nauka’, entrance 2,                 Which already applied for a patent.
Factory for Cosmetics raw material & its finish                           room 101,                                                       Under the 8 hours day working, we can produce
Products. Most of products are mainly in whitening,                       Moscow, Russia                                                  50000 pcs each day, we know that only
anti-aging & Moisturizing.                                                Tel./fax: +7 (495) 228-70-71 / 72 / 74                          By competion can help us make great progress, your
The main Ingredients : Arbutin, MAP, Hyalronic acid,                      E-mail:                                      request is our pursuance and your
Glabridin, Poria cocos,                                         ,                           Satisfaction is our goal , we sincely weclome cus-
Spec-Chem is the fist company in China made reg-                                                                                          tomers from all over the world to inquire about
istration for REACH.                                                 Publication of leading periodicals for beauty industry               Our products.
The more information please see our website: www.                    specialists:                                                      Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (Aesthetics News)
                                                                     Nail Industry                                                        STUDEX Russia                                            13F02
                                                                     Aesthetic Medicine
SportMedImport Group of Companies 13C10, 13D10                       Organization of professional events:                                       127247, Dmitrovskoye Shosse Str. 107, room 238,
                                                                     International Congress on Applied Aesthetics                               Moscow, Russia
     119517, Nezhinskaya Str. 8, bldg. 1, Moscow,                    International Conference ‘Beauty Salon Management’                         Tel.: (495) 485-59-22. Fax: (495) 485-57-45
     Russia                                                          Nail Service School                                                        E-mail:
     Tel: (495) 734-99-77                                            International Meeting of Spa specialists ‘SPA                    
     Fax: (499) 726-0525                                             Institute’
     E-mail:                                        International Spa-massage Championship                               STUDEX RUSSIA is the sole authorized representa-
     199053, Chetvyortaya Liniya 13, Vasilyevsky                     All-Russian Convention of Beauty Salons                              tive of STUDEX Co USA offering professional ear
     Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia                                  International Aesthetic Medicine Symposium                           piercing equipment and accessories.
     Tel.: (812) 320-99-09                                           International Conference ‘Medicine of Longevity and                  SYS–75, the most advanced and the safest ear
     Fax: (812) 320-99-08                                            Life Quality’                                                        piercing technique is one the STUDEX’s develop-
     E-mail:                                                                                                       ments.
     04114, Avtozavodskaya Str. 76а, Kiev, Ukraine                                                                                        STUDEX features a well-balanced combination of
     Tel./fax: (044) 428-22-45                                       STONE IN INTERIOR                                       14C12        price and quality.
     E-mail:                                                                                                      STUDEX RUSSIA offers a complete range of prod-                                               109029, Sibirskiy Passage 2, bldg. 10, Moscow,                  ucts provided by STUDEX USA including an amaz-
                                                                          Russia                                                          ingly vast selection of needle earrings and after-care
Turnkey equipment solutions for centres of aes-                           Tel./fax: (495) 737-67-39                                       products, allied supplies and accessories, anti-
thetic medicine, beauty salons and cosmetology                            E-mail:                                         allergic earrings for children and grown-ups.
studios. The company acts as an exclusive supplier                                                                  STUDEX RUSSIA rewards all regular clients.
of LPG Systems equipment (France), professional                                                                                           STUDEX RUSSIA stands for perfect reputation
elite cosmetics by Natura Bisse (Spain) and FitWell-                 STONE IN INTERIOR LLC is a Moscow Jewelry                            backed up by exclusively premium quality products.
ProteiFine polyfunctional nutrition system (France).                 Factory. The company engages mainly in the
We also act as an official distributor for the Radiancy              development and creation of proprietary jewel-
Company (Israel), offering a most comprehensive                      ry collections featuring original design solutions.                  STYLIST-PROFI                                           12B19
range of professional cosmetics, beauty care equip-                  Manufacture, wholesale and retail marketing of 14k
ment, expendables and furniture from 27 of the                       (585°) yellow gold and sterling (925°) silver jewelry                      115142, Kolomenskaya Str. 21, bldg. 3,
world’s largest manufacturers.                                       items, produced in-house, featuring precious and                           Moscow, Russia

200                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T    O    R   S

           Tel.: (916) 614-08-37                                             Ergoline, Hapro,Mega Sun and others. A sensational                    formulated to provide a prompt and effective facial
           E-mail:                                               last generation solarium Smart Sun. The company                       treatment. It is a compact and a convenient set of
                                                       provides trade-in services, i.e. purchase of the used                 preparations to deliver an immediate skin care in
                                                                             equipment. We offer a unique programme “Try                           any circumstances.
  STYLIST-PROFI is an official and an exclusive                              and Appreciate” giving you an opportunity to test                     SKINLITE offers high-performance skin care prod-
  distributor of professional hair cosmetics ISO from                        one solarium in your salon and should you be dis-                     ucts containing natural ingredients able to penetrate
  Zotos (USA).                                                               satisfied with it, get it substituted with another one.               into deeper skin layers, affording a profound cleans-
  ISO offers:                                                                Tanning cosmetics by TannyMax and STAR. The                           ing, as well as an intensive nourishment and hydra-
  i-color hair dye sets presented in a variety of shades,                    company’s service team provides a comprehensive                       tion of the skin.
  include also strengtheners and colour correctors. A                        technical support for all solarium models.                            With SKINLITE products you will always look daz-
  unique Zer0Lift oxide allows to perform toning and                         Branches in all major cities of Russia.                               zling, young and attractive!
  colouring from the same tube! Blondoran with a rose                                                                                              Marketing chains, pharmacies, perfumery and cos-
  scent. Up to 8 shades lighter in one use. We promise                                                                                             metic stores and beauty salons are welcome as
  100% colouring of grey hair!                                               Sun World                                               13A53         partners.
  ISO Texture – new generation curling and straighten-
  ing. The ISO-amine patented technology allows deep                               117246, Khersonskaya Str. 41А, room 122,
  penetration into the cuticle without harming the hair                            Moscow, Russia                                                  SVERUM                                                    РП
  structure.                                                                       Tel.: (495) 778-11-51, 995-44-81
  ISO Nexture – a revolutionary preparation for a semi-                            Fax: (495) 331-53-33                                                 119435, Savvinskaya Emb. 25, Moscow, Russia
  permanent perm lasting up to 20 hair washes.                                     E-mail:,                                 Tel./fax: (499) 174-76-00, 174-75-69
  ISO Prescriptive – hair care and styling products for                                                                          E-mail:
  ALL hair types.                                                                                                                             ,
  YOUR POSSIBILITIES KNOW NO BOUNDARIES!                                     Sun World is the first Russian professional magazine
                                                                             covering subjects related to the tanning industry.                    The SVERUM Trade House welcomes partners in
                                                                             Each issue contains information on: spa, wellness,                    marketing products of the cosmetic line ‘Solis’.
  Styx-natyrcosmetic (Austria)                                  13C34        tanning studios, equipment, cosmetics, tan market           
                                                                             highlights and other topics. The magazine is pub-                     The line’s product range includes shampoos, hair
           127030, Sushyovskaya Str. 23, Moscow, Russia                      lished with a periodicity of 3 issues per year in a                   balms, face care cosmetics, as well as a wide selec-
           Tel.: (495) 787-35-35, 787-36-36                                  volume of 80 pages. The ‘Sun World’ magazine is                       tion of gift sets.
           Fax: (495) 232-96-23                                              available through subscription by the Rospechat                       Our principles are high product quality and low
           E-mail:                                catalogue (subscription index 80882), the APR                         wholesale prices!
                                          (the Russian Press Agency) catalogue (subscription
                                                                             index 41801), or through the editorial department.
  SWIFT         COSMETOLOGY              from       STYX                                                                                           SVETLANA-K,
  NATYRCOSMETIC!                                                                                                                                   transport logistics and courier services                  РП
  The professional line by STYX Aromaderm (Austria)                          Sunrise family Co.,Ltd.                                 14A31
  features 100% natural preparations approved with                                                                                                      111141, Trety Proezd Perova Polya Str. 8а,
  clinical research. The preparations are formulated                               276-2, Cheonhyeon-dong, hanam-si,                                    Moscow, Russia
  to address all kinds of aesthetic problems due to                                Gyeonggi-do,465-110, korea                                           Tel./fax: (495) 708-48-48
  their etiotropic properties. The efficiency of the body                          Tel.: 82-31-795-0577. Fax: 82-31-795-0578                            E-mail:
  sculpturing programme is achieved through thermal                                                         
  wraps Cello-Gel, wet bandages Aromaderm-Wickel
  and the so called corset cosmetics. Also available                                                                                               SVETLANA-K is a professional transportation com-
  are lift and rejuvenation preparations, among which                        SUNWOO                                                  14F27         pany specializing in the field of perfumery and
  are ‘Chocolate’, ‘Spiruline’, cytokinetic ampoules,                                                                                              cosmetics logistics. Among our clients are large
  modeling masks, as well as products for the treat-                               1FL, Kongkoo BLDG., 371-22,SHINSOO-DONG,                        Russian and international companies, e.g. AVON,
  ment of injured (Green Tea), mature (Anti-age) and                               MAPO-GU,SEOUL, KOREA                                            Amway, Oriflame and others
  problem (Moor) skin. A system of swift cosmetol-                                 Tel.: 82-2-706-8948. Fax: 82-2-701-8960                         For over 10 years SVETLANA-K has provided deliv-
  ogy. Vocational literature. Master classes.                                                                          ery of cosmetic goods and equipment to any corner
  The Naveus ZAO (Closed Joint-Stock Company)                                                                                                      of the RF! Being equipped with isotherms and
  acts as the exclusive representative of Styx-                                                                                                    refrigerators, the company’s auto park makes it pos-
  naturcosmetic in Russia.                                                   SUPERPLACENTA                                                РП       sible to ensure the necessary thermal conditions for
                                                                                                                                                   the transportation of the products. Our company’s
                                                                                   103220, Pistsovaya Str. 15, Moscow, Russia                      clients are also provided with a complete range of
  SUCCESSTUL PEOPLE, Centre                                     13B15              Tel./fax: (495) 780-48-00                                       storing services in all the largest cities of Russia.
           Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane 4, room 11, Moscow,                  
           Russia                                                                                                                                  SVOBODA                                                   РП
           Tel.: (916) 287-14-04                                             The company engages in the development, manu-
           680000, Dzerzhinsky Str. 34а, room 203,                           facture and marketing of modern, high-tech and                             127015, Vyatskaya Str. 47, Moscow, Russia
           Khabarovsk, Russia                                                high-performance cosmetic products under the                               Tel.: (495) 685-81-29. Fax: (495) 685-81-27
           Tel.: (914) 546-27-06. Tel./fax: (4212) 74-98-18                  brand of ‘Superplacenta’. All the products are for-                        E-mail: marketboss@svobodako
           E-mail:                                         mulated on the basis of the animal placenta extract              
                                                                             enriched with other natural active components.
  The SUCCESSTUL PEOPLE Centre is an exclusive                               The formula of each cosmetic preparation is adjust-                   Cosmetic Union SVOBODA is one of the larg-
  distributor of professional cosmetics by CRC (USA)                         ed by the latest achievements in medicine and                         est Russian cosmetic enterprises. The company’s
  in Russia.                                                                 cosmetology. All the products are certified, their                    product range numbers about 250 items includ-
                                                                             efficiency being proven by a number of clinical tests.                ing toilet soap, face, body and hair care supplies,
                                                                                                                                                   oral hygiene products, children’s cosmetics and
  SUN PLANET                                                    13B17                                                                              cosmetic products for the pregnant. The products’
                                                                             SV Trade LLC                                             F&B          distinctive feature is a combination of the latest
           127018, Sovetskoy Armii Str. 7, Moscow, Russia                                                                                          scientific developments and the maximum use of
           Tel.: (495) 921-38-66. Fax: (495) 925-88-01                             127591, Dubninskaya Str. 36, room 9, Moscow,                    ecologically safe natural raw materials at a moder-
           E-mail:                                              Russia                                                          ate price.
           www.sun-planet                                                          Tel.: (495) 226-00-97. Fax: (499) 900-99-90
  As a pioneering Russian mega store of solaria,                                                                                                   SYASSKY PPM                                          14B20
  accessories and tanning cosmetics, Sun-Planet is                           Brands represented: SKINLITE, CAREDERM.
  currently the leader on the tanning market. We offer                       SV Trade LLC acts as an exclusive representative                           187420, Zavodskaya Str 1, Syasstroy, Volkhovsky
  the most comprehensive selection of professional                           of SKINLITE and CAREDERM brands in Russia and                              district, Leningradsky region, Russia
  tanning equipment available in Russia. Available are                       CIS countries.                                                             Tel.: (812) 301-91-00. Fax: (812) 301-91-01
  the universally recognized brands, such as: Q-med,                         SKINLITE – a truly vital line of skincare preparations                     E-mail:

