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 Business update                                                                                                                                                         February 2006

                                               Focus on the environment
                                                 This issue features two companies – Collaborative Structures Limited and Greentec. Both
                                                 companies have a focus on environmental responsibility and in their own unique way are
                                                 striving to develop business practices that reflect these values.
   Structures Limited
                                               Green Structures
                                                       designing and constructing buildings with environmental consideration
        Building design and                      As energy prices rise, so does interest in building
      construction with a focus                  structures that are more energy efficient and
        on the environment                       environmentally friendly. David Timlock,
                                                 President of Collaborative Structures Limited
            Greentec                             believes in the concept of ‘green’ buildings – so
   Refurbishing and reusing toner                much so that his company’s new headquarters
   and ink cartridges that would                 facility, located in Cambridge, is being
    normally end-up in landfill                  constructed under strict environmental and
                                                 energy conservation guidelines.

           2005                                  LEED, or “leadership in energy and
        Award Winners                            environmental design”, is a green building rating
                   page 8                        system developed to achieve environmental,
                                                 economic and health benefits. This system will
      Building Activity                          form the standard for Timlock’s headquarters
                                                 construction project.                                                    Collaborative Structures’ new headquarters building features unique
          Statistics                                                                                                      styrofoam forms filled with concrete. Often reserved for residential
               pages 6 & 7                                                                                                construction, these forms offer superior insulation value and long-life.
                                                 A ‘green’ building is defined as a building
                                                 designed and constructed using practices that                             sustainable site planning; safeguarding water
                                                 significantly reduce or eliminate negative impact                         and water efficiency; energy efficiency and
                                                 on the environment and occupants. LEED                                    renewable energy; conservation of materials and
                                                 provides guidance in five broad areas including:                          resources; and indoor environmental quality.
                                                                                                                                                                             ...continued on page 2
               The Corporation of the       Whether relocating, expanding or forging new opportunities, Cambridge is a great place to do business.
               City of Cambridge
                                            For professional assistance with your business needs, contact the Economic Development staff at (519) 740-4536.

Bozena “Bo” Densmore,              Leah Bozic,                           Debbie Fee,                  Barb Turner,                       Alena Safarik,                     Colleen Falls,
Director of Economic Development   Senior Economic Development Officer   Special Projects Officer     Administrative Assistant           Executive Secretary to CAO         Clerical Assistant
ext. 4511                          ext. 4535                             ext. 4592                    ext. 4211                          ext. 4206                          ext. 4678
densmoreb@city.cambridge.on.ca     bozicl@city.cambridge.on.ca            feed@city.cambridge.on.ca   turnerb@city.cambridge.on.ca       safarika@city.cambridge.on.ca       fallsc@city.cambridge.on.ca
                       Green Structures
...continued from front page                                                                    The building also makes liberal use of recycled materials. The
                                                                                                aggregate under the parking lot is made up of slag from iron
David Timlock felt the need to take a leadership role in this area.                             smelting, normally an unused bi-product of the industrial process.
“I needed to set an example by constructing our own headquar-                                   Walls are constructed using styrofoam forms, a technique
ters with a mandate towards LEED certification. Although the                                    normally used in residential construction - contributing to the
initial construction costs are greater, the economic benefits are                               building’s insulation value. The building’s roof is clad in a long-life
foreseeable over time, and in fact the payback will be accelerated                              white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) material to reflect sunlight
as fuel costs rise.”                                                                            and reduce air conditioning costs. Even construction practices are
                                                                                                monitored under the LEED guidelines. For example, activities
Even though the construction of a LEED structure can add up to                                  that create dust or other debris are curtailed as these particles can
15% to the cost of construction, Timlock believes the approach is                               end up in the structure itself and eventually be circulated by the
well worth the investment.                                                                      heating or air conditioning system contributing to poor air quality.

Buildings constructed under the LEED initiative are rated on a
score card. There is a maximum of 70 attainable points and four
levels graduating from ‘certified’ to a ‘platinum’ standing. Each
project is judged at various stages of the construction process and
points are awarded as certain goals are achieved. A project must
obtain a minimum of 26 points to receive a certified status.

                                                                                                 An architectural illustration of the new headquarters of Collaborative Structures Limited
                                                                                                 located at 135 Thompson Drive in Cambridge’s Pinebush Industrial Subdivision.

