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					GREEN COUNTRY WOODWORKERS                      TULSA, OKLAHOMA                                                                                                      August 2009 - NO. 213

GCWW general meeting is
the 2nd Thursday every
Month at 7:00 PM.                            UPCOMING EVENTS…
            Officers                Club Meeting                                                     Thursday August 13th
 Archie Ratzloff   918-743-8134                      Guy Timmons Presents
 Bob McCray        918-622-1281
 Earle Smith
                   918-286-7343                       Bowl Turning
 Dean Hedberg      918-494-5791                       Tulsa Wood Arts Center 7:00 PM
                                                        1324 East 24th Place Tulsa OK
      Club Committees                                  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bring Back
  Tom Sage          918-622-0866    Board Meeting                                                   Thursday August 20th
Building Committee
  Luther Teel       918-760-6442                       Tulsa Wood Arts Center 6:30 PM
Drinks                                                        1324 East 24th Place Tulsa OK
  Bill Morgan       918-369-6435                       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Istvan Balogh
                    918-851-3053    Club Luncheon                                                  Thursday August 27th
 Gregg Zumwalt      918-249-4663                Albert G’s at 31st S. and Harvard at 11:30 AM
Meeting Reminder Calls
  Dean Knight       918-298-4949
Name Tags
  Dean Hedberg      918-494-5791
  Dale Bailey
                    918-485-6897                President’s Message
  Rick Hall         918-258-4684
Raffle                                                                                                                            We will have tickets
  Bob McCray        918-622-1281   Green Country Woodworkers,                                                             printed for the Michael Fortune
Special Activities                                                                                                        Seminar. Ask for them at the next
  Vacant                                  First, I want to thank Lee
Toys / Show & Tell                                                                                                        meeting. The Treasurer, Dean
  James Broughton 918-743-9641     Sanders and George Phillips for                                                        Hedberg, needs the names of those
Toy Wheels & Axles                 the great demonstrations they                                                          who have purchased the tickets in
  Wally Worsham 918-446-8004       performed at our last meeting.
Webmaster                                                                                                                 case of duplication.
  Rob Bailey        918-369-1336   They were both very informative.                                                               I’m asking all members to
                                   I believe everyone had a good                                                          use the sign-in sheet at our
                                   time. Bud Garbee is doing a                                                            meetings as this information has to
                                   wonderful job with the popcorn                                                         be sent to Almeta Robertson.
                                   machine. Now, I’m looking for                                                                  Hope to see everyone at the
                                   someone to be in charge of                                                             next meeting, August 13th at 7pm.
                                   making coffee. Anyone willing
                                   to volunteer for the job?                                                              Archie
     Green Country Woodworkers
              Michael Fortune
      Friday Nov 6, 2009 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
            Slideshow and Discussion

    Saturday Nov 7, 2009 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM
             Wood forming technique
            Band saw tuning and tricks

     Sunday Nov 8, 2009 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM
         Chair Design and Construction
            Joinery for Curved Parts

                Wood Art Center
          1324 East 24th Place Tulsa, OK
                                                                Betty’s Appreciation Rose
      Full 3 day session tickets on sale now!
      (tickets must be purchased in advance)
                                                              As a show of appreciation for
                   Members $45                          Betty Zumwalt’s service to the club,
                 Non-Members $95
                (membership is $25)                     her successor, Archie Ratzloff, pre-
                                                        sented Betty with a rose and a card
     Contact Dale Bailey at 918-485-6897 or for information or to
                                                        at the July meeting. You would have
                purchase tickets.                       had to be there to appreciate the hu-
Designer/maker, teacher and
                                                        mor displayed in the picture!
mentor Michael C. Fortune is
one of Canada’s most respected
and creative contemporary furni-
ture masters. For more informa-
tion on Michael go to:

              Bring Back
       July’s bring back raffle was won by
Bud Garbee. Unfortunately, last month’s
winner, Jerry Duis, was MIA. Bud, and the
rest of us, will have to wait until the August
meeting to see what masterpiece Jerry turns
out. At the same time, Bud will be deliver-
ing his contribution for the August raffle.
                                                                 The July Luncheon Crew

Knothole News                                       2                                       August 2009
            GCWW General Meeting
              July 9, 2009 7:00 PM                        •   Bring Back was won by Bud Garbee, but Jerry
        Location: Tulsa Wood Arts Center                      wasn’t present and will deliver the prize at a later
•   Meeting called to order by Archie Ratzloff.
                                                          •   Meeting adjourned by Archie Ratzloff.
•   Lee Sanders demonstrated cutting mortise and
    tenon joints including different types,               Submitted by Bill Morgan
    advantages of each and critical aspects.

