NASCAR Day Fundraising Ideas A-Z by fjwuxn


									                  NASCAR Day Fundraising Ideas A-Z
Fundraising has a purpose – to raise money for a great cause. But it can also be lots of fun! The
list of A-Z ideas below was created to give you a multitude of creative and entertaining
fundraising event ideas.

While some of these are events in their own right, a number of other ideas are suitable for
sideshows e.g. where children accompanying their parents might otherwise get bored. There
are so many sideshow-type activities and variations on a theme that only a few are included
here. You can also put a lot of smaller activities together for a larger fun day!

Ask: Ask for a donation, don't wait. Another will ask if you don't.

Auction or Raffle: Involve local businesses by asking them to donate prizes for your event.
Items could include a food and wine basket, donated services (a free haircut, photography
session, dry cleaning, etc.) or a craft item such as a quilt donated from a quilt maker or your
local quilters’ society. Ask your company to donate vacation time for a company auction or
raffle. Put together a spa package that includes lunch, a manicure/pedicure treatment and a
massage. You can sell one ticket for $3 or 3 tickets for $5. You may also opt to host a 50/50
raffle. Participants donate as much as they would like and at the end of the donation period 50%
of the proceeds goes to one lucky participant with the other 50% going to your NASCAR Day
fundraising efforts.

Bake Sale: Not just cakes and cookies. Include preserves, guess-the-weight-of-the-cake
competition and other refreshments.

Ball: This needs good planning and a budget. Arrange an evening ball with dinner and music for
co-workers and their families. The ticket price will depend on the budget and cost of facilities.
To make it simpler, host a more informal but fun event, such as a 80s themed prom!

Basketball Brackets: Organize a March Madness basketball brackets pool and give the winner
half the proceeds while the other half goes to your NASCAR Day campaign.

Bingo: See if a local bingo hall will hold a benefit night for your Walk. If not, hold your own
bingo event, charging entry and supplying prizes for winners.

Board Game Tournament: This can be held as an individual or team competition. Suggested
games include Scrabble, Cranium, Catch Phrase, Taboo, Battleship, Connect Four, Twister,
Uno, etc. Entrants pay $10, and the top 2 or 3 win a prize. Make it a regular tournament and
hold a new board game competition each month. Take it outside with a friendly bocce ball
match, horseshoes tournament or baggo competition charging players an entrance fee and
giving the winner a percentage of the proceeds or a donated prize, i.e. a gift certificate to a
restaurant, etc.

Book Fair: Collect unwanted books from friends and supporters over a period of months then
hold a book sale for friends or co-workers in your home complete with refreshments. This can be
combined with over events, e.g. a coffee morning. Any unsold books can be donated to charity
shops, the local library, hospital, etc.

Bowling: Invite friends to bowl for your cause and ask a local bowling alley to donate the lanes.
Ask your friends to donate the money they would have spent bowling to your NASCAR Day

Breakfasts and Dinners: Host a pancake breakfast, pizza night, barbeque, spaghetti dinner,
poor man’s supper, etc. Have a local grocery store to donate food and contact your church,
school or community center about hosting a dinner at their venue. Have friends get together and
help you to prepare. Charge $5 per plate and offer tea, water, and coffee with the meal. You can
sell single desserts for $1 each and also sell full desserts to take home (cakes, pies,
etc.) for $7 each.

Business Cards: Carry around business cards with your name and NASCAR Day campaign online
fundraising page address so that if people want to support you but don’t have their checkbook
with them they can donate through your website.

Car Washing: Ask your company or a local business, such as a bank, if you can hold a car wash in
the parking lot on a weekend. You can also put a twist on it and hold a “Topless Car Wash,” where
you will wash everything but the top of the car for a donation, or you can have guys to wash cars
without their shirts on!

Casual Day: Organize a day where employees can pay $5 receive their NASCAR Day pin and
wear jeans or their favorite NASCAR gear to work.

Cheese and Wine Evening: If possible, have local suppliers to provide some of the cheese and
wine. Sell tickets in advance and donate proceeds to your NASCAR Day campaign. If you're
enthusiastic and knowledgeable, each table could have a theme, e.g. a particular wine-growing or
cheese-producing region.

