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					                               The Cheshire Spoke
                              Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Cheshire
MAY 1, 2010               EDITORS: CIABURRI, FALLON, MILLER, DAVIDSON               VOLUME LXV
    President             On this day in 1809, Illinois Territory, including present-day Wisconsin, was
    Robert P. Davidson    established.

                          Good Afternoon: Doreen Pulisciano, Cheshire Senior Center Coordinator is
    Vice –President
                          our guest speaker. Doreen is here to tell us what’s happening at the senior
    President Elect:      center
    William C. Gordon
                          Last Week: Mike Evans told us the incredible story of the recovery of
                          his courageous Kaitlin, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1997 at
    James M. O’Rourke                                                 age 2. Kaitlin Evans and her
    Sgt. At Arms:                                                     family embarked on an 8
                                                                      year (and counting) ordeal
    Farshid Hakim
                                                                      which has resulted in three
    Asst. Sgt At Arms                                                 surgeries, five rounds of
    James A. McGregor                                                 chemotherapy, radation and
                                                                      some 97 transfusions. Now
                                                                      in the fourth grade, Kaitlin,
    Directors: 04-05                                                  with the support of siblings
    Leo P. Lavallee, Jr                                               Kiersten and Zachary,
                                                                      parents Mike and Mary is
    Mary L. Malin
                                                                      doing fine. Along with some
    Frank J. Nastri                                                   school photos, Mike brought
    James A. McGregor     the millennium bear which he and Katilin shared during her therapy.

                          Also Last Week: We received a “thank you” note from Holly and
    Directors 05-06       Butch Davidson of Cheshire. Their son, Christopher, who is serving in
                          Iraq, was sent a “care package” from our club. Christopher’s parents
    Cherry A. Watkinson
                          also received a fruit basket from our club. President-elect Bill
    Joseph W. Raines      Gordon is inviting us to fill a table of 10 at the Rotary district 7980
    Rebecca Simpson       Centennial Celebration. The gala will take place on March 5 at Anthony’s
                          Ocean View in New Haven. Ticket price is $65.00 per person. The “Big
    Richard H. Miller
                          Pot” contains $13; Sergeant-At-Arms Farshid Hakim broke out a new
    Club # 6714           deck of cards.

      October 27, 1939
                              Beer and Peanuts at Bengston’s! Pancake Breakfast Chair Bill
                              Bengston will host a kick-off meeting at his house on Monday, February 7
                              at 5:00. This will be Bengston’s final year as chair of the fundraiser. He’s
                              brought the event from a minor $1000 fund raiser to a major $5,000 fund
                              raiser during his years of managing the event. Bill handed out the duty
                              roster, and asked for anyone who would like a change to contact him. We
                              were also given copies of last year’s place mat, to solicit advertising for
                              $50.00 per space.

                              JOE RAINES went to St. Raphael’s Hospital last week for an angiogram
 District 7980 Governor:      checkup and remained for a surprise Quadruple By-Pass Surgical
       Pamela Atkins          procedure. He says everything went smoothly. By now he's probably at
       (New London)           Elim Park Health Center for "a few days rehab" before he goes home,
     Asst. Governor:          none the worse for wear and in excellent spirits. Good luck Joe, we'll be
                              glad to see you back soon. -miller
Chip Lewis (Wallingford)

  Rotary International
                              Coming up……
    Glenn E. Estess, Sr.      February is World Understanding Month
   (Shades Valley, Ala.)

                              February 5 Rotary Centennial

                              Next Week: February 10:(dinner) Tom Stretton, Police Officer and former Town
                              Council Chair Will be our speaker. His subject: Personal Safety.
Past District Governors
                               Borowy says “bring spouses”
Arnold Schroeder, 59-60
                              February 17: (lunch) Margart Durlach, VP of Business Development at Strategic
Richard H Miller,    70-71    Health Care Solutions LLC. Her subject: Partners in Heralth

Bernhardt W. Erk     80-81    February 24: (dinner) Cheshire Park and Recreation Director Bob Ceccolini will
                              be our speaker.
  Items for the Spoke:
                              March 3: (lunch) Club Assembly
                              March 24: (lunch) Cherry Watkinson brings New Generations students from
          Editors:            Cheshire High School as our guests

  Ciaburri, Fallon, Miller,   April 7: We’ll celebrate the 65th anniversary of our club and the 100th
       Davidson               anniversary of Rotary. Frank Nastri, chair.
                              April 9 (Saturday) Cheshire Chamber of Commerce Home-Garden-Business Expo
Rotary Club of Cheshire
P.O. Box 20
                              at Cheshire High School commons. 10-3
Cheshire, CT 06410

      Web address:            The Cheshire Spoke is developing into a new publication that is
                              published both on line and in print. With this new, streamlined format,
        Rotary.org            mailing and printing costs are cut dramatically; keeping our club’s
                              operating expenses in check. We’ll continue to distribute the Cheshire
                              Spoke at regular meetings, but members who miss can simply print their
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