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									      ISSUE 15 AUTUMN 2009


                                                       A SWISS
    ‘SPECTACULAR’       For eight glorious days in April of this year, a small party of Old Grovians and
                        partners immersed themselves in the wonderful diversity of delights that
                        Switzerland has to offer.
                        An expedition devised, enthused and organised by the         from the exchange rate, but the weather gave great
                        indefatigable David Littlefair – (along the lines of the     value, from raging blizzards on the Alpine passes to
                        Alpine trips run by Great Rail Journeys, but at a            shirt-sleeve sunshine at lower levels. Travelling by
                        significantly lower price) – it was heavenly bliss for the   train in a circular route around the country, we paused
                        transport fanatics amongst us, but provided much             in the eastern, historic city of Chur for three nights,
                        special enjoyment for the ordinary mortals too.              and the quiet, picturesque lakeside town of Spiez in
                           For travellers to Switzerland, April has benefits: the    the Berner Oberland for the remaining days, both
                        winter sports enthusiasts have dwindled, the summer          good exploring centres. Highlights were the Bernina
                        sightseers have yet to arrive, and the tourist trade is      Railway (the highest mainline railway in Europe) and
                        just ticking over. We may not have got much favour           the Glacier Express (possibly the slowest such-named

    Old Grovian Association, Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, West Yorkshire, BD10 0NR
1   Tel: 0113 250 2477 www.oldgrovians.co.uk

            All aboard! ‘Driver’ David Littlefair

                Jeff Stansfield, Foster Watson,
                 Pam Watson, Helen Littlefair,
                     Peter Wood, Jane Wood.

           A Swiss ‘Spectacular’ continued                                      approach. The famed efficiency is no less a marvel: where else in
           train in Europe, but surely one of the most spectacular), and yet,   the world, I wonder, can one use a mobile phone whilst
           each day, almost each hour, brought something to exclaim at, to      travelling a mile underground at 140mph (in the new Lotschberg
           marvel over or to just note and appreciate.                          Tunnel)? Switzerland may be an expensive country to visit, but
              We were a small group, we got on well and we laughed a lot;       its many assets and individuality make it so worthwhile.
           we were of an age that values qualities of life no longer common-       It is to be hoped that David will do this again; if you are
           place in our own country, and we noted with a touch of envy the      interested, do let him know. Those of us who were in this
           universal cleanliness, courtesy and friendliness, and in a number    inaugural trip much appreciated his endeavour and some have
           of everyday situations (British health and safety officials would    started saving for the second edition!
           be aghast) a reliance on common-sense and a think-for-yourself                                                        Foster Watson


                                                                                         & Cheshire
                                                                                         Following the pattern of the four
                                                                                         previous occasions, the 79th Reunion
                                                                                         was held again at the Renaissance Hotel
                                                                                         in Manchester where the loyal band of
                                                                                         supporters enjoyed a most excellent meal
                                                                                         of smoked salmon starter with succulent
                                                                                         roast sirloin to follow.
                                                                                           David Whitney chaired the event and
                                                                                         introduced OGA Chairman John
                                                                                         Tunstall, who spoke of his delight in
                                                                                         returning to Lancashire, his county of
                                                                                         birth, but admitted that so many changes
                                                                                         in the City of Manchester had caused
                                                                                         him much grief in finding the venue. He
                                                                                         spoke of his pleasure in being the driving
                                                                                         force in resurrecting the old team
                                                                                         photographs which once adorned the
                                                                                         school dining room and having them
                                                                                         placed on the OGA website. His toast to
                                                                                         the School and the OGA was responded
                                                                                         to by Headmaster David Humphreys,
                                                                                         who as always gave an impressive
                                                                                         account of the successes of Woodhouse
                                                                                         Grove during the last year and his vision
                                                                                         for the future of the School.
                                                                                           Ian Schofield publicly thanked the
                                                                                         Headmaster for the great efforts he had
                                                                                         made over the past few years to ensure
                                                                                         that Woodhouse Grove was held in such
                                                                                         high esteem and that its reputation

 Summer                                                                                  continued to blossom.
                                                                                           Rodney Douglas and Malcolm Smith
                                                                                         were once again elected as Area

Reunion                                                                                  Secretaries for the coming year when the
                                                                                         80th reunion will take place on Friday, 16
                                                                                         April 2010.
For the past two years the weather has
tried its best to curtail the enjoyment of                                               Old Grovians attending:
the Summer Reunion. This year the sun                                                      D.C. Humphreys, President, (HM 96-)
shone, the cricket was played to a finish                                                  J. Tunstall OGA Chairman (48-57)
and the tennis spectators were able to                                                     C.R. Douglas (36-38)
watch the matches in comfort without                                                       R.C. Watson (42-49)
getting their feet wet.                                                                    I. Schofield (44-54)
                                             HM David Humphreys presents Clay Shooting
   Whether relaxing with a drink on the                                                    M.C. Clipson (45-52)
                                             Trophy to captain Oliver Wood.
terrace, watching Wimbledon in the bar,                                                    M.F.C. Smith (47-53)
enjoying the sport in the sunshine,            To conclude the Headmaster                  D.P. Whitney (47-54)
talking to new and old friends there was     presented trophies for Cricket, Golf          G.H. Knowles (49-54)
plenty to do.                                and Clay Shooting to the captains of          J.R.L. Taylor (49-56)
   A light tea with scones was followed      the successful school teams.                  T.G. Smith (52-58)
by a BBQ which was so popular that           Fortunately OG Tennis prevented a             J.H.D. Lonsdale (52-59)
replenishments had to be called for.         complete whitewash and restored               D.R. Butterworth (52-60)
Musical entertainment was provided by        some pride, as Ted Palm collected             P. Heyes (55-61)
an ensemble led by OG Adam                   the Tennis shield on behalf of the            M.R. Featherstone (57-64)
Longbottom on tenor saxophone.               Association.                                  K. Dawson (St 82-99)


