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 Art Collections at Leading Hotels
                                                                                                                       Schloss Fuschl

A picture is worth a thousand words – and in that respect, many        Renoir and Franz Xavier Winterhalter, to the works of such con-
members of The Leading Hotels of the World have volumes of             temporary artists as Raymond Moretti, Salvador Dali, Niki de St
stories to tell. The tales include, not just paintings and graphic     Phalle, Yvaral, Victor Vasarely, and Jean Cocteau. Perhaps the
art, but sculptures, photographs and mixed-media installations.        most noted jewel in the crown is the official portrait of Louis XIV
Some collections are international in scope; some are treasure         by Hyacinthe Rigaud which has hung in the hotel’s Salon
troves of local or regional talents. All serve to enrich and enhance   Versailles since 1991. There are only two other such portraits ex-
the guest experience and to create a unique sense of place. Here       tant: one in the Chateau de Versailles and the other in the Louvre.
are just a few examples of the richness and diversity of artwork
to be found among the members.                                         Among the 112 pieces in the collection at the Widder in Zurich
                                                                       are lithographs by Andy Warhol, including one entitled Ram; 2
InternatIonaL ConneCtIonS                                              Homme and 1 Femme, sculptures by Raffael Benazzi; works on
                                                                       paper by Aldo Rossi; an Alberto Giacometti lithograph, Nu
The collection at Austria’s Schloss Fuschl comprises more than         Debout; Augusto Giacometti pastels, and paintings by Serge
170 Old Master paintings, ranging from the 17th to the 19th            Poliakoff. When Robert Rauschenberg stayed in the Penthouse
centuries and including works by Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian,      Suite in 1995, he was inspired for one of his masterpieces called
German and Austrian artists. The employees of Bernheimer               Tenant. He actually painted it to be placed in the Suite in a spot
Gallery Schloss Fuschl offer guided tours of the collection in a       that he thought was "empty." The hotel bought the painting later
variety of languages. Among the many highlights are Allegory of        and placed it in the Penthouse Suite – as the artist had intended.
Spring, a collaboration between by Joos de Momper the Younger
and Jan Brueghel the Elder; Allegory of Taste by Jean François         the Grove in Hertfordshire, England, is home to an impressive
de Troy; Music Teaching Cupid to Play the Lyre by François             collection of art which complements the hotel’s glamorous
Boucher; The Golden Cloak by Maximilian Lenz; Portrait of              interiors, giving guests an environment that is also fun and re-
Princesse Murat by Franz Xavier Winterhalter; Still Life with          laxed. There are nearly 200 pieces by the German “object artist”
Flowers by Hendrick de Fromantiou; Banquet Still Life by               Volker Kühn, whose work is reminiscent of the boxes, cases and
Cornelius de Heem; Still Life of Fruit with a young Girl by            cabinets made by Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters and Joseph
Michelangelo da Camidoglio; and Architectural Capriccio by             Cornell. The much talked-about French sculptress Nathalie
Giovanni Paolo Panini. At the heart of the Schloss Fuschl Col-         Decoster designed distinctive sculptures for the hotel – one
lection are 15 paintings of the Austrian rococo artist Johann          outside the front entrance, more in the formal gardens and one
Georg Platzer.                                                         outside the entrance to the golf house. American-born sculptor
                                                                       Gregory Ryan created the magnificent five-panel aluminum
Hotel negresco in Nice is renowned for its extensive and very          Water Wall, a reproduction of the sea off the coast of Deauville,
eclectic collection of art with 1,250 works on the walls and           at the entrance to the hotel’s spa. He also designed the two large
approximately 80 sculptures, representing epic periods in the          bronze posts that stand next to the ornamental canal in the formal
history of France, from the Renaissance to the 3rd Millennium.         garden, each one is topped by the skeleton of a large leaf, cast in
It ranges from the classical and historical paintings of the royal     bronze from leaves taken from the estate.