                                                                                                Timlock has been involved in the construction of other environ-
                                                                                                ment project buildings. With over 20 years of experience in build-
                                                                                                ing design and contracting, he sees the LEED building initiative
                                                                                                as a future trend and believes all levels of government will soon be
                                                                                                mandated to use on their new building plans.
Technician inspects the state of the art roof mounted HVAC unit. The first of its kind,
this unit uses the latest technology for maximum efficiency. The reflective white roofing
material is also visible.
                                                                                                “We need to start thinking more long-term about the type of
                                                                                                structures we build,” he says. “Most modern buildings are
Collaborative Structures’ new headquarters, located at 135                                      constructed with a limited planned lifespan. In contrast, our new
Thompson Drive in the Pinebush Industrial Subdivision, will be                                  headquarters has a projected lifespan of well over 100 years, much
a benchmark for other builders to follow as the consumer demand                                 higher than most projects.”
for 'green' buildings increases. The building itself takes advantage
of its location in the subdivision.                                                             “The City of Cambridge has been very supportive of our project,”
                                                                                                says David Timlock. “We chose Cambridge as a location for this
“Our lot is situated next to an environmentally sensitive green-                                bench-mark project because of its strategic location. We have
belt/wetlands area," says David Timlock. The building faces south                               projects underway in Collingwood, Kitchener and Hamilton, and
towards the wetlands area and has windows along the entire wall.                                Cambridge offers us easy access within our market area.”
This offers a pleasant view for the building occupants, and takes
full advantage of available light.
                                                                                            Page 2
     Events toWatch for in 2006
 Waterloo Region Small Business                                                                            CTT Hosting Conference on
    Centre Update for 2005                                                                                 Competitiveness Enhancement
                                                                                                           June 12-15, 2006
                                     The           first in the Southwestern Regionals hosted by
                                                                                                           Looking for ideas to improve processes and increase
                                     Waterloo      the Centre in November and advanced to win
                                                                                                           productivity? “Whether competing against China or the
                                     Region        3rd runner-up in the Province, receiving a total
                                                                                                           world… Success in Manufacturing begins at Home,” is
                                     Sm a l l      of $2000 in bursaries for her submission.
                                                                                                           the theme for this year’s AME Canadian Regional Lean
Business Centre offers free one-on-one business    The deadline for this year’s entries is
                                                                                                           Conference centred at the Kitchener Delta Hotel with
plan consultation and market research              June 2nd, 2006.
                                                                                                           plant tours throughout Southwestern Ontario. The
assistance, a resource library, free guidelines,   Summer Company is a program that enables                conference is aimed at operational leaders at all levels
Internet usage for business purposes, as well as   full time students ages 15-29 to operate their          who need to make process changes to win.
small business information and contacts.           own businesses from May - September.
In 2005, the Centre assisted                                                                               “Last year’s Conference was held in Edmonton and drew
                                                                  Students receive an award up
approximately 3,800 aspiring                                      to $3000 for start up costs and          596 people from 26 U.S. States, 8 Canadian Provinces
entrepreneurs in the Cambridge                                    working capital from the                 and 5 Countries – we expect no less this year,” says David
area, which is a 6.5% increase                                    Ministry      of    Economic             Hogg, the Conference Co-Chair and president of the CTT-
over 2004.                                                        Development and Trade, small             based High Performance Manufacturing Consortium.
The Centre also hosts an                                          business training from the               The 76-element program is being assembled by
Ontario Business Connects                                         Centre and mentoring from                manufacturers for manufacturers. It consists of
Registration computer work-                                       the business community.                  36 company-delivered “best practices” presentations,
station, which enables sole pro-                                 The Centre would like to                  14 workshops, and 12 tours of area manufacturers.
prietorships, general partner-                                   congratulate the 2005 student             A highlight is the international quality of the 10 keynote
ships and trade names to be                                      participants on their accom-              speakers which includes Dr. Jim Womack, China’s Dan
registered with the Province of                                  plishments: Shannon Hancocks,             Joseph and Oakville’s Arthur Church.
Ontario for a cost of $60. Approximately 600       Different Stages; Andrea Turner, Your                   Based on input from a cross-section of North American
business registrations were completed at the       Neighbourhood Cleaner; Glen Sutherland, Spade           sources, the conference is organized by the Canadian
Centre’s workstation in 2005. Seminars and         Clothing and Matthew Blackie, Matt’s                    Region of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence,
workshops are available throughout the year        Landscaping.                                            and the High Performance Manufacturing Consortium in
dealing in topics such as business start-up,
                                                   As well, thank you to the 2005 Cambridge                partnership with the Canadian Manufacturers and
planning, market research, income tax and
                                                   Mentors for contributing to the success of the          Exporters, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in col-
many more. For a list of current seminars
                                                   program: Jean Leonard, Miller Thomson LLP;              laboration with Canada’s Technology Triangle. For more
being offered, please visit the Small Business
                                                   Laverne Forsyth, Forsyth Financial Services;            information contact Dave Hogg at dhogg@hpsinc.ca or
Centre’s website:
                                                   Vince Vasco, TD Canada Trust – Westgate                 visit www.measureupforsuccess.com.
www.waterlooregionsmallbusiness.com                Plaza; Nicole Morin, Cambridge Centre
Additionally, the Centre facilitates Youth         Honda; Donna Campbell, PT Solutions and
Entrepreneurship Programs offered by the           Women with Vision; and Bill Jarrett, Jarrett’s
Ministry of Economic Development and               Small Business Services.                                     Small Business Info
Trade. The Ontario Secondary School                The deadline for applications for Summer                      Nights for 2006
Business Plan Competition is open to any           Company is April 10th, 2006. For more infor-
full-time high school student ages 15-20 that                                                              The Economic Development staff will be at the
                                                   mation on the youth programs or assistance in
wishes to prepare a business plan for either a                                                             Cambridge Centre Mall for “Small Business
                                                   applying, please contact the Centre.
real or fictional start-up business. Last year’s                                                           Information Nights” on March 21, April 25, June 20,
                                                   The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre is located    September 19, and November 28, 2006 from
competition was a huge success, with many          on the main floor of Cambridge Place, 73 Water Street   3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Staff will display and distrib-
high school students submitting business plans     North. It is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 1:00 and
                                                                                                           ute small business literature and brochures, answer
for the chance to win cash prizes. Ultimately,     2:00 – 4:30. For assistance with your small business
                                                                                                           questions and provide assistance to existing small
Melinda Goertz from Waterloo Collegiate            needs, contact Jennifer Penney at 519.740.4536 ext.
                                                   4615 or penneyj@city.cambridge.on.ca                    business owners and potential entrepreneurs.
Institute earned top prize for the area, placed

