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									                                                 Finance User Group Meeting
Meeting:          Finance User Group Meeting                                              Chair: Jim Schneider
Date:             October 17 and 18, 2002                                                 Recorder: Lisa Liljedahl
Start Time:       12:30
Location:         South Central Technical College – Room E110
Participants:     Stephanie Adams, Jan Ahmann, Dawn Belko, Garnet Cafourek, Connie        Not in attendance: Craig Erickson, Denis Kelly, Ruth Seifert, and
                  Garrahy, Rosalie Greeman, Karen Kedrowski, Deb Kerkaert, Lisa           Steve Smith
                  Liljedahl, Dave Lund, Larry Margolis, Dennis Paesler, Marie Peterson,
                  Marlene Roede, Jim Schneider, Rick Straka, Jeff Wagner, and Teri
                  10/18/02 – Diane Hamilton, Margaret Jenniges, Dave Neve, and Paul

TIME (min.)                          TOPIC                           DISCUSSION                                DESIRED OUTCOME/DISCUSSION
  Thursday      ISRS Current Status (Handout)                        Lisa Liljedahl,
 12:30 p.m.                                                           Dave Lund
                                                                      Teri Welter
    1:30        Web On-line Payments Update and Demo                  Dave Lund           St. Cloud State had some unprocessed transactions but a minimum amount
                                                                                          considering the amount that was done on-line. These appeared on a log file and
                                                                                          the college was able to resubmit on a screen without any problem.
                                                                                          Gave a demo. from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
                                                                                          Address verification is being worked on.
                                                                                          Payments process within 5 – 8 seconds.
                                                                                          Campuses are telling the students to reference the full account detail if the student
                                                                                          asks for a receipt.
                                                                                          A future enhancement is that there will be the capability for the student to create
                                                                                          a separate (proxy) user ID so that someone (parent) else can have access to
                                                                                          certain items on the web for their account. For example, access to bill but not
                                                                                          registration data. This is part of the e-services project.
                                                                                          Separate security for the web log (AR2057UG, AR2058UG, and AR2059UG)?
                                                                                          Yes, create a separate group for this with a High and Low.
    2:00        Break
    2:15        Budget Unit Update                                  Karen Kedrowski       Exception Reporting – Going to exception reporting versus every quarter
                                                                                          Budget Module – Need to get back together and work on defining what is needed.
                                                                                          The Administrative Steering Committee established this as the first Finance
                                                                                          Biennual budget – asked for $107 million.
2:45   PeopleSoft 8.0 Update                                   Rosalie              •    Some of the benefit information will be maintained in SCUPPS and will
                                                            Greeman/Lisa                 interface to SEMA4. There will no longer be a separate insurance
                                                              Liljedahl                  information system and this will now be a part of SEMA4.
                                                                                     • The schedule of the lump sum interface will change. MnSCU will be
                                                                                         sending a file on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of on Monday.
                                                                                         Unclassified Dept. IDs won’t be available for mass time entry until
                                                                                         Wednesday and if a Dept. ID doesn’t have a lump sum payment then it
                                                                                         won’t be available until Thursday.
3:00   New E-services Project (Handout)                       Dave Lund         Are there any NEW E-Service functions that we are interested in introducing to
                                                                                the E-Services group for consideration to included in their project?
                                                                                Student Tax information – W-2, 1098-T, and 1042-S.
                                                                                PR and AR advices.
                                                                                Course availability – the ability of the general public to see courses. Right now
                                                                                you have to be enrolled. More on the non-credit side versus credit side.
                                                                                PIN number – be able to reset your PIN or reminder.
                                                                                Perkins Exit Loan Counseling
                                                                                Transcripts – ability to request official transcript
3:15   Break
3:30   FY Calendar                                                                  a)   Close the calc.
       a) Rolling Receivables - Rolling before calc          Teri Welter            b)   Yes, that helped.
           was closed. Possible Options:                                            c)   Close ENs & EFs on 10/31.
           - Close calc first before end of year                                    d)   No changes.
           - Wait until year and calc is closed                                     e)   Since there are significantly less rates to enter now due to the fact there
           - Not Roll RE’s – leave in old FY.                                            aren’t different rates per county. When we hear what the projected
               Payments would be recorded to current                                     insurance increase is going to be we can enter that right away so we
               FY when received.                                                         know the estimated expenses for the next calendar year.
       b) Posting payroll before 6/30                        Lisa Liljedahl
       c) EN and EF’s – still need to be open until Jan   Lisa Liljedahl/Dave
           31?                                                   Lund
       d) Review calendar for any changes.                   Jim Schneider
       e) Insurance Rates                                    Lisa Liljedahl
4:00   Senior Citizens fee – Chris’s e-mail                Rosalie Greeman      Not sure how high of priority this is because of the number of seniors enrolled.
                                                             Jim Schneider           1. Teri will check with Cynthia regarding new instruction type.
                                                                                     2. Teri will check to see if there is a waiver code set up.
                                                                                Note: If programmed, it wouldn’t work if the senior was taking “non-senior”
                                                                                classes in addition to the senior classes.
4:15   Back Dated Drops                                    Janet McMahon        Are these all of the valid back dated drops?
                                                                                Paper Drop – Entered into System - rename to Actual Drop prior to System Entry
                                                                                Drop for Non-Payment
                                                                                Free Drop Add Period – rename to Course Exchange
                                                                                Number 9999
                                                                                Add Drop for Non-Attendance – never attended a class session.