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

     T                                                               cosmetics will endow you with a beautiful, natural
                                                                     looking and long-lasting tan.
                                                                                                                                          A thalassotherapy expert for SPA-, Thalaso-centres
                                                                                                                                          and beauty salons. Thal’ion is the only brand of
                                                                                                                                          sea cosmetology comprising all production stages:
TAIRJIUH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD                            14E41                                                                             extraction of raw materials, processing, develop-
                                                                     TEANA                                                   13F35        ment of formula and the ready product featuring
     NO7, TA-FA ROAD, REN-DER HSIANG, TAINAN                                                                                              high efficiency ingredients. Thal’ion major value
     HSIEN, TAIWAN 717, R.O.C.                                            121170, Kutuzovsky Ave. 36, bldg. 2, Moscow,                    resides in using the latest scientific achievements
     Tel.: +88662728660                                                   Russia                                                          in the field of ocean studies to create unique treat-
     Fax: +88662051048                                                    Tel./fax: (495) 727-21-64                                       ments excelling for high concentrations of active
     E-mail:                                         E-mail:                                  ingredients. The brand is currently represented in
                                                                                                               50 countries worldwide and still keeps enhancing.
The biggest make up factoty in China. Sales office                                                                                        Thali(sens introduced all thalassotherapy skills into
in Taiwan.                                                           TEANA is a Russian manufacturer of innovative                        a harmonic world of SPA, having combined purely
The biggest filling factory in China.                                cosmetic preparations – AMPOULED organic cos-                        aquatic ingredients with exotic plants. The brand
Component factory is Certificated by MARY KAY                        metics and MULTILAMELLAR SENSOR cosmet-                              offers you five unforgettable journeys to different
                                                                     ics. The product range includes: multilamellar                       corners of the globe.
                                                                     masks, creams, serums; micellar cleansing prod-
TECNOCOSMESI SPA                                       14 C07        ucts. Preparation formulas are attested with effi-
                                                                     ciency certificates by biotechnological laboratories                 THAMES PACKAGING GROUP LTD                               14F11
     VIA STRADA LONGA 809, n. 29                                     Sederma (France) and Induchem (switzerland).
     26815 MASSALENGO – LODI – (ITALY)                               New launches 2009 – sensor cosmetics, a line                               4 ST.Peter›s Road, Maidenhead,
     Tel.: 0039 0371 780911. Fax: 0039 0371 482944                   of multilamellar SPA cosmetics with argan oil                              SL67QU,Berkshire, UK
     E-mail:                                   ‘Sokrovishcha Argany’ (Argan Treasures).                                   Contacts:                                                                                                                       Piotr Janke (European Sales Manager):
TECNOCOSMESI SPA is the leading Italian contract                     TEREZA AESTHETIC                                        13F40              Bridget Lambert (U.K. Marketing Manager):
manufacturer of make-up and skin care products.                                                                                       
Production, filling and packaging areas have been                         Lyublinskaya Str. 151, Moscow, Russia
increased to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing                         Tel./fax: (495) 661-01-88                                       Leading manufacturer of cosmetic/ household
cosmetic industry. R&D and Marketing work togeth-                         E-mail:                                packaging in UK offers NEW PRODUCT DESIGNS,
er to accomplish all possible demands of the cos-                                                        STEREO & SOLID MODELS, ARTWORK DESIGN,UK
metic market WORLDWIDE in terms of INNOVATION,                                                                                            OR LOCALLY MANUFACTURED BOTTLES IN
NEW FORMULATIONS and TRENDS. INVESTMENTS                             TEREZA AESTHETIC engages in equipping cos-                           HDPE-PP-PVC-PCR-PET, GLOBALLY SOURCED :
in RESEARCH, EQUIPMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES                               metology studios and clinics of aesthetic medi-                      BOTTLES/JARS/CAPS AND CLOSURES/PRINTED
together with GMP, FDA and ECOCERT certifications                    cine. The company offers beauty care equipment                       TUBES,PUMPS,TRIGGERS,ROLL ON PACKS.
are behind our exponential growth. EXPERIENCE                        from the world’s leading manufacturers: Sharp                        visit to see more details of
and CREATIVITY make us the ideal partner for your                    & Botanica (Italy), Espansione Group/Eufoton                         the complete range.
projects!                                                            (Italy), BeautyLumis (Germany), EsGlobal (Korea),
                                                                     Zohonice Beauty Equipment (China), Emed (USA).
                                                                     We also provide training on operating the equipment                  THREE WHALES                                            13A22
TAIS MILLENIUM                                          13G52        and maintenance services. We offer a wide range of
                                                                     state-of-the-art and high-performance cosmetology                          191036, Nevsky Ave. 107, bldg. В, St. Petersburg,
     125599, Leningradskoye Shosse 96, bldg. 1,                      equipment.                                                                 Russia
     Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                             Tel.: (812) 611-04-95. Fax: (812) 611-04-94
     Tel.: (495) 486-61-32, 626-90-98                                                                                                           E-mail:
     E-mail:                                THALASSO BRETAGNE                                       13F22    

