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									Virtual Team Manager
            perth       17 May 2010
            Adelaide    19 May 2010
            Melbourne   21 May 2010
            Sydney      24 May 2010
            brisbane    26 May 2010

            Presented by Dr John Gundry
            International expert in virtual topics.

            Successfully managing virtual
            and dispersed teams
            This intensive one-day Masterclass
            equips managers with the knowledge,
            skills and best practices to manage
            virtual and dispersed teams, making
            remote working and e-collaboration
            a success for their teams, their
            organisations and themselves.

            Strictly limited Numbers
Virtual Team Manager Masterclass 2010

Virtual Team Management                                       program
In today’s organisations more and more people are
working apart from one another in virtual, remote or       Session 1
                                                                        Introduction to the Masterclass
dispersed teams.                                                        Identify your learning objectives from the Masterclass.
The personal and organisational pay-off when virtual                    learn about your What I WIll Do that’s DIfferent record
teaming is successful is considerable, but so are the                   and your VIrtual Manager ’s CheCklIst.
risks. Due to their particular stresses, these teams are
more likely to fragment and fail than face-to-face
                                                           Session 2
                                                                        Introduction to virtual teaming
To reduce those risks, managers and leaders need skills                 Discover the benefits of virtual or dispersed teams
and approaches beyond those familiar from the face-                     and why organisations everywhere are adopting them
to-face workplace.                                                      understand their unique challenges and a framework
The Virtual Team Manager Masterclass delivers the                       for successfully managing remote working and
essential curriculum for virtual management that will                   e-collaboration.
equip you to:
   Recognise where remote management differs from
                                                           Session 3
                                                                        Selecting e-collaboration tools
   face-to-face management                                              High-performance virtual teams reach beyond email
   Select communication tools for effective remote                      and phone. get a helicopter view of the tools that
   collaboration                                                        successful teams use, together with a consumers’
   lead often-reluctant team members to use these                       report of each tool’s pros and cons across a range of
   tools and communicate effectively                                    communication tasks.
   Know when travel is essential, or desirable, or a
   waste of time and money
                                                           Session 4
                                                                        communication leadership
   Manage work at a distance, knowing when remote                       learn techniques for helping your team communicate
   control is suitable and when it is demotivating                      effectively at a distance.
   Align diverse and distant individuals to common
   team goals and methods
                                                           Session 5
                                                                        Managing virtual work
   lead your team in building a social fabric for                       understand the key aspects of virtual work that
   integration not separation                                           must be managed differently from face to face work.
   Build your own quality relationships with team
   members                                                 Session 6
                                                                        Team success factors
   Build mutual trust with and within the team                          Virtual or not, teams are teams. Discover the six factors
   Combat confusion, ambiguity and isolation whilst                     that make them successful and how to implement them.
   building commitment
   Help team members work productively
                                                           Session 7
                                                                        Relationships and trust at a distance
   Ensure you plan for enough of your own effort to
                                                                        quality relationships and trust underpin good remote
   manage effectively.                                                  teamworking and e-collaboration. learn how to foster
                                                                        these amongst remote team members.

                                                           Session 8
                                                                        Remote leadership
“Virtual Teaming is emerging                                            learn how to meet special team leadership challenges
as the dominant format for                                              when people are apart rather than together.

global organisations”                                      Session 9
                                                                        Managing virtual time
gartner Research Commentary COM-13-6192                                 Discover what a manager can do to relieve time
                                                                        pressures on themselves and their team to work

                                                           Session 10
                                                                        Review & close
                                                                        5.00 - 6.00 Networking Drinks
  Methodology                                    John Gundry b.Sc., ph.d
                                                 is Director of Knowledge Ability ltd,
Virtual Team Manager Masterclass is              ( a uK company that provides
a concentrated learning day focusing             specialised training, coaching and consulting
on essential knowledge, skills and best          services on all forms of post-geographic working.
practices for managing and leading virtual       He has delivered training in remote working and
and dispersed teams and e-collaboration          virtual teaming on three continents since 1995,
initiatives. Theory is minimised so that         and this will be his fifteenth visit to Australia since
participants receive practical solutions they    2001. Over 1,200 people have attended his previous
can apply immediately to achieve high            workshops in Australia.
performance and personal fulfilment for
themselves and their teams.                      An internationally-recognised expert on remote working and virtual
                                                 teaming, John has a background in psychology, communications systems,
Participants will take away approx 80-page       organisational consulting and virtual, remote work and learning and is
textbook-quality documentation to keep as        a graduate of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute’s (San Diego)
a long-term reference, plus a separate Virtual   International Executive Forum. He publishes in the academic and business
Manager’s Checklist of action items.             press and is co-author of Agile Networking - Competing Through the Internet
                                                 and Intranets.
  Who should attend                              For three years John has co-organised and co-chaired the Australian series of
                                                 GOING VIRTUAL conferences on remote, virtual working.
> Managers, leaders and senior members
  of dispersed teams and virtual teams,
  distributed work groups or teleworking
                                                    corporate comment:
> Anyone who manages or leads remote
                                                    In 2006, DVA reorganised how we do business with the veteran community, health
                                                    providers and others. This new approach established national lines of business with
> Human resources and information                   many staff and managers operating in geographically dispersed teams. Over 60 of our
  technology professionals                          managers and 160 team leaders and staff have attended John Gundry’s workshops
> Strategy-setters and organisational               and we are seeing positive changes in how we work together. With greater proficiency
                                                    in remote management, we are able to integrate resources nationwide, to offer a
                                                    better service, meeting the changing needs of our clients.
> Anyone needing 21st Century                       Stephen Grieve - director, people consulting 2 - people Services Group
  management skills                                 department of Veterans’ Affairs