                                                                                On the report, put the user name of who changed the drop date.
                                                                                Add a date range parameter.
  4:30      Break until Friday
 Friday     AR Collections                                    Teri Welter      Yes, override the expense not allowed edit.
8:30 a.m.         - Write Offs Demo                                            A program is being designed to write-off small balances. Anything under $25.00
                     Override “Expense Not Allowed” edit                       can be written off.
                  - AR Collection Activities
                  - Other Remaining Items                                      AR2204UG (AR Collection Activity Maintenance)
                                                                                   • Will have a low and high security so could just query.
                                                                                   • The system stores who completed a void.
                                                                                   • Should be in production in 4th quarter 2002.
                                                                                   • Will be done last because we need to get the info. in the system before
                                                                                       we can complete reports.
                                                                                   • There will be 3 reports:
                                                                                   1. Outside Collections - Transactions Report
                                                                                   2. Collection Activity Listing
                                                                                   3. Customer Collections Summary
                                                                                   • Can run the report by student, by collection agency
                                                                               The Dept. of Finance quarterly report will be modified to include this.

                                                                               Aging report will be done in the 2nd Phase.
  9:15      Discussion of write-off procedure              Rosalie Greeman     Would like more direction on when to write-off, when to waive, when to cancel.
                                                            Marie Peterson     This will be in the guidelines.
  9:30      Break
  9:45      Financial Reporting Update/Website/MAPS        Margaret Jenniges   The 6 campuses are doing a thorough job.
            object code project                                                Deloitte sending out sample requests and really like to get them back from the
                                                                               campuses within a day.
                                                                               OOC is working on the 30 campuses financial statements. In a couple of weeks,
                                                                               will be sending out preliminary statements and adjustments.
                                                                               The Financial Statements are due in the middle of November.
                                                                               Statements will look different this year. Bring in Revenue fund.
                                                                               Will start working on who will be added to do their own financial statements for
                                                                               next year. Instead of 12-14 additional we are proposing 6-7. This needs be
                                                                               approved by the Board. Will be looking at the size and if the campus can handle
                                                                               the audit on determining which campuses.
10:00   State Grant Calc process                      Teri Welter     FA0254UG – shows how state grant was calculated. Adjustments are from
                 New Query Screen – FA0254UG                          FA0252UG screen.
                 Use of FA0252UG for waivers
                 One time fees for a program– not                     If waivers aren’t recorded on FA0252UG then potential to over award. There
                 charged by term                                      isn’t a way to tie waivers to courses.
              - Laptops
              - Any others                                            Could put all waivers on FA0252UG then if the waiver isn’t eligible then you
                                                                      would need to remove? A chance of under awarding. The group would rather
                                                                      under award than over award.

                                                                      Could we define the rules and automate? For example, laptops should be on
                                                                      FA0252UG screen.

                                                                      Need to get together with FA group to work out a process.

                                                                      Dave Neve, Winona for the group, and Teri will contact others to be involved.

                                                                      Someone changed $10.00 Fee to $12.00 and the state grant recalculated so make
                                                                      sure if you change fees to tell FA so they know why there is a change.
10:15   Update on Administrative Systems Steering   Rosalie Greeman   IT Roundtable – high level direction. This is composed of presidents, student
        Committee and IT Roundtable                                   representatives, CIOs, and Office of the Chancellor staff.

                                                                      Administrative Systems Steering Committee – Communicate with the other
                                                                      groups. This group is affected and affects the Finance User Group. Taking all of
                                                                      the requests and establishing the priorities.
10:30   Withdrawal Rules for Customized Training    Rosalie Greeman   Withdrawal of all credit classes and only keeping non-credit classes. Currently,
          Courses                                    Jim Schneider    this can’t be processed on the withdrawal screen. So, they waive and then
                                                                      waivers are inflating.

