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									                                                                                 Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 26 / Tuesday, February 9, 2010 / Notices                                                     6407

                                                    MISSOURI                                                Hamilton County                                       or faxed comments should be submitted
                                                    St. Louis Independent City                              Jones, Clarence T., Observatory, 10 N.                by February 24, 2010 .
                                                    Pevely Dairy Company Plant, 1001 S. Grand,                Tuxedo Ave., Chattanooga, 09000949,                 J. Paul Loether,
                                                      3626 Chouteau, 1101 Motard, St. Louis,                  Listed, 11/20/09
                                                                                                                                                                  Chief, National Register of Historic Places/
                                                      09000937, Listed, 11/18/09                            Johnson County                                        National, Historic Landmarks Program.
                                                    NEBRASKA                                                Vaught, Dr. Wiley Wagner, Office, W.W.                CALIFORNIA
                                                    Douglas County                                            Vaught Ln., S. of Dug Hill Rd., Mountain
                                                                                                                                                                  Los Angeles County
                                                                                                              City vicinity, 09000950, Listed, 11/20/09
                                                    Anderson Building, The, 701 S. 24th St.,                                                                      Garment Capitol Building, 217 E. 8th St., Los
                                                     2243 Jones, Omaha, 09000938, Listed, 11/               Smith County                                            Angeles, 10000053
                                                     20/09, (Apartments, Flats and Tenements                Hull, Cordell, Bridge, Cordell Hull Bridge St.        IOWA
                                                     in Omaha, Nebraska from 1880–1962)                      over the Cumberland River, Carthage,
                                                                                                             09000951, Listed, 11/20/09                           Lucas County
                                                    NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                                                                                  Chariton Cemetery Historic District, 929 S.
                                                    Cape May County                                         TEXAS                                                   Main St., Chariton, 10000054
                                                    Flanders, Hotel, The, 719 E. 11th St., Ocean            McLennan County                                       Story County
                                                      City, 09000939, Listed, 11/20/09
                                                                                                            Castle Heights Historic District Roughly              Roosevelt School, 921 9th St., Ames,
                                                    Somerset County                                           bounded by Waco Dr. (US 84), Oriental                 10000055
                                                    Olcott Avenue Historic District, Portions of              Rd., Franklin Ave., and 39th St., Waco,
                                                      Olcott, Childsworth, and Highview                       07000495, Listed, 11/17/09
                                                      Avenues, and Church St., Bernardsville                                                                      York County
                                                      Borough, 09000940, Listed, 11/20/09                                                                         South Berwick Village Historic District,
                                                                                                            Norfolk Independent City                                Portions of Main, Portland, Highland and
                                                    NEW YORK                                                                                                        Academy, South Berwick, 10000058
                                                                                                            Virginia Ice & Freezing Corporation Cold
                                                    Broome County                                             Storage Warehouse, 835 Southampton                  MASSACHUSETTS
                                                    Emmanuel Church of the Evangelical                        Ave., Norfolk, 09000922, Listed, 11/13/09
                                                     Association of Binghamton, 80 Front St.,                                                                     Bristol County
                                                     Binghamton, 09000941, Listed, 11/20/09                 WISCONSIN                                             Ingraham, Robert C., School, 80 Rivet St.,
                                                                                                                                                                    New Bedford, 10000056
                                                    OREGON                                                  Door County
                                                                                                            GREEN BAY shipwreck (sloop), Address                  Middlesex County
                                                    Multnomah County
                                                                                                             Restricted, Sevastopol vicinity, 09000952,           Groton High School, 145 Main St., Groton,
                                                    Keller, Edward H. and Bertha R., House, 3028             Listed, 11/18/09, (Great Lakes Shipwreck               10000057
                                                      NE Alameda St., Portland, 09000943,
                                                                                                             Sites of Wisconsin MPS)                              NEW YORK
                                                      Listed, 11/20/09
                                                                                                            [FR Doc. 2010–2796 Filed 2–8–10; 8:45 am]
                                                    SOUTH DAKOTA                                                                                                  Putnam County
                                                                                                            BILLING CODE 4312–51–P
                                                                                                                                                                  West Point Foundry Archeological Site,
                                                    Gregory County                                                                                                  Address Restricted, Cold Spring, 10000059
                                                    St. Augustine Church, SE. Corner of 6th St.                                                                   [FR Doc. 2010–2797 Filed 2–8–10; 8:45 am]
                                                      and Main St., Dallas, 09000944, Listed, 11/           DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                                                                                                                                                                  BILLING CODE P
                                                                                                            National Park Service
                                                    Gregory County
                                                    St. John’s Catholic Church, Section 31 R96W             National Register of Historic Places;
                                                                                                                                                                  NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND
                                                      73N Dickens Township, Dallas vicinity,                Notification of Pending Nominations                   SPACE ADMINISTRATION
                                                      09000945, Listed, 11/20/09                            and Related Actions
                                                    Lincoln County                                                                                                [Notice (10– 020)]
                                                                                                              Nominations for the following
                                                    Byrnes House, 525 N. Broadway St., Canton,
                                                                                                            properties being considered for listing               Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel;
                                                      09000946, Listed, 11/18/09
                                                                                                            or related actions in the National                    Meeting
                                                    Tripp County                                            Register were received by the National
                                                                                                                                                                  AGENCY: National Aeronautics and
                                                    Tripp County Veteran’s Memorial, 200 E.                 Park Service before January 23, 2010.
                                                                                                                                                                  Space Administration (NASA).
                                                      Third St., Winner, 09000947, Listed, 11/              Pursuant to section 60.13 of 36 CFR part
                                                      17/09                                                 60 written comments concerning the                    ACTION: Notice of Meeting.

