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									                            The Voice of the Flats!                                     Oxbow Action 391
                                                     15 SEPTEMBER 2006

                                                                   1. Liquor violations
                                                                   2. Felony drug violations
                                     Flats Oxbow                   3. Prostitution
                                   Monthly Update                  4. Lewd behavior
                                  By: Tom Hyland,                  If enough violations are found at on premise, the City can seek
                                  D-12 Construction                an immediate board-up through the Common Pleas Court.
                                    Area Engineer
                                                                   Cindy Ecke – Ecke’s Sunoco-1690 Columbus Rd.
                                  Construction Area
                                       Engineer                                        th
                                                                   Saturday August 19 a 14 year old was caught stealing radios
                                                                   out of the cars in the lot.
                                                                   Sunday August 20 the entire side of the car wash was
                                                                   covered in graffiti.
                       August 28, 2006                                                  st
                                                                   Monday August 21 the office was broken into and $15,000
                                                                   was stolen.
                   West Third Lift Bridge Work                                             th
                                                                   Thursday August 24 the fence was cut open and a car was
 The project is 90% complete with the remaining electrical,        stolen.
mechanical and structural steel items being worked on. The
structure is operating under its own power and will be raised      These are just some of the recent events. Cindy said she has
and lowered as required, to maintain shipping traffic and          no problem with police response but wants better patrolling of
provide the work crews the needed access.             Crews are    the area. It seems as if it is a free for all between 3 and 5am
continuing to test and fine tune and coordinate the various        every day.
drives, transformers, and components of the structure.
                           Next Month                              Robin Van Lear – Outreach Community Arts – Cleveland
The bridge barrier gates will be installed and the final           Museum of Art 1823, 1829, 1843 Columbus Rd. Three break-
adjustments for the machinery / electrical coordination and        ins have occurred since her moving in only one year ago.
testing.       The span and tower painting should resume in        Robin says she continues to upgrade the security system, but
September and complete by October 31. The structure will be        nothing seems to help. After the last break in a couple of
tarped to contain this paintwork.                                  weeks ago, officers came about 1-½ weeks later to respond to
                          Traffic Issues                           the call. She feels the need for more patrols and better
West 3 Bridge will remain closed through the summer to             response time. Robin also said there are no speed limit signs
vehicular traffic. Cuyahoga River traffic will be maintained.      posted on Columbus Rd. Recently a friend’s dog was killed by
                    Main Avenue Paint Work                         someone speeding by as they were getting in their car. The
   *The contractor continues to blasting and paint with two        car did not stop.
 independent crews. One crew is working near Elm Street
 (Spans 4 & 5) and the second crew is working west of the cul-     Commissioner Rob Mavec from Traffic Engineering said he
 de-sac on the West Bank. (Spans 7 & 8). They will continue        would look into finding out the speed limit and about posting
 to work east and west respectively and plan to complete their     speed limit signs.
 paintwork on the West Bank by October 31 of this year.
   *The contractor is complete in Spans 1, 2 and 3; Spans 4 &      Ray Haserodt –Automatic Stamp 1824 Columbus Rd.
 9 are 90% complete; Spans 5 & 8 are 70% complete; Span 7          Ray reported that graffiti is still a problem. He continues to
 is 50% complete. These spans will continue to be contained        report it and no one has come out from the city for removal.
 in tarps for most of the season.
    *Spans 6, 10 and 11 will be completed in 2007                  Bill Toth – Ontario Stone 1246 River Rd.
                                                                   Ontario Stone was broken into two months ago.
                        Traffic Issues
Traffic will be maintained for the whole season.     Parking       Sergeant O’Malley from the Cleveland Police 2 District asked
areas will be blocked off, while crews are working overhead.       for the date of the last break in and would look into why it took
The contractor is working with Cuyahoga County to coordinate       so long to respond.
these lot closures and minimize parking impacts.
                                                                   Louie Sainato – Pizza & Calzone Co. 1101 Center St.
                  Flats Task Force Meeting                         Signs are being posted on light poles illegally promoting shows
                      Minutes of 8.24.06                           at area clubs. Gunshots by the river are still a problem late
                                                                   evening/early morning.
