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 Instant celebrity!
  Bragging rights!
 (and cool prizes)
            All this can be yours.
      But you have to enter the fifth annual
      Best Room on Campus contest to win!

Make plans now, and look for details in September.

  Note: The 2008-2009 winners are featured on the cover.
From the Director

                                                                               Welcome Home
   Welcome to Clemson University
housing! The staff of the University              2 Where Do You Fit In?
Housing office is committed to doing
                                                  4 The Big Move
                    everything possi-
                                                  9 The Clemson Family
                    ble to make your
                                                 11 You Can Count on Us
                    Clemson years
                                                 13 Hall in a Day’s Work
                    the best they can
                    be. Please call on           15 One Clemson
                    us if we can help            16 Roommates: Respect Is
                    in any way.                        the Key
                                                 19 At Your Service
Doug Hallenbeck, Ph.D.                           24 Food for Thought
Executive Director of Housing                    26 Beds Aloft?
                                                 27 Fish Tales
                                                 29 Play It Safe
University Housing Mission
                                                 33 That’s the Rule
     The mission of University
                                                 37 Coming to Campus
Housing is to provide students with
                                                 40 Campus Map
safe, clean, well-maintained, reason-
ably priced housing where academic               44 Call Us!
success and personal growth are pro-     Back cover Checklist
                                         Additional information is available
                                         at our Web site:

                                         Keep this guide in a handy place!
                                         You’ll want to bring it to campus
                                         when you come.

Where Do You
 Fit In?
    College may seem like a mystery to you right
now. But remember, it’s brand new for everyone else
in your class, too. You’re about to join a great group
— the Clemson family! And you’ll have the time of
your life as you find your place in the Clemson com-
    If you’re nervous about having a roommate,
don’t worry. Some students have never shared a
room with anyone, but it’s not as hard as you may
think. You can have a great time! At Clemson, you’ll
get to know many different kinds of people — that’s
a good thing. Learning to live with other students is
as much a part of your college education as anything
you’ll learn in the classroom.
    We’ve included your housing assignment in this
package with the name and address of your room-
mate. You may want to contact him or her before
you arrive at Clemson. Students tell us that the
phone calls and emails they exchanged before com-
ing to campus took a lot of pressure off their first
day here. So, start getting to know each other and
then relax. We know you want to fit in here. And, at
Clemson, we’re in it together!
               The Big

         All new students (those who have never attended Clemson University) may
    move in beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 15, 2009. All returning students
    may move in beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 16, 2009. Arrivals prior to these
    dates and times are NOT possible because residential areas are still being prepared, and
    staff are not yet in place.
         We want to make things as easy as possible for you and your parents, so we’ve set up
    this suggested schedule for Saturday and Sunday to help minimize long lines and traffic
    jams. We strongly recommend that you try to arrive according to this schedule.

If your last name begins                          It’s a good idea to pick up your key

                                                                                           Getting Settled
with: Try to move in:                        as soon as you get on campus. Just go to
A-I      8:00-9:00 a.m. or                   the front desk of your assigned residence
         12:30-1:30 p.m.                     hall or apartment to get it. Be sure to
J-R      9:30-10:30 a.m. or                  have a picture ID with you.
         2:00-3:00 p.m.
S-Z      11:00 a.m.-noon or                  Ship Shape
         3:30-4:30 p.m.                          If you want to ship trunks or large
                                             boxes, send them to University Station,
    We know that everyone may not be         Clemson University, Clemson SC 29632.
able to follow this plan because of travel   Your name and box number must appear
or other complications, but using this       on all items. Pickup hours are from
schedule will help. You can check in         8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. The
each day until 10:00 p.m. If you want to     Clemson University Post Office is on the
avoid the biggest crowds, you might con-     lower level of the University Union. For
sider moving in on Monday or Tuesday.        your convenience, the University Post
    For the spring semester, residence       Office will be open 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
halls and apartments will open on            both days of move-in weekend, August
Sunday, January 3, 2010, at 8:00 a.m.        15-16, 2009.

Get Ahead of the Pack                        Keep It Legal!
    If you live fairly close to campus           Be sure to carefully review your
(within a two- to three-hour drive), it’s    copy of the University Housing Con-
best to pack only the things you really      tract for all applicable rules, regulations
need, including clothes to last 14 days.     and policies concerning your new home
After a couple of weeks, you can go          and community. Many of these are also
home and get the rest of your belong-        discussed in this guide on pages 26-36.
ings. By then, you’ll have a better idea     Remember, the contract you signed is for
of what you need and what will fit into      the entire academic year (both fall and
your room.                                   spring semesters).

What a Load!
                                                              President and Mrs. Barker
     When you move in, we’ll have cer-
                                                                  volunteer at move-in.
tain areas that you can use to unload
your things, but you can’t leave your car
or truck unattended in these spots. After
unloading, please move your vehicle to
a nearby parking lot. If it rains, we’ll
change the plans to allow residents to
put their things in the nearest dry area
(such as a porch or lobby). If you have a
hand truck, bring it with you.

    Before                                             After

    The Personal Touch                                 season. Remember that you have to find a
         Just picture it — a place that shows off      place for whatever you bring to the room.
    your personal taste and interests. It’s a little   Soft luggage can be folded and easily stored,
    bit of “you.” That’s what your room will be,       and many students find that footlockers
    once you and your roommate dress it up.            are easy to use for transporting and storing
    Remember, it won’t look that way when              things in the room.
    you first walk in!                                      Most residence halls have refrigerators
         A lot of our students get in touch with       and microwave ovens available for your use,
    their roommate before they come to cam-            either in the hall kitchen or lounges. You
    pus so they can start the decorating process       might also want to consider renting a
    together — color schemes, posters — what-          Microfridge (combination microwave/
    ever it takes. Talking together ahead of           refrigerator-freezer). If so, see the “Cool It!”
    time also helps you decide what to bring so        section on page 7. Some other things you
    you don’t end up with two stereos and no           may want to bring include the following:
                                                       •	 Iron	and	portable	ironing	board
    Bring It!                                          •	 Desk	lamp	(not	halogen)
    Pack up your computer, television,
    VCR, stereo, CD player and radio!                  •	 Alarm	clock
        You can bring all of those things with         •	 Clothes	hangers
    you. Keep a level head, though. You want           •	 Mattress	cover	(extra-long)
    to be comfortable, but you probably won’t          •	 Bed	linens	(extra-long)
    have space for everything you own because          •	 Surge	protector	(see	your	contract	for	de-
    you’ll be living in a room, not an entire             tails on this power strip)
    house. Closets and dresser space are limited,      •	 Towels	
    so bring only the clothes you need for a
•	 Small	vacuum	cleaner                         carpet from home because these areas are
•	 Trash	can                                    not carpeted. You can also buy a remnant
(See complete list on back cover.)              at numerous local stores. Be sure to check
                                                out the room measurements and floor plans
DIRECTV                                         online at
     Basic DIRECTV service is available in
all housing areas, and it’s already included    Cool It!
in your semester housing fee. If you’re a re-        You can keep a refrigerator in your
ally big movie fan, you can buy additional      room if it’s no larger than 3.6 cubic feet. A
premium packages directly from the              combination Microfridge multipliance is
DIRECTV company at 1-800-610-0797.              also available for rent. This unit includes
                                                a microwave (the only microwave allowed
Bring Your Laptop                               in residence halls), a refrigerator and a
      Internet access can put you in touch      zero-degree freezer. New and used units are
with the four corners of the earth, and         available. Student Government and Col-
Clemson University can take you there           legiate Concepts provide this service, and
from the comfort of your own room! All of       they can have it delivered to your room.
our residence halls and apartments are fully    Just go online to or
wired through a campuswide network. Each        call 1-888-929-0806 for more informa-
student has a dedicated, high-speed data        tion or to place an order. All University
port, which is separate from the phone line.    apartments have full-size refrigerators, and
      As an added bonus to living on cam-       microwaves are also available in Lightsey
pus, all residence halls have wireless access   Bridge I and II.
in all the common areas. This means you
can use your laptop while doing laundry or
just sitting around waiting on your friends.
The freshman halls have wireless cyber
lounges that give you a place to sit and
work in comfort or you can meet with other
students to work on group projects. These
cyber lounges also have Ethernet hookups.
      All incoming freshmen are required to
have a laptop. For more information on this
requirement or for information on purchas-
ing a laptop, please visit

Roll Out the Carpet
    If you want the feel of carpet between
your toes and you plan to live in Johnstone,
Benet, Young, Cope, Geer or Sanders, you
may want to consider bringing room-size
    Making a Call?
        If you would like telephone service in            We also have a few rules to help protect
    your room or apartment, you may contact           the room and walls from interior decorators
    the Telecommunications Office to have the         who get carried away —
    service connected. For more information,
    email the Telecommunications Office at            •	 Posters	should	be	hung	with	white	“plas- Remember               tic tack.” No tape, nails or tacks can be
    to bring your own telephone. Telecommuni-            used on the walls.
    cations will service your telephone line but      •	 All	lofts	and	any	other	personal	furniture	
    not your telephone.                                  must be “free-standing” and must not be
                                                         attached in any way to the walls, ceiling
    Leave It at Home!                                    or other room fixtures.
         We want to keep the residence halls as
                                                           Many areas have bed frames that can
    safe as possible, so there are some things we
                                                      be bunked or lofted, but check with your
    just can’t allow in your room:
                                                      RA first to see if your beds are bunkable
    •	 Candles	(not	even	as	decoration)               and how they work. Keep in mind that ev-
    •	 Halogen	lamps                                  ery few weeks your room will be inspected.
    •	 Microwave	ovens/cooking	appliances	            The date and time of these inspections will
       (except Microfridges, thermostatically         be posted 24 hours in advance.
       controlled percolators and hot-air pop-
       corn poppers)
    •	 Electrical	fixtures	such	as	ceiling	fans	or	
       track lighting
    •	 Parachute	canopies	on	the	ceiling	
    •		Pets	(except	fish	in	a	10-gallon	tank	or	