              WGS Win The Golf!
                                                                                             Match result OGA ½ WGS 3½
                                                                                             With a depleted OGA side, this year’s annual Golf match was
                                                                                             played at Cookridge Hall Golf Club on Sunday, 28 June on
                                                                                             what turned out to be a fantastic summer’s day. As always I am
                                                                                             very appreciative of the Old Grovians who turned out, with the
                                                                                             School again fielding a young and promising side; although I
                                                                                             must admit that their handicaps were a little generous! All the
                                                                                             individual matches were played in an excellent spirit with the
                                                                                             game ending in a School victory, a rare event! This year was also
                                                                                             notable due to the appearance of Ruth Thompson, as the first
                                                                                             lady to take part.
                                                                                               I would like to thank Phil Moffat, Heather Garner and Kath
                                                                                             Dawson for their time and effort in organising the event. My
                                                                                             thanks also to all those Old Grovians who have turned out for
                                                                                             the past five years as I pass on the responsibilities to Stuart
                                                                                             (Nezy) Nesbit, who will be taking over the role of ‘skipper’.
                                                                                               If you would like to play for the OGs next year please contact
                                                                                             Stuart at stuart.nesbit@postoffice.co.uk
                                                                                               Old Grovians playing were: David Webster: Steve Burnhill:
                                                                                             Dave Harder: Stuart Nesbit: Nick Smith
                                                                                                                                              David Webster

                                                                                             OGA Team: Dave Harder, Nick Smith, Stuart Nesbit, David Webster, Steve Burnhill

            WGS Team: Phil Moffat, Ruth Thompson, Tom Mountain, Oliver Wood, Sam Laybourne

            OGA Openers – Henry Haslam and Nick Lindley

                                                                                                                                    OGA SPORT

OGA Cricket
Despite a fine all-round performance by Richard Graves, (OG
top scorer with 36 runs and taking 4 wickets for 34) the OGs
                                                                     defeated both a strong MCC side and the Saints Touring team.
                                                                       The OGA team consisted of: Nick Lindley, Henry Haslam,
suffered a defeat. WGS batting first made 186 all out and in reply   Tom Dalton, Rhodri Jones, John Lindley, Anthony Cadman,
the Old Grovians could only manage 151. Losing by 35 runs was        Stuart Nesbit, Richard Graves, Dan Gullick, Tim Dalton,
no disgrace, as in the final weeks of the season the School had      Jake McLelland.


            A Night Worthy of Hollywood!
            Smartly attired rugby players, partners        The following well-deserved trophies
            and supporters gathered in the Hastings-       were then presented:
            Long Gallery to enjoy a magnificent
            Presentation Evening and Annual                   The Teflon (non-stick) Award – Matt Kelly
            Dinner. With Richard Graves as MC to              Top Trainer Award – Kris Lilley
            keep things moving apace there was                Top Try Scorer Award – Michael Greenwood
            never a dull moment. During a manic 10-           Most Improved Player Award – Matt Kelly
            minutes spell he dashed backwards and             Players’ Player of the Year Award – Dave Roberts
            forwards as only he can, to raise over            Clubman of the Year Award – John Hinchcliffe
            £100 for a competitively auctioned bottle
            of port!                                          Wine and beer flowed, the food was excellent and
              In his speech Chairman Tony                  as time progressed a Conga took all guests on a tour
            Bramwell praised the giant strides which       of the School. A great night came to a close as the
            the team had made during the year and          bar ran dry and the DJ ran out of music to play.
            looked forward with optimism to the               A huge thank you must go to Nick Saunders
            forthcoming season. He was delighted to        whose hard work and meticulous organisation
            report that promotion had been gained          ensured that a fabulous evening was enjoyed by
            to Yorkshire Division 4.                       everyone.

            WGS v Old Grovians Clay Shooting Match
            A school Clay Pigeon Shooting team was recently founded by              Competitors and family supporters then moved on to the
            6th formers Oliver Wood and Tom Mountain. On Friday, 3 July           Chevin pub. Bob Agar, owner of Yorkgate Gun Club, presented
            they met an Old Grovian team at a sun-drenched Yorkgate Gun           the winning trophy to a delighted School team and also
            Club on Otley Chevin in an historic inaugural match.                  presented the Top Gun Awards.
               Banter and jovial rivalry was evident from the start. In the         The Old Grovian team consisted of Nick Wood, Andrew
            fifty-bird sporting competition members of each team were             Starkey, James Starkey, Rob Ashworth and Andrew Wellock.
            paired against each other. The Old Grovians, after shaking off a        Convenor Nick Wood wishes to thank
            bit of dust, showed they had certainly not lost their eye or touch,   everyone who made the
            but the WGS team displaying its young talent, ran out                 evening such a success
            convincing winners. Top Guns were Old Grovian James Starkey           and aims to have an Old
            and Harry Dunhill for the School.

