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					                                    Curriculum Vitae

NAME                         Catherine Ann MACKENZIE

DATE OF BIRTH                5 October 1955

SPECIALISMS                  Livelihoods Approaches to Forestry, Biodiversity and Natural
                             Resources Management and Community Development,
                             including REDD and adaptation to climate change
                             Poverty Analysis and Social Research and Development
                             Governance and Policy Development

NATIONALITY             British & Canadian


  25 years’ world-wide experience in international forestry, conservation and development.
  Pro-poor, participatory and sustainable livelihoods approaches to forest and other natural
   resource management, community development and biodiversity conservation
 Governance and policy analysis and development in natural resources management,
   including REDD and adaptation to climate change
 Tropical forest ecology and management, including indigenous management systems.
 Poverty analysis and social research for development
 Environmental and social impact analysis
 Team leadership, project design and management, technical assistance, research, M&E
 Clients: World Bank, ADB, FAO, GEF, EU, DFID, DGIS, GTZ, NGOs, universities,
   private sector and LDC governments, at local, regional and national levels

MA Social Anthropology (High Distinction) - Australian National University (1994)
MSc Forestry and its Relation to Land Management - University of Oxford (1984)
BSc (Hons) Zoology - University of Bristol (1977)

Advisory Skills, SNV, Bangkok (2006)
Conflict Resolution for Natural Resource Management, RECOFTC, Bangkok (1998)
Internal Consultancy Skills, Sundridge Park Management Centre (1996)
Facilitation skills for project design, NRI/Team Technologies (1995)
Coral Reef Biology - University of the West Indies/Johns Hopkins University (1976)

LANGUAGES                            Speaking       Reading        Writing
English (mother tongue)              Excellent      Excellent      Excellent
Indonesian                           Very good      Very good      Very good
Portuguese                           Good           Good           Good
Spanish                              Fair           Good           Fair
French                               Fair           Good           Fair
Vietnamese                           Improving      Basic          Basic


June 2008 – March 2009: Fauna & Flora International , Cambridge, UK.
Director, Conservation Livelihoods and Governance (CLG) Programme.
CLG is the FFI programme focusing on the social dimensions of conservation. The 3 person
team works with FFI’s regional and thematic teams to mainstream people-centred,
livelihoods and governance approaches globally, and particularly in three model livelihoods
projects through the FFI-Anglo-American Strategic Biodiversity Partnership. Specific
attention to social analysis and project planning, participatory approaches, benefit sharing
and monitoring and evaluation. Support to FFI’s pioneering programme on REDD, and
climate change adaptation, and the Aceh Forest and Environment Project. Preparation of
funding proposals for various bilateral and multilateral donors.
        April and July 2008: Aceh, Indonesia.
        Support to the Communities programme of the WB funded Aceh Forest and
        Environment Project and Ulu Masen REDD pilot project.
        September 2008: Mato Grosso, Brazil
        Monitoring and planning mission to the Carlinda sustainable dairy pastures project.
        November 2008: Ganzi, Qinghai and Lhasa, Tibetan areas, China
        Monitoring and planning mission to the Communities Grassland project.
        December 2008: Kilwa, Tanzania
        Monitoring and planning mission to the Mpingo Conservation Project, which has
        established the first FSC certified community woodlands in Africa.

July 2008: China: Trade and processing of African timbers
Two-week study in Shanghai area, meeting Chinese importers and processers of Mozambican
timbers, for better understanding of commodity chains.

April –May 2008: Mozambique: Forest Governance
Update on the 2006 report on Forest Governance in Zambezia. Report: Tristesas Tropicais:
Chinese Takeaway Update 2008.

March 2008: Vietnam: REDD
Member of team preparing Vietnam’s successful R-PIN for REDD Readiness.

February 2008: Vietnam. Project preparation
Social scientist consultant to CAB International supporting project funding proposal
preparation mission on “Improved safe vegetable production through Good Agricultural
Practices in Vietnam”, for DFID’s Research into Use programme. Advising IPM technical
specialists on livelihoods and poverty alleviation considerations in project design, and
preparing technical annex on Social Exclusion.