•   George Phillips demonstrated cutting tapered
    legs with a tapering jig.

•   Luther Teel discussed a sled he developed for
    tapering legs.

•   Gregg Zumwalt announced the August luncheon
    will be the 4th Thursday of the month at Albert
    G’s at 31st and Harvard.

•   George Ort discussed his shed project and
    thanked Rick Hall, Archie Ratzloff and Gary
    Bennett for their assistance.

•   Archie Ratzloff presented a rose and card to
    Betty Zumwalt for her service as President.
                                                                          James Broughton’s Stool
•   Archie Ratzloff proposed a raffle for those who
    donated toys with a monthly prize. To be
    discussed at the July board meeting.

•   Toy donations were made by James Broughton,
    Dean Hedberg and Bill Morgan. James made an
    appeal for more toys.

•   Show and Tell consisted of James Broughton’s
    foot stool, Archie Ratzloff’s child’s rocking
    chair, Luther Teel’s mesquite box (Wonderful
    World of Wood door prize), Bud Garbee’s
    children’s blocks, Dean Hedberg’s roosters and
    business card holder (Carol & Crumpets
    donations), Tom Maxwell’s birdhouse (Carol &
    Crumpet donation) and Bob McCray’s wall
    shelves (Carol & Crumpet donation).

•   Raffle: winners were: John Dickmann, Gary
    Bennett, Luther Teel, Tom Maxwell, Greg                                  Luther Teel’s Chair
    Zumwalt and Wayne Creekmore.

August 2009                                           3                                             Knothole News
        New Opportunity in Tulsa
The following was sent to our web site:

         My name is Michael Benton and I am a avid
woodworker such as you. My area of specialty is
marquetry and I do a little turning on the side. You
can see my work at Over the
years I have had great difficulty in finding places to
show my work. In addition I had run out of room in
my back yard shop, garage and living room. In my
quest to find a larger space to work I ran across a
building here in Tulsa at 2207 E. 6th St. It's a great
building, a great location, great traffic and lots of
window space. So I decided to put my shop in the
back and turn the front into a Fine Craft Gallery.
It's called "The Gallery on Sixth" and the primary                   Our Booth at Wonderful World of Wood
focus will be on American craft such as
woodworking, glass, pottery and other medias.
         The way this gallery will work is, I'm not                        Dues Reminder
looking to make money off others creativity, I have
my own work for that. I will be leasing space at very        Your membership dues fund the club’s routine
reasonable prices, any money the gallery makes will          expenses. It is important we all stay current. For those
go right back into it as advertising, new displays,          who receive the newsletter via mail, the top right hand
better lighting and shows. If your organization or           corner of the address label lists when your dues are due.
any of your members would be interested in space,            Please check your date and make sure you are current.
please contact me. It will have the looks and                For those receiving the newsletter via email, you will
appearance of a gallery and not a flea market with           receive an email reminder the month they are due.
booth space. I hope to have the gallery open 5 to 6                                Thanks!!!
days a week with a minimum of a show every
quarter. There will be no sales commissions,
payments will be done through PayPal to the
individual artist account or the patron can deal
directly with the artist. If this sounds interesting,
please        visit     the       web     site      at and you can see the
front of the building and a little more detail in what
I see for the gallery. You can call me at
9 1 8 . 3 8 1 . 4 4 4 7            o r     e m a i l
         Thank you for your time and I hope to hear
back from you soon.