                                                    “Dr John Gundry’s wealth of information has transformed the way we operate as
                                                    an international business. Increased mobility and cross-regional collaboration was
  program Timetable                                 challenging our old model of local leadership. We have now invested in the right tools,
                                                    increased planning and team formation time and are able to connect and perform as
Registration & coffee   8.30am     -   9.00am       a global studio.”
                                                    Tamsin Mclean, Global human Resources Manager,
Morning Tea             10.30am    -   10.45am      Woods bagot - Australia, Middle East, Europe.
lunch                   12.30pm    -   1.30pm
                                                    BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of
Afternoon Tea           3.00pm     -   3.15pm       advanced defence, security and aerospace systems, with major operations across five
Finish                  5.00pm                      continents and in more than 100 countries. In November 2008 John Gundry conducted
                                                    a Virtual Teaming Masterclass for 20 of our managers in Adelaide, subsequent to
Networking drinks       5.00pm     - 6.00pm
                                                    the BAE take-over of Tenix. This workshop was one of the strategies used to ensure
Breaks and lunch fully provided                     the successful integration of the two organisations and the development of virtual
                                                    teaming. This capability has contributed significantly to our proficiency in virtual and
                                                    remote management.
                                                    leanne hague, learning and development Manager

Strictly Limited Numbers                            bAE Systems, Australia

                                                    “Worley is an Australian-owned international engineering and services company that
Early booking recommended. This                     operates over 44 offices in 20 countries. John Gundry introduced us to virtual teaming
                                                    in 2001 and his training and consulting has been very important in developing our
interactive workshop is restricted to a             capability to ‘go virtual.’ We can now integrate geographically-spread resources into
maximum of 20 participants, to facilitate           one effective team so that complex and specialist work can be completed quicker and
                                                    more cost effectively. This has significant positive impact on our revenues, customer
group interaction and to allow the                  satisfaction and our peoples’ quality of life.”
presenter to give personal attention to             lindsay Wheeler, General Manager process, Worley Group, Australia

the needs of individual participants.
Virtual Team Manager Masterclass 2010

Venues                           Fee: The registration fee, including gST, is $935 per attendee including lunches,
                                 refreshments, workshop papers. For groups of three or more from the same
pERTh                            organisation the fee, including gST, is $880 per attendee. Fees must be paid no later
17 May 2010                      than one week prior to commencement of the workshop.
Crowne Plaza Perth
54 Terrace Road                  Registration: Register online at or forward the completed
East Perth WA 6084               registration form by fax, post or email to secure your place. Payment must be made
Tel: (08) 9270 4201              prior to the workshop

AdElAIdE                         GST: Fees quoted include 10% gST. Registered entities will be able to claim an input
19 May 2010                      tax credit for gST charges on taxable supplies made by PICS. It is the responsibility of
HIlTON ADElAIDE                  those entities to assess their eligibility for any such tax credit.
233 Victoria Square              payment: On receipt of your registration a gST invoice will be issued by PICS. Payment
Adelaide SA 5000                 may be made by cheque payable to PiCS, credit card, or electronic transfer.
Tel: (08) 8217 2000
                                 cancellations: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute attendee is always
MElbOuRNE                        welcome at no extra charge. Alternatively, we will make full and prompt refund for
21 May 2010                      cancellations received fourteen days prior to commencement of the workshop less a
quAy WEST MElBOuRNE              20% administration fee.
26 Southgate Avenue
Southgate VIC 3000               Accommodation: If accommodation is required it may be booked privately at the
Tel: (03) 9693 6000              conference hotel. Ask for the conference discount:
                                          Perth          CROWNE PlAZA PERTH         Tel: (08) 9270 4201
SydNEy                                    Adelaide       HIlTON ADElAIDE            Tel: (08) 8217 2000
24 May 2010                               Melbourne quAy WEST MElBOuRNE             Tel: (03) 9693 6000
quAy WEST SyDNEy                          Sydney         quAy WEST SyDNEy           Tel: (02) 9240 6000
98 gloucester Street                      Brisbane       SOFITEl BRISBANE           Tel: (07) 3835 4444
The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9240 6000              REGISTRATION FORM                                                                               PICS ABN: 15 062 943 766
bRISbANE                                                                                                                                   One form per person.
                                 Virtual Team Manager Masterclass 2010                                                                   Photocopy if necessary.
26 May 2010
                                 Please complete and return with your payment to PICS as soon as
SOFITEl BRISBANE                 possible. Registration Fees are payable in advance.
249 Turbot Street
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enquiries, please contact:
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Jill Moor - P.I.C.S.
PO Box 1040                      I wish to attend:                         pERTh       AdElAIdE        MElbOuRNE                SydNEy           bRISbANE
Hawthorn, Vic 3122
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