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Surface Cleaner
Apply to external cladding, shingles or timber to remove silvering, mould, dirt & grime, mild watermarks, etc.
Surface Cleaner will not affect plants, grass, paint, rubber or other common substrates.
Is well suited to clean outdoor furniture, decks or most any timber surface, painted surfaces including oxidised paint, and most types of
paths and driveways.
Contains no damaging caustic or bleach.

Add Surface Cleaner mixing 100g with 10 litres of clean water in a clean container (spray pac) and apply directly to surface to be

Or add 100g Surface Cleaner to 1 litre water and feed through waterblaster on max ventutri.

Saturate surface to be cleaned starting from bottom going to the top, and leave for 15 minutes, keeping wet (spray mist).

Then waterblast off with maximum 60-80 bar pressure and wide fan setting (no turbo nozzle) with long sweeping motions going
direction of timber, starting at the top of area to be cleaned.
Watch water pressure as not to damage soft timbers.

Store away from heat, do not mix with other chemicals.
Avoid all contact with skin and eyes or breathing vapours, and keep out of reach of children.

Eyes hold eyes open and rinse with water.
Skin wash skin with soap and water.
Ingestion do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water.
Contact doctor for any of above if symptoms develop.

If clarification or further information is needed the user should contact this company.
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