The meeting was called to order @ 2:00 PM by Tom Newman.           There is a $15 charge for removal of notices or signs on public
                                                                   property. Report illegally posted notices and signs to Traffic
                        Safety Issues                              Engineering 216-664-3194
Stakeholder concerns on Club Alchemy:                                              Street Direction Changes on
                                                                                     Main Avenue Peninsula:
Some businesses are concerned about their employee’s
safety on the evening shift because of all the activity at Club    Concerns and comments:
Alchemy and in the lot across from the club. There was a
murder and gunshots are heard often coming from the parking        Jim Salopeck – Metropolis 2325 Elm St.
lot across from the club.                                          Spruce is going one way the wrong way. It seems to be
                                                                   creating more traffic. Cruising is still a problem.
The cars leaving the club obstruct traffic on Center St. and the   John DeLuca – Downtown Self Storage 2390 Center St.
Center St. Bridge.                                                 Center St. should not be one way. This makes it harder to get
                                                              rd   to some of the businesses.
Numerous calls and letters have been sent out to the 3             The added stop signs are good.
District, Councilman Cimperman, and Flats Oxbow.                   Visibility has increased.
                                                                   Jim Plotz – Plotz Machine 2514 Center St.
Can their Liquor License be revoked?                               Could there be caution signs before the new stop signs to
                                              rd                   warn drivers?
Commander Gonzalez – Cleveland Police 3 District – Club            Could there be signs saying New Traffic Patterns for a while
Alchemy is on the radar. He has had several meetings with the      until people get used to it?
owner regarding incidents at the club. Because of legalities
Involved, it has been a long process.
                                                                                    Cargill Deicing Technology
                                                                                       2400 Ships Channel
Susan Bungard - City of Cleveland Law Department – She
discussed the tools that can be used to help control problem
bars. She explained the criteria for nuisance abatement under      Mulberry, Elm and Center are used for staging salt trucks. The
Ohio law as:                                                       new pattern leaves 2 streets because of Center St. being one-
                                                                   way, heading away from Cargill. They need to have
                                                                   information for a drivers meeting in October. They are worried
about blocking entrances to other businesses when they’re            authorized depth of 27 feet. The upper Cuyahoga River and
waiting in line.                                                     turning basin are maintained to an authorized depth of 23 feet
                                                                     and 18 feet respectively.
Rob Mavec and Sgt. O’Malley will take all of these suggestions
under consideration and come back to the next Task Force             Cleveland Harbor is usually dredged twice each year. The
meeting in September with some other ideas to try and make           average amount of dredged material placed in CDF 10B from
this easy for everyone.                                              1998 through 2005 was 330,200 cubic yards (293,500 Federal
                                                                     and 36,700 non-Federal).
Commander Gonzalez suggested that Flats Oxbow get a
petition started or get letters of support to enact legislation of   Since the 1960’s, five CDFs have been constructed at
the Cruising Ordinance.                                              Cleveland Harbor (9, 10B, 12, 13, and 14) to accommodate
                                                                     dredged material that is not suitable for open-lake disposal
Paul Ertel – Jacobs Investments/Nautica 1231 Main Ave.               (Figure 1). The currently used site 10B was completed in
Traffic at W. 25 and Washington and the shoreway ramp is             1998 adjacent to the Burke Lakefront Airport. The CDF 10B
causing problems. The traffic lights seem out of synch. It takes     footprint is 68 acres and cost $17,500,000 to build. The actual
1 ½ to 2 hours to clear the traffic out of the Flats when there      physical inside capacity of the facility covers 58 acres. The
are events or concerts.                                              58-acre site provides storage for about 2,900,000 cubic yards
                                                                     of contaminated sediment. In recent years, all sediment
Rob Mavec                                                            dredged at Cleveland Harbor has been deposited in CDF 10B.
The timing of the lights would be looked at.                         The major problem relating to dredging the harbor is that CDF
                                                                     10B, originally projected to reach capacity in 2013, is now
Rhona Allen – Rhona Allen Hair Studio 1316 Old River Rd.             expected to reach capacity in 2007. Increased quantities of
Rhona still does not have the handicap sign she requested.           Federal dredging, dredging by private entities, and other
                                                                     factors have reduced the lifespan of the CDF.