The Tais Millenium company offers depilation                              123242, Volkov Lane 7/9, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia                We are a German company with a 70-year-long his-
and peeling treatment in one. The new technique                           Tel.: (495) 730-58-97, (499) 252-33-92                          tory of quality and consumer trust. Our products are
removes unwanted hair and exfoliates horny skin                           Fax: (499) 252-18-64                                            marketed in 25 countries worldwide, and since 2009
layers. The method allows to avoid tearing off the                        E-mail:                                also available in Russia. Our hypoallergenic products
hairs but makes it possible to remove them together                                                      address multiple cosmetic problems; our water is a
with the root from any body parts. The hair removal                                                                                       perfect fit for sensitive skin prone to dermatitis. The
system proves especially good for the bikini area                    Thalasso Bretagne is a rapidly developing French                     beneficial effect the sea water and salt contained
treatment. The new depilation technique is abso-                     brand designed especially for SPA clubs, beauty                      in each BIOMARIS product is reinforced through a
lutely safe, leaves no burn marks, and causes no                     salons, clinics, sanatoria and centres plastic for                   number of natural additives such as: pearl extract,
damage to the skin or veins. The skin after the                      surgery. Effective body and face care programmes                     salmon DNA extracts, black caviar extracts, sea
depilation treatment stays smooth, no in-grown hair.                 feature a combination of algae and sea water                         algae, honey, plant and fruit oils.
Hair growth is gradually inhibited. Being formulated                 medicinal properties and cutting-edge technologies,
with exclusively natural ingredients the treatment                   allowing to obtain notable results in wellness, body
causes no allergic reactions. A low cost price of the                sculpture and organism rejuvenation treatments.                      Thymuskin                                                14F21
treatment.                                                           Available are the following lines: Thalasso-, alga-,
                                                                     balneo- and phangotherapy. Attention! A new line                           Vita-Cos-Med Klett-Loch GmbH
                                                                     in Thalasso Bretagne treatments – Thalasso & SPA                           R ntgenstr. 11, D-67304 Eisenberg
TAN MASTER                                              13B07        – RICHESSES DU MONDE (Riches of the World). It                             Tel.: +49 (0) 621 714820. Fax: +49 (0) 621 712381
                                                                     offers already familiar and well reputable products                        E-mail:
     125015, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Str. 23,                      formulated with sea water and algae in combina-                  
     bldg.1, Moscow, Russia                                          tion with exotic ingredients which have added new
     Tel./fax: (495) 611-15-44                                       properties to the preparations having enriched them                  Research And Know-How For
     E-mail:,                with new fragrances and textures.                                    -Medical Hair Care (Hair Loss)                                               RICHESSE DU MONDE is a fabulous journey in                           -Medical Skin Care (Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis,
                                                                     search of new emotions for pleasure and beauty!                      Problem Skin,
Tan Master is a Russian manufacturer of indoor tan-                                                                                        ageing skin)
ning cosmetics, the quality of which can be trusted                                                                                       -Immune System
and relied on.                                                       THAL’ION, THALI(SENS                                    13F10        Innovative, evidence based and patent protected
Our new cosmetic line ‘Special de luxe’ is addressed                                                                                      preparations for a.m. market sectors.
to those who appreciate the quality of the tan and                        125057, Leningradskiy Ave. 77/2, bldg. 4,                       A wide range of clinical publications.
care about the health of their skin. The products of                      Moscow, Russia                                                  Sales & marketing cooperations with companies in
this line are formulated to protect and rejuvenate the                    Tel.: (499) 158-11-42, 158-13-44                                many countries.
skin, providing it with nutrition and moisture, while                     Fax: (499) 158-23-81                                            The main brands are:
ensuring the normalization of metabolic processes,                        E-mail:                                         -Thymuskin® against different kinds of hairloss
thus helping to fight cellulite formation. Tan Master                                                             -Phytoskin against neurodermatitis, psoriasis and

202                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O     N       A   B   O   U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  problem skin                                                                     E-mail:                                       supplies of trichology preparations and equipment.
  -Sclero discret                                                                                                        We offer products from renowned trichological
  -Thymrevit – For dietary treatment of diseases                                                                                                  brands - SYSTEM4, EVCAPIL, NISIM, SATURA
  involving immune system dysfunction and                                    The company acts as an exclusive Eastern European                    ROSTA, СHANGUAN 101, LASERCOMB, DS LAB and
    deficiency, in particular cancer and severe infec-                       distributor for a number of the world’s largest                      many others. Also available is diagnostics equip-
  tions, for immune system restoration following                             manufacturers from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea,                    ment. Our training centre offers training programs
  chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.                                       Indonesia and Malaysia. Available is a vast selection                and seminars. Orders can be placed by phone or
                                                                             of anti-crisis products, i.e. tooth pastes, cosmet-                  per e-mail. Free delivery throughout Moscow nad
                                                                             ics, household chemicals, hair dyes, professional                    Moscow region.
  TIME EXCLUSIVE                                                13B16        cosmetics, fashion jewelry, hair clips, facial masks,
                                                                             hand-made soap, perfumery. A special coopera-
           107113, Tretiya Rybiskaya Str. 17/1, Moscow,                      tion program for wholesale partners in Russia and                    TRILOGIC                                              13B01
           Russia                                                            Eastern Europe.
           Tel./fax: (495) 514-66-92                                                                                                                   117218, Kedrov Str. 14, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
           E-mail:                                                                                                                 Tel.: (495) 510-01-72, 760-85-18
                                                    TRADE HOUSE SM                                          14C19             E-mail:

  ILLYSSIA –professional Swiss-made cellular cos-                                  111141, Vtoroy Proezd Perova Polya 5,                          TRILOGIC CG is the exclusive distributor of hair
  metics aimed at restoring the skin genetic pro-                                  Moscow, Russia                                                 and scalp treatment products from Eucapil by
  cesses.                                                                          Tel./fax: (495) 988-57-08                                      INTERHARMA PRAHA (the Czech Republic), Simone
  - a “young cell” formula stimulates vital functions                              E-mail:                                          by WONTERSAF S.A. (Spain) and REVIVEXIL by
  inherent to a young cell, thus retarding ageing pro-                                                                      COSMOFARMA S.R.L. (Italy).
  cesses, ensuring fast regeneration of tissues, rein-                                                                                            Preparations prove efficient in treating all types of
  forcing the cells’ vital energy, replenishing exhausted                    Trade House SM Ltd is a professional distributor                     hair loss with both men and women completely
  skin resources protecting the skin from harmful                            of perfumery and cosmetic products in Russia,                        eliminating clinical symptoms of seborrhea and
  factors                                                                    Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.                                 dandruff. Also on offer is the Hair Max Lazer Comb
  - CHL-complex – a patented formula of a ‘young cell’                       Currently the company’s assortment comprises                         (USA) designed to treat alopecia in men and women;
  - DNA and RNA derived from salmon fish milts.                              almost the entire range of cosmetic products:                        professional equipment and the TRICHOSCIENCE
  - biofunctional peptide complex SYLLECTIN                                  - makeup cosmetics by Bell, Innovation, Diamond                      1.7 diagnostic program. Turn-key equipment of a
  - liposomes                                                                Dream;                                                               trichology salon.
  - phospholipids                                                            - skin and hair care products by Aqualift and                        Also provided is a 72-hour training course on
  - lamellar emulsions                                                       Travelle;                                                            Trichology confirmed with a state certificate of
  - vegetal protein                                                          - daily care preparations for the problem skin treat-                Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.
  - stabilized cells of over 20 plants                                       ment Stopproblem;
  - antioxidant therapy (vitamins А, Е, С)                                   - anti-cellulite line Orange Slim;
  Illyssia is an example of the Swiss quality confirmed                      - sun care line Sun Power;                                           TUBE PLANT                                             14F14
  by the SWISSCOS association.                                               - hand and foot care products by Dr. Foot and Dr.
                                                                             Hand;                                                                     61010, Georgiyevskaya Str. 10, Kharkov, Ukraine
                                                                             - hygienic lipstick Fruktovy Potseluy (‘A Fruit Kiss’);                   Tel.: +38-057-717-71-72
  TM-PROFI                                                      13A18        - manicure and nail care supplies by O’Nail and Sila                      Fax: +38-057-717-71-69
                                                                             Prirody (‘Nature’s Power’),                                               E-mail:
           125459, Pokhodny passage 23, room 8/3,                            - perfumery products by Michel Montres.                         
           Moscow, Russia
           Tel.: (495) 948-01-34. Tel./fax: (495) 949-52-51                                                                                       Manufacture and marketing of tubes for cosmetics,
           E-mail:                                          Trendy Hairstyles, magazine                             12A23        food and pharmaceutical industries, and household
                                                                                   107082, Bakuninskaya Str. 71, bldg.10, Moscow,                 – laminated tubes in a variety of sizes; available are
  The TM Profi Company offers beauty salon furniture                               Russia                                                         25, 28, 35, 40 and 50 mm items;
  and equipment from the best European collections                                 Tel.: (495) 775-14-35/36. Fax: (495) 775-14-34                 – an assortment of aluminium tubes (13.5, 19, 22,
  featuring a unique combination of style, quality and                             E-mail:                                     25, 28, 30 and 35 mm);
  reasonable prices. Also available is a full range of                                                                  – extrusion plastic tubes (25, 30, 35, 40 and 50
  hardware cosmetology from the world’s leading                                                                                                   mm).
  manufacturers.                                                             Every issue of the magazine offers its readers infor-                The products are certified in Russia, Belorussia and
  Wholesale and retail supplies. Delivery to regions.                        mation on the latest season trends offering a variety                Ukraine.
                                                                             of trendy haircuts and styles. On the pages of our                   Design development, pre-printing preparation, in-
                                                                             magazine you will find specialists’ recommendations                  house printing and production of component parts
  Tong-Fong Brush Factory Co., Ltd.                             14E39        on creating your own image. Our periodical proves                    make it possible to fulfil orders in minimal terms.
                                                                             handy to both people eager to keep abreast of the                    The company also provides consultation services
           87, Shin Ming Road, Nei-Hu 11413, Taipei,                         latest fashion trends and professional hairdress-                    and technical support in purchasing tube-filling
           Taiwan, R.O.C.                                                    ers and stylists. Our major sections are: Seasonal                   equipment.
           Tel.: 886-2-27911152~9                                            Fashion, World Trends, Styling, Professional Advice,
           Fax: 886-2-27919441                                               Makeup, VIP-day.
           E-mail:                                                                                                        TUTKU LTD.                                            14E35
                                                                             TRI STAR                                                12E26             Istoc 21.Ada No:39-45 Mahmutbey Bagcilar
  The world’s largest manufacturer of hairbrushes                                                                                                      ISTANBUL
  and is a leading company in this industry.                                       236000, Telman Str. 5, Kaliningrad, Russia                          Tel.: 0090 212 659 7326
  Established in 1950, Tong Fong continues with                                    Tel.: (4012) 370-630. Fax: (4012) 370-631                           Fax: 0090 212 659 4642
  its technical improvements and superior qual-                                    E-mail:                                           E-mail:,
  ity management of its hairbrushes. Tong Fong                                                                     
  is always able to develop various kinds of
  impressing and amazing hairbrushes to meet                                 Tri Star is the first multi-brand company presenting                 Being the leading foot care brand in Turkey, Lapitak
  the demands of customers, therefore having a                               6 popular brands. Professional nail varnishes. Nail                  has also established itself as a specialist in the areas
  good major advantage over other brush makers                               design supplies.                                                     of hand and baby care. Among numerous achieve-
  in the world.                                                                                                                                   ments, one can count the “2008 Most Trusted
                                                                                                                                                  Brand” award given by the Turkish Consumers
                                                                             TRICHOLOG.RU, Alfa Marketing                            13B18        Association.
  Trade Alliance                                            14C14a                                                                                When it comes to innovation, Lapitak›s achieve-
                                                                                   105066, Baumanskaya Str. 6, Moscow, Russia                     ments are worthy of a leader: the “Cream Perfume”
           143900, Lukino Str. 49, Balashikha,                                     Tel.: (495) 755-94-08. Fax: (499) 504-42-64                    series, being ethyl-alcohol free and providing a long
           Moscow region, Russia                                                                                                                  lasting perfume effect, changed the way people think
           Tel./fax: (495)730-67-30                                          TRICHOLOG.RU provides its clients with complex                       about perfumes and creams.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

TWINS TEC                                               14C14        Uni-President Glass Industrial Co., Ltd.                14D52        UNIVERSE-SOFT                                           13G38

     Tel.: (495) 974-96-99. Fax: (495) 974-96-98                          No. 36, Singong Rd., Sinying City, Tainan County,                     127411, Dmitrovskoye Shosse Str. 157, Moscow,
     E-mail:                                            73054, Taiwan R.O.C.                                                  Russia                                                      Tel.: 886-6-6536281. Fax: 886-6-6536202                               Tel./fax: (495) 967-99-73
                                                                          E-mail:                                           E-mail:
Manufacture of cosmetic and therapeutic products.                                                     
Contract manufacturing services. The product range
includes shampoos, balms, creams, gels, liquid                       Uni President Glass manufactures high quality                        The Universe-Soft Company specializes in develop-
soap. We offer the following packaging options:                      glass integrating all decorations in house (frost-                   ing software for the management of beauty salons,
vials, jars, tubes, cardpaper cases, sachets.                        ing, metallization, coating, silkscreening, paper                    medical centres, fitness clubs, etc.
                                                                     transfer, sleeve) as well as secondary operations                    The software product we offer makes it possible to
                                                                     (metal plates, medallion, diamond/crystal gluing,...)                tackle a vast scope of tasks related to daily business
                                                                     Competitive prices, short development lead times                     proceedings, business activity analysis and long-
     U                                                               combined with excellent customer service make
                                                                     UPG the perfect partner for your new launch or
                                                                                                                                          term planning. It will become your best assistant
                                                                                                                                          making sure you cater for the client’s real needs and
                                                                     value analysis                                                       stay a reliable and valuable partner, and never stop
UBIFRANCE                                               14B36                                                                             in your search of perfection.

     77 boulevard Saint Jacques 75998 PARIS CEDEX                    UNITED PARFUM                                           14E05
     14                                                                                                                                   URBINO                                                  12D05
     Tel.: 33 1 40 73 30 00. Fax: 33 1 40 73 30 70                        127238, Ilmensky passage 5, Moscow, Russia
     E-mail:                            Tel./fax: (495) 640-08-52                                             125363, Nelidovskaya Str. 21/1, Moscow, Russia                                                     E-mail: uparfum                                            Tel.: (495) 502-52-42, 514-52-42. Fax: (495) 493-
Ubifrance, the French Agency for International                                                                                                  E-mail:
business development and the French Trade                            The perfumery company ‘UNITED PARFUM’ engages                    
Commissions offers French firms                                      in the wholesale merchandising of perfumery prod-
Information products, consulting, market supervi-                    ucts by celebrated European manufacturers and acts                   The Urbino Company presents to the Russian nail
sion to work out their strategy of development on                    as an official distributor for the GEPARLYS Trade                    specialists products by the Italian brand URBINO.
the international level                                              House. Since its foundation in 1996 UNITED PARFUM                    The brand offers high quality nail sculpture supplies,
Actions of promotion to favour partnerships with                     has been specializing in marketing EDT. Due to intro-                natural nail care products, nail design products,
foreign companies                                                    duced quality standards and a well-regulated control                 equipment, implements, as well as tools and acces-
                                                                     system the company rates among the top premium                       sories for the equipment of the nail technician’s
                                                                     segment players of the perfumery market. A wide,                     studio. We are all set for cooperation.
UKRAINIAN AEROSOLS Company                              14B16        always available range of products from the world’s
                                                                     leading manufacturers and an individual approach
     83030, Bauman Str. 1в, Donetsk, Ukraine                         to each order enable UNITED PARFUM to meet the                       URGON                                                        РП
     Tel./Fax: + (38-062) 341-18-81                                  needs of even most exacting customers. We welcome
     Факс: + (38-062) 341-18-27                                      long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.                             140200, Zavodskaya Str. 1, Voskresensk,
     E-mail:                                                                                                                Moscow region, Russia                                                                                                                         Tel./fax: (495) 980-22-78
                                                                     UNITOP, Trade House                                     14C06              E-mail:
The company’s major line of activity is the manu-                                                                                     
facture of aerosol household chemicals and cos-                           105066, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str. 35, bldg. 1,
metic products to order and under proprietary trade                       Moscow, Russia                                                  The URGON Company rates among the five top
marks. The company’s production facilities com-                           Tel.: (495) 788-98-87. Fax: (495) 265-46-07                     perfumery and cosmetics manufacturers in Russia.
prise two state-of-the-art fully automated lines for                      E-mail:                                          The company’s major line of activity is contract
filling aerosol cans by Coster (Italy) and a line for the                                                          manufacturing of cosmetics. We also manufacture
production of tin cans by Soudronic (Switzerland)                                                                                         and market our proprietary products. The company’s
and Lanico (Germany). The UKRAINIAN AEROSOLS                         For 18 years the UNITOP Trade House has represent-                   production lines have been accredited with the ISO
Company disposes of an in-house certified labora-                    ed on the Russian and CIS markets perfumery prod-                    9001-2000 certificate which is a solid guarantee of
tory. The enterprise’s quality management system                     ucts from France, Great Britain, Italy, Russia. The                  the products’ high quality. An in-house laboratory,
is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000                    company’s product range includes both well-known                     continuous scientific research and enhancement of
standards.                                                           brands from leading manufacturers – Evaflor, Apple                   the product design solutions enable us to meet the
                                                                     Parfums, Corania, Flax, Jeanne Arthes, Planters,                     market demands to the maximum.
                                                                     Royal Cosmetics, Sergio Nero, Univers Parfums, Via
UNIL ELECTRONICS CORP                                   14D40        Paris, and new launches reflecting up-to-date per-
                                                                     fumery trends. The company is currently a leading                    USOLIE                                                   14E27
     8 Muk 1-dong, Jungnang gu, Seoul Korea                          regional distributor, maintaining active cooperation
     Tel.: 82-2-948-1358(117). Fax: 82-2-3421-0724                   with the largest federal chains such as ‘Auchan’,                          453104, Profsoyuznaya Str. 14, Sterlitamak, Russia                                                ‘Sedmoy Kontinent’, X5 Retail Group and others.                            Tel.: (3473) 28-68-96. Tel./fax: (3473) 28-14-14
UNIPACK CENTRE                                          14F12        UNIVERSE OF BEAUTY                                      13F03
                                                                                                                                          USOLIE LLC acts as an official dealer of the ‘Zifa’
     115419, Vtoroy Roshchinsky passage 8, bldg. 4,                       129110, Prospekt Mira Ave. 69, Moscow, Russia                   trade mark by the Soda PLC.
     Moscow, Russia                                                       Tel.: (495) 631-32-11                                           Brands represented:
     Tel./fax: (495) 232-09-40, 232-09-41                                 E-mail:                                     ‘Dlya tebya’ (For You) (cotton pads, swabs, sanitary
     E-mail:                                                                                 pads, wet wipes, tooth brushes).                                                                                                                ‘Multyashki’ (Cartoonies’) (children’s tooth brush-
                                                                     UNIVERSE OF BEAUTY, in the beauty industry                           es).
The Unipack Centre Company offers a wide range                       since 1993, is an official partner of the compa-                     ‘Brisol’, ‘Vals Aromatov’ (Aroma Waltz) (air freshen-
of plastic and glass cosmetic packages (tubes, jars,                 nies of ROSS, Belnatur (Spain), CyDen (England),                     ers).
vials, rolls-on) from the best European manufactur-                  Lothantique and Amelie & Melanie (France), GTE                       ‘Usolie’ (three-layer paper tissues).
ers. Having gained certain experience since 1996,                    Europe (Italy). The company’s major business                         ‘Vsegda Pervy’ (Always the First) (disposable
our company provides comprehensive consultation                      domains are: distribution of beauty care equipment                   razors).
services on new cosmetic lines offering stable and                   and furniture, professional and Ayurvedic cosmetics                  ‘Mukham Boy’ (Away with the Flies) (fly straps,
reliable partnership in the field of package supplies.               for beauty salons and Spa centres, distribution of                   dichlophos).
All our clients are offered high-quality assistance in               household aromacosmetics, as well as aromacos-                       ‘Pchyolkin letit na Pomoshch’ (Mr. Bee’s coming
the promotion of the finished product via specialized                metic products for beauty salons and Spa centres.                    to the rescue)(glass and dish detergents, sponges,
internet mass media.                                                 Partners are welcome.                                                trash bags).