Children’s Drawing Competition: Get children to draw or paint a picture on a set theme and
have parents to pay an entry fee (i.e. $5) for each one submitted; the pictures can be judged,
and the winners displayed in the local library or other public place; you can also give out gift
certificates to McDonald’s, etc.
Children’s Workshop: Put on a workshop from home for children. Charge parents $25 to have
their children attend. Decide on a theme and have games, snacks, a craft and story. Let the
parents and children know that the money it costs to go to the workshop will help to fund many
worthy charities through the NASCAR Foundation.

Cinco de Mayo Party: Hold a party with Mexican cuisine, loteria (similar to bingo), and
margaritas. You could have a competition for the best sombreros. Sell tickets in advance or ask
for a donation when attendees arrive.
Coin Collection: Have a collection box in your home (for yourself) or in your place of business
(for co-workers and/or clients) to put loose change in. You can also ask local stores,
hairdressers, pub, vet clinics, pet shops (etc. as appropriate) to have a coin collecting box by
their checkout. If you use a jar or wide-necked drink bottle, make it a challenge to 'fill the
container'. Note: some places will only accept official sealed collecting boxes with the registered
charity number on them. When the boxes are full, donate the collected money to
your NASCAR Day campaign.

Colored Paper: Print your fundraising letters on colored paper so that it will stick out in a
stack of bills and other correspondence.

Company/Organization Newsletters: Publish fundraising event information and news of your
company’s involvement with NASCAR Day in your organization newsletter.

Concert: Ask bands or local orchestras (church orchestras, school orchestras, etc.) to play a
concert and donate the ticket money (or a percentage) to your NASCAR Day campaign. If you
are musically inclined, offer to play an instrument for a party hosted by your friends or family.
For an elegant touch serve punch or wine and refreshments.

Dance-a-Thon: Organize an all-day event where participants are sponsored for every hour they
stay on the dance floor.

Enlist your Friends: Give 10 friends 10 fundraising letters and ask them to distribute them for

Fashion Preview Show: Ask an upscale boutique to host a fashion preview show for the new
season lines and donate proceeds to your NASCAR Day campaign.

Free Throw Contest: Hold a free throw contest at your local high school basketball games,
charging a fee ($1, $2, etc.) to enter. Give the winner a donated prize or a portion of the

Gallery Crawl: Host a gallery crawl in your local arts district. Have live music, refreshments,
etc. Ask gallery owners to donate a portion of the proceeds to your NASCAR Day campaign, set
up donation stands, charge an entry fee and/or have an opening soiree!
Guess the Number/Weight: Put a quantity of items (e.g. sweets, screws, dog biscuits) in a jar,
and ask people to pay to guess how many there are, or how heavy the jar is. The winner gets a
prize, or the contents of the jar.

Guess the Baby: Have an in-house competition to guess who the baby is out of the
management. A modification would be to post baby pictures of everyone in the office. The
participant who correctly matches the most employees with the correct baby pictures wins the
contest. This can have a small entry fee and a prize (donated preferably from the company or
their suppliers).

Haircut/Hair Color Sponsorship/Auction: If you normally have long hair (women and men) get
sponsored to have it cut short. If you are brave enough, get people to sponsor you extra to have
your head shaved. You can also have a few people volunteer to shave their heads and/or beards
and turn it into an auction, where you have an MC and a professional hairdresser. The MC starts
the bids going with $20 to take a little shave off any of the men or a "snip" off the beard. For
those with short hair, or for women, get sponsored or auctioned off to dye your hair a crazy

Hometown Press Release: Submit a press release to your local newspaper and ask for
donations. Call your newspaper’s editorial staff to find out who you need to forward the press
release to for publication.

Host an Event: Turn NASCAR Day into a celebration by hosting an event! Event themes include
a wine and cheese soiree, a disco, a luncheon, a bonfire, a barbecue or something as simple as an
office-wide coffee hour. Take your passion for the cause and incorporate it into a fun occasion.
And remember, if Friday, May 16th doesn’t work for your organization’s schedule you are free to
celebrate NASCAR Day when it’s most convenient for you.