May 2006 – November 2007. SNV Viet Nam
Senior Forestry Advisor, Practice Area Leader for Collaborative Forest Management and
from April 2007, CTA for Pro-Poor Forestry Project for upland North-central Vietnam
(PPFP) in TT Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Binh and Nghe An. Providing advisory services to
provincial and district government and NGO clients on community-based forest
management, non-timber forest products, decentralised forest planning and reform of state
forest enterprises. Led 11 member TA team in redesign and funding approval of the PPFP,
and the technical development of the 7 member SNV CFM practice area in Viet Nam.

February 2006. UK for Mozambique
Finalisation of report “Chinese Takeaway: Forest Governance in Zambezia, Mozambique”,
for publication (funded by IIED), and internet posting. Findings of previous field work in
Mozambique, which have since sparked national debate on forest governance in media
(press, radio, TV) and formation of new advocacy group “amigos de floresta”.

September - November 2005: Mozambique. Project preparaion
Preparation of proposal for EU-funded community forest governance programme, to address
issues identified in previous work in Mozambique (6 weeks), for Christian Aid, London.

January – July 2005: IUCN Pakistan
Helped establish a multi-disciplinary Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group for addressing
conservation issues and re-orientating the IUCN programme in Pakistan; advised on
establishment of Protected Areas and Species Programme. Work involved team building,
management systems, technical inputs into all aspects of IUCNP work (6 months).

November 2004: EU-CGIAR Monitoring Programme
Evaluation of the EC-funded project “Analysing and supporting policy reform” of ICRAF,
with work at headquarters in Nairobi and the field sites in Uganda.

October 2004: Mozambique
Support to NGOs preparing and conducting a public debate on forest issues in Zambezia
province. (3 weeks)

July - August 2004: Cambodia – Review of strategic forest management plans
Review of the forest management planning system and of 6 concession management plans to
assess compliance with national guidelines and implementation capacity, with particular
attention to social impacts. For RGC, Donor Working Group and World Bank. (28 days)

May 2004: Mozamibque – Forest certification
Member of “social chamber” in field test of new Mozambican FSC forest certification
standards for being developed with support of UNDP and GTZ. (6 days)

March – June 2004: Mozambique – Forest governance and management
Action research and facilitation to support civil society advocacy campaign for forest
governance reform in Zambezia province, and promotion of community based forestry.
Funded by Christian Aid, HIVOS, BHC.

November 2003 – January 2004: Mozambique
Reconnaissance mission to appraise forestry issues in Zambezia province, and prepare TOR
for follow-up mission to develop proposal for programme in forest governance and CBNRM.
For local NGO (ORAM) and Christian Aid.

November 2003: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, West Tien Shan
Transboundary Conservation Project. Field visit for preparation of commercial tender for
2 year EU funded project; preparation of bid (evaluated highest on technical grounds).

August – September 2003: Indonesia – Illegal logging project appraisal
Social scientist on design/appraisal mission for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and
Trade (FLEGT) programme to address illegal logging issues in Indonesia, with focus on

West Kalimantan and Jambi. For EC.

From June 2003 : Galapagos Islands – Technical Adviser
Social scientist on the Technical Advisory Group for the project “Invasive Species in the
Galapagos Archipelago”. For UNDP, GEF and Charles Darwin Foundation.

June – August 2003: EU-CGIAR Monitoring Programme, Indonesia
Evaluation of the EC-funded project “Biodiversity and Managed Forests” of CIFOR, with
work at headquarters in Bogor and the main field site in East Kalimantan. (2 weeks)

February-May 2003: Benin – Cotton sector PSIA
Poverty and Social Impact Analysis for past and planned reforms to the cotton sector. For
World Bank/FAO. (7 weeks)

Winter Semester 2003: University of Greenwich - Teaching
Teaching Social Aspects of Conservation module on the Conservation Ecology Course of the
MSc programmes in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservation.

September 2002: Mongolia – Biodiversity Conservation Planning
Social anthropologist on preparation mission for buffer zone development project for Khan
Khentee Strictly Protected Area. For GTZ and Royal Netherlands Embassy (Beijing offices).
Plus project finalisation visit for Hustai National Park Buffer Zone (see below).

June 2002: Mongolia – Biodiversity Conservation Planning
Desk study to reformulate the project document for the participatory development of a buffer
zone to the Hustai National Park, Mongolia, (established in 1992 for the reintroduction of
Przewalski Horse). For DGIS (Royal Netherlands Embassy, Beijing).

