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									       An International
          Human Resource

International Personnel Management Association - Canada
Contact Executive Director at
                             IPMA-CP and IPMA-CS
              IPMA-Canada International Certification Program

IPMA - Canada is a national human resource association whose mission is to promote excellence in the practice of                  IPMA - CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL
human resource management. Established in 1906 as a not -for-profit association of human resource practitioners in                (IPMA-CP)
Canada, today there are eight provincial chapters and members in all provinces. IPMA-Canada objectives and role are:
(1) to promote and enhance the human resource profession in Canada and globally; (2) to provide professional                      Membership    Good Standing
development and training for the human resource community; (3) to maintain a code of ethics and standards of practice
and (4) to recognize excellence in human resource practice through national and local award programs.                             Education/    Graduate + 2 yrs HR Experience or
                                                                                                                                  Experience    Bachelor Degree + 4 yrs HR Experience or
CERTIFICATION                                                                                                                                   Diploma + 6 yrs HR Experience or
IPMA-Canada has developed in partnership with IPMA-HR the first comprehensive international human resource                                      IPMA-Canada Certificate + 7 yrs
certification program in Canada. The IPMA-Canada comprehensive international certification program is designed to                               HR Experience or
enhance our members’ human resource management knowledge, develop their people skills, and provide the professional                             8 yrs HR Experience
recognition necessary to advance in their career. The IPMA-Canada certification program consists of two international
designations: IPMA-Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) and IPMA-Certified Specialist (IPMA-CS). The IPMA-CP designation              Technical     Journey Level (4) or
recognizes individuals for their broad knowledge, experience, and expertise at the mastery or journey level in the various        Proficiency   Journey Level (2) + Mastery Level (1) or
technical human resource skill areas identified. The IPMA-CS designation recognizes mastery level knowledge, experience,
                                                                                                                                                Mastery Level (2)
and expertise for a total of five years in one of the various technical human resource skill areas identified.

ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                                       Competency Pass
In order to be eligible for certification as either an IPMA-CP or IPMA-CS, the following requirements must be met:                Exam
(1) Be a member of IPMA-Canada in good standing;
(2) Meet the following education/experience requirements:
     (a) A graduate level degree and two (2) years human resources work experience; or
     (b) A Bachelor degree and four (4) years human resources work experience; or                                                 IPMA - CERTIFIED SPECIALIST
     (c) A Diploma and six (6) years human resources work experience; or                                                          (IPMA-CS)
     (d) A IPMA-Canada National Human Resource Management Certificate, or equivalent, and seven (7) years
          human resources work experience; or                                                                                     Membership    Good Standing
     (e) Eight (8) years human resources work experience.
(3) Successfully pass the IPMA competency exam (Study Guide/Course available);                                                    Education/    Graduate + 2 yrs HR Experience or
(4) Demonstrate Technical Proficiency                                                                                             Experience    Bachelor Degree + 4 yrs HR Experience or
     (a) IPMA-CP                                                                                                                                Diploma + 6 yrs HR Experience or
          Exhibit proficiency at the journey level in at least four of the key technical skill areas or two journey level and
                                                                                                                                                IPMA-Canada Certificate + 7 yrs
          one mastery level or two mastery level in the following technical skill area:
          (i) Employee/Labour Relations                                                                                                         HR Experience or
          (ii) Employer Selection                                                                                                               8 yrs HR Experience
          (iii) Organization and Employee Development
          (iv) Employee Benefits/Risk Management                                                                                  Technical     Mastery Level (1) in area of specialty for
          (v) HR Research                                                                                                         Proficiency   5 yrs and a minimum of 30 hrs of
          (vi) HR Management Systems                                                                                                            professional development in area of
          (vii) Recruitment                                                                                                                     specialty within past 3 yrs
          (viii) HR Diversity/Employment Equity
          (ix) Compensation                                                                                                       Competency Pass
          (x) Classification                                                                                                      Exam
              See the website for additional information on the technical skill areas.
    (b) IPMA-CS
        (i) Exhibit proficiency at the mastery level for five (5) years in any of the listed technical skill areas above;
        (ii) Complete thirty (30) hours of professional development in the specialized skill area identified.

(1) Complete an IPMA-Canada application and become a member of IPMA-Canada - join the winning team and be
    a member of IPMA-Canada in good standing;
(2) Complete IPMA-Canada International Certification Program Application Form:
        (i) Identify which designation you are applying for: IPMA-CP or IPMA-CS
        (ii) Meet Education/Experience Requirements
        (iii) Demonstrate Technical Proficiency outlining your work experience
(3) Apply for the IPMA competency exam after your technical proficiency has been accepted (ie. reviewed by
    committee) and then demonstrate understanding of the human resource competencies by achieving a passing
    mark on the competency exam.
(4) Forward the appropriate fees with the membership application (if applicable); the certification application, and
    proof of passing the competency exam.

Your application will be reviewed by a certification committee of professionals in the human resource field including             ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
members of the national executive of IPMA-Canada.                                                                                 Please visit the IPMA-Canada website:
                                                                                                                                  for additional information or contact:
CERTIFICATION STEPS                                                                                                               Executive Director
Membership Application Certification Application                                   Proof of Passing the Competency Exam           IPMA-Canada
                                                                                        (if Certification Application approved) (email)

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