Rob Mavec
Will meet with Rhona to take care of that.                           PROJECT GOALS

         Cleveland Harbor, Cuyahoga County, Ohio                     In order to identify acceptable dredged material management
          Dredged Material Management Plan and                       options and determine the ability of the Federal government to
             Environmental Impact Statement                          continue to maintain the harbor, the following considerations
                                                                     are important:
                                                                              availability and capacity of suitable dredged material
                 Public Information Meeting
                                                                               placement sites
              September 7, 2006 (5:30-7:30 pm)
        Carnegie West Branch, Cleveland Public Library                        effectiveness of beneficial use alternatives for the
                                                                               dredged material
INTRODUCTION                                                                  economic viability of the harbor
                                                                              compliance with environmental laws and regulations
In 1993, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiated a program
for the development of long-term plans for managing channel          ALTERNATIVES
dredging projects. Corps of Engineer Districts were directed to
establish a Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP)                  Alternatives that will be evaluated in detail in the DEIS will be
process for all deep-draft navigation projects. The Buffalo          selected through a screening of potentially reasonable and
District initiated the Cleveland Harbor DMMP in 2003 after           feasible alternatives. An array of alternatives and the criteria
identifying a lack of capacity at Confined Disposal Facility         for evaluating them will be defined in relation to the objectives,
(CDF) 10B. The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority              purpose and needs of the project. The alternatives will
and the City of Cleveland provided the Corps of Engineers a          represent a range of potential solutions that may address the
letter of intent to act as the non-Federal sponsor for the DMMP      purpose and need and satisfy the project objectives, as
on March 31, 2004. Accordingly, the USACE assumed the                described below:
role of the Federal lead agency for preparation and issuance
of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the DMMP, in                    No Action
accordance with the requirements of the National                               Beneficial Use
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969.                                       Open-Lake Placement
                                                                               New Confined Disposal Facility (CDF)
The Buffalo District is sponsoring this public meeting to                      Management of Existing Confined Disposal Facilities
provide information about the issues and studies for the                        to Extend Their Useful Life
proposed Cleveland Harbor Dredged Material Management                          Best Management Practices
Plan (DMMP) and Draft Environmental Impact Statement
(DEIS). The purpose of the DMMP/DEIS process is to provide           PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AND INTERAGENCY
an opportunity for the public and government agencies to             COORDINATION PROGRAM
comment on and provide input to help identify issues related to
the proposed Cleveland DMMP to be addressed in the EIS.              Throughout the DMMP process, stakeholders and interested
The DMMP/DEIS will be issued as a combined document and              parties are invited to provide comment on the alternatives that
will evaluate the social, economic, and environmental impacts        will be evaluated in the DMMP/DEIS. The DMMP/DEIS will
of alternative plans for dredged material disposal at Cleveland      address the potential social, economic and environmental
Harbor for the next 20-years or more.                                benefits and adverse impacts that would result from each
                                                                     alternative plan selected for detailed analysis.
The current schedule for release of documents for public and
agency review is as follows:                                         Comments and input about the issues and studies for the
                                                                     DEIS will be accepted 30 days from the date of this packet and
        June 2007 – Draft DMMP/DEIS                                 should be sent to:
        January 2008 – Final DMMP/FEIS
                                                                     Address:          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
BACKGROUND                                                                                      Buffalo District
                                                                                                ATTN: Patti McKenna
Cleveland Harbor is located on Lake Erie at the mouth of the                                    1776 Niagara Street
Cuyahoga River. The harbor is 191 miles southwest of                                            Buffalo, NY 14207-3199
Buffalo, NY and 110 miles east of Toledo, Ohio. Included in          Point of Contact: Patti M. McKenna
the study area are the Outer Harbor and Cuyahoga River                                          Environmental Scientist
Channels. The harbor measures about 1,300 acres, is 5 miles                                     Environmental Analysis Section
long and varies in width between 1,600 to 2,400 feet. The                                       Telephone: 716-879-4367
harbor is protected by a breakwater system: an east                                             Fax:           716-879-4310
breakwater (20,970 feet long), a west breakwater (6,048 feet         E-mail: 
long), and the east and west arrowhead breakwaters (each
measuring 1,250 feet). Authorized depths in this area range
from 25 to 28 feet. The East and West Arrowhead Breakwater
protect the Lake Approach Channel with an authorized depth           The Flats Oxbow Association, the non-profit membership driven
of 29 feet. The Entrance Channel varies in width from 750 to         Community Development Corporation for the Flats, brings this
220 feet and is maintained at an authorized depth of 28 feet to      information to you. The Flats Oxbow office is at 1283 Riverbed St.,
the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. The lower Cuyahoga River            Cleveland, OH 44113. Phone (216) 566-1046, fax (216) 566-0222,
Channel, from the lakeward side of the piers to immediately          e-mail: Website:
above the Old River confluence, is maintained to an
                      Design Review                                 Unfortunately, the exact date for groundbreaking is not
      Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club: 1045 Old River Road               known. But all parties hope that work will begin this year.