portraits in the Salon Louis XIV and Salon Royal, and pieces by
Sculpture by Nathalie Decoster
The Grove, Hertfordshire
                                                                        The soon-to-open elysian in Chicago will have approximately
                                                                        65 pieces in its public space and over 1,000 pieces in the 188
                                                                        guestrooms and suites. The collection includes the works of 30
                                                                        international contemporary artists, and encompasses photogra-
                                                                        phy,paintings, drawings, fibers and sculptures. In the lobby is a
                                                                        large-scale oil painting by Austrian painter Herbert Brandl
                                                                        commissioned by the hotel. Other lobby works include two
                                                                        sculptures by Javier Marin, a large scale color photograph from
                                                                        Seton Smith’s Istanbul Series and an oil alkyd and graphite linen
                                                                        piece entitled Union by Mark Sheinkman. Other featured pieces
                                                                        include a tapestry entitled Victoire and the Life of Beauty by
                                                                        Marilyn Pappas and Rose, a black and white photograph by Bing
                                                                        Wright. If guests are interested in a particular piece, they can
                                                                        purchase artwork through Patti Gilford, the project’s art
                                                                        The Bellagio in Las Vegas boasts an international collection of
                                                                        more than 100 pieces, including paintings, lithographs, sculptures
                                                                        and woodcuts. Among the artists represented are Pablo Picasso
                                                                        (Aztec Vase with Four Faces, Bust of a Man 1969 oil on canvas,
                                                                        Still Life with Flowers and Fruit Dish 1943 oil on canvas, Woman
                                                                        with Beret 1938 oil on canvas), David Hockney (Hotel Acatlan:
                                                Elysian, Chicago        Second Day and Hotel Acatlan: Two Weeks Later), Jasper Johns,
                                                                        Julian Schnabel and Frank Stella. The peripatetic Robert
An outstanding feature of one aldwych in London is an exciting
                                                                        Rauschenberg stayed at the hotel while he worked on a commis-
collection of contemporary art, selected personally by Managing
                                                                        sion of two large-scale paintings for the main lobby. Dale Chihuly
Director Gordon Campbell Gray. There are more than 350 paint-
                                                                        is also a frequent guest and one of his massive installations also
ings and sculptures, from England, Europe, Africa and the United
                                                                        graces the lobby.
States displayed throughout the hotel. Among the artists repre-
sented are sculptor André Wallace, whose Boatman with Oars is
the central feature of the lobby, and the first thing guests see when
                                                                        artISt In reSIdenCe
they arrive. Sculptress Emily Young’s The Head of Dionysus is
also on display in the lobby, while Justine Smith’s papier maché
                                                                        Many hotels acquire artwork from external sources. Some mem-
dog sculpture is the cause of many smiles from guests, as they
                                                                        bers of Leading Hotels have served as an atelier. The Lancaster
check in at reception. English artist Richard Walker has painted
                                                                        in Paris had its own artist in residence, the Russian émigré Boris
a large mural entitled Secret City, directly onto the walls of Axis
                                                                        Pastoukhoff who stayed at the hotel on many occasions during
Restaurant, creating a dramatic focal point for the room. Also in
                                                                        the 1930s and exchanged more than 80 of his paintings for
the collection are paintings by Richard Bartle, Mimei Thompson,
                                                                        payment of his bill. Pastoukhoff’s works still hang on walls of
David Breuer Weil, Sandra Liccione and Dutch artist Joost Beer-
                                                                        The Lancaster and bear testament to his skills as a portraitist and
ents, and mixed-media pieces by William Dick, Joanna Chapman,
                                                                        still life painter. His work is also found among private and public
Gerardo Bricourt and Anna Shutt.
                                                                        collections throughout the world, including the Brooklyn
                                                                        Museum of Fine Arts and Moderne, Madrid.
The collections in the Sherwood taipei can be classified in two
categories: those from 18th century and pre-impressionist 19th
century Europe; and those from the Far East; which combine to
                                                                        reGIonaL reFLeCtIonS
illustrate the spirit of the hotel as a crossing of cultures between
West and East. The latest acquisition, Large Interior Form by
                                                                        The Hotel Sacher Wien houses one of the largest private
Henry Moore, one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century,
                                                                        collections of original art in Austria, comprising approximately
also known as “the last of the romantics,” is situated in the fore-
                                                                        1,000 pieces. The gourmet restaurant Anna Sacher features an
court. Other notable works include: SU-Zhou Canal, by renowned
                                                                        exceptionally comprehensive group of paintings by Anton
Chinese artist Yi-Fei Chen, who favored subjects such as natural
                                                                        Faistauer. The artist ranks among the most important painters
scenery, historical figures and musicians. Constrained during the
                                                                        and leading exponents of the “Österreichische Moderne”
Chinese Cultural Revolution to eulogizing doctrinarism, in 1983
                                                                        (Austrian Modernism). His oeuvre – portraits, landscapes and still
he began to establish his reputation in the West with his solo
                                                                        life – is characterized by a vivid painting style and rather dark,
exhibition in New York. Another charming painting in the col-
                                                                        but radiant use of color. Greatly influenced by Paul Cezanne,
lection is Le Petit Patissier by Aime Deschamps, first displayed
                                                                        Faistauer also decorated the walls of the Small Festival Hall
during the 1878 World’s Fair.
                                                                        Salzburg with monumental frescoes in 1926. These are only
partially preserved today. In 1939 they were taken down and              Miklos Barabas, Erno Fischer and Hugo Scheiber.
could only be replaced partly in 1956.
