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Good news Grams for June 12 (DOC)


									                                           DeJohn, Peter Botticello, Amit
                                           Potdar, and Deivydas Gierdrimas all
                                           attended the 25th Connecticut
                                           Invention Convention at the state
                                           level. Peter and Michael both won a

                                           Lynn Marinelli, third grade teacher
Rocky Hill Public Schools                  reports that her students are
                                           spending quality time learning about
June 19, 2008                              their own communities. Story teller
                                           Tom Lee visited each classroom to
District-wide                              discuss some of the interesting
                                           structural details that the students
Marguerite Alpert, Enrichment              saw when they visited the historic
Coordinator - All third graders            First Congregational Church and
participated in the Rocky Hill             Academy Hall. Students took a
Historical Community Walk. The             walking tour of six of our community‟s
children visited the Rocky Hill ferry,     most prominent sites.
Center Cemetery, Cora J. Belden
Library, Volunteer Firefighters            Merle Cohen, Some of our 4th grade
Museum, Academy Hall and the First         students at West Hill have been
Congregational Church funded through                             learning the art
the Explore and Soar program,                                    of puppetry!
resident artist Tom Lee, worked with                              They have been
all the students to sharpen their                                using large
visual acuity and historical thinking to                         puppets that are
prepare them to more fully                 part of "The Kids on the Block"
experience all of the historic places      program coordinated by the Mental
they visited. This was not only a field    Health Association of CT. The puppet
trip but also a community event            show promotes acceptance of
bringing together children, educators,     differences and addresses the
and some of the finest volunteers I        problems of teasing and being mean to
have ever met. Look for an article and     others. Our 4th graders have been
photos in one of your upcoming Rocky       working hard and will be performing
Hill Posts!                                for our second graders this month.
                                           The goal is to help promote character
West Hill                                  education in our school community and
                                           to discuss these important issues.
Cori DiMaggio reported that her
students, Natalie Fulco, Alexia            Theresa Kollmer, first grade teacher
Halepas, Michale Pe Percio, Hope           reported that her class completed
many Earth Day activities. They built     School for Ethical Education's Laws
boats from recycled materials and         of Life essay writing program. All
created poems and wrote letters to        eighth grade students write essays
Mother Earth. To culminate their unit     for this program every year as part of
of study they presented an Earth Day      our language arts and character
skit to parents and caregivers. It was    education curriculum. Each teacher
a fully integrated unit enjoyed by all!   chooses five finalists to compete in
                                          our school contest. From that
Stevens School                            judging, two essays are sent on to the
                                          state contest. Both winners are from
Terry Wilson, 5th grade teacher: The      Colleen McClain's classes.
25th Annual Connecticut Invention         The students, their families and
Convention took place at Gampel           Colleen attended an Awards Ceremony
Pavillion on Saturday, May 3rd.           and dinner in New Haven on May 8th.
Fifteen students from Stevens were
eligible to attend this year's            From Louise Adamow: The Griswold
conference. Out of those fifteen,         Middle School Leo's Club donated
four student's inventions were            $672.00 to the Fidleco Guide Dog
recognized for special                    Foundation on Saturday, May 17th.
acknowledgement. They were Jacob          The following students, along with
Franzen, Gr. 3, Richard Murray, Gr. 4,    Mrs. Adamow, walked two miles at the
Kristin Cancelliere, Gr. 5 and Rounak     MCC campus: Jonathan Baez, Jessica
Gokhale, Gr. 5.                           Caccomo, Kelly Clancy, Isabella
                                          Garzone, Charlotte Grimm, Zack
                                          Marchand, Donovan Matiias and
                                          Amelia Pizzaferato. All students
                                          walkers earned a "Walk for Fidelco"
                                          tee-shirt! The walk took place at
                                          Manchester Community College. It
                                          was a beautiful day; special "walkers"
                                          were IZZY and MAX, the Grimms'
        Kristen Cancelliere with          West Haghland Terriers"! They
             her Bike Bimini              "lead" the team proudly through!

