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									                                                                               February 6, 2007
                                                                      DR 2007 Acceptance Letter

You have been selected to attend the Discovery Retreat 2007 for Hard of Hearing and Deaf Teens
on the weekend of March 31, 2007 at Peaceable Kingdom. We are looking forward to seeing you

Retreat Forms
        The files below are included in this packet. You can also get these forms from the TSD
web site ( - look for Discovery Retreat 2007). Forms must be mailed
by February 28, 2007 to reserve you place.

        DR 2007 Acceptance Letter – this letter
        DR 2007 Student Stipends by City
        DR 2007 Transportation Options
        DR 2007 Transportation Form (2 pages, return)
        DR 2007 Medical and Media Release Form (1 page, return)
        DR 2007 Contact Information Form (1 page, return)
        DR 2007 Retreat Policies Form (1 page, return)
        DR 2007 Items to Bring
        DR 2007 Emergency Contact Numbers
        DR 2007 Peaceable Kingdom Map

        Please make sure you have all the forms and note the return dates. We need to know
your transportation plans ASAP so please focus on that first.

Retreat details
         The retreat will begin at 5 pm on Friday March 30 and end at 1 pm on Sunday April 1.
There will be about 30 hard of hearing and deaf students at the retreat from all over Texas. Most
of the students are from high schools where they are one of the few hearing impaired students at
the school. Some of the students are hard of hearing, others are deaf; some are oral, others sign.
We will have about 14 adult staff for the retreat including a nurse and several college age Peer
Mentors who are hard of hearing or deaf themselves. We will have Gene Mirus and Gina Oliva
from Gallaudet and Mark Sommers from NTID at the retreat along with several other adult

         This retreat is hosted by Texas School for the Deaf and with sponsorship from Gallaudet
University and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). David Coco at TSD ERCOD is
the retreat coordinator and Tammy Myers, also of TSD ERCOD, will be handling the registration.
If you or your parents have any questions about the retreat please feel free to contact Tammy or
David at TSD using the contact information below.

        We look forward to seeing you.


David Coco
Outreach Specialist
Educational Resource Center on Deafness
Texas School for the Deaf
1102 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704

Tammy Myers
Administrative Assistant
512-462-5329 v/tty or 800-332-3873 v/tty

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