April 2002: Ecuador – Bamboo based Livelihoods
Livelihoods Adviser to International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
Technical support to proposed INBAR field project on bamboo based livelihoods in Sto
Domingo de los Colorados, in Pichincha Province, to enhance project involvement of poor
people and increase impact on their livelihoods.

February – March 2002: China: Guizhou, Yunnan and Hainan
Social Development Adviser to International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
Technical support to INBAR field projects in Chishui (Guizhou) and Hainan to pilot use of
bamboo and rattan to promote sustainable rural livelihoods. Conducted preliminary analysis
of the social and institutional contexts of the projects, assist with final designs, esp enhancing
and monitoring project impacts on poor people, and recommended strategy for introducing
participatory approaches in Chishui and Hainan.

January – October 2002
Forestry Research Programme, DFID
Collaborated in the design and implementation of email based survey of participatory forest
management professionals to identify researchable constraints for PFM; included final
experts workshop. With Kate Schreckenberg, ODI and Anna Lawrence, OCEC. (7 days)

December 2001: Ghana – Biodiversity Research
Livelihood and regulatory issues in the bushmeat trade in West Africa. Design and
supervision of household interviews survey on the role of bushmeat in village livelihoods in

the Upper East Province of Ghana.

August 2001: Bangladesh and India – Bamboo based livelihoods
Project preparation mission bamboo-based small industrial development
Continuing support to INBAR. Technical support to prospective project sites in Chittagong
Hills, Bangladesh and Kerala, India, to revise proposal for funding to Asian Development
Bank and develop appropriate approaches for project preparation and recommended
strategies for development of INBAR’s livelihoods field projects.

March – May 2001: China – Bamboo based Livelihoods
Livelihoods Adviser to International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
First of several inputs to assist INBAR staff to evolve a programme of activities that bring its
considerable “intellectual capital” in research and technology, directly to bear on poverty
reduction. Reviewed Livelihood programme’s past and present logical frameworks and
recommend ways of enhancing impact on poverty.

November 2000: University of Greenwich – Teaching
Teaching: Livelihoods analysis for Natural Resource Management; Participatory Methods.
On Short Course for Professionals: Participatory Natural Resources Management..

June 2000 – November 2002: Ghana/West Africa Region
Livelihood and regulatory issues in the bushmeat trade in West Africa. Team leader and
manager of DFID-funded research project examining bushmeat trade from perspective of the
livelihoods of main stakeholders, as a basis for participatory workshops to discuss
development of new regulatory instruments. Focus on savannah and forest zones in Ghana.

January – December 1999: Zimbabwe - Shared Forest Management
Team Leader/CTA for Shared Forest Management Preparation Project (for DFID)
Team leader on 18-month collaboration between the Zimbabwe Forestry Commission, DFID
and other stakeholders to design a sustainable rural livelihoods project within the state system
of indigenous forest reserves, in semi-arid Matabeleland North, with particular attention to
finding a mutually acceptable solution to the pressing issue of illegal forest settlements.

October 1996-November 1998: Sri Lanka – Participatory Forest Management
Team Leader/CTA for Participatory Forest Management (for DFID)
The project piloted participatory management of state forest reserves in southern Sri Lanka
for production purposes, as part of the DFID-supported Forest Management and Plantation
Project. Leader of team of Sri Lanka Forest Officers and local consultants, responsible for
designing and implementing pilot activities to empower local partners to become responsible
forest managers. Pioneered a radical benefits orientated and iterative learning by doing
approach to CBFM Work included: project and financial management, PRA training, socio-
economic/livelihoods surveys, participatory forest survey and inventory, preparing detailed
forest management plans, organising study tours, workshops and training sessions and
contracting and supervising diverse array of consultants.
May – July 1996: Indonesia – Forestry GIS
Socio-Economist, Forest Inventory and Monitoring Project (MOF, European Union)
The Indonesian Forest Resource Information System is a comprehensive biophysical GIS-
based database for planning and monitoring Indonesia’s forest estate. Work involved
designing and developing the socio-economic component to the database and testing the
methods and demonstrating applications in a pilot site in Jambi, South Sumatra. Used GPS

mapping and GeoPC, ArcInfo and FoxPro.

April 1996: Nepal – Forest Research Centre Evaluation
Final Review of the DFID support to Forest Research Centre, (FORESC)
Reviewed the achievements of the socio-economic research programme in FORESC,
including publications, work in progress and interviews with selected staff. The review led to
the closing of the DFID programme of support.

