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News and Updates From Jasper Engines & Transmissions                                                   December 2007

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                            JASPER Opens European Front with
Customer Profile:              Remanufactured VW Engine
Smutny & Ross
Auto Repair         pg. 2        Jasper Engines & Transmissions has         parts. By providing parts such as valve
                             issued its first European engine… the          covers, oil pans and oil filter adapters
                             Volkswagen 1.8L DOHC five-valve                we can be sure the engine is completely
Chuck Lynch:
Machining The
                             engine. This engine fits the 1997- 2006        clean. JASPER utilizes a process where

Cadillac 4.6L
                             Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, GTI, Jetta and        the baffle plate is removed from the

Northstar Block     pg. 3
                             Passat, and 1997-2006 Audi A4 and TT.          valve cover and reinstalled after clean-
                                 JASPER’s remanufactured                    ing to eliminate all of the hidden
                             Volkswagen engines are supplied with           contamination.”
AAM Introduces               valve covers and oil pans. Late-model              Cylinder head machining for the
Gear Set for
                             applications come with oil filter              Volkswagen 1.8L can be difficult with

Fuel Economy        pg. 4
                             adapters. This makes for more stock            standard equipment due to the small
                             numbers due to different variations, but       diameter heads and guides. JASPER

We Have Our
                             JASPER takes these steps to ensure             uses a single-point CNC cutting tool to

Calendar Winners
                             there is no contamination in this engine.      ensure the proper seal.

for 2008!        pg. 5
                                 “We have found that oil sludge and             All JASPER remanufactured
                             caking is a common problem with these          Volkswagen engines are provided with
                             engines,” says Justin Zipp, JASPER’s           OEM gaskets, bearings, timing compo-
                             Import Quality Control Engineer. “This         nents and oil pumps. Variable cam tim-
                             buildup can be found in all of these           ing versions of the engine receive new
                                                                            OEM actuator assemblies. Late model,
                                                                            water pump type blocks receive an
                                                                            updated water pump with a cast
                                                                            impeller rather than plastic. “We found
                                                                            that plastic impellers separate from the
                                                                            shaft,” says Zipp. “The updated water
                                                                            pump prevents early failure.”
                                                                                All JASPER Volkswagen engines are
                                                                            live run tested where they are checked
                                                                            for overall engine operation. Readings
                                                                            for oil pressure, temperature, vacuum
                                                                            and compression are recorded. Every
                                                                            joint and seal is checked to make sure
                                                                            there are no leaks.
Published by:                                                                   The JASPER remanufactured
Jasper Engines &                                                            Volkswagen 1.8L engine is covered by a
Transmissions                                                               three-year 100,000 mile nationwide
P.O. Box 650                                                                warranty. For more information on this
Jasper, IN 47547-0650
Phone: 1-800-827-7455
                            JASPER’s initial offering in European engines   engine, contact JASPER at 1-800-827-

Fax: 1-812-634-1820
                            is the Volkswagen 1.8L DOHC five-valve          7455, or log onto:
                        Smutny & Ross Auto Repair

       Profile       Located at the corner of Banyan and
                 Walker Streets in South Miami-Dade
                 County, Florida, Smutny & Ross Auto
                 Repair is a family-owned business that
                 takes care of their customers with full
                 service general auto repair.
                     The business started in 1976 as a
                 single bay shop with one mechanic
                 owned by Steve Smutny, Sr. Mean-
                 while, Steven Smutny, Jr. was a college
                 graduate from Temple University. He
                 wanted to be more involved in the fami-
                 ly business and moved back with his
                 father in South Miami. Then there’s the
                 younger son, Bill Smutny. He complet-
                                                              Air Conditioning. Each Smutny &
                                                              Ross technician must attend a minimum
                                                              of 16 continuous education seminars
                                                              annually in various aspects of automo-
                                                              tive repair. The company chips in for
                                                              1/2 of a technician’s schooling at each
                                                                  When it comes to using JASPER
                                                              remanufactured products, Smutny &
                                                              Ross Auto Repair has been a customer
                                                              since 2002. Why do they purchase
                                                              JASPER gas and diesel engines, trans-
                                                              missions and differentials? “Because it
                                                              is a superior product with excellent cus-
                                                              tomer service,” says Steve Smutny, Sr.
                 ed two years of college, then decided to     “JASPER has the same values as the
                 help his father and brother run the busi-    ones we employ in our shop.”
                 ness and follow in both their footsteps.         Customer service is of great impor-
                 Together, Steve Sr. and his sons operate     tance at Smutny & Ross. “I have the
                 Smutny and Ross Auto Repair in               upmost respect for my customers and I
                 Perrine, Florida. The ‘Ross’ in the com-     see them as part of the family,” added
                 pany name represents a previous co-          Steve, Sr. It’s part of the reason why
                 owner no longer in the business.             the company has tripled in size over the
                     The 5,000 square foot facility, locat-   years. As part of their exclusive cus-
                 ed at 9970 Banyan Street, boasts nine        tomer service, Smutny & Ross provides
                 service bays and nine total employees.       a shuttle service for all their customers.
                 Smutny & Ross is capable of general          And when the repairs are of a signifi-