                      Minutes of 9.5.06
                                                                                    Stonebridge Announcement
The Committee moved to table the proposal. The applicant                           Thursday, September 21 , 2006
was asked to ensure that the project architect attend the next
meeting at which the proposal was to be considered. The             You’re invited to a major announcement of the redevelopment
applicants were further instructed to prepare a comprehensive       of the West Bank of the Flats on Thursday, September 21,
plan submission that depicted the proposed façade work within       2006.
the context of the full site – i.e., both the work already
constructed on Old River Road and that being proposed on the        4:00 PM Building Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
remainder of the Old River Road façade and on the Front
Avenue façade.                                                      6:00 PM Celebration on The Bridge
                                                                            Food, Drinks & Fun
The drawings depicting this information should be
dimensioned and include an accurate depiction of the Front          To RSVP or more information:
Avenue façade elevation along with the courtyard and      
decorative fencing features. Also to be included in this
comprehensive illustrative presentation are a complete façade
                                                                                      “Head of the Cuyahoga”
lighting plan and signage program for both the Old River Road                     th
                                                                              150 Rowing Regatta on the Cuyahoga
and Front Avenue elevations. This should include color and
material samples, fixture designs and methods of attachment                 Saturday, September 16, 2006 8 am – 3 pm
to the façade. The Committee also asked that an accurate
and dimensioned site plan be prepared for the block the             High school, collegiate and masters crews, 270 teams total
property sits on.                                                   from around the country will launch their shells in the
                                                                    Cuyahoga River on Saturday, September 16th, 2006 to
           FLATS EAST BANK NEIGHBORHOOD                             compete in the Head of the Cuyahoga, a crooked row of 2.5
                                                                    mile “beat the clock” regatta that will finish at Settlers Landing
                                                                    in the Flats. Hosted by Flats Oxbow stakeholder and member,
                                                                    the Cleveland Rowing Foundation, this year’s Head of the
The Flats area enjoys a rich history. It was the first settlement   Cuyahoga will feature, two new award categories: the Chris
in the area.     Over the years it served manufacturing,            Ernst “A Hero for Daisy”, fastest Women’s 8; and the Ivanhoe
warehousing, and more recently entertainment.                       Boat Club, the fastest Men’s 4.

The current redevelopment effort did not occur in a vacuum.         Additional popular viewing spots for the “Head” races are from
Many plans, studies, and strategies have developed since the        the bridges that span the Cuyahoga:, including the Carter
early 1980’s. In most cases these studies were more generic,        Road bridge and Center St. Those requiring a more congenial
covering a much larger area than just the Flats East Bank           atmosphere may find the Regatta Village a great place for
Neighborhood.                                                       viewing and enjoying some of the delicious foods prepared
                                                                    from our local restaurants of the Flats and Warehouse District.
The 2003 “Flats Revitalization Plan: Blueprint for the Future”      The Village is located opposite the boathouse on the east
specifically discussed the perceived problems facing the area:      bank of the Cuyahoga River.
         1) The East Bank entertainment district had been
               catering to a limited      audience;                 Commercial and recreational traffic on the Cuyahoga will be
         2) There was a definite perception by the public that      halted from 8am to 3pm the day of the event. This gives you a
               the Flats East Bank area had become an unsafe        chance to fully enjoy your time at this spectacular event
               environment;                                         Come be a part of Cleveland’s history.
         3) The East Bank area’s building stock and public
               infrastructure was in a continuing state of          Flats Oxbow Meetings and Dates:
         4) The area suffered from the lack of a unified
                                                                    FOA Design Review Advisory Committee
               development strategy; and
         5) The competitive strength of the East Bank
               entertainment district had been eclipsed by the      The committee will meet at 5:00 PM on Tuesdays, 9/19 and
               emergence of other regional destinations,            10/3, 2006. The Flats Oxbow Design Review Committee
               particularly in suburban areas.                      meets every first and third Tuesday of the month when there
                                                                    are items for review. For the next two upcoming meetings,
The Cleveland City Planning Commission completed a study            complete plans must be submitted to the City’s Building
of the area and found it blighted. 19 of 21 of the surveyed         Permits Desk by Noon on 9/13 9/27, respectively.