204                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R    S

           V                                                                 ized skin;
                                                                             3) HYALURON – DAY – a gentle, rich in various
                                                                             active components, gel for intensive skin nutrition
  VALERI-D                                                      12F42        and hydration of deeper skin layers;                                 The offer of VERADERM is a complete variety of
                                                                             4) HYALURON-REPAIRE-MASK – a regenerative                            medical aesthetic products for dermatologists and
           630071, p.o. box 218, Stantsionnaya Str. 60/1,                    mask providing a powerful lifting effect.                            aesthetic doctors. VERADERM has different types
           Novosibirsk, Russia                                               Body care cosmetics: 1) HYALURON-STRETCH – an                        of peelings, products for mesotherapy , fillers for
           Tel./fax: (383) 350-86-71, 350-84-57                              anti-striae gel;                                                     wrinkles and resorbable threads to treat ptosis. All
           E-mail:                                     2) HYALURON-ANTICELLULIT – a gel formulated to                       these products are made in France by VERADERM.
                                     fight cellulite symptoms;                                            The fillers have a specificity, they are crossed linked
                                                                             3) HYALURON-BUSTE – a therapeutic preparation                        with a vegetal product completely safe.VERADERM
  The Valeri-D Company is a leading Russian manu-                            for anti-mastopathy treatment, retarding ageing                      propose too, a range of cosmetics without paraben,
  facturer of professional brushes for make-up art,                          processes in the breast and decollete skin.                          perfume and stainer.These cosmetic products have
  cosmetology, nail sculpture and design. The make-                                                                                               a very high concentration of ingredients , so we have
  up application assortment includes powder and                                                                                                   very quick results when we use them.
  blusher brushes, eye-shadow and lipstick brushes,                          VELORD                                                  13G14        VERADERM is also the leader with chromophore
  brushes for foundation and concealer application,                                                                                               cosmetics used with LED.With these cosmetics the
  brushes for eyebrow and eyelash painting, fan                                   109428, Ryazanskiy Ave. 30/15, Moscow, Russia                   results are better
  brushes; brushes for body art and bikini-design,                                Tel.: (495) 728-41-88. Fax: (495) 371-03-62
  for mask and peeling application, manicure and                                  E-mail:
  pedicure, as well as nail design brushes, kolonok                                                                        VEREYA CRYSTAL                                        12D30
  (red sable) and nylon brushes for acrylic and gel
  nail sculpturing.                                                          VELORD Ltd. is an official representative of the FIAB                      Leningradsky Ave. 37, bldg. 12, Moscow, Russia
  Our brushes are highly competitive with their coun-                        Company (Italy), a leading European manufacturer                           Tel.: (495) 795-73-71. Fax: (495) 231-79-31
  terparts produced abroad.                                                  of expendables for physiotherapy and apparative                            E-mail:
  Accessories: cases, belts, aprons, make-up artist’s                        cosmetology. The FIAB product range comprises:                   
  bags.                                                                      single-use and reusable electrodes for myostimula-
  Express delivery throughout Russia.                                        tion, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy and mas-                     Vereya Crystal design studio offers hair decora-
                                                                             sage, disposable coagulators; gloves and probes                      tion items and headwear with original Swarovski
                                                                             (maniples) for microcurrent therapy, fixing and                      crystals.
  VALLEX M                                                      13C12        conductive straps, iontophoresis masks, electrocon-
                                                                             ductive gel, connecting cables, disposable clothing
           117630, Starokaluzhskoye Shosse 62, Moscow,                       and much more.                                                       Vestar                                               14C21a
           Tel.: (495) 784-71-21. Fax: (495) 784-71-20                                                                                                  391000, Yuzhny promuzel 6А, Ryazan, Russia
           E-mail:                                        VERBENA                                                 12D20              Tel.: (4912) 935159. Fax: (4912) 935160
                                                                                  125080, Alabyan Str. 10, bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia            
  The Vallex M company acts as an exclusive dis-                                  Tel./fax: (495) 921-19-37, (499) 198-65-91, 198-
  tributor of professional cosmetics, perfumery,                                  65-33                                                           Manufacture of wet wipes, available both in block
  hardware cosmetology equipment, as well as aes-                                 E-mail:                                      and individual packages.
  thetic medicine appliances and preparations of such                   
  renowned brands as: CELLCOSMET & CELLMEN
  (Switzerland), PEVONIA, MEDICALIA, THERMAGE                                The VERBENA Company, a reliable supplier of pro-                     VGP                                                   14G23
  (USA), RESTYLANE (Sweden), SKIN TECH,                                      fessional beauty care products, acts as a distributor
  AESTHETIC DERMAL (Spain), SELLAS (Korea),                                  for following trade marks:                                                 43020, Lazo Str. 7, Lutsk, Ukraine
  FIBROPEN (Italy), DANIELE DE WINTER (Monaco),                              OPI (USA), the world’s leading company in the nail                         Tel.: +38(0332)789134. Fax: +38(0332)789134
  J.F.LAZARTIGUE (France), MENARD (Japan),                                   care business, offers a comprehensive range of                             E-mail:
  Geo F. TRUMPER, NOUGAT (G.B.), VIVESCENCE,                                 professional manicure, pedicure and nail extension               
  MEDER BEAUTY SCIENCE (Switzerland), Le Prince                              supplies.
  JARDINIER, HOUBIGANT(France), TAULETO, ISOTTA                              Hair styling products by Oster (USA), GA.MA (Italy),                 The VGP Open Joint-Stock Company is the largest
  FRASCHINI, PAOLO GIGLI (Italy), DISPORT (France).                          Cricket (USA).                                                       Ukrainean manufacturer of sanitary-hygiene prod-
                                                                             A chain of VERBENA professional stores offers a                      ucts from natural cellulose.
                                                                             full range of supplies for hair stylists, manicure                   The first lot of products under the brand name of
  VASTWOOD ELECTRONICS. CO., LTD                                14A25        technicians and beauticians. Tel.: (499) 268-91-68;                  ‘Ruta’ was launched in 1999. Since then the prod-
                                                                             198-80-31, (495) 991-77-72.                                          ucts of this trade mark have enjoyed an infallible
           #147-3. Dangha-ri, Bongdam-eup, Hwasung-city,                     The OPI training centre provides training for nail                   demand not only on the domestic Ukrainean market,
           Gyeonggi-do, Korea                                                technicians of all specializations. Tel.: (495) 623-                 but have also become popular with consumers in
           Tel.: 82-10-2868-2661                                             35-75.                                                               Russia, Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan,
           Fax: 82-505-115-2663                                                                                                                   Hungary and other CIS and Baltic countries.
                                                                                                                     Nowadays the company’s assortment comprises a
                                                                             VERDI                                                   12D15        full range of paper supplies including tissues, toilet
                                                                                                                                                  paper, paper rolls, paper handkerchiefs.
  VECTOR, Innovations Centre                                    ZOOM              115184, Novokuznetskaya Str. 7, room. 204,                      Experienced specialists and state-of-the-art
                                                                                  Moscow, Russia                                                  European-made equipment make our produce highly
           Fabrichnaya Str. 55, room 802, Novosibirsk, Russia                     Tel.: (495) 517-30-36                                           competitive on various markets throughout the
           Tel.: (383) 213-01-01                                                  E-mail:                                      world.