Identify and Thank Your Donors: Make a list of 100 people and business that you will ask to
support you. If you are running out of ideas, use the alphabet trick. Add one name for each
letter of the alphabet.

Know Your Stuff: Stay up-to-date with NASCAR Day facts so that when potential donors ask
where their money will go you have an honest and comprehensive answer. Visit the NASCAR Day
website for details.

Local Support: Ask local groups, such as community groups, professional organizations or
religious groups, if you can make a brief presentation at their next meeting.

Lunch Basket: Pick a week and make announcements to your office that you will be selling
bagged lunches (and present them with a few options). Take the pre-ordered lunches to each
office. Put a flyer in each bag explaining what you are raising money for, and you might garner an
additional donation.

March Madness: (You could name this fundraiser whatever you would like and hold it during
any month.) Set your goal at 100 people and have each person donate $25. Every day of March
draw a name from the 100 people involved. Each day the person drawn wins $25. The names
drawn on Fridays wins $50. So here’s the math: 100 x 25 = $2500 income. Payout 27 days at $25
= $675 minus payout 4 days at $50 = $200 (27 + 4 = 31 days in March). Therefore, the income of
$2500 minus the prize money of $875 = profit of an easy $1625.

Matching Gifts: Ask your company/human resources department if they have a matching gift
program. Ask you donors if their companies have a matching gift program.

Negativity Jar: Too much negativity at work? Make all of your co-workers contribute $1 to the
jar when they say something negative or curse. It can be a great way to foster office morale and
meet your fundraising goal.

Penny War: Depending upon where you work, you may be able to do this. Each department
gets a jar. Pennies count positively, silver and paper count negatively. People put pennies in
their own department’s jar but will put silver and paper money in other departments’ jars. The
department with the most points (# of pennies minus the # of silver/paper = total points) wins a
prize (a donated lunch from a restaurant, free chair massages, etc).

Pink Flamingo Caper: Sell “insurance” to friends, family, neighbors to keep the flamingo out
of their yard - $10 or $15; for those who don’t buy “insurance” they will have to pay a fee to
remove the birds from their yards, and they can also pay a fee to have it placed in someone
else’s yard. This is great fun but make sure everyone is on-board before you upset anyone with
these lovely lawn ornaments.

Poker Tournament: Charge participants a buy-in fee, i.e. $20, and give the top three winners
donated prizes, for example a round of golf, a gift certificate to a restaurant, etc.

Prizes: Involve local shops and businesses by asking them to donate prizes for an event or
competition. Be sure to acknowledge their generosity on a roll of honor at the event venue. The
prizes don't have to be big or expensive, e.g. food and wine from different shops could be used
to make a basket.

Product Party: Ask your local Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Avon, Creative Memories
representative about hosting a party where portions of the proceeds are donated to your
NASCAR Day campaign.

Qualifier/Leader/Winner Donations: Don’t be shy about asking for a hearty dollar amount.
Charge Qualifiers $50, Leaders $75 and Winners $100. By setting donation levels your donors
will be more like to contribute at a higher level. Sure, many people will send in $10 and $20, but
many people will call you up and say, "I will donate at the Winner Level!"

Race-Viewing Party: Host a race-viewing party. Serve traditional NASCAR tailgating foods,
such as buffalo wings, chips and dip, hot dogs and hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. Ask your
friends and family to wear their best NASCAR gear or come dressed as their favorite driver.
Better yet, make it a creative costume party and encourage attendees to dress as anything
NASCAR themed: lug nuts, gas cans, a checkered flag, crew chiefs/members…the possibilities
are endless! Play NASCAR trivia. Visit our website to download trivia questions.

Race Weekend Games: Host games such as baggo, bocce ball, horseshoes, etc. during race
weekend while tailgating to raise money for your NASCAR Day fund!

Restaurant Outing: Ask a local restaurant to donate their space and services for a fee, i.e. $3
per person to supply a limited menu (such as pizza, salad, soft drinks) and charge $10 at the
door. Benefits for the restaurant include bar sales and food ordered that is not included in the
cover charge as well as free public relations. This event is great coupled with another, such as

Recipe Book Sale: Collect favorite recipes from friends and family and put them all together in
notebooks to be sold.

