Newsletter 19th November 2008

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Newsletter                                                                  19th November 2008

Well done to Melissa Hamer, Larissa Chambers,
Jordan McCamley, Amy Hillier and Emily Charlick
for being selected for the Queensland Team to compete at the
Pacific School Games being held in Canberra 30th November
to 6th December 2008. Good luck to all.
Melissa will compete in the Discus.
Larissa will compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m.                  Mellissa, Larissa, Jordan, Amy, Emily
Jordan will compete in the 800m.
Amy will compete in the 3000m.
Emily will compete in the High Jump.
At the recent Queensland 3000m Championships U/16yrs, Amy Hillier won a silver medal with a
good time of 10.26.30.

It is wonderful to see the talent that we have within our Club.

The Club Breakup reminder             Christmas Breakup
XMAS is almost upon us and I have the pleasure to invite you and a friend
to the XMAS BREAKUP on Wednesday 10th December starting 6.00pm.

On this night a celebration will occur with the Ipswich City Councillor Andrew
Antoniolli naming the road behind the Clubhouse. It will honour a Life Member,
                                                               Selwyn Edwards.

We will be having a sausage sizzle on our breakup as the Club will provide drinks, tea and coffee. To
help with catering for the night please RSVP by Wednesday 3rd December 2007

A fun night is to be had by all, e.g. a tug of war etc.

Some prizes will be on offer for the best outfit.                 (Double Click on Xmas 001
                                                                     & have sound on)

This year you will be required to be dressed as a motion picture or TV character. (What will be
your character)?

           The last official training session for the year will be the
                          Wednesday17th December.
Dates to Remember
UQ All Comers Meets at ST Lucia are now on the QA website. Dates and timetables are available.

Gold Coast meets are also on QA website. Dates and timetables are available.

Committee Notes

The position of Club Patron is still open. If anyone who knows someone or who would like to be
involved with our Club, please advise our President Brad Robinson on 3381 0362.

Our next Monthly meeting is Tuesday 25th November 2008 at 7pm. All welcome.

                              Happy November Birthdays
   Mackenzie Baker           Bailey Pashley            Brad Robinson              Amy Hillier
                          Deborah Purser            Larissa Chambers

Consider This Thought

     “Strive to achieve your personal best and be
        proud that you have the strength and
            determination to keep trying”.

Healthy Tip
Health is wealth. In today’s world, so many people are leading a rather sedentary
life and also working at very boring or stressful jobs and exercise and maintaining
body fitness is often pushed to the back burner.

Fitness equipment is essential for proper exercise and a full body work out, and the
regular use of fitness equipment is very beneficial to the body and for exercising
specific groups of muscles. The benefits of exercising include weight loss in obese
people, increase in vitality, improvement of strength, increase in flexibility,
improved looks, a feeling of well-being etc, and also a boost in confidence. A study
conducted by doctors has shown that, with only 60 days of proper exercise and diet
a person can look almost 10 years younger.

Nowadays a lot of fitness equipments, used fitness equipments, home fitness
equipments etc are available on the market at affordable prices. The most popular
fitness equipments are multigyms, dumbbells, bar bells, skipping ropes, rowing
machines, tread mills, exercise bikes, balance boards, Swiss balls, resistance bands,
punching bags, heart rate monitors, electronic counters etc.:

* A multi-gym is exercise equipment where incremented plates are used for variable
loads. They are used to strengthen the chest, shoulders, arms, thighs, calves,
pectorals etc.

* Weight lifters generally prefer to use the dumbbells and barbells. These
instruments are weights attached to a small and long bar respectively. They are
used to exercise biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, thighs, calf muscles etc.

* The treadmill is exercise equipment used for walking or running.

* The rowing machine is used to exercise Pecs and the lower back. The motion when
using the rowing machine resembles that of rowing a boat.

* The Swiss ball is a rubber ball for developing balance and exercising the abdomen
and back muscles.

* The exercise bike is a stationary bicycle with friction boards for exercising the

* Balance boards are for developing balance.

* Punching bags are used by boxers for boxing workouts.

* Resistance bands are elastic bands used for exercising quadriceps and deltoids.
Many people initially buy average fitness equipments and at a later stage as they
get fitter, buy newer and better fitness equipments. For a beginner it is economical
to begin with used fitness equipments. For people who are short on time and cannot
visit a professional gym, a multi-gym with few dumbbells and barbells are sufficient
for workouts at home.

A Logic Question
The winner of the September question was Joella Gneiding

The correct answer was 20 hours;

A new multi question is as follows:
In what year did Captain Cook land in Australia?
What was the name of his botanist?
What was the name of Captain Cook’s Ship? - Think carefully!!
      The third person to reply with the correct answer wins a prize.     Email :-