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The University of Minnesota strongly believes in supporting internship opportunities that provide student veterans with
the skills necessary to transition successfully from an academic setting to full-time employment. To recognize the
University’s support of student veterans, a financial grant from the Walmart Foundation will be used to fund internships
for student veterans and service members for 2009–2010. Internship grants (in varying amounts up to a maximum of
$1,800) will be awarded each semester to qualified applicants. Grant preference will be given to students engaged in
unpaid internships, although paid internships that pay less than $1,800 throughout the semester will also be considered.
Application deadlines
All application materials must be submitted via e-mail to no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline day.
Late applications will not be accepted. Grant application deadlines are as follows:
    Fall semester: September 23, 2009
    Spring semester: February 10, 2010
    May/summer term: June 9, 2010
The internship program must:
 provide no fewer than 100 hours of internship experience during the term.
 have a supervisor at the internship site who can verify hours and provide help toward a meaningful and productive
 pay under $1,800 in a semester; no grants will be issued to interns paid $1,800 or more per semester.

Applicants must be:
 admitted, degree-seeking undergraduates or graduate/professional students in any college or program at a University of
  Minnesota campus—Twin Cities, Crookston, Duluth, Morris, or Rochester.
 current members of the military who have completed initial training or veterans as defined by the state of Minnesota.
 engaged in the majority of internship hours for the semester in which they are applying for the grant.

The grant process
1. Find the right internship—To be eligible for this grant, you must first find an appropriate internship, practicum, or
   field experience. If you need help, contact your career services office at
2. Apply for the grant—The grant process is competitive. Recipients will be chosen by a Grant Selection Committee
   made up of University staff and a student representative. (See the next section, ―Completing your application.‖)
3. Grant award notice—After the committee has met and selected award recipients, the grant coordinator will contact
   all applicants via e-mail. The notification process will occur 2–3 weeks after the application deadline.
4. Grant award amounts—Grant award amounts will vary and are designed to provide income for you during the time
   you are engaged in an unpaid or low-paid internship, practicum, or field experiences ―Low-paid‖ is classified as
   experiences that will yield less than $1,800, the maximum amount of grant support, over the course of a term. For
   example, if your internship pays a $800 stipend throughout the course of the semester, you could receive a $1,000
   grant to bring you up to the $1,800 maximum. You may reapply each term; however, no guarantee can be made that
   you will receive an award. Preference will be given to first-time applicants.
5. Grant disbursement—Your grant award will be disbursed to you every two weeks throughout the semester. The first
   payment will follow shortly after you receive your award notice and the internship parameters are verified with your
   internship supervisor. At the end of the term for which you are awarded the grant, the grant coordinator will again
   verify your hours and performance documented by your supervisor. You will also need to write a thank-you letter to
   the Walmart Foundation, describing how the grant money has helped you succeed in your internship. The thank-you
   letter will be submitted to the grant coordinator in the Veterans Certification Office.

                                                                                           Walmart Grant application, page 1
The application on the next page must be completed in full and include all additional materials or it will not be
considered. E-mail all application materials to Following are guidelines for submitting a complete
application. Electronic or scanned copies are accepted.
1. Please answer all of the questions in Parts 1 and 2 as completely as possible to establish your readiness for and the
   value of the internship experience to your academic goals.
2. When writing the statement of purpose in PART 3, explain how the internship will support your academic and career
   goals. Your statement will be evaluated according to the selection criteria below:
        A. Develop appropriate and thoughtful connections between your academic work, your career goals, and your
                a. What specific academic concepts and/or theories (from what specific classes or professors) will you
                   learn about or test in your internship?
                b. How does the “real world” work of your internship enhance/expand/explore what you are learning
                   through coursework in your major or degree program?
                c. What is your long-term career objective, or your best guess at what your career will look like in 10 or
                   15 years? How will this experience help you get there?
        B. Articulate clear goals for your internship and describe realistic strategies for realizing those goals.
                a. What specific goals do you have for your internship?
                b. What concrete and measurable strategies will you use to achieve these goals?
                c. What specific skills would you like to develop / how might you do this in your internship?
        C. Describe the level of responsibility in your internship and the impact your work has on the organization.
                a. How would you describe the level of responsibility you have in your internship?
                b. What makes you say that? Can you give examples?
                c. How will the project/organization/individual with whom you interned be positively changed as a
                   result of having you as an intern?
3. Be sure that you send a scanned PDF or other digital file copy of your DD214 or other proof of initial training that
   you have completed along with this completed application by e-mail to University Veterans Services at
4. Your application is not complete until you have added your digital (typewritten) signature and date in PART 4 to
   certify that all of the information you have provided is true and factual at the time you completed the application.