              Clemson Cares
The Clemson

          One of the unique things about Clemson is that even though it’s a large university, it feels
     more like a family. Becoming a Clemson Tiger is an experience that will stay with you for a life-
     time. There are a lot of activities going on at Clemson and plenty of different people to enjoy
     them with you.
          Think of the residence hall as your “neighborhood” and the University as your “town.” In
     addition to groups and organizations for a number of different social concerns, political causes,
     religions, hobbies, sports and special interests, the University offers educational activities such as
     stress management, résumé-writing workshops, Black History Month, Alcohol Awareness Month
     and AIDS Awareness Day. Take your pick, or help plan your own!
          Clemson is well-known for its mission of service to the people of South Carolina, and stu-
     dents are right out front with participation in blood drives, events for local charities, recycling,
     clothing and food drives, and many other projects. You can learn something and have fun in
     hundreds of activities — and it’s a great way to meet people with the same interests.
          We’ll make sure you have all the help you need to settle into your new Clemson life. The
     University Housing office employs close to 600 people to assist you in day-to-day living. Best of
     all, you can get help with a lot of your questions or problems from someone right on your floor!
     Your RA can either answer your questions or refer you to someone who can.

                                                       You Can
                                    Count on Us

RAs                                              management of the residence halls or apart-
     Resident assistants (RAs) are undergradu-   ment communities, assist with roommate
ate students who live within each community.     conflicts and serve as your connection to cam-
University Housing employs one (or more)         pus resources.
RAs for each floor or area. Their No. 1
priority is to help you make your Clemson ex-    ACs
perience the best it can be. RAs give advice,         Area coordinators (ACs) are full-time,
keep you informed and help you learn what’s      professional Housing employees who live in
what at Clemson. And sometimes, your RA is       the various residential communities, supervise
just someone to listen when you need to talk.    the RDs and have responsibility for adminis-
                                                 trative duties in your area.
    Resident directors (RDs) are graduate
students who live in each housing area and
supervise the RAs and desk assistants in that
area. They are responsible for the overall

Clemson University Police Department              staff members by their uniform. If you need to
     The Clemson University Police Depart-        request maintenance services, fill out a Main-
ment (CUPD) is a 24-hour law enforcement          tenance Request Form at the front desk; call
agency with sworn police officers certified by    (864) 656-5450; or go online to www.clemson.
the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy and com-        edu/housing. Occasionally, contractors will
missioned by the governor of South Carolina.      perform specialized maintenance services. For
Officers are committed to your well-being and     emergency maintenance service, contact your
encourage you to take an active role in your      RA or RD.
                                                  Custodial Services
Desk Services                                          Although you’re responsible for keeping
     A “control” desk is the main operations      your room clean, University Housing em-
center for a given housing area. Student desk     ploys a custodial staff to clean all common
assistants (DAs) staff these control desks for    areas such as lounges, hallways and communal
the residence halls and apartment areas. They     bathrooms. You’ll see the same face on a regu-
greet guests, issue keys, take maintenance        lar basis because one custodian is assigned to
requests and answer the main phone. Take          your area. Take the time to meet your hall/
a moment to learn where your area desk is         area custodian. He or she is an important part
located.                                          of your community.
                                                       If custodial services are needed in your
Maintenance Services
                                                  building, call (864) 656-5450. For emergency
     University Housing employs a full-time
                                                  custodial services, contact your RA or RD.
staff for maintenance in all residential areas.
                                                  We appreciate your assistance in keeping your
You can easily recognize the maintenance
                                                  common areas clean.
                                                                                                    All for One
                                                  in a Day’s Work

Residence Hall Association                       own residence hall or apartment complex.
     The Clemson University Residence Hall       The Area Council is made up of elected or
Association (RHA) is right at home work-         appointed representatives from every hall
ing for you! RHA is the student voice for        and apartment complex. The Area Council
housing concerns, programming and leader-        organizes programs and makes recommenda-
ship opportunities. We invite all students to    tions on housing policies. Contact your RA
participate in this group. Log on to www.        or RD if you’re interested in serving. Get for more information.    involved!
     RHA funds are raised through linen/
comforter sales, final exam kits and several     Student Employees
other fundraising programs. The sale of lin-          You may be able to find a job right in
ens is handled by a national company called      your own residential area. University
On-Campus Marketing. To find out more or         Housing hires enrolled students as front-desk
to place an order, just go online to www.rhl.    assistants, office workers, student program
org/clu or call 1-800-957-4338.                  assistants, weekend custodians, maintenance
                                                 assistants and resident assistants. Talk to your
Area Councils                                    RA about job opportunities with University
    If you’re looking for a group to join, you   Housing if you’d like more information.
don’t have to look any further than your
     Hall Meetings                                      schedules. Residence halls are closed between
          Your resident assistant wants to keep you     the fall and spring semesters, from the morning
     informed, so sometimes all the residents in a      after December graduation until early January.
     hall or area will meet to hear what’s up or to     Look for information related to holidays in the
     discuss things. Your RA will put up posters to     Clemson Home newsletter, which will come to
     let you know when a hall or area meeting is        you through your RA and by email.
     scheduled. If you can’t make the meeting, check
     with your RA to catch up.                          Visitation
                                                            The times that members of the opposite
     Student Judicial Boards                            sex can visit your room are designated as either
          Sometimes, the University has to step in      “standard” or “self-regulated” visitation, depend-
     to uphold Clemson’s core values — integrity,       ing on where you live. Check with your RA
     honesty and respect. Student peer review boards    to be sure. In the residence halls, you have to
     hear cases of alleged misconduct that occur        escort your guest to and from the room, and
     within and outside of University housing. These    you must be in the room during the visit. If
     boards are made up of students, and they work      you’d like to have some of your old friends (or
     in cooperation with Student Government and         a brother or sister) hang out with you for the
     the Office of Community and Ethical Standards.     weekend, be sure to talk to your roommate first
     If you’re interested in serving on one of these    and see if the visit fits with his or her plans.
     boards, call the Office of Community and Ethi-     However, overnight visits by members of the
     cal Standards at (864) 656-0510.                   opposite sex are not permitted in halls with
                                                        communal baths. If you want to have a guest
     Holiday Breaks                                     for more than two consecutive nights or a guest
          Sometimes it’s impossible or impractical      who visits frequently, you’ll need to obtain writ-
     for our students to travel home during breaks.     ten permission from your RD or AC. Please
     Residence halls and apartments are open over       see your University Housing Contract for more
     spring and fall breaks as well as the Thanks-      details on Clemson’s visitation policies. The
     giving holiday. There are fewer staff members      bottom line is mutual respect for everyone.
     around, but security officers keep their regular

      At Clemson, there are students from all               Challenging yourself.
over the United States and 80 other countries.              (Get to know people who are different from
      Regardless of where our students come                 you.)
from, they have many of the same goals and                  Asking questions.
ideals — they want a great educational experi-              (Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. People wel-
ence and a chance to grow as members of the                 come questions.)
global community. We believe our strength as a
Clemson “family” comes from sharing different               Accepting that your values may conflict
ideas and experiences that broaden our view of              with another’s values.
the world. In University Housing, we support                (You can accept others’ values without
this educational process. We are personally and             agreeing with them.)
professionally committed to encouraging accep-              Attending diverse University events and
tance and celebrating these differences within              Housing-sponsored programs.
our communities.                                            (Education doesn’t stop inside the class-
      Each unique aspect of yours and your                  room, and it can be FUN!)
neighbor’s is valuable — whether it’s political
                                                            Inappropriate behaviors or acts of intoler-
affiliation, regional ties, race, ethnicity, cultural
                                                        ance will be confronted. Any action that stifles
or national origin, religious beliefs, sexual ori-
                                                        another person’s responsible expression of
entation, gender, age, mental and/or physical
                                                        his/her individuality interferes with everyone’s
challenges, socioeconomic class, academic class,
                                                        opportunities for growth. Join us in maintain-
personality types, etc. We encourage you to get
                                                        ing your right to be yourself and to learn by
into the spirit of the Clemson community by —
                                                        interacting with others. When you protect the
    Keeping an open mind.                               rights of one, you advance the primary goal of
    (Don’t make assumptions about others. You           all — education! Here at Clemson, it’s all for
    could be wrong.)                                    one and one for all!

      Respect Is the Key
          Living with a roommate doesn’t have to be a “big deal.” The most important thing is that you
     keep an open mind and learn to respect each other. Get to know your new roommate the same as
     you would any other new person. You already know that both of you want a Clemson education! So,
     just take it from there.

Talk About It
     Want to know how to get along with room-
mates? Talk to them! It’s the most important
thing you can do in a relationship. If something
is bothering you, the sooner you talk about it,
the sooner you’ll be able to work it out. After
all, no one can read your mind, and you can’t
read anyone else’s!