March-April 1996: Riemvasmaak Resettlement Project, South Africa
Socio-economicst, FARMAfrica and DFID
Riemvasmaak, in the Northern Cape is one of South Africa’s first projects to resettle people
evicted from their lands during the “Black Spot Removals”. Work focused on conflict
resolution to assist divided community of settlers to work together to choose between various
land use and community development options through provision of sound economic cost-
benefit information and facilitation participatory analysis by the group.

1996: Guyana - Biodiversity Conservation
Social scientist, National Protected Areas System (World Bank/GEF)
Member of team designing the NPAS preparation project. Special responsibility for
promoting participatory management by stakeholders, particularly the indigenous
Amerindian communities, reviewing the state of knowledge on indigenous use of resources,
particularly non-timber forest products and developing TORs for the social assessment and
monitoring. (6 weeks)

1995: Honduras - Forest Project Monitoring
Social development specialist on a three-member team monitoring the Conservation and
Silviculture of Honduran Dry Forest Species Project (CONSEFORH), particularly its attempt
to focus on the needs of poor farmers in the dry zones of Honduras through on-farm trials run
in conjunction with local NGOs. Assessed beneficiary approach and effectiveness of the
trials and institutional collaboration, M&E and need for additional socio-economic inputs. (2

1995: Bolivia - Natural Resources Management Project Preparation
Social development specialist on a team preparing three projects for ODA's natural resources
programme for lowland Bolivia, including: institutional support to the Centro de
Investigaciones de Agronomia Tropical (CIAT) in Sta Cruz; support for research into
agroforestry and community forestry; and research into indigenous systems of resource
management. Provided technical forestry inputs and social and institutional appraisals.

1995: Caribbean Regional Environmental Programme, European Union
Socio-economist on project preparation mission to establish a Caribbean Regional
Environmental Programme for the CARIFORUM countries, components of which included
Protected Areas and Biodiversity and Capability for Environmental Management. Reviewed
project proposals of UNEP, IUCN and regional NGOs, and proposed strategy for co-
ordinated approach to Protected Areas involving implementing agencies and donors. (6

1995: Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies – Biodiversity Conservation Planning
Team leader and social planner for a Financial and Social Planning Mission for the National
Protected Areas System of TCI. The mission prepared plans for the sustainable financing of
the protected areas management, including the establishment of a user fee system for the

parks and preparation of detailed business plans. Work involved awareness surveys,
institutional assessments, the social impact analyses and developing strategies for instituting
collaborative management. (3 weeks)

1995: Honduras – Plant Protection Programme
Sociologist, Diseases of Gliricidia sepium (Forestry Research Programme, ODA).
Investigated local perceptions of the importance of this multipurpose leguminous tree and
local knowledge regarding the diseases currently affecting some of its Central American
populations, through informal surveys with diverse stakeholders in NW Honduras. (3 weeks)

1995: Montserrat, West Indies – Airport EIA
Social and economic impact specialist for EIA of the proposed Blackburne Airport
Redevelopment Project. Special attention to the relocation/compensation of affected
families. With WS Atkins and REAL Trinidad. (2 weeks)

1995: Bolivia – Biodiversity Conservation Project Planning
Social Development Specialist on ODA mission conducting the final design/appraisal of
integrated conservation and development projects around the Amboró National Park and the
Pilón Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Indigenous Territory and preparing of concept notes for
new projects contributing to ODA's new RNR strategy for Bolivia. (4 weeks)

1995: Uganda – Weed Sciences
Second input (in Mubende district) into Weeds Science project. See March 1994. (3 weeks)

1995: Brazil – Biodiversity Project Monitoring
Sociologist/Forester, Mamiraua Ecological Reserve Project, Mid-term review (ODA)
Responsible for reviewing community participation, socio-economic and forestry
components of this project, which prepared a management plan for the integrated
conservation and development of a varzea forest area, in Central Amazonia.. (3 weeks)

1994: Indonesia – Environmental Impact Assessment
Social Impact Analysis of a private oil palm plantation development by REAKALTIM in
East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Conducted baseline research for description of existing socio-
economic situation, prediction of likely impacts of the project and programmes for mitigating
and monitoring those impacts. (3 weeks)