                                                                                                                                         OGA SPORT
                                          OGA Tennis

                                                                                                     Nick Fawcett, Joe Gowon, Ted Palm

                                          At last! A near perfect Old Boys’ Day weather-wise.
Grovian/Parent gathering at the
Yorkgate Gun Club on the Sunday           Winning is not everything in life – according to enlightened people who want more
mornings when the School gun club         and more to control our daily lives – perhaps that is their way of winning.
meets. Anyone interested should contact     However the majority of us want to do it in the old fashioned way of pitting
Nick on 07951 231613 or e-mail            skills, training and effort in other ways. That is why sport, competitive sport, will
nickwood@ngcwood.wanadoo.co.uk            always be a winner in life – even though there has to be a 2nd or 3rd or whatever.
                                            Yes, there was an overall winning team in the annual Old Boys v School tennis
                                          match, but the overall winner was the enjoyment of all participants in striving to do
                                          their best, but yet above all else relishing the bonding and camaraderie in pursuit of
                                          the target.
                                            I never before thought I would become philosophical in my annual match report,
                                          but I suppose with age the joy of being part of the reunion of School, old friends
                                          and new ones (current pupils) becomes more focused.
                                            Forgive me readers for all this sentimental dribble: here is the match report.
                                            The score of 7 rubbers to the Old Boys and 5 rubbers to the School would appear
                                          to make it a comfortable win for the Old Boys; but this was not so, as indeed was
                                          the case for the eventual winner at SW19, on the same day.
                                            The Old Boys’ team comprised Joe Gowon and Ashley Weir, Nigel Sambrook
                                          and Simon Bickerton, and the ‘wild cards’ Nick Fawcett and Daniel Kondras. A
                                          most interesting facet of the 12 participants was that 25% were represented by
                                          members of the same family.
                                            Brothers Robert and Andrew Bickerton paired together for the School, couldn’t
                                          wait to get into battle against Simon their Dad.
                                            The youngsters hit some ferocious shots against Pa, who was quite visibly
                                          shaking with fatigue at the conclusion of that particular rubber. In fact he had
                                          difficulty in not spilling the can of refreshment proffered by the convenor!
                                            The School 1st pair, George Grant and Nicholas Lee, acquitted themselves
                                          magnificently in dropping only one set and thereby taking 2½ rubbers.
                                            Once again it was good to have a couple of young ladies pitting their tennis skills
                                          against the Old Boys with Alice Munnoch and Natasha Cottingham filling the 3rd
                                          pair position. Perhaps next year we may get representation from the Old Girls.
                                            All in all a very enjoyable match and day.
                                                                                                                      Ted Palm


         Jack Harvey Baxter (39-47) trained at Westminster College and
                                                                              1970 - 1979
                                                                              Alistair Dawson (69-75) joined the Metropolitan Police on
         in France. He became a teacher with Essex County Council.            leaving school. Since September 1981 he has lived in
         Now retired, his interest in Genealogy has enabled him to            Queensland and is currently a Superintendent of Police. After
         compile Essex marriage and burial indexes. He became a               meeting an OG at a wedding in Wellington he is keen to find
         member of the Salvation Army as there were no regular services       out which of his old classmates still have contact with the
         at his Methodist Church.                                             school and in particular he would like to get in touch with
                                                                              Mark Thornton.
         Hilton Calverley (37-44) graduated from Leeds Medical School.
         He did his National Service in the RAMC after which he became        Jeremy Fletcher (70-77) has been appointed as Vicar of
         a GP and worked for an independent contractor in the NHS. In         Beverley Minster and Priest in Charge of Routh, East Riding.
         retirement he enjoys gardening, travelling and reading.
                                                                              Philip Hall (70-77) is a pharmaceutical analyst and head of
         Professor Gerry Hill (40-48) lives in Kingston, Ontario. He          Japanese equity research at KBC Securities, Tokyo. Since
         worked in medical statistics with a special interest in cancer       graduating from Oxford in Oriental Studies he has spent 25
         epidemiology. He remains in touch by telephone with Ian              years in Japan and is married to Chikako. Andrew, their
         Sunderland who lives in Australia.                                   bilingual son, graduated this summer from Nottingham
                                                                              University. So far Philip is pleased to have survived the worst
         Derek Peet (37-43) and his wife Sheila have six great                crisis in living memory for his industry, although the
         grandchildren. He is still preaching and fell-walking.               management role has unfortunately involved some painful
                                                                              restructuring over the last year. He spends some of his free time
         Lawrence Rickard (37-42) remembers catching out Arthur               pursuing his astronomical interests under the dark skies near
         Wood (England and Yorkshire) in a game which caused                  Mount Fuji. Here, he probes the depth of the Universe with a
         Headmaster Clifford Towlson to remark “bloody good catch             15-inch reflecting telescope capable of detecting galaxies out to
         lad.”                                                                well over 100 million light years away. If nothing else, that
                                                                              keeps things in perspective! He would be pleased to hear from
         David Willcock (34-40) is a retired Bradford Solicitor. In 1955 he   contemporaries especially if they find themselves passing
         married Kathleen Pilley, granddaughter of Seth Pilley who was        through Japan. Philip.Hall@kbcfp.com
         employed by Dr Vinter as cricket coach in 1880. He is still in
         contact with Gordon Caird in Harrogate and Ted Bell in Sydney.       Sir Nick Houghton (66-73) has been promoted to General
                                                                              and Vice-Chief, The Defence Staff.
         1950 - 1959
                                                                              1980 - 1989
         Bill Croasdale (53-59) worked in the                                 Shahin (‘Mossy’) Atin (72-81) lives in Los Angeles and works
         Pathology       Department       at     BRI,                         in Human Resources for the County of Riverside. He
         specialising in microbiology and                                     frequently talks to his children about Shep from Brontë House
         histopathology       and     gaining      his                        and wanted to name his dog after him. He would love to make
         Fellowship in Medical Laboratory                                     contact with his old friends who can e-mail him at
         Sciences. In 1970 he was appointed to the                            shahinatin@yahoo.com
         Charge position in Histology at the then
         new Airedale General Hospital. He also                               Jason Latto (77-85) celebrated the birth of a son, Isaac Jacob
         did the medical photography and looked                               Alexander.
         after laboratory safety. In 1984 a surprise
         offer from Hutt Hospital in New Zealand                              Jennifer Miller (79-81) is employed by the British Council to
         tempted him and his wife Fran to give this a try for five years.     teach English to teachers. She has worked in Japan for three
         They are still there 25 years later, enjoying walking and touring    years, Colombia for two years, Kiev in the Ukraine and has
         on their BMW motorcycle. This November Bill is going to the          been based in Istanbul for many years but never in the UK!
         Southern Alps to photograph spring alpine flowers.
                                                                              Peter Miller (76-86) is Director of Planning, BP Offshore,
         Ronald Frederick Hardman (52-57) lives in Sherburn-in-               Scotland.
         Elmet. He says the values he learnt at school have always helped
         to guide him through life and feels fortunate to have been at the    Nadeem Sweiss (79-89) lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire where he
         Grove.                                                               works for KPMG as a Chartered Accountant and Insolvency
                                                                              Practitioner. He married Caren on a Caribbean cruise and has
         Keith Holmes (41-51) gained a B Com (Hons) degree and spent          a baby girl Daisy born in May 2009. At school he played
         his working life involved with Industrial Property and Nursing       representative rugby and every 1st XV match for three years.
         Homes. He now lives in Wetherby.                                     As well as watching and playing sport, his interests are his new
                                                                              house and baby daughter.
         Peter (‘Weg’) Taylor (55-57) had a relatively short stay at WGS
         due to illness. After a lifetime career within the motor industry    Paul Walton (81-86) is Managing Director of 4 Site Security
         he now has time to follow his interests of ornithology, classical    Services Ltd, Leeds, a business which he established 8 years ago.
         music and ongoing model railway construction.
                                                                              1990 - 1999
         David Whitney (45-54) rang Hugh Knowles to reply to David            Owen Clark (88-91) is an IT manager for a firm in Cleckheaton.
         Robinson’s enquiry in the last newsletter, saying there was no       He married Mary in 1999 and they have two children, Alexander
         record of a ‘Colts’ badge.                                           and Eleanor.