Lend an Ear
    Sometimes, it’s just one of those days. Try
to understand why your roommate may have
reacted a certain way. It may have nothing to
do with you. Maybe he or she is having a tough
time and just needs someone to listen . . . may-
be your roommate can do the same for you.

Take a Breather
     Everyone needs a little space occasionally
— time to be alone and just think things out.
Keep that in mind, and give each other time
for privacy. You can fill your need for peace and
quiet while your roommate is in class or at a
club meeting.

Be User Friendly
     We each have our own ideas about sharing
our things. Take the time to ask before you bor-
row things that belong to your roommate. It’s
an even better idea to talk this out up front and
agree on what’s community property and what’s
off limits.

Share Your Neat Ideas
    You may have your own version of a clean
room, but make sure you share that “vision”
with your roommate. The two of you should
decide together what’s a comfortable level of
     Think About It                                     •	 How	do	you	want	to	handle	visits	by	boy-
          There are lots of things you should discuss      friends/girlfriends?
     with your roommate as soon as you get settled      •	 Will	you	be	around	on	the	weekends?	What	
     in. For example:                                      are your expectations about those times?

     •	 Do	you	expect	the	room	to	be	more	of	a	             Of course there’s more you need to talk
        social space where friends can hang out or      about, but you get the idea. Talk about your
        more of a study space where you can concen-     concerns before they become issues.
        trate on class work?
     •	 Are	you	a	night	owl	or	an	early	bird?	How	
        late may guests stay?

                                                                                                       Find It on Campus
       At Your

     The Clemson campus “community” has             and your parents can make direct deposits into
most of the things you need for day-to-day          your account. Dollar-bill change machines are
living right on campus. If you don’t see the ser-   located in the Dillard Building and are in most
vice you need listed below, your RA can point       of the residence halls and apartments. In ad-
you in the right direction.                         dition, Carolina First Bank has a full-service
                                                    branch on the lower level of the Hendrix Center.
Got Cash?
     Carolina First, Wachovia, BB&T and             TigerStripe Accounts
Bank of America all have 24-hour automated               The TigerStripe Account program lets
teller machines adjacent to the Dillard Build-      you deposit money into an account and use
ing (near the Holmes/McCabe area and the            the Tiger 1 Card as a prepaid debit card on or
Shoeboxes). Bank of America and the State           off campus. You can use it at the Bookstore,
Credit Union have ATMs behind Byrnes Hall;          the laundry and the dining facilities. You can
Wachovia has one in the Hendrix Center; and         even buy your concert tickets with it. In fact,
First Citizens has one in the University Union      there are over 300 locations on and off campus
loggia. If your home bank has VISA/Master-          that accept the Tiger 1 Card! Visit www.tiger1.
Card, Cirrus, AFFN, Honor or Plus System   for more details about the benefits
bank cards, you can access funds from home,         offered by your Tiger 1 Card.
                                                           The Center of Attention
                                                                The Hendrix Student Center has lots of at-
                                                           tractions for busy, active students, and it’s a great
                                                           place to meet and mingle. The center is named
                                                           for Clemson alumnus and life member of the
                                                           Board of Trustees, Leon J. Hendrix, and is located
                                                           on East Campus next to Schilletter Dining Hall,
                                                           near the residence halls and apartments.
                                                                The center includes a student lounge, meet-
                                                           ing rooms, a bagel shop and a five-vendor food
                                                           court. You can also take in a movie in the 154-
                                                           seat theater, and two ballrooms accommodate
                                                           functions for student organizations and confer-
                                                           ences. The Hendrix Center is also the home to
                                                           the University Telecommunications Office, the
                                                           University Bookstore, the Student Union admin-
                                                           istrative offices, the Harvey and Lucinda Gantt
                                                           Intercultural Center and the Michelin Career

     Getting Hungry?                                       Center, as well as a full-service branch of Carolina
          When your appetite takes over, you’ll find       First Bank.
     several spots on campus to tame your hunger. The
     Canteen in the University Union and the Fernow        Check It Out!
     Street Café, located between Riggs and Freeman             Cooper Library, one of the most popular on-
     halls, are convenient places to go for a quick        campus spots for students, is open 24 hours a day
     meal. Paw Mart in the University Union is also        from Sunday at 10:00 a.m. until Friday at 10:00 p.m.
     a handy refreshment stop for snacks and drinks.       Saturday hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
     There’s also Chili’s Too located next to the Har-          Not only can you find books, articles, DVDs
     combe Dining Hall. And, be sure to check out the      and more, you can get research help at the Refer-
     food court and Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Hen-      ence Desk, by phone (656-3024) or by Instant
     drix Center and the Java City coffee shop in the      Messenger. Just make clemsonrefdesk your buddy.
     Cooper Library. Cornershop in the Hendrix Cen-             At Cooper, you can meet with your study
     ter is another stop for a tasty snack. Schilletter    group in a private study room or on the balcony.
     Dining Hall is behind the Hendrix Center, and         At Java City, the coffee shop on the fifth floor,
     the Clemson House Dining Hall is across from          you can buy coffee and snacks. One Wednesday
     Bowman Field. Snack & Stax in Cooper Library          a month, you can hear live music performed by
     features convenience store items, a selection of      campus groups in the lobby.
     beverages and a variety of snacks. If you’re look-         Cooper Library also has a convenience store,
     ing for a special place to dine with friends, don’t   scanners, a fax machine, photocopiers and laptops
     forget about Seasons by the Lake at the Madren        you can check out. For more information, go to
     Center.                                      or call (864) 656-1557.
                                                                The Architecture Library in 112 Lee Hall
                                                           is also open 24 hours a day from Monday at 7:30

a.m. until Friday at 5:00 p.m. The library is closed     Take a Ride
on Saturday, but it is open on Sunday from 2:00               Clemson Area Transit (CAT) provides fare-
until 10:00 p.m. For more information, go to             free service on and off campus. CAT has received or call (864) 656-            recognition from the S.C. Department of Trans-
3933.                                                    portation for being “Best Transit System” in the
                                                         state. Each CAT bus has a bike rack on the front
Getting Around                                           and is wheelchair accessible.
     With Clemson’s mild climate, biking is a
popular means of transportation. Bike racks are          CAT Bus Hours
located outside the residence halls. You’ll need a            The CAT bus runs seven days a week during
lock to secure your bike to the racks, and it should     the fall and spring semesters. Summer and holiday
be registered with Clemson University Parking            hours and all route information are available at
Services. Bikes may be kept inside only if they are If you have questions, please call
in your individual room or apartment. Mopeds             (864) 654-CATS (2287). The CAT office is lo-
may be parked in outdoor bicycle racks but may           cated at 1200 Tiger Boulevard, Suite 2.
not be brought inside.
     Cars, motorcycles, mopeds and motor scoot-          You’ve Got Mail
ers must have a parking permit, which is available            Each student will need to rent a post office
from Parking Services, and they must be parked           box at the University Post Office, located in the
in appropriately marked spaces. If you’re bringing       University Union. You can sign up for a post
a vehicle to campus, don’t forget to apply for a         office box online when you pay your fees. The
parking permit! You must purchase your parking           University will send you an email with your as-
permit online at                signed box number and other information. Post
     Remember, mopeds may not be brought                 office boxes are rented from August to August.
inside any building, and riding is prohibited on         In the summer, mail is forwarded to your home
sidewalks. All walkways are also off limits to           address. If you have questions, please call (864)
skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, skates or similar   656-2351 or email
     Laundry Day
          Washers and dryers are provided on the ground
     level of each residence hall in Bryan Mall. Calhoun
     Courts Commons, Lightsey Bridge Commons and
     Thornhill Village Commons also have laundry
     facilities. Clemson House has washers and dryers
     available in the basement. Students who live in the
     shoeboxes or Johnstone have washers and dryers in
     each building. The basement of Holmes Hall and
     the first floor of Stadium Residence Hall have laun-         Emergency transportation is provided by the
     dry facilities. Washers and dryers are also available   Clemson University ambulance, which is staffed
     in all the residence halls in Fraternity and Sorority   with licensed EMTs 24 hours a day, seven days
     Housing on the Quad. Don’t forget to bring your         a week. After-hours health care providers avail-
     own iron and ironing board.                             able (at your expense) include AnMed, Clemson
                                                             Health Center (a private, urgent health care facil-
     The Healthy Way                                         ity), Palmetto Baptist Medical Center, Greenville
          Not feeling well? Take a trip to the Student       Memorial Medical Center and Oconee Memorial
     Health Services Redfern Health Center. Redfern          Hospital.
     consists of three departments: Medical Services,             You already know that college is a big step in
     Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)            your life. If you’re having trouble adjusting, help
     and Health Promotion. All students who take             is here. Counseling and Psychological Services
     seven or more credit hours during the fall and          (CAPS) provides mental health services for issues
     spring semesters are required to pay a health fee of    such as depression, anxiety, stress management,
     $131 per semester. If you register for three or more    anger management, relationship violence, sexual
     credit hours during each summer session, you must       assault and addictions.
     pay a health fee of $47 per summer session. The              Depending on the concern, you may be seen
     health fee provides for the professional services       in a group, as a couple or individually. Groups are
     of the physicians, nurse practitioners and mental       offered throughout the semester to help you learn
     health professionals, and for reduced costs of lab,     specific skills such as stress management and asser-
     X-ray and pharmacy services. The health fee also        tiveness. Other groups allow for personal growth
     provides a secondary urgent-care insurance benefit      and integration. Treatment of eating disorders
     that pays up to $500 per incident for expenses          provides integration of medical, nutritional and
     incurred in the treatment of urgent problems that       psychological services. The Lifestyles program
     arise when Redfern Health Center is closed.             assists students with substance misuse/abuse con-
          Primary health care services are available         cerns. After an evaluation, students are placed in
     Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. You can be           interventions. Each semester on a first-come first-
     seen throughout the day by appointment at (864)         served basis, CAPS conducts a limited number of
     656-1541. The Nurses Clinic is available if you         psychological evaluations for learning disorders.
     don’t have an appointment. At this clinic, you’ll be    An on-site psychiatrist evaluates and monitors
     assessed by a nurse and receive care. After hours, if   students’ medication regimens as needed. All ser-
     you have questions about your health care needs,        vices are confidential.
     you can call the Nurse Line at 1-888-525-1333.