Michael Benton

     This might be an opportunity for individuals
or a group of individuals to market their
woodworking locally.                                                      Dean Hedberg’s Toy Donation

Knothole News                                            4                                               August 2009
          Lee Sanders Cutting a Tenon                                                       George Phillips Tapering a Leg

                                                                     July’s Meeting Demo
        The very informative demonstration at July’s general meeting was split between Lee Sanders and
George Phillips.
        Lee first discussed the history, types and principles behind the mortise and tenon joint. He
proceeded to demonstrate the cuts required with a table saw and mortising machine. Finishing touches were
done with his chisel for that perfect fit.
        George explained the use (and precautions) of using a tapering jig for cutting tapered legs on the
table saw.
        Both portions were very informative and no one walked away without gaining some insight into how
to perform these tasks better and safer.

                                                                                                   Knothole News
                                                                                  The Knothole News newsletter is published monthly
                                                                                  and is distributed without cost to the members of the
                                                                                  Green Country Woodworkers. This newsletter is
                                                                                  written by club members and other woodworking
                                                                                  enthusiasts. We welcome articles, pictures and ideas
                                                                                  from our readers.

                                                                                  Email your contributions to:

               5511 East 41st, Tulsa, OK 74135 (918) 384-0100                     Contributions to the Knothole Newsletter can also
                                                                                  be sent via regular mail to:
              Store Hours: MTWF 9am-7pm; Thurs: 9am-9pm
                      Sat 9am-6pm Sun: 12pm-5pm.
          Independently owned and operated franchise by AC Woodworks Inc.

                                                                                      Knothole News
                                                                                      c/o Dale Bailey
                                                                                      73949 Park Place
                                                                                      Wagoner, OK 74467

August 2009                                                                   5                                        Knothole News
                                                                 amount of board feet needed, but that doesn’t factor in
          GCWW Board Meeting                                     how much material is lost from saw blades and the
          July 16, 2009 6:30 PM                                  countless errors I’m bound to make. So, I guess what
     Location: Tulsa Wood Arts Center                            I’m trying to ask is do you have any sort of formula for
                                                                 calculating the amount of material needed for a pro-
Attending: Archie Ratzloff, Bob McCray, James
Broughton, Don Ray, Dean Hedberg, Dale Bailey
                                                                 And the Answer: Basically there are two ways I
•   Minutes read by Dale Bailey and accepted
                                                                 approach this. The “lazy” way and the “accurate”
•   Financial Report given by Dean Hedberg                       way. The lazy way is to take that board foot number
•   James Broughton requested guidance on who should             and add about 15-20% to it. Then go to the lumber
    be recipients of toys this year – Board approved pre-        supplier and buy that many board feet. Now the
    vious four recipients                                        drawback to this is the fact that you might wind up
•   Dean informed board that club finances were not              with the wrong set of boards. For instance, if your
    computerized                                                 project calls for a bunch of long pieces, you might
•   Archie discussed methods of making sure Fortune              have the right total number of board feet but the
    tickets were authentic                                       boards might not be long enough. So you may wind
•   Bob McCray asked if raffle items should be num-              up making another trip to the lumber supplier if you
    bered – board voted to leave as they are (first win-         use this method.
    ner, first choice)                                                   Now the accurate method is to plan every-
•   Archie informed board Rick Hall resigned as pro-             thing out on paper. Lets assume you have access to
    gram chairman effective end of the year                      rough boards that are 8′ long and 6-7″ wide. I would
•   Archie raised the issue of possibly having 2010              draw a bunch of “blanks” on a piece of paper and
    Carol and Crumpets in Wood Art Center – again                then try to plan out the cuts for all of your project
    subject was tabled for a later date                          parts. Keep in mind things like milling and kerf
•   Archie has found a solution to the branding iron             widths since the goal is to be as realistic as possible.
    logo – he will get a quote for consideration                 You may have to erase a few boards and reorganize
•   Discussed DVDs – Dale Bailey to purchase plastic             them for the sake of saving wood, but eventually you
    cases – Earle still needs to do the labeling – Display       should have a nice cut diagram. The interesting part
    case to be chosen later                                      of this process is that you don’t really need to be
•   Discussed adding a raffle for toy donators with              concerned with board feet. Instead you want to make
    monetary prize for 1st and 2nd drawn as an incentive         sure you are getting the right number of boards so
    for more production – Archie to explain at next gen-         you can make cuts according to your diagram. This
    eral meeting                                                 process takes a while but it can be worth it since the
•   Fortune suggested agenda presented and was ap-               “lazy” way can be frustrating and disappointing. And
    proved – Dale to work up an ad for the newsletter            furthermore, it makes it much easier to select that
    and any other organizations willing to publish it –          perfect wood grain while you are at the lumber yard.
    Ad will be sent to Rob Bailey for web site                   Don’t be a afraid to bring a piece of chalk with you
•   Bob announced that submissions for the 2009 State            so you can mark the boards up as you place them in
    Fair were due August 20th – more information is              your cart or vehicle.
    available at the fairgrounds or any local library                    Most times, I do a bit of both techniques. If I
                                                                 have a bunch of smaller parts, I lump them into a
                Question of the Month                            board foot number and make sure I have that number
                                                                 plus 15%. For larger pieces, I make sure I have the
 Excerpt from The Wood Whisperer. Thanks to Marc                 right number of boards. And for certain parts of pro-
                                                                 jects, you want to take it one step further by picking
                                                                 very specific boards. For instance, a table top. You
                                                                 don’t want to let fate decide which boards make a
 The question: Hey Marc, I’m a new woodworker and                bold statement in your project. So ultimately, a com-
 I’m having trouble trying to figure out how much lum-           bination of those two techniques is what works for
 ber I need for each project. I know how to calculate the        me. Hope this helps.

