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									Wellness Matters                                                                   Polk County Schools
                                                                                      2010 Health Fair

              A Life-Changing Event
              Energized, pumped-up and ready to make a change, Izora Bullock from Haines City High
              School, could not wait for the 2008 Annual Health Fair. She wanted to learn more about
              L.O.S.E. (Lessons On Sensible Eating) and other activities offered by the Polk County School
              Board Wellness Team for employees and retirees. Izora admits she knew several people who
              successfully lost weight through L.O.S.E. and she wanted to be one of the “lucky ones” who
              could tout her success. “I was actively participating in Curves, but was seeking additional
                                                support in the area of nutrition and food management.”
                                                       Izora was amazed at the breadth of health care
                                                professionals providing free services at the Annual Health Fair.
                                                She completed the comprehensive blood work, cancer
                                                screenings and bone scan. She flaunts, “I have the bones of a
                                                teenager!” She filled her tote with lots of freebies, samples
                                                and educational materials provided by vendors. She tasted
                                                and received recipes from vendors like Publix, which
                                                showcased professional chefs demonstrating quick and easy
                                                dishes that were sure to pass the healthy test.
                                                       Motivated by her screening results that indicated a need
                                                to make nutritional and lifestyle changes, Izora joined the
                                                L.O.S.E Too weight loss program. L.O.S.E Too incorporates
                                                nutritional counseling from a registered dietitian and requires
              weekly participation in a support group like Weight Watchers, TOPS or Jenny Craig. Izora
              found TOPS to be the on-going stimulation she needed to stay on her weight-loss track.
                       “Thanks to the Health Fair and L.O.S.E., I am 43 pounds slimmer and counting! I have
 Special      reduced three dress sizes,” Izora writes. “While I could have lost more weight, I am happy that

Health Fair
              I have not gained any of the weight back. It has been steady and consistent weight loss.”
                       Izora believes that the Health Fair helps her save on medical expenses. “I continue to
  Edition     complete blood work-ups, and I’m aware of my risk for diabetes, cholesterol and high blood
              pressure.” She admits that as her age increases, so does her concern in these health areas.
                       Beyond weight loss, Izora has seen many physical changes. “My breathing and stamina
              have improved through exercising. I’m no longer out of breath or energy.” Most importantly,
              her doctor has not prescribed medication for cholesterol or diabetes as she once suggested.
              She is now able to manage these through diet and exercise.
                       “My style of cooking has changed tremendously. I don’t fry food any more, and I have
              increased the amount of fruits, vegetables and grains in our diet,” she said. “My husband
              attends the Health Fair with me, and completes all of his vital screenings too. He is more
              conscious of his eating, and is losing weight!” However, Izora’s success does not stop there;
              she was elected president of TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), FL #476 Dundee Chapter. Not
              only is she enjoying life-changing success, but she is able to benefit the TOPS members through
              her experience and newly-found passion.
                       Does your health need a life-changing experience? Join fellow employees at the 2010
              ABCs of Health, Polk County Schools Employee and Retiree Health Fair. Complete screenings
              that are essential to your health; meet doctors and other professionals dedicated to improving
              your well-being; and, learn the latest medical advances that can promote good health for you.
              Don’t stop here…read more about the Health Fair in this issue of Wellness Matters.
                                   ABCs of Health
                                 Polk County Schools Employee
                                         Health Fair
                                    Free health screenings—$1,200 value!

  March 6, 2010
  7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
   Highland Park Church
   of the Nazarene,
   Family Ministries Building
   4777 Lakeland Highlands Road, Lakeland
         Total cholesterol                    PSA (men only)               Hearing tests
         HDL/LDL/VLDL                         Insulin resistance           Memory screening
         Triglycerides                        Cancer screenings            Balance testing
         Blood sugar & A1c                    Vision screenings            Massage therapy
         Blood pressure                       Lung function
             8-hour fasting required Lab work must be completed by 11:00 AM
                 Due to increased liability, children’s activities WILL NOT be available.

Lakeland Regional Cancer Center                           Special Thanks to
          Screenings:                                        Health Fair
   Breast            Prostate         Colorectal              Sponsors
              Skin               Osteoporosis
    Mammography by appointment only,
          call (863) 603-6579

         PCSB Blue Cross/Blue Shield
          Insurance card required
There are no age restrictions for these services. Polk
County School Board BC/BS insurance is required for
cancer and osteoporosis screenings. Please present your
PCSB BC/BS insurance card prior to screening. Cancer
and osteoporosis screenings will not be performed on
those who do not have their insurance card. Note for
the men: Please have lab/blood drawn prior to prostate
                                                    Win a Beach Vacation
 Call Now For Your                            All Health Fair participants will have the opportunity
                                              to win one of hundreds of door prizes. Two lucky
   Appointment                                people will win the grand prize:

                                               3-days and 2-nights
         Memory Screening
    Call Stephanie at (863) 688-4834                     at
                                               Tradewinds Resort
                                               Tradewinds Resor t
     Mammography Screening
      Call Teresa at (863) 603-6579
                                                   on beautiful
                                                  St. Pete Beach

                       Pre-registration Required!
                             ABCs of Health Pre-registration
                                      Infor mation
Pre-register at: or complete the following information:
Name _____________________________________________
Home address______________________________City_______________________ Zip____________
SAP No. __________________ School/worksite ____________________________________
Phone(home or cell) _____________ __________________
_______I will have blood work completed.
Will your spouse be attending? ________                Health Screenings &
Spouse’s name __________________________              $500 HRA Contribution
_______My spouse** will have blood work completed. Employees who are enrolled in the new
                                                              3160/3161 HRA Insurance Plan will
**A spouse not covered by PCSB BC/BS insurance is             receive an additional $500 contribution
required to pay $40 for blood work.                           into their Health Reimbursement
No bills over $20 will be accepted; checks payable            Arrangement (HRA) by completing a
to Polk County School Board.                                  health screening* and Personal Health
                                                              Assessment provided by the PCSB
Send your registration to the following address:              Wellness Program & BC/BS.
      Courier Mail:
      Wellness Program                                        *8-hour fasting required
      Woodlake Center, Route D
      Attn: Jenny Calhoun
                        Friendly, Smiling Faces
                                                             Needed at
                                                             Health Fair
                                                             March 6, 2010
      Volunteers are needed to meet and greet participants at the ABCs of Health, Polk County Schools
Annual Health Fair! Responsibilities may include registration, vendor relations, set-up, break down, or
other assignments as necessary. Volunteers are needed on Friday, March 5th between 1 P.M. and 6 P.M. and
Saturday, March 6th between 6:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (Any volunteer wanting lab work should arrive Saturday
at 5:30 AM.) You will receive a pedometer from State Farm Insurance and special T-shirt that will be the envy
of all! Please contact Jennifer Patzkowsky via email at or by phone
at 648-3057 to volunteer.

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