1994: Tanzania – Technical Assistance for Biodiversity Conservation
Social Development Adviser, Ruaha Ecosystems Wildlife Management Project (ODA)
Technical assistance in reviewing baseline research and planning village-based wildlife
management projects in the communities bordering Ruaha National Park; facilitated
workshop presenting research results to key government personnel. (4 weeks)

1994: Indonesia – Biodiversity Conservation project appraisal
Socio-economist, Sulawesi Parks and Partnership Program in Lore Lindu National Park
(The Nature Conservancy). Part of Biodiversity Conservation Network’s programme
investigating potential of community micro-enterprises to promote conservation. Involved
baseline surveys of communities surrounding the park, preparing business plans projects in
ecotourism, bee-keeping and butterfly rearing and planning monitoring system for social and
economic impacts. (6 weeks)

1994: Mexico – Ethnobiology workshop

Presented invited paper at First Mexican Congress in Ethnobiology, Toluca, entitled
"Ancestors and the Environment in South Sulawesi", examining the cultural bases of
environmental practices and indigenous systems of resource management. (4 days)

1994: Uganda – Weed Sciences Social Research
Research consultancy investigating the AIDs-related changes in patterns of labour
availability for agricultural activities (particularly weeding) in Kabale district according to
gender and age group, and the impact of labour shortages on crop production. With
Namulonge Research Institute and CARE International. (3 weeks)

1994: Mexico – CBNRM Workshop
Speaker at workshop in Mexico (Oaxaca Province) on Community-based approaches to
natural resource management, and field reconnaissance with NGO, developing a briefing
paper for an ODA Project Identification Mission. (2 weeks)

1994: Belize - Forest Project monitoring and backstopping
Monitoring and advisory visits to social planning component of Belize Forestry and Land
Use Planning Project. This has two major goals: developing a social forestry programme
within Forestry Department and introducing social planning into the Ministry of Economic

1991 - 1993: South Sulawesi, Indonesia – Australian National University
MA field research in social anthropology in Tana Towa, Bulukumba. Historical and
cultural study examining the role of interactions between societies in shaping culture and
indigenous systems of forest management. (8 months)

1990: Irian Jaya, Indonesia – Higher Education
Curriculum Development Adviser, Eastern Indonesian University Development Programme
(CIDA). Designed and initiated programmes to improve teaching of biological sciences at
Cendrawasi University, Irian Jaya, through incorporating field studies in coral reef biology,
tropical forest ecology and agroforestry. Assessing lecturer needs, constraints on teaching
practices and opportunities for their upgrading. (3 months)

1989-1990 Irian Jaya, Indonesia – Environmental Impact Assessment
Environment Consultant, Second Stage Development for Transmigration (Lavalin Intl).
Senior Consultant conducting environmental and social impact analysis in 7 of the less
successful transmigration (resettlement) sites in Irian Jaya and Maluku, as a part of broader
feasibility studies for the upgrading of the sites. Work included the analysis of
environmental problems, preparation of plans for the mitigation, management and monitoring
of environmental and social impacts, including threatened protected areas and providing
environmental inputs for the preparation of plans for agriculture and infrastructure
development in the resettlement areas. (1 year)

1986-1989 South Sulawesi, Indonesia – Social Forestry Implementation
Technical Adviser and Programme Facilitator, Outer Islands Social Forestry Programme
(Ford Foundation and CUSO). An early CBNRM project encouraging local people to
manage rather than destructively exploit their forest resources. A participatory, integrated
land-use and small income generation based approach for sustainable forest management and
conservation, leading to contracts between the community and forestry department for
management of state forest reserves. Contributed to national programme for social forestry
and institution building within the Forestry Department. (2 1/2 years)

1985-1986 West and East Africa – Multipurpose Tree Research
Research Officer , Oxford Forestry Institute (ODA)
Evaluation of West and East African collaborators in worldwide multipurpose, semi-arid
zone tree species trials; design and coordination of international tree trial evaluation. Special
attention to the ILCA West African Alley-Cropping and Gliricidia sepium trials.

1982-1983 Manaus, Brazil – Biodiversity Conservation Research
Plant Ecologist on "Biodynamics of forest fragments" (WWF-US), a long-term project
studying the biological bases of rainforest management and conservation in Brazilian
Amazonia. Established system for long-term monitoring of tree population responses to
habitat fragmentation, including forest inventory and permanent study plots, tree phenology,
seedling ecology, gap dynamics, plant taxonomy and herbarium
work, population dynamics of understorey palms. (2 years)


June 2008 –
Director, Conservation Livelihoods and Governance, Fauna and Flora International

December 2007 – May 2008.
Independent Consultant

May 2006 – December 2007
Senior Adviser, Collaborative Forest Management, SNV Vietnam

August 2003 – April 2006
Independent consultant.

