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					                        ALADIN Membership Application
Basic Membership Information
Name of Parent Organization (if applicable):
Director of Organization:

Name of Information Service:
Mailing address:

Online Catalogue address:

Contact Person for Documentation / Information Service:
His /Her contact e-Mail:

Please describe in 1-3 sentences your Documentation / Information Service:

How many people work in your Documentation / Information Service:
Working Languages:
Main Users:
Areas of Specialization:

Which of the following materials are included in your collection:
Books and Documents: No / Yes                         How many:
Periodicals: No / Yes                                 How many titles:
Multimedia/Audiovisual Materials: No / Yes How many:

Which of the following information services do you provide and are you willing to share:
Reference services: No / Yes such as:
Bibliographies: No / Yes such as:
Abstracts: No / Yes such as:
Publications: No / Yes such as:
Online Resources: No / Yes such as:
Acquisitions list: No / Yes such as:

We would appreciate if you would help us improve ALADIN by telling us:
1) How ALADIN can help to improve your documentation / information services?

2) How your documentation / information service can help other ALADIN members to
   improve their information services?

3) The contact information (e-Mail) of other documentation / information services focusing
   on Adult Learning that you recommend for ALADIN membership?

Thank you for filling out this form and sending it to ALADIN Co-ordinator Lisa Krolak