GMS                                       Amy Hall, teacher on Blue Team
                                          reported, “The Hartford Stage came into
Gail Thibodeau, Reading consultant,       GMS and presented Shakespeare,
                                          focusing on „A Midsummer‟s Night
reported that two eighth grade
                                          Dream‟. Students were enthusiastic
students from the Royal Team,
                                          participants in the tableaus and are
Julianne Stoneburner and Josh             currently reciting monologues from
Ferrebee, have been selected as two       various plays.”
of the 10 statewide winners in The                                          Page 2
Steve Patarini, technology education      Cheryl O'Connor, Family & Consumer
teacher, conveyed that the wooden         Sciences teacher said that students
clock building workshop has concluded     in grades 7 and 8 have already sewn 7
             and the students walked      baby quilts for charity. These quilts
                to the high school to     will either go to the ABC (at-risk baby
                visit Mr. Siciliano‟s     crib quilts) program or to the
                wood shop. Nine           Newington Children's Hospital.
                 students completed a     Students are continuing to sew hats
                 beautiful mahogany       and mittens in their spare time to be
clock, in time for Mother‟s Day, no       donated to St. Vincent DePaul Place.
less! Mr. Patarini also entered two
student projects in the Connecticut       Rebekah Harding, Music teacher: The
Technology Education Association          GMS Marching Band marched in the
“Student Technology Expo" at CCSU         Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May
on May 13th. One wood project was         26. They performed the “Star
from last year‟s Explore and Soar         Spangled Banner” with the RHHS
club, one from this year. Mr. Patarini    Marching Band on the green during
is proud to say that “Joe Malespini       the Memorial Day Services. The GMS
and Shannon Chudzik both won blue         Concert Band and Chorus competed in
ribbons for their efforts. I think we     the “Fantastic Festivals” on Friday,
can call that „soaring‟! Thanks again     June 6th. Each group was judged on
for your continued support! “             their musicality.

