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									Utah Digital Media


 Source: BYU Animation, “Pajama Gladiator”
                                                   Utah Digital Media Industry

Utah has a vibrant and diverse digital media industry with an innovative history. Its first class higher education programs
add to a growing population of qualified employees every year. Local digital media businesses offer expertise in
animation, graphics, film, and digital gaming. The state is committed to assist the digital media industry by providing
incentives to companies that relocate or expand in Utah.

                 "Utah’s computer and video game companies play an ever-increasing role
                 in the State’s growing economy. These companies . . . are making
                 entertainment software one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S."
                                                     Michael Gallagher, President of the Entertainment Software Association


Utah’s Video Game Industry 1
    • Utah has the 4th highest concentration per capita of multi-media artists and animators in the nation.2
    • Employs over 475 directly and over 1,575 Utahns indirectly.
    • Added $77 million to the economy in 2006, $58 million in 2005.
    • Grew by more than 32.7% from 2005-2006.

Utah boasts a pioneering history in animation, digital media, and information technology. A few highlights include:
   • Founders of Atari, Adobe Systems, Silicon Graphics and Pixar were educated at the University of Utah.
   • Ivan Sutherland, the creator of computer graphics and founder of the GUI Interface, was a University of Utah
       Professor. He later co-founded Evans & Sutherland.
   • WordPerfect, Novell and Iomega were all founded and headquartered in Utah.

There’s no question that the future for technology companies in Utah is as bright as it’s past. Inc. Magazine notes “Utah
has become the epicenter of the ‘Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies’ in recent years.” Utah is home to
thousands of skilled graphic designers and engineers in more than 5,200 technology companies, including over 60 digital
media companies and film studios employing over 1,500 people. Many of these are small, innovative companies hoping to
grow into Utah’s next billion-dollar success story. Utah also has over 350 multi-media artists and designers. Last year
alone, Utah’s digital media companies earned $200+ million in annual sales.3 More on Utah’s technology industry is
available at http://www.siliconslopes.com/.

    Source: USTAR
    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2008 Location Quotient)
    Source: Reference USA

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF UTAH                                                         08/26/09                     1
Utah’s Film Industry 4
    • Movie and TV production days increased 19% from 2007-08.
    • Spending increased more than 30% to $144.5 million from 2007-08.
    • In the past 3 years, 16 films received $3.3 million in incentives to shoot in Utah. Those productions spent $49.5
        million in the state; that’s 15 times the initial investment of state dollars.
    • The Sundance Film Festival in Park City is one of the world’s most prestigious independent film festivals. The
        festival is held every January for ten days, attracting more than 50,000 film industry professionals and film
        enthusiasts from around the world.
    • Utah has been featured in over 800 films including:
          • John Carter of Mars (2010)                                 • Independence Day (1996)
          • High School Musical IV (2010)                              • City Slickers II (1994)
          • High School Musical I, II, III (2006-2008)                 • Dumb and Dumber (1994)
          • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)            • Forrest Gump (1994)
          • Everwood (2002-2006)                                       • Maverick (1994)
          • National Treasure (2004)                                   • The Sandlot (1993)
          • Hulk (2003)                                                • Thelma & Louise (1991)
          • Legally Blonde 2 (2003)                                    • Back to the Future III (1990)
          • Saints & Soldiers (2003)                                   • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
          • Touched by an Angel (1994-2003)                            • Better Off Dead (1985)
          • Austin Powers: Goldmember (2002)                           • Footloose (1984)
          • Planet of the Apes (1968, 2001)                            • Romancing the Stone (1984)
          • Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) • Gunsmoke (1955-1975)
          • Mission Impossible 2 (2000)                                • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
          • Con Air (1997)                                             • How the West was Won (1962)

                 "We have every conceivable environment that one would hope to create on
                 film. We have the crews. We have the talent. We have the can-do attitude
                 that exists in this state."
                                                                     Former Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.


