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									2009 China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry
Author: wuwu

2009 flash coming to an end, look back to 2009, a joint venture mergers and acquisitions, enclosure expansion, Group buy discount
book-signing, populations everywhere, the ceramic industry in 2009 is also a coffee table, filled a glass with the above (a tragedy), and
wash with (Comedy) , one side is the private hot toss plant, one side is the brand company dedicated forward; side of the post-crisis
era's exports sold in China, under the strong side is Matthew stronger law of the jungle with the powerful alliances have no shortage of
cases; international giants of the coveted, national companies rise, low-attention, the ceramic industry, under the seemingly calm a
simmering ... ... Looking back, we drift along in a cup of tea, let us taste of ceramic sanitary ware industry, 2009's "Oscar" award bar ... ...

The 2009 year-end inventory China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry

Best Actor:

Nomination: Xie Yue Rong

Finalist Background: In 2009, to Wrigley as the representative of the Leroy ceramic group entered the "bathroom tiles" era, a
comprehensive shop Wrigley bathroom tiles throughout the country bloom, marking the Wrigley's "Building a top grade space" program
entered a new stage. The film "Yangtze River VII" where Wrigley toilet inadvertently occur, from one angle, Wrigley products in the end
application of the broad, terminal market is almost ubiquitous in the shadow of Wrigley impressed with not only our domestic
counterparts, the international brand that the Chinese a strong national brand vitality.

Finalist reason: in 2009, as a representative of the national sanitary brand, Wrigley's terminal network coverage increasing, the market's
strong performance in the terminal will not only allow the domestic counterparts, as Wrigley bathroom as an example, the international
brands in awe. As such a brand leader who always wanted to thank not be concerned about the bad if it tried.

Nominations: Huang Jianping

Finalist Background: In an era of relatively impulsive Deer and the Cauldron, be able to maintain a clear need for wisdom. The relative
downturn in the industry into a phase of the period, is still able to maintain a relatively stable aesthetic development of the new century,
Marco Polo team to become a scene CBA arena, China Ceramic Museum, a pottery industry, culture and traced to, not so much a
leader in aesthetic strategy, it is better said to be a leader and awareness among the lead, always one step faster.

Short-listed reasons for this: in 2009, as always, eye-catching aesthetic performance in order to "culture of innovation to enhance the
value of traditional industries", in September 2009, Wuhan 10000 square meter flagship store opening, Marco Polo, the great shops
and model is still a continuation of the Mother of antique tiles status still no one can shake.

Nominations: Xiao Hua

Finalist Background: the policy background in energy conservation and emission reduction plan under the line of the world, the Mona
Lisa ceramics R & D and production of ceramic thin plate has won wide acclaim from both within and outside the industry, the Mona Lisa
with practical actions to tell both inside and outside the industry, ceramics can also be very energy-saving, it is environmentally friendly.

Finalist reason: From King to the energy-efficient furnace vanguard of the Mona Lisa in order to Xiao Hua's board of directors headed
by a collective leadership, from a traditional ceramic enterprises gradually transformed into a modern ceramic science and technology
enterprises, 2009, Mona Lisa PP boards and other energy-saving products to market and gradually open the market, attracted many
domestic and international peers and the media attention and coverage.

Nominations: Cai, Jilin

Finalist Background: Fujian Nanan hardware plumbing industry may be less than the overall size of Foshan Ceramic Industry diagram
line world, but with nearly three decades of accumulation, in terms of scale and influence of the more prominent on the emergence of a
group of enterprises is one of the Yu One of the buildings as the second-generation head of the bathroom, Cai Yu Jilin Brand shoulder to
play in creating a national brand and the world's great brands task.

Finalist reason: in 2009, China officially announced Yu Gao Yi co-operation with international brands, and contract the image
spokesperson Guo Jingjing, as the chief operating officer in bathroom Yu, Cai Jilin high-profile appeared in the media before the end of
the year is undoubtedly the industry's hottest new bathroom generation of front-runners.