 Start early. Completing you application requires time to properly and thoroughly prepare the application materials.
  Write your essay as carefully as possible. Avoid jargon in your essay. The selection committee will not necessarily be
  experts in your field.
 Work with the grant coordinator. If you have questions, require assistance, or would like feedback on your essay
  draft, contact the grant coordinator at
 Proofread. Review your completed application materials carefully before submission. Check for spelling and
  grammatical errors. The committee will expect your essay to be of the same high quality as an academic final paper.
  Make certain that you have included ALL of the required materials.
 Plan ahead. If you are doing an internship out of state or abroad, it is important to plan ahead and complete your
  application materials in advance of the deadline. It is strongly recommended that, if you are completing an internship
  outside of Minnesota, you e-mail the grant coordinator at to confirm that all of your materials have
  been completed properly and received in full.

                                                                                              Walmart Grant application, page 2

DIRECTIONS: Please type directly on this document by placing your cursor immediately after the colon (:) at the
end of each numbered field. Please save all parts of this application as a file, adding your last name to the file, as
follows: Veterans Grant Application-Smith.doc. Send an e-mail to with the subject line
―Veterans Grant Application.‖ Attach your completed application file and a digital file copy of your DD214.
PART 1: Student’s background
1. Name:

2. Year in school (student status, e.g., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student):

3. Student ID number:

4. Mailing address (street, city, state, zip):

5. Daytime phone

6. E-mail address:

7. Major or program:

8. Minor (if applicable):

9. College of enrollment:
PART 2: Description of internship
1. Your title at the internship site:

2. Your internship site (name of company/organization):

3. Mailing address of your internship site:

4. Internship supervisor’s name and title:

5. Internship supervisor’s phone and e-mail address:

6. Beginning and ending dates of your internship:

7. Average hours per week you will be working at the internship:

8. Total internship hours you will be working during the semester you would like to be considered for the grant:

9. Total compensation and other financial benefits of the internship (if any):

10. List the classes you will attend during the semester of your internship:

11. How did you learn of the Student Veterans and Service Members Internship Grant?

12. In three paragraphs or less, describe your internship responsibilities and how your role supports the organization.
    Begin your statement after the colon:

                                                        When completed, please continue to PART 3: Statement of purpose

                                                                                               Walmart Grant application, page 3
PART 3: Statement of purpose
Please read the guidelines for this section on page 2 before writing your double-spaced, two-three page statement.
Begin your statement after the colon:

                                                                               When completed, please continue to PART 4: Certification

PART 4: Certification
I certify with my signature that the information I have provided above and in my essay is, to the best of my knowledge, truthful and
accurate. If I am awarded a grant, I give the University of Minnesota permission to release information about me and the receipt of this
internship grant to Walmart Foundation and other University offices, departments, publications, and non-University media. I also
understand that my award is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the internship and submitting a copy of my thank-you letter/e-
mail to the Walmart Foundation. I hereby authorize the grant coordinator to check in with my internship supervisor to verify my hours,
accomplishments and satisfactory completion of the internship.

Applicant’s signature (place cursor on line and type): ____ Date (month/day/year): ____

Prepared by University Veterans Services, One Stop Student Services. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This
publication/ material is available in alternative formats upon request. Please contact University Veteran Services, One Stop Student Service Center, 200
Fraser Hall, 106 Pleasant Street S. E., Minneapolis, MN 55455, phone 612 625-8076, Fax 612 625-3002. 12/09

                                                                                                                 Walmart Grant application, page 4

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