Financial incentives for motion pictures . . . During the 2009 Legislative sessions, state bill 14 (financial incentives for
motion picture productions) was passed. This bill provides tax credit dollars for motion picture productions taking place in
the State of Utah. This bill, with additional discretionary funding from the Governor, will help to entice larger TV series
and major film productions to the state. 5

Ed Catmull of Pixar speaks on Utah’s expanding digital media industry . . . Dr. Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar Animation
Studios and President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, was the morning key note speaker at the 2009 Utah
Economic Summit. His comments centered on the economic opportunities presently available in the State of Utah. One of
the first breakout sessions immediately following his presentation discussed the current Utah animation and film industry
expansion with panelists from Sandman Studios, Lumenas Animation Studios, Utah Digital Alliance, Utah Valley
University and Pixar.

    Source: Utah Film Commission
    Source: Utah Legislature 2009

2                                     08/26/09                                            UTAH DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRY
Walt Disney creates Fall Line Studios in Salt Lake City . . . In February 2008, Disney Interactive Studios, the interactive
entertainment affiliate of The Walt Disney Company, announced its plans to expand its focus into the video gaming
industry. The Walt Disney Company acquired Avalanche Software and created Fall Line Studio, based in Salt Lake City.
The company was awarded a state post-performance tax credit of $5.25 million spread out over the next ten years. The
company is projected to create 500 new jobs paying wages at 240% of the county median and to generate $15 million in
new state tax revenue. 6
Silverlode Interactive creates the world’s first online real-time strategy game . . . Known as SAGA, Silverlode’s online
gaming system is a free-to-play collectible model that established over 150,000 player accounts in the first year. Going
into its second year of operation, Silverlode Interactive plans to meet with technology and media partners at the Game
Developers Conference to launch even bigger promotions for SAGA in the near future. 7

EA Salt Lake develops two new games. . . EA Salt Lake recently developed two video games based on the best-selling
Hasbro brands Littlest Pet Shop and Nerf. Both video games were released in fall 2008. Littlest Pet Shop is played by 2
million girls already and dominates the girl early-teen video game market. EA Salt Lake, formerly known as Headgate
Studios, is also known for creating titles such as Front Page Sports Golf, PGA Championship Golf '99, PGA
Championship Golf 2000 and the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf franchise. 8

Smart Bomb Interactive’s develops new game for National Geographic. . . Smart Bomb Interactive recently announced that
development is underway for National Geographic’s Animal Adventures. This will be a browser-based virtual world for
kids that will launch in 2010. Animal Adventures gives young explorers a way to live the adventure of a National
Geographic explorer. 9


Utah is home to a number of colleges and universities with world class programs that support digital media companies.
Utah has a total of 189,758 students enrolled in degree programs applicable to the digital media industry and over 900
graduates in these fields. Of that total, 1,507 students are enrolled in Digital Media-specific classes.

Full-Time Enrollment and IT Graduates in Utah’s Colleges / Universities
    Public Institution                                          Location          2008 Total Enrollment          2007-2008 Total Industry Graduates
    Brigham Young University (private)                            Provo                  32,992                                 146
    College of Eastern Utah*                                      Price                  2,082                                   3
    Dixie State College                                        St. George                6,443                                  36
    LDS Business School (private)                            Salt Lake City              1,384                                   4
    Neumont University (private)                              South Jordan                267                                   92
    Salt Lake Community College*                            Salt Lake County             29,866                                 81
    Snow College*                                               Ephraim                  3,798                                  10
    Southern Utah University                                   Cedar City                7,516                                   4
    University of Utah                                       Salt Lake City              30,228                                 101
    Utah State University                                         Logan                  23,925                                 139
    Utah Valley University                                        Orem                   26,696                                 197
    Weber State University                                       Ogden                   21,674                                 19
    Westminster College (private)                            Salt Lake City              2,887                                  120
    Total                                                         UTAH                  189,758                                 952
* Total graduates represent Digital Media and Information Technology graduates.
Source: Utah State Board of Regents, January 2009 data

  Source: Governor’s Office of Economic Development News Release 02/15/08
  Source: Silverlode
  Source: EA Salt Lake
  Source: Smart Bomb Interactive

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF UTAH                                                              08/26/09                                        3
Current Programs Offered in the State of Utah

          "The quality of students coming out of BYU is the best in the world . . . We
          found that BYU has risen to the top. It's amazing to see that BYU is
          producing the best in the industry . . . Something pretty remarkable is
          happening here."
                                       Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios

Brigham Young University (BYU) Animation Program
The animation major covers everything from traditional cell animation to 3-D animation and compositing. The program
gives students broad experience in art and technology, which is applicable in a wide variety of career paths. For additional
information, please visit the following link: http://animation.byu.edu
    • Home to one of the most celebrated animation programs in the world
    • Receives national recognition and continues to win highly acclaimed awards at worldwide film festivals
    • Students won seven “Student Emmys” from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and two “Student
        Academy Awards” from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    • Awarded membership into the Sony Imageworks Professional Academic Excellence (IPAX) Program

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Digital Media Technology (DMT)
SLCC’s DMT program provides students with certificates in the fields of digital multimedia, e-commerce design, web
development, technology management and routing technology. For additional information, please visit the following link:
     • Certification prepares students for careers in digital media
     • Students specialize in one of six areas: animation, design, illustration, multimedia, photography and electronic
     • Construction to begin on a new digital media training facility in South Salt Lake in 2009

Utah Valley University (UVU) Digital Media Program (DGM)
DGM integrates conceptualizing projects through analysis, design and evaluation and developing skills of creativity and
teamwork to deliver products. For additional information, please visit the following link: http://www.uvu.edu/dgm/
    • Prepares students for a variety of full-time and freelance digital media career opportunities
    • Students may specialize in Digital Imaging, Digital Video, 2D and 3D Animation, and Web-Based Media

          “Almost every influential person in the modern computer graphics
          community either passed through the University of Utah or came into
          contact with it in some way.”
                                   Robert Rivlin, The Algorithmic Image: Graphics Vision of the Computer Age

University of Utah (U of U) Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI)
SCI is a permanent research institute at the U of U. SCI aims to develop innovative and robust software packages and
make them broadly available to the scientific community. SCI is associated with several national research centers. For
additional information, please visit the following link: http://www.sci.utah.edu/about/about.html
    • SCI is internationally recognized leader in visualization, scientific computing and image analysis
    • Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) Program and the Division of Film Studies teach video game
        development and computer animation

4                                     08/26/09                                            UTAH DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRY
      •     Yearlong capstone course where students create a video game or animated short film
      •     Microsoft awarded a grant and donated Xbox 360 consoles to integrate the Xbox 360 and XNA into curriculum

College of Eastern Utah (CEU) Graphic Arts Program
CEU offers many courses from its Graphic Arts Program. For additional information, please visit the following link:
    • Coursework includes Basic and Intermediate Illustration, Drawing Fundamentals, and 3D Modeling and

Dixie State College (DSC) Visual Technologies (VT)
DSC, located in St. George, offers 4-year degree program in Computer and Information Technology with an emphasis in
Visual Technologies. For additional information, please visit the following link: http://cit.cs.dixie.edu/vt/
    • VT coursework includes Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Illustration, Computer Graphics,
         Web Development, Multimedia Development, and Digital Video Development

Weber State University (WSU) Design Graphics Engineering Technology Program
The Design Graphics Engineering Technology program allows students to receive Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees.
For additional information, please visit the following link: http://weber.edu/COAST/designgraphics.html
    • Students explore applications in 3D Modeling, CAD/CAM, Graphics and Animation

Neumont University Computer Science Programs
Neumont University began with its first freshman class in 2004. This new private university offers Bachelor of Science
degrees in Computer Science, Master of Science degrees in Computer Science and MBA’s in Enterprise Informatics. For
additional information, please visit the following link: http://neumont.edu/
    • Neumont aims to educate the most sought-after software developers in the world
    • Partnered with IBM and Microsoft
    • Accelerated programs allow students to graduate in only 28 months

Utah State University (USU) Center for High Performance Computing (HPC)
HPC enables research into activities dependent on advanced computing technologies and educates students in all
disciplines dependent on advanced computing technologies. For additional information, please visit the following link:
    • Enables education of advanced simulations and cyber environments
    • Design, develop and deploy new computing systems

Wage Data
The following table lists common digital media industry positions and the corresponding mean annual wage for the State
of Utah versus the nation.

