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									          Security Threat Groups Overview

         Criminal Street Gangs
           In the “MILITARY”

                       MAJ ACKLEN
               Division Provost Marshal
                  1st Infantry Divison

NOTE: No changes will be made to this briefing without the permission of the author.

The goal of this “overview” is to provide general
knowledge of gang related activities and the
military connection.

                                    Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
• A gang is defined as a group of three or
more people, male or female, who interact
among themselves to the exclusion of others.

• They have a group name.

• The claim a territory or neighborhood.

• They may have recognizable symbols or

• They engage in crime or anti-social behavior
  that supports the gang’s existence.

                                  Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
           The military has been labeled as
            a major contributor to gang,
             extremist and hate groups
              Stealing of Military Equipment

    Learn New Skills

                                               Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
• Attempt to leave the Gang Life
• Seeking Legal Employment
• Recruitment of Dependents and
• Weapons Acquisition/Trafficking
• Learn Tactics
• Drug Trafficking
                           Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
  Gangs and the Military

   There is ample evidence that
members of the Armed Forces have
 had previous, or have current and
active contact with criminal street
   gangs and extremist groups.

                           Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
      Gangs and the Military
                  Military weapons in hands of gangs
            By John Kidman, Frank Walker and Eamonn Duff
                            October 19, 2003
                             The Sun-Herald

• Grenades have been found at the scenes of two recent
gang attacks, while police are investigating reports that
one group has acquired an assault rifle fitted with a
grenade launcher. Some believe the weapons to have been
imported from the war zones of the Middle East.

• Unlimited access to handguns and in some cases,
military-styled assault weapons.

• State of lawlessness as a form of "urban terrorism“.

• Semi-automatic pistols and a military assault rifle were
used to execute 34-year-old father-of-four.
                                                 Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
            Effects on the U.S. NAVY
• Several black males came to San Angelo from Houston,
  Texas, to establish a branch of the “Lynch Mob.” One
  active duty U.S. Navy E-5 was been identified
  associating with these gang members

• In Shreveport, Louisiana, a U. S. Navy active duty
  member and a civilian were shot while attending a
  cookout at a friend’s residence. This was a known area
  for drugs and street gang presence.

• In Los Angeles a known gang member just back from
  Iraq firing on two California police officers -- he kills one
  quickly using tactics perfected on the battlefield. "Using
  strictly military tactics he learned in the Marine Corps,
  he applies suppressive fire power right into the corner,"
  "He didn't learn those tactics as a gang member."

                                             Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
     Effects on the U.S. AIR FORCE

•   Two separate groups, the “Black Hawks” and the “Rebels” were
    comprised of dependent males between age 14 and 20. They committed
    vandalism and attempted auto theft. In the three months of existence,
    28 cases were initiated.

•   10 to 15 off-post Philippino and Black males carrying bats, chains and
    numchucks came on base to assault a dependent Black male gang

•   Pope AFB, North Carolina: a homicide was committed involving several
    active duty Army personnel and a civilian, all were members of local

•   Alaska: Several Security Policemen were identified as recruiters for the
    Klux Ku Klan

                                                        Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
               Effects on the U.S. ARMY
• Fort Hood: An active duty service member (female)
  identified as a high ranking gang member in the State
  of Texas was convicted for 2 counts of Homicide
  (gang related).

• Fort Carson: An active duty service member (male)
  identified as the #2 gang leader for the Gangster
  Disciples in the State of Colorado was convicted for
  purchasing guns for other gang members in Chicago
  and Gary, Indiana. He also paid Soldiers to bring drug
  from Mexico by way of Fort Bliss.

• Germany: Death to a soldier in Kaiserslauten was
  gang related.
                                          Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
               Effects on the U.S. ARMY
•   Fort Polk: An active duty member who claimed to a
    member of the “Zulu Warriors” was involved in a drive-by

•   Fort Polk: An active duty member entered the on-post
    club and flashed his Blood gang signs and two Black
    males pistol whipped the soldier. It was discovered later
    that the two males were members of a Crips gang
    located in Shreveport.