     The preferred way to schedule CAPS is              reduce high-risk drinking, and overall health and
through CU Now walk-in clinic. Students are             safety.
seen on a first-come, first-served basis for a brief         Peer Health Education is a three-credit-hour
consultation and are assigned to a counselor            academic course (ED C 390, section 1) offered
thereafter. CU Now operates 10:00 a.m.-2:30             within the College of Health, Education and
p.m.; CAPS is open Monday-Friday, 8:00                  Human Development. Students are trained in
a.m.-5:00 p.m. For information, call CAPS at            listening, communication and presentation skills
(864) 656-2451. Mental health crisis assistance         and on health topics that impact college students
and consultation are available 24 hours a day.          most.
After hours and on weekends, contact the on-                 TAAP facilitators are trained in the basic
call counselor through University police at (864)       principles of the alcohol skills training program
656-2222. Most services are free to students;           as well as in brief motivational interviewing tech-
some require a reduced fee. Students who pay the        niques. They earn three credits in Peer Health
health fee may receive up to 10 individual ses-         Education (ED C 390) level 2. Participants learn
sions per semester at no charge. There is no limit      skills to recognize and avoid high-risk drinking.
for group sessions. There are charges for Lifestyles    Another program, Healthy Campus Initiative,
(except for self-referrals), psychiatric services and   focuses on connecting health, wellness, sustain-
psychometric testing. All services are provided by      ability and social justice.
duly licensed or certified mental health profession-
als. Trainees work under close supervision.             Student Disability Services
     CU CARES is a program provided through                  Students who used Section 504 or IEP ser-
CAPS. It is an intervention and prevention pro-         vices in high school may want to avail themselves
gram for students affected by relationship and/or       of academic accommodations available through
sexual violence. CARES is an acronym for the            Student Disability Services (SDS). SDS coor-
services students receive, which include counsel-       dinates the provision of accommodations for all
ing, advocacy, referrals, education and support.        students with documented disabilities in compli-
Services such as counseling and crisis interven-        ance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
tion are provided for students who are affected         of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act
by interpersonal violence such as rape, sexual          of 1990. Reasonable accommodations are indi-
harassment, stalking, and verbal and/or physical        vidualized, flexible and confidential, and are based
abuse by a partner. CU CARES seeks to educate           on the nature of the disability and the learning
students on risk reduction and safety techniques.       environment.
For information or an appointment, call (864)                Students must provide appropriate, current
656-1294.                                               documentation of the disability and must request
     The Student Health Services Health Pro-            accommodations. Variations in housing arrange-
motion Department is committed to promoting             ments for students with disabilities must be
healthy lifestyles. Through training and outreach       coordinated through the SDS office. Contact SDS
programs, Health Promotion staff, student volun-        in room G-20 of Redfern Health Center, sds-l@
teers and peer educators emphasize and promote, (864) 656-6848.
sexual responsibility, tobacco cessation, nutrition
and healthy eating, risk-reduction strategies to

     Food    for Thought
     Meal Plans                                             efits as their counterparts with one big difference.
          Busy students need lots of “fuel.” That’s why     They add Paw Points to your TigerStripe Ac-
     Clemson offers seven meal options to satisfy dif-      count, which can be used the same as cash at any
     ferent eating habits. Unlimited Access allows          dining facility on campus. The Plus Commuter
     you to go to the dining halls as often as you like     75 plan is also available. For upperclassmen, the
     anytime they’re open. If you want anything from        plan includes 75 meals per semester in the dining
     three meals a day to unlimited snacking, this is       halls and $300 in Paw Points. Check the Dining
     the plan for you. On the Any-Fifteen Plan, you         Services Web site at for a
     can choose 15 of the 21 meals offered each week.       complete list of places to eat.
     If you have a hectic schedule or like to grab a bite
     here and there, the Any-Ten Plan lets you choose       Dining Halls
     10 of the 21 meals offered each week.                     All meal plans can be used in Harcombe Food
          The Plus Unlimited Access, Plus Any Ten           Court, Schilletter Dining Hall or Clemson House.
     and Plus Any Fifteen plans offer the same ben-         Harcombe and Schilletter serve all day, so no

matter what your schedule, you’ll find food when    Clemson House
you find the time. All dining halls are “all-you-   Monday-Friday
can-eat” locations.                                 Breakfast: 7:00-9:30 a.m.

Harcombe                                            Lunch: 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                                                    Dinner: 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Breakfast: 7:00-10:45 a.m.
Lunch: 10:45 a.m.-4:25 p.m.
                                                    Breakfast: 8:00-9:30 a.m.
Dinner: 4:25-8:00 p.m. (Sun.-Thurs.)
                                                    Lunch: 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
        4:25-7:00 p.m. (Fri.-Sat.)
                                                    Dinner: 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Cookie Break: 9:30-10:30 p.m. (Sun.-Thurs.)
Saturday                                            Brunch: 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Breakfast: 8:00-10:45 a.m.
                                                    Dinner: 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Lunch: 10:45 a.m.-4:25 p.m.

Dinner: 4:25-7:00 p.m.

Breakfast: 8:00-10:45 a.m.

Lunch: 10:45 a.m.-4:25 p.m.

Dinner: 4:25-8:00 p.m.

(Schilletter is closed on weekends.)
Breakfast: 7:00-10:45 a.m.

Lunch: 10:45 a.m.-4:25 p.m.

Dinner: 4:25-8:00 p.m. (Mon.-Thurs.)
        4:25-7:00 p.m. (Fri.)

           What’s a loft? It’s a raised frame built up
                                                                  Second, if you want to rent or purchase a loft,
     from the floor to hold a bed. Students like them        we suggest you use one of the services provided by
     because they provide more floor space for things        either the University Bookstore or Student Gov-
     such as futons and TVs.                                 ernment. To rent lofts from Collegiate Concepts
           However, using a lofted bed means that you        (sponsored by Student Government) visit www.
     may be sleeping as much as five feet off the floor, or call 1-888-929-0806. Collegiate
     and that’s a long way down! Because of these            Concepts offers a pre-arrival delivery service so the
     safety concerns, our enthusiasm for lofts is limited.   loft can be delivered to your room (unassembled)
     Many factors are involved in designing a safe loft,     before you arrive. The University Bookstore has
     and there are significant risks involved in using an    literature available on a company called Timbernest,
     improperly designed or constructed loft. Conse-         or go online to for more infor-
     quently, we strongly discourage the construction        mation on their lofts. Clemson’s college code for
     and use of “homemade” lofts. But, we provide            Timbernest is CF74. Details on pricing, delivery and
     two options as alternatives to building your own        pickup are available from each company.
     loft.                                                        However, if you still intend to build your own
           First, much of the bed furniture that we          loft, we insist that you use specific construction
     provide is modular and already designed to be           guidelines, which are available on our Web site at
     bunkable and/or loftable. This furniture has been Printed copies are also
     properly engineered and built with strength and         available from the University Housing office. These
     safety in mind. Your RA can show you how it             are strict construction guidelines — and for your
     works and provide you with any special con-             safety and the safety of others — they are not nego-
     nectors needed for lofting or bunking. This is          tiable.
     definitely the preferred way to go, from the stand-          Lofts may be used in most traditional resi-
     point of safety and convenience.                        dence halls. Outside lofts (purchased, rented or
constructed) are NOT allowed in any of the

                                                                                                            What’s In and Out
apartment areas, Fraternity and Sorority Hous-
ing on the Quad, the Clemson House or any of
the suite-style buildings. However, all of these
areas are furnished with modular furniture that is
bunkable and/or loftable.

Leave “Fluffy” at Home!
     Unless “Fluffy” is the name of your fish,
you can’t bring him to live in your room! The
only pets you may have in the residence halls
or apartments are fish (tank size limited to 10
gallons or less). That means no dogs, no cats,
no lizards, no snakes, no frogs, no monkeys, no
birds! Campus life just doesn’t suit having a pet.

Many of your fellow students are allergic to ani-
mals, and most animals carry parasites such as
fleas, ticks and mites.

