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									 MMA State Survey

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                              Revised Data Nov 12, 2001
                              As reprinted by permission
       Advertisement          Diana Bonn [originally written] April, 1999
                                               Survey of State Boards of Cosmetology
                                                   A Guide for Nail Technicians
                              First ,you must find out where your state stands on this issue. Second,
                              gather all information you can on liquid MMA Monomer. You can get
                              this off the web site Print all the pertinent
Contests !!!                  information. The third step is to find out if your State Boards can make
Strut Your Stuff              their own rules, or if they have to go through the legislation procedure to
Nails Magazine                get a law passed. Some states are run by the Board of Health. This is very
More....                      important to know even as a licensed technician. How can you find out?
Departments                   Call your State Board or State Government and inquire who or whom
NailTech                      makes the rules, regulations, policies or laws for the state cosmetology
CutingEdge                    board. Again, go to and you’ll find
                              the contact info for your state.
HELP!!!                       Now if you reside in a State where the state board wants to, but hasn’t
Networking                    yet banned MMA Monomers, there are several criteria you must follow.
    Stay Informed..           Find out what the reason is behind the dilemma. Contact the Board of
    Subscribe to our          Health, State Government etc.? Who is stopping them? This is who you
     FREE monthly             need to pay attention to. Send them copies of all your information. If it is
                              the Board of Health, I would call the State of Delaware’s State Board of
Message Boards                Health, and ask for a copy of their issue on MMA Liquid. It is an
Mailing Lists                 excellent document about their regulations on the MMA issue. Send this
Live Chat                     with your MMA packet you have copied to the Board of Health.
Mentor Database
Networking Events             Now if it is a law that needs to be passed, well you will have to get into
Business Builders             politics. All states can be called or accessed on the web. Laws are passed
HELP!!!                       by the House. You will have to talk to your local state representative and
Resources                     get their attention. Again give him all copies, show him how many states
                              have already passed laws. I would try your state rep, and find a technician
                              who has a women for a state rep. If you could find technicians in all
                              districts, contact them, have them mail to their reps. It has to pass through
                              the House, then it can goes to the Senate, and again passed. So you must
                              send a lot of information to a lot of people.
                              If you reside in a state that wants information about MMA, knows
                              nothing or just doesn’t care one has a little more of an uphill battle.
                              Well, massive literature documentation needs to be relayed to all pertinent
                              parties. Let the public know of the phone number where they would call
                              to complain of MMA products. State Boards seem to listen to the public a
                              lot better than to technicians. Again, the news media needs to be sent (1 of 5) [12/20/2005 3:06:34 PM]
MMA State Survey
Residents/Sponsors           these copies. Start with a local newspaper and contact a reporter. Small
Links                        town newspapers need things to write about. Give them your stack of
Articles                     articles. If you can get some free press, then you can send this to other
MMA Information              news media and send it to the Boards and Law Makers. Your main job is
Booth Rental Info            to educate all parties concerned. Letters, articles, warnings etc. written by
Licensing Information        professionals from other parts of government or associations are more
Show/Class Calendars
                             powerful than just letters from you by themselves. You will have research
FREE Salon Website
                             to back up anything you will say. This makes you more credible and will
Salon Locator Listing
                             take the Madge out of Manicurist attitude. Please, if you are going to
IRS Info                     write a letter, please be careful of what you say. I would suggest you use
Ebook's & Etutorials         Debbie Doerrlamm’s letter as a guideline, Debbie has given permission to
Celebrity Q & A              copy this. The letter is available at: .
Nail Art Gallery
Salon Recipes                It is a Federal Law that MMA monomer cannot be used, distributed or
Translate                    manufactured for use in cosmetic nail products, according to the Federal
Privacy Policies             Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, section 601(361), page 186, and the
HELP!!!                      FDA/CFSAN Cosmetics--Prohibited Ingredients. The FDA does not have
Shopping                     time to go into nail salons in the United States, so they have left this up to
Links                        the individual states. All states are mandated to follow Federal Laws, so
Shop Till You Drop           therefore, each state must prohibit and police MMA liquid monomers.