                                                                      Then this would be a required maintenance project to change the system to allow
                                                                      the withdrawal of credit classes.
11:00   ISRS Standards – minutes and input            Dave Lund       The committee was set up to set a Standards document for the developers to use
                                                                      so the screens and reports have the same “look and feel”. Basically, look the
                                                                      same when going between different modules.

                                                                      Working on ideas for bringing the reports to the users in different formats. For
                                                                      example, via e-mail, or in files that can be imported to other programs and

                                                                      Plan to introduce “Non-modal” screens so user has the ability to work on one
                                                                      screen and then minimize it and go to another screen and work on that screen too
                                                                      without closing out of your first screen. For example, to run a report and keep a
                                                                      screen open too. This should reduce the need for multiple sessions.
 11:15   Brio update regarding what is available for    Gerry Rushenberg      A training session will be scheduled for the end of this month for the auditors.
         Finance, AR, and faculty load. (by phone)     Call 651-470-9792 or   Included in this training will be 3 years worth of expenditure and revenue
                                                          651-296-5263        transactions. Plus, current year data. Not sure how often it will be updated.

                                                                              Trained the HR staff. There is an assignment table. A security report established
                                                                              for them that shows user’s security. This isn’t out there but they are working on

                                                                              Training set up in November and December for Institutional Research.

                                                                              Trying to get some accounting training set up but Data Mgmt. training is full right

                                                                              Carl Perkins training has been done.
11:30    Internal Audit Update                              Paul Portz        Overviewed MnSCU’s Fraud Policy – MS 609.456 Subd. 2, MS 10.47, and MS
                                                                              43A.39 Subd. 2 these are state laws.

                                                                              Customized Training Audit – assurance service requested by Academic Affairs.
                                                                              This needs to be done by the end of November.

                                                                              Key indicators were established since MnSCU is so big. These key indicators are
                                                                              checked and if they are OK then you won’t here anything. There is something
                                                                              wrong if key indicators don’t check out. Gerry Rushenberg will be pulling the
                                                                              data. Information on the key indicators has been promised for the January
 11:50   Object Code 2D90                                 Jim Schneider       The State feels this object code is being overused. A group has been established
                                                                              and Connie Edwards and Heather Anderson from the Office Of the Chancellor is
                                                                              on it. This would take effect in FY2004. So, new object codes will be
 11:55   MSCF Tuition Waiver                              Jim Schneider       Need to establish a procedure to handle this.

                                                                              Set up one Award ID and use the Third Party process.
 12:05   Sales Tax Return                               Stephanie Adams       Taxable and nontaxable sales tax object code. Some candy and beverages are
                                                                              taxable and some are nontaxable.
 12:15   New Membership                                        All            North Hennepin Community College, South Central Technical College and
                                                                              Minnesota State University, Mankato will be rolling off the user group so this was
                                                                              their last meeting. It was decided to keep Rick Straka on because he is also on the
                                                                              Adminstrative Systems Steering Committee which creates one of the links
                                                                              between the Administrative Systems Steering Committee and the Finance User

                                                                              There will be 3 new members starting in January. There will be a representative
                                                                              from a community college, state university, and technical college.
 12:25   Schedule Next Meeting and adjourn                     All            Next meeting 01/27/03 – 01/28/03 at Metro State
         Miscellaneous Items
    Thursday       AP0001CB – when canceling a check allow a             Jeff Wagner     Lisa will add as a service pack.
                   AC0452UG – scroll bar disappears – is there           Jeff Wagner     Lisa will research.
                   anything that can be done?
                   Be able to cancel when you input something            Jeff Wagner     Dave will bring to Standards committee.
                   incorrectly. Hour glass just hangs. On any
                   Add Accounting Queries and Reports to PCS so          Jeff Wagner     Dave will research.
                   that generic security can be implemented.
                   Cost Allocation, CI, and PR it goes even if they      Jeff Wagner     Dave will research.
                   don’t have any budget for it. Wants an e-mail
                   sent to the Business Office. A report showing
                   any budgets negative. Maybe a replicated query.
                   Can not reprint an invoice when a 3rd party makes    Dennis Paesler   Teri will research. Would like a statement – balance due per student.
                   a partial payment.
     Friday        New Financial Reporting website:                     Jim Schneider    Going to add links to GASB, NACUBO, link to the statements. Also will add
                                               Fund Matrix, Object code crosswalk to fundware reporting categories, sample
                                                                                         MD &A and transmittal letters, and bank reconciliation/cashiering tips.
                   Wants to charge a one time fee for the data card.     Jeff Wagner     The data card fee is allowable under the policy but rules would need to be defined
                   Make sure it is a one time fee for the student.                       in order to automatically charge.