•   Fort Bragg: Several Soldiers with extremist views were
    convicted for killing two Blacks in Fayetteville.

•   Fort Lewis: Family Member/Husband and his three
    children were hacked to death by two members of the
    Cedar Block Piru Bloods of Los Angeles. They were
    accompanied by a United States Army Specialist.
                                             Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
•   Increase in graffiti
•   Slang talk/sign flashing
•   New clothing styles
•   Increase in narcotics

                          Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
    Pages from a “Gang Knowledge Book”

                       CODE   MEANING
                       31     I’M BLOOD
                       031    LOVE FOR BLOOD
                       404    SEND MONEY
                                     Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
                                     Courtesy of K. Ferguson Kelly, STG-A
Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
1 AD soldiers on Guard Duty 2002

                                   Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
      Confiscated photos
Health & Welfare Kitzingen 2003

                    Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Confiscated photos Kitzingen 2003

                    Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Subject in Drug Case 2003

                 Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
• Think of this as the American and
National leagues of gangs

• Currently all documented gangs
aligned under these two

People Nation Folk Nation
Latin Kings          Black Gangster Disciples
Vicelords            Black Disciples
Spanish Lords        Gangster Disciples
El Rukns             Imperial Gangsters
Bishops              La Raza
Gaylords             Spanish Cobras
Latin Counts         Latin Eagles
Kents                Latin Disciples

• Gangs (30,000+) membership in US
documented at over 1 million +

                                                Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
• Wears primary or secondary colors

• Colored Handkerchiefs “Flags”

• Baseball caps worn to the side
  or slightly tilted

• Loose shoe strings, pushed up
  legs, and rolled up T-shirt sleeve

• Uses Designer logos

                                       Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
       Folk Nation and People Nation

Folk Nation:             People Nation:

Dress to the Right       Dress To The Left
Blue/Black               Red/Black
Six Pointed Star         Five Pointed Star
Upside Down Crowns       Right Side Up Crown
Bent Rabbit Ears         Straight Rabbit Ears
Pitch Forks pointed Up   Pitch Forks Pointed
                                Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
"Black Gangster Disciples and Folk Gangs"

• The Black Gangster Disciples are originally a Chicago gang.

• Founder was David "King David" Barksdale and they
considered themselves a "Nation" (BGDN) not a gang.

• Came from two different organizations that combined forces,
the Black Disciples and the Gangster Disciples. In an effort to
improve their image they are also known as Better Growth and

• President was David Barksdale and Vice President was Larry

                                                Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
  "Latin Kings"

• The Latin Kings grew out of the 1940 and 50’s Chicago
gang wars.

• One of their slogans, Amor De Rey, means "King Love".

• They developed a philosophy of "Kingism" and became a
part of the "People Nation" under the 5-point star during the
1960’s polarization of Chicago gangs.

• They will also use a 5-point crown or 3-pointed crown.

• They have an established "Charter" and have well
documented rules which members must strictly adhere to.

                                              Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
               "Bloods and Pirus"

• In 1972, some Centennial High School youth in the City of
Compton from Piru Street fought Crip gang members who were
expanding throughout South Central Los Angeles.

• The Pirus beat the feared Crips that day.

• In their honor ever since, Black gang members from Compton
who were not Crips referred to themselves as Pirus.

• Other Black gangs (many of whom were already in existence for
years) who did not become aligned with the Crips, became known
as Bloods.

• Bloods will usually wear red, but not always, for instance
Limehood Pirus are known to wear green.

                                                Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR

• This gang was founded about 1968 by Raymond
Washington and his crime partners from the East Side (of
Interstate-110) in South Central Los Angeles.

• Washington originally started up a gang called the
"Baby Avenues", but after he got into a beef with another
member, he decided to start his own gang called the

• By 1971, Stanley "Tookie" Williams from the West Side
joined Washington and the "Crips".