  Development and manufacture of face and body care                          Direct supplies of premium quality natural and syn-                  ViaBeautyk                                            13C29
  cosmetic products under the HYALURON brand. The                            thetic hair at manufacturer’s prices.
  products’ innovative formulas have been developed                          Also available are natural-hair wigs, artificial wigs                      119609, Michurinsky Ave. 80, Moscow, Russia
  on the basis of deep skin penetration nanotechnolo-                        from high quality thermo proof fibre, fashion jew-                         Tel./fax: (495) 220-88-37
  gies.                                                                      elry, hair extension crystals. Wholesale and retail                        E-mail:
  The gem of cosmetology is hyaluronic acid in every                         offers.                                                          
  Face care cosmetics: 1) HYALURON-7F – an inten-                                                                                                 1. Sale of equipment and supplies for hardware and
  sive skin treatment complex designed to inhibit                            VEREL-VERADERM                                          14B31        therapeutic cosmetology and Spa treatments
  aging processes;                                                                                                                                2. ‘Turn-key’ solutions for Beauty & Spa and
  2) HYALURON-NIGHT – a night care regeneration                                   10, rue de la Tr moille75008 PARIS                              Aesthetic centres. A whole range of services – from
  foam cream featuring a pleasant light texture for                               Tel.: +33144434785                                              marketing to profit making.
  fresh looking, oxygen-saturated and well-moistur-                               Fax: +33144434790                                               Concept scheming, layout + design, the model

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T     A    L     O    G     U     E

evaluation (maximum revenue per square meter),                       py products. Our cooperation with leading European                   Moscow. All the companies within the group are
equipment selection (cost-efficiency up to 30%),                     manufacturers enables us to provide the Russian                      subject to a unified management and economics
business technol ogies + software, personnel train-                  customer with exclusive equipment pieces featuring                   system, and have a single network of branches
ing, presentations, profit making schemes, trustee                   unique technical data, having proven its efficiency                  and warehouses. The companies engage mainly
management, reconstruction services.                                 in solving most aesthetic problems such as body                      in the organization and operation of import-export
3. School for doctors and aestheticians:                             sculpturing, lymphatic drainage, fast and effective                  transactions. Also provided by the group are
Hardware cosmetology /mesotherapy and injection                      training of facial, breast and body muscles. The                     customs transportation and broker services, as
techniques / SPA-treatments / Tea ceremonies.                        systems are also used for non-injection meso-                        well as shipping and expeditor services. The key
                                                                     therapy treatments, featuring new technologies for                   business principle of the VITA Ltd. Company is to
                                                                     non-surgical liposuction, RF rejuvenation, cellulite                 run a marketing system in such a way that the end
VICTORY COMPANY                                         12D02        treatment, and other aesthetic lesions. The cosmetic                 price of exported goods becomes lower than that
                                                                     lines and mesotherapy preparations supplied by                       of the manufacturer; a direct connection between
     115142, Kolomenskaya Str. 21, bldg. 3,                          the VIP Clinic Company have become the result of                     manufacturers and customers; dispatches from
     Moscow, Russia                                                  many-year research work with the employment of                       Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia;
     Tel./fax: (495) 600-34-01, 600-34-02                            state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee supreme                   export documentation complies with both Russian
     E-mail:                                        results of the treatment.                                            and international laws.
     Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk,                    In 18 years the company has assisted in the launch-
     Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Magnotogorsk, N.                         ing of over 800 beauty salons in Russia, the CIS and
     Novgorod, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Syktyvkar,                 Eastern European countries, while the company’s                      VTA FRANCE                                              14A32
     Khabarovsk,                                                     International Training Centre has qualified hundreds
     Chyelyabinsk, Kiev, Baku                                        of specialists for the Beauty Business.                                    136 RUE DU MARAIS –
     8-800-333-90-07 – toll free hot line throughout                                                                                            10400 MONTPOTHIER - FRANCE
     Russia                                                                                                                                     Tel.:                                                Vita Cosmetics S.r.l.                                   12C13              Fax:
A chain of training centres providing qualifications in                     Via Scalvini, 16 Milano                                   
manicure, nail sculpture and nail design, depilation                        Tel.: 0039 011 8023400. Fax: 0039 011 8023447
and eyelash extension techniques.                                           E-mail:                                    Specialized in manufacturing tubing glass vials
Training of nail technicians by exclusive American                                                              and bottles:sampling vials, roll on, spray bottles,
tutoring programmes EzFlow and .ibd. in manicure,                                                                                         droppers for perfume, cosmetic and pharmaceutical
nail sculpture and nail design; eyelash extension                    Vitastyle is a company of Farmen I.C.D. group and                    industries.
courses LASH beLONG and depilation training by                       it manufactures 100% of products distributed under                   Custom made decoration:metallization, laquering,
GiGi. An individual tutoring schedule. Basic and                     the brand name Vitality’s and Fascinelle. Vitality’s is              frosting, printing.
advanced training in any qualification. An award of                  the trademark utilized for hair professionals prod-                  All accessories for closures:caps, stoppers and
an International Diploma and employment support.                     ucts hair: dyes, direct colors, waving lotions, hair                 others.
Training of nail technicians for nail contests, taking               treatments, hair styling; in other words all for hair.               Packing and filling.
place both in Russia and abroad, instructions, mas-                  Vitality’s range of products is distributed in 45 coun-
ter classes, free seminars. Available are over 3000                  tries in the 5 continents. Research and development,
items of professional US-made cosmetics. A per-                      high technology, nice look and an important net of
manent 7% discount rate for graduates. A network                     international stylists, able to train the hairdressers
of training centres and stores throughout Russia and
the CIS. More detailed information is available on
                                                                     all over the world, make Vitality’s by Farmen one of
                                                                     the best professional lines of hair products.
our website or per phone of our hot line.
                                                                                                                                          WALLER Polska Sp. z o.o.                                 12E14
                                                                     Vita SPA                                                13D15
VIORICA-COSMETIC                                           З/У                                                                                  Ul. Zalogowa 6; 80-557 Gdansk, Poland
                                                                            123308, Marshal Zhukov Ave. 2, room 248,                            Tel.: +48 58 343 16 36
     Mesadzher Str. 1, Kishinev, Moldova                                    Moscow, Russia                                                      Fax: +48 58 343 16 39
     Tel.: (373) 22-74-89-50. Fax: (373) 22-74-26-86                        Tel./fax: (499) 195-01-32, 191-04-67                      
     E-mail:,                           E-mail:                                                                       
                                                                                                                                          Complete solution for nail care and nail art. We
The Viorica-Cosmetic Joint-Stock Company, the                        The VITA SPA Company provides Italian-made body                      offer Perfect Lady™ professional products distri-
largest manufacturer of perfumery and cosmetics in                   care Spa products. Body wash sponges.                                bution or private label manufacturing. We supply
the Republic of Moldova, presents a most extensive                   Mediterranean Spa – a line of natural cosmetic treat-                UV gels, acrylics, nail art, nail enamels, manicure
selection of perfumery and cosmetic products for-                    ments and Spa rituals, combining vegetal ingredi-                    pedicure SPA treatments, tools and accessories.
mulated with natural oils and extracts.                              ents, sea salt and thermal water. The product range                  Our advantages are best quality, own training
Due to the use of supreme-quality raw materials                      comprises body cream soap, salt scrub, shower gel,                   system, professional customer service and com-
and natural ingredients provided by internationally                  vegetal soap, lip balm, hand cream oil, facial cream.                petitive prices
renowned European companies in the production                        CIGNO NERO – 100g bath soap bars in a variety of
we are able to offer body and hair care perfumery                    18 sorts.
and cosmetic products able to meet the needs of the                  Angel’s SPA – scented shower and bath foams on                       Weckerle Cosmetics, LLC                                 14B24
most exacting consumers.                                             the basis of thermal water. Natural face and body
The products’ flawless quality as a proof of respect                 care wax, pure vegetal balms, body nutrition milk,                         115093, Moscow, Partiyniy lane, 1, block 57,
for the consumer is the fundamentals of the com-                     massage oils, dark-sugar body scrubs and bath                              building 3 (entry from the 3rd Pavlovskiy lane).
pany’s policy.                                                       soaps.                                                                      M-style - Office 111
Russian and foreign companies are welcome as                         MARTINI SPA – body sponges and scrubbers scent-                            Tel/Fax: +7(495) 781-20-29
partners.                                                            ed with natural essential oils. The products are                 
                                                                     made from natural raw materials, hypoallergenic and
                                                                     maintain the skin’s natural PH balance.                              Weckerle Cosmetics delivers leading innovations
VIP clinik, Company                                     13C14                                                                             in all aspects of contract manufacturing with full-
                                                                                                                                          service for beauty products for lips, eyes, face and
     109147, Marksistskaya Str. 3, room 505,                         Vita                                                    14A40        body. Since May 2009 Weckerle also provides Skin
     Moscow, Russia                                                                                                                       and Oral Care products through the acquisition of
     Tel./fax: (495) 911-71-02, 911-97-99, 911-93-01                        198188, Zaitsev Str. 41, room 13-Н:42,                        Premium Cosmetics.
     E-mail:                                              St. Petersburg, Russia                                        Weckerle operates internationally for over 30 years                                                       Tel.: (812) 457-04-44. Fax: (812) 448-64-24                   in the Colour Cosmetics Market and is located in
                                                                            E-mail:                                   seven countries worldwide, with the headquarter
The VIP Clinic Company pioneered the Russian mar-                                                                based in Germany.
ket of cosmetology equipment and has attained a                                                                                           Weckerle Cosmetics creates customized solutions
leading position among Russian suppliers of beauty                   Our Company Group represents an integrated                           and stands for its main philosophy ‚Innovation
equipment, professional cosmetics and mesothera-                     centre founded in St. Petersburg with a branch in                    never ends‘.

