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					                                                               Kosi Floods – August 2008
                                                                   Disaster affected areas were not prone to floods
    Banking Services During                                        Cause – Breach in river Kosi embankment in Nepal

    Floods in August 2008

                        Patrick Kishore
                        General Manager (IT) & CISO
                        State Bank of India
                                                               2                                             State Bank of India

Kosi Floods – August 2008                                      Flood affected areas
    Main areas affected – Madhepura, Supaul,
    Saharsa, Purnea
    Heavy Loss of Life and Property
    Banking services including ATMs affected

3                                        State Bank of India   4                                             State Bank of India

Plan of Action                                                 Making the Plan Work

    Relocation of affected people by Govt. of                      12 Branches were flooded / marooned in the
    Bihar                                                          flooded areas
                                                                   Branch data of those branches restored from
    People unable to withdraw cash due to
                                                                   backup tapes in spare servers
    unavailability of Banking services in affected
                                                                   Servers installed and cash safes mounted on
    areas-12 branches fully flooded                                mobile van---7 vans located at relief camps
    SBI initiates measures to provide minimum                      Network connectivity established through VSAT
    banking services in the Relief Camps                           mounted on vans
    SBI provides the services using mobile units                   Rerouted traffic by assigning IP address of affected
    for 35 days                                                    branches to mobile servers

5                                        State Bank of India   6                                             State Bank of India
Network Architecture Diagram                                      Continuity of Operations

                                                                       Local administration/ relief official’s help
                                                                       sought to establish identity of account holders
                                                                       Local police and law enforcing authorities’
                                                                       help sought to maintain law and order during
                                                                       disbursement of cash
                                                                       Bank’s measures for cash disbursement
                                                                       communicated to distressed people through
                                                                       electronic media and Press
                                                                       Business rules formulated to meet the
7                                           State Bank of India   8                                            State Bank of India

SBI Mobile Unit – News in Media                                   SBI Mobile Unit – News in Media

9                                           State Bank of India   10                                           State Bank of India

Our Core strengths
     Our strengths in continuing banking services in
     spite of unforeseen disaster and unplanned
     scenario due to –
                                                                       Thank You
       Top Management commitment
       Experience, responsiveness in handling such
       Strong social commitment of employees                                                     Presenter can be reached at
       Dedicated Vendor Partners                                                                           Ph.: 022-27566065
       Technical Advancement in Banking Services

11                                          State Bank of India

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