                   $30.00 fee for full-time and $10.00 fee for part                      We will be doing a redesign of the tuition calc down the road to get it converted
                   time for all new students – that Southwest is                         to the new database structure. At that time we will explore the possibility of
                   putting in manually and would like it to be                           adding any additional charges we can define so they can be automatically
                   automatic.                                                            recorded. Another option you would have once the RE transactions are defined in
                                                                                         3-tier architecture is to load these transactions from a file.
                   Would have to enhance the calc program – would
                   need to look at priorities.
                   Would like to be able to record comments about        Teri Welter     Note sent to IT staff ( Mark and Janet) on 11/1: At the Finance User Group
                   students. There is a screen fur users that can get                    meeting a few weeks ago it came up that they would like to be able to record
                   to the person table via the PS0001UG to record                        comments about students. I see that there is a screen fur users that can get to the
                   comments about the person but most business                           person table via the PS0001UG to record comments about the person but I doubt
                   office staff would not have access to this screen.                    that many business office staff have access to this screen. It seems to make sense
                                                                                         that the campus use the same table since many of the comments could be valuable
                                                                                         across areas.

                                                                                         Could PS0028UG be made available from the AR1000UG? Are there other
                                                                                         concerns like data that shouldn't be shared? Al thought there was going to be a
                                                                                         privacy code added which seems to make sense to take care of that issue.

Tasks Assigned as Action Items
#     Originatio     Critical       Description                                                                Assigned to             Status
      n Date         Due Date
1.    02/23/01   Need an AG opinion on whether or not we are obligated to follow 16A.49              Rosalie             Note sent to AG on May 2.
                 “Refunds of $1 or less”. – Will be included in AR Collections project.
2.    05/24/01   User Group would like a total on the AC0450UG. Al agreed to put together            Al Finlayson/Teri   Added as a Discretionary
                 some possible rules as to what makes sense for different transaction types.         Welter              Maintenance Project
                 Add as a discretionary maintenance item.
3.    08/09/01   Set up task force to discuss statements for bills – add Denis Kelly to the group.   Teri Welter         This will be done when business
                                                                                                                         rules are defined for AR
                                                                                                                         Collections –Phase II
4.    11/15/01   Third party receivable balance by TP customer and student query moved to            Jim Schneider       Will get query out on web
                 replicated query library
5.    2/21/02    Need to document the reconciliation process as it pertains to voids.                Dave Lund           This information is included in the
                                                                                                                         Online Student Payment
                                                                                                                         documentation included in the A/R
                                                                                                                         Initial Setup Process manual on the
                                                                                                                         ISRS web site.
6.    2/21/02    Discuss with Richard Tvedten regarding courses that end before 6/30 and what        Karen Kedrowski
                 term they should be recorded in. (Summer vs. Spring)
7.    2/21/02    Investigate the possibility to have a summary option on MAPS interface report       Dave Lund           Added as a Discretionary
                 or summarize JC transactions on the interface program.                                                  Maintenance Project.
8.    2/21/02    Add the ability for Business Manager or Purchasing Head security levels to          Lisa Liljedahl
                 blank out the Ship to Bldg Code field. That way the institution’s address
                 won’t appear on the P.O. and they can write special instructions to get it
                 mailed to an off-campus site. For example, to a resort that they are having a
                 conference at. Requestor would need to insert a memo on the memo screen
                 with a request to have it changed. This will be added as a discretionary
                 maintenance item.
9.    2/21/02    Allow users to record a comment in the transaction description field on general     Teri Welter         Added as a discretionary
                 receipts.                                                                                               maintenance project
10.              Explore the possibility of adding comments as a parameter option on the             Teri Welter         Added as a discretionary
                 AC0531CP report.                                                                                        maintenance project
11.   2/21/02    Check with internal audit as to whether campuses should be using positive           Deb Winter          Rosalie is trying to get copies of
                 pay.                                                                                                    court cases from US bank to run
                                                                                                                         by MnSCU General Counsel to try
                                                                                                                         to determine who really is liable if
                                                                                                                         we decline to go on positive pay.
                                                                                                                         10/18/02 – Rosalie reported that
                                                                                                                         the campus liability has not
12.   6/6/02     Can other campuses get the report that Al did for the 6 campuses being              Teri Welter         This information was loaded into
                 audited?                                                                                                the Data Warehouse for all
                                                                                                                         campuses. Need to contact data
                                                                                                                         management to get access.
13.   6/6/02     How do the campuses get around the personal guarantee at Wells Fargo when           Dave Lund             Found that a couple of schools had
                 setting up a new Merchant ID? Suggestion from group was to work with AG                                   signed the document. Also learned
                 office to get this language removed from the contract. Follow up with Inver                               from MnWest that they not signed
                 Hills and others for their experiences.                                                                   in that spot (Lori believes that she
                                                                                                                           was instructed to skip it), and their
                                                                                                                           application went through without
                                                                                                                           any problem.
14.   6/6/02     Customized training revenues – not consistent – Does all customized revenue         Jim Schneider
                 have to be in fund 120. Need procedures for this.
15.   6/6/02     Can W-2 and 1042-S information be displayed on web?                                 Lisa Liljedahl        09-09-02 – it was decided not to
                                                                                                                           explore this for calendar year
                                                                                                                           2002. Will be kept open as an
16.   10/17/02   Before or after registration (or both?) give disclaimer for on-line payment that    Dave Lund
                 they are responsible for payment.
17.   10/17/02   Allows you to modify the tran desc. on funds applied transactions and it            Teri Welter
18.   10/17/02   Add the comment field to the AC0450UG screen.                                       Teri Welter
19.   10/17/02   Ability for the Accts Payable to print the working copy of the purchase order.      Rosalie Greeman/Jim
                 Rosalie thinks there is a way and will check.                                       Schneider
20.   10/17/02   Check with Cynthia regarding a new instruction type to put on the course for        Teri Welter
                 Senior Citizen course.
21.   10/17/02   Define residency edits. Discuss PSEO. Note: Southwest has an exception.             Karen Kedrowski and
                                                                                                     Teri Welter
22.   10/18/02   AR2201UG – losing decimal when backing out.                                         Teri Welter
23.   10/18/02   Complete a guideline for when to write-off, when to waive, and when to              Rosalie Greeman and
                 cancel for AR Receivables.                                                          Jim Schneider