206                              I   N   F    O   R    M    A    T   I   O    N       A   B   O    U   T        E   X    H   I   B    I   T   O    R   S

  Wei Da Plastic Product Co.,ltd Jin Hua                        14D17        with natural vegetal components and backed up                        thematic areas – fashion and star life, beauty
                                                                             by a 30-year-long experience of the professional                     and carrier, love and sex, psychology and magic,
           No. 969 Tao Yuan Road Xin Shi Street Jin Hua City                 hair care cosmetics is a pledge of your beauty                       household and nutrition – all the issues that are
           Tel.: 0086-579-82422008. Fax: 0086-579-                           and health.                                                          of interest to the women’s readership. Featured
           82422717                                                                                                                               by on a monthly basis are new
           E-mail:                                                                                                           projects. Our visitors will be surprised by unusual
                                                  Wellness-SPA                                            13A34        services, current contests and incredible prizes.
                                                                                                                                        , established in 2005, is the
  Wei Da Plasitic Co.,Ltd , Which specializes in nail                             107076, Elektrozavodskaya Str. 31, bldg. 3, room                property of the Milanor Ltd Company, owned by
  polish caps manufacturing, supply more than 400                                 130, Moscow, Russia                                             GK Direct Group, Ventech Capital, Xange Capital,
  different kinds of elegant nail caps with annual                                Tel.: (495) 744-75-50. Tel./fax: (495) 223-60-26                AGF PE.
  output 200millions.                                                             E-mail:
  Imported the latest automatic nail brush machines                     
  and Du Pont nylon filament raw material enable us
  to produce best quality nail brushes.                                      Our company deals with:
  We want to be the same high level as the best in the                       Complex fitting out of beauty salons with beauty
  industry or even to lead the way!                                          care and Spa equipment from leading Italian manu-                    Yauw Lien Electrical Mfg Co Ltd                       14D46
                                                                             training in apparative techniques in the field of                         Flat C, 16/F., Luk Hop Ind Bldg, 8 Luk Hop Street,
  WELFARE                                                       13B21        cosmetology, permanent make-up design, eyelash                            Sanpokong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                                                                             extension (basic course, advanced training and                            Tel.: (852) 2327 8295
           117418, Nakhimovskiy Ave. 33/2, Moscow, Russia                    master classes);                                                          Fax: (852) 2352 1051
           Tel.: (499) 129-09-31. Tel./fax: (499) 129-13-09                  marketing of professional cosmeceuticals by                               E-mail:
           E-mail:                                              FITOMELATONINA (Italia);                                                  WWW.YAUWLIEN.COM.HK
                                                        Business support services ranging from launching
                                                                             and reorganization of the beauty salon to the devel-                 Yauw Lien Electrical Manufacturing
  The Welfare Company presents Japanese-made                                 opment of the company’s business style and web                       Company limited was established over 20 years.
  cosmetics. The company acts as the Russian                                 advertising support.                                                 We have well
  representative of several Japanese companies                                                                                                    Facilitated development line from industrial design-
  engaged in the manufacture of elite cosmetic                                                                                                    er, mock-up making, tool shop, safety test labora-
  products designed by leading cosmetologists                                WENTWORTH TECH CENTRAL Sp. z o.o.                       14F11        tory, reliable laboratory to meet high quality, require-
  on the basis of the latest fundamental research                                                                                                 ments of oem and odm hair-care and household
  and practical developments aimed to derive the                                  Srebrna Str., No. 20, Bydgoszcz 85-461, Poland                  appliances, high quality, innovative designs, good
  maximum from the symbiosis of infinite medicinal                                Tel.: + 48 52 581 77 70. Fax: + 48 52 581 77 69                 service are guaranteed.        Our products include
  powers of the nature and state-of-the-art nano-                                 E-mail:                                        hairdryer, curling iron, hot air styler, brushes, and
  and biotechnologies.                                                                                                     straightener etc.

  WellBeing Hair & Beauty Products Limited                      14A54        WETTPEX HYGIENICAL PRODUCTS e.Kfm.                      14D26        YAZYKOV-GROUP. Gourmet cosmetics 13E01, 13G70

           No. A07 2nd/Fl. Eva Plaza, No. 124-128 JiChang                         Hermann-L ns-Str. 132, D-51469 Bergisch                              129110, Gilyarovsky Str. 53, Moscow, Russia
           Road, GuangZhou, China 510410                                          Gladbach                                                             Tel.: (495) 641-27-96. Fax: (499) 763-12-08
           Tel.: 0086-20-86388346/37242848                                        Tel.: + 49 (0) 2202 188 27 27                                        E-mail:
           Fax: 0086-20-86383576                                                  Fax: + 49 (0) 2202 188 27 29                               ,
           E-mail:                                            E-mail:
                                                                                         The Yazykov-Group Company presents on the
                                                                                                                    markets of Russia and CIS countries ‘Gourmet
                                                                             Wettpex evolved, produces and dislodges wet wipes                    Cometics’ – exclusive professional products by
  WellBeing Hair & Beauty Products Co., Ltd is a                             for cosmetic, care of skin, for car s, or household,                 ISHI (Italy).
  leading professional manufacturer in the field of                          babycare. We produce to strict German regulations,                   Truffle therapy products developed on the basis of
  hair beauty products in China. WellBeing factory is                        so our quality is very high. We are able to produce                  rare white and black truffles grown on the isle of
  located in the north part of GuangZhou, China. We                          your own brand according your wishes. Our own                        Alba,
  have more than one hundred employees, occupying                            brand: Wetties.                                                      Chocolate therapy products from expensive Criollo
  4000 square meters.                                                                                                                             cocoa beans,
  We produce a wide range of products listed as                                                                                                   Wine therapy products based on valuable grape
  hereafter:                                                                 WHITE WOOD                                              13G62        sorts such as Chianti, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
  Hair salon Capes, Aprons, Kimonos, Beauty Clothes,                                                                                              The Yazykov-Group Training Centre provides free
  Hair Clips, Tinting Bowl and Brush, Combs, Razor                           141400, Rabochaya Str. 2а, bldg. 1, Khimki, Moscow                   master classes in ISHI chocotherapy, wine- and
  Carrier, Perm Rods and Rollers, Tool bags, Tool                            region, Russia                                                       truffle therapy techniques, as well as in depilation
  Cases, Mannequins, Mirros, Spray Bottles and other                         Tel./fax: (495) 783-97-62                                            and bikini design. Beauty salons and Spa-centres
  sundry hair salon and beauty products.                                     E-mail:                                             are offered beneficial cooperation terms as partners.
  We supply the services silk-screen printing, embroi-                                                                  Welcome to the first on-line store for depilation sup-
  dery, hot pressing, and process business with sup-                         The White Wood Company is a manufacturer of                          plies:
  plied patterns or samples.                                                 and an exclusive Russian distributor of the natural
  Sincerely welcome to establish the cooperation                             Chinese tea TAI CHI (a still non-alcoholic drink).
  relationship with you from domestic and abroad!                            Currently the tea assortment comprises 6 items:                      Yiwu Chujie Plastics Co.,ltd                          14B56
  OEM & ODM is welcome!                                                      red tea, lemon-flavored black tea, green tea with
                                                                             honey, jasmine-flavored green tea, oolong and white                       No.1252, Chengxin Road, Niansanli, Yiwu, China
                                                                             tea. The company is actively developing a vending                         Tel.: 0086-579-85072083. Fax: 0086-579-
  WELLJOY INTERNATIONAL                                         12D26        sphere.                                                                   85071215
           105523, Shchyolkovskoye Shosse 100, bldg. 1,                                                                                      
           room 3025, Moscow, Russia                                                                        12A19
           Tel./fax: (495) 665-68-60                                                                                                              Yiwu Chujie Plastics CO., Ltd is a professional pro-
           E-mail:                                              Vyatskaya Str. 27, bldg. 7, Moscow, Russia                      ducer in nail raw materials in the creation of inter-
                                                 Tel.: (495)411-77-81. Fax: (495)411-77-82                       national brands of JINANSUN, CHUJIE, PERFECT
                                                                                  E-mail:                                           SUMMERS nail product line, we also supply various
  The WELLJOY Company offers a wide range                                                                                     of OEM nail products for all the dealers around the
  of professional hair care cosmetic products.                                                                                                    world. For long term, we have high reputation both
  Our cosmetics are distinguished for its supreme                   is an information and enter-                         at home and abroad. At present, our products are
  quality and efficiency, ensuring a durable and                             tainment portal for young, modern and success-                       famous around the world in more than 130 countries
  beneficial effect. The CHIHTSAI line formulated                            ful women. The site encompasses the following                        and regions.