     One of the saddest things on campus is the
growing number of stray cats and the wild kittens
they produce. Some strays are here because soft-
hearted students saw the cute little kittens and      Bugging Out
took them back to their room, only to be cited             If you’re from a colder climate, get ready for
for a rule violation and charged $50. There are       a shock. If you’re from the South, you’ve seen
also students who abandon their pets at the end       them before . . . bugs! We love South Carolina’s
of the school year. It is sad to see these strays,    mild winters, but so do the bugs. These pests
but keep in mind that when you feed them, they        can be aggravating, but if we work together, we
will start to depend on you for their meals. So       can control the problem. The University has
if you truly love animals, don’t become a part of     a contract with a privately owned pest control
the problem.                                          company. Buildings are inspected monthly and
     When you see an abandoned animal, con-           treated as needed.
tact a Housing representative. We’ll try to find it        You can also help fight these little invaders.
a good home, or it will be taken to a local shelter   Be aware of how pests enter your room. Some-
for adoption.                                         times they come in with items that have been
                                                      stored outside or in a book bag that was left in
Wild Things                                           the grass with food inside. Or they might venture
     Parts of the University are in wooded areas,     in through opened doors or windows. Once in-
where many woodland creatures make their              side, they’ll find food and water, and you’ll have
home. You’ll see an occasional squirrel scamper-      bugs for roommates. These are some additional
ing around, and sometimes even catch a glimpse        things you can do:
of a skunk or opossum. However, if an animal be-
comes confrontational, stay calm, leave quickly       •	 Report	sightings	of	pests	to	the	Housing	Main-
and report it to the nearest Housing official.           tenance Office at (864) 656-5450.
•	 Keep	all	opened	food	items	sealed	in	plastic	con-
•	 Keep	all	makeup	and	toiletry	containers	closed.
•	 Keep	your	room	clean.
•	 Empty	your	trash	can	daily.
•	 Work	to	reduce	pest	entryways.
•	 Turn	in	maintenance	problems	promptly.
•	 Wipe	up	spills	as	they	occur.
•	 Clean	the	refrigerator	regularly	(and	in	apart-
   ments don’t forget the stoves, sinks and
   countertops, too).

Be a Tiger Conservationist
     When you live in University housing, we ask
you to practice good environmental and conser-
vation habits. Make efficient use of all resources.
Conserving water and electricity are two of the most
important things you can do to make a positive im-
pact, such as not letting the water run in the sink
while you brush your teeth or shave.
     Always put trash in its proper place. Littering
(inside or outside the buildings) is not permitted
under any circumstances. In short, take responsibil-
ity for your own actions. If you make a mess, please
clean it up.
     We also ask you to reduce, recycle and reuse
materials whenever possible. The University has an
award-winning recycling program in which all fac-
ulty, staff and students make a difference. University
Housing also promotes the Lighten Your Load pro-
gram at the end of the spring semester. This program
allows students to donate unwanted items to local
charities, which decreases the number of things they
have to take home or store. It’s also a worthwhile
opportunity to help others.
     As you spend your time in University build-
ings and around campus, look for ways to support
sustainable living, and get involved in helping to
conserve our precious natural resources.
                                                                                                                 Safety Rules at CU
                     Play It

On Campus
                      Safe                              University has invested heavily in improved light-
     Although the Clemson University campus and         ing, emergency telephones and security-conscious
surrounding city are relatively safe, they are still    landscape design and maintenance. In other words,
vulnerable to criminal activity. Educate yourself       Clemson University is committed to providing a
about the resources available to you and the ways       safe and secure environment for students, faculty
you can help protect yourself.                          and staff.
     Even before passage of the “Student Right               The prompt reporting of crimes is encouraged.
to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990,”               If you have a problem at Clemson, we want to
Clemson voluntarily reported its crime statistics to    know about it. And, we work hard to make sure
the FBI and has done so since 1980.                     “the system” will be responsive to your needs.
     Clemson also has a staff of student life pro-           Additional information on security policies
fessionals who are continually trained in crime         is contained in the Student Handbook and in the
prevention, building security, personal safety,         Campus Safety Report, which also contains statis-
counseling, victim assistance, student discipline       tics on crime at the University and in the city of
and other areas. They ensure that the policies,         Clemson.
procedures and educational programs are in place
to educate students about personal safety and to        A Word About Alcohol
respond quickly and effectively to problems in cam-         We want our students to have fun and enjoy
pus housing and elsewhere.                              themselves, but we take a strong stance against not
     The campus and its physical facilities are main-   only the use of illegal drugs, but also against under-
tained with safety in mind. In recent years, the

     age drinking and the abuse of alcohol by those of any      •	 Walk	in	well-lighted,	well-traveled	areas.
     age.                                                       •	 Make	sure	someone	knows	where	you	are	and	when	
          The legal drinking age in South Carolina is 21.          you expect to return.
     Consequently, the possession or consumption of alco-       •	 Dress	for	freedom	of	movement	—	don’t	wear	con-
     hol in any form by anyone under age 21 is against the         fining or uncomfortable clothing.
     law and is, therefore, prohibited on the Clemson           •	 After	dark,	have	your	keys	ready	before	you	get	to	
     University campus. Violations of this law and related         your room, apartment or car; park in a well-lighted
     University policies are considered very serious offens-       area.
     es, and the penalties can be significant.                  •	 Always	look	into	the	back	seat	of	your	car	and	un-
          We say this to you, our new students, because we         der your car before getting in. Also, lock your doors
     want you to be successful in every way here at                while driving.
     Clemson. Experience has shown us that many students        •	 Always	lock	your	room/apartment	door	at	night	or	
     ignore or trivialize the issue of underage drinking.          while sleeping.
     Please don’t make that mistake! This is a serious issue    •	 If	you	receive	annoying	or	obscene	phone	calls,	
     with serious consequences.                                    hang up and report the call to the CUPD.
          Sure, you can have fun. But, use your head. Have      •	 Always	find	out	who	is	on	the	other	side	of	the	
     fun legally, and use good judgment. That way, every-          door before you open it.
     one wins!                                                  •	 Take	note	of	where	the	outdoor	campus	phones	are	
     Hall Security and Card Access                              •	 For	your	safety,	when	a	temporary	key	is	issued	and	
          University Housing has a perimeter card access           not returned by the deadline, your room or apart-
     system installed in all campus residence halls. Perim-        ment locks will be changed (recored). This may
     eter card access is a system that allows you to use your      result in a $50 fine.
     student ID card to enter certain exterior doors of the
     residence halls. The system is designed to deny en-        What You Need to Know About Physical and
     trance into the residence halls by people who do not       Sexual Assault
     have permission to enter. In order for this system to          These strategies also have been found to help
     work, we need your help. Please don’t allow anyone to      avoid or prevent assaults:
     follow you in a door; don’t allow anyone to use your       •	 Be	on	the	alert;	be	aware	of	danger	early.
     ID card; and never prop open a door for any reason.        •	 Yell,	flee,	kick.
                                                                •	 Display	outrage	rather	than	fear.
     Your Personal Safety
                                                                •	 If	your	life	is	in	danger,	use	passive	resistance	(vom-
          We make every effort to maintain a safe campus
                                                                   it, urinate, tell the attacker you are diseased).
     for all students. However, there are some things you
     can do for your own safety:
                                                                   Emergency Telephone Numbers
     •	 Walk	in	groups	of	two	or	more	after	dark.	
                                                                   University Police Department                   911
     •	 Never	hesitate	to	use	the	CUPD’s	(Clemson	
        University Police Department’s) free Escort Ser-           Fire Department                                911
        vice. Call (864) 656-2222.                                 Redfern Health Center                   656-2233
     •	 Ride	the	free	Clemson	Area	Transit	(CAT)	bus	ser-          Ambulance                                      911
        vice.                                                      Rape Crisis Hotline                     442-5500
                                                                   0CAPS                                   656-2451
                                                            suspicious acts or persons to CUPD at (864) 656-2222
                                                            (or 911). More information about your safety will be
                                                            available when you arrive on campus. For additional
                                                            information about staying safe, keeping your things
                                                            safe and getting a list of safety tips, visit www.clemson.
                                                            edu/cupd or

                                                            Keeping Your Things Safe
                                                            •	 Before	coming	to	campus,	have	identification	num-
                                                               bers engraved on your valuable belongings such as
                                                               laptops, bikes, stereos, etc., and register them with
                                                               the CUPD.
                                                            •	 Examine	your	parents’	homeowners	policy,	and	be	
                                                               sure your personal property is insured.
                                                            •	 Always	close	and	lock	your	doors	and	windows	
                                                               whenever you go to bed and whenever you leave
                                                               your room or apartment, even if you’re just going
                                                               away for a few minutes. Never loan out your key,
                                                               and report a lost key immediately to your RA. If
                                                               you can’t find your key, see your RA about a recore.
                                                               (See Key Policy on page 35.)
                                                            •	 Don’t	keep	a	lot	of	cash	in	your	room.	
     If you are a victim or know a victim of an assault,    •	 Follow	all	visitation	and	escort	policies.
follow these guidelines:                                    •	 Register	your	property	with	the	Police	Department	
•	 Call	police	(911).	Get	medical	attention	immedi-
                                                            •	 Keep	all	outside	doors	locked.	Propping	outside	
   ately. At a health care facility you will be seen by a
                                                               doors for easy re-entry makes the entire building
   physician, and you can talk with an assault special-
                                                               less secure and is considered a very serious violation
   ist. (Your identity will be protected at all times.)
                                                               of policy.
•	 Report	the	crime	to	the	CUPD.	Even	if	you	choose	
                                                            •	 Keep	your	room	door	locked.
   not to press charges, you may save another victim
                                                            •	 Report	all	suspicious	activities	and	individuals	to	
   from the same fate. If you think you’re going to
                                                               the desk staff, night security officers and the police.
   press charges, do not bathe or destroy any evidence
                                                            •	 Always	lock	your	car,	and	never	leave	valuables	in	
   such as clothing.
                                                               your car.
•	 Try	to	get	an	accurate	description	of	the	assailant’s	
                                                            •	 Park	your	car	in	the	designated	lots	if	you	leave	it	
   appearance, what was said or any other information
                                                               on campus during breaks.
   that will assist police.
                                                                Visit for additional infor-
    “Date rape drugs” are present on most college           mation.
campuses, and they have been found in Clemson. Do
not take a drink from an open container or from a
drink not prepared in your presence. Never leave a
drink unattended. Know who you are with. Report all