Best Actress:

Nominations: Vacancies

Reason: China's ceramic industry is a more "tough" in the industry, in the most eye-catching industry Fengyun Bang, the men's figure far
more than women, in 2009, ceramic industry, heroine relatively low-key, this award is temporarily vacant. [PAGE]

The best suspense films:
Nominations: Eagle Ceramic acquisition

Finalist Background: As a Chinese building ceramics industry's only overseas listed companies to focus on real estate network, Eagle
ceramic acquisitions start affecting the industry inside and outside the nerve, the various legends surrounding the acquisition also
appeared gaining in once widely known are Hongyu Eagle is currently being acquired Shiwan street of the acquisition, but the streets do
Shiwan ultimately have to develop an entity for a managed network of Eagle Super Girl, but there are indications that still does not rule
out at the appropriate time, Eagle will be Foshan or a domestic one ceramic enterprise acquisitions, takeovers. Therefore, Shiwan
street of the "purchase" is not the final destination of Eagle, the deal does not end the case, suspense pending.

Finalist reasons: Douglas, 100 pottery, Hongyu, these legends of the buyer whether the possible acquisition of Eagle eventually? Eagle
can be a successful sale? China Building Ceramic oldest area of the only overseas listed company's ability to better price? It is still

Nominations: Zhongyu Gao Yi strategic partnership together

Finalist Background: Fujian Nanan, as one of the oldest, middle-woo over the years has been preoccupied with overseas markets, and
with the Xiamen Lu Da, export-oriented enterprises have been close partners. In 2007, the buildings began to tilt the focus to the
domestic market. Gao Yi, as a high-end brand, more and more attention to the Chinese market, along with the cooperation of both sides
focus on the real estate network, insiders said that the buildings would seek listing in Germany.

Short-listed the reasons: high instrument could help woo the smooth opening up overseas markets? Zhongyu Instrument can achieve the
brand with a high leap? Bilateral cooperation can be achieved win-win situation? Many answers also need to both parties concerned
and the time to give us answers.

Best Drama:

Nomination: Foshan Tao Bohui say goodbye to foreign housekeeper popular first accident Ceramics Festival

Finalist Background: In March 2009, Foshan Shijingmaoju officially announced officially by the 13th session of the Foshan Tao Bohui
China Ceramics City and co-host the China Ceramic City, "foreign steward" of the Buddha exhibition out of Asia, Buddhism and Asian
so hard to promote " Artaud, "disappear. Without the participation of foreign housekeeper, 13th session of the Tao Bohui hastily staged,
together with the financial crisis spread, obviously popular as before. In October 2009, the first introduction of the concept of Ceramics
Festival in Foshan, south wind so that the ancient stove crowded, industrial show unity with the Tao Bohui, Tao Bohui popularity has
rebounded significantly.

Finalist reasons: Foshan, China Exhibition to see the focus of the real estate network, as China's building and sanitary ceramics
industry, one of the earliest emergence of the show, Foshan advantage because of proximity to producing areas, has been widespread
attention at home and abroad, Foshan has become in the future direction of Tao Bohui Foshan Producing Areas Development
weathervane. Can use of the city's advantages and industrial advantages to run show, really have to be considerations.

Nominations: Nan hardware plumbing industry, the rise of star endorsement fever

Finalist Background: It may be due to Taiwanese people爱拼æ‰ä¼šèµ¢personality Tian Long Ba Bu, Nam hardware plumbing
enterprises not only has a strong manufacturing and production capacity, but also exceptionally high-profile companies to do. From the
nine, animal husbandry, please Deng Jie started brilliant plumbing invited Chen Lu Yu, Chung-yu are also in time for the 2009 end of the
year invited Guo Jingjing. From the family factory start-up to large-scale, advanced laboratory equipment, modern factory, Nanan
hardware plumbing industry, product marketing of domestic and overseas markets, but wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, in the
brand on the road Nam clustering long way to go.