Networking Shoppe
Read All About It            State Boards are out there to help the nail technicians and the consumer.
Booth Rental Info            They have little money or man hours to do a thorough job, but the
Ebook's & Etutorials         inspectors are trying to do their best. They are there to help us out and
beautyEshop                  most realize what we are going through.
Salon Posters
IRS Info
                             So be professional. Be cool. Be smart.
Salon Publications           Diana Bonn
Educational Videos
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Milady Publications                             State Board of Cosmetology Survey
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Recommend Site               This survey was conducted to gather information concerning the States’
Search                       positions on the issue of MMA in liquid monomer. Results indicate that
Contact Us                   most respondents have not implemented any type of standards prohibiting
                             the use of this chemical. Overall, the results indicate that more and more
Add BeautyTech to your
     Bookmarks               of the States are proceeding with a closer look at this very volatile issue. I
     or Favorites            realized the opportunity to educate all concerned salon owners and nail
                             technicians about this FDA prohibited chemical.
      +      or AOL
Advertising                  In the beginning, contacts were made to several State Board of
Resident/Link/Banner         Cosmetology Directors. After several conversations, two issues arose
SalonMart                    between these Government offices.
Static Link Ads              The first issue was the difference between "liquid monomer containing
Email Promotion              MMA" and "MMA in all nail products". The liquid monomer is a highly
Web Site Design Mailing      volatile and hazardous material that is poisonous and considered to be
List Sponsorship             deleterious for human contact according to papers issued by the FDA in
Web Site Hosting             1972. MMA in powder form is not considered to be a toxic substance.
E-commerce                   Several of the Directors of the State Board of Cosmetology are confused
FREE LISTING IN              about the exact wording concerning the ban of MMA monomer from the
LINKS AREA                   FDA. One responding State told me that they had formulated all their
                             rules and regulation and had stated nail products containing MMA was to
                             be prohibited. A board member caught this and said this particular
                             wording would have subverted the nail industry. The rules were changed
                             to eliminate any confusion. The rule now states that liquid monomer
                             containing MMA is prohibited. She told me to notify other states and pay
                             particular attention to the wording of the rule.
                             The second issue pertains to whether or not the use of MMA liquid
                             monomer is policed by the FDA or local State Boards in salons. This (2 of 5) [12/20/2005 3:06:34 PM]
MMA State Survey
                             confusion appears to be endemic throughout the industry. This includes
                             from State Boards to the consumer. One State representative stated, "No,
                             we do not have to ban MMA because it is a Federal Law, and they take
                             care of it". What I have found out after several conversations through out
                             the industry including the FDA, is that MMA is a considered to be a
                             poisonous substance. According to section 601(361) of the Federal, Food
                             , Drug, and Cosmetic Act page 186,"A cosmetic shall be deemed to be
                             adulterated if it bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance
                             which may render it injurious to users under the conditions of use as are
                             customary or usual." So the usage, distributing or manufacturing MMA
                             monomer is controlled by Federal Law. All states are mandated to follow
                             the Federal Law. The FDA is policing the distributing and the
                             manufacturing, but because of lack of manpower, the FDA cannot police
                             every nail salon in the United States. They have left this up to the states to
                             follow all Federal Laws.
                             You can obtain all information concerning MMA on their web site. The
                             web site is , or call the local
                             FDA office.
                             One State discussed the problems of why they won’t or can’t ban MMA.
                             The State representative told me that the technicians do not know what
                             they are using. That the owners are putting drops of MMA in the
                             monomers so consequently the technicians actually do not know what nail
                             application products they are using. Therefore the technicians were not
                             Some of the other conversations included drill usage and licensing.
                             Delaware and New Hampshire have the strongest regulations on drill
                             usage. Delaware does not allow drills to be used on natural nails. New
                             Hampshire requires certification and only certain bits can be used. One
                             state told me that they could not ban the usage of drills, but could and will
                             make it mandatory for all schools to teach drill usage and that technicians
                             must use drills marketed for nails. Licensing was another concern. One
                             state is spending a tremendous amount of effort just catching up with
                             people working without licensing. One state had technicians apply a
                             picture to their license, and technicians were coming up with baby
                             pictures which allowed several unethical nail technicians to utilize one
                             license. This is probably deep-seated in the industry. One way of
                             contending with this problem as one State purports is the process of
                             scanning pictures and applying to the actual license which is then entered
                             into the States computers.
