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					Article 14: Portfolio Entry to the
    GMC specialist register

                David Chappel
What is Article 14?

   Article 14 is part of the General and
    Specialist Medical Practice (Medical
    Education, Training and Qualifications) Order
    2003 - the Order that established PMETB.
   Article 14 explains how doctors who have not
    completed a UK specialist training
    programme may apply for a statement that
    they are eligible for the Specialist Register.
Article 14(4)

   Doctors whose training or qualifications and
    experience, considered together, meet the
    requirements of a CCT programme in one of the
    standard CCT specialties.
    –   For example, a doctor’s training may not have covered all
        the ground of the CCT curriculum in his or her specialty,
        because the doctor has trained in or moved to another
        country or taken a career break, but the doctor may be able
        to show competence in the missing area of their training
        through experience in a staff grade or an associate
        specialist post in the NHS or in a senior post overseas
Article 14(5)

   Doctors who have specialist training or
    qualifications obtained outside the UK, but not in
    one of the standard CCT specialties.
    –   Under the legislation which established PMETB,
        applications under Article 14(5) are restricted to doctors
        who have obtained a specialist qualification, or undertaken
        specialist training, outside the UK. PMETB has no power to
        change that restriction. It is the law. The minimum amount
        of training overseas that PMETB will count for this purpose
        will normally be a continuous period of six months.
   Standard
     –   “a level of knowledge and skill consistent with practice as a
         consultant in the National Health Service.”
   Fee
     –   The fee is £950 (£600 for resubmissions).
   Criteria
     –   Those cover each of the six headings of the GMC’s “Good Medical
         Practice” and are called “Criteria for Entry to the Specialist
   Guidance
     –   General:
     –   specialty-specific:

   Under Article 14 the PMETB has a legal
    responsibility to approve entry to the
    Specialist Register for eligible specialists
    who can demonstrate that they have either
    UK or overseas specialist training and/or
    specialist qualifications and meet specific
    criteria. PMETB will also be able to take
    account of any specialist medical experience
    or knowledge wherever obtained.
FPH Role

   The Faculty of Public Health is responsible
    for the initial assessment of applications and
    for making recommendations to the PMETB.
    The PMETB has the authority to confirm or
    reject recommendations and to notify the
    GMC that an assessed doctor should be
    entered on the Specialist Register.
FPH Speciality Specific Guidance
   Structured as GMC’s Principles of Good Medical Practice:
     –   1. Good Clinical care
     –   2. Relationships with the public and other agencies
     –   3. Maintaining Good Medical Practice
     –   4. Teaching and Training, appraising and assessing
     –   5. Working with colleagues
     –   6. Probity and Health
   Set out as below

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