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									                               East Lyme Rowing Association
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                        Sept. 3, 2009
Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

Attendees: Bobbi McGirr, Cindy and Dan Holle, John Cooke, Mike Ritz, Katrina and Greg
Vymola, Sue and Frank Soldato, Mark and Dawn Bond, Robin and Andy Pellitier, Sue Muir,
Lisa Steele, Ray Campbell, Esti Roosli, Kim Shukis, Teresa Tucchio,

Review/Acceptance of May, 2009 Meeting
Motion Andy Pelletier and second by Robin Pelletier
Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report: by Bobbi McGirr
Savings $19,707.76, Checking $5354.24 Total $25,062.00
Bobbi reminded us to take advantage of our tax-free status when purchasing items at big-box

Scott Mahon, Bobbi McGirr and Ray Campbell will discuss creating a future budget for new
items and maintenance.

Coaches Report:
Ray Campbell reported:
    Heather Fried will return as novice girls coach in spring.
    Scott Mahon-varsity girl
    Ray Campbell-varsity boys
    Rob Durham is co-coaching the fall program and may coach Novice boys program for
      spring season.
    Ray Campbell reported that our fall program will race in the Head of Connecticut in
      Middletown on Oct. 12 and Head of the Riverfront in Hartford on Oct 4. Three boats will
    We will transport our boats on Bloods Street Sculls trailer. No tents are needed. Rowers
      will transport themselves to the races. Buses will not be provided.
    The coaches are still considering a fall race in Mystic or possibly at the Coast Guard
    Ray discussed maintenance on two boats that need new foot stretchers, seats, boards and
      hardware. Teresa mentioned that all parts need to be fitted. Approximate cost is $2000.00
      per boat. Tabled until Oct. meeting
    A discussion pursued regarding selling obsolete equipment and using the money for
      refurbishment or purchase of new equipment. Ray will put together a proposal regarding
      selling of equipment to be discussed at Oct. meeting.
   Teresa Tucchio reported on Scott Mahon’s behalf.
    We have 2 new Cox boxes and 5 ERG machines were donated from the Coast Guard
    Summer Camp: 29 rowers, net $862.50 profit for club.
    Scott wants to get sign-ups ready for Spring Rowing within the next 2 weeks.
    Ray Campbell painted all of the oars over the summer. Thank you.
Old Business:
    Bobbi McGirr reported that USRowing charges $1500 for insurance. A general liability
      policy can be purchased for $250.00 per year that covers $1million dollar liability policy.
      We can move the dishonesty bond from Fallon Ins. to AIM which reduces fee from $170
      to $105 for a 25,000 limit.

New Business:

Food Service:
    Sue Soldato accepted position of food chair position 2009/10 rowing season

    Lisa Ritz will look into holding a tag sale fundraiser.
    Ray Campbell will look into reserving the commons for a late October or early
       November date. This tag sale would be in addition to our annual tropical fruit sale.

A discussion ensued regarding fruit pricing, profit and increase of rower’s participation fees. A
discussion will be tabled until the Oct. meeting.

By-laws were presented and reviewed for approval.
    A Conduct policy was added in Article II, section 3, regarding keeping and the basic
      philosophies, guidelines and policies of the East Lyme Public School District.

     Quorum shall be changed to read 3 members. In Article IV sec. 7
     A discussion ensued regarding holding 4 quarterly membership meetings rather than
      monthly meetings. A quorum at the membership meetings shall be 7 instead of 10. The
      Board would hold separate meetings. Mike Ritz motioned to adopt the amended by-laws.
      Dan Holle seconded the motion.
By-laws were voted and approved.

Election of officers:
    President Dan Holle – 2 years
    Vice President: Kim Shukis 1 year
    Treasurer: Bobbi McGirr2 years
    Alumni: Teresa Tucchio-2 years
    Secretary: Sue Muir-1 year
    Vice President of Fund Raising-Lisa Steele-2 years
    A motion was made by Mark Bond for election of officers.
Voted and approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35.

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