Jason Maziarz, Social Studies             Cindy Scanlon's social studies
teacher, tells “For the first time, the   students were busy during the month
seventh grade ventured to the             of May, preparing for the Medieval
Museum of Natural History in New          Fair. From May 20th -23rd the
York City for their annual field trip.    students made commercials about the
The day went smoothly as we toured        best cities of the world and how life
the museum for several hours and          has changed since Medieval times.
watched two IMAX presentations -          Students have the option of wearing
one about dinosaurs and one called        authentic costumes and tasting food
“Cosmic Collisions”. The exhibits         from the past. After each student
were amazing and helped bring to life     presents his/her oral report, the
some of our curriculum at GMS. The        class will decide which olden city is
students, as well as the chaperones,      voted this year's class favorite.
thoroughly enjoyed the trip. A special    Results will be announced at the final
thanks to the parents and staff           team awards assembly. Posters from
members who volunteered to come on        the fair will be on display in the red
this trip. The students should also be    pod throughout the month of June.
commended as their behavior was
outstanding!”                                                              Page 3
World Language teacher, Jacqueline       Alexandra Liswan, Alison Saucier and
Tower shares Good News! Bonnes           Shawna Hapgood
nouvelles!, ¡Buenas noticias! A number
of students participated in the 2008     Louise Adamow said that the seventh
National French and Spanish Exams        graders our collecting soap, t-shirts
and we are proud of the results!         and deodorant for the Rocky Hill
Merci to all 7th and 8th graders who     Veterans Hospital. This ties with our
participated in the CT Concours.         interdisciplinary project about
 Congratulations to 7th graders:         identifying a local problem, and trying
Prachi Shah who scored 9th and Hena      to help out the community.
Thakkar who scored 10th.
Felicitaciones and gracias to all the    Michele Matava, English teacher
7th and 8th grade students who           wrote: “The 2008 Poetry Slam was a
participated in the National Spanish     huge success. The following students
Exam.                                    participated in poetry workshops
The American Association of              and/or shared their original poems at
Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese       the GMS Poetry Slam on May 15th:
recognize the following scores: Gold             Nina Mendez, Simone Billingslea,
Medal: 95% and above, Silver Medal:      Tahlia Martinez, Anishaa Mukherjee,
85-94%, Bronze Medal: 75-84 % and        Sarah Slowik, Josef Riccio, Eric Carlson,
Honorable Mention.                       Tracey Allegretti, John-Paul
                                         Colasacco, Lynn Aureli,
Gold Medals: Kyley Reed, Emma
                                         Angela Morin, Chelea
                                         Bronk, Jaymee Frey,
Silver Medals: Yvis Rodriguez,
                                         Shelby Devanney,
Maryellen Riccio, Meghan Kebernick,      Alyssa Dale, Sasha
Kimberly Agnes                           Yazdzik, Kayla
Bronze Medals: Alpa Kotak, Kristen       Chapdelaine, Stephanie
Lauria, Cara Pizzo, Eric Devine, Alex    Abadom, Thomas Barnes, Sakeena Ahmed,
Fulco, Chelsea Mancini                   Thomas Seaver, Brittany Farr, Ali Buerk,
Honorable Mention: Lizbeth Gamonal,      Jordan Calderon, Jen Carlson, Alyssa
Michelle Baxter, Rosanna Karabetsos,     D'Attilio, Shannon McNamara, Jenny
                                         Mulry, Dana Mundle, Craig Perez, Angela
Lillian McKenzie, Katie Seaver, Erica
                                         Piazza, Maryellen Riccio, Sahara Tariq,
Masciadrelli, James Wang, Mary
                                         Christina Veinot.
O‟Sullivan, Meghana Damaraju, Audrey
                                                 The “Masters of Ceremony” were
Oliva, Minorvi Amin, Megan Rowe,         Jordan Calderon and Maryellen Riccio. A
Nicole Pantazatou, Allison Denisky,      special thank you to the following people:
Giuliana D‟Appollonio, Laura Dabruzzi,   Kim Batterson-Biglow who printed the
Rachel Corey, Alexis Maldonado,          programs, certificates and invitations and
Brittany Cardillo, Kush Desai, Erica     Barbara Dalton who designed and created
Curtin, Stephanie DeRoia, Ali Buerk,     the Poetry Slam Banner.
Eric Binder, Mary Margaret Aylward,
                                                                             Page 4
Poetry Slam (continued)                  Kim Antol, Science Teacher reported,
Kim Quinn operated the sound system.     “The RHHS Botany Class had a
Mary Barnett-Frawley designed and        fabulous plant sale on May 2nd and 3rd.
printed the poet's t-shirts.             The citizens of Rocky Hill showed
Coleen McClain, Walter Avery and         overwhelming support of the Botany
Michele Matava ran poetry workshops                      program by standing
prior to the event and the custodial                     patiently in the light
staff set up and cleaned up for the                      spring drizzle.
Poetry Slam. Also, the Student                           Enthusiastic and
Activity Fund financed the                               motivated, the
refreshments. And, finally, the Poetry   students greeted customers with a
Slam would not have been a success       smile and showcased their botanical
without parent support. Thank you!”      knowledge by guiding people through
                                         the greenhouses and assisting in plant
RHHS                                     selection. The sale was a great
                                         success! Students are looking
Hank Koritkoski, interim Athletic        forward to planting their flower
Director said that on May 15th, Rocky    garden in the front of the high
Hill Girls Soccer coach, Bill Pacelia    school.”
was honored by the Connecticut High
School Coaches Association as            Steven Strange, a Spanish teacher at
"Outstanding Coach of the Year" at       Rocky Hill High School, recently
their annual banquet at the Aqua         received an honorable mention for his
Turf.                                    poem in Spanish entitled "Per saecula
                                         saeculorum". The honor was given by
Tom Siciliano, Technology Education      the VI Concurso de Poesia
Teacher reports: “The first year         Internacional, Lincoln-Marti 2008 in
Materials Processing class is carrying   Miami, Florida. Winners came from
                out a Mass Production    countries such as Spain, Switzerland,
                project making as        Canada, the United States, and Peru.
                many wooden toys as      Mr. Strange was the only winner from
                they can mass-           Connecticut. He has served for the
                produce in four weeks.   past three years as the president of
The class must decide on a project       the Connecticut Chapter of the
that they can make a great number of     American Association of Teachers of
and will be enjoyed by children          Spanish and Portuguese.
between the ages 5-12. After the
project is completed, we store them
until the next holiday season and then
bring them to the Toys for Tots
program. We usually end up donating
about 100 toys.                                                           Page 5
Lori Atkins, School Nurse - The Art         students to caffeine amounts in
Honors Society students at the high         "energy drinks", sleep deprivation, fat
school have crafted a bulletin board        and sugar contents and making
to inform students about the                responsible food choices. It is a work
increasing use of caffeine. They have       in progress, so stop by and check it
used their creative talents to alert        out!

Please see the attached article regarding the Rocky Hill High School Choral Group
that went to Carnegie Hall on May 25th.

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