     Fire Safety                                                 •	 Do	not	overload	circuits	by	plugging	too	many	ap-
          Fire safety in a residence hall or apartment is           pliances into one outlet. If two or more appliances
     everyone’s responsibility. It’s important that you not         with a combined wattage of more than 1,500 watts
     only follow fire safety procedures, but report all viola-      are used, you must have an Underwriter Laboratory-
     tions or fire hazards to your RA immediately.                  approved power strip with a built-in circuit breaker
     •	 Smoke	only	in	designated	areas	.	.	.	NEVER	IN	              (15 amp or less).
        BED.                                                     •	 Extension	cords	shall	not	be	used	as	a	substitute	for	
     •	 Turn	off	electric	blankets,	irons,	lamps	and	curling	       permanent wiring.
        irons right after use.                                   •	 Extension	cords	must	not	be	used	in	succession	or	in	
     •	 Never	cover	lamps	with	any	material	for	any	rea-            conjunction with power strips.
        son.                                                     •	 If	you	see	a	fire,	immediately	move	to	a	safe	area,	and	
     •	 Candles	and	other	open	flame	devices	are	not	               call 911 to report the fire.
        allowed in residence halls or apartments (not even       •	 If	your	clothing	catches	on	fire,	drop	to	the	floor,	and	
        for decoration.)                                            roll back and forth until the flame is out.
     •	 Halogen	lamps	are	not	permitted	in	residence	            •	 ALWAYS	take	fire	alarms	seriously,	and	leave	the	
        halls or apartments.                                        building by assigned routes.
     •	 Check	the	smoke	detector	in	your	area	weekly.	           •	 Gas	grills	may	not	be	used	or	stored	in	any	residential	
        Go to your hall or apartment front desk for re-             area (including apartments).
        placement batteries. If you have a fire extinguisher     •	 All	curtains,	decorations	or	displays	used	in	windows	
        in your area, check it, too.                                must be made of flame-resistive materials.
     •	 Keep	hallways	and	exit	paths	clear	at	all	times.         •	 Do	not	tamper	with	or	remove	any	fire	detection	de-
                                                                    vice, and do not hang anything from a sprinkler head.
                                                                 •	 Portable	electric	space	heaters	are	not	permitted	in	
                                                                    residence halls or apartments.

                                                                                                                               Campus Savvy
                       That’s the
     Since you’re new here, you probably have a lot
of questions about living on campus. This section
                                                               Annex, Benet, Young, Geer, Sanders, Byrnes, Lever, Man-
                                                               ning, Smith, Barnett, Mauldin and Holmes. For detailed
                                                               information concerning the consumption of alcohol in
will give you a better idea of your rights on campus as        University housing, contact your RD or area housing of-
well as Clemson University’s regulations put in place          fice. Also refer to your Student Handbook.
for your safety and well-being. Our policies are cre-                The Medical Alcohol Amnesty Policy (MAAP)
ated to make an atmosphere that helps all students             is one component of the University’s comprehensive
                                                               approach to reducing harmful consequences caused by ex-
enjoy and benefit from their university experience.            cessive alcohol consumption.
                                                                     Anyone who receives emergency medical attention
Alcohol Policy                                                 for alcohol consumption or seeks assistance for someone
     The University’s policies on the possession and           in an alcohol-related emergency will not be charged with
consumption of alcohol are the same as the municipal           violations of University alcohol-related policies. Protec-
ordinances and state and federal laws. For students of legal   tion under this policy is applicable only once in a two-year
drinking age, the University does not restrict the posses-     period for those receiving the medical assistance. A repre-
sion or consumption of alcohol in your private residence       sentative of an organization holding an event is required
(your room or apartment) except in certain residence halls     to promptly seek medical assistance in an alcohol-related
designated as alcohol-free. However, in public areas outside   emergency. No organization may receive protection under
of your residence, you may not have an open container          the new policy more than once a year.
of an alcoholic beverage of any kind. Public areas include           This new policy does not exempt students from arrest
residence hall lobbies, utility/study rooms, hallways and      or criminal prosecution for violating alcohol- or drug-relat-
areas immediately outside residence halls and apartments.      ed laws. It applies only to enforcement of the University’s
Possession, consumption or display of alcohol or alcohol       student conduct code.
containers is not permitted in any area designated as
alcohol-free. A number of residence halls are designated
as totally alcohol-free. These include Johnstone Main and

     Asbestos                                                            Room Property Certificate
          Some areas of University housing have asbestos-contain-              The Room Property Certificate is the document that
     ing materials present. A licensed asbestos abatement team           each resident is required to review and sign online during the
     manages these materials. Students, especially those erect-          first 24 hours after moving into University housing. It’s very
     ing and using lofts, should use caution and not disturb any         important that you review the room/apartment items carefully
     sprayed-on ceiling materials. Any questions concerning the          and work with your RA if you have any issues. If you don’t
     asbestos materials, locations and hazards should be referred to     complete the process, at the end of the year you could be held
     the Housing Facilities Office or the Asbestos Abatement Program     responsible for anything wrong with your room or apartment
     director at (864) 656-0242 for further clarification.               regardless of its condition when you moved in.

     Banners and Signs                                                   Cooking
          Hanging banners on residence halls is a good way to cam-            Housing has restrictions against cooking in residence hall
     paign for office, announce an event or show your school spirit.     rooms (not apartments) for a couple of reasons:
     But before displaying your sign, check with your RA or RD to             1) Fire safety
     find out where signs may be displayed. If you put up a banner,           2) Sanitation
     you’re responsible for taking it down no later than 24 hours             Anything you can prepare in a thermostatically con-
     after it’s “old news.” Be sure all the tape remains are removed,    trolled percolator or a hot-air popcorn popper is legal. You
     too.                                                                may also use the combination microwave/refrigerator-freezer
                                                                         (Microfridge) available for rent from Student Government.
     Candles, Incense, Fireworks, Firearms,                              Any other type of cooking equipment must be stored and used
     Inflammables and Explosives                                         in your residence hall kitchen, not in your room. Violations
           Due to concerns for fire safety and personal safety, having   of this policy will result in a $50 charge. Grills of any kind,
     or using any items that might be classified under these head-       propane gas tanks and gas or charcoal grill supplies cannot be
     ings is strictly forbidden in University housing. Violations        stored within or outside any campus residential area (including
     of this policy could result in suspension from the University,      apartments).
     eviction from University housing and/or separation from the
     University.                                                         Damages, Communal Property
           Grills of any kind, propane gas tanks and gas or charcoal          Your contract explains that when hallways, bathrooms,
     grill supplies cannot be stored within or outside any campus        elevators and other public areas in a residence facility receive
     residential area (including apartments).                            undue abuse, we expect the assistance of the residents of that