properties were substandard, 3 of 7 parking lots were
substandard, and 1 of the 2 vacant parcels was determined to                          The Flats Task Force
be in unsatisfactory condition.                                           Next Meeting Thursday, September 28, 2:00 PM

The Commission recommended a consolidated plan to City                                                         th
                                                                    The Flats Task Force meets on the 4 Thursday of every
Council. Council embraced a mixed-use development plan              month @ 2:00 PM @ The Flat Iron Café, Upstairs. The next
with residential, commercial, and entertainment uses. This          meeting will be Thursday, September 28, 2006. Those
plan also contained open spaces and parks and additional            wishing to attend need not call but may just show up. If you
parking. The plan was intended to deal with the existing blight     would like additional information, please contact the FOA
and to prevent its recurrence. The plan received the blessing       office at 216-566-1046. Aside from the regular agenda, there
of City Council in October 2004.                                    will be a presentation of the Lakefront West Plan. Flats
                                                                    Oxbow stakeholders will be particularly affected by the W. 28,
Several public agencies are supporting the development. The         W. 25, Main Avenue Washington, Detroit, Division, and
State of Ohio has provided $3 million in Brownfield funds to        Winslow configurations. This may be the last chance for
remediate the site. Cuyahoga County has provided the local          public input. We encourage all interested parties to attend.
match and has agreed to finance one of the parking
structures. The City passed legislation approving a $6 million
                                                                                     The Infrastructure Summit
“Core City” loan and has committed over $20 million in total
                                                                              Flats Oxbow Joint Membership Meeting
support. The Sewer District has also committed its support to
the project. The Port Authority has begun acquiring land not                              October 11, 2006
currently owned by the developer and will consider eminent
domain, if necessary, for further land acquisition. The Port        In the spirit of unity (what we CAN do together that none of us
Authority will also structure a finance package to assist the       can do alone), Main gate Business Development Corporation,
project.                                                            The Quadrangle Development Corporation, Flats Industry and
                                                                    Yours Truly (Flats Oxbow – the CDC of the Flats, what else?)
The community has stepped forward to support this project.          invite you to an INFRASTRUCTURE SUMMIT on Wednesday,
While there may not be visible activity at the site, there is a     October 11, 2006 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. This is a lunch
tremendous amount of ongoing work. The first visible activity       meeting with a cost of $15.00 per person.
will be demolition, followed by underground infrastructure and      Our infrastructure in the Flats does not begin and end within
environmental remediation. After this initial work is completed,    the FOA service area, but continues on throughout the
vertical development can begin.                                     adjacent neighborhoods. This is a convocation of groups
                                                                    comprising our southeastern boundaries that are intent upon
                                                                    bringing attention to our crumbling infrastructure, alternate
plans for traffic, new roads, new bridges, repairs, reworks,             Triad continued to maintain the bypass pumping system
demolitions and so forth and so forth and so on.                          to dewater the work area.

Presenters will be from various levels of government (City,              Several deteriorated manhole structures along Riverbed
State and beyond).                                                        Street were identified and are being repaired.

The meeting will be held in the Historic Auction House in the            The NEORSD is continuing to monitor for on-going slope
Northern Ohio Food Terminal complex whose entrance is off of              movement of Riverbed Street and the adjacent riverbank.
E. 37 between Woodland and Croton (south of Woodland).                    In particular, the portion of that road near the Columbus
The Auction House is owned by the Sanson Company, a                       Road lift bridge is showing signs of movement.
leading food broker, and in decades past across the country               Fortunately, a recent inspection of the Westerly Low Level
railroads built auction houses to expedite the unloading of the           Interceptor, in this area, revealed no significant internal
railroad cars for immediate reuse. The fresh produce was                  pipe distress.
unloaded, sorted into lots and sold to the highest bidders. The
owner has recently refurbished the auction house. Touring             The NEORSD and their consultant NTH are continuing to
this historic facility is worth the price of admission.               evaluate the long-term solutions for stabilizing the Westerly
                                                                      Low Level Interceptor and the surrounding area. The opening
RSVP to The Flats Oxbow Association, 1283 Riverbed Street,            of Riverbed Street may depend on implementing the most
Cleveland, OH 44113 with your check by Friday, October 7,             appropriate alternative.
2006. Seating is limited. First come, first served.
                                                                                   The Process to Process your Claim
             The Flats Oxbow Board of Trustees                                     By FOA’s good friend, Tom Hyland

The FOA Board meets Wednesday 9/20/06 @ 11:30 AM in the               If your car or establishment or building or whatever has
Flats Oxbow Office.                                                   received damage from the painting of the Main Avenue Bridge
                                                                      and you feel you deserve compensation:
                    Crusing Legislation
                  Support Letters Needed!                             The process is to contact Geronimo Painting (Main Ave
           With a helping hand from who else but                      Painting contractor) at their office on Scranton Ave. (589-
                       Tom Yablonsky!                                 0853). John Todd - Geronimo Superintendent will review the
                                                                      claim and meet with the party to visually review the claim.