January 1994 to July 2003
Natural Resources Institute (ODA then University of Greenwich), UK, Senior (1994-95)
Principal (1995-2003) Scientific Officer, Social Development then Livelihoods and
Institutions Group.

July 1990 - July 1993
Canadian International Development Agency "Awards for Canadians" scholarship holder and
Australian National University Masters Scholarship holder (Anthropology).

February 1989-March 1990
Lavalin International, Canada. Environmental Consultant Second Stage Development for
Transmigration in Indonesia.

October 1986-February 1989
Ford Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia and Department of Forestry, Government of
Indonesia. Technical Adviser and Programme Facilitator. Indonesian Outer-Islands Social
Forestry Programme.

November 1985-May 1986
Oxford University, Oxford Forestry Institute. Research Officer, ODA Forestry Research

January 1982 - October 1983

World Wildlife Fund (US) Biodiversity Conservation Research Assistant

September 1980 – June 1981
Research Assistant, Reproductive Ecology of Cichlid Fishes, Yale University

Primarily in the grey literature – available on request

2006. (with Ben Vickers) Sharing the Wealth?: A case study of a pioneering community
based timber harvesting operation in Central Vietnam. In “Managing Forests for Poverty
Reduction”. Proceedings of Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, October 2006. RECOFTC,

2006. Forest governance in Zambezia (Mozambique): Chinese Takeaway! Report for
Forum of NGOs of Zambezia (FONGZA), Also translated into Portuguese for distribution in
Mozambique. 88 pp.

2004. Governacao das florestas da Zambezia: florestas para todos. Presentation for
stakeholder workshop on forest governance. 13-15 October 2004, Zambezia, Mozambique.

2004. (with Dr Alex Hinrichs). Results of the Independent Review of the Strategic Forest
Management Plans of Concession Companies operating in Cambodia. GFA Terra-Systems.
Report for Donor Working Group on Forestry and World Bank.

2004. Livelihoods and regulation of the bushmeat trade in Ghana. Presentation made to the
Bushmeat Working Group of the UK Tropical Forest Forum.

2002. Report on visit to proposed INBAR/Ford Foundation Bamboo Development Project
Chishui County, Guizhou Province, PR China. 4 – 10 March, 2002

1999. Shared Forest Management in Matabeleland North Province. Project Memorandum.

1998. Participatory Forest Management in Sri Lanka. Final report to DFID. Project T0670.

1998. Participatory Forest Management in Sri Lanka. Process Guidance Notes. Report to
Department of Forestry, Sri Lanka and DFID.

1996. El palo mas util aqui. Evaluation of the role of Gliricidia sepium in the farming
systems of lowland Honduras. Report for the Tree Diseases Project. NRI.

1995. Ancestors and the Environment in Tana Towa (South Sulawesi, Indonesia). La
Etnobiologia en el Conocimiento y Conservacion de los Recursos Naturales y Culturales.
Proceedings of the First Mexican Ethnobiological Congress.

1994. Origins of Resistance. The construction and continuity of identity in Tana Towa
(Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia) MA Thesis (high distinction). Department of
Prehistory and Anthropology, Faculty of Arts. Australian National University.

1988. Village Experience of Social Forestry in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In: Community

Forestry and the Community, Proceedings of SE Asia Regional Workshop on Community
Forestry, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Travel, languages, natural history, cinema, music, reading, photography, cooking, gardening,
DIY, swimming, skiing, tennis, squash, sailing, cycling, motorcycling, horse-riding, hiking.
Other qualifications: CELTA, BSAC SCUBA, Private Pilot’s Licence

Present Address:                           UK Forwarding Address:
8 Guest Rd                                  c/o 1 Brampton Mews
Cambridge                                  Pound Lane
CB1 2AL                                    Marlow
UK                                         Bucks SL7 2 SY
Mob Tel: 07795 337325                      Tel: 01628-478310;


Ms Adrienne Martin                            Mr John Palmer
Head, Livelihoods and Institutions Group      Former Manager, DFID - Forestry Research
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Chatham Maritime                              Natural Resources International
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