area in finding the person(s) responsible. When the person(s)         Housing Contract
cannot be identified, all residents will be required to pay a pro-         You are required to sign a University Housing Contract
rated share of repairing such damages.                                each year when you reserve a room or apartment, and it’s
                                                                      important that you read your copy carefully. Be sure you un-
Damages, Rooms or Apartments                                          derstand that the contract is binding for an entire academic
     As your University Housing Contract explains, you’re             year. You can’t move off campus after first semester unless
responsible for any damages that happen in your room or               you meet very specific conditions outlined in the contract. If
apartment while you live here. If damages are accidental, you         you’re thinking about moving off campus, talk with someone
must still pay repair costs. When damages are the result of           in University Housing before you make your plans.
vandalism, the person(s) responsible must not only pay for re-
pairs, but may also face disciplinary proceedings.                    Incident Reports
                                                                           Resident/apartment assistants and resident directors are
Drugs                                                                 charged with the responsibility of confronting and working
      All University officials, including Housing officials, will     with students who break University or Housing policies. Such
assist and cooperate with law enforcement personnel as they           violations are documented through incident reports, which
perform their duties in controlling the possession and use of         are completed and submitted by RAs and RDs. Once a stu-
illegal substances on campus. Students convicted of violations        dent violates a policy and an incident report is completed,
of state or federal laws are subject to further disciplinary action   a Housing administrator decides how the infraction is to be
by the University.                                                    handled. Violations of policy may be dealt with administra-
                                                                      tively or through the Office of Student Conduct.
Fire Safety
      On-campus residents can help keep their homes and their         Key Policy
neighbors safe from fire by following all Housing regulations              When you first report to your room or apartment, you’ll
concerning candles, fireworks, explosives, halogen lamps,             be issued one key free of charge. If you lose your key and need
the use of electrical equipment and general safety standards.         a temporary replacement, you may check one out from the
Any student who willfully compromises the safety of fellow            desk for your area. If you don’t find your lost key within 24
residents by tampering with fire safety equipment or sounding         hours or if you fail to return a temporary key by the stated
false alarms will be subject to criminal prosecution, eviction        deadline, your lock must be changed and new keys cut. The
from University housing and/or separation from the Univer-            resulting cost is $50. When you check out of University hous-
sity. Students who fail to evacuate when an alarm sounds are          ing, your key must be returned or rekeying will be necessary,
also subject to disciplinary action.                                  and you will be charged for the service. Room and apartment
                                                                      keys may be possessed only by the student assigned to the
Furniture Removal                                                     space. Giving or lending a key may result in a student conduct
     Every piece of furniture in your room or apartment at the        code violation.
time you move in must stay in the room/apartment for the
entire time you live there. You may not remove, store or trade        Ledges, Roofs, Attics and Equipment Rooms
furnishings. There is an automatic $50 charge for violating                The University Housing Contract expressly describes
this policy.                                                          these areas as “off-limits.” In the interest of your personal
                                                                      safety, we expect your cooperation in this matter.
    See “Candles, Incense, Fireworks, etc.”                           Lofts
                                                                           Lofts may be used in most traditional residence hall
Harassment                                                            rooms. See page 26 for more details on lofts. Lofting is NOT
     It is the policy of Clemson University to conduct and            permitted in Holmes, McCabe or the Stadium Residence
provide programs, activities and services to students, faculty        halls; the Clemson House; the Fraternity and Sorority Hous-
and staff in an atmosphere free from racial or sexual harass-         ing on the Quad; or any of the apartment areas.
ment. Harassment is any behavior that would verbally or
physically threaten, torment, badger, heckle or persecute an          Lounges
individual because of his/her race or gender. Harassment of                Many residence hall lounges are open for use by all resi-
University faculty, staff, students or visitors is prohibited and     dents on an unlimited basis. Others, however, may be reserved
shall subject the offender to appropriate disciplinary action.        for private gatherings of residents or student organizations
Students who feel that they have been subjected to racial or          through the appropriate area office.
sexual harassment should seek advice from the Office of
Human Resources.
     Quiet Hours
          Quiet hours are in effect from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.,
     meaning there should be no disturbing noise in the residence
     halls and apartments. At least one week before final exams
     and through the examination period, strict quiet hours are to
     be observed 24 hours a day.

         See “Ledges, Roofs, Attics, etc.”

     Room and Apartment Changes
          No room or apartment changes may be made unless a
     formal request has been submitted to the Housing office and
     approval has been received. Performing an illegal room change
     carries an automatic charge of $50. Questions about changes
     may be directed at any time to the associate director of
     assignments and marketing at 200 Mell Hall. Call (864) 656-
     2295 to make an appointment.

     Sales and Solicitation
          To protect your right to privacy in your residence hall
     room or apartment, the University has strict guidelines on
     fund-raisers, promotions or sales on campus. Also, if your right
     to privacy in your hall or apartment is ever violated by a door-
     to-door canvasser, please report it immediately to the RA or
     RD for your area.

         Members of the opposite sex are not allowed to use the
     shower facilities of the residence halls that are served by com-
     munal bathrooms.

     Smoke-free Halls
          All residence halls are designated as totally smoke-free
     areas. Apartment areas are self-regulated in regard to smoking.

          Members of the opposite sex are allowed in rooms and
     apartments every day, based upon the visitation for that area.
     You can review the visitation policies for residence halls, suites
     and apartment areas at

     Window Treatments/Displays
         All curtains, decorations or displays used in windows must
     be made of flame-resistive materials.

           TO I-85

                                                                  OLD S
                                                                       TONE CH
                                                                              URCH          RD.

                       Employee (Green Permit)
                       Restricted as Posted
                       Commuting Student (Orange Permit) and Employee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SILA

                       Resident Student (Blue Permit)
                       Apartment (Purple Permit)
                       Clemson House Resident Student (Purple Permit)                                                                                                                                                     R   D.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                E    YL
                       Emergency Call Station                                                                                                                                                               PE
                                                                                                                                                                                                              R   IM

                                                                                                                                                                                         RM                                                                                                E-2







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CHERRY RD.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             E-13                 15
                                                                                                                                                            20                                                                                                                           29

                                                                      E ST
                                                                  TO W                                                                                  .
                                                                                                                                                      RD                                                                                 16
                                                                                                                                             LA                                                                                                                                                                 11
                                                                                                                                      Mc                                                                                                                                              E

       WY. 7

U.S. H

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RY RD.

                                                                                                  DUNAVAN RD.


                                                                                                                                                                          17                                                   YAN D.
                                       P-1                                                                                                                                                                                   BR   R
                                                                                                                          MILLS RD.
                                                     NEWMAN RD.

                                                                                                                                      18                                                                                                                             13                                    R.
                                                                                       R.                                                                                                                                                                                                           WA
                                                                                  CI                                                                                                                                                                                                             RK

                                                                     MORRISON ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  C   AM

                     TO U.S. HWY 123         S.C. HWY. 93                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LEE ST.


                                                                                                                                            S     T.


            SILAS N. PEARMAN
                                      BLVD. (PE
                                                          R   D.)                                                                                                                                                                            P-4
                                                                                                                                                                         TO EAST CAMPUS

  C-11                                                                                               WIL
                                                   C-4              C-5                                                                                                 EN

                                                                                                        L IA

                                                                                              C-12                                  R-2                                   TE
                                                                                                                                                                                 NN                                           D.

                                                                                                                                                                                        LB                                  SR

                                                                                                                                                        C-3                       C-10D.

2                                                                                 C-13


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             C-7          C-9
                                                                                              SOUTH P
                                                                                                                                        E-4           6
                                                                             FE                                                                                              4                               WILL
                                                                                                                                                                 5                                                IA   MSO
                                                                                                                                    7                                                                                     N RD
                                                                                          .                                                 8
                                                                                                                                                                    .                                                                                           ST
                                             E-15                                                          E-32                                          IO
                                                                                                                                                                                 KL                                                                   IS

                                                                                                                                        3              UN
                                                                                                                                                                                       H                                                            HE
                                                                                         CA                                                                                                AV


                                                                                                      .                             2                                                                   25


                                                                                                                                                          1                                                                24


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         W H
       D   R.

                                                             . HWY. 93
                                                    VD. (S.C
                                               OX BL
                                       E R T. C

   C   AM
                                                                                                                                                                                         H    WY.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       93                             MELL HALL
                                   O BL
                                       VD.                                                                                                                                                                                            (MAIN HOUSING OFFICE
                           L   METT                                              10             AL
                    H PA                                                                                                                                                                                                           CO
                NORT                                                                              UM
                                                                                                    NI                                                                                                                               LL

                                                                                                          CIR                                                                                                                          EG

                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                           E
                                                                                        31                                                                                                                                                   AV


                                                                                                                                                                        OAK TER.


     Campus Map
     1. Johnstone A and A Annex

     The Suites
        2. McCabe
        3. Holmes
        4. Stadium Residence Hall

     The Shoeboxes
        5. Geer
        6. Sanders
        7. Benet
7       8. Young
        9. Cope

     10. Clemson House

     Bryan Mall
        11. Mauldin
        12. Barnett
        13. Smith
        14. Manning
        15. Lever
        16. Byrnes

     The Apartments
        17. Calhoun Courts
        18. Thornhill Village
        19. Lightsey Bridge I
        20. Lightsey Bridge II

     Fraternity and Sorority Housing on the Quad
         21. Bowen
         22. Bradley
         23. Donaldson
         24. Wannamaker
         25. Norris
         26. Simpson North
         27. Simpson South

     28. Hendrix Student Center
     Dining Halls
         29. Schilletter
         30. Harcombe
         31. Clemson House
Campus Entry A
     From Anderson on Highway 76: Pass
the S.C. National Guard (on right); at stop-
light, turn left onto Silas Pearman Boulevard
(Perimeter Road). From Easley/Greenville on
Highway 123: Turn left onto Highway 76 at
the Ramada Inn. Go under Highway 93 (do not
exit); at stoplight, turn right onto Silas Pearman
Boulevard (Perimeter Road, the next road to
the right). From Central on Highway 93: Exit
onto Highway 76 toward Anderson. Stay right;
at stoplight, turn right onto Silas Pearman
Boulevard (Perimeter Road).

Campus Entry B
     From Anderson on Highway 76: Exit onto
Highway 93, Clemson University Exit. From
Easley/Greenville on Highway 123: Exit onto
Highway 93 at Clemson University Exit. From
Seneca on Highway 123: Follow Highway
123. Turn right on Highway 76. Turn right onto
Highway 93 at Clemson University Exit. From
Central on Highway 93: Go straight onto cam-

Campus Entry C
    From Seneca on Highway 123: Bear right
onto Highway 93 to Clemson University. Go
across bridge; turn right onto Silas Pearman
Boulevard (Perimeter Road).