Peter Clark (88-95) is now teaching Performing Arts at South         Kristen Barghout (93-04) is working for the Yorkshire Building
Trafford College. He lives in Sale with his wife and their two       Society.
small children.
                                                                     Kyle Barghout (93-04) despite several eye operations since
Sarah Clark (92-99) having obtained a BA in Hospitality and          leaving the Grove has managed to take his Masters Degree in
Tourism Management, is studying for a nursing degree at John         Oriental Religions at Leeds University. He has visited
Moore’s University.                                                  Thailand, America, Japan and Korea (volunteering as a
                                                                     teacher for a time) in order to gather information for his
Jolyon Dobbs (84-91) lives in Wigan. After studying Industrial       Masters.
Chemistry he is now a Medical Rep for Flynn Pharmaceuticals.
                                                                     Taryn Barghout (93-02) is engaged to Dr David Elliot. She is
Matthew Helliwell (81-90) is a director of Prestigious Textiles      teaching RE and Maths at a school in Leeds.
Ltd, a furnishing manufacturer. He is married to Emma and their
daughter Olivia attends Ashdown Lodge. He follows Rugby              Ellie Curtis (nee Wooler 97-04) has had another baby girl,
League and is keen on gym and skiing.                                Hannah Grace in April 2009.

                                                                     Anna Fitzpatrick (01-06) was a Finalist in the LTA ‘Futures’
Paul Horsey (94-97)
                                                                     Tennis tournament at Frinton-on-Sea.
married          Helen
Moorhouse (91-00) on                                                 Rachel Garner (88-00) is now teaching at Brontë House.
Saturday, 1 August at
St Stephen’s Church,                                                 Emma Humphreys (96-06) is the Secretary of Manchester
Kirkstall.                                                           University Netball Club and plays in the University 2nd VII.
The reception was held
at Headingley Stadium                                                Rabia Hussain (nee Ahmed 98-04) was married in Pakistan
where the wedding                                                    in March this year. She works for Boots Chemists.
party     enjoyed   an
exciting Rugby League                                                Rachel Kelly (nee Bibby 98-00) is a speech and language
game between the                                                     therapist specialising in adults with neurological difficulties,
Leeds Rhinos and                                                     such as strokes and Parkinson’s disease. She is married to
Warrington Wolves.                                                   Chris and has a son Jude Thomas born in January this year.
Several Old Grovians
attending the celebrations included Best Man Will Roberts            Natasha Martin (96-05) has graduated from Trinity
(89-99) and Bridesmaid Lynn Moorhouse (91-98). The                   University, Texas where she is currently living and working.
honeymoon was spent in Sri Lanka.
                                                                     Tim Martin (95-05) gain a First Class Honours Degree in
                                                                     History from Manchester University.
Nancy Ledbetter (nee Donoghue 85-92) gave birth to a son,
Jonty Frederick, in February this year.                              Katie O’Brien (02-04) gained a wild card to the French Open
                                                                     Tennis Championship. She was the winner of the Caversham
James Lockwood (86-92) after 10 very happy and fulfilling years      International Challenger in Jersey.
at St John’s School, Leatherhead has been appointed Deputy
Headmaster at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook near               Krishna Patel (97-04) graduated in Optometry from Aston
Ipswich from September 2009. The school which is set in 200          University. She is now working in Kent.
acres of Suffolk countryside is an HMC school for girls and boys
aged 11 - 18, with over 600 full boarders and 100 day pupils. He     Matthew Popplewell (94-00) lives in Bonn where he works as
reckons he is going to be very busy! Along with his wife Sarah       Translator and Interpreter for Deutsche Telekom.
he celebrated the first birthday of daughter Olivia last March.
                                                                     Mharyia Sabar (97-02) is studying for a Masters Degree in
Catherine Luis (nee Madeley 86-95) has relocated back to the         Clinical Psychology. She then hopes to apply for a PhD.
British mainland after living in Jersey.
                                                                     Ajmal Shahzad (02-04) has played cricket regularly for
Sarah Rivers (nee Sturman 86-94) became a proud mother in            Yorkshire this season. In August his highest First Class score
May 2009, when Eve Jessica was born weighing eight pounds.           of 78 and 5 wickets in the match against Hampshire at
                                                                     Basingstoke played a large part in helping the county to
2000 -                                                               achieve its first county championship victory for over 12
Lloyd Almond (02-07) achieved two distinctions and one merit         months.
in his BTEC result equivalent to ABB at A Level. He is now
looking forward to three years on a Jazz Degree Course.              William Watson (96-03) graduated from St. Andrews in 2007
                                                                     with First Class Medical Honours, 3 Class Medals and a
Sam Booth (94-05) played for Bramhope West Park 1st XV,              lifetime Honorary Membership of the Students Union.
Champions of Yorkshire League Division 3 and winners of the          During this time he wrote the third edition of a popular
Yorkshire Silver Trophy.                                             medical textbook, Crash Course: Anatomy. He chaired a
                                                                     BMA committee, representing all 4,000 of Scotland’s medical
Naomi Broady (03-06) won the Ladies Tennis Doubles and was           students. He has now transferred to Cambridge University
a Finalist in the Ladies Singles, British Tour event at Edinburgh.   where he is completing his medical studies.
She also qualified for the ‘Aegon’ Tennis Tournament.
                                                                     Amy Wilson (00-06) became the first Woodhouse Grove girl
Charles Davy (01-08) played for Newcastle University 1st XI          to be awarded a ‘First’ at Cambridge when she achieved her
Cricket and obtained his Colours which is very unusual for a         Honours Degree in Social and Political Sciences at Magdalene
Freshman.                                                            College.