                                                    TENNESSEE                                               significance of these properties under                SUMMARY: In accordance with the
                                                                                                            the National Register criteria for                    Federal Advisory Committee Act, Public
                                                    Greene County
                                                                                                            evaluation may be forwarded by United                 Law 92–463, as amended, the National
                                                    Conway Bridge, Briar Thicket Rd./Knob                   States Postal Service, to the National                Aeronautics and Space Administration
                                                      Creek Rd. over the Nolichucky River, Briar            Register of Historic Places, National
                                                      Thicket vicinity, 09000948, Listed, 11/20/
                                                                                                                                                                  announce a forthcoming meeting of the
                                                                                                            Park Service, 1849 C St., NW., 2280,                  Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel.
Cprice-sewell on DSK2BSOYB1PROD with NOTICES

                                                                                                            Washington, DC 20240; by all other                    DATES: Wednesday, February 24, 2010,
                                                    Hamilton County                                         carriers, National Register of Historic               12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
                                                    Engel Stadium, O’Neal St. and E. 3rd St.,               Places, National Park Service, 1201 Eye               ADDRESSES: Marshall Space Flight
                                                      Chattanooga, 09000954, Listed, 11/19/09               St., NW., 8th floor, Washington, DC                   Center, Building 4200, Room 504 (5th
                                                    Hamilton County                                         20005; or by fax, 202–371–6447. Written               Floor), Marshall Space Flight Center, AL
                                                    First Presbyterian Church, 554 McCallie                                                                       35812–0001. (Note that visitors will first
                                                      Ave., Chattanooga, 09000955, Listed, 11/                                                                    need to go to the Marshall Space Flight
                                                      18/09                                                                                                       Center Visitor’s Center to gain access.)

                                               VerDate Nov<24>2008   14:39 Feb 08, 2010   Jkt 220001   PO 00000   Frm 00067   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\09FEN1.SGM   09FEN1
                                                    6408                         Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 26 / Tuesday, February 9, 2010 / Notices

