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ATNGA                 • Air handling is provided
                         via side slots located in
                         the reveal surrounding the                  Attune Air is a recessed air-handling architectural luminaire that combines
                      • Very high optical                            sophisticated aesthetics, visual comfort, application flexibility and outstanding
                         efficiency is combined                      energy efficiency.
                         with modern high
                         efficiency lamp/ballast                                                     ATTUNE AIR—PRODUCT AVAILABILITY
                         systems to provide out-                                                   Number                            Lamp                         Ceiling              Height
                         standing energy savings.                 Size          Distribution       of Lamps                          Type                       Availability          in. (mm)
                      • Architectural styling is                                                        1                        28, 32, 54HO
                         combined with excellent fit              1'x4'              W                                                                            G, F, Z, T        4-3/8" (111)
                                                                                                        2                             28
                         and finish to provide an
                         upscale architectural                                     N, W                                         14, 17, 24HO
                                                                  2'x2'                                 2                                                         G, F, Z, T        4-3/8" (111)
                                                                                    N                                         CF40, CF50, CF55
                      • Sophisticated optical sys-                2'x4'            N, W                 2                        28, 32, 54HO                     G, F, Z, T        4-3/8" (111)
             tems provide a carefully controlled
             amount of high angle lighting to                                                                         DIMENSIONS

             make the room feel brighter and larg-
             er without creating unwanted glare.                                                                 Wide Distribution T8 shown
           • Standard photometric distribution
             works well for conventional applica-                                           4-3/8"
             tions, optional “wide” distribution                                          (111mm)
             provides a batwing to allow wider
             luminaire spacing and improve                          Additional Features
             uniformity.                                            • Step dimming options (available for many T5, T8 and T5HO configurations) allow bi-level switching to
           • High efficiency systems are available                    50% power to meet common energy codes without creating an asymmetric luminaire appearance or
             offering electrical system efficacy rat-                 incorporating expensive dimming controls.
             ings as high as 102 Lumens/Watt.                       • One-piece enclosure hinges down as an assembly for easy access to ballast and lamps from below
                                                                      with no tools.
                                                                    • Choice of shielding includes diffuse acrylic with or without overlay, white radial louver with overlay,
                                                                      round or linear perf. with overlay.
                                                                    • Specific models are available for Grid (NEMA G), Flange (NEMA F), Z-Spline/Modular (NEMA Z) or
                                                                      Screw Slot (NEMA SS) ceiling applications.
                                                                    • Multiple lamp types, photometric distributions, ceilings types and enclosure options create a large fami-
                                                                      ly of products with substantial application flexibility.
                                                                    •      FKDP14 – Flange conversion kit 1x4
                                                                    •      FKDP22 – Flange conversion kit 2x2
                                                                    •      FKDP24 – Flange conversion kit 2x4
                                                                    •      FMA14 – 1'x4' “F” mounting frame for NEMA “F” mounting
                                                                    •      FMA22 – 2'x2' “F” mounting frame for NEMA “F” mounting
                                                                    •      FMA24 – 2'x4' “F” mounting frame for NEMA “F” mounting

                                                                    See pages 194-195 for details.
                                                                     SAMPLE CATALOG NUMBER: 2ATNGA232-D-UNV-1/2-EBL-LPT835HL

                                                           A                               –             –            –              –                  –

  WIDTH                    DISTRIBUTION            AIR FUNCTION             LAMP TYPE/WATTAGE                             BALLAST                             OPTIONS
  1 – 1'                  N – Standard             A – Air supply/return      14 – 14wT5 (22")           VOLTAGE          CONFIG.               CM – Canadian Market
                                                                              17 – 17wT8 (24")         120                                       CC –Custom Color
  2 – 2'                      (except 1x4)                                                                                1/1 – One
                                                                            24HO – 24wT5HO (22")       277                                       F1 –3/8" flex, 3 wire 18 gauge
                          W – Wide                See pages 180-181                                                             1-lamp           F2 –3/8" flex, 4 wire 18 gauge
                              (Batwing)*          for details on air          28 – 28wT5 (46")         347                      ballast          E1 –DEB-1 emerg. ballast, T8 lamps, 350-450 lumens
                                                  functions.                  32 – 32wT8 (48")         UNV – Universal    1/2 – One              E7 –DEB-7 emerg. ballast, T8 lamps, 600-700 lumens
                          * Not available with                              54HO – 54wT5HO (46")             voltage,           2-lamp           E5 –DEB-5 emerg. ballast, T8 lamps 1100-1400 lumens
                            CF40/CF50/CF55                                  CF40 – 40wTT5 (24")              120-277            ballast        E7LP –DEB-7LP emerg. ballast T5/T5HO, 430-700 lumens
                                                                            CF50 – 50wTT5 (24")              volt                              E6LP –DEB-6LP emerg. ballast, T5/T5HO lamps, 750-
                                                                            CF55 – 55wTT5 (24")                 BALLAST TYPE                         1325 lumens
                                                                                                                                              GLR# – Fusing, fast blow (# = number of ballasts)
                                                                                                  EB95 – T5 Electronic ballast, .95         LPT730 – Installed T8 lamps, 70+ CRI, 3000K
                   FAMILY             CEILING TYPE        NO. OF LAMPS DIFFUSERS                          ballast factor                    LPT735 – Installed T8 lamps, 70+ CRI, 3500K
                                                                                                EB115 – T5 Electronic ballast, 1.15         LPT741 – Installed T8 lamps, 70+ CRI, 4100K
                 AT – Attune        G – Grid               (not included)   D – Diffuse                   ballast factor                  LPT830HL – Installed T8 hi lumen lamps, 80+ CRI, 3000K
               ATCP – Chicago       F – Flange             1               DO – Diffuse        EBSD95 – T5 Electronic step dimming        LPT835HL – Installed T8 hi lumen lamps,
                      Plenum Model Z – Z Spline/Modular    2                    w/overlay                 ballast, .95 ballast factor                80+ CRI, 3500K
                                    T – Screw Slot                         WO – White        EBSD115 – T5 Electronic step dimming         LPT841HL – Installed T8 hi lumen lamps,
                                                                                Radial                    ballast, 1.15 ballast factor               80+ CRI, 4100K
                                   Refer to pages 196-200                                          EBD – T5/T5HO/T8/CF electronic           LPT830 – Installed T8/T5/T5HO lamps,
                                   for detailed ceiling                                                   dimming ballast                            80+ CRI, 3000K
                                                                                w/overlay            EB – T5/T5HO/T8/CF electronic
                                   information.                                                                                             LPT835 – Installed T8/T5/T5HO lamps,
                                                                          PMW – Round Perf.               ballast, std. ballast factor               80+ CRI, 3500K
                                                                                w/white             EBL – T8 Electronic ballast, low        LPT841 – Installed T8/T5/T5HO lamps,
                                                                                overlay                   ballast factor                             80+ CRI, 4100K
                                                                          SMW – Slotted            EBH – T8 Electronic ballast, hi             PAF – Housing painted after fabrication
                   For matching sconce, see page 23.                            (Linear) Perf.            ballast factor
                                                                                w/white          EB10I – T8 Electronic ballast,        See pages 186-192 for option info. See pages 202-203
                                                                                                          <10% THD, instant start      for ballast and lamp info.
                                                                                                EB10R – T8 Electronic ballast,
                                                                                                          <10% THD, rapid start
                                                                                                  EBSD – T8 Electronic step dimming ballast
                      For more information concerning the Attune Air consult specification sheets 0015-AR, 0017-AR, and 0019-AR in your Day-Brite
       22             Fluorescent Binder or go to See page 208 for warranty information.

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