                 vehicle repair, with room to service RV’s    cant amount, customers are offered a
                 and trailers for boats and trucks. They      free car wash. “Treat the customer the
                 can also handle diesel engine repairs,       way you want to be treated,” added
                 electrical service, front end alignments,    Steve, Sr. “And fix it right the first
                 tire sales and repairs, and air condition-   time.”
                 ing service.                                     As for the future, Smutny & Ross
                      When it comes to experience,            plans to be better equipped to handle
                 Smutny & Ross has two ASE Certified          the new technology of today’s automo-
                 Master Technicians and four other tech-      biles, and continue providing excellent
                 nicians with ASE Certification that range    customer satisfaction.
                 from Transmission and Differential to

                    Smutny & Ross Auto Repair in Perrine, Florida, is a family-oriented business with
                    an emphasis on customer satisfaction.
Machining The Cadillac 4.6L Northstar Block
by Chuck Lynch, JASPER Research & Development

        Chuck Lynch
 has been asso-
 ciated with
 JASPER since
 1994. Lynch
 has been a
 member of the
 Research &
 Department for
 the past ten years, and has
 been involved with Associate
 training in the Gas and Diesel
 departments. He has earned
 ASE Certification as an Auto
 and Truck Technician and a
 Master Machinist in Gas and
 Diesel Engines.

   As the sales popularity of the
Cadillac 4.6L Northstar engine has            The CNC-controlled boring machine conducts the 20 head bolt hole repairs and 20 main
                                              bolt hole repairs on the Cadillac 4.6L Northstar aluminum block.
grown for Jasper Engines & Transmis-
sions, it has made us take a hard look at     3. Each hole had a steel thread             Quality and Accuracy:
the methods that we use for processing           repair installed with an anaerobic           The fourth axis machine allows
the cylinder block.                              sealant. This required removal of the    JASPER to ensure that all threaded
                                                 locating jig.                            holes are located to print specification
   The block has thread repair needs that
                                                                                          for depth, size and location more accu-
are not typical of most cylinder blocks.      4. Once each repair was in the block,
                                                                                          rately than jigs can. CNC machining
Every head bolt and main bolt hole must          specialized broaching tools were used
                                                                                          centers rely solely on datum points to
have a thread repair installed as the orig-      to swedge the thread repairs into the
                                                                                          function. Therefore, with cooperation
inal threads either fail, resulting in           castings and ensure proper thread
                                                                                          from gasket suppliers and their part
engine failure, or the threads are pulled        pitch and diameter.
                                                                                          print dimensions we can not only ensure
from the casting during the disassembly           After reviewing the labor, tooling      that all threaded holes are properly
process. This condition means that we         cost and cycle times, JASPER decided        located but we can also ensure that
must install 20 head bolt hole repairs and    that we must work smarter and try to        cylinder bores are going to be properly
20 main bolt hole repairs per block           employ less physical means to install       located in the gasket combustion open-
100% of the time.                             the needed thread repairs. Adding a         ing. This is true of dimensions such as
    The method to install these repairs       machine to the process was definitely       crank to cam bores as well.
consisted of different drilling jigs to       they way to go, but what type of
                                                                                          Tool expense and life:
ensure that the thread repairs were           machine was the question. Do you just
                                                                                             The machining center can increase
installed to the proper depth and loca-       employ more jigs and fixtures and use a
                                                                                          tool life because the proper speed and
tions. More of an issue than getting the      drill press or boring machine? As we
                                                                                          feed ratios are employed for given tool
repairs in the correct locations and prop-    reviewed the possible other steps that
                                                                                          materials and casting materials. Tools
er depth was the manpower required.           we could incorporate into the process
                                                                                          are stored in an automatic changing
Each hole had to go through a four-step       we decided to proceed with a fourth
                                                                                          device, not pitched in a toolbox, there-
process to ensure that a quality threaded     axis machining center. This would not
                                                                                          fore reducing opportunity to damage
hole is made for the fasteners.               only allow us to drill and tap bolt holes
                                                                                          costly tools. Tools are constantly hav-
                                              but we could bore cylinders and mill the
1. Each hole was ‘drill reamed’, with                                                     ing coolant applied during the machin-
                                              gasket surfaces as well. The benefits
   a specialized type of drill.                                                           ing cycle; whereas, when doing process-
                                              can be weighed out in three primary
2. Each hole was tapped, which required                                                   es by hand it would be a little shot of
                                              categories and they are as follows.
   the removal of drill bushings and                                                      lubricant and go to work.
   replacing them with tapping bushings.                                                            (continued on page 6)