Campus Entry D
    From Seneca on Highway 123: Bear right
onto Highway 93 to Clemson University. Go
across bridge; pass Silas Pearman Boulevard
(Perimeter Road); turn right at next stoplight
onto Williamson Road.
            Getting Here
Coming to

     Lightsey Bridge                                               Calhoun Courts
         From Anderson, Easley/Greenville and Central:                 Follow directions to Campus Entry B. Turn at first left
     Follow directions to Campus Entry A. You are on Silas         onto Newman Road. Go through Thornhill Village; turn
     Pearman Boulevard (Perimeter Road). Pass Fire Station;        right onto Morrison Street. Park and walk to Calhoun
     turn right onto Lightsey Bridge Road.                         Courts Commons Building to check in and get your key.
         From Seneca: Follow directions to Campus Entry C.         You may then move your car to the street near your apart-
     You are on Silas Pearman Boulevard (Perimeter Road).          ment to unload.
     Pass football stadium, Strom Thurmond Institute, Cherry
     Road and Resident Parking Lot; turn left onto Lightsey        Clemson House
     Bridge Road. Report to desk at Lightsey Bridge Commons             Follow directions to Campus Entry B. Follow Highway
     Building to check in and pick up your key.                    93 to first stoplight; turn right onto North Palmetto Bou-
                                                                   levard. You can follow that road to the front of Clemson
     Thornhill Village                                             House or turn right immediately on Lee Street and turn
          Follow directions to Campus Entry B. Turn at the first   left on Daniel Drive. Pick up your key at the front desk.
     left onto Newman Road. Park near assigned apartment;          You may park in any marked space to unload.
     report to Thornhill Village Commons Building to check in
     and pick up key. Residents may leave cars parked in adja-
     cent resident spaces after unloading.

Bryan Mall                                                     Johnstone Hall
Byrnes, Manning, Lever, Smith, Barnett and                     Sections A and A Annex
Mauldin Halls                                                       From Anderson, Easley/Greenville, Central, Seneca:
     From Anderson, Easley/Greenville, Central: Follow         Follow directions to Campus Entry B. Follow Highway 93
directions to Campus Entry A. You are on Silas Pearman         to the second stoplight; veer left toward Tillman Hall. You
Boulevard (Perimeter Road). Pass Fire Station; turn right      will approach Tillman Hall. You can either park on the
at Cherry Road. Turn left into Bryan Mall at stop sign.        street near Tillman or behind Tillman. You may pick up
If parking is full, you may park in the green spaces along     your key in the University Union loggia.
Cherry Road.
     From Seneca: Follow directions to Campus Entry C.         Holmes and McCabe Halls
You are on Silas Pearman Boulevard (Perimeter Road).                From Anderson, Easley/Greenville, Central: Follow
Pass football stadium and Strom Thurmond Institute; turn       directions to Campus Entry B. Follow Highway 93 to the
left onto Cherry Road. Enter Bryan Mall by turning left        second stoplight; veer left toward Tillman Hall; turn left at
at stop sign. If parking is full, you may park in the green    Calhoun Drive; and turn right at Fort Hill Street.
spaces along Cherry Road. Pick up your key at the front             From Seneca: Follow directions to Campus Entry D.
desk of your assigned hall.                                    Turn right onto Williamson Road and left onto Fort Hill
                                                               Street. Park in any available space, and pick up your key
The Stadium Residence Hall and the Shoeboxes                   at the front desk of your assigned hall.
Cope, Benet, Young, Geer and Sanders Halls
     From Anderson, Easley/Greenville, Central: Follow
directions to Campus Entry A. You are on Silas Pearman
Boulevard (Perimeter Road). Pass Fire Station; go through
traffic signal at Cherry Road; pass Strom Thurmond
Institute and turn right onto Williamson Road. Follow
Williamson Road to stop sign. Continue straight after stop
sign; turn right on South Palmetto Boulevard, and im-
mediately turn left into Sirrine parking lot, or go straight
on Williamson Road until Fort Hill Street; turn right and
park behind Geer or Sanders halls.
     From Seneca: Follow directions to Campus Entry C.
You are on Silas Pearman Boulevard (Perimeter Road). Go
past the football stadium (on your left) and turn left onto
Williamson Road. You can then either turn right onto
South Palmetto Boulevard and immediately left into the
Sirrine parking lot, or you can take a chance on finding
a slot in the loading docks behind the halls by continu-
ing on Williamson Road and turning right onto Fort Hill
Street. Pick up your key at the front desk of your assigned
     Call Us!
     Barnett Hall                                  Lightsey Bridge I Apartments
     Desk: 656-2130                                Desk: 656-1150
     RD Office:                        858-4230    RD Office:                      656-0422

     Benet Hall                                    Lightsey Bridge II Apartments
     RD Office: 656-2410               858-8861    Desk: 656-1150
                                                   RD Office:                      656-7022
     Byrnes Hall
     Desk: 656-2140                                Manning Hall
     RD Office:                        656-0420    Desk: 656-2311
                                                   RD Office:                      656-0522
     Calhoun Courts Apartments
     Desk: 656-2341                                Mauldin Hall
     RD Office:                        656-0421    RD Office:                      656-0670

     Clemson House                                 McCabe Hall
     Desk: 656-2057                                RD Office:                      858-8448
     RD Office:                        656-1841
                                                   Sanders Hall
     Cope Hall                                     RD Office: 656-2410             858-8861
     RD Office: 656-2410
                                                   Smith Hall
     Fraternity and Sorority Housing on the Quad   RD Office:                      858-4230
     Desk: 656-0528
                                                   Stadium Residence Hall
     RD Office:                         656-7578   Desk: 656-4800
                                        656-0703   RD Office:                      656-4817
     Geer Hall                                     Thornhill Village Apartments
     RD Office: 656-2410                           Desk: 656-1256
                                                   RD Office:                      656-1258
     Holmes Hall
     Desk: 656-1767                                Young Hall
     RD Office:                        656-4386    Desk: 656-2410
                                                   RD Office:                      858-8614
     Johnstone Hall
     Desk: 656-2366
     RD Office:                        858-8822

     Lever Hall
     Desk: 656-7325
     RD Office:                        656-0419

Additional University                            Equal Opportunity in Programs and Activities

                                                                                                                           Campus Contacts
Phone Numbers                                          Federal laws prohibit discrimination under programs and activ-
Admissions                         656-2287      ities receiving federal financial assistance. The statutes listed below
                                                 are applicable to Clemson University and provide in part:
Bookstore                          656-2050
Bursar’s Office                    656-2321      Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Career Center                      656-6000           “No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race,
Counseling and Psychological                     color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be
                                                 denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any
  Services                         656-2451
                                                 program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”
Fike Recreation Center             656-2315
Financial Aid                      656-2280      Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
Graduate Admissions                656-3195           “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be
                                                 excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be sub-
Honors College                     656-4762
                                                 jected to discrimination under any education program or activity
ID Services                        656-0763      receiving Federal financial assistance.”
International Programs
  and Services                     656-3614      Rehabilitation Act of 1973
IT Help Desk                       656-3494           “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the
                                                 United States, … shall, solely by reason of their disability, be
Library                            656-3027      excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be
Maintenance and Custodial          656-5450      subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving
Parking Services                   656-2270      Federal financial assistance.”
Pest Control                       656-5450
Post Office                        656-2351      Underage Drinking and Social Host Liability
                                                       In South Carolina, it is unlawful for persons to transfer or give
Registrar                          656-2171      alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Violations con-
Student Disability Services        656-6848      stitute criminal misdemeanors punishable by fines or imprisonment
Student Government                 656-2195      and may result in civil liability as well.
Tiger1 Card Services               656-0763
                                                 Clemson University Statement Regarding
Visitors Center                    656-4789
                                                      Clemson University does not discriminate against any indi-
Main Housing Office                              vidual or group of individuals on the basis of age, color, disability,
(864) 656-2295                                   gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or vet-
FAX: (864) 656-7615                              eran’s status.

Additional information is available at our Web
                                                       Clemson University conducts its programs and activities
                                                 involving admission and treatment of students, employment, teach-
                                                 ing, research and public service in a nondiscriminatory manner as
                                                 prescribed by federal law and regulation.
                                                       Inquiries concerning the above may be addressed to:
                                                 Clemson University
                                                 Clemson, South Carolina 29634
                                                 Office for Civil Rights
                                                 Department of Education
                                                 Washington, D.C. 20201

                                 Don’t Leave Home It
Here’s a checklist of things to consider bringing for your room or
❒   Alarm clock                          ❒   *Laptop
❒   Bathrobe                             ❒   Laundry supplies (detergent, laundry basket, hangers)
❒   *Blankets                            ❒   *Mattress cover (extra-long for a twin bed)
❒   Book bag/backpack                    ❒   *Pillows
❒   Can opener                           ❒   Plastic storage containers
❒   Cleaning supplies                    ❒   Radio
❒   Coffeepot/hot pot                    ❒   Raincoat
❒   Desk lamp (not halogen)              ❒   Room decorations (no candles or incense)
❒   Electrical surge protector           ❒   School supplies
❒   Fan                                  ❒   *Sheets (extra-long for twin bed)
❒   First-aid supplies                   ❒   Shower caddy
❒   Flashlight                           ❒   Television with cable cord
❒   Hairdryer                            ❒   Toiletries
❒   Hot-air popcorn popper               ❒   *Towels
❒   Iron                                 ❒   *Trash can
❒   Ironing board                        ❒   Umbrella
❒   Lap desk                             ❒   Vacuum cleaner


University Housing
200 Mell Hall
Box 344075
Clemson, SC 29634-4075
(864) 656-2295
FAX: (864) 656-7615

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