                                                    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.                    number, and expiration date to the                    Notice of Consideration of Issuance of
                                                    Kathy Dakon, Aerospace Safety                           Marshall Space Flight Center Security                 Amendments to Facility Operating
                                                    Advisory Panel Executive Director,                      Office no later than close of business on             Licenses, Proposed No Significant
                                                    National Aeronautics and Space                          February 11, 2010. If the above                       Hazards Consideration Determination,
                                                    Administration, Washington, DC 20546,                   information is not received by the noted              and Opportunity for a Hearing
                                                    (202) 358–0732.                                         dates, attendees should expect a                         The Commission has made a
                                                    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The                          minimum delay of two (2) hours. All                   proposed determination that the
                                                    Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel will                    visitors to this meeting will be required             following amendment requests involve
                                                    hold its 1st Quarterly Meeting for 2010.                to process in through the Redstone/                   no significant hazards consideration.
                                                    This discussion is pursuant to carrying                 Marshall Space Flight Center Joint                    Under the Commission’s regulations in
                                                    out its statutory duties for which the                  Visitor Control Center located on                     Title 10 of the Code of Federal
                                                    Panel reviews, identifies, evaluates, and               Rideout Road, north of Gate 9, prior to               Regulations (10 CFR), Section 50.92,
                                                    advises on those program activities,                    entering Marshall Space Flight Center.                this means that operation of the facility
                                                    systems, procedures, and management                     Please provide the appropriate data, via              in accordance with the proposed
                                                    activities that can contribute to program               fax at (256) 544–2101, noting at the top              amendment would not (1) Involve a
                                                    risk. Priority is given to those programs               of the page ‘‘Public Admission to the                 significant increase in the probability or
                                                    that involve the safety of human flight.                ASAP Meeting at MSFC.’’ For security                  consequences of an accident previously
                                                    The agenda will include Marshall Space                  questions, please call Becky Hopson at                evaluated; or (2) create the possibility of
                                                    Flight Center Safety Mission Assurance                  (256) 544–4541. It is imperative that the             a new or different kind of accident from
                                                    Overview; NASA Safety and Mission                       meeting be held on this date to                       any accident previously evaluated; or
                                                    Assurance Technical Excellence;                         accommodate the scheduling priorities                 (3) involve a significant reduction in a
                                                    Overview of Marshall Space Flight                       of the key participants.                              margin of safety. The basis for this
                                                    Center Launch Abort System                                                                                    proposed determination for each
                                                                                                              Dated: February 2, 2010.
                                                    Responsibilities; and Marshall Space                                                                          amendment request is shown below.
                                                    Flight Center Industrial Safety, New                    P. Diane Rausch,
                                                                                                                                                                     The Commission is seeking public
                                                    Initiatives, Proactive Approaches,                      Advisory Committee Management Officer,                comments on this proposed
                                                    Specific Safety Issues, Identified                      National Aeronautics and Space                        determination. Any comments received
                                                    Opportunities, and Near Misses.                         Administration.
                                                                                                                                                                  within 30 days after the date of
                                                       The meeting will be open to the                      [FR Doc. 2010–2711 Filed 2–8–10; 8:45 am]             publication of this notice will be
                                                    public up to the seating capacity of the                BILLING CODE 7510–13–P                                considered in making any final
                                                    room. Seating will be on a first-come                                                                         determination.
                                                    basis. Visitors will be requested to sign                                                                        Normally, the Commission will not
                                                    a visitor’s register. Photographs will                                                                        issue the amendment until the
                                                    only be permitted during the first 10                   NUCLEAR REGULATORY                                    expiration of 60 days after the date of
                                                    minutes of the meeting. During the first                COMMISSION                                            publication of this notice. The
                                                    30 minutes of the meeting, members of                                                                         Commission may issue the license
                                                    the public may make a 5-minute verbal                   [NRC–2010–0040]                                       amendment before expiration of the 60-
                                                    presentation to the Panel on the subject                                                                      day period provided that its final
                                                    of safety in NASA. To do so, please                     Biweekly Notice; Applications and                     determination is that the amendment
                                                    contact Ms. Susan Burch at                              Amendments to Facility Operating                      involves no significant hazards
                                                    susan.burch@nasa.gov at least 48 hours                  Licenses Involving No Significant                     consideration. In addition, the
                                                    in advance. Any member of the public                    Hazards Considerations                                Commission may issue the amendment
                                                    is permitted to file a written statement                                                                      prior to the expiration of the 30-day
                                                    with the Panel at the time of the                       I. Background                                         comment period should circumstances
                                                    meeting. Verbal presentations and                                                                             change during the 30-day comment
                                                                                                               Pursuant to section 189a. (2) of the
                                                    written comments should be limited to                                                                         period such that failure to act in a
                                                                                                            Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended
                                                    the subject of safety in NASA. All U.S.                                                                       timely way would result, for example in
                                                                                                            (the Act), the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
                                                    citizens desiring to attend the Aerospace                                                                     derating or shutdown of the facility.
                                                                                                            Commission (the Commission or NRC)
                                                    Safety Advisory Panel meeting at the                                                                          Should the Commission take action
                                                                                                            is publishing this regular biweekly
                                                    Marshall Space Flight Center must                                                                             prior to the expiration of either the
                                                                                                            notice. The Act requires the
                                                    provide their full name, company                                                                              comment period or the notice period, it
                                                                                                            Commission publish notice of any
                                                    affiliation (if applicable), citizenship,                                                                     will publish in the Federal Register a
                                                                                                            amendments issued, or proposed to be
                                                    place of birth, and date of birth to the                                                                      notice of issuance. Should the
                                                    Marshall Space Flight Center Protective                 issued and grants the Commission the
                                                                                                                                                                  Commission make a final No Significant
                                                    Services Office no later than close of                  authority to issue and make
                                                                                                                                                                  Hazards Consideration Determination,
                                                    business on February 17, 2010. All non-                 immediately effective any amendment
                                                                                                                                                                  any hearing will take place after
                                                    U.S. citizens must submit their name;                   to an operating license upon a
                                                                                                                                                                  issuance. The Commission expects that
                                                    current address; citizenship; company                   determination by the Commission that
                                                                                                                                                                  the need to take this action will occur
                                                    affiliation (if applicable) to include                  such amendment involves no significant                very infrequently.
                                                    address, telephone number, and title;                   hazards consideration, notwithstanding                   Written comments may be submitted
Cprice-sewell on DSK2BSOYB1PROD with NOTICES

                                                    place of birth; date of birth; U.S. visa                the pendency before the Commission of                 by mail to the Chief, Rulemaking and
                                                    information to include type, number,                    a request for a hearing from any person.              Directives Branch (RDB), TWB–05–
                                                    and expiration date; U.S. Social Security                  This biweekly notice includes all                  B01M, Division of Administrative
                                                    Number (if applicable); Permanent                       notices of amendments issued, or                      Services, Office of Administration, U.S.
                                                    Resident Alien card number and                          proposed to be issued from January 14                 Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
                                                    expiration date (if applicable); place and              to January 27. The last biweekly notice               Washington, DC 20555–0001, and
                                                    date of entry into the U.S.; and Passport               was published on January 26, 2010 (75                 should cite the publication date and
                                                    information to include Country of issue,                FR 4111).                                             page number of this Federal Register

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