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					                           XEROX OFFICE GROUP EUROPE

Xerox Office Group in Europe delivers via an indirect channel business model the full range of Xerox
colour and monochrome network printers, faxes, copiers, basic multifunction devices and advanced
multifunction systems, as well as associated services and solutions, helping people work better in offices
from small to large.

The European headquarters of Xerox Office Group is based in the United Kingdom with operations in 16
countries across Europe. Richard Cerrone, General Manager and Senior Vice President is responsible for
overseeing this business. Departments reporting to Cerrone include marketing and strategy, finance,
business operations, human resources, the European channel and concessionaires, and in-country sales

In Europe, Xerox Office Group was announced in April 2002 based on the merger of two existing Xerox
business units – Xerox Office Systems Group (OSG) and Xerox Office Printing Business (OPB) – which
both concentrated on delivering products for the office environment.

With the formation of the single Office Group, Xerox addresses the needs of the office as a whole,
encompassing the full range of office solutions. The combined expertise allows Xerox to pool resources,
deliver greater value, be increasingly responsive to customer requirements, and constantly improve
speed, performance and reliability for its customers in office environments.

Xerox Office Group Europe is part of Xerox Europe, the European operations of the Xerox Corporation.
Xerox Europe’s offerings are focused on three main areas. Xerox Office Group (XOG) concentrates on
offices from small to large, while Xerox Production Services Group (PSG) deals with production print and
graphic arts environments, and Xerox Global Services (XGS) offers consulting, systems design and
management, and document outsourcing.

Xerox Office Group and PSG are part of Business Group Operations. Formed in 2002, Business Group
Operations brings together all of the marketing, engineering, product development and acquisition, and
manufacturing for both the office and production markets.
Xerox Office Group works closely with Xerox Office Services, a dedicated practice within the Xerox Global
Services group. Xerox Office Services delivers solutions and assessment services for reducing operating
costs while making work more efficient and productive for the customer.

Vision and Values
Xerox Office Group’s goal is to help people find better ways to do great work by delivering leading
document technologies, products and services that improve customers’ work processes and business

Xerox Office Group helps companies improve their productivity and performance by offering the widest
services and solutions portfolio in the market. Through constant interaction with Xerox’s research and
development facilities Xerox continually builds new technological developments and innovations into its
office portfolio.

Xerox Office Group’s indirect channels ensure that Xerox products are available where customers want to
buy. The channel includes Concessionaires, Corporate Resellers, System Integrators, Value Added
Resellers, IT Resellers, Graphic Arts Resellers and Direct Marketing Resellers. Xerox Office Group’s long-
term European strategy is to broaden this two-tier indirect sales channel.

Xerox Office Group Products
The Xerox Office Group develops and markets a full range of colour and monochrome copier, fax,
multifunction and printer products.

In April 2003, Xerox announced a new and enhanced line of digital office copiers, copier-printers and
advanced multifunction systems that print, copy, scan and fax. They belong to one of three product
families: CopyCentre™, WorkCentre® and WorkCentre® Pro. These products range in speeds from 16 to
90 pages per minute.

Xerox midrange colour multifunction systems, now part of the Office Group portfolio, include systems
such as the WorkCentre M24, DocuColor 2240 and DocuColor 3535 printer-copiers, which use chemically
grown emulsion aggregation (EA) toner. Developed by Xerox scientists, EA toner improves image quality
and operating costs, while using less toner and producing less waste.

Xerox Office Group also sells Xerox Phaser® colour and monochrome network printers. These printers
make colour printing easy and affordable for all businesses using technology that delivers colour to the
page in a single pass. Research and development expertise focuses on delivering single-pass colour
laser, LED and solid ink printers, such as the Phaser 7750, Phaser 6250 and Phaser 8400.

Xerox Office Group Software
Rounding off Xerox’s offerings are software solutions to enhance worker productivity. These solutions
include CentreWare® Web, designed to help customers effectively manage all network printing devices,
regardless of brand, through a Web browser; Docushare®, which allows people to share and store online
documents more efficiently; and Flowport®, which bridges the paper and digital medium, by using a
unique encoded cover sheet to send scanned documents directly to e-mail or other destinations. Xerox
also works closely with third-party business partners to develop network scanning, faxing and accounting

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Marion Obergfell, Xerox Office Group Europe, tel: +44 (0) 1628 553017

Richard Thomas, Xerox Office Group Europe, tel: +44 (0) 1628 553018

Glyn Davies, Kinross + Render, tel: +44 (0) 207 592 3103

Catherine Jones, Kinross + Render, tel: +44 (0) 207 592 1987