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    Recycling the Usually Unrecycled
      Collecting and recycling toner and ink cartridges that would normally end-up in landfill

Greentec recycles the usually unrecycled. This Cambridge-based      cartridges and then funnel proceeds to charities that support
                           company has built a global business      environmental initiatives. For instance, through its partnership
                           around the collection and recycling of   and association with Tree Canada (www.treecanada.ca) – the
                           used print cartridges. Around the        THINKGREEN Fundraising Program has donated over
                           world today, millions of ink and toner   13,984 tree seedlings in less than one year. Locally Greentec is
                           cartridges are used and discarded in     also working in partnership with the Grand River Conservation
                           landfill sites. But Greentec’s mission   Foundation to support The Living Classroom - Campaign for
                           is to change that model and it is con-   Outdoor Education. Funds generated from the collection of
                           fident its efforts will help make a      used cartridges are used to benefit this worthwhile cause.
                           difference to the environment.
Tony Perrotta, President of Greentec
                                                                    At the heart of the operation is Greentec’s President, Tony
Greentec collects these cartridges through a number of different    Perrotta. Greentec began in Tony Perrotta’s Cambridge base-
programs and then resells them to companies that will either        ment in the early 1990’s. Within just five years, he had moved
reuse or recycle the materials. The facility in Cambridge sorts     his business to larger facilities in Mississauga, and in early 2005
collected cartridges – which are assigned a value based on          Greentec moved its operation back to Cambridge.
demand, and that amount is paid back to the collectors. Used
cartridges that are in demand are refurbished and sold back into
the market. Cartridges that are damaged or no longer in
demand are sent to recycling facilities where they are broken
down into their core materials – plastic and metal. The plastic
components are recycled into pellets that will be used to produce
a wide variety of new plastic parts. The metal pieces will
ultimately be melted down and used in the production of new
metal components. Recently, Greentec has also started the
collection of used cell phones. These phones are collected and
recycled in much the same manner as the cartridges.
                                                                    Used cartridges are sorted before being shipped to recycling facilities.

                                                                    “I chose the City of Cambridge because it’s a great place for
                                                                    business,” says Perrotta. “It’s an affordable place to live and do
                                                                    business. The City has a pro-business agenda and is well situat-
                                                                    ed geographically within South-Central Ontario. We can ship
                                                                    anywhere from this area within one day.”