Daniel Dyson (95-04) received a First Class Honours Degree in        Simon Worrall (01-03) is a regular member of the Leeds
Management Sciences and won the University of Kent Faculty           Rhinos Rugby League 1st team squad.
of Social Sciences Neel and Shamir Mohanlai prize 2009.


         Congratulations                                                                              The following Sixth Formers also
                                                                                                      received well-deserved awards:

                                                                                                      Old Grovian Scholarship -
                                                                                                      Helena Hurst, Symi Jackson,
                                                                                                      Samuel Macro, William Oldmondroyd,
                                                                                                      Matthew Wray.

                                                                                                      H.P. Crabtree Scholarship -
                                                                                                      Tori Phillips, Rebecca Piclet.

                                                                                                      Duncan Nuttall Scholarship -
                                                                                                      Stephanie Bartlett, Hazel Waring.

                                                                                                      Davy Book Fund Award -
                                                                                                      David Brady, Megan Patel,
                                                                                                      Jonathan Shaw, Luke Stratford-Higton.

                                                                                                      Rex Storr Book Fund Award -
                                                                                                      Andrew Cunane, Paras Patel.

                                                                                                      Southerns Trustees Commendations
                                                                                                      were given to:
                                                                                                      Christopher Carr, Charlotte Foss,
                                                                                                      Justine Wilkinson.

                                                                         Paul Beaumont, Alex Werner

         The most pleasurable task of the Southerns Trustees is             impossible to differentiate between the leading contenders,
         interviewing the applicants for scholarship awards. The            hence two Southerns Scholarships were given – one to Alex
         ensuing decisions of making the awards is probably the most        Werner, now reading Medicine at Birmingham University
         difficult. This year was no exception. With their academic         and one to Paul Beaumont studying Mathematics at
         excellence and unstinting service to the school, it proved         Imperial College.

         Grantley Arms Reunion!                                                                          Former
                                                                                                      Staff News
                                                                                                       Andrew Peel is a member of
                                                                                                       Bradford Bridge Club and has
                                                                                                       reached a level of Area Master. He
                                                                                                       also plays regularly with the ‘Idle
                                                                                                       Guits’ a guitar group which has
                                                                                                       recently appeared at the Alhambra
                                                                                                       Theatre Studio. The group meets on
                                                                                                       Fridays in Idle Baptist Church from
                                                                                                       1.30pm to 3.30pm and would
                                                                                                       welcome anyone from beginner to
                                                                                                       experienced who would like to join
                                                                                                       them. Just turn up or contact Darren
         A quiet birthday lunch turned out to be a raucous celebration of 10 years’ retirement
                                                                                                       Dutson-Bromley on 07752 184752.
         for former members of staff: David and Anne Wilberforce, Foster and Pam Watson,
         Hugh and Janet Knowles along with Stan and Kath Dawson and family.

Walking for

                                              We regret to record the following deaths.

                                              Norman Harrison Baguley (42-43) died peacefully on the 10 January 2009 aged
                                              82. During World War II he enlisted in the Royal Navy before transferring to the
                                              Royal Marines.
                                                                                                     Notified by Keith Day

                                              Peter Wesley Martin (57-69), brother of John, Michael and Charles, died suddenly
                                              and unexpectedly on the 24 April 2009. After leaving school he read Biology at
                                              Surrey University and spent much of his career in Malaysia and Brunei teaching
                                              Science and Sport. About 12 years ago he returned to the UK to lecture at Leicester
                                              University and latterly became a Professor of Linguistics at the University of East
                                              London. In those days he was probably one of the longest serving pupils! He
Robert      Morton,      currently      the   repeated a year at Bronte House and stayed for a third year in the 6th form. Peter
Operations Manager and former                 leaves a wife and four grown up children.
Chaplain for the Grove, has recently                                                           Notified by his brother Charles
been supporting Mountain Gorillas
rather than their human counterparts.         Peter Abbott Warren (30-34) died in March 2009 after a few months of illness. He
   After a summer of intensive training       lived in the Isle of Wight until 1939 when he joined the Army and later the Military
and even buying a stopwatch, he took          Police. Two years in Iceland, a hazardous evacuation from Norway and visits to
part in the Great Scottish Run – actually     Holy Land sites were events that remained lasting war memories for him. He
in his case a 10K walk – (it’s an age thing   married Eileen a few weeks after D-day and later had two daughters.
he says!) to raise money to protect and       After leaving the Army in 1946, Peter joined Woolworths where he progressed to
preserve these magnificent endangered         be manager of a shop at Hainault in Essex. Fifteen years later he bought his own
animals.                                      grocery shop in Leyton where he remained until his retirement at 73. He continued
   Anyone wishing to support Robert in        with many interests including playing the organ, especially hymn tunes.
this very worthy cause can do so by           He was pleased to be able to help the OGA with naming boys in photographs
clicking onto:                                taken at the time he was at school.
   www.justgiving.com/Robert-Morton                                                   Notified by his daughter Mrs Ann Moran