 Position Title (SOC Code)                                                        State of Utah        National Comparison   Utah as % of National Wage
 Multi-Media Artists & Animators (27-1014)                                           $51,600                 $61,010                   84.6%
 Fine Artists, Illustrators (27-1013)                                                $42,680                 $48,110                   88.7%
 Producers & Directors (27-2012)                                                     $55,320                 $77,070                   71.8%
 Media & Communication Workers (27-3099)                                             $41,680                 $45,720                   91.2%
 Film & Video Editors (27-4032)                                                      $44,500                 $61,180                   72.7%
 Media & Communication Equipment Workers (27-4099)                                   $51,850                 $54,090                   95.9%
 Graphic Designers (27-1024)                                                         $39,850                 $46,750                   85.2%
 Film & Video Editors (27-4032)                                                      $38,400                 $62,500                   61.4%
Sources: Utah Department of Workforce Services, Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2008 wage estimates)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF UTAH                                                                       08/26/09                                   5

Film Incentives
Financial Incentives for Motion Picture Productions (S.B. 14) – This bill raises the tax credit incentive to 20% of a film's
total expenditure in the state and removes the $500,000 cap that had been in place. The bill provides for motion picture
incentives in the form of refundable tax credits for larger budget productions and cash rebate incentives for small budget
productions. The State looks to attract television series or large film productions. The Governor’s Office of Economic
Development may issue up to $7,793,700 in tax credit certificates in a fiscal year and $2,206,300 in motion picture cash
rebates in a fiscal year. Governor Jon Huntsman placed $15 million of the discretionary economic federal stimulus money
into the incentive fund to help recruit bigger budget television series and films and, in turn, film studios. Utah also offers a
Sales and Use Tax Exemption and a Transient Room Tax Exemption. For additional information, please visit the
following link: http://www.le.state.ut.us/~2009/bills/sbillamd/SB0014.htm

Select Industry Cluster Work
The Governor’s office has focused its efforts on making economic development a number one priority for Utah. The State
is targeting seven specific industries, referred to as “economic clusters,” where Utah has a powerful convergence of
research capability and commercial technology. Digital Media and entertainment technology is an area of strategic focus
for Utah within the Information Technology cluster.

Utah Science, Technology and Research (USTAR) Initiative
Funded in March 2006 by the State Legislature, USTAR is a long-term, state-funded investment aimed at strengthening
Utah's "knowledge economy” and generating high-paying jobs. USTAR’s Technology Outreach Innovation Program
provides a range of commercialization services for new and existing businesses. The centers build the state’s
entrepreneurial infrastructure. For additional information, please visit the following link: www.innovationutah.com
USTAR is based on three program areas:
    1) Funding to recruit world-class researchers to the University of Utah and Utah State University
    2) Build state-of-the-art interdisciplinary facilities for these research teams
    3) Create teams to promote science, innovation, and commercialization activities across the State of Utah

Utah Technology Council (UTC)
UTC works with business and government leaders to make Utah an even more vibrant, attractive, and rewarding place for
technology companies to do business. UTC, a privately funded industry trade association, is the premier industry-led
technology organization in Utah. UTC hosts a variety of events to share knowledge within Utah’s industry including peer-
to-peer forums, roundtables, golf tournaments, and an annual black tie Hall of Fame event where Utah’s industry icons are
honored before sell-out crowds. They also offer resources to support Utah companies seeking talent, funding, or changes
in Legislative policy.

UTC is a member of the Council of Regional Information Technology Associations (CRITA), a national trade
organization that represents 45 regional technology trade organizations which, in turn, represent more than 15,000
technology-related companies in North America. For additional information, please visit the following link:

Silicon Slopes
Omniture, a leading provider of web analytics headquartered in Utah, created Silicon Slopes as an online networking hub
where more than 5,200 Utah-based technology companies and the people they work with can come together. Silicon
Slopes continues to grow with more features, more partners and a dedicated staff. For additional information, please visit
the following link: www.siliconslopes.com Current site features include:
     • Detailed Company Profiles – Search based on revenues, employees, funding amounts and other data
     • Blogspace – Covering issues affecting the tech industry in Utah
     • CEO Interviews – Influential people with insights for driving high-tech business growth in Utah
     • Utah Job Postings

6                                      08/26/09                                              UTAH DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRY
   •     Utah Technology & Business News – News on IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, venture funding and new Utah
   •     Upcoming Events in Utah


Utah Digital Animation Companies

          Organization                                     Brief Company Description
                                                           3-D interactive imaging, photography
   1      380 West Ironwood Drive
          Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
                                                           2-D and 3-D animation, illustration, video production
   2      12193 South Joseph View Lane
          Draper, Utah