                                                                    Greentec is environmentally tuned in every way. Even the
                                                                    Cambridge headquarters of Greentec was built to meet special
                                                                    ISO 14001 environmental standards and was designed and built
Greentec’s headquarters on Pinebush Road.                           by Collaborative Structures of Cambridge. (see feature article)
                                                                    The companies operating principle of environmental stewardship is
Central to Greentec’s business model is the THINKGREEN              integral to Tony’s and Greentec’s commitment to Cambridge – and
Fundraising Program. This community-based cartridge collection      the global community.
program allows retailers, businesses and schools to collect used

                                                               Page 4
8th Annual Southwest Region Ontario                                                            Cambridge Companies
                                                                                               Recognized as Top Performers
       Global Traders Awards                                                         Official Cambridge Business Times Business
                First Introduced in          awards ceremony held in Toronto on Top Performers 2005 Award Winners:
                1998, the Ontario            May 31, 2006. The Ontario Global
                Global Traders Awards        Traders Awards are presented by the · Accounting Firms: Deloitte & Touche LLP (Platinum)
                (OGTA) recognize the         Trade Investment Division of the · Advertising Agency: Mitographics Inc. (Silver)
                outstanding      export      Ministry of Economic Development and · Auto/Truck Leasing: Tandet Nationallease (Platinum)
                achievements of the          Trade. The Division offers Ontario · Auto Service Centre: Meineke Car Care Centre (Platinum)
most innovative and successful small and     companies products and programs                               Cambridge Auto Glass & Trim (Gold)
medium-sized enterprises, leaders and        including one-on-one export consulting, · Bank/Trust Company: Scotiabank (Platinum)
students in Ontario.                         export seminars and workshops, trade · Business Networking Association: Waterloo Region Business
                                             missions and the popular Getting Ready                                    Enterprise Centre (Silver)
Now in its eighth year, the reputation of
                                             to Export Guide.                        · Car/Truck Rental: Hertz Canada (Gold)
the awards is growing and winners are
                                                                                               · Caterer: Party Time Catering (Gold)
chosen from an increasingly competitive      The 8th Annual Southwest Region
                                                                                               · Cell Phone Centre: Telus Integrated Communications (Gold)
pool of nominees. An interdisciplinary       Ontario Global Traders Awards &
                                                                                               · Commercial Real Estate: Royal Lepage Crown Realty
panel of judges is charged with evaluating   The exports 360 Symposium
                                                                                                                          Services Inc. (Gold)
nominations in six award categories:
                                                                                               · Computer Sales and Service: Vig Computers (Platinum)
innovation, market expansion product,        April 20, 2006
                                                                                               · Conference/Banquet Facility: Best Western Cambridge (Gold)
market expansion service, partnership,       9:15-9:45- Registration & Networking
                                                                                               · Contractor: Schiedel Construction Inc. (Gold)
student achievement and leadership.          9:45-11:15- Exports 360 Symposium
                                                                                               · Employment Agency: Kelly Services (Platinum)
Nominees initially compete in one of         11:15-12:00- Networking Reception
                                                                                               · Entertainment: African Lion Safari (Platinum)
four geographic regions – central, east,     12:00-2:00- OGTA Ceremony
                                                                                               · Equipment Exhibit & Presentation: The Portables (Gold)
southwest or north. Top winners from                                                           · Florist: Gmelins Flowers & Gifts Ltd. (Platinum)
each region then advance to compete for      For more information about registration and       · Golf Course: Whistle Bear Golf Club (Platinum)
the prestigious Provincial Global Traders    topics covered please visit,
                                                                                               · Hotel: Langdon Hall Country House (Platinum)
Awards, presented at a gala reception and    www.ontarioglobaltraders.com                      · Internet Provider: Sentex Data Communications (Gold)
                                                                                               · Lawyer: Hauser Law Office (Gold)

  ‘LEED’ Office Building at 420 Sheldon Drive                                                  · Leasing Company: Total Leasing (Platinum)
                                                                                               · Loans & Financial Services: Dundee Wealth Management (Platinum)
                                                                                                                           Select Financial Services Inc. (Gold)
Another example of a LEED building is located at 420 Sheldon Drive in
                                                                                               · Office Furniture Store: Baker’s At Work Office Furniture (Gold)
Cambridge. LEED, or “leadership in energy and environmental design”, is a green
                                                                                               · Packaging Co.: Mail Boxes Etc. (Platinum)
building rating system developed to achieve environmental, economic and health                                  Cousineau Packaging Inc. (Gold)
benefits. This results in a low energy cost and maintenance efficient office building,         · Phone Systems: Telus Integrated Communications (Platinum)
consuming approximately 50 percent less heat, hydro and water. The structure                   · Printers/Copy Centre: Kwik Copy Design & Print Centre (Platinum)
                                                      features Low-E thermo solar              · Promotional Products: McCabe Promotional Advertising (Silver)
                                                      reflective windows and                   · Restaurant: Blackshop (Platinum)
                                                      enhanced computer controlled             · Security Company: ADT Security Services Canada Inc. (Platinum)
                                                      indoor air quality. This                 · Sign Company: 1 Hour Signs (Platinum)
                                                                                                                Sign Design (Silver)
                                                      innovative building offers
                                                                                               · Spa/Esthetics: Forever Young Spa Centre Inc. (Platinum)
                                                      elevator and wheel chair
                                                                                                               Beauty For You Salon/Spa (Gold)
                                                      accessibility and even includes
                                                                                               · Sports Bar/Pub: Kelseys (Gold)
                                                      a designated area for bike               · Transportation Logistics: Aladdin Freightliners & Logistics (Gold)
                                                      storage. The building has                · Travel Agency: Donaldson Travel Inc. (Platinum)
                                                      accommodation for offices from           · Water Companies: Culligan of Canada (Platinum)
                                                      2,500 to 17,500 square feet.