           Grass and                                                               Cheap
           In July WGS welcomed General Sir Nick Houghton as the main
                                                                                   at the Price
           guest and speaker at Prize Day. He endeared himself to all
           present, greeting each prize winner by name and delivering a
           speech with a little self-deprecating sense of humour and some
           excellent advice to both pupils and parents. Memories of his
                                                           own Prize Days
                                                           prompted him to
                                                           keep his address
                                                                                                                           tus 1949
                                                           brief, saying that 36                               rove Prospec
                                                                                                    Woodhouse G
                                                           years ago a guest
                                                           speaker knew when           Fees:                           s per Term
                                                                                                        ty-Five Pound                      , but
                                                           to stop. This was a         For Boarders: For                     rd and Tuition
                                                                                                                arges for Boa
                                                                                                      not only the                              te charges
                                                           matter of gravity            This includes                            hools, separa
                                                                                                      ms for whi ch, in many sc                      s and
                                                           rather          than         also many ite                                rary, Lecture
                                                                                                                       r-dresser, Lib
                                                           intuition. In those                          Laundry, Hai                                 ories
                                                                                        are made: e.g.                                ent, Laborat
                                                                                                                         ming, Pew R
                                                           days the marquee                            t, Games, Swim                      ry. Sixpence
                                                                                         Entertainmen                       hool Statione
                                                           was        on       a                       p and  Materials, Sc                     boy.
                                                                                         and Worksho                            nced to every
                                                           considerable slope                                    ctions is adva
                                                                                         week for  Chapel Colle
                                                           on the first eleven                                                                           Term,
                                                                                                                                         ter the end of
                                Sir Nick and Lady Houghton
                                                           cricket pitch, such                                           Sanatorium af
                                                                                                        n in the School
           that although the stage was chocked up to be on the same level,                If boys remai                        y is made.
                                                                                                                illings per da
                                                                                           a charge of Three Sh
           all the chairs were on a thirty degree incline to the collective
           right.                                                                                                    Pounds per Te
                                                                                                       lars: Fifteen
                                                                                           For Day Scho
              As the speeches wore on a combination of fresh grass and                                                          , Workshop an
                                                                                                                   ol Stationery
                                                                                                          Tuition, Scho                 inners can be
           increasing humidity stole oxygen from the air and imbued it                      This includes                    Swimming. D
                                                                                                           rary, Games and
           with a chloroformic quality. Only the most robust could sustain                  Materials, Lib
                                                                                                                   e per day.
           attention and posture. Minute by passing minute the gathered                     supplied  at Eightpenc
           ranks of children and parents would succumb to the
           gravitational effect of a drug induced boredom. As more and                                    ts:
                                                                                             Extra Subjec                          orthand:
                                                                                                                   , Elocution, Sh
           more people slumped to the right the speaker would know his
                                                                                             Piano , Organ, Violin                      Shillings per
                                                                                                                      Dan  cing: Thirty
           moment had passed.                                                                            as per Term.
                                                                                              Three Guine
              He concluded by saying that it had been huge fun and
           unreserved delight to be invited back to his old school and
           thanked everyone for staying upright!

           Influenza and Teacakes
           Back in the 1950s there was an outbreak          be the order of the day as although we          muttering from boys trying to hold up
           of influenza and the school was not              were given plenty of liquids, solid food        their PJ trousers etc.
           spared, what a nightmare for the                 did not seem to be forthcoming in any             As the bread delivery van arrived we
           administration this must have been.              quantity. This very quickly resulted in         carefully lowered the money with a note
           Reflecting back I think they did a               those of us that were perfectly well            from the window over the door below
           remarkable job of containing the                 feeling very hungry indeed, so what to do       asking for as many teacakes that they
           outbreak and although some of the boys           about it?                                       could supply for the cash supplied.
           did get quite ill, a lot of us were put into        A cunning plan was devised, we had a           Much to our surprise there was a tug
           a quarantine dormitory determined                whip round to see how much cash we              on the cord and we hauled up several
           mainly by a slightly raised temperature.         could muster, probably about one and            freshly baked teacakes, these were
             Of all the boys in this ward, which was        sixpence, then we found an envelope to          quickly shared out amongst the starving
           over the school kitchens, I don’t                put the money in. The next part involved        group and eaten quickly with great gusto
           remember anyone who was that poorly              commandeering everybody’s pyjama and            in case we had been spotted. They tasted
           but we all had to stay in bed regardless. In     dressing gown cords, which were all tied        wonderful, simple pleasures can be the
           those days there was a saying: “Feed a           together and carefully attached to the          best.
           cold and starve the flu” which seemed to         envelope. This was not without some                                 Bill Croasdale (53-59)