                 Note: A procedure needs to be written for when withdrawing from all credit
                 courses but keeping the non-credit courses.
24.   10/18/02   Run the Financial Reporting preliminary report for the campuses.                    Margaret Jenniges
25.   10/18/02   Changes to the Campus Assistance/Financial Reporting Website                        Jim Schneider
                      • Add bank rec. recommendations on the campus assistance website.
                      • Have a link for data mgmt.
                      • Financial Reporting – add sample transmittal letters and other sample        Margaret Jenniges
                      • Add Object Code Rollup – what object codes go into the Fundware
                      • Which HEB Funds go into which appropriations.
26.   10/18/02   If the student is coded as to not release her/his information then is there a way   Dave Lund
                 to display this on all or some of the screens? That way the user doesn’t have
                 to go back to the PS0001UG to see if you can release information on this
                 student to the parent. Maybe a standard?
27.   10/18/02                 What are the key indicators that show a college is succeeding or not?           Paul Portz            11-01-02 – Lisa sent Paul an e-
                                                                                                                                     mail. Paul’s response was that
                                                                                                                                     John Asmussen who worked on
                                                                                                                                     the indicators project agreed to
                                                                                                                                     make a presentation at the January
                                                                                                                                     FUG joint CFFO meeting at
28.   10/18/02                 Setup a common Award ID for MSCF Tuition Waiver.                                  Teri Welter         10196 was set up on 10-22-02.
29.   10/18/02                 Edit on the payment to allow the use of the waiver expense object code.           Teri Welter         OK
30.   10/18/02                 Research which items that can be taxable or nontaxable. For example, some         Ann Paige and
                               candy can be taxable and some nontaxable. Need to create separate object          Melissa Fahning
                               codes for these – one for taxable and one for nontaxable.
Campus Members:                                                                        Office of the Chancellor Representatives:

Jan Ahmann, Century College                                                           Rosalie Greeman, Assoc. Vice-Chancellor-Financial Reporting
Dawn Belko, North Hennepin Community College                                          Karen Kedrowski, Program Dir. - Budget
Craig Erickson, Normandale Community College                                          Lisa Liljedahl, Finance Business Analyst
Connie Garrahy, Dakota County Technical College                                       Dave Lund, Finance Business Analyst
Denis Kelly, St Paul Technical College                                                Jim Schneider, Campus Assistance
Deb Kerkaert, Southwest State University                                              Teri Welter, Finance Business Analyst
Larry Margolis, Inver Hills Community College                                         Internal Audit Representative
Dennis Paesler, Northland Community and Technical College                             HelpDesk Representative
Ruth Siefert, Rochester College
Steve Smith, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Rick Straka, South Central Technical College
Jeff Wagner, St Cloud State University

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