                                                                 Page 5
                                           BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                     Estimated Values for Permits Issued from July 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005
                                      (Projects listed are those with Construction Values of $50,000 and over

                                                               INDUSTRIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
                           Total six month value $14,169,001. 825,823 sq.ft. of industrial space constructed in 2005
BUILDING PERMIT           PROJECT                                           APPROXIMATE              BUILDING PERMIT           PROJECT                                          APPROXIMATE
ISSUED                                                                CONSTRUCTION VALUE             ISSUED                                                               CONSTRUCTION VALUE

Summit Reit (Pinebush) Ltd.                                                                          JJZ Developments Inc.
255 Pinebush Road   12,463 sq.m. (134,150 sq.ft.) construction of                                    35 Lingard Road        130 sq.m. (1,400 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office space
                    two industrial buildings                                        4,700,000.                                                                                        100,000.
                                                                                                     Bodycote Galt Materials Testing
Woodside Properties Ltd.                                                                             15 High Ridge Court    148 sq.m. (1,597 sq.ft.) storage addition to warehouse
135 Thompson Drive 1,982 sq.m. (21,335 sq.ft.) construction of new                                                                                                                    100,000.
                     industrial building                                            1,300,000.       Idlecreek Holdings Inc.
                                                                                                     35 Cherry Blossom Road 194 sq.m. (2,093 sq.ft.) interior renovation to
Corporation of the City of Cambridge                                                                                        industrial building                                         82,000.
497 River Road         54 sq.m. (579 sq.ft.) construction of new
                       wastewater pumping station                                   1,000,000.       Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.
                                                                                                     1055 Fountain Street 260 sq.m. (2,800 sq.ft.) construction of new salt
Heisler Homes Inc.                                                                                                        storage building                                             75,000.
190 Vondrau Drive         1,794 sq.m. (19,314 sq.ft.) construction of
                          two storey warehouse building                              800,000.        Gerdau Ameristeel Corp.
                                                                                                     160 Orion Place      63 sq.m. (675 sq.ft.) addition to existing building          70,000.
Lidamac Inc.
275 Thompson Drive        1,764 sq.m. (18,993 sq.ft.) construction of new                            2047085 Ontario Inc.
                          industrial mall                                            600,000.        454 Dobbie Drive     334 sq.m. (3,600 sq.ft.) construction of warehouse           60,000.

Shred-It Canada                                                                                      Iron Mountain Canada Corp.
135 Pinebush Road         1,735 sq.m. (18,679 sq.ft.) renovations to warehouse       566,470.        335 Pinebush Road   307 sq.m. (3,300 sq.ft.) renovation to storage vault area     53,000.

Barrday Inc.                                                                                         Falkirk Holdings Inc.
75 Moorefield Drive       532 sq.m. (5,725 sq.ft.) office addition and                               375 Sheldon Drive     1,673 sq.m. (18,010 sq.ft.) interior finishing to
                          renovation to industrial plant                             550,000.                               offices/warehouse                                          50,000.
                                                                                                     Algre Holdings Ltd.
Palmms Material Inc.                                                                                 125 Vondrau Drive     932 sq.m. (10,027 sq.ft.) interior finishing to
447 Dobbie Drive     1,205 sq.m. (12,969 sq.ft.) addition to factory                 545,500.                              warehouse space                                             50,000.

