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									Acne No More Book
Author: Yana Mikheeva
Bothered endlessly by the acne? I wonder if I should admire you or you should admire me-in my age the acne comes no more, but my
youth also comes no more.
Anyway the acne is really troublesome, right? Once, my 16-year-old daughter was always spending a few minutes before mirror and
complaining about it, and my hard-earned salary was constantly flowing into the doctor's pocket due to it. Both of them drive me mad.
The nightmare finally will be finished by a product-Acne No More. It's really out of our expectation that it's an e-book instead of a
medicine or a cleansing milk or a set of tools used to remove acne. The author is Mike Walden, a nutritionist. His idea is not only focus
on the acne, but a general adjustment to the inner body environment. He believes that when the inner environment reaches harmony, the
acne will disappear naturally. The book mainly includes what is acne and why it comes, how to cure it and some other helpful topics such
as internal body cleansing, appropriate diet, food we should try to avoid and we can eat, keeping a natural hormonal balance, and so on.
My daughter and I sometimes throw ourselves into sofa, reading together and discussing. Most of time I take it with me and read when I
take subway. A detailed summary of Acne No More shows five treatment programs. A mini program for mild acne is my daughters
favorite -after all she is a young girl without too much patience to read all. Other topics covered are how to alleviate stress, sleep
improvement, exercise and skin care. This is a step by step program, not a once and away one. We have overcomed our laziness,
casual desires to the rich food and have been reminding each other of following its instructions. Recently the acne becomes faded. Our
fight with acne likes a seesaw battle, fortunately we almost win.
I like Acne No More not only because it cures my daughter's acne, saves my money, but also because it gives us many useful tips for our
health. The idea I appreciate most in this book is that food affects our health. Everybody knows the truth that curing disease with food is
more delicious and cheaper than the medicine.
I do hope more and more acne sufferers or other people without acne to own this book and benefit from it. Download
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