Sacrificing for a Cause: Ask people to give up lunches out and expensive coffees for one week
and donate their savings to your NASCAR Day campaign.

Saloon Games: Host a pool or darts tournament (each heat is best-of-three matches), perhaps
with a final for which you might charge admission. Between matches or outside of the pool room,
serve refreshments.

Sand Castle Contest: If you live near the beach host a sand castle contest. You could have two
levels, one for children and one for adults. Have participants pay an entry fee and give out prizes
for the best sand castles.

Sharpie Signing: Charge $5 to allow people to sign whatever they want on you or your clothing
and agree to walk around signed all day. This is great for race weekend!

Spelling Bee: Hold an old-fashioned spelling bee! Charge an entry fee and give the winner a
portion of the proceeds or donated prizes.

Sports: Set up a basketball, football, golf, or softball tournament. Get t-shirts and the
gym/green/field donated and charge an entry fee per person/team. Award donated prizes
and/or trophies to the winners.

Street Collection: You need permission to have a street collection. Ask if you can have a table in
the mall/street where you are collecting so you can provide information leaflets to
interested people. If possible have some display boards with posters to attract attention, and
collectors who dress up in all NASCAR gear are usually the most successful as they attract
curiosity and attention.

Talents: If you are good at needlework, knitting, painting, gardening, woodwork, etc. sell or
raffle off your creative items.
NASCAR Day Fundraising Page: Set up your online fundraising page on the NASCAR Day
website ( and send out a personalized email to your potential donors.
The email will contain a link back your personal page where donors can make an online donation
and/or purchase their NASCAR Day pins. Be sure to ask your contacts to forward your
fundraising email to their email list.

Treasure Hunt: Participants pay an entry fee to find objects or solve clues on a set route. They
may have to solve additional cryptic clues to identify objects along the route (e.g. a
weathervane, a commemorative plaque) and write down each solution along the way.
Depending on the type of competition, the winner could be the first one to finish or the one
who solves most clues.

Trivia: Charge an entry fee for individuals or teams to take part; questions could be on a set
theme such as NASCAR. Other categories could include sports, pop music, or general
knowledge. The winning team receives a prize.

Valet: Try volunteering at a community theater or restaurant as a valet. Wear NASCAR t-shirts
and explain that tips will benefit the NASCAR Foundation.

Video-a-Thon: Host an afternoon at the movies at your house. Screen some of the classic
flicks, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casa Blanca, etc. and provide popcorn and movie snacks for a
donation. Make it NASCAR themed with racing movies such as Days of Thunder or Fast and the

Voicemail: Change your voicemail and answering machine messages to tell people how they
can make a donation to your fundraising effort.

Wages Donation: Contribute one day’s wages to your charity and encourage others in your
company to do the same. Some companies run plans which allow you to donate a set amount,
tax free, each month to a selected charity.

Wish Fountains: Ask a mall or other place of business to donate the coins thrown into public
fountains to your NASCAR Day campaign.

Yachting/Rowing Regatta: If you are a member of a sailing/dinghy/rowing club, organize a
boating race, charging an entry fee and offering prizes for the winners. Refreshments could be
available to members of the public who attend.

Yankee Gift Swap: Throw a party and invite your guests to bring one $10 gift and one $10
donation. Put the gifts into a bag, and draw numbers. # 1 picks the wrapped gift that they
want. # 2 can either select a new gift or take the gift from # 1, # 3 can either select a new gift
or take from # 1 or # 2, etc. A gift may only change hands three times before it becomes dead.

Yard Sale: Hold a traditional yard sale and donate all proceeds to your NASCAR Day campaign.
For a twist, hold a yard sale indoors and invite others to share the space (requires a budget for
space or may be donated) by advertising for people to hire a table to sell unwanted items.
Advertise the event. Charge a set amount for each table. Sell refreshments. You may also hold a
“car yard sale” by charging for car owners to have a parking spot.

Most importantly, remember to think outside of the box! You can make this experience fun
for you AND your donors! Also, if you like a fundraising idea but need help developing it,
give Development Assistant Sarah Burton a call at 704-348-9657 or send an email to

If you have any ideas that we can add to the “A to Z Fundraising” listing, please email
them to Thank you and enjoy!

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