                                                                                              A Life Time

Field of Dreams
My late father, Walter Battersby, attended Woodhouse Grove from 1944-1949, the
                                                                                              Brian Greenwood (34 - 45) is well known to
                                                                                              generations of Old Grovians. When he retires
                                                                                              in December he will have completed no less
son of a Methodist farming family from Lincolnshire. He was very good at cricket
                                                                                              that 50 years as a Governor and 40 years as
and features in the 1949 archive picture of the 1st XI on the OGA website.
                                                                                              Chairman of the Board. As the leaflet
  There is a photograph I have which takes pride of place on my mantelpiece, of
                                                                                              enclosed with this copy of Xaipete confirms,
my father being coached at the school by the great Sir Len Hutton, who, I
                                                                                              his memoirs are about to be published under
understand coached on a few occasions at WGS in the late 1940s. The story goes
                                                                                              the title ‘Shop!’ The book has a subtitle which
that he told Dad that he was the best wicket keeping prospect he had seen at the
                                                                                              wryly notes his family’s experiences in
age of 16, and urged him to further his career.
                                                                                              acquiring a fortune and then seeing 95% of it
  Coming from a family of strict Methodists he was discouraged from playing
                                                                                              disappear in trade recession ie. ‘Clogs to clogs
on a Sunday because of church and farming commitments. When Dad did finally
                                                                                              in three generations – well, almost!’
get a trial at Nottinghamshire CC after leaving school, it all went pretty badly as
                                                                                                 OGs will be particularly interested in his
he had to get up for milking at 3.30am prior to his trial and was in no fit state of
                                                                                              memories of the early days at Brontë House,
mind for such an important event and the opportunity was lost.
                                                                                              wartime in the senior school and Governors’
  Dad died in 1997 forever wondering what might have been, but I do know he
                                                                                              affairs for the past half century.
had very fond memories and perhaps spent his happiest times on that field of
dreams in Apperley Bridge.
                                                                                                 A typical extract from the book:-
                                                              Jonathan Battersby
                                                                                              ‘In wartime, sporting fixtures with other
                                                                                              schools had to be restricted to those which
                                                                                              could be reached reasonably easily. Unlike
                                                                                              today when WGS sends its rugby and other
WGS UVI Summer 1959                                                                           teams as far afield as New Zealand, Canada,
                                                                                              Australia and South Africa, the furthest we
                                                                                              got was a train ride up Airedale to play
                                                                                              Giggleswick on a cold winter’s day. So cold in
                                                                                              fact that we were allowed to change in one of
                                                                                              the boiler rooms at the school. As we were
                                                                                              getting into our kit in came a very scruffy-
                                                                                              looking individual to stoke the boiler. Our
                                                                                              team wit, Chrimes by name, was short-
                                                                                              sighted enough to think that a witticism might
                                                                                              be in order. He politely inquired of the
                                                                                              Giggleswick captain, – “Your Headmaster, I
Left to Right                                                                                 presume?” The Giggleswickians were not
JN Maney, JM Wilkinson, MA Cunningham, TB Bolton, JSA Kirkbright, Mr JH Auty, RW Handley,
                                                                                              amused and having already been determined
PJ Weston, ATR Axon, JH Cummings, DIH Walker.
                                                                                              to beat us, they now were determined to
JE Rooum, RF Stevens, DR Hobbs, JR Brocklehurst, DA Skilleter, RB Sawdon, A Bramwell,
RJ Mason, MG Chapman, GH Stranraer-Mull.                                                      thrash us – which they duly did.
DR Bradley, R Dann, WA Croasdale, AJ Plunkett, PJ Town, DG Lambert, DS Wilkinson, BF Teale,
                                                                                                 Generally, however, we were in those
JW Thacker, TTW Laycock, DM Pulman.                                                           distant days a reasonably good rugby playing
With thanks to Bill Croasdale, Gordon Fox and Richard Thornton.                               school. Nowadays, as I write these words
                                                                                              WGS is not a reasonably good rugby school. It
50 Years On – WGS UVI 2009                                                                    is an excellent, sometimes a superb one’.

                                                                                                 We believe ‘Shop!’ will entertain, amuse
                                                                                              and inform everyone with a connection to
                                                                                              WGS but its contents include much to
                                                                                              interest people in business or the professions.
                                                                                              It will interest also those who are involved
                                                                                              with sport of all kinds, from athletics to
                                                                                              hunting in Africa and it even provides advice
                                                                                              for anyone with a heart condition. It is a most
Best Wishes for success in the future to all new Old Grovians                                 entertaining read – we recommend it to you.


                    Lights, Music, Action

                                                                                      After heavy snow thwarted the first attempt in February,
                                                                                      three months later the Grove welcomed Judith Johnston,
                                                                                      former Director of Music, to unveil a plaque and officially
                                                                                      declare “The Davy Building open”. Guests including Keith,
                                                                                      Peter and Roger Davy with their families, were given tours
                                                                                      of the new outstanding facilities, while pupils rehearsed in
                                                                                      the recital and performance rooms and in the drama studio.

                                                                                    Diving for Gold
                                                                                    Year 7 pupil Sam Thornton continues to develop his diving
                                                                                    skills and is regularly competing at the top level. In July he was
                                                                                    invited to join a team of divers going to Barcelona in order to
                                                                                    experience outdoor diving and Continental competition. Here
                                                                                    he achieved great success winning gold on all three individual
                    England Call-up                                                 boards, 1m, 3m and platform and just missed out on an open
                    As a result of some outstanding performances with the North     age synchro event bronze by two points. Unfortunately during
                    Under 18 Squad, Upper 6th Student Harry Hannan, was named       training after his last event, he slipped off the 1m board and
                    in a 30 strong England U18 training squad. He was selected to   broke his big toe. He intends to be fit for rugby in September.
                    play for England against Japan High Schools, Worcester
                    Warriors U19 Academy and Northampton Saints U19 Academy         Biathlon Challenge
                    before playing in the AER Tournament in the Toulon area of      Josh Zenner, Year 9, was selected to take part in the Senior
                    France. Having beaten Ireland in the semi-final they narrowly   Modern Pentathlon World Championships at Crystal Palace
                    lost to the hosts France.                                       in August.