                                                                         Noted Irish landscape artist Frank Eggington is well represented
One of the best-known Bohemian painters, Ludek Marold, cre-              in the collection on display at ashford Castle in County Mayo
ated magnificent frescoes throughout Hotel Le Palais in Prague.          with a total of 27 pieces on view. Watercolor works include
He was not only responsible for the artistic design of the original      Glenmesk, County Mayo – Haymakers Near a Farmstead with
building; he also lived on the top floor until 1898. Guests can          Distant Mountains, Two Donkeys and a Donkey Foal on a
observe the extent of his talents in the delicate floral tracings that   Country Road with Distant Mountains, Lake and Mountain
grace the stairways of the hotel and in the incredible overhead          Landscape with Farmer Building a Turf Reek with Donkey
treatment in the Marold Suite. Further examples of his work can          Alongside, and Connemara Farmstead with Clothesline. Among
be seen in the Belle Epoque, Bellevue and Boheme Suites. His             the Eggington oil paintings in the group are Connemara
most famous work, the remarkable panorama The Battle of                  Mountain and River Landscape with Distant Cattle Grazing, The
Lipany, can also be seen at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Non-          Maam Valley,Connemara with a Lone Tree by a Stream, Killarny
residents can admire the frescoes in the public areas of the hotel,      Harbour with Distant Mountains, and Ballycroy, County Mayo –
and on request they can arrange a private tour to see those in           Woman Outside a Cottage with Donkey Carrying Turf.
unoccupied suites.
                                                                         In Dublin, the Merrion houses one of Ireland’s largest private
In total, 500 pictures and original works are on display at the          collections of art, with the majority of the work by 19th and 20th
Louis C. Jacob, the majority of which were created by artists            century Irish artists, many of whom have been residents of the
who lived, worked or taught in Hamburg. Each room has at least           city. Notable works include: Jack B. Yeats’s The Hour of Sleep
one work by a local artist. Featured are pieces from the 18th, 19th      1951, with abstract color and loose expressive brushwork, it
and early 20th centuries, as well as carefully selected contempo-        features a man sleeping amid flowers beside a lake; Louis Le
rary works. The Hamburg Artists Club, which was founded in               Brocquy’s Lady in White 1951; Martin Mooney’s Imaginary
1897 by young painters in search of a progressive literary               Views of Daingan, a triptych commissioned for the opening of
language, met at Hotel Jacob, with Berlin artist Max Liebermann.         the hotel in 1997; Roderic O’Connor’s Red Rocks & Sea 1898;
Resident of the hotel in the summer of 1902, the impressionist           and William Scott’s Still Life with Pots & Pans 1973. While it is
painted Terrasse im Restaurant Jacob, which is now on display            a private collection and not open to the general public, tours led
at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg Art Museum). Other                  by a guide from the National Gallery can be arranged and a full
works by Liebermann, including the painting Blick von der                catalogue of the works is available.
Terrasse des Restaurant Jacob now hang in the hotel.
                                                                         Among the collection at the Westbury in Dublin are several
Of course one would expect to find paintings by Dutch masters            pieces by native son Patrick Scott. Best known for his gold
in Amsterdam, and indeed Hotel de l’europe has several dis-              paintings, abstracts incorporating geometrical forms in gold leaf
played in the lobby. Just a few of the works on view are: Hendrik        against a pale tempera background, he originally trained as an
Dirk Kruseman van Elten’s Op de Heide oil on canvas; The Call            architect. Three of his works are featured in the Grafton Suite
to the Colors, oil on panel by Herman ten Kate; Eduard Alexander         Lobby – Flame Device, White Foam and Orange Device. His
Hilverdink’s Munttoren Amsterdam; Johannes Karel Christiaan              paintings are also in several important collections including the
Klinkenberg’s Winter: A View of the Oude Waal, Amsterdam with            Museum of Modern Art in New York. Other 20th-century and
the St. Nicolaaskerk Beyond, at Sunset; Amsterdams Stadsgezicht          contemporary artists on display in The Gallery of the hotel are
oil on canvas by Evert Jan Ligtelijn; Johannes Weiland’s                 landscape painter Norah McGuinness, figurative painter Michael
Homework; and Gentlemen Visiting an Exhibition by Henri                  Kane, abstract expressionist Barrie Cooke, and romantic painter
Timmermans.                                                              Daniel O’Neill.