Short-listed reasons: Nanan's plumbing industry gradually extended to the whole bathroom space Sohu, whether it is product promotion
or brand awareness, or go into more regional markets, Nam need stars to endorsement and promotion. In China's ceramic sanitary
ware industry, the time being unable to find a second star endorsement of producing such a concentration, which is Nanan features.

Nomination: Post Foshan ceramics can come to the fore the era of high security?

Finalist Background: Since the beginning of 2007 the focus of renovation home network, industry experts have pointed out that China
Ceramic Industry has entered a "post-Foshan Ceramics enough" era, along with the Foshan ceramics industry take the initiative and
passive transfer of Foshan ceramics bear fruit across the country , north to Shenyang, west to Inner Mongolia, on the one hand the
transfer of Foshan ceramics industry in changing the pattern of building ceramics in China, it also makes building ceramics production
and sales of regional characteristics appeared. In a large number of new producing areas, the high-security production areas because
of geographical location have been a number of industry bullish.

Short-listed reasons: the focus of post-era of the real estate network, Foshan Ceramics, Foshan ceramics on display in the form of a
new life of their own in the next period of time, Foshan ceramics industry chain is still a sound can not be replicated in other producing
areas. Jiangxi itself has a long history of ceramic production, adjacent to Jingdezhen Porcelain from the close proximity of Guangdong,
and convenient transportation can radiate eastern and northern markets, which are made of high-An-producing areas close attention.

Best Director:

Nomination: Guangdong area "double shift" industrial strategy
Finalist Background: Guangdong area "double shift" strategy for the implementation of the industry in Foshan ceramics had a
tremendous impact. Shift the focus of the real estate industry, network, remediation upgrade Teng cage for birds, Guantingbingzhuan, in
recent years has been shrouded in Foshan ceramic head, Foshan Ceramic enterprises are faced with unprecedented pressures.

Finalist Rationale: 20009 11 9, Foshan Ceramics Industry Remediation Office held a press conference to inform the public over the past
two years have been Chancheng District 87 companies to complete the transfer of customs to move, a total dismantling of the
production furnace 269, Spray drying tower l55 months, respectively, the former accounting for 66.4% of the total, and 62.5%
respectively. Renovation of Foshan ceramics industry continues, industry has continued among the transfer process, not only that, the
"double transfer" Industrial Policy for the impact of Foshan ceramics industry will be sustained and far-reaching.

Nominations: in 2009 AQSIQ Announcement No. 95

Finalist Background: In October 2009, AQSIQ announced a number of building materials, quality control results, the results show that
there are 97 kinds of Ceramic product quality problems, in addition to packaging errors and other problems, there are still so radioactive
exceeded quality issues, sampling the results of an exposure by the media, causing a number of Internet users and consumers, great
concern has also become a hot topic both inside and outside the industry.

Short-listed reasons: Consumers are sensitive to quality issues, information disclosure is also a high degree of transparency so that
these issues have no place to hide, as a social instrument and the "Watchmen", the media have a responsibility to tell consumers,
businesses have a responsibility to promptly release to the public the truth, do an explanation. On the other hand, "quality ceramic door"
events has also revealed that the relative lack of ceramic enterprises experience in public relations crisis can not be timely response to
the public crisis of confidence of the "crises" for reform.

Best Foreign Language Film:

Nominations: Inax acquisition of American Standard

Finalist Background: In May 2009, the Japanese Corporation ina Ryuichi Kawamoto president officially announced the acquisition of
"American Standard" the cause of the Asia-Pacific sector of the shares, the transaction amounted to 112 million euros, which is again
acquired American Standard, but also now, sanitary industry in the Asia-Pacific region the biggest acquisition.

Finalist reason: For Chinese consumers, American Standard was once a symbol of high-end brand, the focus of renovation bathroom
home network, it also affects the fate of Chinese sanitary industry's nerves. Ina focus area bathroom nearly 80 years, the subject of Asian
and Pacific Affairs for the United States and the acquisition can be seen as ina plot to Asian markets, especially the Chinese market,
one of the strategies, but also from another side note, the international sanitary brands are eyeing the Chinese market this piece of a
huge cake.