The Flats and Downtown Community are looking to support               After that meeting, it is up to the contractor to determine if it
anti-cruising legislation as a quality of life initiative. We need    was their responsibility and settlement.
support to get this through council. Those willing to lend a
helping hand please contact the Flats Oxbow Office for                For damages, the party needs to identify as much as they can
additional information. Your ED apologizes for calling this the       when, where and what damage occurred.
cursing legislation previously. Wash my mouth out with soap!          **
                                                                      If the party does not receive satisfaction from the contractor,
                  $15,000 Challenge Grant                             they can pursue through the Court of Claims process.
                  Ends September 30, 2006
                                                                      Tom Hyland
                                                                      ODOT District 12 Area Engineer
Flats Oxbow has received a combination challenge from two             (216) 584-2153
local stakeholders both of who have requested to remain               Fax: (216) 584-2273
anonymous. They are willing to match donations to FOA dollar
for a combined dollar total of up to $15,000. As of this date we
                                                                      [Editor’s note: Thank you to Dave Coyle and Tom Hyland for
have received $5,000 with pledges of $4,500. Please help
                                                                      going the extra mile to get us this information.
your CDC reach this goal so that we can continue to provide
you service. Dolores bought me a T-shirt that says, “I’m not
dead yet”! It’s our motto as we head into the fourth quarter of                       Everybody’s Talking About it
the year.                                                                         But nobody’s doing anything about it
                  Riverbed Street Revisited                                                 Fight or Flight
               By Richard Switalski (NEORSD)
                                                                      Flats Oxbow is seeking articles on the topic of: What we can
               Westerly Low Level Interceptor                         do to improve the City! We all know there are many things
            Update on Emergency Repair Activities                     wrong – we see it everyday. Now let’s move into the solution.
                                                                      Send articles via email to: and we’ll
Now that the Westerly Low Level Interceptor has been                  include them in our next newsletter.
internally stabilized by installing circular steel ribs and wood
lagging, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District                                      Welcome New Members
(NEORSD) is preparing to install a liner system in the
distressed sections of the interceptor sewer. In addition, the        Flats Oxbow is pleased to welcome:
NEORSD is continuing to monitor Riverbed Street for new
areas of movement and is evaluating various means to
                                                                              The Dock Bar and Restaurant, recently opening in the
address the instability of the slope.
                                                                               Powerhouse in the space that TGIFriday’s formerly
Over the past month or so, the following tasks have been
                                                                              Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, 1045 Old River road, on
                                                                               the same site as the former Circus in the Flats.
   The NEORSD emergency contractor, Triad Engineering
    and Contracting, has completed construction of Shaft #2
                                                                      Please go out and support our members – such as may be
    at the north end of the failure area, just south of the
                                                                      appropriate within your family context. Both facilities have
    Detroit-Superior Bridge. This new shaft will be utilized, in
                                                                      been busy revamping these establishments.
    conjunction with Shaft #1, to access the distressed portion
    of the interceptor and to install the new liner system.
                                                                                           Bringing Up The Rear
   The NEORSD has evaluated several rehabilitation options
    for the distressed interceptor sewer and has selected a           A great big thank you to all the folks who help gather
    pipe rehabilitation system called spiral winding. Spiral          information and write this newsletter. A newsletter writer alone
    winding consists of a PVC pipe lining that is constructed         is in bad company! We couldn’t get these out without a lot of
    inside the distressed pipe and then is grouted in place.          help from you Flats Folks. Tom, Copy boy and Editor in Chief.
    The spiral winding system adapts to the unusual bends
    and curves in the distressed pipe. The system also                                 PSHEW! THE END
    improves the hydraulic efficiency of the pipe and, in
    combination with the grout materials it restores the              Thank you to our editors: Dolores (Imelda Marcos) Newman
    structural stability of the distressed sewer. It is anticipated   – who has made my heart beat faster for over 23 years now,
    that installation of the spiral winding system should             Laura Furjanic – Tom’s ever faithful daytime companion,
    commence in the middle of September and should be                 Merriam & Daniel Webster for their good words, Roget
    completed approximately eight (8) weeks later.
                                                                      Thesaurus for prehistoric ruminations & Uncle Dick Shian-
                                                                      Airy Dotcom – always there whey you need him.

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