          Advent Creative
                                                           3-D animation, video production
   3      666 North Main Street, Suite 301
          Logan, Utah 84321

          Alvey Media Group, LLC                           3-D animation, compositing, motion graphics, cinematography, product
   4      2447 Kiesel Avenue                               visualization
          Ogden, Utah 84401                                http://alveymedia.com/
          Circles and Squares
                                                           2-D and 3-D animation, video production
   5      13563 South Villa Rosa Way
          Draper, Utah
          The Dimensions Edge, Inc.                        Online game development, Flash-based interactive media, 3-D computer
   6      1423 South 2050 East                             animation, digital video production, web design
          Spanish Fork, Utah 84660                         http://www.dedge.com/
          Disney Interactive Studios
                                                           Animation video game development
   7      102 West 500 South, Suite 502
          Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
          Eggington Productions
                                                           Animated film services.
   8      405 South 100 East, #11
          Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
          Fuel 3d
                                                           2-D and 3-D animation, video production
   9      12162 South Andrew View Circle
          Draper, Utah
          Fusion Media, Inc.
                                                           3-D animation
  10      107 North Main Street
          Cedar City, Utah 84720
          HQ Media, LLC
                                                           Animation, 3-D compositing, motion graphics, film
  11      1030 South Waterside Drive
          Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045
          The Illusion Academy
                                                           Animation, illustration, graphic design
  12      180 North State Street
          Pleasant View, Utah 84647
          Impatient Cow, Inc.
                                                           Animation, commercials, television
  13      753 East 200 South
          Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
          Imagine Learning, Inc.
                                                           Animation learning software
  14      3210 North Canyon Road, Suite 300
          Provo, Utah 84604

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF UTAH                                           08/26/09                                       7
             Issimo Productions, Inc.
                                                                                           Animation, motion graphics, films
      15     1346 West State Road
             Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
             Lumenas Studios
                                                                                           Computer animation, stop-motion animation, physical miniatures, film
      16     625 South 600 West
             Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
             Sandman Studios, Inc.
                                                                                           CG animation, visual effects, production and interactive multimedia
      17     495 East 1000 South
             Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
             Silver Fish Creative, LLC                                                     Animation, cinematics, illustration, graphics
             Provo, Utah                                                                   http://www.silverfishcreative.com/
             Studio 4d1
                                                                                           3-D animation and illustrations
      19     113 East State Highway
             Copperton, Utah
             T Splines, Inc.
                                                                                           3-D surface modeling software
      20     34 East 1700 South, Suite A134
             Provo, Utah 84606
                                                                                           Stop-motion animation, motion pictures
      21     Tandem Motion Picture Studios, LLC
             Zygote Media Group, Inc.
                                                                                           Animation, 3-D modeling, motion graphics
      22     350 South 400 West, Suite 101
             Lindon, Utah 84042
Sources: InfoUSA, USTAR, GOED, EDCUtah, Individual company websites; NAICS Codes – 512110, 512191, 512240, 541511, 541519

Utah Gaming Development Companies

            Organization                                                                  Brief Company Description
            7 Studios
                                                                                          Game development studio
     1      363 South 500 East
            Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
            Alpine Studios, Inc.
                                                                                          Game development studio
     2      599 South 500 East
            American Fork, Utah 84003
                                                                                          Animation video game development
     3      BlueOrb Studios, Inc.
            Chair Entertainment Group
                                                                                          Video game development, books, movies, comics and merchandise
     4      108 West Center Street
            Provo, Utah 84601
            The Dimensions Edge, Inc.                                                     Online game development, Flash-based interactive media, 3-D computer
     5      1423 South 2050 East                                                          animation, digital video production, web design
            Spanish Fork, Utah 84660                                                      http://www.dedge.com/
            Disney Interactive Studios
                                                                                          Animation video game development
     6      102 West 500 South, Suite 502
            Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
                                                                                          Game development studio
     7      2277 South 1500 West
            Woods Cross, Utah
            Electronic Arts (EA) Salt Lake
                                                                                          Game development primarily for Xbox and Wii gaming consoles
     8      1551 South Renaissance Towne Drive
            Bountiful, Utah 84010
            Eat Sleep Play
                                                                                          Game development studio
     9      155 North 400 West, Suite 510
            Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

