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An e-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) is a weapon that uses an intense electromagnetic field to
create a brief pulse of energy that affects electronic circuitry without harming humans or
buildings. At low levels, the pulse temporarily disables electronics systems; mid-range levels
corrupt computer data. Very high levels completely destroy electronic circuitry, thus disabling
any type of machine that uses electricity, including computers, radios, and ignition systems in
vehicles. Although not directly lethal, an e-bomb would devastate any target that relies upon
electricity: a category encompassing any potential military target and most civilian areas of the
world as well.

High Power Electromagnetic Pulse generation techniques and High Power Microwave
technology have matured to the point where practical E-bombs (Electromagnetic bombs) are
becoming technically feasible, with new applications in both Strategic and Tactical Information
Warfare. The development of conventional E-bomb devices allows their use in non-nuclear

Researchers are being exploring the use of high power microwaves (HPM). Although the devices
themselves may be relatively uncomplicated to manufacture (Popular Mechanics illustrated a
simple design in September 2001), their usage poses a number of problems. To create an
effective e-bomb, developers must not only generate an extremely high-powered pulse of energy,
but must also find a way to control both the energy - which can behave in unpredictable ways -
and the heat generated as its byproduct. Furthermore, for non-nuclear e-bombs, the range is
limited. According to most defense analysts' speculations, devices in development are likely to
affect an area of only a few hundred yards.

The concept behind the e-bomb arose from nuclear weaponry research in the 1950s. When the
U.S. military tested hydrogen bombs over the Pacific Ocean, streetlights were blown out
hundreds of miles away and radio equipment was affected as far as away as Australia. Although
at the time these effects were considered incidental, since that time researchers have sought a
means of focusing that energy.

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