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									                       MARKETING PLAN WORKSHEET
The objective of the worksheet is to help provide a template for your Website. By
working with the topics below, you will be able to paste them into your Website. This
Worksheet is part of a required assignment, counting as one-third of your final grade.

Submit this worksheet as a report, including a coversheet, outlining each of the 12 areas
below. This worksheet is due by Lecture #5 or __________________

     1. Open Microsoft Word and save a blank page on your memory stick with the file name
        “marketing plan”
     2. This worksheet is opened now as a PDF document. You must copy the contents into
        Microsoft Word. Highlight the text below and click “copy”.
     3. Go back to your Word document titled “marketing plan” and “paste”. It should now be
        a standard word processing document you can work on anywhere.
     4. There will be lots of formatting work to be done on the document to make it look
        good. Some time will be required to change fonts, change spacing, erasing the
        instructions for each part.
     5. Beginning filling in the worksheet erasing the instructions including this part as you go
        through the document. You will be left with your Marketing Plan to be submitted for
     6. Information in this document will become the content for your website.
     7. This document itself is to be submitted as a comprehensive report and will count as
        1/3 of your grade, so do a good job both with contents and appearance.
     8. It must be submitted on time! As in the real world of business, students are expected
        to meet deadlines. Late submissions are subject to grade penalties.

                             Marketing Plan – (Xyz Industries)

                                                                 MRKT 266 – Internet Marketing
                                                                       Spring Semester, 2008

1: Business proposals
         Suggest a business for which you could develop a Website. Describe this
         business in general terms in a short paragraph and list several advantages and
         disadvantages of operating this enterprise.

2: Rationale
         Explain in detail why you’d like to start this business. What interests you in this
         business? When did you first start to think about this concept? What special
         skills, training, or experience might you have in this area? Is your business
         concept a dream or could it become a reality? How does it fit with your
         educational and career goals?

Run date; January 21, 2008                     -1 -                     Marketing Plan Worksheet266
Marketing Plan Worksheet

3: Naming the business
         Develop at least 2 names for the business. Names should be unique, descriptive,
         easy to pronounce, spell, and remember, and most important useable. Names
         such as JSB Industries or Ajax Associates are poor choices. The name should tie
         in to a usable URL name. Explain why you picked the names, then select one of
         the two you started with.

4: Finalizing your business selection and writing the mission statement
         Refine your general description of the business and re-write a detailed description
         of exactly what it is you want to do. Select the name for your business. Write a
         mission statement for your business. A mission statement specifies the essential
         purpose that differentiates the company from others. Additionally it specifies the
         organization’s overall goals and operational scope and provides general
         guidelines for future management actions. Write a short paragraph (2 or 3
         sentences) that begins “It is the mission of ______ to provide ______”.

5: General goals of the Website
         What are the general marketing goals and objectives of creating the Website?
         What do you want your site to do for you? Is your site a B2C, B2B, or C2C?
         What is the purpose of the site? Who will create the site?

6: Products and Services
         Develop a comprehensive list of your products or services with a short description
         of each. Next, describe the competitive advantages of your product/services?
         Lastly, identify your primary and secondary competitors.

7. Target Markets - Market Potential
         Identify your target markets. Who will your products or services appeal to?
         Select several demographic or psychographic groups your products/services will
         appeal to. What do you think the market potential would be for your product or

8. Pricing strategies, price list, price matrix
         Develop a pricing strategy for your product/services. Determine whether you
         want a penetration pricing strategy (low), a competitive pricing strategy (price at
         or near competition), or price skimming strategy (high).

Run date; January 21, 2008                    -2-                    Marketing Plan Worksheet266
Marketing Plan Worksheet

9. Sales and revenue goals
         Develop sales goals for the first year and using your price list, project revenues.
         Simply project sales in units for each product or service, and multiply by your
         price to obtain projected revenues. Suggestion – predict sales according to “worst
         case”, “most likely” and “best case”. Try to come up with a financial picture –
         you can’t operate without earning a profit!

10. Preparing your marketing plan for your Website
         Begin to assemble the essentials. What is the URL? Who will you register it
         with, and how much will it cost? Who will host your site and how much will it
         cost per month or year?

11. Develop a site map for your site
         Develop a site map for your Website and list metatags for each page. Metatags
         have two parts – first is the general description of your site and second is a list of
         key words search engines will look for in locating your site. The site map starts
         with the home page and illustrates its relationship to other pages. You will use
         the site map as a blueprint for the development of your site.

12. Site Content
         Write out the following information for your site, most of which will eventually
         be included on your web pages.
         Business Name
         Business Description
         Contact Information
                 Company name and primary mailing address
                 Mailing addresses of branch offices
                 Telephone, fax; individuals/or departments
                 E-mail addresses; individuals/or departments; may want to indicate
                         probable response time
         Hours of operation
         The Four A’s
                 Affiliations (BBB’s; Chambers of Commerce, industry and professional
                 Accreditations; credentials, degrees, certifications
                 Accolades; testimonies, awards, letters, quotes
                 Awards; Web design awards
         Staff information; who they are, how much experience, accomplishments, etc.
         External links – who will your site link to? You are required to have several.

Run date; January 21, 2008                    -3-                      Marketing Plan Worksheet266
Marketing Plan Worksheet

13. Site Promotion Strategies:
         Finally, how will you announce and promote your site? Sample promotional
         strategies are listed below. You must indicate how you plan to use them.
              E-mail marketing
              Traditional media advertising:
                    Print, electronic, out-of-home, yellow page, direct mail
              Brochures, catalogs, literature, flyers
              Sales promotion:
              Advertising specialties, premiums, giveaways, displays, trade shows, etc.
              Business stationery:
                    Cards, letterheads, envelopes, mailing labels, forms

Run date; January 21, 2008                 -4-                   Marketing Plan Worksheet266

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