673040 Ontario Inc.                                                                                  COMMERCIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
455 Sheldon Drive         1,141 sq.m (12,000 sq.ft.) addition to industrial plant
                                                                                     525,000.        Total six month value $24,214,404. 779,692 sq.ft. of Commercial space constructed in 2005
Clare Bros. Ltd.                                                                                     BUILDING PERMIT                      PROJECT                               APPROXIMATE
100 Eagle Street          6,732 sq.m. (72,465 sq.ft.) contsruction of open air                       ISSUED                                                             CONSTRUCTION VALUE
                          parking garage                                             400,000.        Lone Wolf Holdings Inc.
Egar Tool & Die Ltd.                                                                                 231 Shearson Crescent 6,431 sq.m. (69,228 sq.ft.) construction of new
336 Pinebush Road    565 sq.m. (6,083 sq.ft.) plant addition at rear of building     350,000.                              three storey office building including basement           5,400,000.

Cambridge Auto Parts & Wrecker                                                                       Starbank West Corporation
2155 Main Street    936 sq.m. (9,971 sq.ft.) addition of existing auto wrecker 340,000.              980 Franklin Boulevard a)4,977 sq.m. (53,576 sq.ft.) construction of a
                                                                                                                            new food retail store                                    3,000,000.
The Spruce Street Lofts Inc.                                                                                                b)1,582 sq.m. (17,026 sq.ft.) construction of a
79 Spruce Street      452 sq.m. (4,870 sq.ft.) addition of residential                                                      new Shoppers Drug Mart                                   1,100,000.
                      unit for model suite                                           300,000.                               c)1,303 sq.m. (14,025 sq.ft.) construction of
Oceanic Marketing                                                                                                           freestanding retail building                             1,000,000.
145 Sheldon Drive     512 sq.m. (5,508 sq.ft.) addition to existing
                      manufacturing building                                         220,000.        Jamieson Estates (Cambridge) Ltd.
Electric Safety Authority                                                                            900 Jamieson Parkway 2,657 sq.m. (28,600 sq.ft.) construction of new retail plaza
400 Sheldon Drive      361 sq.m. (3890 sq.ft.) construction of interior finishing    215,000.                                                                                  2,200,000.
                                                                                                     Hespeler Shopping Centres Ltd.
Russel Metals Inc.                                                                                   55 Pinebush Road     a)1,177 sq.m. (12,664 sq.ft.) construction of
15 Cherry Blossom Road    Interior renovation to warehousing/loading dock area       200,000.                             retail establishment (foundation and shell permit)   1,598,000.
                                                                                                     75 Pinebush Road     b)1,777 sq.m. (19,122 sq.ft.) construction of
Grand River Conservation Authority                                                                                        retail establishment (shell/foundation permit)       1,152,000.
251 George Street    484 sq.m. (5,213 sq.ft.) construction of unheated
                     sorage addition to existing storage facility                    200,000.        CanAmera Medical Centre Inc.
                                                                                                     350 Conestoga Blvd. 7,640 sq.m. (82,237 sq.ft.) construction of new medical office
AG Simpson/513487 Ontario Ltd.                                                                                                                                                     1,500,000.
560 Conestoga Boulevard 171 sq.m. (1,837 sq.ft.) interior renovations for
                          washroom/lunchroom facilities                              171,531.
                                                                                                     RESIDENTIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
Marmel Holdings Inc.                                                                                 For the year 2005, 983 units were constructed with a total combined value of $140,931,545.
75 Thompson Drive    1,300sq.m. (13,992 sq.ft.) interior finishing to offices 120,000.

                                                                                                 Page 6
                                           BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                      Estimated Values for Permits Issued from July 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005
                                      (Projects listed are those with Construction Values of $50,000 and over)

                                                              COMMERCIAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
BUILDING PERMIT           PROJECT                                             APPROXIMATE         BUILDING PERMIT            PROJECT                                            APPROXIMATE
ISSUED                                                                  CONSTRUCTION VALUE        ISSUED                                                                  CONSTRUCTION VALUE