The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest houses a collection
of more than 1,000 pieces, almost exclusively by Hungarian
artists. Indeed, the hotel’s business plan devotes a percentage of
its budget to be spent on its nation’s artistic heritage. Painter Bela
Kadar incorporated themes of Hungarian folklore and peasant life
into his art, and his style reflected many of the artistic movements
of the early 20th century including expressionism, constructivism
and cubo-futurism. The hotel is proud to have his Landscape in
Blue among its collection. A student of the Julian Academy, Paris,
and the École des Beaux-Arts, Odon Marffy worked in the studio
of Cormon. A leader of Hungarian postimpressionism, he retained
remnants of constructivism of his youth, combining elements of
                                                                                                          The Hour of Sleep by Jack B. Yeats
the Paris school with Hungarian traditions. His painting Circus                                           The Merrion,Dublin
hangs in the hotel. Other national artists represented include
Ashford Castle, County Mayo
The Seven Stars Galleria in Milan has just unveiled a group of        entitled The 16 Riddles of a Hindu Astronaut by Pedro Friede-
works from the private collection of noted Italian art dealer         berg, one of whose paintings is next to the ballroom, and whose
Giorgio Baratti. The highlight is the portrait Vittorio Amedeo II,    hand-shaped chair sculpture is next to the front desk. In the pres-
Duke of Savoy and King of Sardinia, His Excellency Visconti           idential suite is a painting by David Alfaro Siqueiros, a contem-
painted by Felice Biella. Also included are paintings by the grand    porary of Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, who together
masters of Tuscany, such as Jacopo Vignali (Arezzo 1592-              gave a new concept of the Mexican visual art. Other artists rep-
Florence 1644) and Domenico Pugliani (Florence 1589-1658),            resented include painter Rodolfo Morales, Pedro Coronel, Jose
along with sculptures from private collections assembled by           Luis Covarrubias and Javier Esqueda.
experts, and Flemish tapestries from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Guests can make arrangements for guided tours of the exhibitions      Grand Velas all Suites & Spa resort riviera nayarit cele-
which are on display on the noble floor of the Galleria V.            brates the art of Mexico. Every suite has works by artists from
Emanuele II.                                                          the Jalisco and Oaxaca area as well as the Huichol Indians,
                                                                      including Amador Montes, Raul Soruco, Roland Rojas, Ernesto
The Albemarle restaurant at Brown’s Hotel in London is the            Cruz and Isabel Moncada. Sculptor Alejandro Colunga created
showcase for a number of noted contemporary British artists.          two pieces for the hotel: in the lobby, El Majo a sculpture of a
Among them are Tracey Emin, who works in a multitude of               high chair made of bronze next to a lectern, and in the Imperial
media – painting, drawing, installations, sculpture, photography,     Suite, El Niño, another bronze chair with a clown. Similar pieces
needlework and video; Mat Collishaw, whose paintings also hang        by Colunga can also be seen in downtown Puerto Vallarta.
in the Tate in London and Centre Pompidou in Paris; Tim Noble
and Sue Webster, a couple who have exhibited in London, New           These are only a few examples of the artistic tales Leading Hotels
York, Boston, Athens and Copenhagen; painter and sculptor Toby        can tell. We invite you to set off on your own quest in search of
Zeigler; Peter Peri, whose pieces have been shown in London,          more.
New York, Basel and Berlin; the photographer Rankin; and
painters Caragh Thuring, Keith Coventry and Bridget Riley.                            For reservations and information,
Also, the Donovan Bar pays homage to Terence Donovan, one of                  visit or contact a travel professional.
Britain's most famous photographers, with 50 of his black and
white photos on display.

More South African treasures are on display at one&only Cape
town, including pieces by actor-turned-artist William Kentridge;
photographers Nontsikelelo Veleko, Guy Tillim and David
Goldblatt; multi-media artists Moshekwa Langa, Deborah Bell
and Peter Clarke; sculptors Walter Oltmann and Paul Edmunds;
and sculptor and printmaker Jeremy Wafer. Among the most
notable works are Walking Stick Jig, a wall sculpture by Willem
Boshoff, arguably South Africa’s best-known sculptor and
conceptual artist. Both evocative and sensuously aesthetic, Berni
Searle’s piece, Offering is the highlight in Gordon Ramsay’s maze
restaurant. The 14 panels depict abstracted red and ochre crepe
paper forms that bleed vibrant, swirling color into water. The
piece draws on the artist’s Cape Malay heritage, invoking the
rituals and traditions that persist through generations. Nobu at
One&Only Cape Town houses another special commission from
sculptor and printmaker Brett Murray. The lino-cut piece in wood
and finished in gold against a claret background, delivers an
interesting marriage of South African and Eastern iconography.

Camino real Club & Suites in Mexico City houses more than
500 pieces of art, including paintings, murals, sculptures and dec-
orative items. The hotel, opened in 1968 as the official host of
the Olympic Games, was conceived as a sculptural space, where
each wall and area was designed to showcase some of the best
artists of the time. One of the most exceptional works of Mathias
Georitz is the hotel’s famous exterior lattice, which is a blend of
Mexican and Moroccan elements. Upon entering the hotel, one
finds an immense mural by Rufino Tamayo, considered by ex-
perts to be his best work. Another remarkable piece is a mosaic
SU-Zhou Canal by Yi-Fei Chen
The Sherwood Taipei

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