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					Online Marketing for your Non-profit
Written by Michelle Crossley

The Internet revolution has made online marketing an integral part of any marketing
campaign. Non-profit organizations also cannot afford to ignore this form of marketing
any longer. The following is a basic guide to online marketing campaigns for your non-

Know your target audience for online marketing
The reach and penetration of computer and Internet cut across all generations today.
However, almost half of the total online donations are made by the Baby Boomers
generation, which includes those born between 1946 and 1962. The senior citizens over
the age of 65 also account for about 13% of all online giving. The young generation,
those born between 1963 and 1980 are the keenest followers of online communication.

Create an effective and SEO content-rich website
A powerful website is at the heart of your non-profit’s online marketing strategy. The
web design must be user-friendly, and the web content must be useful and strongly
appealing to your target audience. At the same time, the website should have dynamic,
keyword-oriented content to ensure that it gets good exposure from the search engines.
Even the best web content will be futile if nobody is going to read it.

Use search engine optimization strategies
Write articles for various websites that allow you a link to your website through the
article. Prepare newsworthy and attractive Press Releases about your non-profit and send
them to various websites, as well as post them on your own site. Make use of blogging to
promote your website. Create an e-newsletter and build a network of followers and
donors who are regularly connected through your newsletter. Also, build an archive of
the newsletters on your website.

Check out the Google and YouTube non-profit programs
“YouTube Non-profit Program” and “Google Grant” are two powerful avenues that you
must explore for promoting your non-profit without incurring any advertising cost.

Develop a focused email database
Email addresses of interested people and potential donors are a crucial asset for your non-
profit. Keep a provision on your website for the visitors to leave their contact details or
comments. Be conscious about collecting every valuable email address for your non-
profit from all possible sources. These email addresses can be eventually leveraged to
create a focused email marketing campaign.

Create a provision for online donations through your website
The final stage of marketing is to induce the potential donor into action. Therefore, it is
important for your website to have a “Donate” button displayed prominently at every
webpage. Your website should be able to allow the potential donors to pay through all
commonly used means such as credit cards or online bank transfers.

Integrate your online marketing campaign with social media
No organization can afford to ignore the growing importance of online social media
channels such as Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. You can expand the reach of your non-
profit if you can leverage these highly popular new social media in a creative and
innovative manner.

If your non-profit is big enough to afford a larger online marketing campaign, you may
also hire a professional SEO marketer to run the entire campaign effectively on your
behalf. Online marketing is much cheaper and has the potential to produce much greater
value for your marketing dollar compared to the conventional forms of marketing

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