First Professional Management                                                                     Pinnacle Consultants Inc.
46 Pinebush Road      1,235 sq.m. (13,492 sq.ft.) interior renovation to                          34 Water Street       204 sq.m. (2,200 sq.ft.) interior renovation to basement area       100,000.
                      existing commercial/retail unit                              810,000.
                                                                                                  The Bank of Nova Scotia
Future Inns (Cambridge) Ltd. Partnership                                                          95 Saginaw Parkway 84 sq.m. (900 sq.ft.) interior renovation to office areas 100,000.
700 Hespeler Road    8,100 sq.m. (87,191 sq.ft.) construction of new               800,000.
                     hotel (foundation/site services and underground rough-in)                    Bangor Metals Corp.
                                                                                                  1060 Fountain Street 399 sq.m. (4,300 sq.ft.) interior renovation to office               100,000.
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
680 Fountain Street  548 sq.m. (5,899 sq.ft.) addition to existing Union Hall      600,000.       Pinebush Limited Partnership
                                                                                                  278 Pinebush Road    1,342 sq.m. (14,444 sq.ft.) interior renovation to Call Center 80,000.
Gore Mutual Insurance
248-252 Dundas Street 611 sq.m. (6,658 sq. ft.) office renovation                  500,000.       Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust
                                                                                                  355 Hespeler Road    a)32 sq.m. (341 sq.ft.) renovation to bank for ATM machines           70,865.
Woodland Park Plaza Inc.                                                                                               b)169 sq.m. (1,817 sq.ft.) interior renovation to
c/o Syndicate Management                                                                                               Rags to Riches/Most Wanted                                            60,000.
100 Jamiesone Parkway a)591 sq.m (6,365 sq.ft.) addition to existing                                                   c)65 sq.m. (696 sq.ft.)interior renovation to retail establishment    50,000.
                      building and renovation to office                            500,000.                            d)299 sq.m. (3,219 sq.ft.) interior renovation for “Smart Set”
                      b)Fire restoration to bank                                    60,000.                            retail store                                                          50,000.

Royal Bank of Canada                                                                              Sophisticated Investments Ltd.
100 Jamieson Parkway 441 sq.m. (4,750 sq.ft.) renovation to interior                              200 Franklin Boulevard 306 sq.m. (3,290 sq.ft.) interior finishing to office area         60,000.
                     of building and drive-thru canopy                            400,000.
The Beer Store                                                                                    Tran Dieu & Assoc. Inc.
408 Queen Street     603 sq.m. (6,495 sq.ft.) addition/renovation to “Beer Store” 400,000.        65 Water Street North 125 sq.m. (1,350 sq.ft.) interior renovation to
                                                                                                                        restaurant “Zen Gardens”                                             50,000.
Monterra (Hespeler Road) Ltd.
600 Hespeler Road    177 sq.m. (1,908 sq.ft.) renovation to bank                   100,000.       Bruce Strongman Holdings Ltd.
                                                                                                  611 Hespeler Road   115 sq.m. (1,242 sq.ft.) interior renovation to retail
Portuguese Club of Cambrige                                                                                           establishment                                                          50,000.
870 Townline Road    1,015 sq.m. (10,926 sq.ft.) roof reconstruction and
                     fire alarm addition to Club                                   300,000.       1473645 Ontario Ltd.
                                                                                                  887 Lang’s Drive     Addition of interior partitions/interior finishing                    50,000.
Terrace Manor Ltd.
130 Cedar Street          432 sq.m. (4,650 sq.ft.) interior renovations to                        Jarit Management Inc.
                          existing “Beer Store”                                    300,000.       73 Cedar Street     128 sq.m. (1.373 sq.ft.) exterior/interior renovation
                                                                                                                      to commercial building                                                 50,000.
629877 Ontario Ltd.
580 Hespeler Road         853 sq.m (9,181 sq.ft.) construction of new                             Regional Municipality of Waterloo
                          commercial building                                      250,000.       150 Main Street       270 sq.m (2,904 sq.ft.) interior renovation to third
                                                                                                                        floor for office use                                                 50,000.
Watson Realty
44 Main Street            512 sq.m. (5,511 sq.ft.) alterations to second
                                                                                                  INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING ACTIVITY
                          floor and addition of an elevator                        240,000.       Total six month value $7,666,870. 90,025 sq.ft. of institutional space constructed in 2005
                                                                                                  BUILDING PERMIT           PROJECT                                              APPROXIMATE
Properties R’Us Group                                                                             ISSUED                                                                 CONSTRUCTION VALUE
420 Sheldon Drive     911 sq.m. (9,810 sq.ft.) interior renovation to office space 165,000.
                                                                                                  Corporation of the City of Cambridge
Custom Properties Inc.                                                                            5 Tannery Street       1,404 sq.m. (15,113 sq.ft.) addition and renovation to library 3,400,000.
1090 Fountain Street 712 sq.m.(7,661 sq.ft.) addition/renovation to office area    150,000.
                                                                                                  Waterloo Catholic District School Board
Grand Valley Construction Association                                                             185 Myers Road        a)1,833 sq.m. (19,731 sq.ft.) construction of two storey addition
25 Sheldon Drive      400 sq.m. (4,305 sq.ft.) interior renovation to office       150,000.                             to secondary school (Monsignor Doyle)                   2,500,000.
                                                                                                                        b)530 sq.m. (5,700 sq.ft.) interior renovation to five
806099 Ontario Ltd.                                                                                                     (5) existing classrooms                                   900,000.
1217-1221 King Street 1,378 sq.m (14,838 sq.ft.) interior renovation
                      for fitness and family activity centre                       148,000.       Regional Municipality of Waterloo
                                                                                                  99 Beechwood Avenue 301 sq.m. (3,240 sq.ft.) addition/renovation/
Grand Place Ltd.                                                                                                        replacement of playground equipment                                 450,000.
800 Franklin Boulevard 191 sq.m. (2,059 sq.ft.) renovation to existing
                       convenience store, gas bar and canopy                       130,000.       Saint Luke’s Place
                                                                                                  1598-1624 Franklin Blvd. 24 sq.m. (256 sq.ft.) addition of vestibule and canopy 109,000.
Priszm Brandsz Inc. / SRI Realty
499 Dundas Street     205 sq.m. (2,206 sq.ft.) interior renovation to restaurant   110,000.       Waterloo Region District School Board
                                                                                                  175 Main Street       124 sq.m. (1,338 sq.ft.) renovation to offices and library          104,970.
Bishop Gate Development Ltd.
425 Hespeler Road   224 sq.m. (2,408 sq.ft) addition/renovation to retail plaza    100,000.       MISCELLANEOUS BUILDING ACTIVITY
                                                                                                  Estimated values for permits issued from July 1 to December 31, 2005 total $6,153,091.