Nomination: The new music acquired Jishi Duo Bath

Finalist Background: The new music that is the predecessor of bathroom sanitary Eagle, not so much new music acquisition Jishi Duo
sanitary, sanitary ware, rather, is a Spanish musician group in the Chinese market, another capital operation. Following the acquisition of
Eagle bathroom after the musician another shot, acquisition Jishi Duo, through acquisition and merger, music company to complete
another in the layout of the Chinese market.

Finalist Rationale: Prior to the acquisition, Jishi Duo has a relatively sound market base and brand-based network of super-woman, and
hardware facilities, after the 2008 "bankruptcy Supremacy", the Jishi Duo finally settled into sanitary industry Also a vivid textbook.

Best action movie:

Nominations: the road up to "embrace" and the domestic market into the test water

Finalist Background: As Asia's largest manufacturer of bathroom hardware in the world has many partners, Rutter has been an invisible
champion, early in 2009, Rutter officially announced its entry into the domestic market, September 8, Rutter announced a partnership
with , and into the co-operation from the "excellent reach" into the company's overall operation and brand, to fill, and into the market has
not yet set foot in the blank.

Finalist reasons: and into the bathroom market has been in Southeast Asia has an extensive influence, and Rutter is also a multi-year
partners. The right path up to run, with and adult have many years of cooperative relations with the brand to test the water and into the
domestic market may well be sound move. Because the two sides in the industry focus on the influence of the real estate network, that
awful case of co-operation particularly attention.

Nominations: Group buy, mister book-signing, promotion, ceramic sanitary ware industry, end-war

Finalist Background: in 2009 of ceramic sanitary industry, Group buy, mister book-signing, promotion frequently staged, businesses
have increased for the dealer support, and spend much invested heavily, by adding the terminal war, while, no brand is not promotion,
the stronger the strength of the enterprises in the terminal massive, much the strong get stronger trend, even international brands like
Kohler have joined the ranks of the promotion. Form of new markets, enterprises and dealers to start a new one strength Bi Pin.

Short-listed reasons: inventory of the past two years the performance of end markets, Group buy, a book-signing, promotion becomes a
regular choice, ceramic sanitary ware industry sales model more and more like home appliances, fast moving consumer goods to move
closer Sogou, therefore, "no you do not promote the brand," should be said that industry, a significant sign of progress, in this process,
companies and dealers are increasingly sophisticated.

Nominations: 9, animal husbandry Group and the Group of trademark disputes Xingda

Finalist Background: Group 9, animal husbandry, "Nine, animal husbandry," and belonging to the Group's Hong Kong Xingda "Nine,
animal husbandry, King bathroom" there is a conflict the focus of the real estate network, the two sides have been in dispute. Whether
the contradictions, both sides argued for their own, so resorting to legal action.

Short-listed reasons: trademark and patent disputes are not limited to sanitary ceramic industry, as a typical case, "nine, animal
husbandry," and "nine, animal husbandry, King" on the other has given rise to concern.

Best Cinematography:

Nominations: Picture Stories: Foshan ceramics factory disappear

Finalist Background: With the transfer of industries Tian Long Ba Bu is a ceramics company Guantingbingzhuan, in addition to the
transfer of vigorous expansion and beyond, in the pottery are Foshan, is extremely close attention to a piece of ceramic plants in the
disappearance, which is an a business away in silhouette, in the ceramics factory has the highest concentration of Chancheng District,
air quality actually has improved significantly, ceramic factories disappeared before the final image, both industrial transformation and
upgrading of the precursor, but also in the same warning to other emerging industrial base , we must consider how to achieve the
sustainable development of industry and the environment.

Short-listed the reasons: We are too used to a significant narrative structure and happy ending, "a ceramics factory disappeared" be
even in such a context is not very harmonious, but perhaps we have the fate of these ceramics factory realized just a little more inside, in
the keen to expand the same time, many think about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow what we will leave to future generations
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