              AAM Introduces Gear Set for Fuel Economy
    American Axle & Manufacturing                                                          turers’ stringent standards. Coordinate
(AAM), has made available a new exclu-                                                     Measuring Machines (CMM) are then
sive aftermarket 3.42 PowerDense® gear                                                     used to inspect the parts for accuracy.
set for 2003 to 2007 Dodge Ram Heavy
Duty 2500/3500 turbo diesel pickups.                                                       AAM – Tough to Beat
The gear set and its technology was                                                            AAM engineering teams have
recently showcased at the Automotive                                                       advanced the design and manufacturing
Aftermarket Products Expo.                                                                 processes of driveline systems, chassis
    AAM Aftermarket now offers Dodge                                                       systems and metal formed products
Ram diesel pickup owners the 3.42 ratio                                                    since 1994. AAM designs, tests and
gear set as an alternative to the numeri-                                                  validates its ring and pinion sets to
cally higher ratio gear sets that are cur-                                                 vehicle manufacturers’ exact specifica-
rently available. The lower ratio set                                                      tions. AAM’s on-going programs in
reduces engine rpm, which helps                                                            NVH, thermal management, vehicle-
improve fuel economy under normal                                                          system efficiency, dynamics and vehi-
driving conditions which exclude haul-                                                     cle handling and other disciplines
ing, climbing grades, or pulling a trailer.   The AAM 3.42 PowerDense gear set is          assure customers that the parts they are
    The 3.42 ring and pinion is designed      available for 2003-2007 Dodge Ram Heavy      getting incorporate the latest product,
to fit inside the original equipment AAM      Duty 2500/3500 turbo diesel pickups.         process and systems technology.
9.25-inch front and 11.5-inch rear axles
without modifications to the transmis-        specifications between the gear and the          For more information on AAM gear
sion or the truck’s on-board computer. In     pinion. Backlash is defined as the           sets and other products and services,
pre-2007 pickups the front axle requires      amount of free play between two gears        visit the Internet at or
a new redesigned differential case along      in their operating positions. The results    dial 1-800-299-AXLE.
with new side and differential pinion         are reduced heat, NVH, driveline clunk
gears. All 2007 models have the advan-        and increased gear set durability.
tage of coming with a factory installed           Finally, two-cut manufacturing is an
redesigned differential case, along with      environmentally friendly process.
side and pinion gears making the instal-      Since the components are dry cut, the
lation process easier.                        presence of a coolant medium at the
                                              point of engagement of a tool and a
AAM PowerDense® Ring and Pinion
Gear Sets
                                              component is eliminated. Without
                                              coolant, no mists or smoke are
                                                                                            A Satisfied JASPER
    AAM utilizes state-of-the-art face        produced.                                         Customer!
hobbing to generate the gear tooth form                                                    Hey Doug,
in a two-cut process. This represents         Tough Stuff
AAM’s latest effort to enhance NVH,               AAM PowerDense® gear sets are                Hope all is well with you and
durability, quality and reliability of its    made from high quality Society of            yours. Just had one of the best expe-
ring-and-pinion gear sets. The key            Automotive Engineering (SAE) steel           riences with a motor R/R ever. We
advantage of a two-cut gear set occurs        purchased only from approved AAM             did our first JASPER Engine here in
when the components are being hobbed          and OEM steel suppliers. Special high        the shop and I came in to help the
or generated. Hobbing creates more sur-       core hardenability steel is utilized to      tech myself.
face area and equal tooth depth. This         enhance the design and manufacturing             Well once everything was in, we
produces lower alternating bending stress     process of the gear sets.                    just primed the oiling system and
levels while creating a more even distri-         The specified steel also lends itself    dropped the distributor in. We lined
bution of loading across all of the teeth.    to precision shot peening which extends      up the timing marks and it flashed
The results are reduced levels of NVH         the life of AAM PowerDense® gear             right up. No valve noise, no
and increased durability.                     sets. In this process, spherical shot is     having to remove valve covers to
    Another key advantage of the two-cut      targeted at the root of the gear teeth and   adjust valves. It was great!!!
process is the use of continuous index-       bombards the surface, resulting in com-         You guys put out a great quality
ing. In the manufacturing process the         pressive stresses to combat fatigue          product. Thanks.
gear teeth are generated simultaneously       loading. The compressive stress
with uniform tooth spacing and no             increases AAM ring and pinion durabil-       Andrew doCouto, Manager
imperfections.                                ity and reliability.                         KalTire #65
    Additionally, the two-cut manufactur-         AAM parts are also forged, lapped        Kamloops, British Columbia
ing process permits tighter backlash          and heat treated to meet OE manufac-

