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					                        Scarborough Public Library
                                      48 Gorham Road
                           http:// www.library.scarborough.me.us

   Wellness Resources at Scarborough Public Library
The Scarborough Public Library has many resources to help keep you active and healthy
this winter and throughout the year. Below is a sampling of what the Library has to offer:

Marvel! Research Databases:
Research reference materials and full-text journals using Maine’s Marvel! Research
Databases. Free access from home at http://www.maine.gov/marvel or use at the

Arthritis Today; BabyTalk; Backpacker; Bicycling; Body and Soul; Cooking Light; Golf;
Harvard Health Letter; Health; Mothering; Parents; Prevention; Runner’s World; Self;
Ski; Vegetarian Times

Books and Videos:
Winter Activities
796.92 ZWO
The Essential Snowshoer : A Step-by-step Guide
796.93 GOO
Backcountry Skiing Adventures : Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in Maine and New
796.93 PET
The Essential Cross-country Skier : A Step-by-step Guide
917.4104 BAS
Winter Trails : The Best Cross-country Ski & Snowshoe Trails

Local Walks and Hikes
796.5 COL
Nature Walks in Southern Maine
917.4104 GIB
50 Hikes in Coastal and Southern Maine : From the Mahoosuc Range to Mount Desert
  Island. 3rd ed.

613.7 DOU
The Complete Idiot's Guide to T‘ai Chi & Qigong
613.7 FIT
Fitness Over Fifty : An Exercise Guide from the National Institute on Aging
613.7 GRE
Fit Happens : Strategies for Living a Healthier, Happier, Fitter Life
613.7 MOL
You don't have to be Thin to Win : The Official Chub Club Coach's Workout Program
613.7 SNO
Walk Aerobics
613.7 WES
Strength Training Past 50
DVD 613.7 BOD
Body by Jake : Strength Training 101 for Women
VHS 613.7 DIS
Discovering Chi : Energy Exercises for the Intermediate

613.7 AND
A Woman's Book of Balance : Finding Your Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Center
  With Yoga, Strength Training, and Dance
613.7 CHR
The American Yoga Association's Easy Does it Yoga : The Safe and Gentle Way to
  Health and Well-being
613.7 FIN
Yoga Zone Introduction to Yoga : A Beginner's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Relaxation
DVD 613.7 BAB
Baby & Mom Yoga : Post-natal
VHS 613.7 STR
Stress Relief Yoga for Beginners

613.7 SIL
The Pilates Body : The Ultimate At-home Guide to Strengthening, Lengthening, and
  Toning your Body--Without Machines
613.7 UNG
Pilates : Body in Motion

613.2 DUY
The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide
613.2 NEL
Strong Women Eat Well : Nutritional Strategies for a Healthy Body and Mind
613.2 WIL
Eat, Drink and Be Healthy : The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
613.2 YAL
The Yale Guide to Children's Nutrition
613.7 WEI
Eating Well for Optimum Health : The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
641.3 RIN
The New Complete Book of Food : A Nutritional, Medical and Culinary Guide
641.5 JAC
The Natural Health Cookbook : More than 150 Recipes to Sustain and Heal the Body
641.5 NEW
The New American Heart Association Cookbook. 7th ed.
641.5 WEI
The Healthy Kitchen : Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit

Healthy Living
613 HEA
Healthy Women, Healthy Lives : A Guide to Preventing Disease from the Landmark
  Nurses’ Health Study
613 WEI
Natural Health, Natural Medicine : A Comprehensive Manual for Wellness and Self-
  care. Rev. ed.
613 WEL
The Wellness Book : The Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Health and Treating
  Stress-related Illness
613.7 GRE
Get With the Program! : Getting Real about your Health, Weight, and Emotional Well-
613.85 FIS
American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-free Life
615.5 WEI
Spontaneous Healing : How to Discover and Enhance your Body's Natural Ability to

   Maintain and Heal Itself
Health and Aging
305.26 SNO
Aging with Grace : What the Nun Study Teaches us about Leading Longer, Healthier,
  and More Meaningful Lives
613 CHO
Grow Younger, Live Longer : 10 Steps to Reverse Aging
613 REI
Slow Your Clock Down : The Complete Guide to a Healthy, Younger You
613 ROS
Live Now, Age Later : Proven Ways to Slow Down the Clock
613.0438 FRE
How to Avoid Falling : A Guide for Active Aging and Independence

Teenage Health and Fitness
613 MAR
Healthy Teens, Body and Soul : A Parent's Complete Guide
613.043 MCC
Healthy Teens : Facing the Challenges of Young Lives
J613.7 LUB
Yoga for Teens : How to Improve your Fitness, Confidence, Appearance, and Health--
  and Have Fun Doing It
J613.7 VED
Toning for Teens : The 20-minute Workout that Makes you Look Good and Feel Great!

Books and Videos for Younger Children
Showdown at the Food Pyramid
J613.7 ISE
Albert the Running Bear's Exercise Book
J613.7 LUB
Children's Book of Yoga : Games & Exercises Mimic Plants & Animals & Objects
J613.7 SCH
The Right Moves : A Girl's Guide to Getting Fit and Feeling Good
DVD J613.7 ELM / VHS J613.7 ELM
VHS J613.7 SUE
Sue Zaliouk and the Fundance Kids video


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