Useful tips by theslasher


									Useful tips

   Use white craft paper or white multipurpose paper, no
    smaller than 8 ½” X 11” but no larger than 9” X 12”. Avoid
    the use of notebook paper.
   Write legibly (or type) so others enjoy reading your story!
   Create pictures that are big, colorful and clear!
   Avoid binding stories; instead, staple story at the upper left
    corner. There is no need for folders, plastic binding, sheet
    protectors and the like.
   Entry form should be placed on top of each story, but do
    not glue, paste or bind in any manner the entry form to the
    story (paper clips OK). Entry forms will be separated from
    the story during the judging process.
   Seek help from parents, teacher or big brothers and
    sisters! But, remember that the child is the author and
    illustrator who imagines the overall concept, text and design
    for his story.
   For parents, remember that your signature on the entry
    form confirms the originality of your child’s story and art
    and grants permission to use the entry for promotional

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