Knothole News                                                6                                             August 2009
      Johnson Lumber
       Company, Inc.              Keagy's Paint &         Supply Inc.
                                7944 E. 41st St. Tulsa, OK 74145

                                   Kwal Paints & Varnishes
      Domestic and Exotic            Mohawk & Finishes
      Kiln Dried Lumber                  Available
  Family Owned and Operated.
                               Varnishes • Removers • Solvents
   3174 STATE HIGHWAY 20
   Spavinaw, Oklahoma 74366        Deft • Superior Lacquers
                                Purdy • Zar • Watco • Abrasives

                         CALENDAR OF EVENTS
    Aug 13       Green Country Woodworkers Meeting - 7:00 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK

    Aug 20       Green Country Woodworkers Board Meeting - 6:30 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK
    Aug 27       Green Country Club Luncheon - 11:30 AM
                 Albert G’s at 31st and Harvard
    Aug 27       Deadline for September 2009 Knothole News Items

    Sep 10       Green Country Woodworkers Meeting - 7:00 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK
    Sep 17       Green Country Woodworkers Board Meeting - 6:30 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK
    Oct 8        Green Country Woodworkers Meeting - 7:00 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK

    Oct 15       Green Country Woodworkers Board Meeting - 6:30 PM
                 Tulsa Wood Arts Center Tulsa OK

August 2009                                    7                     Knothole News
                              The Green Country Woodworkers
   The Green Country Woodworkers are made up of men and women who are interested in wood-
   working as a hobby. The monthly meetings are conducted as educational forums for the benefit of
   our members and guests. We have idea exchanges, problem solving sessions, safety tips and tool tips
   plus a main speaker on topics related to woodworking in all its phases.

             • To provide the Knothole News, a monthly newsletter to dues paying members.
             • To provide a library of magazines, books and video tapes to dues paying members.
             • Provide a membership card to current members that entitles current members to
               a discount at specified advertisers.
             • To promote woodworking and participate in woodworking and craft shows to inform
               the public of club activities.
             • To make wooden toys. All such toys will be donated to selected organizations
               throughout the year.
             • Monthly Show & Tell. All items entered in the show and tell will be presented to the
               to the membership by the builder.

   Membership applications are available at each meeting from the club secretary or treasurer. Annual
   dues are $25.00. Applications and dues may be mailed to: Green Country Woodworkers P.O. Box
   470856 Tulsa, OK 74147-0856 or given to the treasurer at any club meeting.

Knothole News
c/o Dale Bailey
73949 Park Place
Wagoner, OK 74467


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