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                   2005 Award Winners
                                           Scientist Sisters                                                            Tech Triangle Most Cost
                                           Runners-Up For                                                               Effective Location
                                           Business Award                                 fDi (Foreign Direct Investment) Magazine recently presented Waterloo Region eco-
                                         Agribiotics Inc. was named a finalist for        nomic development partners and Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT) Inc. with an
                                         the prestigious Ernst and Young                  award for winning the title of the “Most Cost Effective Location in Canada” at the
                                         Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Ontario        Bio2005 Ontario breakfast in Philadelphia hosted by Joe Cordiano, Ontario Minister
                                         region. Agribiotics was named a finalist in      of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT). The CTT area is known for entrepre-
                                         the health and sciences category of the          neurship, high growth and a diverse economy offering high value for business and
                                         annual awards. Agribiotics develops and          investors.
manufactures bacterial inoculants for the agriculture industry, enabling farmers to
enhance crop production. Hannah and Alison McIver were honoured at an awards              CTT Wins Marketing Award
banquet on October 6, 2005 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.                        Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc., (CTT Inc.) received a marketing award for the for
                                                                                          the “Most Innovative Promotions” category at the 37th Annual Economic Developers
ATS Wins Global 100                                                                       Association of Canada (EDAC) Conference in Edmonton. The award was based on the
Eco-Tech Award at Expo 2005                                                               organization’s campaign that incorporated a Chocolate Blackberry in the investment
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women Liza           attraction and marketing activities undertaken in Silicon Valley and around the world.
Frulla announced that Spheral Solar Power, of Cambridge was one of two Canadian           Titled “Chocolate Blackberries and all things Canadian”, the campaign served to
companies chosen by the Japan Association to receive a Global 100 Eco-Tech                spotlight Waterloo Region’s tech sector and the investment opportunities to be found
award. This award recognizes companies that are making an effort to address glob-         in the Region.
al environmental challenges. A division of ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.,
Spheral Solar Power develops and manufactures Spheral Solar Technology. The tech-             Building Permit Activity
nology involves the use of lightweight, flexible solar cells which require sunlight to
generate electricity.                                                                         by Sector - 2001 to 2005
School of Architecture Earns Heritage Award
The University of Waterloo School of Architecture has received a heritage award, cel-
ebrating the preservation of its floors, door and sills. The jury giving the award said
the Architecture School shows pride in maintaining the building’s wood products. The
program is sponsored by the federal and provincial government and the Canadian
Wood Council. The maple wood floor is the original flooring from the mill dating back
to the days of the Riverside Silk Mill of 1919.

3-L Filters Wins Productivity Prize
A Cambridge firm that sells industrial filtration systems won two major awards in a
recent Canadian Information Productivity Awards competition. 3-L Filters Ltd., was
honoured for its automated system that delivers designs and quotes online to inter-
national customers. The 50 employee firm was also “Best in Show” among 25 organ-
izations receiving awards at a Toronto dinner in November.

Cambridge Company Honoured at Awards Ceremony
On November 3, 2005 Waterloo Region’s most progressive businesses were recog-
nized for their contributions during the 21st annual business achievement awards.
The K-W Record Small Business Award went to Eclipse Automation. Eclipse
manufactures turn-key automation systems for all types of manufacturing industries.
The awards ceremony was hosted by Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region and
was held at the Bingeman’s ballroom.

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