                  We Have Our Calendar Winners for 2008!
    There were a lot of great entrants    Ed Geerlings
submitted this year, but we have our      Muskegon, MI
winning photographs to grace the          1979 Chevrolet Corvette
pages of the 2008 Jasper Engines &
Transmissions Calendar.                   Joe Williams
    All of the entrants received this     Franklin, GA
year were judged on adherence to the      1947 Ford Roadster
category, equipment appearance and
the quality of the photograph or          Malka Kornblatt
image.                                    Boca Raton, FL
    Every qualified entrant received a    1967 Pontiac LeMans Convertible
hat autographed by Ryan Newman.
All entrants whose work appeared in       Larry Burnette                     1929 Ford Model ‘A’ Replica owned by Larry
the calendar received a $100 gift cer-    Bradenton, FL
                                                                             Burnette of Bradenton, Florida.
tificate which can be used to pur-        1929 Ford Model ‘A’ Replica
chase JASPER remanufactured prod-
ucts or wearable items, 24 compli-        Thomas & Paula Markley
mentary calendars and a special           Bellevue, WA
JASPER Gift Package.                      1972 Pontiac Lemans Sport
    Congratulations to all our            Convertible
                                          Wayne Huffman
Delonzo & Diane Rhyne                     Woodsfield, OH
Indianapolis, IN                          1940 Ford Pickup Street Rod
1966 Ford Thunder Hawk
Convertible Mustang                       Bob & Karen Celauro
                                          Bensalem, PA                       1967 Ford F-100 Pickup owned by Ray & Mary
Ray & Mary Swafford                       1965 Buick Skylark
                                                                             Swafford of Ringgold, Georgia.
Ringgold, GA
1967 Ford F-100 Pickup                    Kevin Appel
                                          Port Jefferson, NY
Joseph & Diane Greschuck                  1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang
Brandon, FL
1966 Chevrolet Corvette                   Lynn Hoover & Steven Bickell
                                          King of Prussia, PA
Louis & Francine Martinez                 1970 Plymouth Duster
Merced, CA
1971 Chevrolet Nova

                                                                             1970 Plymouth Duster owned by Lynn Hoover &
                                                                             Steven Bickell of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

1947 Ford Roadster owned by Joe Williams of
Franklin, Georgia.

                                                   1979 Chevrolet Corvette owned by Ed Geerlings of
                                                   Muskegon, Michigan.

                    (continued from page 3)                E-Commerce Portal Drawing
        Ergonomics and cycle time:
                                                            October and November were the latest months for
            Cycle times are reduced because there
                                                        JASPER’s E-Commerce Portal Drawing. That means we
        are no jigs to install on the casting, the
                                                        have two more winners!
        machine changes the tooling for the differ-
                                                            The winner for October was Babb’s Auto Enterprises of
        ent processes and the machine’s elbow and
                                                        Elgin, Illinois. They selected the $400 rebate coupon.
        shoulder will not get tired after 15 minutes
                                                            The winner for November was True Automotive Sales &
        of leaning on a drill. The rotary table can
                                                        Service of Everett, Pennsylvania. They selected the race
        move the block from bank to bank at a
                                                        package option and will join us for the 2008 Brickyard 400.
        speed of 710 inches per minute without
                                                            Don’t forget, when you order through JASPER’s fully-
        changing hands and so on.
                                                        customized E-Commerce Portal, your business will be
            Although this is not new technology, it     entered into a monthly drawing. Winners have the choice
        does go against the grain for engine re-        of:
        manufacturers as we traditionally have a
        boring machine, a milling machine, and          • One day of deep-sea fishing on the Gulf of
        use a lot of jigs and fixtures for processes.     Mexico for one person (includes lodging).
        It does not mean that the other methods         • Two race tickets & hospitality at one of the
        are bad but it is easy to overlook the            JASPER NASCAR Incentive Races in 2008
        potential that the machining center can           (lodging NOT included).
        bring to our industry if we just keep doing     • A $400 rebate coupon to be used towards future
        what we have for so many years.                   JASPER purchases.

                                                           Transportation to and from all activities is the
                                                        responsibility of the winner.

                                                                           815 Wernsing Road · P.O. Box 650 · Jasper, IN 47547-0650
                                                                           JASPER ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE

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