                                            Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
 Soldiers who were members of the
Gangster Disciples had this made at a
       German/American FEST

              Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR

                FOUND NEAR THE HELI-PAD
                LEIGHTON BARRACKS 2001

DISRESPECT TO                             RESPECT TO
PEOPLE NATION                             FOLK NATION

                                     Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
                         Gang Identification
         The extent to which gangs have infiltrated the
           military community is difficult to assess
                    for a number of reasons:

• The majority of gang activities take place outside
  the confines of the military bases and during hours
  of darkness.

• Military personnel participating in these activities
  may not be identified by local law enforcement as
  being in the armed forces or dependents

• Activities that do take place on the installations,
  such as thefts, assaults or drug trafficking, are
  often viewed as singular incidents and not
  recognized as gang related.

• Gang members are not easily identifiable.
                                          Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
• Protection       • Acceptance by
• Money & Drugs      Peers
• Control of the   • Loyalty and
  Environment        Reward
• Racial           • Recruitment
                   • Intimidation
• Cultural
  Similarities     • Control of Turf
                   • Common Enemies

                          Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
                           UCMJ Action
• Art. 81   - Conspiracy

• Art. 92   - Failure to Obey a Lawful Order

• Art. 116 - Rioting and Breach of Peace

• Art. 117 - Provoking Speeches and Gestures

• Art. 134 - General Article (Discredit to
             Armed Forces)
• Art. 134 - Soliciting Another to Commit an

                                           Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR

• Avoid denial of    • Educate leaders and
  gang dynamics        organization
                       members of the
                       consequences for
• Develop standard     participation
                     • Consider
• Know/enforce         involuntary
  Policies and         separation of
                • Initiate UCMJ
**   SHARE-SHARE-SHARE!!!!!!!!
                  actions for                       **
                              Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
                                               Online Resources
California Gang Investigator's Association Provides a forum for all law enforcement officers (including
     corrections, prosecutors, parole and probation) to exchange ideas.
Florida Gang Investigators Association An association of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals
     who are dedicated to the prevention of gangs and suppression of gang-related activity within the state of Florida.
Gangs in Los Angeles County Gang Graffiti, brief history, homicides, and more.
Gang Prevention Incorporated Street gang identification awareness and activity training for
     Law Enforcement, Military, Prosecution, Corrections, and Probation and Parole. Training is offered to educational institutions and
     selectively provided to the private sector as well. A 400-page street gang identification manual is available to Law Enforcement
     only. A 3-day gang specialist course is offered at various times throughout the year.
IAACI Web The International Association of Asian Crime Investigators, in association with the International
     Asian Organized Crime Conferences, provide focus on the criminal justice system's response to organized crime in Asia.
Massachusetts Department of Corrections STG Massachusetts DOC has a similar
     program documented on the web.
Midwest Gang Investigators Association A non-profit organization comprised of law enforcement officers and
     members of the criminal justice community from Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa and Missouri.
National Gang Crime Research Center Provides research on gangs and gang members, disseminate
     information through publications and reports, and provide training and consulting services.
National Major Gang Task Force A consortium of criminal justice professionals from Federal, state and local
     government agencies who specialize in gang interdiction and suppression.
National Youth Gang Center A comprehensive, coordinated response to America's gang problem by the
     Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
Southeastern Connecticut Gang Activities Group Non-profit law enforcement association focused on
     disseminating information to combat the rise in violent youth and gang activities.
Tennessee Gang Investigators Association Provides an online outlet for information relating to TNGIA,
     links to other associations, online resources, and a public forum relating to gangs.
Texas Gang Investigators Association The TGIA was formed to promote a closer working relationship among
     gang investigators with a view towards the rapid dissemination and exchange of information concerning gang related incidents,
     suspects and investigations                                                                   Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR
Courtesy of K. Ferguson Kelly, STG-A

                       Source: Kenneth Ferguson Kelly, MHR

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