             O     F     F    I    C     I    A    L          C     A    T    A     L     O    G     U     E

YOU Professional                                        12A21        Israeli-made cosmetics from the manufacturer,                        Automatic blister packing machine,
                                                                     direct supplies. Wholesale offers of Israeli-made                    Automatic cartoning machine,
     109012, Vetoshny Lane 9, 3d floor, Moscow,                      proprietary cosmetics and mass-market cosmetic                       Tube filling and sealing machine
     Russia                                                          products.                                                            Blister packing & cartoning production line,
     Tel.: (495) 771-17-09                                                                                                                Strip packing machine,
     E-mail:                                                                                                               Capsule filling machine,                                                  ZDOROVIY ZAGAR                                          13A26        High-efficiency coating machine,
                                                                                                                                          Extracting & concentrating whole set machine.
YOU Professional is a magazine for hairstylists and                       690089, Okeansky Ave. 30, Vladivostok, Russia                   Vacuum emulsification blender
makeup artists, published within the international                        Tel.: (4232) 75-97-90                                           TEL:0086-577 65806996
project YOU. Published for the first time in Italy,                       E-mail:                                        FAX:0086-577 65626588
YOU Professional rates nowadays among the most                                                                 E-mail:
respectable periodicals in Europe. YOU Professional,                                                                            
considering the profession of a hairstylist from the                 ZDOROVIY ZAGAR acts as an exclusive distributor of                   Contact: Susie Chen
point of view of fashion, covers a most comprehen-                   US-made solaria ExpressTan in Russia. ExpressTan
sive range of issues that might interest a genuine                   tanning systems feature cutting-edge eco sound
professional.                                                        technologies which make it possible to achieve a                     Zhongshan Weizhao
Subscription indexes in the Rospechat catalogue                      high-quality tan at lower energy expenses. Solaria                   Plastic Manufacturing Co.,ltd                           14B41
‘Newspapers. Magazines’ –                                            operate from a 220 V power net, occupy 3 times
For the RF – 84766                                                   less space, 3 times more energy-efficient, require                         Tongle industrial zone,Dongfeng town, Zhongshan
For the CIS countries – 20470                                        no additional conditioning systems, require twice                          city,Guangdong province,China
                                                                     as fewer lamp replacements and less maintenance                            Tel.: 86-760-22622461. Fax: 86-760-22625111
                                                                     services, thus cutting back on the cost prices of a                        E-mail:
     Z                                                               tanning seance which ensures a bigger turnover.
                                                                     Our tanning systems guarantee a beautiful even tan

                                                                     without dehydrating the skin. A 3-year warranty.                     Established in 1992,Zhongshan weizhao plastic
ZACHARIOUDAKIS G. INC.                                  14F28                                                                             manufacturing Co.,ltd is one of the biggest plastic
                                                                                                                                          cosmetic packaging manufacturers in China. Our
     Saint John, Kenourio Horio, Episkopi, Heraklion,                Zenon Corporation                                       12E22        main products are including plastic bottle, aerosol
     Crete, P.C. 70008, GREECE                                                                                                            caps, foam pump and different kinds of normal caps,
     Tel.: (+30) 2810 762 305. Fax: (+30) 2810 762 301                    #701, Shin-poong Flostar B/D, 756-1, Janghang-                  based on the material of PET,PP,PE,PETG, and so
     E-mail:                                     dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea                   on. More than 15 years’ experience in this industry,                                            Tel.: +82 31 908 7250                                           our products have established a good reputation,not
                                                                          Fax: +82 31 908 7251                                            only in Dosmetic market, but also in USA Europe
For thousands of years, Greek women have relied                           E-mail:;                               Canada, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia
on olive oil to give their skin a naturally healthy,                                                      area,for example: SEPHORA, Giovanni, Kobayashi
radiant appearance. Discover their secret with                                                                                            Healthcare,Watsons, etc.
Aphrodite, a line of botanically infused paraben                     Zenon Corporation has been spread out Japan,                         We have our own mould-making workshop, injection
free skin care products that harnesses the mois-                     European countries and Latin Americas. We have                       workshop, blowing workshop, printing workshop
turizing properties of Cretan extra virgin olive oil.                main office in South Korea also manufacture fac-                     which includes silk printing (screen) line, hotstamp-
Our product range consists of products specially                     tory in China as supplier. Our main products are                     ing line, frosted finishing line, rubber finishing.
made to satisfy all hair, body, and face care needs.                 made of Design Nails, Artificial eyelashes, UV-gel,                  High quality, innovation, satisfaction of custom-
We focus in exports worldwide and are currently                      UV-powder, Nail Stickers, Nail files and so on. We                   ers” are the power we insist on improvement and
looking for distributors. Our product range can also                 are working on beauty for the all of world.                          development.
be customized to private-brand or hotel amenities
                                                                     ZEPTER International                                    13E13

Zagar-Shop                                              13B03             123103, Karamyshevsky Lane 6, Moscow, Russia
                                                                          Tel.: (495) 258-44-17. Fax: (495) 721-17-55
     127576, Abramtsevskaya Str. 1, Moscow, Russia                        E-mail:
     Tel.: (495) 921-63-04, 220-93-77                           ,
     E-mail:                                               ZEPTER International is an international company
                                                                     specializing in the manufacture of premium-class
The Zagar-Shop Company offers the most compre-                       health and beauty care supplies.
hensive assortment of instant tan cosmetics, lamps                   ZEPTER cosmetics and ‘Bioptron’ devices are manu-
and accessories. You are welcome to place your                       factured in Switzerland which guarantees their top
order on the phone or via e-mail. We cooperate with                  quality and the stringiest observance of the produc-
trading organizations, salons and private persons.                   tion technologies.
Why waste time paying visits to a dozen different                    Eight cosmetic lines by ZEPTER, including both
stores if you can buy all the necessary supplies at                  makeup and skincare products, enable every client
the Zagar-Shop?!                                                     to tailor his individual treatment programme.
Cosmetics brands available: Art of Sun,                              ‘Bioptron’ light therapy systems prove effective in
AustralianGold, California Tan, CaribbeanGold,                       fighting age-related skin changes, as well as derma-
DevotedCreations, DreamTan, EmeraldBay,                              tological diseases.
GoldenSkin, FijiBlend, MagicSun, Mexican Dream,
Onyx, PowerTan, Soleo, Star, SunMaxx, SuperTan,
SwedishBeauty, TanMaster, TannyMax, TropicalTan.                     Zhejiang Hualian
Lamps: Cosmedico, Dr.Kern, Heraeus, Phillips,                        Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd                        14C47
SmartPower, WolffSystem.
Accessories: mats, sun shades, stickinis, tissues,                        Economic Development Zone, Ruian City,
slippers, caps etc.                                                       Zhejiang Province,China 325200
Your orders are welcome!                                                  Tel.: 86-577-65806996. Fax: 86-577-65626588
Zaykovskaya E.M.                                       13A11a
                                                                     Zhejiang Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd.
     236022, Kaluzhskaya Str. 34-15, Kaliningrad,                    is specialized in researching, developing and pro-
     Russia                                                          ducing pharmaceutical machinery and foodstuff
     Tel.: (4012) 991491. Fax: (4012) 536766                         machinery as well as interrelated service for 18years.
     E-mail:                                 Main products :