8                                                   08/26/09                                                                 UTAH DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRY
           Light Box Interactive
                                                                                          Game development studio
   10      136 East South Temple, Suite 1000
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
           Lightstone Pictures
                                                                                          Game development studio
   11      514 East 1860 South
           Provo, Utah 84605
           Monkeygrinder Motion Graphics
                                                                                          2-D animation and illustration game development
   12      675 West 1675 South
           Lehi, Utah
           Sandswept Studios                                                              Game development studio
           Park City, Utah                                                                http://www.sandswept.net/

                                                                                          Game development studio
   14      Silverlode Interactive

           Smart Bomb Interactive
                                                                                          Game development studio
   15      105 North 400 West
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
           TruGolf, Inc.
                                                                                          Golf simulation game development
   16      1352 West 75 North
           Centerville, Utah 84014
           Wahoo Studios, Inc.
                                                                                          Animation video game development
   17      1806 Sandhill Road
           Orem, Utah 84058
Sources: InfoUSA, USTAR, GOED, EDCUtah, Individual company websites; NAICS Codes – 512110, 512191, 512240, 541511, 541519

Utah Digital Media Tool Companies

           Organization                                                                   Brief Company Description
           Bend Reality
                                                                                          3-D animation and modeling
    1      1726 East Woodside Drive, Suite 50
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
           Daz Productions, Inc.
                                                                                          3-D content and software development
    2      12637 South 265 West, # 300
           Draper, Utah 84020
           DV Awards                                                                      International competition awarding emerging digital video production, 3-D
    3      6300 North Sagewood Drive, Suite H383                                          animation and special effects work
           Park City, Utah 84098                                                          http://www.dvawards.com/
           Evans & Sutherland                                                             The world’s first computer graphics company, develops digital
    4      770 Komas Drive                                                                planetariums, digital cinemas, production services, projection domes
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84108                                                     http://www.es.com/index.asp
           Euro RSCG Edge
                                                                                          Flash design and development, 3-D graphics, video production
    5      22 East 100 South, 4th Floor
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
           Helius, LLC
                                                                                          Creates digital signage and video-based training
    6      333 South 520 West, Suite 330
           Lindon, Utah 84042
           Mantis Motion Productions, LLC
    7      394 South 400 West                                                             3-D modeling
           Lindon, Utah 84042
           Mobile Rider, LLC
                                                                                          Live and on-demand content delivery
    8      1435 South State Street
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF UTAH                                                                           08/26/09                                           9
           MOGware, Inc.
                                                                                          Gaming workflow tool and video game development
     9     405 South 100 East, Suite 11
           Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
           Move Networks
                                                                                          Live streamlining video production
     10    796 East Utah Valley Drive
           American Fork, Utah 84003
           PerspectX, Inc.
                                                                                          3-D digital models, textures, scenes and tools for 3-D applications
     11    2447 Kiesel Avenue, Suite 3C
           Ogden, Utah 84401
           RF Animation, LLC
                                                                                          Freelance visual effects production
     12    758 North Black Horse Loop
           Spanish Fork, Utah

           Solo Effects, LLC                                                              Custom 3-D software development and modeling
           Hyrum, Utah 84319                                                              http://soloeffects.com/

           Sorenson Media
                                                                                          Video encoding and compression applications
     14    4719 Riverboat Road, Suite 208
           Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
                                                                                          3-D animation and multimedia software development
     15    3013 Santa Clara Drive
           Santa Clara, Utah 84765
           VisTrails, Inc.
                                                                                          Digital provenance solutions
     16    85 South Fort Douglas
           Salt Lake City, Utah84113
                                                                                          3-D motion graphics, special effects, video production
     17    3311 North University Avenue, Suite 200
           Provo, Utah 84604
Sources: InfoUSA, USTAR, GOED, EDCUtah, Individual company websites; NAICS Codes – 512110, 512191, 512240, 541511, 541519

Utah Film Production Studios
Additional information about Utah’s film industry and a list of existing film production studios in the State of Utah is
available at the following link: http://film.utah.gov/


Economic Development Corporation of Utah
201 South Main Street, Suite 2150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone (801) 328-8824
Fax (801) 531-1460

10                                                  08/26/09                                                                UTAH DIGITAL MEDIA INDUSTRY
201 South Main Street, Suite 2150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone 801-328-8824
Fax 801-531-1460


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