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                        TUITION AGREEMENT FOR 2010/2011 (DRAFT)
                                                       Revised Dec. 09
1.    A space at Tokyo International School is reserved for the agreed start date upon receipt of the
      registration fee for new students and through meeting the payment deadline for the first tuition payment
      of the new school year for returning students.
2.    The registration and building development fees are one-time payments and are non-refundable.
3.    Full-payment of the building development fee, the building maintenance fee, the information
      technology fee, the school trip fee, and the annual bus fee (if relevant) are required with the first tuition
4.    A 10% discount on the tuition will be granted to the third child or more from the same family. This
      policy applies to tuition only, and for the youngest child (or younger children).
5.    Payment terms and schedule (see Tuition Fees for amount):
      A) Annual tuition payment is due by May 31st.
      B) Semi-annual tuition payment is due by May 31st (for August 23rd,2010-January 2011), and by
         January 1st (for February - June 17th, 2011).
      C) Term tuition payment is due by May 31st (for Augustst23rd - December 16th, 2010), by December 1st
         (for January 10th - March 18th, 2011), and by March 1 (for March 28th - June 17th , 2011).
6.   You will receive an invoice in advance.         Payment must be remitted by bank transfer.

Other Conditions & Withdrawal Procedures
1. Late Fee: A late fee of 10% will be added to unpaid tuition not received within ten days of the scheduled
payment date. Past tuition, which has not been remitted after more than (30) days will be cause for withdrawal.
Withdrawal due to lack of tuition payment does not release a family from the foregoing tuition
2. Refunds: Attendance for more than one calendar month of a payment term will necessitate tuition payment
for the full-term. Attendance for less than one calendar month will necessitate tuition payment for half of the
term. Withdrawal after May 31st and prior to the first day of school will also necessitate tuition payment for
half of the term. Building maintenance and IT fees are non-refundable after the first scheduled day of
attendance. The refund of school trip fee will follow the cancellation policy for each trip. The bus fee will
be refunded on pro rata basis using a ten-month period.
3. Withdrawal: It is necessary to provide the designated Withdrawal Form to the admission office, with all
necessary information required on the form at least two weeks prior to the child’s last day of school. Official
written withdrawal will be recognized a minimum of two weeks prior the student’s last day of school.
4. Language/Literacy Fee: A language/literacy fee will be charged when the school deems necessary for a
student to receive extra language/literacy support. Conditions for the refund of this fee are the same as for
5. Transfer: Tuition and other fees will not be refunded if a child transfers to another international school in
the Tokyo area.
Please return this agreement by facsimile or by post prior to remitting payment.
I fully understand and agree to the terms of this agreement:
Student name

Signature ________________________________________ Date                       ____________________________
               Please direct all inquiries regarding tuition and fees to the Accounting Department:
       Mr. Geo Otsu/Ms. Fumiko phone: 81-3-5730-1107 fax: 81-3-5730-1108 e-mail:

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