                                               SCHOOL HIGHLIGHTS
75th Anniversary
Fun Day

The 75th Anniversary of Brontë House began
with a Founders’ Day Service in Chapel
followed by a visit from a Circus with Coco
the clown and acrobats doing balancing and
juggling acts in a Big Top situated in the
school grounds.
  A helicopter took wonderful aerial
photographs of the School including one of
the pupils and staff arranged in a formation
showing 1934 – 2009. The children played
pass the parcel, musical bumps, danced and
had lots of fun.
  Surely a day to remember which ended
with the launch of 900 balloons and a cake-
cutting ceremony to mark the occasion.

           For the Millennium, the School and the OGA produced what is              wearer’s traditional House colours. There are no old-style Old
           intended to be the permanent tie, tiepin and cufflinks designs for       Grovian ties available.
           hereinafter. The style of tie is a maroon-coloured silk tie with a          Copies of last year’s (and many previous years’) Grovian
           single woven school crest in the school colours, incorporating the       Magazines may be ordered at £6.00 each copy including inland
           school motto, ‘Bone et Fidelis’. The tie is lined.                       postage.
              The tiepin and cufflinks display the school crest, are                   The few remaining copies of Dr Pritchard’s book, ‘The Story of
           very attractive, of excellent quality and are supplied in                Woodhouse Grove’ (hardback) are currently available to OGs
           an equally attractive presentation box – very suitable for               only at £10.00 including inland postage and the official history of
           giving as a present.                                                     Brontë House is now available for £5.00 per copy.
              The school has also replaced the long-standing green, maroon             The school crest, mounted on an 8” x 6” polished wooden plinth
           and red diagonally striped tie with a striking woven multicrested        and suitable for wall-hanging, is available at £28.00 including
           green tie with occasional diagonal stripes which incorporate the         inland postage.

           Item                                                      Details                                                            Price
           NEW OLD GROVIANS’ TIE                                     Lined silk tie with school crest & motto                           £25.00 each
           NEW SCHOOL TIE                                            House Req. :                                                       £8.00 each
           PRESENTATION TIEPIN & CUFFLINKS                           Displaying the School crest in a presentation box                  £16.00 each
           GROVIAN MAGAZINE                                          Year Req. (eg 2006/7) :                                            £6.00 each
           SCHOOL CREST WALL PLAQUE                                  Mounted on a 8” x 6” polished wood plinth                          £28.00 each
           FCP’s ‘STORY OF WOODHOUSE GROVE’                          n/a                                                                £10.00 each
           BRONTË HOUSE – THE FIRST 60 YEARS                         n/a                                                                £5.00 each

           If you wish to purchase any of the above items contact:
           Heather Garner, Old Grovian Secretary, Old Grovian Office, Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, West Yorkshire, BD10 0NR.

           Old Grovians’ Diary                                                                                   Formal Notice
                                                                                                                 of the AGM
           2009                                                                                                  The 2009 Annual General Meeting of the
           Sat 7 Nov Second South Pacific Reunion, Sydney.                                                       Old Grovian Association will be held in
                     Contact: tedrob70@bigpond.net.au gordon.fox@xtra.co.nz                                      the Greenwood Building, Woodhouse
           Sun 8 Nov Old Grovians’ Day. A warm welcome is extended to all Old Grovians,                          Grove School on Sunday 8th November
                     their partners and families.                                                                at 11.30am.
                     10.15 - Service of Remembrance in Chapel                                                       Minutes of the last meeting held on
                     11.15 - Coffee in the Greenwood Building                                                    Sunday, 9 November 2008 can be found
                     11.30 - AGM in the Greenwood Building or a Conducted Tour of School                         on the Old Grovians’ website:
                     12.00 - Netball OGA v School                                                                www.oldgrovians.co.uk or obtained
                     12.30 - Lunch. For catering purposes places need to be reserved.                            from the Secretary, Heather Garner,
                     A contribution towards lunch is requested.                                                  telephone: 0113 250 2477
                     14.15 - Rugby. OG President’s XV v Chairman’s XV                                              The Draft Agenda
                     15.45 - Light Tea with Presentation of Trophies.                                              1. Chairman’s welcome.
                     Contact Heather Garner for information or to reserve places                                   2. Apologies for absence.
                     Telephone: 0113 2502477                                                                       3. Approval of the Minutes of the
                     e-mail: Garner.H@woodhousegrove.co.uk                                                             2008 AGM and Matters Arising.
                                                                                                                   4. Chairman’s report.
           2010                                                                                                    5. Treasurer’s report.
           29-31 Jan  OGA Scottish Reunion, Culcreuch Castle, Stirlingshire                                        6. Report on Southerns and
                      OGA London Reunion to be arranged                                                                other Scholarship funds
           Fri 16 Apr OGA Lancashire and Cheshire Reunion, Renaissance Hotel, Manchester.                          7. Election of Officers
                                                                                                                   8. Induction of Stuart Nesbit (82-92)
           2011                                                                                                        as Chairman for 2009 - 2010.
           28-30 Jan    OGA Scottish Reunion, Culcreuch Castle.                                                    9. Incoming Chairman’s remarks.
                                                                                                                   10. Date of AGM 2010.
                                                                                                                   11. AOB.

           Are your contact details up to date?
           If you have changed your home address or e-mail please let us know either by filling in the update form or contacting OGA Secretary,
           Heather Garner. Telephone: 0113 2502477 e-mail: Garner.H@woodhousegrove.co.uk


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