                             I think that in the coming years these will be the next issues Boards will
                             have to conquer after MMA.
                             There needs to be more communication between Boards, technicians and
                             the public. Some states send newsletters to all licensed technicians to keep
                             them informed. State Boards need to educate the consumer concerning
                             sanitation and chemicals used in their local nail salon.
                             I am a salon owner from the State of Indiana and am not a member of any
                             association, club, or organization. I take total responsibility for this survey
                             and have taken every precaution to reiterate conversations that was told to
                             Diana Bonn
                                       SURVEY OF STATE BOARDS OF COSMETOLOGY
                                              REVISED NOVEMBER 1, 1999
                              Phone calls were made the week of September 22, 1999. Calls were (3 of 5) [12/20/2005 3:06:34 PM]
MMA State Survey
                             made to states that have not set any rules/regulations/laws concerning the
                             use of MMA liquid monomers in the use of acrylic nails as of February
                             22, 1999. The below results show us that 9 states have changed their
                             position against the use of MMA liquid monomer. Also 3 states that
                             previously did not have manicurist license, will have laws set in place in
                             the year 2000. At this time these 3 states are still working on their rules
                             and no decision has been made on the use of MMA liquid monomer.
                             Inofrmation updated as of Nov. 12, 2001
                             YES - DOES NOT ALLOW
                                  q   CALIFORNIA - YES
                                  q   DELAWARE - YES
                                  q   GEORGIA - YES
                                  q   ILLINOIS - YES
                                  q   INDIANA - YES
                                  q   KENTUCKY - YES
                                  q   LOUISIANA - YES
                                  q   MARYLAND - YES
                                  q   MAINE - YES
                                  q   MASSACHUSETTS - YES
                                  q   MICHIGAN - YES
                                  q   MISSISSIPPI - YES
                                  q   MISSOURI - YES
                                  q   MONTANA - YES
                                  q   NEVADA - YES
                                  q   NEW HAMPSHIRE - YES
                                  q   NEW JERSEY - YES
                                  q   NEW MEXICO - YES
                                  q   NORTH CAROLINA - YES
                                  q   OHIO - YES
                                  q   OKLAHOMA - YES
                                  q   PENNSYLVANIA - YES
                                  q   SOUTH CAROLINA - YES
                                  q   SOUTH DAKOTA - YES
                                  q   TENNESSEE - YES
                                  q   TEXAS - YES
                                  q   VERMONT - YES
                                  q   WEST VIRGINIA - YES
                                  q   WISCONSIN - YES
                                  q   WYOMING - YES
                                  q   ALABAMA - NO
                                  q   ALASKA - NO
                                  q   ARKANSAS - NO
                                  q   ARIZONA - NO
                                  q   COLORADO -By consumer complaint only. Does not inspect salons
                                  q   CONNECTICUT - NO
                                  q   DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -N0
                                  q   FLORIDA - NO
                                  q   IDAHO - Does not allow MMA during state test. Still gathering
                                  q   IOWA - NO
                                  q   KANSAS - Technicians are told MMA is not recommended (4 of 5) [12/20/2005 3:06:34 PM]
MMA State Survey
                                  q   MINNESOTA - Warns salon owners about dangers of MMA - Rules
                                  q   NEBRASKA - NO
                                  q   NEW YORK - NO
                                  q   NORTH DAKOTA - NO
                                  q   OREGON - Considering posting consumer warnings in each salon
                                      found to use MMA liquid monomers. No rules/regulations set at
                                  q   RHODE ISLAND - Gathering info.
                                  q   VIRGINIA - Gathering info.
                                  q   WASHINGTON - Still gathering info.
                             NO CONTACT
                                  q   HAWAII - No contact
                                  q   UTAH - No manicurist license

                             This survey was done by Diana Bonn, Muncie, Indiana

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